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“The way you get democracy to function is by informing the public.” – Robert Kennedy Jr.

“Science is more than a body of knowledge. It is a way of thinking; a way of sceptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility. If we are not able to ask sceptical questions, to interrogate those who tell us that something is true, to be sceptical of those in authority, then, we are up for grabs for the next charlatan (political or religious) who comes rambling along.” – Carl Sagan

“Never worry about who will be offended if you speak the Truth. Worry about who will be misled, deceived and destroyed, if you do not.” and
”Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference.”
– Robert Frost

Though the newsletter chapters interrelate, they are divided into five sections and have a common realisation that a cabal of corporate elites have captured global trade, global governance, mainstream and online media, and ultimately many of our minds.

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SOS Farmers in Peril

Farmers across the UK have been protesting about government policies they claim will bankrupt them. In Cardiff on World Farmers Day, May 14th, we joined the Welsh Farmers Unite march against a new subsidy scheme requiring them to give up productive farmland for Net Zero and environmental rhetoric like establishing woodland, biodiversity and ponds in order to receive financial support.

With up to 5,500 Welsh agricultural jobs at risk, the farmers’ are up in arms. To undermine the influence of the march, the Welsh government announced a delay in the transition period to the new sustainable farming scheme until 2026. The uncertainty of their future and our food security are being further undermined by substandard imports and dishonest labelling where food only needs to be packed in the UK to get a UK label.

The best way you can support farmers is by buying direct from local farmers, online farm shops or hubs like Pipers Farm, BigBarn and Riverford. This ensures farmers get the actual cost of production and reduces long distance food chains.

Watch the video to hear directly from the farmers on the front lines. Share the video to get more people to use the power of their purse to shape our farming future:

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Food, Farming & Ecocide

As farmers are being unfairly singled out in the rush to justify NetZero, we see a nightmare future world where farmers will be extinct and food will be industrially-produced in labs and processed to resemble real food. We can support our real farmers by avoiding the supermarkets and buying direct from them via farm shops, farmers’ markets or online.

Watch; Why I’m an angry farmer and it’s time to tell the truth Farmer, Gareth Wyn Jones (fully transcribed); 21 May 2024;

Gareth Wyn Jones; ‘What really pisses me off, excuse my French, is the way they’re trying to portray livestock as the demise of climate. And I’ll tell you, I take my sheep up onto the hill every morning, which are supposedly causing a climate catastrophe, when I’m watching 40 planes, 50 planes, 60 planes an hour flying over me and you tell me my sheep and cows are to blame. We’ve got solar farms going up everywhere, taking productive land. Let’s not take land that’s productive out of the equation because we’re losing enough land to new house building. And then you’re talking about planting these massive, massive areas of trees up in Scotland – are they going to benefit anybody?

Unless you’re a beaver and you’re going to eat bark, I think you’re going to be bloody hungry very soon. The only people that are destroying our countryside are government policies, because they’re not listening to people that are on the coal face, the people that are working the land, the people that they’ve got their hands in the ground producing the food, they’re not listening. Not listening to them globally. And that is a major problem. We’re sleepwalking into food shortages. It’s not going to be long.

You’re talking to the people on the ground, people are cutting down on their animals, people are pulling out. There’s less crops going in, there’s more land being taken out for all different scenarios. So, these governments are going to starve people, they’re going to make people hungry. And what will they do then? They’ll have to look for somewhere else to get their food. They want to bring food into factories, they want to produce gloop, rubbish to feed people that then makes them ill. We’ve got a massive diabetes problem, obesity problem. All this is to do with what these children are eating. These processed foods are killing us. They’re killing our children. And the next generation.’

Although factory pig farms continue to be built, cattle numbers are to be cut due to their emitting methane through their burping and farting!

Read or Listen; Climate change cult targets livestock; Northern Ireland slaughters cows at a younger age to comply Rhoda Wilson, The Expose, 29 May 2024;

‘As Peter Imanuelsen pointed out: “In other words, slaughter the cows at a younger age when they have less meat, which will likely make the price of beef go even higher. All in the name of climate change of course.”

Last year, the Irish government proposed culling 200,000 cows to meet climate change targets. Likewise, the Welsh government’s Sustainable Farming Scheme proposals could result in the culling of over 100,000 cows.

Under the scheme, Welsh farmers are currently expected to have to set aside 10 per cent of their land for trees and a further 10 per cent for wildlife habitat – which farming leaders fear could cause “utter carnage,” “will rip out the heart of the rural economy” and result in 5,500 job losses. It has also led to fears that farmers will be forced to kill tens of thousands of cows to make way for the new land management practices.

As reported by The Epoch Times, according to the Welsh government’s December 2023 report ‘Potential economic effects of the Sustainable Farming Scheme’, overall output losses of £125 million and livestock reductions of 122,000 are estimated, a nearly 11 per cent contraction.

However, according to The Scottish Farmer, as of two weeks ago the controversial scheme has been delayed for a year after countrywide protests including several in Powys.

Why are they determined to demonise and destroy agriculture, in particular the beef industry? It all comes down to global diktats handed down by the United Nations (“UN”) which are being developed and formalised further as time goes on.

On 10 December 2023, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (“FAO”) published a roadmap of its multi-year plan to achieve its “global commitment to transform agrifood systems.”

“We embark on a three-year journey encapsulated in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) 28, COP 29 and COP 30, each step bearing distinct significance in our collective pursuit,” FAO stated introducing its roadmap.

One of FAO’s targets is reducing methane emissions from livestock by 25% by the year 2030 because it will eliminate chronic hunger. Codswallop.’

Despite the drive to reduce CO2 by reducing stock numbers, the brutal factory farming system marches on, abusing animals by cruelly cramming them into steel cages and denying them access to fresh air or sunshine, while keeping them alive by recklessly dosing them with antibiotics, causing the antibiotics to become ineffective in curing human diseases.

Read; More than 200 factory farms set up in UK in five years ‘creating living hell for animals’ The Independent, 14th May 2024.

‘In 2017 there were 236 pig factory farms in the UK; by 2022 there were 268, a rise of 32. In the same period, poultry factory farms rose from 1,376 to 1,553 – an increase of 177. In all there were 1,821 intensive farms, designed to “maximise production and profit” and accounting for four in five farm animals. The government said all farms are closely regulated and inspected.

Residents in several places have fought campaigns against plans in recent years to open factory farms near them, fearing pollution of air, land and water from run-off, as well as foul smells.

World Animal Protection, which compiled the report, said the expansion of factory farming means cruelty has hit record levels. Lindsay Duncan, the charity’s farming campaigns manager, called on the government to stop approving new factory farms.

Some experts have previously called on banks and the International Monetary Fund to stop investing in factory farming to cut the risk of future pandemics.

According to the report’s authors, pigs and chickens bred for meat are reared in the lowest possible welfare conditions legally allowed. They claim high death rates are the norm, with more than a million broiler chickens dying each week.

The report, called “Confined in Cruelty: The Stark Reality of UK Farming” sets out how factory farming harms the environment by using large quantities of feed, water, energy and medications, as well as causing high levels of air, water and soil pollution. It says animals bred to grow rapidly or produce high yields suffer lameness, weakened or broken bones, infections and organ failure and reproductive difficulties.

Intensive farms drive the climate crisis through deforestation, the document warns: “The UK imported £3.3 billion pounds of animal feed in 2022, and is a major contributor to deforestation of the Amazon, Cerrado, and other biodiversity rich regions, to produce grain and soy-based animal feeds.”

Factory farming also contributes to growing antibiotic resistance, it is also claimed. World Animal Protection says the UK has fallen behind seven European countries on farmed animal welfare.

Sweden, Switzerland and Norway have banned routine use of farrowing crates where mother pigs cannot turn around, but the charity says “these horrific contraptions are still commonplace on UK farms”.

The EU has banned preventative use of antibiotics, which activists say allows animals to survive in “squalid conditions” – but the UK has not.

World Animal Protection estimates by last year there were at least 1.71 billion animals in UK factory farms.’

To counter the above we need agroecological, nature-friendly farming, producing local food for local consumption, raising animals on pasture and not in barns on cereal crops, which will increase food security while producing healthy food and bringing depleted soils back to life.

Read; Food Security – A briefing from the Farming and Land Use Network 23 April 2024;

‘Key Challenges

• Over dependence on imported fruit and vegetables: The UK imports 84% of its fruit and 47% of its vegetables, making our horticultural supply vulnerable to global supply chain disruptions.
• Household Food Insecurity: The poorest 20% of UK households would need to spend half their disposable income to afford a recommended healthy diet, highlighting significant disparities in food access. In 2018, 2.2million people were highly food insecure.

• Environmental Degradation: Extractive farming practices have contributed to the loss of biodiversity, soil degradation and pollution, undermining the long-term viability and resilience of our food and farming system.
• Land Use Inefficiency: Over 40% of the UK’s arable land and 50% of our wheat harvest is directed to animal feed on land that could be used to feed people directly.
• Overseas Impacts: Our current livestock systems are heavily reliant on imported soy and grains, imposing a heavy environmental burden on other countries.
• Power imbalances: Excessive corporate influence on the food system has created significant power imbalances, which do not serve the interests of farmers & citizens, or the ambition to build national food security.

Policy Recommendations

• Revive the Horticulture Strategy: Develop a coherent, long-term horticulture strategy to increase sustainable domestic fruit and vegetable production.
• Introduce a Comprehensive Land Use Framework: Develop, publish and implement a framework which guides sensible land use decisions and supports resilient farm landscapes.

• Build a Progressive Trade Policy: Develop a coherent trade strategy which serves to support, rather than undermine UK farming, while raising standards on a global stage.
• Publish an Enhanced Food Strategy: A holistic and robust National Food Strategy is required to address many of the interrelated challenges facing the UK’s food system.
• Enhance Food Accessibility: Introduce policy measures to reduce household food insecurity, such as universal free school meals, and expanded school fruit and veg schemes.
• Support Citizens to Transition to Healthier, more Sustainable Diets: Introduce a range of interventions, such as transparent food labelling, public procurement strategies and joined-up collaboration with the supply chain.
• Secure Fair and Transparent Food Supply Chains: Implement stronger regulations which cover the whole food supply chain in order to ensure greater fairness, transparency and stability, enabling farmers to receive a fair return for sustainably produced food.
• Continue to roll out well-funded Environmental Land Management (ELM) Schemes: Ensure robust funding and support for farmers who are adopting nature-friendly farming practices.’

However, the powers that (shouldn’t) be, are recommending  ‘food security’ policies that include growing crops out of season, using GM technology and energy-consuming AI,  all presented as part of  a chaotic, Net Zero-led subsidy scheme.

Watch; The Real Reasons For Food Price Hikes; UK Column, 22nd May 2024;

17-23 mins; ‘We’ll start with last week’s unveiling of a package to support UK farmers. They’re making a big fanfare about this, but I think it’s worth pointing out that at £80 million amounts to less than 10% of the funding commitment to Ukraine. What sort of thing have they been talking about? It’s all focused on innovation and putting up greenhouses, particularly the horticultural sector, fruit and vegetables and increasing yields and growing things out of season.

And also, particularly a focus on genetic engineering. And it’s worth reminding viewers and listeners that the Precision Breeding Bill, which came in last year, had the very active support of the National Farmers Union. And of course there’s no absolutely no content about nutrient density, about the stresses on the various plants in growing them out of season. And of course on the various requirements and chemical inducements that will be required to produce crops of this sort. So not just that, but also no mention of bio-availability, effectively the body’s ability to actually recover nutrients from a particular food source. So really the focus is only on yield by volume, by weight, which is a very clumsy mechanism when you are considering the health of the nation, which of course they are not particularly.

The other thing, following great pressure from UK Column, is that they’ve introduced a Food Security Index, which we’ll just take a quick look at. This has started literally just now, last week. And contained within this is a sort of a risk appraisal in which effectively what they’re doing is setting the scene or rather orchestrating a particular narrative so that everybody but DEFRA is to blame when there is food shortage later on in the year.

But you see here, they’re pointing towards international volatility, climate change and biodiversity loss, by which they mean a wrecked economy through Covid policy, climate change based on no science at all, and biodiversity loss through poor farming practices and the introduction of chemicals and pharmaceutical products that shouldn’t be there. But also they go on to talk about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is a recurring theme. And just to point out the way in which this is being manipulated, we see here a graph pointing towards energy and fertiliser prices and how steeply they’ve risen. And of course, Russia and Ukraine, or rather Russia in particular always gets the blame for this. But note that the price increase has happened well before the beginning of 2022.’

Farmers are understandably complaining that the carbon market has complicated their lives more than ever – no doubt another ploy to get them to sell up. If CO2 really was a problem, we would  tax everything that emits CO2 and take tax off human labour. This would increase jobs on the land and not increase inputs such as machinery and robot systems that presently are tax-deductible. However, corporations want to continue emitting CO2 so they have invented an absurdly complicated system where they buy CO2 credits off our farmers if they become NetZero.

Watch; Carbon stacking: What you need to know Farmers Weekly Video, 21 May 2024;

Speaker 1; ‘Scope 3 (Emissions Reporting) is the requirement for big businesses to carbon footprint their supply chain, their value chain, and that is going to, at some point and it is already happening, put a requirement on those big businesses; it could be food processors or whatever, it will require farmers to demonstrate carbon footprint, their own supply chain, which will put an onus on farm businesses to reduce or manage their carbon footprint, I guess.’

Speaker 2; ‘There’s absolutely no problem whatsoever with that, as long as it’s consistent accounting throughout the food chain. So if my buyers want me to quantify my Scope 3 for them, well, therefore, the people I’m buying from, so if I’m buying fertiliser from Yara, or tractors from Fendt, I’m going to want them to do it as well. Because what we can’t have is a situation where it all ends up on the farmer, where Yara claim their net zero because they don’t actually use the fertiliser. It’s all those farmer folks using the stuff. That’s what we’ve got to be really careful of, where it all lands on us. Because if it’s consistent throughout the food chain, then farming can become net zero quite easily because that fertiliser is not my fault. I didn’t produce it, I just used it. And then ultimately, somebody ate the food that was produced in that. So then you say, well, all of the carbon emissions actually land on the consumer. How does that change or fix anything?’

Rules from the ground up are essential, but presently rules are blatantly coming from the top down, through captured politicians to help corporations make eye watering profits.

Sandi Adams/Teresa Tannahill: Central planning and potential catastrophes; 22 May 2024; Tom Nelson Podcast

‘Sandi Adams has been researching and speaking about Agenda 21/ Agenda 2030 for over 17 years. She has just finished a documentary with Oracle Films in the UK with Mark Sharman; “The New World – A Fools Paradise”. She is writing a book, “Agenda 2030 – Hidden in Plain Sight”.

Teresa Tannahill is an independent researcher with an honours degree in physics from the University of Portsmouth, UK. She is an avid anti-vacxxer, a CO2 sceptic, and compulsive dot joiner. She recognised the 2020 Covid lockdowns as a hard implementation of UN Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 and believes that the climate change narrative is part of a wider plan to ensure that most of humanity will not survive a series of global natural disasters that she believes will occur in the next 20-30 years.’

16m 44s; Sandy Adams;(the book); ‘The First Global Revolution, heralded the beginning of climate change. It’s all about finding enemies to unite people under a common crisis.

The need for enemies seems to be a common historical factor. States have striven to overcome domestic failure and internal contradictions by designating external enemies. The scapegoat practice is as old as mankind itself. When things become too difficult at home, divert attention by adventure abroad; bring the divided nation together to face an outside enemy, either a real one or else one invented for the purpose.

Then they found the enemy that they needed on this page. This is the Common enemy of man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, they came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. You know all these dangers are caused by human intervention and it’s only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.

So, in 1991 they designated us as the enemy. That is why we’re in the mess we’re in. After the Earth Summit in 1992, they published this book. See how big it is. This is an inventory of every single thing on our planet, how it’s going to be managed and how it’s going to be controlled. In the Wildman’s project of America, on page 992, the big map of North America, which is all red and yellow with the little smart cities dotted around, and all the corridors in between are only military and federal use. So the plan was that humans have destroyed the planet therefore we have to be locked up in our smart cities and (our) data harvested and just about everything else. I read Rosa Corin’s book when she brought it out in 2010 and suddenly all the jigsaw fitted together. I actually got to know her but sadly she passed away. Also Nikki Rapana and Nordica Friedrich about communitarianism. This is a massive tool of putting everything into communities which could then be controlled by the corporations. So we’ve got to be very careful about community-based initiatives because often they’re infiltrated.

