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Please become a member of Farms Not Factories in order to bring peoples’ attention to the stark realities of factory farming. Your support will help end the abuse of livestock, the overuse of antibiotics and the pollution of our air, soil and water from thousands of tons of animal waste spread on surrounding fields. If the true cost of this system were internalised into the retail price, meat from real farms would be the cheaper option.

Your membership will help us continue to make films led by high profile people to urge everyone to use the power of their purse to only buy meat from high animal welfare farms.

Please become a member today and help us achieve even more victories for animals and our ‘real’ skilled farmers in 2023.

Why donate?

75% of the pork eaten in the UK comes from pigs raised in factory farms. 57% of the pork eaten in the UK is imported from countries which raise pigs in cruel conditions that are illegal in the UK, out-competing British farmers and destroying local livelihoods. In 2016, 49% of British adults changed their diet due to environmental or animal welfare concerns. We believe that consumers can drive change within the industry by only buying high welfare. If there is no demand for cheap, factory farmed meat then there will be no need to produce it. With your donation we can work to shut down all factory farms by raising awareness of the inhumane conditions pigs are forced to live in.

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Tracy Worcester, Director

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