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“The way you get democracy to function is by informing the public.” – Robert Kennedy Jr.

“Science is more than a body of knowledge. It is a way of thinking; a way of sceptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility. If we are not able to ask sceptical questions, to interrogate those who tell us that something is true, to be sceptical of those in authority, then, we are up for grabs for the next charlatan (political or religious) who comes rambling along.” – Carl Sagan

“Never worry about who will be offended if you speak the Truth. Worry about who will be misled, deceived and destroyed, if you do not.” and
”Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference.”
– Robert Frost

Though the newsletter chapters interrelate, they are divided into five sections and have a common realisation that a cabal of corporate elites have captured global trade, global governance, mainstream and online media, and ultimately many of our minds.

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The 28th COP (The UN Climate Change Conference) ended its 12-day meeting in Dubai on 12 December. Although the stated purposes were to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees, compensate climate-impacted communities and achieve ‘Net Zero’ by 2050, the fact that there were 2,456 lobbyists from the fossil fuel industry (almost four times as many as last year), says it all. The reality is that at  COP 28, global governance was the name of the game; the leaders are corporate investors, philanthro-capitalists, development banks and their stooges in government and think tanks, dictating the rules of our lives behind the veil of abating climate change. Farmers’ naturally grown food has been dismissed as too inefficient to feed the world and not compatible with the changing climate, and only their patented, high tech, AI, GM, drones and robots, will suffice.

Big Ag leaders are on a revolving door to food and farming regulatory bodies so they know what they can get away with in terms of the food’s nutritional quality. With little independent monitoring, what is passed as food can be worms, insects and precision fermentation of multiplied microbes or, if you’re lucky, food grown in vertical farms on a small section of land in a sea of solar panels and monoculture trees. Patented GM seeds will grow on racks in desalinated sea water with a malteser size ball of clay to produce nutritionally deficient food. The illusion of their providing healthy, convenient food while avoiding a climate catastrophe, has manipulated and lulled us into a dystopia that will enslave, make us sick and possibly starve us.

Post the COP 28 discussions that ended on 12th Dec, we interviewed attendee Dr Camila Moreno, whose background is in philosophy and in law with a Master’s, PhD and postdoc on sociology and the new carbon economy, the bioeconomy, the green transition. She is brilliant at dismantling the charade of regenerating the planet when, in fact, the corporations and their stooges are regenerating their humongous profits. The full film is 1hour 11mins, there are two shorter versions, one at 35m and one at 3m 30s.

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Important News Re Julian Assange

Please join what promises to be – and must be – a massive demonstration outside Royal Courts of Justice from 8:30AM on 20th and 21st of February 2024 to DEMAND that the verdict on the U.S. demand to extradite Julian Assange to the evil Empire is a firm NO and that Julian is to be immediately released and heavily compensated for this farcical case against him for reporting truthful information in the public interest.

Julian Assange’s Final Appeal to be held in UK High Court 20-21 February 2024 Stella Assange, 19 December 2023;

‘The UK High Court has confirmed that a public hearing will take place on 20-21 February 2024. The two-day hearing may be the final chance for Julian Assange to prevent his extradition to the United States. If extradited, Assange faces a sentence of 175 years for exposing war crimes committed by the United States in the Afghan and Iraq wars.

Immediately after the court date was announced, protestors responded by calling for a mass protest at the court on the days of the hearing at 8:30am. They welcome all those who support press freedom to join them in London and around the world.

Assange has been confined in the high-security Belmarsh Prison since he was arrested on a US extradition request on 11 April 2019. This will be his fifth Christmas in Belmarsh.

The upcoming public hearing will be held before a panel of two judges who will review an earlier High Court decision taken by a single judge on 6 June 2023 which refused Mr Assange permission to appeal.

This decisive stage in Mr Assange’s appeals will determine one of two outcomes: whether Mr. Assange will have further opportunities to argue his case before the domestic (UK) courts, or whether he will have exhausted all appeals without a possibility for further appeal in the UK and thus enter the process of extradition. An application before the European Court of Human Rights remains a possibility.

Assange’s campaign for freedom is supported by Amnesty International, the National Union of Journalists, Reporters Without Borders and virtually every civil rights, press freedom, and journalists’ union in the world. More than 70 Australian federal politicians have called on the US to drop the prosecution. In the United States, the Congressional representatives calling for the case to be dropped grows steadily, currently H. Res 934 sponsored by Paul Gosar is gathering signatures from all sides of politics.

John Rees of the Free Assange campaign, said: “The US is attempting to convict Julian Assange under the 1917 Espionage Act. If they get away with it, they will have succeeded in redefining journalism as spying. Every journalist will be intimidated. Every newspaper and broadcaster will look at material critical of the government and feel significant pressure not to publish for fear of prosecution and imprisonment. This is the most important press freedom case of the 21st century and we need to ensure we don’t lose any hard-won freedoms.”

Stella Assange, Julian’s wife, who he married while in prison, and who has been campaigning relentlessly for his freedom, said, “The last four and a half years have taken the most considerable toll on Julian and his family, including our two young sons. His mental health and physical state have deteriorated significantly. With the myriad of evidence that has come to light since the original hearing in 2019, such as the violation of legal privilege and reports that senior US officials were involved in formulating assassination plots against my husband, there is no denying that a fair trial, let alone Julian’s safety on US soil, is an impossibility were he to be extradited. The persecution of this innocent journalist and publisher must end.”

WikiLeaks has also supported their founder throughout this whole process, stressing the importance of this case for press freedom. Kristinn Hrafnsson, Editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks, said, “There is no press without the protection to operate freely. Julian’s case is a landmark moment; the UK needs to decide if it wishes to be a haven for free press or if it wishes to be complicit in the degradation of a core value of our democracy. This is the last chance for judges in the UK to halt this unjust extradition of an innocent man.”

For more information about the court hearing and subsequent protest, scheduled to commence at 8.30am, and how to participate, please visit here and/or here.’

Meanwhile in the United States, an incredible development took place this week where a judge ruled for a case against the CIA – regarding violation of civil liberties – to proceed:

Read; Judge Rules Assange Visitors May Sue CIA For Allegedly Violating Privacy by Kevin Gosztola at The Dissenter, 19 December 2023;

Food, Farming & Ecocide

No matter how much or little you believe that climate change is anthropogenic compared to a natural change in weather patterns, the weather is changing, but the solutions offered are false. Fear porn (mainstream media content that deliberately and enticingly plays on people’s fears about disaster, disease, and death), works, as it did with the Covid jab; ‘if you don’t do as you are told as a responsible citizen, you will kill granny or, in this case, fry and drown the planet’. If we are not vigilant to the corporate-captured authorities’ lies and propaganda, spread by the corporate-owned mainstream media, in the name of abating climate change, we will accept a suicidal pact with the corporate psychopaths.

The UN has been captured, so the COP 28 discussions in Dubai were not about leaving oil in the soil but about carbon markets; pushing for industry to offset their CO2 emissions by incentivising every sector to take on new NetZero goals or lose out on aid, investment and trade. Instead of giving subsidies to grow healthy food in the soil, they give them to supercharge solar panels, monoculture woods, geneedited climate friendly seeds and livestock, and vertical farming where there is no place for farmers. It is time we used the power of our purse to support our local real farmers!

Read and watch; Regenerative agroecology: the necessary solution to counter climate change; Dr Vandana Shiva, President of Navdanya International; 12 December 2023;

The industrial agriculture paradigm, which sees the world as a machine, and not as a self-organised living system, has created devastation on the planet, while contributing significantly to the issue of climate change. Navdanya International’s latest graphic report, ‘Regeneration is Life‘, presented at Cop 28 in Dubai, analyses the actual causes at the root of climate change and highlights the true regenerative solutions against the false solutions proposed by polluters.

As pointed out in the report, the ecologically destructive practices of industrial agriculture account for 29% of all greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), making the global food system one of the main culprits behind climate change and environmental degradation.

The fertiliser industry is responsible for more than a fifth of total estimated greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture systems worldwide. Factory farms are significant contributors to soil and water pollution. The FAO considers that livestock in CAFOs accounts for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, while some estimates put the figure above 30%.

Today, the majority of the industrialised and globalised food system is concentrated in the hands of a few companies. Five agrochemical companies hold a 55% monopoly over the $61.5 USD billion world seed market. In 2018, 61% of global seeds and pesticide production was owned by three mega-corporations. Four corporations hold a monopoly over global commodity food trade, and approximately 80% of the US beef market is controlled by only four firms. In 2018, seven firms dominated poultry, pigs, cattle, and aquaculture genetics, and made over $80 billion in sales.

But these very corporations are behind the push for synthetic and lab-made foods, with meat industry giants like Tyson foods, JBS, Cargill, Nestlé, and Maple Leaf Foods having invested up to $2.78 billion in this new sector. Synthetic and lab-cultured foods are quickly becoming a next means to consolidate even more power and profit into the hands of a few food giants without holding them accountable to the consequences of the system they perpetuate.

The dominant corporate-sponsored narratives are now pushing for the reduction of complex ecological collapse, and climate change, into dualistic narratives around plant versus animal, instead of addressing the larger crisis of how current industrial practices are destroying the Earth’s ecosystems.

Acting as if the world were a machine undermines and ultimately destroys life processes and organic systems. In the European Union, for example, total numbers of all types of farmers fell from 14.4 million to 9.1 million between 2005 to 2020. Meaning that over 5 million small and medium-sized companies have had to shut down. Meanwhile, global biodiversity has decreased by an average of 69% since 1970.

The colonising mentality sees nature as dead matter to be exploited and used. Colonisers do not see self-organisation. They do not see creativity. They just see control and profits while bringing disease and ill health, destroying the land, the soil, and the water.

False solutions, such as synthetic foods, involve a further separation from nature. But the separation between us and nature is the root of the problem.

We are now at a watershed between perpetuating the mechanistic model or choosing to live in harmony with nature and its regenerative and creative capacities. We need to bring life back into the soil. In the micro-organisms of the soil we find the life we cannot see, which is the basis of our health and the solution to the climate problem.