Now of course we’ve got farming in an absolute mess; certainly in the UK, Holland throughout Europe and America as well. We’ve got a big problem on our hands. They’re pushing constantly for us to go over to electric, everything electric. Well how convenient. When you look at the Absolute Zero Report, the UK fires report, which had a road map to 2050 and beyond and there’s to be nothing electric after 2030. There’ll be no flying in or out of the UK after 2049, no imports, no exports, all wood burning stoves to be got rid of, all gas boilers to be pulled out of every home in the UK. So they don’t want us having autonomous means of heating, lighting or warmth or anything and it all has to be put on to electric. Well how convenient would that be to actually be able to control the human population and starve us out, if there was a Cyber attack or a Carrington event (geomagnetic storm) the electricity grid would go and we wouldn’t have any autonomy of anything.’

Teresa Tannahill; If you picture it, within minutes of the Carrington Event CME hitting the Earth, you would see the grid go down, probably worldwide. You would see an end of refrigeration; Transport, you wouldn’t have the availability of fuel, a lot of vehicles wouldn’t work; Our solar panel arms would be basically fried; You wouldn’t get wind turbines working because they require electricity to get them moving.

We would be pretty much knocked back into pre-industrial times and it may even be worse than that, because having used all the low hanging fruit over the last couple of hundred years, we would find it very difficult to start again. If you imagine that there’s no electricity available, you’ve got no water being pumped, no water purification, you’ve got no sewage treatment. Our towns and cities, particularly the larger towns and cities, will become basically death traps within a few hours. You would see the food in the refrigerated and frozen storage start to spoil. I know that our supermarkets have something like three days of food on hand, because they use a just-in-time distribution method, and pretty much, within a few days.

I think you would see some very harrowing scenes where people would be literally fighting over food and, obviously, some of them would want to try and escape the cities to go out to the countryside. But if the United Nations succeeds, and the World Economic Forum, if they succeed in implementing the net carbon zero goals of Agenda 2030, it’s game over because if you think about it, they’re trying to get rid of our farmland, our livestock. They don’t want us to eat meat anymore. They don’t want us to have access to non-GMO seeds – remember, you have to go back and buy those seeds from the manufacturers each year. In fact, in Britain, there’s a tax if you want to use your own seeds. A wheat farmer friend has told me that there’s a tax that you have to pay to use your own seeds.

So, our trees are being chopped down and burnt here in the UK for biomass, and I’m sure that this is going on all around the world. Saplings are being planted, which will have absolutely no utility whatsoever. So if you think about it, if they achieve their goals, and all of the oil pipelines are shut down, the gas pipelines are shut down, everybody’s running off solar. The farmers have basically stopped farming. We’re eating food grown hydroponically in factory farms. We’re eating insects, which will be grown in insect farms, which are all heavily dependent on electricity. You need that in hydroponics because you’re pretty much growing indoors, and you’re going to need the lighting and the heating – the same with insects. All of these highly intensive and artificial food production methods are totally dependent on the grid.”

“So I consider that the goals of United nations agenda 21 are to set humanity up to fail a Carrington Event that they believe is coming.”

Listen or Read; Disband the Climate Change Committee; David Turver, The Expose, 26 May 2024;

‘The Climate Change Committee (“CCC”) was established under the Climate Change Act of 2008. Its purpose is to advise the UK and devolved governments on emissions targets to ensure the overall direction of travel on climate change remains focused on achieving the long-term Net Zero target by 2050, independent of political fluctuations.

In effect, the CCC has become the arbiter of emissions targets and has been put beyond the control of Parliament. Because the multi-trillion pounds of sums involved in attempting to achieve “net zero” will impact society and the economy profoundly, it is important that the CCC is and is seen to be beyond reproach. However, as Lord Acton once said, absolute power corrupts absolutely and the CCC has not been immune to scandal and impropriety.

Inadequate Supervision
Looking through the events section of the Commons Energy Security and Net Zero Committee and the Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee reveals that the CCC has only been invited to Parliament to account for itself on one occasion in the three years to March 2024. This was a one-off meeting of the Lords committee with outgoing Chair, Lord Deben. In that meeting, Lord Deben revealed:

“The structure is remarkably good. It has been remarkably resilient through all the years since its inception because its independence is guaranteed. It gives its advice to Parliament. When Parliament passes the budgets, which we have to produce, they become law and cannot be changed without reference to the Climate Change Committee, which would have to give permission were it to be changed.”

In effect, the CCC has become the arbiter of emissions targets and put beyond the control of Parliament.’

Clarkson’s Farm series has exposed the nightmare farmers are facing, producing food in a chemical intensive, centralised, globalised system. In despair he is seeking help to farm and sell outside the diktats of his corporate-brainwashed advisers and the open market. Andy Cato, a DJ and musician, has been growing organic, no-till crops and raising pasture fed cattle and sheep in France since 2013. In 2022 he started leasing a farm in Oxfordshire using the same organic methods as he had in France. He has formed a group of nature-based farmers under the banner Wildfarmed, to market crops produced in ways that nurture soils, protect pollinators and give animals freedom to graze outdoors. The farmers agree to produce the crops to Wildfarmed standards and sell the harvest to Wildfarmed at a premium. The standards are;

  • cash crops sown with either pulses or annual/perennial companions
  • minimise bare soil: overwinter cover crops ahead of spring drilling
  • nutrition based on need: plant sap analysis leaf testing & 80kg nitrogen (n) / ha max
  • no insecticides, fungicides or herbicides – integrate livestock into the cropping system at least once in a three year rotation

He was invited to Clarkson’s farm to film an episode explaining his farming philosophy.

Watch; Wildfarmed on Clarkson’s Farm (watch the second film in this link) 3 May 2024;

‘Andy Cato dropped round to talk about their big idea.’

Clarkson; “I know it’s called regenerative farming, isn’t it? But I’d really like to understand what it is.”

Cato; “Basically, our current farming system declares war on natural systems and it’s got us in a bit of a fix. Our soils have been pounded and poisoned to a point where they’re within a few decades of giving up. We’ve lost 80% of our insects, so we can’t keep doing that. And regenerative farming is a way of farming which tries to copy natural systems.”

Clarkson; “But it’s not organic”.

Cato; “No. In organic, the main thing is about not using any chemicals. Where we’re different is we’re about assessing each bit of farmland and trying to figure out what it needs. So if we went and we took the plant and we took a reading from it and it told us that you were missing a boron or magnesium or something specific, we can feed according to need, rather than going and just dumping, thousands of kilos onto the field.”

Clarkson; “that’s what we did. We just literally fill the sprayer up with gallons and gallons of chemicals. Just go out and do every field.”

Andy then explained that the goal with regenerative farming was to copy the way nature likes to mix things up.

Cato; “One thing you’ll never find in the woods or even along a hedgerow, or any natural system, is one type of plant. Nature never allows one type of plant to grow in a big area. If you look in a droughty year like this year, all the bits that stood up to it are the hedgerows and the woodlands and the bits that we haven’t touched.”

Cato; And the thing is, as the hedgerow or the woodland or the meadowland prove, when that’s working, you don’t need to put anything on it because nature’s got it sorted. So what we’ve got to get away from is monocultures? You’re suggesting planting wheat and something else in the same field at the same time?”

Cato; “Absolutely. So, like, the idea of sort of wheat and beans is a good starting point.”

Clarkson; “In the same field?”

Cato; “In the same field, there’s two things happening there. One is the nitrogen from the atmosphere, of which there’s an infinite abundance of it, isn’t it? Well, the beans are taking that down and putting it in the soil where we need it to replace fertiliser imputs. The beans are great nitrogen fixers. And so by putting two plant families in the same field, we’re starting that process of feeding the soil microbes which we need to help recover with a diversity of plants.”

Clarkson; “But obviously your yields are going to be way down. You’re not going to grow as many beans as if you just had a bean field or as much wheat as if you just had a wheat field. Surely.”

Cato: “Here’s the thing. The overall output from that field will be higher. Overall, you might do less yield in actual weight with us, but if you take all those input costs out, for example, the chemical prices are going up and up and up. Your margin is higher. Plus you’re also building health into your soil, which means you’re going to farm indefinitely. If you carry on using the same extractive system, which is all based on chemicals, the likelihood is in a couple of generations time, you’re not going to be able to produce food on your farm.”

Clarkson; “So if we started to think not in terms of yield, like the weight of the crop we get out of the field, If we start to talk about how many pounds, shillings and pens per acre. I like the sound of this.”

Cato; “Yeah, because you’re not having to give Mister CF Industries £100,000 for your fertiliser.”

Clarkson voice over; “Then came the really enticing bit. Andy and George would guarantee to buy any crops we grew using their method for a premium price.”

Cato; “You buy it, we buy it off you.”

Clarkson; “Okay, that’s even better. You buy it for more than I would get from an ordinary grain merchant.”

Cato; “Yeah, yeah, for sure”.

Clarkson; “And then who do you sell it to?”

Cato; “As of today, we’re about 250 regular customers. And that spreads from everything So your flour that you sell us can be going into M&S.”

Clarkson voice over; “Charlie and I were sold, so I’d handed over one of the fields to Andy to see if his new soil friendly system would work. And now I just had to hope that Caleb wouldn’t mind.”

Regenerative agriculture is OK but only if it is a step on the ladder towards the ultimate goal of farming organically where zero chemical pesticides or fertilisers are used.

Listen; Advancing Eco Agriculture Robert F Kennedy Jr. interviews John Kempf, Founder and Chief Vision Officer of Advancing Eco Agriculture, 28 May 2024;

Kennedy; “So you were saying that in 2002 and three and four, you were noticing that the more chemicals you used, the more your pest problems worsened.”

Kempf; “The more we used, the more intense the problems became. We were completely unsuccessful in managing a number of different diseases and pests, even though we were using a multitude of chemicals at label rates and sometimes at a higher frequency than intended in an effort to control them. And, you know, this led to a really fascinating experience. In 2004, the third year of this three year period, we began renting a field from a neighbouring farm that had not had the previous intent, hadn’t been managed, planted in vegetables, hadn’t had the intensive pesticide applications, and there used to be these two long, narrow strips of soil that were being tilled and planted up and down the slope.

Now we were managing both of them, so it made sense to try to control erosion, to till implant at a 90 degree angle across the former field border, which we did. We planted that field into cantaloupe, and at harvest time, the melons from the field that had the previous pesticide applications had 80% of the leaves infected with powdery mildew, which ended up costing us the majority of the crop. And on the new soil that didn’t have the previous pesticide exposure, there was no powdery mildew. Not 5% or 10%, but zero. You couldn’t find any powdery mildew.”

“Summary of what I learned, and have continued to learn since then, is that all plants have an immune system that has many similarities to ours, in the sense, from a first principles perspective, in the sense that we know that we all have our own immune systems, but they don’t all function equally well. Some people become ill very easily, and other people practically never become ill because of infections.

And the difference between these two is how well their immune system has been supported over the course of their entire lifetime. And in fact, from even before they were born. And the same concept holds true of plants as well. Plants also have a functional immune system. They have the capacity to be completely resistant to all diseases and all insects, as long as their immune system is supported with the proper nutrition and the proper microbiome, exactly the same as our own immune system.”

“This was a fascinating discovery to me, because I had been very interested in plant sciences and horticulture for years before this. And in all the research that I had done, the events that I had attended, there was no discussion in mainstream agronomy or in mainstream agriculture about plant immune systems. In fact, when I first started talking about this, I initially received some pushback. And people would say, well, plants don’t have immune systems. And yet there are entire scientific journals that are dedicated to plant immunology.

And there are hundreds of articles, thousands of articles that have been published on this topic, and yet this conversation never made its way into mainstream agriculture. What you go in this direction was when I realised the inherent potential that exists in managing plant immune systems. You know, for a bit of context, over the last century, plant nutrition has been managed and optimised to achieve one outcome, to prioritise one outcome only. And that was yield. Yield at all costs.

There was no consideration for quality, no consideration for nutritional integrity, no consideration for disease and insect resistance or immune support. And so we started, as you shift the framework and you say, yes, we want to have crops that produce high yields and are also resistant to diseases in insects. Once you have plants that have these functional immune systems, not only are they capable of resisting diseases in insects, but many of these foundational immune compounds have names that we recognize, like lycopene and resveratrol and anthocyanins. These are phytoalexins and what used to historically be called plant secondary metabolites.

In plain English, we call them essential oils. These are compounds that plants produce as the foundation of their immune system that are known to enhance our own immune systems. And all of a sudden, when you realise that you can dramatically increase the quantity of these immune compounds in plants, sometimes by multiple orders of magnitude, we can start having a legitimate conversation about growing food as medicine.”

The news below is a blessing for smallholders and growers. Perhaps I’ll even qualify for subsidies on my 1.5 acre Forbidden Fruit and Veg venture. Due to its minute size and the fact that I employ people rather than use machines, I suspect it won’t be enough to replace the subsidies I pour into it.

Read; Small Farms In England Will Now Be Eligible For Farming Support – After 10 Years Of Campaigning! Landworkers Alliance, 28th May 2024;

‘As of July 2024 the Sustainable Farming Incentive will be open to all farms in England, regardless of size. This is great news for many of our members who operate farms and market gardens under 5 hectares as well as new entrants who would have previously been unable to meet the eligibility requirement of having ‘previously been in receipt of BPS.’

Extending eligibility for farming subsidies to small farms under 5ha is something that the Landworkers’ Alliance have been campaigning on for over a decade. In recent years it is something that has been consistently promised by civil servants for ‘some time in the future’, but we are extremely pleased to have confirmation from Defra that, as of July 2024, the 5ha + eligibility requirement will be removed.

This means that all farms – regardless of whether they have received BPS in the past – will be eligible for the SFI, which has now been streamlined to also include mid-tier Countryside Stewardship scheme actions.

Despite this change to eligibility there is, however, still work to be done. The amount of money a farm receives for the SFI actions is still calculated on a per-hectare basis, meaning that for small farms, the payments for many of the actions will remain negligible. This is why we need to keep pushing for actions such as agrobiodiversity, public engagement and using alternative animal feeds which will reward and support the important work that small farms are already doing.’

Though most people still have no idea geoengineering is happening and will dismiss you as a conspiracy theorist if you mention it, the Met Office is openly praising the practice. Richard Vobes made these comments while watching an interview with prime geoengineering advocate, Met Office staffer, Jim Haywood.

Watch; Met Office admits spraying skies; Richard Vobes, 31 May 2024;

Jim Haywood (Met Office); ‘Geoengineering is a method to counterbalance the effects of global warming owing to the increased concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases.

Richard Vobes; So first of all he’s making the erroneous conclusion that CO2 is the problem, and he’s from the Met Office and so they’re setting it up the problem and they’re telling us what we already know, the myth of man-made global warming. Okay let’s carry on.

Jim Haywood; Geoengineering or climate engineering generally falls into two specific categories the first of which is called carbon dioxide removal which as the name suggests is basically capturing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it.

Richard Vobes; That’s not a sensible policy seeing as CO2 is the gas of life we need to grow plants, and animals need to eat the plants and we obviously eat both. I’m not sure that is a very sensible policy. You’re mucking about there with the atmosphere; this is not good.

Jim Haywood; The second method is what’s known as solar radiation management. Now solar radiation management differs from carbon dioxide removal in that what you’re trying to do is reflect an additional amount of sunlight back out to space. So solar radiation management is basically trying to

reflect sunlight back out to space leading to a cooling to counterbalance the increases in greenhouse gases.

Richard Vobes; The idea of reflecting the sun back out. The sunlight is the energy of life, CO2 and sunlight are two of the most important aspects that we want. If you start mucking about by taking the Sun out of the equation you are effectively destroying life and and this is so basic, you cannot believe how ignorant and how stupid these people must be and these are people in positions of so-called knowledge and power and just pedalling the same old rubbish that everybody knows is rubbish that they’ve been told and are paid to do.

Jim Haywood; There’s been various different solar radiation management schemes that have been muted as being possible all of which are basically trying to reflect sunlight back out to space.

Richard Vobes; Why would you do that? Why would you not use some common sense? This is barking, this planet has been around for millions of years and a few people on it running around like ants have somehow caused this warming, really? And it’s all our fault so what we’re going to do is interfere with the planet by reflecting away the sunlight and potentially kill us all off. You are mad.

