Rooting For Real Farms

Rooting for Real Farms features high profile chefs and the high welfare farmers who provide their pork. Each video shows a famous chef preparing a delicious pork dish while describing the significant difference in taste and texture between high welfare and factory produced pork. The chefs explain why they would only ever serve high welfare meat to their customers who are increasingly concerned about cruel and unhealthy practices in factory pig farming.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

“I want to eat pork from pigs that have been reared outdoors, free to enjoy the rooting, snuffling and social interaction that are so essential to them. The alternative is simply not acceptable. Choosing free-range or organic pork is a no-brainer for me because of the welfare issues alone – but I can assure you it tastes far better too!”

Rooting for Real Farms: Series 2

20 Jan 2022
Episode 1: Gill Meller & Harry Boglione

Chef, food writer, author, food stylist, and cookery teacher Gill Meller lives and works near the small fishing town… Read More

11 Feb 2022
Episode 2: Cyrus Todiwala & Giles Eustice

Cyrus Todiwala OBE, celebrity TV chef and proprietor of Cafe Spice Namaste, stars in the second episode of our new… Read More

04 Mar 2022
Episode 3: Clodagh McKenna & Helen Wade

After a dire experience visiting a factory pig farm in Italy, Clodagh McKenna decided to only cook with high welfare meat… Read More

25 Mar 2022
Episode 4: Will Devlin & Tom Cunningham

Will Devlin, holder of a Green Michelin Star for his exceptional commitment to sustainability, runs The Small Holding… Read More

21 Apr 2022
Episode 5: Liz Earle & Rob Simonds

Liz Earle MBE, founding farming member of Pasture for Life and an ambassador for Love British Food says, “There’s so… Read More

4 May 2022
Episode 6: Romy Gill and James Hull

Top chef Romy Gill was a judge on Master Chef so knows the benefits of cooking with high welfare pork… Read More

25 May 2022
Episode 7: Julius Roberts

Julius Roberts, social media celebrity, chef, farmer and gardener, stars in the latest video in our Rooting for Real Farms‘… Read More

22 July 2022
Episode 8: James Strawbridge & Jemima Marks

James Strawbridge loves being outdoors and active, cooking, foraging, gig-rowing, painting and… Read More

9 Sep 2022
Episode 9: Olia Hercules & Annie Landless

Olia grew up in a large bustling household filled with her numerous extended family including… Read More

15 Nov 2022
Episode 10: Nic Day and Alastair Butler

Nic Day, formerly Executive Chef at Sixes Cricket Club Restaurant in Fitzrovia, believes that the taste… Read More

20 Dec 2022
Episode 11: Darren Broom and Andrew & Sarah Parry Norton

Darren’s seventeen-year career as a chef includes spells with Michael Caines, Marco Pierre White… Read More

20 Jan 2023
Episode 12: Paul Askew & Luke Hasell

Since 2007, Luke Hasell has continued his family’s 100 years of farming, raising pigs and cattle to organic standards… Read More

Rooting for Real Farms: Series 1

23 Jun 2017
Episode 1: Damian Clisby & Harry Boglione

Harry Boglione is a passionate advocate of Slow Food and sustainable living and owner of Haye Farm Devon… Read More

26 Jun 2017
Episode 2: Mark Hix & Peter Gott

Peter Gott started producing wild boar pig meat in 1993, when his brother gave him four wild boar gilts… Read More

29 Jun 2017
Episode 3: Jemima Jones & Lucy Carr-Ellison

Jemima Jones and husband Ben Goldsmith keep a herd of Tamworth pigs on their farm in Somerset… Read More

13 Jul 2017
Episode 4: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall & Peter Greig

Peter Greig started Pipers Farm in Devon over 20 years ago, with the goal to produce healthy meat … Read More

19 Jul 2017
Episode 5: Amelia Freer & Helen Browning

Helen Browning took over her father’s 1,350 acre Wiltshire farm in 1986 and turned it organic… Read More

26 Jul 2017
Episode 6: James Golding & Alan Bartlett

Alan Bartlett is a third generation master butcher at T Bartlett and Sons, New Milton, Hampshire… Read More

28 Jul 2017
Episode 7: Sam Leach & Mary Holbrook

Mary Holbrook is a former museum curator turned farmer based near Timsbury, Somerset… Read More

9 Aug 2017
Episode 8: Arthur Potts Dawson & Simon Price

Simon Price has always been passionate about the outdoors, starting to work for a farm part time while finishing school… Read More

24 Aug 2017
Episode 9: Adam Byatt & Rob Simonds

Rob Simonds is a Norfolk based livestock farmer from a family of commercial pig farmers… Read More

25 Aug 2017
Episode 10: James Knappett & Fred Price

Fred Price is the manager of Gothelney Farm in Somerset, where he uses his passion for innovation to combine historical… Read More

8 Sep 2017
Episode 11: Shaun Searley & Richard Vaughan

Richard Vaughan and his wife Rosamund are the current owners of Huntsham Farm which has been in the family… Read More

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