The real solution to the ecological and climate crisis does not lie in creating substitutes for food or expanding the industrial paradigm, but in scaling the initiatives all over the world that are already working on healing our connection with the Earth through care.

These solutions already exist and are being implemented by local, diverse food communities around the world. Showing us that it is possible to walk a path of living in harmony with nature. We are part of the Earth’s systems, our food is a continuum of health from the ecosystems of the earth. We are deeply and inherently interconnected.

Agroecological systems can improve soil health, reduce erosion and increase resilience against the impacts of climate change through biodiversity conservation.

Agroecology and organic farming also reduce the need for external inputs through integration of agroecosystem, increase crop diversification and soil management. By increasing carbon sequestration, organic agriculture has a lower climate impact than industrial agriculture. Regenerative agroecology, if systemised, has the regenerative potential to reverse the course and serve as an important tool for climate change mitigation.

There are two ways of seeing ourselves and our relationship with the Earth. Either we think of ourselves as separate from Nature or as one with it. It only takes putting a seed in the ground to create this vision. And every additional community that lives ecologically, lives a better life. It is a very exciting time to be alive to regenerate life.

The BBC generously gives air time to the corporate view of farming, where we see tech taking our food ever further from nature. So to balance the discussion, I, Tracy, give the missing view.

Listen; COP 28 and Agriculture, Vertical Farming BBC Farming Today, 5 December.

BBC Presenter; “What are they growing in?”

Tristan Fisher; “So essentially what you have here is a growing mat that allows you seed on a very uniform basis. You’ll see really, really deep, thick white roots emerging underneath and that’s really a sign of a very, very healthy crop”

Tracy; He avoided answering that they are grown in water with a malteser size ball of clay i.e. devoid of the trace elements present in healthy soil that are essential for both healthy plants and their consumers.

BBC Presenter; “How can this be more environmentally sound than growing a crop in earth, in the soil, in a field?

Tristan Fisher; “If you think about this as a four acre building, producing the same amount of food as a thousand acres, effectively you could just say, let’s take a thousand acres out of farming and rewild 996 acres and just keep four acres in actually growing food. So from that perspective, you can see there is a huge biodiversity benefit you get from going from a conventional farm into a vertical farm”.

Tracy; how about sharing food production with biodiversity as with Organic farming? Vertical farms are owned by corporations and so they will syphon up all the profits once made by farmers. Very little of that finance will stay in the local economy, the majority ends up in the corporate coffers.

BBC Presenter; “What about the infrastructure side? We’re standing in a massive building”.

Tristan Fisher; “So, we have done a comparison between ourselves and a field-grown crop, and we’ve looked at all the various aspects and we’ve had a third party company actually assess how well we’re doing. We produce on a per-kilo of product, about 127 times less carbon emissions than a UK grown product.

Tracy; How about including the true cost of vertical farming not only on our health but even the increased CO2 emissions embodied in the building from mining the metal, cement, glass and cooling and heating the buildings, driving the robots and conveyor belts and then the cost of transporting the food in this centralised system..

BBC Presenter; “Do we need watercress? Do we need rocket? Nutritionally, it’s not a huge part of our intake as a human being, is it?”

Tristan Fisher; “Yes. I mean, that’s a really good question. So we have divided the world into three phases. So we have our phase one crops, we have our phase two crops and our phase three crops. So our phase one crops are where we can make money today selling a product which people want. However, over time we are looking at other crops. So our phase two crops are things like our fruits, things like strawberries and blueberries and raspberries and tomatoes. But ultimately where the business is going is our phase three crops. Our phase three crops are rice and wheat, which represent 52% of human calorie intake comes from those crops. And then soy and peas, which are fantastic substitutes for meat.”

Tracy; Pasture fed livestock are carbon neutral whereas fake meat substitutes owned by the corporations, emit between 4% and 25% more CO2.

BBC Presenter; “One of the issues we have now, as we’re sort of going into COP 28 is, people are thinking, ‘how are we gonna survive in this world with climate change?’”

Tristan Fisher; “With increased population with less soil, with less water in places like North Africa where they have serious problems with soil quality, serious problems with water. And you know, we could be in a situation where we could build huge vertical farms connected with huge solar farms and actually grow things like wheat in those environments so they can actually feed themselves and actually potentially export into other parts of Africa as well. And I think that it is really a difficult sell for Westerners to say everybody else around the world should have less when we have more. And so what we are offering is essentially the abundance which we want without trashing a planet at the same time,”

Tracy; Great if they grow  food in the desert but there are similar examples where farmers revitalised the desert, using traditional drought-resistant seed and kept the money to sustain a livelihood in the locality.

Africa is to have its traditional, nutritionally rich crop varieties stolen, hybridised, and/or gene edited and genetically engineered, and patented, promising the earth in terms of climate abatement but in fact only improved to have a longer shelf life, so that it can be transported across the globe to rich countries.

As part of the COP 28 coverage, Farming Today Dec 7 gives the corporate view, so again I, Tracy, balance the discussion.

BBC Presenter introduction; “$50 million of new investment in what’s described as accelerating agriculture and food innovations has been announced at COP. This is part of AIM, The Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate, a global coalition set up at COP 26 and led by the USA and the UAE, it aims to get more money into Climate Smart Ag and new technologies to adapt to and mitigate climate change. At this COP number 28, the AIM for Climate Innovation Sprint, launched in Africa earlier this year, has been expanded. Dr. Kerry Fowler is special envoy for global food security at the US State Department.”

US State Department; “AIM’s attention, is focused on soil health and fertility and on crop adaptation particularly to climate change and particularly focused on Africa, and they’re focused on traditional and indigenous crops. What we want to do is to improve the productivity of those crops that are, by and large, very nutrition rich, but historically have benefited from very little investment and very little involvement by scientific plant breeders. In fact, some of those crops have never had any scientific attention paid to them at all, but they are in fact high potential crops; some people call them Opportunity Crops for the Future. So that’s where we’re focusing our attention. And, we think these investments will pay high dividends. I think there’s quite a large return on investment for them.”

Tracy; It’s yet another ‘opportunity’ to make mega-bucks for biotech companies. Money is pouring into hybridising and gene editing and then patenting Africa’s traditional healthy crops into unhealthy, mass produced commodities, sold via a centralised system of supermarkets. Local farmers, deprived of their livelihoods in the local economy, are forced to eke out a living in the city.

BBC Presenter; “And how exactly do you hope they will help develop those crops to make them drought resistant or just more productive?”

US State Department; “ all of those things. if you look at Africa, the major staple crops are all imported crops, if you will. In other words, crops that originated were domesticated in other regions, such as maize from Central and South America, cassava, which is also from South America, Asian rice, bananas from Asia, wheat, and a few cases in Africa and from the near East. And so what’s happened is that the indigenous crops had been underdeveloped, not for any scientific reasons.

There’s no indication that the traditional crops, and here I’m talking about sorghum and fonio millets and a wide range of legumes and vegetables. There’s no reason to believe that those crops are at all inherently inferior. In fact, if you look at the nutritional qualities of those crops, some of ’em are quite superior to those being grown now. But the productivity levels, because they haven’t benefited from plant breeding, have remained low. And as we look into the future, with the effects of climate change, you know, we’re going to need about 50 to 70% more food to be produced in Africa by mid-century than is being grown now.”

Tracy; He has chosen to avoid answering her question about how exactly you hope to develop these crops because he would have to admit it is via controversial genetic engineering and hybridisation, that will be patented and so, corporate owned. This technique will reduce the health benefits of Africa’s traditional seeds to the level of those hybridised less healthy crops that he quotes are from other countries. Population growth is the fear porn used but in fact, it has been proved time and again that small scale local family farms produce far more food than monocultures.

BBC Presenter; “As you say, this is costing millions of millions of dollars, but you talk about a return on investment. So how does the business end of this work, if you like?”

US State Department; “Well, there are a couple ways of thinking about that. Of course, there’s a real return on investment in terms of the benefit to society. Many of these particular crops have traditionally been tended by women. If we improve the productivity of the crops that are tended by women, that will have a great impact on not just their health, but also the health of the children. So when you think about return on investment, you have to think about the impact that improving nutrition would have, not just on individual lives, but on the country as a whole and its development prospects.

But getting down to the hard business end of it, there’s traditionally been a very high rate of return just in economic sense from investments in agricultural research and development. So it makes good business sense, but it makes a lot of humanitarian and social sense as well to do this kind of work.

Tracy; He tries to pretend that the benefits are for women who produce the food but he has to admit that the real reason is for corporate investors.

BBC Presenter; “As you’ll know, here and in Europe, there has been some nervousness about some crop technology, particularly genetic modification. Is there that concern in Africa and particularly about who will own these crops and how much farmers will have to pay?”

US State Department;There certainly is some concern in Africa. It varies from country to country. We’re agnostic, frankly, on the issue of the technologies that are used in plant breeding. We know that some countries, including some that have joined up with this venture have certain views about certain technologies. And it’s quite possible within the confines of the work that we’re doing to specify that certain crop technologies not be used, for example. And we know that, in Africa, there are many countries that have regulations concerning the use of these technologies.

So we’re working with our African partners where this whole venture is co-sponsored by the African Union. What we intend to do is to largely work in the public domain and make these new materials easily available to farmers. Most of these crops that we’re working with are not of great interest currently to the international private sector involved in agriculture. But if we want to really advance agricultural food systems on the continent, obviously the private sector has to play a role.”

Tracy; He knows that presently many African countries have refused to plant GM seeds largely because they don’t want to be deprived of their food sovereignty. In so many words, he says he plans to use a massive PR machine to press the public to want the so called ‘cheap’ food and will subsidise the new varieties so the farmers can’t resist buying them. Plus they will only release aid money or improve crippling conditionalities if they comply, and sign up to their so called ‘climate friendly’ shopping list, including gene edited seed varieties. The farmers will then be trapped into forever having to buy more expensive seeds that don’t live up to the promises. If they refuse to continue to purchase new, and traces of the original patented gene edited seed varieties are found in their fields, like Percy Schmeiser, they will be sued for not paying the corporate patent owner..

