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Red Tractor, Improve Your Standards

The Red Tractor label does not go far enough to ensure high animal welfare on accredited pig farms. Take action by submitting a consultation response and/or signing our petition asking for improvements.

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Implications of Global Trade

We need to keep pressure on MPs to support some crucial amendments to the Trade Bill that focus on the environment, food safety, quality, hygiene and traceability, animal welfare, human rights and equalities & labour standards.

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Ask your MP to support Farmers in India

Indian farmers are striking against the threat of consolidation and industrialisation. In the UK, this has already squeezed smaller farmers off the land, intensified farming practices and given too much power to supermarkets.

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Farms Not Factories

Let’s End Factory Farming

Factory farmed pork may seem cheap on the supermarket shelf, but the true costs are felt by the health of animals, farmers, consumers & the environment. With your support we can continue to campaign against the powerful global corporations that are damaging our food system, while also supporting a network of smaller scale, high welfare pig farms, local abattoirs and butchers across the UK.
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Guide to Pork Labelling

High Welfare Labels
Improved Welfare Labels
Low Welfare Labels

Pork Labelling Guide

“Use the power of your purse to only buy from real farms, not animal factories. When buying pork, look for the high welfare labels RSPCA Assured, Free Range or best of all Organic. Go direct to the farmer via farmers’ markets, online or local box schemes.”

Tracy Worcester Director, Farms Not Factories
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