Jim Haywood; One of the most popular is to inject some reflective material into the stratosphere. This mimics the impact of volcanic eruptions.

Richard Vobes; So we want more? We want to imply that there are more volcanic eruptions. That’s a good place to live is it, by chucking out stuff into the atmosphere which presumably will eventually fall down and are we not breathing all of this?

Jim Haywood; There’s another method which is artificial brightening of low-lying stratocumulus clouds. If you inject some aerosol into these low-lying stratocumulus clouds you can brighten them and of course when you’ve get a brightening of the planet you’re reflecting more sunlight back out to space.

Richard Vobes; Yeah, and you’re decimating life on the earth. I mean it’s bonkers isn’t it ? Isn’t this not just absolutely bonkers?

Jim Haywood; Carbon dioxide removal is often thought of as a relatively benign kind of geoengineering because you’re reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere because a lot of the land that would be used for general agricultural practices, like they are at the moment, would have to be converted into land for specific growing of biomass. So there’s certainly some ecological implications associated with solar radiation management. The main conclusions that are coming out of the the solar radiation management studies is that you cannot get a ‘no temperature change earth, no global mean net temperature change’, without there being some regional side effects. So, although you can hold the temperature of the earth fixed at say present day conditions, you will get regional responses in both temperature for instance the poles will warm up more…

Richard Vobes; Yes so in other words you’re meddling around and you’re likely to get side effects and we know that side effects can be extreme and you can’t plan for them and it’s going to be terrible for some people, so why muck about with the atmosphere? Leave it alone, stop injecting all this stuff into the atmosphere.’

Unable to make a living from producing food, reluctantly farmers are signing contracts to cover their land in solar panels. This 890-acre solar park at Cleve Hill near Cheltenham is just one of the scores of solar parks already built or seeking planning permission in the UK.

Watch; Cleeve Hill Solar Park; Get Wild, 13 March 2024;

‘This is another green energy site being built at the expense of our environment and its wildlife. They’re building it in an area surrounded by habitats designated for their wildlife value at national and international level. It’s covering an area of approximately 890 acres (360 hectares) of former grazing marsh. Once built it will consist of 880,000 solar panels and battery storage. This project is about 5 times bigger than anything else currently being built in the UK now.

This solar park is a very different design to other solar park developments. Rather than South-facing panels they will face East-West, meaning they can be installed much closer together. This design increases the impacts and significantly reduces the opportunities for wildlife. Green energy is the only future, but these giant projects, when built in sensitive areas, negatively impact the aesthetic beauty of the marshes and adversely affect the amenity values and wildlife in the area. They lead to cumulative impact, turning areas into industrial landscapes bit by bit, year after year. Even just the construction alone completely displaces our ever declining wildlife. Only 4% of life on Earth is wildlife. Look at this, there is so much water on this marsh that they’re having to pump it out into the dyke, isn’t that crazy? Marshland is so important for storing water, it acts like a sponge and here they are, look it’s so flooded in there and I’ve just had to walk through this public way that’s completely flooded. It’s crazy the impact. Before we take up countless acres of land with solar panels, put them on every car park, library, school, supermarket, office block, warehouse and home. Let the people produce their own power, it’s just that that technique doesn’t make a single company super rich.’

Four articles; the erosion of Commoners rights, the disappearance of the Dartmoor Hill Ponies, re-wilding by Forestry England, and protection for American wild horses.


‘Why is so much English countryside being taken out of family hands, out of management and out of access? Private equity lurks…

Following a recent petition to save the now 85% reduced Dartmoor ponies from potential extinction by DEFRA bureaucratising common rights, it’s becoming clear this is by no means an isolated land grab.

Demands to take farming, forest and moorland out of production by ‘rewilding campaigns’ is leading to non-productive land being gleefully snapped up by multi-billion dollar private equity funds for ‘carbon offset’ schemes.

Four articles presented here illustrate DEFRA’s snuffing out some of England’s last remaining common rights, in the New Forest, Dartmoor and elsewhere. Then, Forestry England’s new programme to take 20,000 acres out of management, is further evidence of an unannounced government programme to regulate tenants, contractors, rights holders and private owners off the land.

Finally, for now, something similar is happening across the pond as campaigners are trying to protect wild horse habitat in the US which is being eroded.’

The Pakistani government used to buy their farmers’ wheat to make sure they received a stable farm gate price. However, with their elected President, Imran Khan in jail on false charges, the new, US-captured government is following their imperialist master’s order to open their markets to global wheat markets. Imports undermine national production to ensure the US can exert ever more influence and control over Pakistan.

Watch; Pakistan wheat harvest: Floods and govt policies upend market Al Jazeera, 17 May 2024;

‘Farmers are protesting across Punjab Province despite projections for a record harvest this year. The government is buying less wheat. Usually it purchases around 20% of the farmers’ crop at a fixed price to stabilise the market and prevent hoarding. This year it’s buying less than half that.

Omar Farook, Farmers’ Association; “We are compelled to protest for our rights as the government has failed to buy our wheat and we are left with no other choice but to burn our produce and not cultivate again.”

The government imported 3.4 million tons of wheat at the end of March. Industry experts have criticised the billion dollar purchase saying it came at a time when Pakistan was running low on foreign exchange reserves and had received short-term International Monetary Fund loan. Millions of farmers across Pakistan are harvesting their wheat crops but they worried they may not get a good price because of what they say is the mismanagement of wheat Imports.

Out in the countryside, farmers are working around the clock to finish harvesting. It’s manual work and everyone helps out. Hidayat Ali has a good harvest this year but he’s worried about supporting his family.

Hidayat Ali; “For the past 6 months we have been in the fields trying to produce a good crop. This year we even borrowed money for seeds, fertilisers and additional labourers, but now we’re worried about how to cover these expenses because the government failed to buy our harvest.”

From the fields the wheat is transported to state-run storage facilities. They’re full of last year’s harvest and imports. The government says it is doing its best to support farmers.

Amad Bajwa, Purchase Officer; “The government is trying to compensate every farmer with the little they can, because they do not have enough resources to buy all the wheat produced.”

However the farmers complain they have to wait for weeks to sell their produce and at a loss.

Rana Atik, Farmer; “We’ve been waiting at the storage facility for about 15 days waiting for our turn. There’s no hope, only humiliation from authorities despite our hard work to earn a decent living for our children.”

Agriculture accounts for about 20% of the annual GDP many here are threatening to stop farming wheat if the government doesn’t stop imports and compensate them for all of their produce which could have long-term implications for food security.’

IKEA’s claim that it only sources sustainably produced wood, is not the reality.

Read; IKEA blamed for Romanian Forest Destruction Mongabay, 20 April 2024;

‘The dispute erupted after Agent Green and BMF last week published a report alleging a “consistent pattern of destructive logging” in nine forest areas – seven owned by Ingka and two public forest lands linked to IKEA’s supply chain.

Using official documents and visits to logging sites, the researchers recorded over 50 suspected violations of forestry laws and poor management practices. These included biodiverse woodlands razed to the ground, intensive felling carried out without environmental assessments, and soil degradation from tractor roads used by loggers.

Most of the study sites fully or partially overlapped with EU protected areas, according to Agent Green and BMF.

Presenting the findings at a press conference in Bucharest, Agent Green president Gabriel Păun had stern words for the flatpack furniture behemoth, which he dubbed “the tree hunter”.

“Removing entire forests in a short period of time is a matter of urgency for IKEA,” he said. “The entity disregards both the written laws and the unwritten ways of nature.

“IKEA does not practise what they preach regardless of whether it is the European Union nature directives, Romanian national legislation, or the FSC forest certification standard. But as a company with revenues of billions of Euros and Romania’s largest private forest owner, [IKEA and Ingka] should be an example of best practice.”

Though the discussion below is from the US, if we tested our infant formula in the UK, no doubt we would have the same frightening results.

Listen or watch; Toxic Heavy Metals In Infant Formula Food Integrity Now, 24 May 2024;

Moms Across America, GMO Science and The New MDS initiated testing of 20 infant formulas for heavy metals. What they found was that there were toxic heavy metals in infant formula–which is very disturbing. Heavy metals introduced into a newborn’s body could have serious health effects–especially considering that many feed their babies infant formula for six months. Let’s hear what these results were.

Moms Across America collaborated with GMO Science and the New MDS to test toxic metals in baby formula, and we are extremely dismayed by the results. They had hoped some formulas would be free from toxic and heavy metals, but they were not. It is extremely shocking to see such high levels of the toxic metal aluminium present in goat’s milk formula and we urge the manufacturers and the FDA to immediately take action to resolve this issue. Every formula tested contained aluminium! (one of the interviewees suggested it was due to the aluminium used in geoengineering)Toxic heavy metals in infant formula is horrific!

Food Integrity Now interviews Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America, Dr. Michelle Perro, paediatrician and CEO of GMO Science and Dr. Stephanie Seneff, MIT Senior Research Scientist about the results.

Dr. Perro discusses the toxicity and what may happen to a child who has aluminium, lead or cadmium in their body and how these toxic metals affect the microbiome, gut and brain. Stephanie Seneff discussed the science and potential synergistic effect of these metals with the herbicide glyphosate, which she has been studying for years. Zen discusses Moms Across America’s work in transforming the food supply and how our regulators need to step up and do their job to keep our food safe from these toxic substances. She also shares information on the infant formula results by company name. Recently Honeycutt and Kelly Reyerson (Glyphosate Girl) went to Washington DC to discuss the heavy metal issue with the FDA. This precipitated the FDA creating a Bill which aims to limit harmful heavy metals in baby food. It’s a start!.’


Whatever happens we must ensure that Keir Stalin doesn’t win the election. I will canvas and vote for the Workers Party. My love for the Greens has evaporated as they are weak on stopping our endless wars and are indirectly promoting the World Economic Forum’s global government and climate narrative.

Read; Stop Starmer Miri’s Massive Missives, 26 May 2024;

Starmer; “We have to deal with the anti-vax campaigns because they will cost lives, and if we have to pass emergency legislation to deal with them, I’d be quite prepared to work with the government on that, we could pass it in a couple of days in parliament. The sooner we do that, the better.”

So said “Sir” Keir Starmer, intended to be the UK’s next Prime Minister after the country goes to the polls on July 4th.

Watch; Sir Keir Starmer, from the WEF at Davos, says he prefers Davos to Westminster.

If you don’t have a Workers Party or Independent candidate on your ballot paper, please write ‘I do not consent’ as that is counted as a vote so will help the Workers Party or Independents win.

Read; Manifesto – Britain Deserves Better Workers Party of Britain;

Some key WP policies;

The Green New Deal; ‘Above all, it is for the people to decide, after informed debate, whether they want the costs of Net Zero, essentially a redistribution of wealth from themselves to investors and businesses as things currently stand. We support the call for a Net Zero Referendum as soon as possible to create a national debate on who profits and on what terms. We will also continue to oppose ULEZ initiatives because of the costs they impose on working households and small businesses. The transition to a Green economy should be at a pace that matches the ability of our population to afford it. We will not be seduced by the more apocalyptic Green hysteria that floods our media but we will seek rational debate centred on democratically aligned outcomes beneficial to workers.’

Rural Affairs and Small Towns; ‘Special attention will be given to the rights and working conditions of farm, forestry, fishing and related workers including migrant workers employed on a seasonal basis. We will encourage more local and national food production through tax incentives and will consider a negative VAT rate on unprocessed natural foods and their priority supply to our schools, care homes and hospitals. We will support our fishing fleets. We will also crack down on the cruelty of factory farming and the import of foodstuffs that do not meet our ethical standards in regard to processing. We will encourage the farming community to conserve renewable natural resources and participate in educational projects for urban workers.’

Amity not enmity with the rest of the world; ‘We are unashamedly anti-imperialist. We are a friend to all and an enemy to none who do not threaten us. We are not pacifist but we oppose all war that is not defensive in purpose. We deplore all forms of racist discourse but especially, at this moment in history, an ignorant Islamophobia as well as the whipping up of hysterical Sino- and Russophobia. While we deplore the global misbehaviour of American imperialism, we remain absolutely positive about the American people who are as trapped as we are by corrupt systems of party and corporate control.

We will undertake a thoroughgoing review of our defence and foreign policy and we will definitely re-orient Britain away from Washington especially where we are placed in constant confrontation with the enemies of US corporate interests. We are indomitable enemies of profit-seeking international military-industrial interests with a stake in war. We will become independent trading partners developing friendly relations with the BRICS, the rising powers of the world who are building a new multipolar world. Only the Workers Party of Britain understand what it means to be Global Britain.’

Why Palestine is important; ‘The United States is the chief beneficiary of the current chaos engulfing the Middle East, as it was also the chief beneficiary of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The Workers Party believes that the future is now One State: Israël – Palestine or Palestine-Israël or the Holy Land, the details cannot be worked out by us, but the picture is becoming clearer by the day. We also, in this context, support the right of return for all those Palestinians ethnically cleansed over many years and an immediate end to Israeli settlement on the West Bank.’

Mass migration; ‘We will challenge global neo-liberalism and global debt and free trade agreements that impoverish overseas working populations while building local middle classes at their expense – for the first time in its history, the UK under the WPB will cease exploiting the world and work with the BRICS to share resources and skills for the betterment of humanity.’

How will we gain & hold power? ‘Where we stand a political candidate, we want you to vote for that candidate. Where we do not stand a candidate, we want you to vote for anyone who is not one the dreadful five upholders of a broken system: the genuine (Blue) Tories, the Red Tories (Labour), the Orange Tories (Liberal Democrats), the Green Tories or, in Scotland, the Yellow Tories.

A system made up of capitalists or hangers on to capital sits secure because it thinks that whenever we get fed up with one bunch of Tories, you will have no other choice than to vote for another. That is the mould we want to break. We know that this will take a lot of organisation, time, patience, determination, some luck and our ability to persuade you, the reader, to take the risk of abandoning the usual suspects.

George Galloway talks about the hypocrisy of ‘democracy’ in the West, versus so-called ‘authoritarian’ regimes like China and Russia where in fact poverty is much lower and whose leaders are respected and trusted, unlike the lying stooges who run the failed states of Israel, US, the UK and most of the EU.

Watch; Have it Out with Galloway (Episode 7) Unprecedented Gaza Massacre 30 May 2024;

Jim Ferguson; ‘You’ve been a vocal critic of many Western foreign policies particularly in the Middle East, considering the ongoing conflicts and humanitarian crisis in the region. What specific steps do you believe Western governments should take to foster peace and stability, and how would you address the criticism that your stance often aligns with authoritarian regimes.’

George Galloway; ‘I see the authoritarian regimes as the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. In this particular crisis I think it was a false dichotomy between democracy and authoritarian states in the first place, but it has now become absurdly dichotomous. The idea that you’re a democracy, like Israel claims to be, while subjugating, for more than 50 years, millions of people in territory you illegally occupied by force and have refused to disgorge, to return to its rightful owners. That disqualifies you from the description ‘democracy’. You don’t get to call yourself a democracy when you’re doing to Rafah, to people in tents, what was done last night. More controversial, I don’t think you get to call yourself a democracy where you have to spend 1.5 billion to be the successful president of the United States of America, and where the choice is a drooling, Alzheimer patient who doesn’t know where he is or how his bowels are feeling, and Donald Trump. The idea that that is a democratic choice is I think a misnomer. The United States does not deserve to call itself a democracy, and neither does the United Kingdom where this current election is Tony Blair versus Tony Blair. Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer are both creatures of Tony Blair. He’s working both of them, it’s a wonderful piece of conjuring, he wins whoever wins and behind him lies the WEF, Bilderberg Group and Davos and all these other organisations we were talking about with Elizabeth earlier.’

Hero, Criag Murray, is putting his wisdom, intellect, high moral values and skills as an orator to the Workers Party.

Watch; Workers Party launches Blackburn General Election campaign Craig Murray and George Galloway, 4 June 2024;

‘British MP George Galloway, and former British diplomat Craig Murray, addressed a crowd in Blackburn, northern England on Sunday, condemning Britain’s complicity in genocide and called for the end of U.K. arms shipments to Israel and for the transformation of the apartheid state of Israel into a viable one state democracy for all its inhabitants. Murray is a candidate for Parliament from Blackburn in the July 4 U.K. General Election, part of the third party and independent insurgency against the Establishment rising up across Western countries.’