The climate friendly narrative is about corporate profits and their control over the land, energy, food production and  economy – a new colonialism where debt forgiveness, development bank loans and private equity investment has conditionalities that require the country losing its food sovereignty.

Read or listen; Bill Gates: Africans need genetically modified seeds and chickens to fight climate change Rhoda Wilson, The Expose, 23 November 2023;

“Too often, climate advocates claim a consensus on the feasibility and affordability of 100 per cent renewable power globally when such a consensus simply does not exist – certainly not among energy systems experts, when they consider real-world constraints,” the two directors said. “Claims that it will be cheaper for African countries to use only renewable energy to grow their economies rather than a mix of fuels are unrealistic.”

However, Gates will continue to push his green ideology because, as global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company noted, “Green energy in Africa presents significant investment opportunities.”

Gates then went on to describe to the Africa Climate Summit a conversation he had with a farmer in Kenya named Mary. He talked to her about “how the new seeds and new approaches were helping her. She had drought tolerant (GM) seeds that made a very big difference. She also had (gene edited) chickens that were bred so they could be more heat tolerant.”

We should question the validity of Gates’ conversation with “Mary” – what the nature of the conversation was and whether the conversation took place at all.

A 2021 article published by Scientific America describes how the mission of the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (“AFSA”) to protect agroecology in Africa is at odds with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Cornell Alliance for Science’s insistence that genetically modified seeds are healthy, productive and environmentally friendly, while attacking agroecology as economically and socially regressive.

AFSA is the largest social movement in Africa. It represents more than 200 million farmers, fishers, pastoralists, indigenous peoples, women, consumers and others across all but five African countries.

In 2022, AFSA published an open letter to Gates to challenge several inaccurate claims he had made in articles published by The New York Times and Associated Press. One of Gates’ inaccuracies related to the development of climate-resilient seeds, which, without Gates’ help, are already in existence and being developed by farmers and traded through informal seed markets.

“The [Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa] initiative, which your foundation continues to fund, has also pushed restrictive seed legislation that limits and restricts crop innovation to well-resourced labs and companies. These initiatives don’t increase widespread innovation, but rather contribute to the privatisation and consolidation of corporate monopolies over seed development and seed markets,” AFSA wrote in their letter to Gates. “There is no shortage of practical solutions and innovations by African farmers and organisations. We invite you to step back and learn from those on the ground.”

As for Gates’ chickens to “fight poverty,” or his more recent claim to “fight climate change”, that too, is not for the benefit of Africans.

In a 2016 blog post, Bill Gates made a case for egg production as a way to fight poverty and improve nutrition in malnourished populations. As you can guess, there is a catch to Gates’ “philanthropy” because all his chickens would be “properly vaccinated.” After Gates’ covid “vaccination” programme, we are left with no doubt that “properly vaccinated” does not mean “protection against disease” or for our “health and well-being.”

Gates has similar genetic engineering plans for cows…………

Read or Listen; Gates Calls for Cows to Be Modified to Fight ‘Climate Change’ Patricia Harrity, The Expose, 15 December 2023;

‘Bill Gates is yet again attempting to play god, this time he has yet again spoken of his plans to modify cows as part of a claimed effort to “fight climate change” by reducing the “methane emissions” from beef cattle. Gates made the call while speaking at the third edition of the French finance ministry’s “Rendez-vous de Bercy” event in Paris which is held every two years to address different issues related to the French, European, and world economies.

Frank Bergman reported that it was during a panel discussion at the globalist event Gates complained that no country is moving fast enough to develop and innovate renewable energy solutions to tackle the alleged “climate crisis.”

Bergman continues the article below originally published in Slay News.

The third edition of “Rendez-vous de Bercy” was devoted to environmental issues and economic growth in the face of “climate change.”

Gates told the summit in Paris that nations worldwide are not advancing quickly enough to meet the goals of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Net Zero” targets.

“We are behind on our short-term goals” in advancing the globalist green agenda, Gates warned.

“Rich countries owe it to the world to keep costs low for green technology,” he said.

The philanthropist sounded a more positive note when he spoke about the United Nations COP28 global climate summit, which concluded in the United Arab Emirates on December 12.

He said there was much more focus on innovation this year than at past meetings.

During his remarks at the Paris summit, Gates argued that artificial intelligence (AI) was helping the agriculture sectors in developing countries.

He claims that AI helps third-world farmers to obtain better weather forecasts and analysis of crops and climate.

Gates then argued that “methane emissions” from meat production are a major contributor to “climate change.”

He continued by pushing plans to manipulate cows through “breeding” to lower their “methane” output.

Gates suggested that cows could be given “some other inputs” that would presumably alter their genetic state to stop them farting and burping.

“No, I see two new very amazing approaches,” Gates said after steering the conversation to meat production.

“By improving the cow breeding, and giving them some other inputs, we can reduce their methane emissions.

And this new prioritisation of the methane work, I applaud that because, in terms of the near-term temperature increase, methane plays a very big role.”

This is not the first time Gates has promoted plans to target cows’ “methane emissions,” however.

In January, Gates joined a slew of billionaires investing in an Australian climate technology startup.

The company plans to disrupt the methane-emitting animal agriculture industry with a lab-grown feed additive, according to Bloomberg’.

Below is the type of farming most rural Africans want to protect;

Watch; Grains of Hope-Bikita, Zimbabwe The Gaia Foundation, 16 November 2021;

“The bees are everything in Tharakan communities. When I was very young my father would climb the tallest trees with just his hands and feet. I could see his outline against the night sky, and felt scared. He would put his hand in amongst all those bees, without upsetting them. One bad move and he would be showered with stings. But it never went wrong. He would fill a container with some of their honey, leaving plenty for them. The bee hives are still here today, and my uncle still climbs trees, aged 70! But now, when you tell someone that Tharaka means ‘The Land of the Bees’, their next question is ‘where have the bees gone?’”

In this documentary, Simon sets out to find an answer.

His search reveals their worldwide importance, and a worldwide decline – WWF estimates that 1 in 3 mouthfuls of our food rely on pollinators like bees, with the UN finding that bee extinction is happening 1000% times faster because of humans. Why? A type of insecticide created in the 1980s and currently used in 120 countries, called neonicotinoids. Cheap and toxic, it impairs a bee’s central nervous system to such an extent that they cannot even fly home.

Every single African country is using neonicotinoids, and back in Kenya, Simon discovers that industrial farms are spraying it on a vast scale. Despite scientific evidence of its impact, companies from the global north are still supplying the global south in huge quantities, where restrictions are weak and allow for the devastation of biodiversity hotspots, like Tharaka.

Simon is now a member of the African Earth Jurisprudence Collective, having become an Earth Jurisprudence Practitioner through The Gaia Foundation’s three-year training programme. Supported by peers across the continent who are reviving Indigenous lifeways, Simon is supporting the Tharakan people to turn the tide on a history of cultural and ecological loss in their ancestral lands.

“Our work started slowly by creating ‘community dialogue’ spaces for interested people, especially Elders, to come together and discuss Tharakan culture: what things were like and how things were done in the past, compared to how they are now. Slowly the number of people coming to these meetings grew. Since then we have been able to revive many aspects of our culture in a very practical way.”

This includes farming agro-ecologically – using Indigenous seed, harvesting rainwater and eliminating chemicals like neonicotinoids. Tharakans are also replanting and protecting the trees where bees nest, reviving their bee-keeping traditions and brewing honey beer again. This is bringing people and place, together once more, through ecological governance of their territory and ceremonies that celebrate it.

“We are encouraging everyone to abandon pesticides and use organic farming methods. The rituals honey is used in are coming back, bringing us into a more caring relationship with all the beings in our territory. Perhaps most importantly, our young people are now being trained in the old ways.”

This transformation has created a network of clans who once again care for the wider community of life. Simon may have started out as a man without bees, but today he is accompanying the landscape-level restoration of biocultural diversity in Tharaka.’

The only way to defeat the brutality of the vampire supermarkets sucking the life blood from our precious farmers, is simple; avoid them. Instead buy from farmers markets, box schemes like Riverford and trusted online sources like Big Barn and Pipers Farm.

Watch; British Farming’s Christmas Advert 2023. “Like all British farmers, I can smell bullshit a mile off and none more so than at Christmas. It’s at this time of year the big retailers spend millions on adverts filled with fake farmers trying to convince you that they actually care about their suppliers and that we are one big happy family ”.

Amazing to hear Philip Dunn, Conservative MP, chair of the Environmental Audit Committee, demand that we subsidise farmers for producing food as well as protecting biodiversity. I wish he would also advocate land-sharing so that we grow our food in symbiosis with biodiversity, not land-sparing where we continue to douse the land in chemicals and only improve biodiversity on any spare land.

Listen; Farming Today BBC Radio, 9 December 2023;

Philip Dunn MP; “Food security is something that the government has paid sort of lip service to for some time. In our report, we feel that with the introduction of the new support systems, The Environmental Land Management Schemes, (ELMS) there is an opportunity to explicitly spell out that food security itself is a public good. Farmers will be paid for performing public goods. Contributing towards food security is not one of them at the moment, and we think it should be,”

BBC Presenter; “Some people might say, well, hang on a minute, because food security and self-sufficiency aren’t quite the same thing. Are you using those terms sort of interchangeably here?”

Philip Dunn MP; “No, we’re not. We absolutely recognize that there are many foods that we cannot grow here or could only grow in an extremely inefficient way in terms of energy and the environment. But we also recognize that as the international trading situation gets affected by conflict and climate, we need to be capable of increasing self-sufficiency. And that requires a greater degree of focus on food security so that we’re not left high and dry, should calamities occur, we need to feed our population.

It’s a very important part of the role of government and the role of farming in this country.”

