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COVID-19 Farming Impact

Interviews with industry experts & farmers about the impact of COVID-19 on high welfare farmers and food systems.

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High Street Survey | #PigsInChains

Three-quarters of the high street supermarkets & food chains we surveyed sell pork from factory farms.

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Pig Business – The Full Tail

An uncensored version of Pig Business is released as US pork giant Smithfield Foods (featured) slaughters 10,000 pigs in Poland.

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Farms Not Factories

Let’s end factory farming

We believe that the factory farming of any species is wrong, but specifically focus on pigs in order to raise awareness where there is currently insufficient public knowledge. Factory pig farms can be defined as “indoor facilities in which overcrowding and lack of bedding means that animals suffer stress and disease, are prone to tail biting and have to be routinely given antibiotics”.

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Guide to Pork Labelling

High Welfare Labels
Improved Welfare Labels
Low Welfare Labels

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“Use the power of your purse to only buy from real farms, not animal factories. When buying pork, look for the high welfare labels RSPCA Assured, Free Range or best of all Organic. Go direct to the farmer via farmers’ markets, online or local box schemes.”

Tracy Worcester Director, Farms Not Factories
Pork Labelling Guide High Welfare Directory

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