Watch; Andrew Feinstein or Keir Starmer for Holborn & St Pancras in 2024? Consortium News; 15 Apr 2024

‘MP candidate for Holborn & St Pancras, Andrew Feinstein, slams genocide enablers at the ‘No Ceasefire No Vote’ in Blackburn UK, where Independent candidates, voters & the Workers’ Party of Britain joined forces to tell both Labour & Tories to stop the genocide in Gaza or face a revolt at the polls.’

Keir Starmer is a stooge to the US Deep State.


Starmer served on the Trilateral Commission alongside two former heads of the CIA without telling Jeremy Corbyn—who would have blocked it, Declassified can reveal.

‘James Schneider, who was Corbyn’s spokesman while he was leader, told Declassified: “Starmer didn’t inform us that he was joining the Trilateral Commission while serving in the shadow cabinet. If he had, we would have put a stop to it, like we did when he tried to take an inappropriate outside job with city law firm Mischon de Reya while shadow Brexit secretary.”

Schneider added: “Membership of the Trilateral Commission, a body dedicated to promoting corporate power, was plainly incompatible with Labour’s then-stated policies of redistributing wealth and power from the few to the many.”

When asked if he was surprised to discover that Starmer had joined the group without informing Corbyn’s team, Schneider replied: “No. Dishonesty is Keir Starmer’s hallmark.”

Starmer did not respond to Declassified’s questions about his membership—and never declared it to parliament as some other British parliamentarians have done.’

If we want America to drop Julian Assange’s extradition, we must persuade our American friends to vote for Jill Stein or Bobby Kennedy. Jill Stein is good on all issues. Bobby Kennedy is far from perfect due to his support of the zionists but he is much better than deep state stooges Biden and Trump.

Charles Eisenstien also laments his zionist support but says; “Speaking of the Kennedy campaign, I am deep in it again, despite my passionate and ongoing disagreement with the candidate about Israel and Palestine. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am appalled and horrified by the slaughter in Gaza. But I fail to see how leaving the campaign would help anyone there. And there are so many other issues on which Kennedy is by far the best candidate in the race. I believe that if either of the other two viable candidates, Trump or Biden, win a second term, it will be a catastrophe for this country and, by extension, for the world”‘

If you wonder why the Tory and Labour parties have similar policies, it’s because they have the same funders. The article below is about the US Republican and Democratic parties, but the same banksters fund our two main political parties leaving it up to us to do the research, support and vote for politicians who represent us, the people.

‘While BlackRock veterans run Joe Biden’s Treasury, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is financed by Wall Street’s highest-paid CEO, of Blackstone, the world’s largest commercial landlord. Ben Norton explains how Wall Street investment companies, asset managers, and banks essentially buy US elections. -“How the dollar’s ‘exorbitant privilege’ enriches the USA (and global elites)”: TOPICS 0:00 Wall Street always wins US elections 0:57 Blackstone CEO funds Trump 2:58 BlackRock backs Biden 3:48 BlackRock vs Blackstone – What’s the difference? 7:30 Wall Street’s highest paid CEO, Stephen Schwarzman 10:15 Oil & gas industry moguls fund Trump 10:53 Fossil fuel profits tripled under Biden 13:15 Oligarchs back fellow billionaire Trump 15:14 Biden promised: “Nothing would fundamentally change” 15:54 10% of Americans own 93% of stocks & 67% of all wealth 17:23 USA is not a democracy; it’s an oligarchy 18:43 Wall Street funded Barack Obama 19:20 Wall Street funded Mitt Romney 20:07 US government represents Wall Street 21:54 BlackRock veterans run Biden’s Treasury 25:08 Goldman Sachs veterans ran Trump’s Treasury 27:16 Blackstone: the largest landlord in the US (& on Earth) 30:53 De-industrialization & financialization 32:25 Private equity destroyed Toys“R”Us 33:11 Private equity firms buy up retirement homes, hospitals, vets 34:53 2008 crisis & subprime mortgages 37:22 Financial parasites 38:39 Outro

Silencing dissent through a ‘media literacy’ education program manufactures our consent.

Watch; Censorship, Control and Collusion; Children’s Health Defense, 1 June 2024;

‘What is ‘media literacy,’ really? Is it simply an altruistic addition to curriculum within the education system, or is it another strings-attached mechanism for silencing dissent? Watch this episode of ‘Good Morning CHD’ to find out when and why these efforts began, how they affect the consumption and circulation of information today and in what ways they can impact viewpoints and rights of the population to come. Mike Benz is today’s special guest!’

1:58: Mike Benz: “The framing of media literacy has your eyeballs sort of focus on the word literacy and you think, oh, well, we do have an illiteracy problem in this country. There are folks, lots of folks, from inner city, underprivileged school sets who just have difficulty having reading comprehension skills. This is not what this is at all. The focus on media literacy is on the word media and if you do not read the right media sources online, you are deemed illiterate. You are deemed media illiterate; you don’t know how to use the media because you read the wrong news sources like Children’s Health Defense.

This was a field that was set up after the geopolitical turbulence of 2016, after essentially a set of stakeholders thought that they lost the Brexit referendum and they lost the 2016 election, and they were losing control over elections and over the course of democracies, because too much free speech online was allowing people to popularise both ideas and political candidates that escaped the gatekeeping mechanism that had been established over legacy media, really, since at least World War II.”

“A key part of controlling elections around the world is controlling the media in those countries all around the world. Because the media not only is the beating heart of the hearts and minds of the people, so it determines who the people vote for, but the media is also a big pressure valve for the judiciary within the country, for the academics within the country, for the emerging leaders in that country, for the commercial interests in that country. And so the media is the key driver of that. And when the social media revolution had ten years of a golden age and was basically knocking out all these establishment candidates all over the world. The State Department established media literacy as a kind of disingenuous, chameleon type device to try to control the media ecosystems of all the different countries around the world.”

7.40 “And so media literacy is being championed to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars right now by the US State Department, by the National Endowment for Democracy, which is the CIA’s top cutout, by USAID, which gets $50 billion in funds every year, and by internews, which gets $150 million in funds every year. And they’ve brought this tax of media literacy home now. And this is really focused predominantly on children. There are a couple of different aspects to it. One is a censorship mechanism, the other one is a subsidisation of. So they censor news sources who are deemed to be ‘low information integrity’ is sort of their branding device for it. If you are rated by an institution like NewsGuard (a US government approved rating system for news and information websites) as having a low news nutrition label score, then you basically get disqualified.”

26:00 “There’s a lot of academic underpinnings, a lot of government funded research, about 60 to 80 different university centres, all contributing thought leadership to the best way to structure media literacy programmes in order to make sure that the sensitive minds of young children are fully controlled by the state. And one of the techniques that emerged from the academic literature was something called the SIFT method in media literacy, which is really fascinating. The SIFT method encourages young children, in the name of critical thinking about the media, to abandon critical thinking.

Now, you may have seen these headlines in the New York Times or the Washington Post or Politico where it says, don’t do your own research. Don’t go down the rabbit hole. . . Don’t read, trust the experts. Don’t open your eyes and see, what, six inches in front of your face?”

If you have influence and go against the rules based order, you get assassinated.

Read; Is Ukraine Starting to Back Terrorism Around the World? Attempted Assassination of Slovak PM Robert Fico Lucas Leiroz de Almeida, Global Research, 18 May 2024;

“Russophilia” is common among Slovak citizens, who preserve the memory of the Second World War, when their territory was liberated by the Red Army. Brainwashing and fascist historical revisionism, which affected Ukraine, the Baltics, Poland and other Eastern European countries, do not appear to have been successful in Slovakia. Fico’s election and popularity reflect this.

Fico’s foreign policy, focused on friendship with Russia, is not only the explanation for the assassination attempt – according to the criminal himself – but also a key factor in understanding why some international actors are interested in removing the Slovak prime minister. Fico has advocated for Ukraine to remain outside NATO, stating that Kiev’s membership is a risk to European security. He advocates Ukrainian neutrality, which is one of the points also demanded by Moscow in its peace terms.

In practice, Fico represents a dissident position in NATO and the EU, as does Viktor Orban, in Hungary.

There is fear on the part of NATO and the Kiev regime that this dissidence will begin to grow. With Ukraine losing the war and Western citizens seeing their tax money wasted in assisting the Kiev regime, it is possible that dissident politicians will start to be elected, which would be terrible for Western interests.’

Was the assassination attempt on Robert Fico’s life also the result of him announcing that Slovakia would be voting against the WHO’s latest amendments to the pandemic treaty as suggested by many observers such as Brett Weinstein and Meryl Nass? (featured in this presentation)

The never-ending corporate/government/university/think tank revolving door sees private pharma companies making donations to professors who have influence on government policy.

Read; Flu vaccine manufacturers contract the National Immunisation Lead for the Royal College of GPs Rhoda Wilson, The Expose, 15 May 2024;

‘In this article, we delve into payments from pharmaceutical companies to UK medical royal colleges. As we noted in our previous articles, little detail is given about these payments but we know that these payments do not relate to research and development activities.’

‘For the three years 2020-2022, pharmaceutical companies paid Royal Colleges £3.7 million. These payments are referred to as transfer of values (“ToVs”) as they include both monetary and non-monetary values paid or given to either healthcare organisations (“HCOs”) or healthcare professionals (“HCPs”).

The vast majority of ToVs to medical royal colleges, about 90% by value, are categorised as either:

– donations and grants; or
sponsorship agreements with healthcare organisations (HCOs), or third-party organisations appointed by HCOs, to manage an event or meeting.

Making up the majority of the entire three-year total are payments to just two medical royal colleges: the Royal College of General Practitioners (£1,836,937) and the Royal College of Physicians (£1,262,810). Payments to these two institutions over the three years totalled £3.1 million, 83% of the total paid to UK medical royal colleges.

For both institutions, Pfizer paid the largest sum of all the pharmaceutical companies. Over the three years, Pfizer paid the two Royal Colleges £934,600, 30% of the total £3.1 million.

In addition to ToVs being made to medical royal colleges, i.e. the institutions, ToVs were also made to employees of these colleges. These can be found by searching the Disclosure UK database under the category “HCP.”

While 1% of the institution’s annual income may or may not be sufficient to buy influence, £40-£70,000 per year is certainly enough to significantly influence a person’s “expert” advice and opinions, as well as any influence that person can exert on an institution or national policy.’

Though Dr Detox is talking about America, in the UK you can see the impact of Big Pharma’s toxic medicines on our health too.

Watch: “We are being poisoned as a population at scale.” dr.detox.co, Instagram,18th May 2024;

“There’s just a simple economic fact. Let’s not get conspiratorial, let’s not get emotional. We are being poisoned as a population at scale. Being poisoned as a population at scale, and that’s happening because the largest industry in the country, again, just as a statement of economic fact, makes money. When we get sick or when we get more depressed, when we get more infertile.

Healthcare is the largest industry in the country. It’s the fastest growing industry in the country. More mortgages, when we drive through a neighbourhood, are paid for by the healthcare industry. More people, their dignity is tied to that industry. And I worked for pharma and I worked for the food industry, which we can get into. They’re very connected.

And the raw economic fact is that those industries are fueled by an imperative, for not only for us to get sicker, but for kids to get sicker. Chronic disease is the greatest economic invention, the greatest profit maximizer invention in human history, because it’s recurring revenue and we don’t die right away and we think our saviour’s in a pill. We live in fear, we’re told to trust the system and we keep racking up pills.”

Harassment of academics who say the wrong thing has become commonplace in the US.

Read; Ilan Pappe detained in Detroit Vanessa Beeley, 18 May 2024;

‘Harassment and intimidation of a 70-year-old historian.

We learn that Ilan Pappé, author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine just (re)published in French was detained on Monday by the FBI at Detroit airport in the United States and questioned about his opinions on the war in Gaza, his friendships, etc. His phone data was stolen. The repression of voices critical of Israel and in support of the Palestinian people must stop!

Did you know that a 70-year-old history professor could pose a threat to American national security?

“I landed at the Detroit airport on Monday and was subjected to a two-hour interrogation by the FBI, who also took my phone.

I must say that the two investigators were not too harsh or impolite but their questions were implausible!

Am I a Hamas supporter? Do I consider Israeli actions in Gaza to be genocide? What is the solution to the “conflict” (seriously, that’s what they asked me!)?

Who are my Arab and Muslim friends in the United States? how long I have known them, what type of relationship do I have with them?

In some cases I referred them to my books, and in others I gave a terse yes or no answer… (I was pretty exhausted after an 8 hour flight, but I guess that is part of the game).

They had a long phone conversation with someone… the Israelis?

After copying the entire contents of my phone, they allowed me to enter the United States.”

I know many of you have had worse experiences, but after France and Germany refused entry to the vice-chancellor of Glasgow University because he was Palestinian… God only knows which can still happen.

The good news is that actions of this type carried out by the United States or European countries under pressure from the pro-Israeli lobby or from Israel make palpable the great panic and the deep dismay at the fact that Israel is on the verge of becoming a pariah state, with all that such a status entails.’

Another outrageous example of authoritarian USA State Department silencing journalism.

Watch; US seizes Scott Ritter’s passport; RT, 3 June 2024;

‘The RT contributor was stopped from visiting Russia.’

‘The US State Department has seized the passport of former Marine and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, he told RT on Monday.

Ritter was on his way to Russia for the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) when he was pulled off the plane and had his documents confiscated.

“I was boarding the flight. Three [police] officers pulled me aside. They took my passport. When asked why, they said ‘orders of the State Department’. They had no further information for me,” Ritter told RT. “They pulled my bags off the plane, then escorted me out of the airport. They kept my passport.”

“Was this done in accordance with the First Amendment, or the Fourth,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, commenting on the news. The first amendment to the US constitution protects freedom of speech, press and assembly, while the fourth bars the government from “unreasonable searches and seizures.”

Ritter is a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer, who later served as the US and UN weapons inspector in Iraq. He is also a RT contributor, writing about international security, military affairs, Russia, and the Middle East, as well as arms control and nonproliferation.

He most recently visited Russia in January, spending time in Chechnya, Moscow and St. Petersburg, among other places.

The most recent post on Ritter’s Telegram channel put the Clooney Foundation for Justice on notice for its alleged crusade against “Russian propagandists.”

“Here I am. In your face. If telling the truth about Russia makes me a propagandist in your book, then I accept the title,” he wrote. “Bring it on. I’ll school you on the First Amendment.”

“You have zero concept of what free speech is. Try and arrest me and you’ll find out. In spades. It’s war,” he added.’

The High Court in London ruled that Julian Assange can appeal his extradition to the U.S. on the grounds that in a US court he would be denied his First Amendment rights to Freedom of Speech because he is not a US citizen.

Read; Now is the time for Albanese to dial up pressure on Biden to drop charges against Julian Assange; Greg Barns, The Guardian, 21 May 2024;

‘Julian Assange wins right to appeal against extradition to US

Australia has never been in a better position to strike a deal with Washington over Assange. Submarines, Aukus, US troops based in Darwin – you name it – Australia has delivered for the US in spades. It’s time to call in a favour. Albanese can point to the federal parliament’s 86-to-42 vote in February backing the independent MP Andrew Wilkie’s motion to support Assange. Polling last year showed almost eight out of 10 Australians support Assange being allowed to walk free.’

Excellent summary of the recent Assange hearing

Read; The Turning of the Tide Craig Murray, 22 May 2024;

‘On the right to plead the First Amendment, plainly no sufficient assurance had been given. The US government had simply assured that Julian’s defence in the US would be entitled to seek to make a First Amendment defence.

‘It is important to understand that the High Court has not asked for an assurance that the First Amendment argument would ultimately prevail against other factors, e.g. so-called national security. They had merely asked that the line of defence not be barred on nationality alone. The US assurances had sought to avoid the question completely by ignoring it and seeking to conflate the other arguments that might prevail against the First Amendment.

This was so blatant, I did not see how the court could rule that the US assurances were sufficient, and still retain any intellectual self-respect. My observation of judges Johnson and Sharp at the last hearing was that they very much possessed intellectual self-respect. So my optimism of winning the right to a new appeal was very high.’

Coming off fossil fuels, solar, nuclear and wind would deprive corporations of their profits, so corporations shut down free energy solutions.

Documentary; The Lost Century and How to Reclaim It (2023) Dr. Greer’s DPI Archive

‘Since the early two thousands, we have seen an increasing number of unauthorised and or unidentified aircraft or objects in military controlled training areas and training ranges and other designated airspace.