If Philip Dunn MP succeeds in getting more food grown in the UK, he is going to need the government to intervene to ensure farmers get a fair price. Though they are reviewing each sector, there’s no sign of any action three years after the first review. Farming Today 18th Dec;

Philip Clark, Farmer’s Weekly. This is the fourth. It started off with one in the dairy sector, and that was followed by one in the pig sector. Then just in October, the government launched a third review into the egg sector. And now this week they’ve introduced the review of the fresh produce sector.

BBC Presenter; “And pretty much all the farmers in those sectors are saying similar things.”

Philip Clark, Farmer’s Weekly. “Absolutely, well, maybe not so much the dairy sector. Things have kind of turned a corner a bit there now. But particularly the egg sector has just been through a really torrid time with reduction in the laying flock problems with even influenza, but more particularly problems with low prices which led to a massive contraction of, of the laying flock. and then in, in the fresh produce sector, similar problems around energy costs labour availability have led to a drop in production there, which we saw earlier in the year with empty supermarket shelves. And sadly, you know, some producers are calling it a day and going out of business”

BBC Presenter; “And timing is an issue here, isn’t it? I mean, it was some years ago that the review into dairy was launched.”

Philip Clark, Farmer’s Weekly. “I think it was pre pre covid even. So yes, it has been a very long haul. You know, there’ll be an election next year, which may interrupt things, may derail things, but for some producers I’m sure it’ll be too little, too late.”

BBC Presenter; “Well, indeed, I have heard some producers rather cynically saying that this smacks of a pre-election move, which may or may not make an actual difference somewhere down the line.”

Philip Clark, Farmer’s Weekly. “You could easily take that view. I mean, as Defra would say, this was something that Rishi Sunak committed to, and they had the Farmed Fork Summit back in May in Downing Street. Maybe they had thoughts of general elections then. But it was something committed to earlier in the year, more in response to the very real problems that were being seen in supermarkets’ empty  shelves. Quite likely the fact that an election is now looming into sight probably ups the ante a bit as far as the government is concerned.”

BBC Presenter; “What difference actually could these reviews make, albeit in some time?”

Philip Clark, Farmer’s Weekly. “I mean, certainly, you know, we hear so many stories of malpractice in the supply chain of, you know, contracts being cancelled at the last minute, adjustments being made to price without proper negotiation or consultation. So anything that improves that, you know, will hopefully make a difference to give farmers who are used to being price takers, a little bit more opportunity to not be price makers, but to have a fairer say in the returns that they get from the marketplace.”

Taxing globally-sourced food that could be produced locally is an obvious winner, but the fact that the government is not doing so indicates that it is only interested in reducing CO2 if it means new casino markets and food-tech patents for corporations to profit from.

Read; Farmers For Action (NI) call for a carbon tax on needless food imports; 5th Dec.

‘In the week that saw COP28 in the UAE sound serious warnings about insufficient action on climate change as the world has now reached a 1.4C temperature increase in 2023 and scientists are warning that the tipping point is 1.5C, Farmers for Action issued a press release calling for a massive carbon tax on needless food imports and food miles immediately’!

‘The UK is not self-sufficient in beef and imports from Southern Ireland, our nearest neighbour. This is fine, but the UK should not be importing from Argentina, Brazil or Australia.

We should import from our next nearest neighbours and this process should be replicated around the world, eliminating unnecessary import of all food commodities, increasing food miles purely for profit.

Representatives from FFA recently attended a meeting at Queen’s University (Belfast) where Lord Deben, formerly chair of the Climate Change Committee, gave a lecture followed by a Q&A session.

FFA highlighted the issue of food ships passing in the night (food swaps), purely to increase the profits of corporate food retailers, corporate food wholesalers and shipping companies. This question was followed by another: asking why governments are not dealing with this, if they are serious about climate change, and how can we stop these swaps.’

The Channel 4 film; The Big British Beef Battle, could have been life saving for UK pasture fed beef farmers but instead it packaged them along with intensive beef and dairy production (mostly imported) thanks to the presenter falling for the Bill Gates funded Guardian’s climate narrative.

‘Avoiding meat and dairy products is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet, according to the scientists behind the most comprehensive analysis to date of the damage farming does to the planet.’

Ade Adepitan, British television presenter, childrens’ book writer and wheelchair basketball player, in his mission to persuade people to give up beef, is in lock step with the owner of the plant based Impossible Burger, Bill Gates. Gates’s mission is to get the government to nudge consumers into giving up meat and if it fails, recommends that beef and dairy be banned.

The misguided presenter suggests that eating beef is a disaster for the climate and eating chicken is better. He fails to research the massive cost of factory farmed chickens, not least the cost of soy feed grown on destroyed Rainforest in South America. In his ultimate objective that we all eat fake meat, has omitted to mention that fake meat emits between 4% and 25% times more CO2 in its production than UK pasture fed beef.

As a last minute addition, he briefly mentioned that UK beef is largely pasture fed so is not the problem as the grass sequesters the CO2 equivalent to the burping and farting from the cow, but he then continues to bunch all meat and dairy as the enemy. The program was so utterly inaccurate that the livestock industry complained to Ofcom!

Read/Watch: AHDB submits complaint to Ofcom about Channel 4’s Big British Beef Battle; ADHB, 5th December 2023;

“The programme was described on the Channel 4 website as a documentary that looks at the “impact of our diet on climate change”, which aims to answer the question, “does eating chicken instead of beef reduce our impact on the climate?” Which, under due impartially, viewers would expect exploration of the science around this topic, highlighting the arguments for and against the posed question.

Instead, the programme was incredibly biassed against beef, highlighting basic, and very limited scientific evidence and arguments within this complex field of science. With the presenter’s opinions against beef very apparent and forthright, and undue focus on the global situation for a UK audience..”

There is no end to the cruelty the human race is prepared to inflict on sentient beings for profit. As the government has no morals, it is up to us to boycott factory-farmed octopus from our plates.

Sign; TAKE A STAND: STOP THE OCTOPUS FARM Petition by Compassion in World Farming;

‘In the Canary Islands, Spain, there are plans for a colossal octopus farm, threatening the wellbeing of these intelligent creatures. Their fate hangs in the balance. The government of the Canary Islands remains silent to our calls, we need your help to stop it! Take action now: shut down the farm.

Imagine: one million octopuses confined every year in stressful and cramped conditions. This stress is known to trigger aggression and cannibalism. And the farm’s barbaric practices, like the use of ice slurry for slaughter, threaten unimaginable suffering.

It’s not just inhumane. Both local communities and tourism businesses could face the threat of pollution, which endangers scenic spots impacting their lives.

Octopus farming, beyond its inhumanity, adds strain on our planetary resources. Relying on wild-caught fish intensifies overfishing, worsening food insecurities globally. Despite our collective efforts, a letter co-signed by 75 organisations and public figures to the Canary Islands and Spanish Government received no response.

Please send your email to the Government of the Canary Islands in Spain demanding to stop the farm from opening!

Preview your message to the Canary Islands before sending your email.

Watch My Octopus Teacher film to understand this beautiful creature

Three pilots testify about the difference between con trails, ie trails of vapour from an aeroplane that last in the air for about a minute, and the new chem trails that are aluminium floating in the air, deposited to control the weather and reflect the sun’s rays to allegedly abate climate change!

Watch; Airline pilots testify about chem trails; Illuminatibot, 17 December 2023;

“The con trails occur because of cold air -30 degrees at high altitude, around 30,000 feet. Plus there’s a carbon dioxide and water vapour in that exhaust that turns to ice crystals and that’s what you see. The white stream behind it, those white crystals of ice, warm up, dissolve, and the smoke goes away. And it never lasts more than a minute. What we’re seeing now, and I at first could not believe it, I started looking at the skies. And these are not normal. They’re not natural. There’s something going on. I don’t know who it is or why they’re doing it. All I can testify is it’s not natural and it’s not normal. It’s got to be some outside influence doing that.”

“I’m here to give you testimony that chemtrails, they’re not contrails, are indeed real. They’re spraying almost every day I watch the clouds and watch the spraying programme going on. I want to tell you that we’re in very great danger from the pollution that’s coming down over us and we’ve been led astray by the military industrial complex and they’re responsible for the cloud’s creation and weather manipulation programmes, their dark operations. That’s why they’re not out in the media.”

“I look around and I see people are starting to look up and see them. Many times I’ve spoken about chemtrails and I get this blank look on my face. What are you talking about? I’m saying look up as a pilot. What? Before I fly, I look up and so boy, they’re really out there working.” “When you look up at the sun you see a white haze, that is aluminium floating in the air right now.”


The more of us that wake up to the distinctly un-human, unjust and unhealthy transhumanist new world order planned by a few super rich psychopathic plutocrats, the sooner we can take back control of our governance. We must wake up to the fear propaganda like Climate change, Net Zero, lock down, neither safe nor effective vaccine jab; the breakdown of the extended family, health decisions handed down by the unelected, unaccountable body, the World Health Organisation (WHO); diminishing individuals’ ability to own property; AI forcing us into to a jobless society to be appeased by a social credit lifeline that can be terminated if we deviate from their narrative, or spread counter-narrative information; pushing us into a cashless society that, as with the Canadian truckers, bank accounts can be frozen because of any counter-narrative activism; loss of independent businesses, not least farms, abattoirs, food producers and retailers; censorship and loss of free speech as platforms are infiltrated by the secret service to ensure those that are effective at exposing the truth are deplatformed and arrested such as Reiner Fuellmich in Germany and Barry Young in NZ; surveillance to impose lock downs and imprison us in 15 minute cities if we go outside the narrative; phony taboos like anti-semitism, climate change, pandemic and gender identity; ending of fossil fuels to control trade with countries that counter the collective West’s colonial imperative of global governance, erosion of spirituality and tolerance of the diversity of spiritual guidance.

We need to form strong communities to take back control of our lives through locally exchanging our most basic needs like food and water, energy and heating.


