Episode 5

Top Chef:
Amelia Freer

Real Farmer:
Helen Browning

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Amelia Freer is a nutritional therapist, healthy eating expert and author of bestselling books such as “Eat. Nourish. Glow”. In her late 20s, after suffering with digestive issues, bad skin and low energy, she quit her job, embarked on a 4 year nutrition course and hasn’t looked back. She has now clocked up over 10 years experience and has had to close her waiting list to new clients due to her enormous popularity and celebrity following.

“Together as consumers we can close factory farming overnight, if we turn our nose up to pig factories”.


#TurnYourNoseUp at pig factories


Helen Browning took over her father’s 1,350 acre Wiltshire farm in 1986 and turned it organic. She went on to found Eastbrook Farm Organic Meats and the Helen Browning Organic brand, which provides pork products for major retailers. The business also includes event catering and her village pub, The Royal Oak. In 1998 she was appointed an OBE for her services to organic farming and is also Chief Executive of the Soil Association.

“I think if you care about animal welfare and about the overuse of antibiotics and the risk that it’s posing to human health; if you care about our countryside and you really want to eat the most flavoursome pork you can get, then I really do recommend that you eat organic”.


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