Some of them appeared to remain stationary in winds aloft, move against the wind, manoeuvre  abruptly, or move at considerable speed without discernible means of propulsion, I would say that we’re not aware of any adversary that can move an object without discernible means of propulsion.

The phrase unidentified flying object is a deliberately obfuscating term. What it really is is an alternative energy and propulsion device.

This is the real reason for the secrecy. These technologies, if they were disclosed, would end fossil fuels, pollution and poverty overnight and usher in a new era of abundance, freedom and peace. Instead, they have been kept secret for over 100 years. Doctor Steven Greer, the world’s leading expert on UFO’s and extraterrestrial intelligence, has been advising presidents and heads of state for 30 years on the urgency of the situation. We don’t have much time left.

What is this lost century? This lost century is literally a hundred years more than that now of technologies that have existed that have vanished. I mean, I was just recently in a meeting in Washington with the people who manage the black budget of the United States. They have no access to this material because between the late 18 hundreds and now, the ingenious inventions and sciences that could have moved us off that extinction level path that we’re on have all been ruthlessly suppressed, confiscated. And the only way that’s going to change it is not going to change in Washington.

It is not going to change in a large corporation. Unlikely. It’s going to change by us, the people doing it. So it’s about us.

These have been made by the Lockheed Skunk Works, and my favourite  letter of all time, the head of the Lockheeds Skunk Works, Ben Rich.

Think of the date on it. 1986. It was an answer to a letter someone wrote and says, are these UFO’s man made or extraterrestrial? He says, many of our man made UFO’s are really unfunded opportunities. Meaning if it was released for public use, it’d be an enormous industry.

Every meeting I go in Washington, I said, see that thing you guys are all talking about? That’s Lockheed, Skunk Works.

They have left us behind. And everything we see out in our world today is absolutely a construct. It’s an absolute construct.

The internal combustion engines are obsolete. The nuclear power plants are obsolete. The coal fire plants are obsolete. We have the wind generators, those are obsolete. The solar power, it’s all obsolete.

If we could follow the gravity research that the contractors and research institutions have been doing, we could see that bright future as well.

So a lot of people say, well, how is this thing moving? There’s no fuel on board, there’s no nuclear power plant, there’s no jets and no rockets. Well, way back in forties, Doctor Kasmir, he predicted, and later it was proven in the fifties, what’s called the zero point energy field.

Zero point energy, or what Nikola Tesla called radiant energy, is the most profound and transformative gift that the quantum world offers us. The seemingly empty vacuum of space is actually a roiling sea of virtual particles fluctuating in and out of existence.

And all those fluctuations require energy. If we could tap into this energy source, we would unlock a virtually unlimited reservoir of clean, free energy..’

Covid/Vaccines Scam and Pandemic Treaty

A new bio weaponized bird flu virus that, thanks to ‘gain of function’ manipulation, will pass from bird to human and will rally Big Pharma to produce an experimental vaccine for the willing!

Read: Will you take the new mRNA bird flu injection? The Freedom Corner with Peter Sweden, 1st June 2024;

We could soon be seeing mRNA injections for bird flu as pharmaceutical companies are working to produce vaccines.

Peter Imanuelsen: ’Right now there is a lot of talk about bird flu. Several people have been infected with it, and recently it was reported that Australia got the first human infection of the disease. Naturally, the mainstream media is busy scaremongering about this. And of course, we are seeing a lot of news about vaccines being developed for bird flu. But the interesting thing is, can you guess what the symptoms of this new scary bird flu is? Well, according to the CDC website, the symptoms include…NO SYMPTOMS. Now, where have I heard about that before? Something about asymptomatic Covid infections. . . . But of course the vaccine manufacturers are jumping ahead to develop injections.’

Mad, unhinged rant by Bill Gates about his dream for vaccine factories worldwide.

Watch; Bill Gates, new RNA vaccines Dr John Campbell, 19 May 2024;

Bill Gates; “Making the mRNA is really easy and really cheap and that’s the magic of this thing but there’s no doubt in the next 5 years we can, you know, we just need to mess around, there’s a lot of lipid nanoparticles and some are very self assembly. There’s no inherent reason it’s not thermally stable, it’s not cheap, and it’s not scalable, and so over the 5 years we fix that part of it, mature it which is very typical. We’ll be able to build factories worldwide that can make $2 vaccines with even less lead time than we’ve had to have here during this pandemic, and we’ll use those as you suggest, for every disease that we don’t have vaccines we will try mRNA, in fact for HIV, we have multiple ways, one that’s more of a B cell approach, one that’s more of a t-cell approach. For malaria we have multiple ideas, for TB we have multiple ideas, and so to fill in the missing vaccines we’ll make a lot of our bets on the Gates Foundation and others who care about global health will be mRNA focussed.”

John Campbell; “Looks like there will be a lot of innovation into these new vaccines and others who care about global health will be RNA focused. So, do you care about global Health? Well in that case it sounds like you’re going to be RNA focused. Now this of course is quite incredible, and I expect you’ll have some comments to make. Now, as far as I know, Mr Gates, he’s not a doctor, he’s not a nurse, he’s not a pharmacist, he’s not a biomedical scientist, he’s not a dentist, he’s not a physiotherapist, he’s none of these things. Now I don’t want to be unfair, he may have experience as a hospital porter or even hospital gardener, that I don’t know about, but he has no qualifications in these matters. So let me know how comfortable you are with people who self-appointed themselves to lead global research on these topics.

My big problem is this. When you give a lipid nanoparticle, these tiny lipid nano- particles, billions and trillions of them, are going to go into the blood. Now when I say into the blood that’s exactly where they go. We were told they stay in the arm, we now know that is not the case. They are systemically distributed. They go around the body, and they’re lipid nanoparticles, they’re fatty. Now the membranes round about all of the cells in your body, all of the cells in your body are fatty phospholipid bilayers, so that means that these lipid nanoparticles will come into contact with the cells on the surface of your body and the membranes will just fuse into one.

They just kind of link together; the membranes will bind and they’ll become one, and they will absorb into any fatty surface throughout the body. And of course that will mean they will discharge their contents into that cell, .. the lipid nanoparticles and your own cell membranes fuse together. That lets the mRNA into your cell where it can have various activities inside your individual cells, not restricted to the arm, anywhere the blood goes, anywhere in the systemic circulation from your toes to your ears, to your heart, to your liver, to your kidneys, to your ovaries, to your testes, it can go anywhere and we can get this fusion of these lipid nanoparticles which may be self assembling. So, quite interesting new innovations are coming along in the next 5 years. Let me know how comfortable you are with this type of global leadership that we seem to be enjoying at the moment.”

Read: ‘The Treaty is Done’: WHO Pandemic Treaty Defeated, at Least For Now; Children’s Health Defence; May 28

‘Negotiators failed to submit final texts of the WHO’s pandemic agreement and amendments to the International Health Regulations before the May 24 deadline, but some critics of the proposals warned against celebrating prematurely.’ Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D. The Defender, 28th May

With the vote day approaching, the WHO has ramped up their pressure on nations to sign the Pandemic Treaty by generating fear over bird flu.

Watch: Breaking: Bird Flu + WHO Plotting the Next Health Crisis CHD TV 31st May.

‘As the World Health Organization wraps up their 77th Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, and news reports warn of outbreaks and other public health ‘crises,’ what does the future hold — for nations’ sovereignty, for human rights? Watch this week’s jam-packed episode of ‘Doctors & Scientists’ to get a fresh and in-depth look at the state of the world and its looming threats!’

While Dr Aseem Malhotra made this speech outside the WHO HQ in Geneva, the delegates inside continued to plot ways to bring the whole world under the control of the WHO through the Pandemic Treaty.

Watch: ‘WHO made global health WORSE Dr Aseem Malhotra, 2 June 2024;

The WHO made global health worse during the pandemic by supporting, coercing and mandating the most horrific pharmaceutical product in the history of medicine, responsible for serious harm or deaths of millions.

‘Not only did the World Health Organization do nothing about this, they made global health worse during the pandemic. They supported coercion and mandates of the most horrific pharmaceutical products in the history of medicine, responsible for serious harm and death to millions around the globe. And they have still not said sorry. The world deserves an apology from the World Health Organization. And why did they do this?

Because for decades, increasingly, they have been a puppet for corporate tyrannical psychopaths. The second largest funder of the World Health Organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates, who made half a billion dollars investing in this horrific medical product, the COVID mRNA vaccine. But they can only succeed if we let them, and we are not going to let them. Rights are only won by those that make their voices heard.

The most important radical thing we can do is a non violent just say no, do not comply. We are here to represent 8 billion people here today, and all of you are standing up with courage.

So I thank you for your courage.’

This article is eye opening re the suppression of the truth about how long Covid is more often vaccine harm;

Listen: The Brave Spirit Of Scotland—Scottish Vaccine Injury Group With Ruth O’Rafferty; UK Column Podcasts, 24th May.

‘The Scottish Covid–19 Vaccine Injury Group are core participants in Scotland’s Covid-19 Inquiry. What help are the Scottish vaccine injured receiving, what are they hoping for from the Inquiry, and how much help are they receiving? Extraordinary stories from extraordinary people.’

If we privatise the NHS, below is the degree of influence Big Pharma will have on our politicians, media, doctors and us.

Read; Film Shreds ‘Safe and Effective’ Mantra; Unmasks Pharma ‘Lies’ on COVID Shots John-Michael Dumais, The Defender, 24 May 2024;

Featuring interviews with experts discussing “inconvenient science,” the new documentary “Unsafe and Ineffective” exposes lies by pharmaceutical companies, public health officials and the mainstream media about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.

At 35 minutes: Narrator: “What usually takes years, only took nine months. The FDA and CDC approved their vaccine and major media outlets assured the world it was safe and effective at stopping the transmission of COVID But while the world applauded loudly, the quiet truth came in late without a sound.”

In October 2022, Janine Small, Pfizer’s president of international developed markets, was testifying before the European Union Parliament:

Dutch MEP Robert Roos: “Was the Pfizer COVID vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market? And I really want a straight answer, yes or no, and I’m looking forward to it. Thank you very much.”

Janine Small: “Regarding the question around, did we know about stop and immunisation before it entered the market? No. We had to really move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market. And from that point of view, we had to do everything at risk.”

Media Reporter: “Did we just get duped on the BA 4 and BA 5 COVID vaccine boosters? The Wall Street Journal editorial board member thinks so. They call what the CDC did deceptive. In fact, they go as far as saying that a regular vaccine should be at least 55% effective to be considered effective. But the CDC and FDA authorised these boosters back in August and it wasn’t until they got a report done from their own study in September that showed the booster was only 22% to 43% and effective.”

Narrator: “How exactly does a private corporation like Pfizer convince the largest media companies in the world to lie?

There follows a series of introductions from major US TV shows, all sponsored by Pfizer:

“CBS Healthwatch sponsored by Pfizer; Anderson Cooper 360 brought to you by Pfizer; ABC News Nightline, brought to you by Pfizer; Making a Difference, brought to you by Pfizer; CNN Tonight, brought to you by Pfizer; Early Start brought to you by Pfizer; Friday Night on Aaron Burnett Out Front, brought to you by Pfizer, This Week with George Stephanopoulos is brought to you by Pfizer; This report is brought to you by Pfizer; Today’s Countdown to the Royal Wedding is brought to you by Pfizer; And now a CBS sports update, brought to you by Pfizer; Meet the Press Data Download brought to you by Pfizer; This portion of CBS This Morning, sponsored by Pfizer; On how to find the hidden sugars in the American family diet; sponsored by Pfizer.”

From an interview regarding the epidemic of sudden deaths in the USA:

”Here’s a statistic that everyone needs to know. So, it took decades and decades for Pfizer to get to $40 billion in revenues before COVID. After Covid, in one year: $90 billion.”

From a CNBC News report: “(The Pfizer) Company is reiterating its full year revenue forecast of $98 billion to $102 billion in revenue.”

A big Pharma CEO testifies to a US Senate Health Committee on Covid:

Senator Rand Paul: “Do you believe it creates a conflict of interest for the same people deciding the policy of how often we have to take the vaccine to also be making money the more times we take the vaccine? Yes or no?”

CEO: “This is for the government to decide.”

Senator Paul: “You have no opinion on whether or not it creates a conflict of interest?”

Narrator: “Money can make the media lie. But only a wizard can make it appear that the people agree.”

From a report by Washington based, The Hill TV: “Independent journalist Lee Fong’s recent Substack piece examining how pharmaceutical giant Pfizer was behind funding groups like the Chicago Urban League heavily lobbying for COVID vaccine mandates.”

Lee Fong: “Longtime strategies of big pharma drug companies have been under scrutiny for their role in funding third party groups that kind of create the appearance of public support for their products. But this is kind of an extreme example because this is the most lucrative pharmaceutical product perhaps in human history.”

Narrator: “Safety signals were blaring. It wasn’t even tested for efficacy and yet celebrities stepped out of their lane to push against those who challenged mandatory vaccines in the workplace.”

Russia / China conflicts

The war machine is ruling our lives!

Listen or read; The US Empire Isn’t A Government That Runs Nonstop Wars, It’s A Nonstop War That Runs A Government Caitlin Johnstone, 1 June 2024;

‘The wars are not designed to serve the interests of the United States, the United States is designed to serve the interests of the wars. The US as a country is just a source of funding, personnel, resources and diplomatic cover for a nonstop campaign to dominate the planet with mass military violence and the threat thereof.

This campaign is not waged to benefit the American people or their security, but to benefit the loose international alliance of plutocrats and unelected empire managers whose wealth and power are premised on the world order of continuous violence, exploitation and extraction which the campaign of global domination upholds. This campaign of global domination and its manifestations as a whole may be referred to as the US empire, which has very little in common with the US as an individual nation.’

NATO is provoking Russia into all out war with Russia.

Watch; Are US and Russia Eyeball To Eyeball? with Alastair Crooke, Judge Napolitano, Judging Freedom, 28 May 2024;

At 6:50: Alastair Crooke, Former British Diplomat; “Over the last few days Ukraine has attacked two radar sites just over the border in Russia. Now these are not radar for Ukraine these are the Strategic ‘over the horizon’ radar that Russia has to defend itself against an ICBM (inter-continental ballistic missile) attack from the United States. These are long range radars; they can’t even see close to because they’re not geared for that . . a long range radar to protect Russia against a surprise attack from the United States. This is a very dangerous stage for the Ukraine to do this. If this is partly a bluff, partly an attempt, a deception, to try and force Russia into accepting to talk on US terms. I think it’s impossible to achieve. I don’t think there’s any chance of Russia talking on those terms, more likely it could take us actually into war – very easily take us into war.”

Watch; Scott Ritter: NEW ESCALATION! NATO Forces Are POURING Into Ukraine Where Russia’s Missiles Are AIMED; Quỳnh Học Vẽ; 1st June 2024;

Scott Ritter was a UN weapons inspector who, back in 2003, along with Hans Blix was hated by the deep state for pointing out that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. He is a weapons expert but also a man of peace who has spent decades warning the West of their own military-industrial foolishness. Recently he has been working for peace directly through connections within Russia. Now, he is so frustrated that he doesn’t know what he can do. In the following interview, he almost breaks down because he knows that just one more provocation could bring almost instant nuclear war. In fact, Ukraine’s recent attack on Russia’s anti-nuclear, ICBM, radar warning defence system, could already lead to a nuclear response.

At 8:25: Scott Ritter: “ . . . attacking these air defence radars or these early warning radars, the early warning radars, again, is a deliberate provocation. It’s a dangerous provocation because the Russian nuclear doctrine says that when people use conventional weapons to take out their nuclear early warning command and control their actual assets, that triggers a nuclear response. So, ladies and gentlemen, Ukraine has already attacked two sites which, by doctrine, could trigger a Russian nuclear response.

Now, if these attacks were done by Western missiles in a time of high tension, Russia could say, this is the first phase of a preemptive attack by the West; we will preempt the preemption by launching now, and then we’d all be dead. We wouldn’t be having this podcast. And I just don’t know what to say anymore. I’ve come to the point where, frankly speaking, I’m starting not to care about humanity and the reason why I say that is I don’t know what else I have to say to warn everybody ‘you’re about to die’, that this isn’t a joke anymore. This is the most dangerous thing in the world that’s taking place right now.

What we just talked about; the Ukrainians attacking Russian early warning defence radars is a trigger for nuclear attack. Now, the Russians, thank God, they’re governed by responsible people who don’t take the bait. But if you listen to what Putin just said, he said, ‘we know how this works and we know who’s responsible.’