An amusing Christmas spoof starring Klaus Schwab, CEO of the World Economic Forum, as Santa promising the world to his viewers. Lyrics to classic songs changed into spoofs about gifts Klaus would like for Xmas and what us deplorables think of his bullshit, ending with the sanity of Julian Assange’s words  that all we really want is to be free.

Watch; The World Enslavement Forum presents Christmas hits with Klaus Schwab Kim Dotcom, 15 December 2023;

‘Hello, my name is Klaus, the ‘situation’ Schwab. This Christmas cuddle up with your loved ones while you enjoy a delicious holiday feast of mealworms and crunchy crickets and pop in a very special collection of songs, the World Enslavement Forum presents Vaccine Hits 23;

Song; I’m dreaming of a Great Reset like communism just in smart. With gene selection and eye detection and drone surveillance everywhere…….’

In this book, “world leader” (NOT), Klaus Schwab, lays out his dream, and our dystopian world. We must resist his global governance and go in the opposite direction by relocalising our economies.

Read or listen; Klaus Schwab wants to stop the retreat of globalisation and global governance with a new form of globalisation and global governance Rhoda Wilson, The Expose, 19 December 2023;

‘Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret’s book ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’ identified “the global governance free fall” as an existential challenge and if we do not collaborate “we are doomed.”

“Nation states make global governance possible (one leads the other),” the book states. “The more nationalism and isolationism pervade the global polity, the greater the chance that global governance loses its relevance and becomes ineffective. Sadly, we are now at this critical juncture. Put bluntly, we live in a world in which nobody is really in charge.”

The book defines “global governance” as the cooperation among transnational actors to respond to global problems and “globalisation” as a broad and vague notion that refers to the global exchange between nations of goods, services, people, capital and data.

Although global governance is defined as a different concept, they are intertwined and the reasons for its “free fall” are the same as those for the retreat of globalisation.

The solution to the retreat from globalisation, Schwab and Malleret said, was a new form of globalisation which required policies and effective global governance.’

At the Belmarsh Tribunal in Washington D.C., a former intelligence operative, academics and journalists expressed their appreciation of Julian Assange’s brave and ingenious work to expose authorities’ and mainstream media’s collusion to hide the truth. They are all brilliant, but I particularly love how disgusted and exasperated journalist Abby Martin always is with the prevailing system.

Watch; The Belmarsh Tribunal D.C. — “Free the Truth” — The Case of Julian Assange; Democracy Now! 9 December 2023;

‘On December 9, 2023, the Belmarsh Tribunal returned to Washington, D.C., for its most urgent session since its launch in 2020. The Tribunal calls for the release of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange as his potential extradition from the U.K. to the U.S. reaches its denouement with his final UK court hearing expected in early 2024.

Inspired by the Russell-Sartre Tribunals of the Vietnam War, the Belmarsh Tribunal brings together a range of expert witnesses — from constitutional lawyers to acclaimed journalists and human rights defenders — to present evidence of the assault on press freedom and the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.’ This D.C. sitting of the Tribunal is co-chaired by Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and The Intercept’s Ryan Grim.’

Amy Goodman; “Abby Martin, investigative journalist host of the Empire files an independent documentary and interview series, reporting on conflicts, repression and the future of the First Amendment. She’s been active as an editor and international journalist for more than a decade, published several books and directed several movies, most recently, Gaza Fights for Freedom.”

Abby Martin; “Thank you so much, it’s an honour to be on this panel and to be with all of you here today for this very important call to action. The past eight weeks have been the deadliest on record for journalists, with 60 confirmed killed in Gaza so far. They are being targeted for assassination, many alongside their entire families. The reporters who remain say that their press vests, which should be their protective barrier from bombs and bullets, are actually what is marking them for murder. The genocide in Gaza has been exposed by these heroes. The only way the world knows the depth of crimes committed by the US and Israel, things that would otherwise remain hidden for years, is because journalists are able to document them on their phones and instantly upload them for the world to see. The Iraqi people did not have the capacity to film their reality. When a crime of this scale was being committed to them they had no ability to break through the lies and propaganda disseminated by our so-called free press. Instead it was whistleblowers like Sergeant Joe Darby who leaked the infamous Abu Ghraib torture photos which dealt a major blow to the US war effort.

Imagine for one second if the Bush Administration locked up the CBS reporter who dared to publish those. Iraqis didn’t have social media but they did have Wikileaks which finally showed the world what American forces had kept hidden for so long. Washington worked very hard to control where journalists could access and what they could and could not report. Wikileaks was the antidote for that lack of free press during what was the greatest atrocity in the modern era. The Iraq war logs forced Americans to confront what the United States was doing in our names. They gave proof to Iraqi society the extent to which US soldiers had been killing civilians, and the revelations made the occupation untenable. Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange helped end the Iraq War. Forgive the repetition, but I think this quote bears repeating. Julian Assange once declared that if wars can start with lies, peace can start with the truth. Those words ring as our beacon when we look at the threat that truth poses to power, the powers that decide who lives and who dies, how wars start and how wars end.

Truth poses the ultimate threat indeed. It gives the peons the power to know and the agency to act, that’s why Julian Assange is deemed enemy number one. Let’s turn to Gaza once again, where, not only journalists, but Palestinians who become viral like our great late friend Refaat Alareer are openly assassinated for exposing Israel’s crimes. Let’s not forget the CIA tried to do the exact same thing to Julian Assange; they wanted to kill him for the same reason that Israel is killing Palestinian journalists. But America is not as brazen as Israel and needs to maintain this veneer of respectability, humanitarianism and democracy, so instead they chose a different means to the same end, silencing him, punishing him and taking away his life by throwing him in a dungeon. And they relied on the willing agents of empire, the dutiful media stenographers to articulate to us why Assange is not a journalist and persecute him at the stake. Assange has been in prison for so long it actually might be hard to remember what it was like when Wikileaks came out. It’s hard to remember how much of a relief it was to witness an organisation braving the truth, armed with proof, a figurehead that challenged power in such a superb way.”

Read; First Resolution In US Congress To Call For End To Assange Case Kevin Gosztola, The Dissenter, 17 December 2023;

‘A resolution in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was introduced in the United States House of Representatives on December 13.

Co-sponsored by eight representatives, it states that “regular journalistic activities are protected under the First Amendment,” and the U.S. government should “drop all charges against, and attempts to extradite, Julian Assange.”

The resolution, introduced by six Republican and two Democratic representatives marks the first time that representatives have used the legislature to try and mobilise support for Assange and freedom of the press.’

‘The resolution concludes by stating that the U.S. government should abandon its effort to extradite Assange and put him on trial. It should also allow Assange to return home to Australia “if he so desires.”

Whether the resolution will pass in the House or not, the resolution shows the potential for making the Assange case a political issue for President Joe Biden. In a year where Biden will be campaigning for re-election, that may prove to be crucial in freeing Assange.’

The US/UK/EU doctrine of ‘The Right to Protect’ (R2P) that was used to justify invasion, bombing and assassinations in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan, is strangely absent when it comes to protecting Palestinian civilians from relentless genocide. Could it be because the zionist lobby controls western media and politics, because the US/UK/EU axis wants a military foothold in the Middle East with access to oil and gas and because we are loyal customers of Israeli arms dealers?

Read; The West agonises over an ‘atrocity upsurge’ while backing Israel’s genocide in Gaza Jonathan Cook, Declassified UK, 11 December 2023;

‘The problem isn’t ‘global inaction’ to prevent mass atrocities, as the Guardian claims. It’s intense US and UK support for atrocities so long as they bolster their global power.

How do politicians, diplomats, the media and even the human rights community, keep us politically ignorant, docile and passive – a collective mindset that prevents us from challenging their power as well as the status quo they benefit from?

The answer: By constantly misrepresenting reality to us and their own role in shaping it. And they do it so successfully because, at the same time, they gaslight us by flaunting the pretence that they crave to make the world a better place – a better place where, in truth, the unspoken danger is that, were those advances to be realised, their own power would be severely diminished.

A perfect illustration of how this grand deception works was provided in a report at the weekend in the supposedly progressive Guardian newspaper, headlined “World faces ‘heightened risk’ of mass atrocities due to global inaction”.

The opening paragraph reports that human rights activists fear the “international community has given up on intervention efforts to stop mass atrocities, leading to fears that such occurrences may become the norm around the world”.

In practice, this “failure”, according to the report, has manifested in an abandonment by Western states of the principle of R2P – or “responsibility to protect”. This principle and related “humanitarian” pretexts were used to justify the US and its allies meddling since the 1990s, variously in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, with disastrous consequences.

Millions were killed as a result of R2P-type interventions and tens of millions displaced, leading to mass movements of people that are seen today by Western states in terms of an “illegal immigration threat”.’

As if the CIA couldn’t get any worse, David Rogers Webb, an ex hedge funder, has uncovered a plot to seize assets belonging to investors.

Read and Watch; Interview with David Rogers Webb, author of the book; The Great Taking, Children’s Health Defense, 9 December 2023;

‘In a CHD.TV interview Saturday with Children’s Heath Defense (CHD) President and CEO Mary Holland, Webb said he has been studying global financial systems and warning of a coming “Great Taking” financial collapse for more than 20 years. His decades of hedge fund experience gave him insight into money flows and systemic risks that he believes foreshadow an orchestrated crash.’

‘Webb spent years researching historical precedents like Great Depression-era bank closures and gold confiscation to help him understand the “playbook used by powerful banking interests during times of financial turmoil.”

Webb compared the state of the economy just before World War I to today’s hyper-financialized economy, saying both are about “looting” in the late phase of economic bubbles, just prior to a crash.

Webb also witnessed a decade-long campaign to change commercial banking statutes and ownership definitions, state by state, that set the stage for revoking investor property rights during defaults.

“The underpinning of the entire securities infrastructure in the U.S. is the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, and this is the entity that was first formed to dematerialize all securities in the U.S.,” Webb said.

Webb told Holland that a career CIA operative with “absolutely no background and banking or finance” was involved in this project and was later made the superintendent of banks in New York state by Nelson Rockefeller.

“It’s very clear that this was a CIA project,” he said.

