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Subjects: Ethical pork, Rural economies & communities

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Purton House Organics

We’ve been farming organically here in Purton for over 20 years, and as well as our veg and laying chicken, we reserve 40 hectares of land for our small pork and beef herds. Every day we see how important it is for intelligent creatures like pigs to have the freedom to explore their surroundings, bond with each other, play in the mud, get to know us, enjoy a good back scratch against a tree, and enjoy rooting up leftover veggies, as well as foraging for food in the soil. On our Open Days throughout the year, customers and newcomers alike are welcome to explore the farm, stop and chat to the pigs, and give them a friendly scratch behind the ear or pass them a carrot or two: it’s so important for us that our local community can see what we do here, and how their food is produced. Our nation is one of animal lovers, and if more people realised the conditions that factory and battery farmed livestock is kept in, we know they’d think twice before buying cheap meat. Healthy pigs means healthy food: organic standards prevent the use of routine antibiotics which are used in factory farming; not to mention the environmental impact of the land, and further afield.

Rowie Meers, Farmer


Email: info@purtonhouseorganics.co.uk

Website: www.purtonhouseorganics.co.uk

Twitter: @Purtonhouseorga

*Photo credits to Rally Thomas pictured below with Purton House pigs!


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