The United States just reported that the Russians launched a couple of satellite killers that are now tracking US reconnaissance satellites, meaning they’re just following them behind them. . . . The Russians are going to take the satellites out. They’re going to kill our satellites, they’re going to kill the French satellites, they’ll kill the British satellites, they’ll kill the German satellites. Not just the satellites, they may take out the ground control stations that are operating on NATO soil. And then what?

Let’s say that the Russians do this, they finally get fed up. They take out the satellites, take out the ground. So now some Zircons and some Kinzhals fly and they hit Romania, they hit France, they hit England, and then what the Russians will say is, “I just want everybody to understand that this was a retaliatory action for the attacks you did against us. We know what you did. And if you invoke article five, we will assume that you want to go to war with us. So the second you invoke article five, we’re at war and we’re going to nuke you. We’re not playing any more games”. It will be an automatic nuclear response and NATO’s running around going, ‘Oh, you’re bluffing. You’re bluffing. You’re bluffing’.

Article five. Everybody’s dead and, you guys? (the viewers) Got scared yet? I want you all to go home and puke tonight. I want you to get cold, clammy sweat. I want you to look at your family and realise this may be the last day you ever look at your family. We’re that close. All it takes is one stupid mistake and we have all of Europe full of leaders ready to make that stupid mistake.

Do you think the Russians were joking when they did the (recent) nuclear exercise? Do you think that was a joke? (Mimics a Russian) “Oh, we’re just going to go do a nuclear exercise so that the West thinks we’re bluffing again.” They’re not bluffing. This is as real as it gets. So we’re basically putting our fate in the hands of Vladimir Putin. I couldn’t think of anybody better to put our fate in. But he’s an adversary. If you’re in the West, he’s not our friend. As much as I respect him, as much as I respect the Russian position, I’m an American, they’re the adversaries.

I don’t like having the fate of my country, the fate of my people in the hands of the adversaries who don’t care about America first, they care about Russia first, and they’re going to do what’s good for Russia and what’s good for Russia isn’t always what’s good for America and as a European, it’s the same thing. You can respect Vladimir Putin, you can respect Russia, you can want to be friends with Russia, but right now, they’re the adversaries and they view you as the adversaries. Rightfully so’.

There is desperation and a high probability of escalation from NATO in Ukraine.

Listen/Watch: Ukraine seeks more US help to strike Russia Judge Andrew Napolitano interviews Aaron Mate, 22 May 2024;

1:09: Aaron Mate: “The state of its government is that Zelensky’s term has expired but yet he’s still in power acting as the president with no prospect for an election anytime soon. The state of its military is that they’re overstretched, they don’t have the manpower as has been easily and widely anticipated for a very very long time, and now they’re suffering losses. Russia has already gained more territory in its recent offensive than Ukraine did throughout its month-long, so-called counter-offensive of last year which took months of preparation, tens of billions of dollars of military equipment, extensive planning directly with the Pentagon, and already in just a few weeks Russia has taken more territory than Ukraine did, so that’s a good window into how things are going for Ukraine. And what is their response? It’s just, all they can do is plead for Ukraine intervention (by NATO).

Ordinary Ukrainians don’t want to fight in this war. They are cannon fodder in a proxy war for NATO expansion and Nazi supremacy. Their deaths will mean less people to demand their rights if and when the West succeeds in its objective to steal Ukraine’s resources.

Watch; How thousands of Ukrainian men are trying to dodge the conflict Sky News, 11 April 2024;

Thousands of Ukrainian men are trying to flee the country to avoid getting drafted into the war with Russia.

It comes as the country lowers the conscription age from 27 to 25 due to a lack of soldiers fighting on the frontline.

Sky’s John Sparks spoke to a draft-dodger who is preparing to flee Ukraine through the mountains and the smuggler who’s helping men out before they get conscripted.’

The Ukrainians are refusing to be cannon fodder for the West to keep its hegemony.

Watch or Read; If Ukraine loses war, it will be ‘end of Western hegemony’, warns UK’s Boris Johnson; Geopolitical Economy Report, 4 May 2024;

Ben Norton explains the geopolitics of the conflict, and how most of the Global South has not joined the Global North in opposing Moscow.

Although Zelensky signed a decree in 2022 that banned peace talks with Russia, Putin continues to offer paths to resolution.

Read: Vladimir Putin ready to ‘freeze’ war in Ukraine with ceasefire recognising recent Russian gains, sources say. Sky News 24th May

Vladimir Putin reportedly views recent gains in the war as enough to sell a victory to the Russian people, saving him from making unpopular decisions like spending more money and mobilising more people.

The NeoCons are worse than stupid, they are evil.

Watch: US actively preparing for war with China; The Duran, 2nd June 2024;

At 11:30: Alexander Mercouris: “Now there are two ways the United States is going to deal with the situation in Ukraine, the one is to escalate and to hope that that somehow tips the balance and wins the war against the Russians, and I think there are plenty of advocates of this, and we’ve seen them, they’re the people who want missile strikes deep inside Russia. There are people who write terrifying articles in foreign affairs, talking about unrestricted war against Russia, in effect by Ukraine. But, in a way, this cannot be done without the United States. (There is) pressure of that kind to bring the Russians to heel in some fashion, which is, of course, not going to happen. And I think there are others, (like American national security policy professional) Eldridge Colby, who say; “Well, look, we’ve got this problem in Ukraine. We can’t, of course, just abandon Ukraine, but we’ve got to be honest with the Ukrainians. There’s not much more we can do. But the Europeans should step in and they should take over so that we can concentrate on China instead; focus on China. Hope that Europeans and the Ukrainians can hold out.”

But remember, people like Colby come from deep inside the deep state. They’re not elected and they may be saying to themselves – I’m sure they are saying to themselves; “Well, we’ve got this president at the moment, Mister Biden. He’s very obsessed with Russia. Maybe soon, though, he’ll be out of the way. We can get another president in. He’ll be more focused on China. We can start to lever off, leverage our forces back to the Asia Pacific region, and at the same time, we need to move fast with Taiwan; get a declaration of independence from the new president as soon as possible, present the Chinese with a fait-accompli. And if the Chinese challenge us, well, we can fight them on relatively equal terms, which we might not be able to do in one or two years time. And if the Chinese back down, that will trigger a political crisis in Beijing and the fall of Xi Jinping. And I think that’s exactly the kind of thinking that a certain faction, within the Pentagon especially, is advocating.”

Scott Ritter on the psychology and responses of Russia.

Watch: Scott Ritter: Russia Issues Stark Warning Global War as US & NATO Equip Ukraine with F-16s, Nuclear Dang HNN, 2nd June 2024;

Ritter; “We have a situation where deterrence, classic deterrence, is failing, and it’s failing because in order for deterrence to work, both sides have to take the threat of their imminent destruction seriously. Russia does take the threat of its existential survival seriously. Russia understands that the United States and NATO have articulated a grand strategy that seeks the strategic defeat of Russia and if you’re a Russian, that means that Russia as you know it no longer exists.

The United States and Europe are seeking to have Russia return to the decade of the 1990s, where Russia is, or was, completely subordinated economically, politically, and even from a security standpoint to the collective West. This is a vision the West seeks to embrace and, and get to have reemerge. It’s one that Russia has rejected wholeheartedly.

One only has to listen to the speeches of Vladimir Putin recently; his inauguration address and his address on Victory day, to understand that Russia today will never go backwards. ‘We’ll never allow that to happen’. That Russia views a retrograde in that direction as an existential threat; that Russia now defines itself as a nation that depends only upon Russia. It is a self-sufficient nation that classifies itself as one of the great civilizations of the world. And Russia says, and its leader says, that a world without Russia is not a world worth living in. And that’s sort of his way of saying that if you seek our strategic defeat, you seek your parallel demise. That’s Russia’s deterrence doctrine, that if you seek to destroy Russia, you shall be destroyed in return.

Russia has warned the collective West, NATO, the United States, that this issue in Ukraine, this special military operation, is something that it will not tolerate, a direct Western intervention. And they’ve said that from the very beginning. Russia alluded to the fact that if NATO were to intervene, this would become a direct conflict between Russia and NATO, and Russia would use all the means at its disposal in response. This means Russia’s nuclear weapons. And Russia doesn’t believe in limited nuclear war. That’s the other point that needs to be pointed out here, is that for Russia, once a nuclear war starts, it logically goes to general nuclear exchange.”

The murky and deadly backstory of Western deceit emerges as Colonel Jacques Baud and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discuss the origins of the war in Ukraine.

Jacques Baud is Colonel Chief of Staff, former Swiss secret service agent and expert in chemical and nuclear weapons. He was, among other things, head of doctrine for United Nations peacekeeping operations in New York.

Listen; Real History Of Ukraine War with Colonel Jacques Baud RFK Jr. podcast on Podchaser 8th May 2024;

At 25 minutes: Colonel Baud: “I remember at the time we had, during the Maidan Revolution or the events and riots and all that, we had people involved in those riots, speaking perfect American and having the same clothes as this, so-called, Blackwater and things like that. There were videos of that, by the way, and there were strong rumours of an involvement of those Western, let’s say, mercenaries . . . that were involved in that. So there was clearly a covert involvement of some Western powers, probably UK, probably US.”

RFK Jnr: “ . . You referred to this conversation between Victoria Nuland (a US Under-Secretary of State) and the US ambassador.

Col. Baud: “This was this idea that in fact the US was in reality monitoring a real regime change and they picked the people that would later lead, in fact, Ukraine. So it was definitely something that was arranged by Western hands, in fact, that was acknowledged after that. And I think today, I think everybody acknowledged that it was a coup.”

At 42 minutes: Col. Baud: “So Zelenskyy was elected in April 2019 and one month later in the Ukrainian press, Dmitry Yaros, who was the leader of the most famous ultra nationalist party and today is still the leader of the Ukraine Volunteer army, which is a separate army from the Ukrainian army. It’s not under the ministry of defence, it’s a separate army that fights alongside with the Ukrainian army in Ukraine. But this is an extreme right wing army.

And this guy, in the media, said that if Zelenskyy would apply his programme (the Minsk Accord), he would be killed. And they just said it plainly in the media, completely open. So, meaning that there was certainly pressure from the US, but there was also pressure from inside. And in fact, I think Zelenskyy . . . was sitting between two chairs, basically, and he had no other choice, in fact, than going ahead with the situation that was before him. And the situation was imposed to him and he could never implement his programme. And that’s the reason why, in fact, he was pushed towards war.

And in March, on the 24 March 2021, he issued a decree for the reconquest of Crimea and the southern part of the country, meaning that he was ready, and he said also that he was ready to take back these territories, even by war. And from that point on, you had a build up of the Ukrainian army along the Donbas area. And this buildup of forces prompted the Russians to build up their own forces at the Ukrainian border. So you had this build up of force on both sides based on that decree of Zelenskiy. So, that means the Russians knew that at one point Ukraine would launch a big offensive against the Donbas.”

At 44.30 minutes: Col. Baud: “ . . . you had this build up during the whole of 2021 and in February you had this the first quite a massive shelling of the Donbas by the Ukrainian forces and you may remember that the 16th February was the date to which Joe Biden said that he knew that the Russians would attack. He said he knew that the Russians would attack on the 16th February and why did he know that? Because he knew that the Russians would not allow the Ukrainians to have a massive operation against the Donbas and he knew – as it happened by the way in Georgia in 2008 – that the Russians would intervene to protect their own population; I mean their ethnic Russians, fellow Russian compatriots to some extent in the Donbas.”

Watch; Prof. Jeffrey Sachs : Zelensky Out of Office, Netanyahu Out of Options Judge Napolitano, 20 May 2024;

24:30; Jeffrey Sachs: “The basic situation is that this administration does not care for, maybe does not understand anything about diplomacy at all. Since this special military operation began, but even before that, since President Putin put on the table a draught US-Russia security agreement, which was put on the table on December 15, 2021, there has been no diplomacy between the United States and Russia. And what there has been is an escalation of arms. And what Kirby (John Kirby, the White House National Security Communications Advisor) was talking about here was the fact that the UK, which is as strident and reckless and actually, irrational about all of this as the US. But in the case of Britain, it goes back to the 1840s, not just to the more recent period. In the case of the US, they said, ‘we’re going to use advanced weaponry to attack Russia in its heartland

and that’s okay, and with our own intelligence and our personnel and Russia said, if you do that, you will be subject to the utmost direct attack and retaliation. Do they think this is a game? Well, Kirby?

(Mimics John Kirby) Oh, yeah. We’ve done nothing to change our strategic assessment.

What? I can’t help saying what reckless fools they are.Talk to the other side. Negotiate, discuss. Find a path to peace. This is what you need to do, because it’s us that have the stakes. You’re not playing a game. And get the smirk off your face, Mister Kirby. This is real, and it’s very dangerous for America, and it’s very dangerous for the world. And learn diplomacy. And if the president’s not up to it, he needs to leave the job, because what we need right now is diplomacy to avoid what could be an absolute global catastrophe.”

Palestine / Israel

In Starmer’s support for Israel, he is purging from the Labour party of anyone who supports the rights of Palestinians. He is a warmonger and must be prevented from winning the election.

Watch; Gaza at the Ballot Box; Palestine Declassified, Press TV, 3 June 2024;

Chris Wilkinson; ‘In today’s show we’ll be evaluating the negative electoral consequences for the British Labour Party of its steadfast support for Israel.

The veteran pro-Palestine campaigner, George Galloway’s landslide by-election victory for the Workers Party in February, was not the aberration that Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, and his backers in the chattering classes, were claiming. Analysis of the recent local election results, across England and Wales, showed the Workers Party, and independent candidates, making significant inroads into Labour’s vote. Later in the show we look at the panic felt by many Labour politicians about the support for pro-Palestine candidates, and the way in which the zionist movement has responded.’

Latifa Abuchakra; ‘In local elections at the beginning of May this year, the Labour party failed to do as well as expected, largely because of the party’s pro-Israel position. Despite having a substantial lead in the polls, Labour struggled to make gains, and in some areas, particularly where there are large Muslim populations, the party even made losses. Discontentment with the Labour party has been brewing for many years following the election of Keir Starmer as Labour leader. Starmer has said that he supports zionism without qualification; “but I understand and I sympathise and I support zionism”.

The Labour leader has also attacked the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement and has said that he does not believe that Israel is an apartheid state. Moreover, under his leadership, the party has conducted a witch hunt against anti zionists, particularly Muslims, purging them from the party and replacing them with pro Israel zealots. But it was Starmer’s response to October 7 that tipped many of his former supporters over the edge. In an interview with LBC, Starmer said that the zionist regime had the right to cut off power and water to Gaza.

Presenter; “A siege is appropriate. Cutting off power, cutting off water, Sir Keir?

Starmer; “I think that Israel does have that right.”

Starmer was also late in calling for a ceasefire and his party has helped to give cover to Israels genocidal campaign. In the recent local elections, Labour only gained 186 council seats, while Independent and Green candidates gained a comparable total of 167 seats. Labour also lost control of Kirklees and Oldham council, with commentators citing the issue of Gaza as a primary factor.

Pat McFadden, a senior member of Starmer’s shadow cabinet, admitted that the party’s stance on Gaza had had an impact on their votes. Elections analyst Michael Thrasher has suggested that on the basis of these results, Labour would fall 32 seats short of a majority in the House of Commons in a general election. Following these results, senior Labour figures appear to now be more vocal in opposing the zionist regimes actions. For example, Starmer has said that the zionist regime must not go ahead with its assault on Rafah. Other figures like Sadiq Khan, David Lamy and Rachel Reeves have also stepped up their criticism of Israel.

It remains to be seen whether this opportunism will win back some support for the Labour party, especially with increasing numbers of pro Palestine, Independent and Green candidates who will be fighting against Labour at the next UK general election.’

Ilan Pappe, an Israeli historian, now Professor of International Studies at Exeter University, has always argued for one state in Palestine.

Watch; The collapse of the zionist project, Ilan Pappe, Democracy Now, X, 21 May 2023;

‘What gives me hope is that I do think that the zionist project in Israel and Palestine, as we see today, doesn’t have long to live, to exist. I think we are seeing processes, important processes, that are leading to the collapse of the zionist project.

Hopefully, the Palestinian national movement and anyone else involved in Israeli Palestine would be able to replace this apartheid state, this oppressive regime, with a democratic one.