The Lehman Brothers failure during the 2008 financial crisis was “teed up” to cement new precedents allowing elite creditors to seize client assets during financial busts, Webb told Holland.

The Lehman collapse involved using client assets secured through derivatives and securitized bonds as collateral, which creditors then seized.

“The bankruptcy judge said that J.P. Morgan was under ‘safe harbour’ and could take the client assets” and, as one of the largest banks, it was “certainly a member of the ‘protected class,’” Webb said. “And those words are used in the decision.”’

Dr Brar, an NHS vascular surgeon, was arrested and held for 24 hours because a pamphlet on his stall accurately describes zionism as racism and settler-colonialism and explains what has led to the bloodbath in Gaza.

Watch; Dr Ranjeet Brar recounts his arrest for distributing a book about the history of zionism, George Galloway, 28 November 2023;

“My father is an author. As it happens, he’s written books over a long period of time on this struggle, on imperialism in the Middle East, one specifically called ‘zionism’ and it’s subtitled ‘a racist anti-semitic and reactionary tool of imperialism’ which is a mouthful but really what it does is it it documents the history of zionism, how zionism was implanted into Palestine …they wanted to create a state which would help them to colonise and loot their newly conquered territories… and this booklet really explains that history, it also explains amongst other things the fact that, because zionism was an ultra nationalist ideology which thought actually that Jews were the chosen people, it’s a supremacist ideology and it’s a racist ideology.

They arrested me, they went through the process. They said that I was in breach of section 5 and later added section 18 of the public order act. I didn’t know really what it means, it means threatening words and behavior. Then they said it was racially aggravated and then later on they said it’s distributing imagery likely to cause racial hatred. And so I’ve sat with them in an interview, I’ve explained to them I’m a lifelong campaigner against racism, I’m a lifelong campaigner for equality, but what I’m here to demonstrate against are concrete crimes which are war crimes, mass transfer of population, civilian population, siege of a civilian population, bombing of hospitals, bombing of schools, bombing of churches, bombing of mosques, genocide against the civilian population.

But what’s quite clear is that our government are so intent on standing in solidarity and supporting that genocide that they wish to criminalize dissent, they wish to criminalize historical facts and truth in this case. I don’t know yet, the full repercussions. At the moment, they’ve bailed me, they haven’t pressed any charges, but I will have to re-present to a police station. Obviously I will do so, I’m hopeful that they won’t actually follow this through and that they will back down, but whatever happens I won’t accept it, I will fight it for as long as I need to as part of the widest cause of defending the right to free speech in this country and of defending the right of all those who want to stand in solidarity with Palestine to do so.”

Post-colonial corporate fascism still rules the world and using secret courts, companies can steal huge sums from small countries that enact policies for the public good that negatively impact their corporate profits.

Listen; ‘Silent Coup’—How corporations rule the world Chris Hedges with Matt Kennard, Chris Hedges Report, 22 September 2023;

‘Matt Kennard and Claire Provost’s book, Silent Coup: How Corporations Overthrew Democracy, looks inside the international architecture of global corporate governance that exists to flout and crush any attempts by the former colonial world to enact development on their own terms.’

Chris Hedges; “The US, like many industrialised countries, has undergone a corporate coup d’etat in slow motion, cementing into place a system of control the political philosopher, Sheldon Wolin, calls “inverted totalitarianism.” Inverted totalitarianism retains the institutions, symbols, iconography, and language of the old capitalist democracy but internally, corporations have seized all the levers of power to accrue ever-greater profits and political control.

Claire Provost and Matt Kennard in their book, Silent Coup: How Corporations Overthrew Democracy, chart the way the corporate coup d’etat was orchestrated. It examines the use of an international legal system to control and plunder the resources in the developing world, including the overthrow of governments that challenge corporate dominance. The authors expose the nefarious alliance between nonprofit organisations and corporations, one that prioritises profit rather than justice. They document the weakening of labour laws and the evisceration of workers’ protections and rights. To enforce this predatory behaviour, corporations have not only created, in essence, a global supreme court, but raised and funded private mercenary militias to crush labour movements and intimidate, and even murder, activists. The subversion of democracy abroad is accompanied, the authors argue, by the subversion of democracy at home; a mechanism used to plunder the developing world, is also used in the industrial world.

Joining me to discuss Silent Coup is Matt Kenard, a former staff reporter for Financial Times and Co-founder and chief investigator, Declassified UK, a news outlet that investigates British foreign policy. Matt, in your first chapter entitled Democracy on Trial, you write about an international legal case that was launched by a Vancouver based company called Pacific Rim against the government of El Salvador. You used this case as a kind of template throughout the book for how large corporations loot and pillage developing countries by forcing them to accept international agreements, investment treaties, which you call corporate courts that favour vulnerable corporations. So I want you to explain what happened in El Salvador and how this system works.”

Matt Kennard; “I’ll start with the system itself and then the El Salvador example. So effectively the system is a shadow legal system, which operates across the world and affects pretty much every country in the world. What it does is enshrines a system whereby multinational corporations can sue states for enacting policies they don’t like, which they say are their ‘ investor rights’. This was a system that was created in the heat of the decolonization movement and the end of formal empire. So the main body where these cases are heard is actually an arm of the World Bank. It’s called the International Center of the Settlement of Investment disputes, (ICSID). Though there is very little knowledge about it in the developed world, it’s everyone in El Salvador, for example, So this was created in 1966 by the World Bank. The sixties obviously was a time when many countries in Africa and other places were getting independence. And a lot of people who had been fighting the imperial powers on the ground were now becoming presidents or prime ministers. Now, in that scenario, the traditional owners of the world were panicking and they thought, how are we gonna maintain control? How are we gonna ensure our investments are protected where we don’t have a formal empire to rely on?

We don’t have a formal garrison of troops based in that country where we can just take out a leader if he does something we don’t like. So they came up with this system, and in fact, it was the brainchild of a German banker called Herman Abs, who was at Deutsch bank, and he was actually associated with the Nazi regime as well.

But after the Second World War, he thought that the world needed a system, what he called a Capitalist Magna Carta. And he made his famous words, which it’s not a famous speech, it should be a famous speech, but he made this speech in San Francisco in 1957 to a group of industrialists from all over the world and all the big wigs in America were there as well. This was 1957. So the context was four years before in 1953, MI6, and the CIA had had to take out the Democratic elected Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh, because he nationalised the Anglo Iranian oil company, now BP. The following year, the CIA had to take out the democratically elected president of Guatemala Jacobo Árbenz because he had the temerity to redistribute a bit of fallow land back to landless peasants.

And then in 1956, there was a Suez crisis where Egyptian President Nasser nationalised the Suez canal, and there was an invasion by France, the UK and Israel. He was saying, look, we’re gonna keep coming up against this problem. We don’t want to have to have a system where we have to go in hard, overthrow governments, assassinate leaders, whatever it may be. We need a structure, a legal system, an infrastructure in place where we can exercise power above the head of these people. So even if we get a Naser in power, an Arbenz, and Mosaddegh, they can’t move. So his idea was to say, we need a legal system that operates above states. It’s a supernational institution where investor rights can be enforced.”

A summary of the dystopian world we are sleepwalking into – Wake up!

Watch; Laura Aboli Transhumanism Speech – The Final Goal Is To Eradicate Humanity As We Know It; Wendell L. Malone, 21 November 2023;

‘A fanasating speech by Laura Aboli at the “Better Way Conference” in Bath, southwest England on June 2nd, 2023. If you don’t know what the real goal behind the Transhumanism movement is, you will after listening to her speech. Please share.’

Laura Aboli; “The final goal is to eradicate humanity as we know it. Once you understand the final destination, it becomes much easier to look back and identify the psychological conditioning, the biological tampering, the cultural grooming and the educational prepping that we have been subjected to for decades in preparation to making us accept a post-human future. It takes a lot of physical and psychological abuse to get an intelligent species like ours to agree to its own extinction.

Most, if not all that has transpired in the last 60 years was designed to get us closer to accepting such a dystopian reality. Whether you care to accept it or not, we live in a hyper controlled matrix where our perception of reality is meticulously planned, managed, and executed in order to control and steer us in whichever direction they wish. And the direction is a post-human world. For this, they first needed to destabilise, dehumanise and demoralise humanity through every means possible.

The destruction of the nuclear family, children being indoctrinated by the state, abortion, the eradication of God and spirituality from education, life in mega cities and away from nature, toxic food, air and water, social media, replacing real human connection and interaction, engineered financial crisis and taxation, endless wars and massive migration, stress, society, depression, drugs and alcohol, constant fear mongering, moral relativism as the new religion.

And I could go on and on about how humanity has been influenced and forced to move away from all the things that give us strength, security, purpose, and meaning. A weak, immoral, disconnected, ignorant, and unhealthy population is an easy target for the next stage. The creation of an entire generation of androgynous beings. Masculinity is under attack psychologically, culturally, and biologically.

Women are being replaced in sports, entertainment, and politics by men pretending to be women, and children are being indoctrinated at school to think that gender is a choice. The transgender movement is not a grassroots movement. It comes from the top. It has nothing to do with people’s freedom of expression, sexuality, or civil rights. It’s an evil psy-op with a clear agenda to get us closer to transhumanism by making us question the most fundamental notion of human identity, our gender.

If you don’t know who you are, if you already identify as a hybrid between a man and a woman, you will be easily convinced to become a hybrid between human and machine. Gender ideology is the two plus two equals five from George Orwell’s 1984 dystopian novel. It’s the final test to see whether we will follow the most absurd party line towards our own extinction, but two plus two equals four. And no matter how you choose to dress, call yourself or change your physique will not change that. The sad reality though, is that in the gaslighting process to get us closer to a post-human future, they have mentally and physically harmed an increasing number of children and young people, and it’s only getting worse. This must be stopped.”

