Wise Farmers

This Wise Farmers series features farmers who possess and utilise the land using traditional agro-ecological / organic methods, sharing their knowledge and wisdom.

Wise Farmers

01 November 2023
Episode 1: Richard Young (Kite’s Nest Farm)

Richard Young was an organic farmer and brilliant ecologist. Born into a farming family in the Cotswolds.… Read More

01 March 2024
Episode 2: Amy Chapple (Redwoods Farm)

Amy, now in her early twenties, has been raising animals since she was 13, beginning with young calves and then keeping free range laying hens… Read More

02 May 2024
Episode 3: Little Donkey Farm, China

In March, while UK farmers were protesting at Westminster, demanding that they receive a fair price for their food, I was travelling in China… Read More

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