For everyone who lives between the river and the sea, and for all the Palestinians who were expelled from there since 1948 until today, I believe that this historical process has begun.

Unfortunately, it will take time and the next year or two, are very precarious and are very dangerous.

But in the long run, I’m really hopeful that there will be a different kind of life for both Jews and Arabs between the river and the sea under a democratic free Palestine.’

Listen; The Nation’s Conscience Part 2, Chris Hedges, 23rd May 2024;

“The courageous stance of students across the country in defiance of genocide is accompanied by a near total blackout of their voices. Their words are the ones we most need to hear.

University President Christopher Eisgruber met with the hunger strikers – the first meeting by school administrators with protesters since Oct. 7 – but dismissed their demands.

“This is probably the most important thing I’ve done here,” says Areeq Hasan, a senior who is going to do a PhD in applied physics next year at Stanford, who is also part of the hunger strike. “If we’re on a scale of one to 10, this is a 10. Since the start of encampment, I have tried to become a better person. We have pillars of faith. One of them is sunnah, which is prayer. That’s a place where you train yourself to become a better person. It is linked to spirituality. That’s something I’ve been emphasising more during my time at Princeton. There’s another aspect of faith. Zakat. It means charity, but you can read it more generally as justice…economic justice and social justice. I’m training myself, but to what end? This encampment is not just about trying to cultivate, to purify my heart to try to become a better person, but about trying to stand for justice and actively use these skills that I’m learning to command what I feel to be right and to forbid what I believe to be wrong, to stand up for oppressed people around the world.”

“The protest movements – which have spread around the globe – are not built around the single issue of the apartheid state in Israel or its genocide against Palestinians. They are built around the awareness that the old world order, the one of settler colonialism, Western imperialism and militarism used by the countries in the Global North to dominate the Global South, must end. They decry the hoarding of natural resources and wealth by industrial nations in a world of diminishing returns. These protests are built around a vision of a world of equality, dignity and independence. This vision, and the commitment to it, will make this movement not only hard to defeat, but presages a wider struggle beyond the genocide in Gaza.”

“The genocide has awakened a sleeping giant. Let us pray the giant prevails.”

Watch; Palestine Talks | Chris Hedges on the moral corruption of Israel and the “savagery” of violence; TRT World, 4 May 2024;

Paul Salvatore; ‘I’m hoping we can explore a few things today regarding the situation in Gaza and Palestine more broadly, and one would be to try as much as possible to make philosophical sense of what’s happening in Gaza and of course Palestine more broadly, and what the moral evil committed by Israel specifically reveals about human beings and collectively what we might be able to do about that in a way that’s principled and just. So I thought I’d first start off by asking you, ‘what is the kind of language do you believe that’s philosophically appropriate to even begin to make sense of the evil that we’re seeing right now in Gaza?’

Chris Hedges; ‘In order to maintain a settler colonial project it requires that you dehumanize those who are being colonized, it requires that you build vicious militarized forces of occupation, it requires that you crush all dissent and of course eventually you crush internal descent among your own which has been happening in Israel. It requires that on a daily basis you instill fear and terror in the hearts of the subject population, this is what Israel calls deterrence which is just massive use of firepower to kill indiscriminately and that has an incredibly corrupting influence on the society itself, it empowers the worst elements of the society, the military, the security forces, the secret police and they kind of metastacize within the society until they run it.

Anytime they attempt to build nonviolent resistance movements, actually Israel is even more violent in terms of killings and shootings than they are, because I think they fear because that nonviolent movement will resonate widely throughout the world.

Israel since its inception has always violated international law and is violating it now. I don’t think there’s any going back, I think Israel has been exposed for what it is, I don’t think the mythology of Israel, the mystique of Israel, I don’t think anyone’s going to buy it anymore. It is a naked, brutal, repressive, racist, apartheid state and most of the world has figured that out.’

Watch: Israel Can’t Win this War – Palestinians Told Us That From The Beginning, Peter Beinart, The Beinart Notebook, 13th May 2024;

Peter Beinart is Editor-at-Large, Jewish Currents; a CNN Contributor, Professor at Newmark School of Journalism, CUNY and Fellow, Foundation for Middle East Peace.

1:50: “ . . countries with powerful armies like Israel and the United States can topple governments, but they cannot defeat insurgencies unless they offer a solution to the underlying fundamental political grievance of the population. And this Israeli government has not even tried to pretend that it is offering a solution to the fundamental grievance of the Palestinian people in Gaza and beyond, which is their lack of freedom. And so absent that, Israel can’t marginalize Hamas. And even if it could somehow miraculously marginalize or even defeat Hamas, it would simply face another resistance force that was just as dangerous.”

5:38: “To me, when I listen to American Jewish and Israeli Jewish discourse like I’m part of this family, and our family is doing immensely destructive things to other people. Of course, we’ve been very badly wounded ourselves, but we’re responding by doing these immensely destructive things to other people. But those things are also self-destructive to us as well. And that there are voices that we could listen to that could help perhaps get us out of this downward spiral. In this case, particularly to listen to Palestinians because Palestinians know better than anybody else what it will take to get Palestinians to stop fighting against Israel. And Palestinians have been saying again and again and again that Israeli Jews will not be safe if the Palestinians are not safe. And Palestinians can’t be safe unless they’re free.”

Israel’s precision killing of professionals in Gaza is linked to Meta giving access to their location.

Watch; Meta Aiding Israel? Palestine Declassified, 5 May 2024;

Chris Williamson; ‘But, Lowkey, what about this case, then, of Yonaton Ramot, who worked for the Israeli military at the same time as Meta?’

Lowkey; ‘Well, actually, unfortunately, that is not an aberration in terms of Israeli military personnel. Evidence has also been found of somebody that worked for the spokesman’s unit of the Israeli military simultaneously working as a producer for the BBC. You have all manner of these types of conflicts of interest, particularly with the I 24 news channel, where you have several people that work for the Israeli military at the same time as working for that news channel. But when you think of the added issue of data, it’s one thing to have a role in shaping perception, but it’s another thing to be able to have this window into people’s private lives at the same time as working for the military of a foreign state. So it’s one in a long line of conflicts of interest that we see burrowed within these media and social media companies, unfortunately.’

Chris Williamson; ‘Well, David, it can’t be a coincidence, can it, that Nicola Mendelsohn is in charge of global advertising, and Israeli adverts encouraging a holocaust against Palestinians were green lighted by the company.’

David Miller; ‘Well, it might be a coincidence. I mean, the thing about this is that it’s not just Nicola Mendelsohn who’s at the top, she’s not the only zionist there. Mark Zuckerberg is obviously another one. There are many more zionists and many more people who’ve come from backgrounds in Israeli intelligence and with that kind of experience. So it might be a coincidence that she’s specifically, but actually, what you see is at the top of many of these companies is an array of zionists and people with particular experience in the Israeli military or intelligence agencies who are thus able to control quite a lot of what happens at the top of these companies, and obviously take the kind of decisions that you’re talking about, where genocidal talk by zionists gets a free pass, isn’t even mentioned, isn’t even noticed, and when anyone even says something like, well, shouldn’t the Palestinians stop being oppressed, then they are regarded as being anti-semitic, as calling for genocide, when, in fact, of course, there’s a real genocide happening against the Palestinians, not against Israel.”

Chris Williamson; ‘Well, Lowkey, pages like Within our Lifetime and Eye on Palestine have been banned. Tell us about Emy Palmor, who sits on the oversight board of Meta.’

Lowkey; ‘Well, the trajectory of Emy Palmor is very interesting. She came of age in Unit 8200 as part of their spying operations. Following on from that, she actually was on the Israeli Land Council, which divvies up land for illegal settlements in occupied Palestine. And then after that, she went on to be the head of the justice ministry, where she established something called the cyber unit in 2015. Now, what the cyber unit did was establish a straight line of communication between the Israeli government and social media companies. Now, that was a constant stream of complaints to the social media companies and requests to pull down the accounts of different Palestinian and pro Palestinian figures. And what was found, actually, was that 85% of the requests that came from the Israeli cyber unit, which, as I said, was founded by Emy Palmor, were actually acquiesced to by Facebook specifically. And so then she goes on to working on the oversight board of Facebook, incredibly. So the person that founded the unit that got people’s pages pulled off Facebook was then integrated directly from the Israeli ministry of justice into the content moderating mechanism of Facebook. And the oversight board is not large, it has around 20 members on it. So clearly she has a significant level of sway within Meta overall.’

Never-ending pro-zionist lies and hypocritical doublespeak from the White House.

Read; Biden’s Rafah ‘red line’ is a green light for ‘death and destruction’, Aaron Mate, 27 May 2024;

‘After months of unrelenting Israeli slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza, President Biden and his top aides insisted that they had had enough. When it comes to an Israeli assault on Rafah, where more than one million displaced people had fled, that would be a “red line,” Biden said in March. “I’m not supplying the weapons … to deal with that problem,” he promised earlier this month. The White House, Secretary of State Antony Blinken declared in April, “cannot support a major military operation in Rafah.” For the US, “it’s imperative that people are able to get out of the way of any conflict,” and “we have yet to see a plan.”

Israel’s latest massacre in a Rafah tent camp for displaced civilians, in which dozens of people including children were burned and maimed while sheltering near United Nations warehouses, shows that the White House’s “red line” in Rafah was in fact a green light for continued Israeli atrocities. According to the Palestinian Red Crescent, the attack occurred in the Tal as Sultan area of Rafah, where the Israeli military had declared a so-called “safe zone” and encouraged Palestinians to flee to for protection.

Asked two weeks ago “what exactly is [Biden’s] red line,” and whether that would entail “withholding weapons”, Blinken answered tersely: “Look, we don’t talk about red lines when it comes to Israel.” In other words, when Blinken’s boss, Biden, did talk about a “red line” in March, he was simply lying – just as when he falsely and repeatedly claimed to have seen photos of Israeli Oct. 7th victims that do not in fact exist.

A few days before the Rafah tent camp massacre, the State Department also claimed that Blinken, in a call with Israeli Minister Benny Gantz, “reiterated the President’s position on a major Rafah operation.” Notably, the statement did not bother to specify what “the President’s position” was. By that point, the White House had made perfectly clear that it would claim to oppose a “major Rafah operation,” all while allowing massacres that it would pretend are not “major.”

Blinken’s statement came as the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to comply with the Genocide Convention and “immediately halt its offensive” in Rafah. It also demanded that Israel immediately allow the “unhindered provision … of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance.”

Yet the White House “was conspicuously silent” on the ICJ ruling, the Washington Post noted, “a stark contrast to an almost identical ruling by the ICJ in March 2022,” which ordered Russia to “immediately suspend” military operations in Ukraine. Back then, the State Department lauded the court’s “vital role in the peaceful settlement of disputes under the U.N. Charter.”

Rather than comment on the ICJ decision, the Post added, the National Security Council directed spokespeople to respond to questions with a single sentence: “We’ve been clear and consistent on our position on Rafah.” Yet with its invisible “red line” and procession of mealy mouthed, incoherent statements, the White House has been the opposite of clear. When it comes to Israel’s mass murder campaign in Gaza, Biden and his aides have only been consistent in deceptively fueling death and destruction.’

Read; To continue the Gaza genocide, Israel and the US must destroy the laws of war; Jonathan Cook, 31 May 2024;

‘The world’s two highest courts have made an implacable enemy of Israel in trying to uphold international law and end Israeli atrocities in Gaza. Separate announcements last week by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) should have forced Israel on to the back foot in Gaza. A panel of judges at the ICJ – sometimes known as the World Court – demanded last Friday that Israel immediately stop its current offensive on Rafah, in southern Gaza. Instead, Israel responded by intensifying its atrocities.

On Sunday, it bombed a supposedly “safe zone” crowded with refugee families forced to flee from the rest of Gaza, which has been devastated by Israel’s rampage for the past eight months. The air strike set fire to an area crammed with tents, killing dozens of Palestinians, many of whom burnt alive. A video shows a man holding aloft a baby beheaded by the Israeli blast. Hundreds more, many of them women and children, suffered serious injuries, including horrifying burns. Israel has destroyed almost all of the medical facilities that could treat Rafah’s wounded, as well as denying entry to basic medical supplies such as painkillers that could ease their torment.

This was precisely the outcome US President Joe Biden warned of months ago when he suggested that an Israeli attack on Rafah would constitute a “red line”. But the US red line evaporated the moment Israel crossed it. The best Biden’s officials could manage was a mealy-mouthed statement calling the images from Rafah “heart-breaking”. Such images were soon to be repeated, however. Israel attacked the same area again on Tuesday, killing at least 21 Palestinians, mostly women and children, as its tanks entered the centre of Rafah.

‘A mechanism with teeth’

The World Court’s demand that Israel halt its attack on Rafah came in the wake of its decision in January to put Israel effectively on trial for genocide, a judicial process that could take years to complete. In the meantime, the ICJ insisted, Israel had to refrain from any actions that risked a genocide of Palestinians. In last week’s ruling, the court strongly implied that the current attack on Rafah might advance just such an agenda. Israel presumably dared to defy the court only because it was sure it had the Biden administration’s backing. UN officials, admitting that they had run out of negatives to describe the ever-worsening catastrophe in Gaza, called it “hell on earth”.

Days before the ICJ’s ruling, the wheels of its sister court, the ICC, finally began to turn. Karim Khan, its chief prosecutor, announced last week that he would be seeking arrest warrants for Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his defence minister, Yoav Gallant, along with three Hamas leaders. Both Israeli leaders are accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including attempts to exterminate the population of Gaza through planned starvation.

Israel has been blocking aid deliveries for many months, creating famine, a situation only exacerbated by its recent seizure of a crossing between Egypt and Rafah through which aid was being delivered.The ICC is a potentially more dangerous judicial mechanism for Israel than the ICJ.

The World Court is likely to take years to reach a judgement on whether Israel has definitively committed a genocide in Gaza – possibly too late to save much of its population. The ICC, on the other hand, could potentially issue arrest warrants within days or weeks. And while the World Court has no real enforcement mechanisms, given that the US is certain to veto any UN Security Council resolution seeking to hold Israel to account, an ICC ruling would place an obligation on more than 120 states that have ratified its founding document, the Rome Statute, to arrest Netanyahu and Gallant should either step on their soil. That would make Europe and much of the world – though not the US – off-limits to both. And there is no reason for Israeli officials to assume that the ICC’s investigations will finish with Netanyahu and Gallant. Over time, it could issue warrants for many more Israelis. As one Israeli official has noted: “The ICC is a mechanism with teeth”.

‘Antisemitic’ court

For that reason, Israel responded by going on the warpath, accusing the court of being “antisemitic” and threatening to harm its officials. Washington appeared ready to add its muscle too. Asked at a Senate committee hearing whether he would support a Republican proposal to impose sanctions on the ICC, Antony Blinken, Biden’s secretary of state, replied: “We want to work with you on a bipartisan basis to find an appropriate response.” Administration officials, speaking to the Financial Times, suggested the measures under consideration “would target prosecutor Karim Khan and others involved in the investigation”.

US reprisals, according to the paper, would most likely be modelled on the sanctions imposed in 2020 by Donald Trump, Joe Biden’s predecessor, after the ICC threatened to investigate both Israel and the US over war crimes, in the occupied Palestinian territories and Afghanistan respectively. Then, the Trump administration accused the ICC of “financial corruption and malfeasance at the highest levels” – allegations it never substantiated.

Fatou Bensouda, the chief prosecutor at the time, was denied entry to the US, and Trump officials threatened to confiscate her and the ICC judges’ assets and put them on trial. The administration also vowed to use force to liberate any Americans or Israelis who were arrested. Mike Pompeo, the then US secretary of state, averred that Washington was “determined to prevent having Americans and our friends and allies in Israel and elsewhere hauled in by this corrupt ICC”.

Covert war on ICC

In fact, a joint investigation by the Israeli website 972 and the British Guardian newspaper revealed this week that Israel – apparently with US support – has been running a covert war against the ICC for the best part of a decade.’

Read; Dutch MPs call for inquiry into reports Israel spied on ICC lawyers The Guardian, 31 May 2024;

‘The Dutch government is under pressure to hold Israel to account for spying on and intimidating lawyers at the International Criminal Court, which is based in The Hague, with local parliamentarians calling for an independent investigation.

An investigation published this week by the Guardian and the Israeli-based magazines +972 and Local Call found that Israel used its intelligence agencies to surveil, hack, pressure, smear and allegedly threaten senior staff at the ICC to try to derail inquiries.