If we counter the status quo narrative in public, we must all get used to being bullied by the woke who have been brainwashed to divide us – divided we fall, united we win; @GeorgeMonbiot 10 December 2023;

‘1. I’m very grateful for the response to my appearance on Question Time, but also puzzled. I felt that in all cases I was simply stating the bleeding obvious. Is this now so rare in public life that it becomes an event when someone does it? The grim truth seems to be: yes.

2. It seems to me that almost all public discussion in the UK now falls into one of two categories:

A. Deliberate lying, obfuscation or distraction, whose purpose is to disguise plutocratic power, and to present its interests as the interests of all.

B. Hedging, hesitancy and circumlocution, whose purpose is to avoid confrontation with plutocratic power.


A. is the Conservative / billionaire media / Tufton Street junktank position.

B. is the Labour / centrist / ever-so-reasonable public intellectual position.

5. Through a combination of these two forces, we find ourselves in a world of lies and half-truths. We start to wonder “am I the only one thinking x or y?”

6. Of course you aren’t. Millions of others are. In some cases perhaps the majority. But hardly anyone in public life will voice the bleeding obvious for you. If they do, they’re unlikely to be welcomed back. It might be another 20+ years before they’re on the programme again.

7. Another way of putting this is as follows: Plutocracy has smashed democracy. The oligarchs and corporations who run the Conservative Party and bully Labour into submission have got what they want. Their lies are now almost wall-to-wall.

8. Anyone who breaks this consensus can be isolated as an “extremist”. That’s the label I was given by senior editors at the BBC. Because I advocate violence? No. Because I want to overthrow democracy? No. Because I feel we should clearly identify uncomfortable realities? Tick.

9. It has now reached the point where the government feels confident enough to propose criminalising those who break the lying-hedging consensus. Under the new definition, if you challenge the UK’s prevailing “institutions and values” you’re an extremist.

10. Given the state of the UK’s dominant “institutions and values”, what extremism now means is “stating the bleeding obvious in a public place”.’

Big Ag lobbying in Brussels goes onto another level; Von der Leyen, while pretending to be neutral, looks on as green measures to ban toxic agri chemicals are demolished by fake science, death threats, media bias and a nature- hostile, pro-business Commission.

Read; Fake news and personal attacks: How the political right took down Europe’s green agenda Politico, 1 December 2023;

‘When Sarah Wiener, an organic farmer and celebrity chef, moved to Brussels in 2019 to represent her native Austria in the European Parliament, little did she anticipate that her career move would put a target on her back.

Assigned the pivotal role of leading parliamentary negotiations on a landmark law aimed at weaning farmers off toxic chemical pesticides, the Green Party lawmaker found herself under relentless pressure from lobbyists — and conservative MEPs — to water down the legislation over concerns that it would put many conventional farmers out of business.

The situation took a dark turn on May 25 when a letter, signed by “angry winemakers,” was delivered to her office in Brussels.

In chilling terms, the letter — seen by POLITICO — presented Wiener with three options: resign and return to Austria; be committed to a mental institution for at least two years, ostensibly to reflect on her alleged “crime” against the winemakers; or face the ominous prospect that the winemakers might hire a hit man to target her.

“As we are not brutes, we give you the chance to pack your bags and leave Brussels immediately. If you value your life, then get back behind your cooking pot,” the winemakers wrote.

The law she was working on was defeated in a crushing parliamentary vote on November 22. Wiener and her fellow Greens voted against the final text after it was watered down by the centre-right European People’s Party and other conservative political groups to the point of being “worthless,” she explained afterward.

For Wiener, the threatening letter and other hostile encounters with farm groups were no coincidence. Rather, they grew out of a climate of misinformation fueled by the agricultural industry and right-wing political factions backing them, she said.’

Watch; In the hands of Elon Musk, X is the angel of the social media platforms in terms of censorship, in the eyes of our authorities the site must be taken down.

Watch; Elon ATTACKED! The SHUTDOWN Of X Has Begun ; Russell Brand; 19 December 2023;

Yahoo Reporter; “The EU is investigating Elon Musk’s X, formerly known as Twitter, while the (EU) Block’s regulator is probing the social media platform for its suspected failure to counter illicit content and disinformation, a lack of advertising transparency and what it calls a suspected deceptive design of the user interface. It’s the first move in the EU’s landmark Digital Services act.”

Russell Brand; “Oh they’ll find something. You know they’re going to have a good look. If they don’t like you, if you are a dissenting voice they’ll start looking.”

Yahoo Reporter;” The question is what happens after that. They can fine the company and the law says they can fine up to 6% of its annual revenue. Given that X seems to be in pretty bad shape right now, that would be sizable, so there’s a lot to look for here. In terms of anything like this that’s going to happen in the United States Congress”

Russel Brand; “That’s pretty gangster isn’t it, that’s racketeering taking 6%. You notice now that bureaucrats like Thierry Breton and EU officials talk like Don Corleone?”

Elon Musk has largely restored free speech to X but after his brain washing visit to the zionist project in Palestine, will he succumb to the pressure and return to the days when shows like Palestine Declassified and its hosts, Professor David Miller and Chris Williamson, were shadow banned?

Watch; Elon Musk and Palestine; Palestine Declassified, 18 December 2023;

Host of the show is Former Labour Party MP, Chris Williamson, the resident expert is former Professor at Bristol University and non resident Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Islam and Global Affairs at Istanbul Zaim University, and Co Director of the lobbying watchdog Spinwatch and a leading British scholarly critique of Israel, David Miller. Their guest is Ghadi Francis, Lebanese war correspondent who’s worked for Al Meine, Al Jazeera and others and over the years, she’s reported directly from conflict zones in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

Ghadi Francis; “I think Elon Musk is a businessman and he’s gonna put his mouth where the money is. I know tech is really involved in this new era of warfare. I know AI is being used to kill us and to kill children, and thank you for exposing that and working on that. But at the end of the day, I would regard him, in the worst case scenario, just like the big moghuls that sell weapons or sell pharma. These decision makers are a blend of these, I wouldn’t take Elon Musk out of that herd.”

David Miller; “I think that’s right. I think the only curious thing about Elon Musk is that he has these kind of weird ideas about freedom of speech, which do seem to make a difference to how he runs the company. In contrast with how Twitter was before, where they were simply stuffed with zionists at the top of the company, where they asked only zionists to judge who should be on it and who shouldn’t. So, that’s the one distinction I would need.”

Covid/Vaccines Scam and Pandemic

With constant references to a ‘novel virus’, the WHO, via a compliant media that we cannot trust, is preparing a totalitarian global dominance power grab treaty whereby so-called sovereign states will be forced into lockdowns and vaccine programmes justify by the false flag hysteria that normal seasonal flu is a global pandemic.

Along with not signing the Pandemic Treaty, we should suspend the UK’s membership of the World Health Organisation until the corruption within it is removed.

The WHO is making false claims by denying that their proposals will cease states’ sovereignty.

Read: Dr Tess Lawrie’s post quoting from a speech by Andrew Bridgen MP about the lies spread by the mainstream media about the intentions of the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty, 18 December 2023;

“My question is: Why does the WHO make false claims regarding proposals to cease states’ sovereignty? The WHO Director-General has stated that no country will cease sovereignty to the WHO, referring to the WHO’s pandemic agreement and the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations currently being negotiated. His statements are clear and unequivocal and also inconsistent with the texts he is referring to. I would remind the Chamber that this is the unelected, unaccountable, immune from prosecution due to diplomatic immunity Director-General of the WHO.

Any rational examinations of the texts in question show that the documents propose a transfer of decision-making power to the WHO regarding basic aspects of societal function which countries undertake to enact. The WHO Director-General will have the sole authority to decide when and where they are applied and the proposals are intended to be binding under international law.

Continued claims that sovereignty is not lost, echoed by politicians in this house and other elected assemblies and, of course, the media, therefore raise very important questions concerning motivations, competence and, indeed, ethics. The intent of the texts is the transfer of decision-making currently vested in nations and individuals to the WHO.”

For more information on the proposed amendments to the WHO IHR and the pandemic treaty please visit:

To emphasise the words of Dr Tess Lawrie, thankfully there is one MP  brave enough to call out lies peddled by the World Health Organisation (WHO).Watch; International Health Regulations Amendments Debate in Westminster Hall Andrew Bridgen MP, 19 December 2023;

This debate in the UK Parliament, followed a petition co-ordinated by the public (116,000 signatories) for a debate on the proposed amendments to the WHO’s International Health Regulations; regulations which would give more power to unelected and unaccountable officials at the WHO.

Andrew Bridgen MP; “It is impossible to consider either the pandemic treaty or the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) in isolation, they are two linked instruments of the WHO and they need to be considered in parallel. My opening question is; ‘why does the WHO make false claims regarding proposals to seize state


The Director General of the WHO has stated that no country will cede sovereignty to the WHO, referring to the WHO’s new pandemic agreement and the proposed amendments; the International Health Regulations currently being negotiated.

His statements are clear and unequivocal and also wholly inconsistent with the text he’s referring to. I would remind the chamber that this is the unelected, unaccountable, non- tax paying, immune from prosecution, due to diplomatic immunity, Director General of the WHO, and that all employees of the United Nations and the WHO enjoy these particular perks.

Any rational examination of the text in question show that; the documents propose a transfer of decision-making power to the WHO regarding basic aspects of societal function which countries undertake to enact. The WHO Director General will have the sole authority to decide when and where they’re applied and the proposals are intended to be binding under international law. Continued claims that sovereignty is not lost, echoed by politicians in this house and other elected assemblies, and of course the media, therefore raise very important questions concerning motivations, competence and indeed ethics.

The intent of the text is a transfer of decision making currently vested in nations and individuals to the WHO. When its Director General decides that there’s a threat of a significant disease outbreak or other health emergency likely to cross multiple national borders, it is very unusual for nations to undertake to follow external entities regarding the basic rights and health care of their citizens, more so when this has a major economic and geopolitical implication. The question of whether sovereignty is indeed being transferred and the legal status of such an agreement, is therefore of vital importance, particularly to legislators of democratic states such as ourselves. We have an absolute duty to be sure of our ground and I systematically examine that ground here today. So, amending the 2005 International Health Regulations may be a straightforward way to quickly deploy and enforce what appears to be the new normal for health control measures that we’ve seen implemented since the covid-19 pandemic.