The campaign was ultimately unsuccessful as this month the ICC prosecutor’s office requested arrest warrants for Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and defence minister, Yoav Gallant, as well as three Hamas leaders, for alleged war crimes.

“The claims are extremely serious: intimidation here in The Hague for years and pressure for the past few months on chief prosecutor [Karim] Khan. The Netherlands has a special responsibility as host country of the ICC to make sure that the court can function independently and that its employees are free of this kind of intimidation.”

She said suggestions that the former chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda had reported intimidation to intelligence services should be familiar to the Netherlands’ incoming prime minister, Dick Schoof, a former head of the AIVD security service. “If this was already known in 2015 and it appears that right up until today these kind of spying and intimidation practices are continuing, what is the Netherlands doing about it?” she asked.

Read; Under cover of ‘charity’ status, the Israel lobby is subverting UK politics Jonathan Cook, 29 May 2024;

‘It is now indisputable that the Charity Commission is abusing the label “charity” to confer legitimacy on lobby groups engaged in covert political activity subverting what is left of Britain’s threadbare democracy.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), which has been designated a charity since its creation a decade ago, was founded to smear critics of Israel as antisemites. Its biggest scalp was Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour leader. Buoyed by that victory, the CAA went on to smear, as antisemites, Jews who oppose Israeli apartheid and war crimes. One of the groups of Jews it has targeted most aggressively is Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), which supported Corbyn.

In 2020, JVL challenged the CAA’s status as a charity for just such blatantly political activities. Charity regulations state that “an organisation will not be charitable if its purposes are political”.

The head of the CAA is Gideon Falter, who was caught out last month misrepresenting an argument with a Met police officer to suggest the officer had made an antisemitic remark. During the row, Falter had claimed he was being prevented from crossing a road in London during a march against the genocide in Gaza because he is Jewish. A video of the incident, however, shows the police had stopped Falter and other CAA activists on public order grounds, because they were trying to provoke a confrontation with the marchers.

The CAA is not the only Israel lobby group being offered protection by the Charity Commission. The UK branch of the Jewish National Fund, which actively assists the Israeli state in promoting policies to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from their homes, also enjoys charity status in Britain. Campaigners have spent years futilely trying to get the commission to take action. If expelling Palestinians from their lands is considered charitable activity, then the word has lost all meaning.’

Watch; Palestine will lead the end of the Global World Order Ambassador Craig Murray, The Pakistan Experience, 30 May 2024;

The Pakistan Experience Presenter; ‘Something that you said was very telling that it’s always about the resources…they are manufacturing consent through this hatred, through this otherisation, and would you still say, even when it comes to Gaza. There is a lot of talk about resources being off the shores of Gaza, Gaza being a real estate plot that Israel is interested in. Is this hate being manufactured because at the end of the day, like always, it’s about the resources, is it about resources?’

Craig Murray; ‘It’s about control of the resources of the Middle East, and it’s two things really, in a direct sense it is for gas reserves off the coast of Gaza, it is the real estate value of the land of Gaza, and particularly the desire to bring in more Israeli settlements there and establish very valuable beachfront property. That’s all true. The possibility of a canal under Israeli control bypassing the Suez Canal is another genuine economic possibility. It’s also about control of resources in the wider sense in that Israel is of course a colonial military project in the Middle East, for control of the entire Middle East and for managing the relationship with Saudi Arabia in particular and its oil reserves and the Gulf States and the wider Middle East. And of course the main interest in the Middle East is nothing to do with the population, it’s to do with the oil and gas reserves as far as the neoliberal world order is concerned. So it is partly the economic potential of Gaza itself, but it’s also expanding Israel as this colonial settler outpost and political lobbying agent of influence, of the threat of military control within the wider Middle East with its oil and gas reserves.’

The Pakistan Experience Presenter; ‘The people who are at the top, are they willing to sacrifice all their political capital for the settler colonial outpost, or is it the impact of organisations like AIPAC and lobbying and funds which makes them believe in this project, even if they may not do so in private?’

Craig Murray; ‘Yes, I think this is a fascinating question and I think mostly it’s to do with individual politics. Simply having been bought up long-term by the zionist lobby, and having received so much money over such a long period of time from the zionist lobby, they’re completely trapped, and they can’t detach themselves from it. And of course the money is the carrot, we don’t know what kind of sticks they are holding over these politicians, what Epstein style antics, what dirt they have on politicians for what things they have done. So, I do think that you have this kind of wider policy question, but then you have the the nitty-gritty detail, and I think it’s fascinating, for example, here in the UK, despite this genocide that everyone has seen going on and on like this, not one single Labour MP has resigned from Labour Friends of Israel, not one. Is that not astonishing in these circumstances? And why are these people held in so tight? It’s partly to do with the money they’ve received, and as I say I think also there are probably other pressures on some of them as well.’

Every day the news about relentless zionist crimes sickens the world.

Read; The message of Israel’s torture chambers is directed at us all, not just Palestinians Jonathan Cook, 24 May 2024;

‘As a handful of whistleblowers revealed to CNN, Palestinians are incarcerated for weeks on end in Sde Teiman as they are tortured – both through formal interrogations and through the conditions they are held in.

They are forced to sit blindfolded outdoors on a thin mattress through the desert heat of the day and sleep in the cold of the desert night. Continuously cuffed, they are forced to remain motionless and silent. At night, dogs are set on them. Anyone who speaks or moves risks being savagely beaten till bones are broken.

People’s hands and legs are tightly zip-tied for so long that, according to the report, some have needed limbs amputated.

As one Israeli whistleblower recounted to CNN, none of these abuses are about intelligence gathering. “They were done out of revenge,” he admitted. The inmates are punching bags for the Israeli soldiers and guards.

But this is about more than simple vengeance. Understanding what is happening at Sde Teiman provides a clearer picture of what is happening on a far bigger, even more industrial scale in Gaza.

Especially revealing are the conditions in a field hospital at the detention camp, housing Palestinians either maimed in Israel’s savage destruction of Gaza or injured by beatings from Israeli soldiers.

They are handcuffed to gurneys in row after row, blindfolded and naked apart from an adult nappy. They are not allowed to speak.

There they lie day after day, night after night, in a state of utter sensory deprivation, with nothing to distract from their wounds and pain. In the midst of this, Israeli medical interns can use their exposed, vulnerable flesh as a canvas for experimentation.

According to one whistleblower, the detention centre has quickly gained a reputation for being “a paradise for interns”.

There, they are allowed to use Palestinians as little more than lab rats and encouraged to carry out medical procedures they are not qualified to perform.

The complicity of Western establishments in Israel’s current genocide is not an anomaly. It does not derive from a misunderstanding or confusion. The western political and media class see the genocide in Gaza as clearly as the rest of us. But for them, it is justified, required even. The colonised and oppressed must be taught that resistance is futile.

Sde Teiman, like the Gaza death camp, is serving its purpose. It is there to break the human spirit. It is there to turn the Palestinians into willing collaborators in their own destruction as a people, in their own ethnic cleansing.

And a subliminal message is being directed at the western public at the same time: this could also be your fate if you do not join in cheerleading Israel’s atrocities in Gaza.’

Read or Listen; Indeed, there is no comparison: Israel’s crimes are far worse than Hamas’ Jonathan Cook, 20 May 2024;

There is one thing we should all be able to agree with Benjamin Netanyahu on: Any comparison between Israel’s war crimes and those of Hamas is, as the Israeli prime minister put it, “absurd and false” and a “distortion of reality”.

Here’s why:

* Israeli war crimes have been ongoing for more than seven decades, long predating Hamas’ creation.

* Israel has kept the Palestinians of Gaza caged into a concentration camp for the past 17 years, denying them connection to the outside world and the essentials of life. Hamas managed to besiege a small part of Israel for one day, on October 7.

* For every Israeli killed by Hamas on October 7, Israel has slaughtered at least 35 times that number of Palestinians. Similar kill-ratios grossly skewed in Israel’s favour have been true for decades.

* Israel has killed more than 15,000 Palestinian children since October – and many tens of thousands more Palestinian children are missing under rubble, maimed or orphaned. By early April, Israel had killed a further 114 children in the West Bank and injured 725 more. Hamas killed a total of 33 Israeli children on October 7.

* Israel has laid waste to Gaza’s entire health sector. It has bombed its hospitals, and killed, beaten and kidnapped many hundreds of medical personnel. Hamas has not attacked one Israeli hospital.

* Israel has killed more than 100 journalists in Gaza and more than 250 aid workers. It has also kidnapped a further 40 journalists. Most are presumed to have been taken to a secret detention facility where torture is rife. Hamas is reported to have killed one Israeli journalist on October 7, and no known aid workers.

* Israel is actively starving Gaza’s population by denying it food, water and aid. That is a power – a genocidal one – Hamas could only ever dream of.

* Israel has been forcibly removing Palestinians from their lands for more than 76 years to build illegal Jewish settlements in their place. Hamas has not been able to ethnically cleanse a single Israeli, nor build a single Palestinian settlement on Israeli land.

* Some 750,000 Palestinians are reported to have been taken hostage and jailed by Israel since 1967 – an unwelcome rite of passage for Palestinian men and boys and one in which torture is routine and military trials ensure a near-100% conviction rate. Until October 7, Hamas had only ever managed to take hostage a handful of the Israeli soldiers whose job is to oppress Palestinians.

* And, while Hamas is designated a terrorist organisation by western states, those same western states laud Israel, fund and arm it, and provide it with diplomatic cover, even as the World Court rules that a plausible case has been made it is committing a genocide in Gaza.

Yes, Netanyahu is right. There is no comparison at all.’

Israel genocide is particularly aimed at destroying Palestine’s existence as a functioning state post the war as it targets Palestinian doctors, journalists, and professors.

Read; Gaza’s Stolen Healers The Intercept, 24 May 2024;

‘As early as November, reports emerged of doctors being detained and going missing in North Gaza. According to the World Health Organization, at least 214 medical staff from Gaza have been detained by the Israeli military. In early May, the detention and alleged torture of medical staff from Gaza made headlines when Israeli authorities announced the death of Adnan Al-Bursh, a well-known surgeon and the head of orthopedics at Al-Shifa Hospital. After being taken into custody in December, officials said Al-Bursh died in April while in Ofer Prison, an Israeli detention facility in the occupied West Bank.’

“Dr. Adnan’s case raises serious concerns that he died following torture at the hands of Israeli authorities. His death demands an independent international investigation,” Tlaleng Mofokeng, the United Nations special rapporteur on the right to health, said in a statement last week. “The killing and detention of healthcare workers is not a legitimate method of warfare. They have a legitimate and essential role to care for sick and wounded persons during times of conflict.”

‘Al-Bursh is one of at least 493 Palestinian medical workers who have been killed in Gaza since October 7, according to the Ministry of Health. The Israel Defense Forces has systematically targeted hospitals from the north to the south of the strip, claiming that Hamas operates in the facilities. Medical staff in Gaza’s hospitals have repeatedly denied this claim. This week, Israeli forces have launched new attacks on Kamal Adwan Hospital and Al-Awda Hospital in the north, with reports on Wednesday and Thursday of medical staff being detained from Al Awda.

To end the USA’s endless wars and exploitation, we must ensure it has no control over anyone’s life outside of its own electorate.

Watch; Blinken THREATENS GLOBAL STARVATION In Secret Arab Meeting Breaking Points, 21 May 2024;

‘The US obviously has the keys for an immediate ceasefire, an immediate resolution and then some, for what we need to see, and so when the topic of statehood got brought up we had asked for both a free and independent Palestine, a statehood and a seat at the UN Security Council table. And the response was disappointing, because it made the comparison to, well, first and foremost, that a vote for a Palestinian statehood from the UN would lead to the defunding of the UN from the US, being its primary funder. But then the example brought up was that it would be within the right of the UN to then cut programs like the World Food Program, and so the fact that the comparison was made that the world would have to go hungry just like the Gazans are, and the fact that it’s US policy to starve the world if Palestinians have a free state, regardless of if that’s the law or not, is indicative of something severely wrong.’

A very clear history of the theft of Palestine.

Watch; 1948: Creation & Catastrophe (Full documentary) 13 Oct 2023;

‘Through riveting and moving personal recollections of both Palestinians and Israelis, 1948: Creation & Catastrophe reveals the shocking events of the most pivotal year in the most controversial conflict in the world. It tells the story of the establishment of Israel as seen through the eyes of the people who lived it. But rather than being a history lesson, this documentary is a primer for the present. It is simply not possible to make sense of what is happening today without an understanding of 1948. This documentary was the last chance for many of its Israeli and Palestinian characters to narrate their first-hand accounts of the creation of a state and the expulsion of a nation. Hear stories from the Israelis and Palestinians who personally lived through events in Haifa, Jaffa, Dayr Yasin, Acre, Jerusalem, Ramla, Lydda and more. These shocking and dramatic events reveal the core of what drives the conflict today.’

Tony Greenstein, founder member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, wrote the letter below to the Zekelman Holocaust Centre when the Centre cancelled Rene Lichtman’s speaking engagement because of his criticism of Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

Read; A Holocaust museum cut a survivor from its speaker’s list — for protesting the war in Gaza Forward, 31 May 2024;

Tony Greenstein’s letter;

‘Why Have You Banned Rene Lichtman from Speaking About His Experiences in the Holocaust?

Dear Zekelman Holocaust Centre,

I have just read the article ‘A Holocaust museum cut a survivor from its speaker’s list — for protesting the war in Gaza’. This is just one more proof that the Holocaust Industry, its museums, institutes and memorials, have but one purpose; to provide the State of Israel with an alibi conscripting the memory of the 6 million Jews who died.

You zionists have no shame or morality. You draw no universal lessons from the Holocaust. Just racist and chauvinist ones. Jewish lives count, Palestinians are untermenschen, ‘human animals’ in the words of Yoav Gallant, Israel’s ‘Defence Minister’.

You are probably too ignorant to know that Himmler, the Head of the SS, which implemented the Final Solution, used the same phrase about the Jews in a speech in Posen, 4 October 1943 when justifying why Jewish children had to be murdered too.

Israel too likes killing the children of the lower races. To date it has murdered at least 15,000 children, but to you they are the wrong kind of child and like Himmler you no doubt approve of the justification for their deaths – that they will avenge their dead parents.

It is clear that you are in full agreement with Gallant and Himmler. To you Palestinians are the untermenschen and Rene Lichtman, who has personal experience of the Holocaust must be silenced in order that you can fulfil your main duty which is one of harnessing the holocaust to the genocidal state of Israel.

You clearly are unaware of the categories that Raul Hilberg drew – Perpetrators, Victims and Bystanders. You are a bystander to the genocide taking place today but you are clearly too amoral, being unable to draw the parallel with Israel’s murderious behaviour today.

If there are no universal lessons to be drawn from the Holocaust then, in the words of the child survivor of Auschwitz and Rector of the Central European University, Yehuda Elkana, it is better to forget the holocaust since the only purpose in remembering it is in order to justify further holocausts.

I am not in the least surprised that according to The Forward, ‘The Zekelman Holocaust Center did not respond to repeated requests for comment.’ How can you respond when your behaviour lacks any justification. Did the Nazis justify their actions?

Clearly there is no point to your Centre apart from being an apologist for the very genocide you claim to oppose.

Yours in disgust,

Tony Greenstein’

Future webinar; Lobbying for Zionism on Both Sides of the Atlantic by Ilan Pappe

Tuesday, 11 June, Great Portland Street tube. Details to be provided to registered guests.

‘A timely publication unveiling the zionist lobby’s grip and influence by exerting pressure on the decision-makers in the US and the UK, pushing for unprecedented military aid, recognition of unlawfully occupied territories and the erasure of Palestinian rights.’


Prof. Ilan Pappe, Israeli historian, Professor of History at the University of Exeter, and author of the bestselling, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (Oneworld), amongst other titles.

Dr Ghada Karmi, Palestinian academic, physician and author. Currently, a Research Fellow at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter.

Dr Daud Abdullah, Director of the Middle East Monitor and author of several books, including, Engaging the World: The Making of Hamas’s Foreign Policy (2021).

Prof Nur Masalha, Palestinian historian; Associate Member, SOAS, University of London; and former Director of the Centre for Religion and History, St Mary’s University.

Dr Anas Altikriti – Moderator, Founder and CEO, The Cordoba Foundation.

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