The current text applies to virtually the entire global population, counting 196 states including all 194 WHO member states. Approval may or may not be required by a formal vote of the World Health Assembly as the recent 2022 amendment was adopted through consensus. If the same approval mechanism is used in May 2024, many countries and indeed the public, may remain unaware of the broad scope of the new text and its implications to national and individual sovereignty. This is why today’s debate is so important. The IHR sets recommendations under a treaty process that has force currently under international law. They seek to provide the WHO with some moral authority to coordinate and lead responses when an international health emergency such as a pandemic occurs.

Currently, most are non-binding and these contain very specific examples of measures that the WHO can currently recommend including, in the article 18: they can require medical examinations; they can review proof of vaccination or other prophylaxis; require vaccination or other prophylaxis; place suspect persons under public health observation;

implement quarantine or other health measures for suspect persons; implement isolation and treatment where necessary of affected persons; implement tracing of contacts of suspected or affected persons,; refuse entry of suspect or affected persons; refuse entry of unaffected persons to affected areas; and implement exit screening and, or, restrictions on persons from affected areas. These measures when implemented together are generally referred to, since 2020, as lockdowns and mandates. Lockdown was previously a term reserved for people incarcerated as criminals and removes basic universally accepted human rights such as measures that were previously considered by the WHO themselves to be detrimental to public health. However, ever since 2020, it’s become the default standard for Public Health Authorities to manage epidemics, despite its contradictions to multiple stipulations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights).”

You’d have thought MPs would take some notice of the experts that Andrew Bridgen MP has assembled to inform them and their constituents about vaccine injuries and deaths, but apparently not. Could it be because they shamefully complied with the government line on mandatory vaccination as well as corrupt sourcing of defective PPE equipment from their friends and donors?

Watch, listen and read; Expert Testimony at UK Parliament on the 4th December 2023 Patricia Harrity, The Expose, 5 December 2023;

‘Yesterday, the 4th of December, MP Andrew Bridgen hosted a historic hearing in the UK Parliament where he was joined by Dr David E. Martin, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Pierre Kory, Professor Angus Dalgleish & Steve Kirsch who all gave expert testimony on the Pandemic & its consequences. Unfortunately, there were strict instructions that there would be no recordings allowed at the event, nevertheless, there was someone in Parliament who broke the rules, (that makes a change, doesn’t it!?) and there are just a few videos that have been posted on the X platform that I have published below and when more appear I will update this piece.

Before watching the individual videos, I will first get on my soapbox, as I feel it is important to note that, Members of Parliament (MPs), who contrary to what they themselves seem to think, work for us, had been lobbied by their constituents for weeks before the hearing asking them to attend this important, historic, and informative event.

You may be surprised to learn, but probably not, that out of 650 MPs a total of sixteen turned up to listen to the experts who had travelled hundreds of miles to be there. Sixteen, that’s ‘one, six’, who thought it was worth listening to expert speeches on a topic that affects us all detrimentally, a piddly 2.47 percent of all MPs!’

Steve Kirsch; “The COVID vaccines were pretty much all risk and no benefit. The risk of infection went up, The risk of hospitalisation from COVID didn’t change at all. The risk of death from COVID went up, and the risk of death, just all-cause mortality, went up as well – all due to the COVID vaccines. They were perhaps the worst intervention in all medical history. We have censorship. It’s happening worldwide. People who are trying to tell the truth get censored. We have immunity for the drug companies. And finally, we have intimidation, tactics, things like job loss or loss of credentials against doctors who are simply speaking the truth.”

Canadians gathered outside in Vancouver are demanding answers as to why Bill Gates…who’s not a Medical Doctor…appears to be in charge of our World’s Health through taxpayer-funded WHO.

Watch on Twitter; “Arrest Bill Gates…!” Dr Aseem Malhotra, 19 December 2023;

Yet more experimental drugs, soon to be on offer to Europeans, must be rejected.

Read or Listen; Self-amplifying mRNA “vaccines” are the next-generation bioweapon, Rhoda Wilson, The Expose, 15 December 2023;

‘Two weeks ago, Japan became the first country in the world to approve a new self-amplifying mRNA (“sa-mRNA”) vaccine. With approval for the vaccine secured in Japan, its developers are now seeking authorisation in Europe; a regulatory decision is expected next year.

Self-amplifying RNA (“saRNA”) is engineered to make more copies of itself once delivered into cells. It encodes both the antigen of interest – for example, the covid spike protein – and proteins which enable vaccine RNA replication.’

‘Approval was given despite the Phase 3 trial, funded by the Japanese government, only testing the product on 838 people, with no control group. Additionally, as ZeroHedge reported, the results of the trial have not been published; the manuscript is “in preparation,” according to the Phase 3 study report.

In the US, just as the avalanche of lawsuits piles up against Monsanto because of diseases caused by Roundup, the courts will now also have to hear uncensored evidence of corruption and lies about the effectiveness and safety of the Covid vaccines.

Read; Texas Attorney-General G Ken Paxton Sues Pfizer for Misrepresenting Efficacy of the COVID-19 Jabs and Conspiring to Censor Public Discourse Ohio Star, 2 December 2023;

The AG (Attorney General) said Pfizer’s claim that its product possessed 95 percent efficacy against infection was “highly misleading”

“That metric represented a calculation of the so-called ‘relative risk reduction’ for vaccinated individuals in Pfizer’s initial, two-month clinical trial results,”: Paxton said in the release. “FDA publications indicate ‘relative risk reduction’ is a misleading statistic that ‘unduly influence[s]’ consumer choice.”

Not only did Pfizer’s product fail to protect against infection, it appeared to prolong the pandemic, the AG pointed out.

“COVID-19 cases increased after widespread vaccine administration, and some areas saw a greater percentage of deaths from COVID-19 among the vaccinated population than the unvaccinated,” he said.

“We are pursuing justice for the people of Texas, many of whom were coerced by tyrannical vaccine mandates to take a defective product sold by lies,” Attorney General Paxton said.

According to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), as of 3 November 2023 there have been 36,725 deaths, 212,294 hospitalizations, 5,071 miscarriages, 21,155 heart attacks, and 68,819 people permanently disabled due to the COVID-19 injections.

Why does Lula da Silva, President of Brazil, trust Big Pharma enough to force parents to inject an experimental potion into their 6 month old child? And if Covid isn’t dangerous to kids, why give them a drug that has proven to be neither safe nor effective?

Read; Brazil to Mandate COVID Shots for Children as Young as 6 Months; Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D. 6th December

‘The Brazilian Ministry of Health has added the COVID-19 vaccine to the country’s mandatory vaccination schedule for children 6 months to 5 years old, and is considering establishing school vaccination centres with strict reporting requirements.’

It seems that the widely accepted principle that whistleblowers should be protected doesn’t work in New Zealand where it’s still a criminal offence to publish facts that are inconvenient to the government.

Watch and Read; NZ Vaccine Data Whistleblower “Drops Truth Bombs” in First Interview Following His Release From Prison. Patricia Harrity, The Expose, 6 December 2023;

‘Barry Young was a data administrator for the Ministry of Health in New Zealand (NZ) and had access to many people’s vaccination data. He turned whistleblower on the 30th of November, due to his concern with what the statistics were showing. By Saturday his alarming disclosure went viral worldwide and on Sunday his home was surrounded by police, his home was raided and finally he was arrested. The NZ government was said to have been “left scrambling” to cover this event up by limiting media coverage in New Zealand and even claiming they have injunctions to prevent all internet providers sharing this data release.

Mr Young appeared in court on Monday the 4th of December, where he received “rapturous” applause from many supporters who packed out the court gallery. He, however, was not released on bail but was held in an NZ prison for a second night and only released on Tuesday.

Liz Gunn lawyer/investigative journalist who helped Barry Young expose that the COVID vaccination data was causing mass deaths, is staying in a safe house in New Zealand. She gives a major update on the Alex Jones Show.’

Liz Gunn; “When we got the data from Barry and we told him that you would be doing a service here if this data were to be exposed. If a leader of a country (Jacinda Ardern) knowingly risks public health, then I believe they should be subject to being brought back to their country to determine the extent of their liability.

There’s been a risk to New Zealand’s public health. Bring her back. Let’s cross examine her in the public forum. And also to that end, we must have the information that our whistleblower, our brave, heroic whistleblower Barry, put out by me…It’s our data. It’s paid for by us, the taxpayers. Why would they keep it from us like this? And why would they persecute this brave man? I’ll tell you one other thing, Alex, before I go back to you. We offered Barry a safe house here in New Zealand. I’ve been in one for the last few days in the bush. We offered him a couple of those and we offered him a safe house overseas. He said no, I will go home and I will stand and I will meet for whatever comes to me. That is a man who has done this for the right reason. There is privacy law. That’s something to be protected. But the greater importance, the greater thing to protect is you must have a right to expose criminality and those who are at the helm of your country, and that is the much more important duty. And he has executed that duty admirably.”

Watch; Trailer for “Four Died Trying”: John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy Global Research,14 December 2023;

‘It is hard for those who have not lived through the shattering political assassinations of the 1960s to grasp their significance for today. Many might assume that that was then and long before their time, so let’s move on to what we must deal with today.

Let some old folks, the obsessive ones, live in the past. It is an understandable but mistaken attitude that this documentary will quickly shatter, visually and audibly.

The echoes of those guns that killed President John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Senator Robert F. Kennedy in rapid succession repeat and repeat and repeat down through the years, and their echoes bang off the walls of all today’s news that springs from the cells of all the little digital dinguses that provide a constant stream of distractions and fear porn meant to titillate but not illuminate the connections between then and now, nor those between the four subjects of this illuminating film.

Today we are living the consequences of the CIA/national security state’s 1960s takeover of the country. Their message then and now: We, the national security state, rule, we have the guns, the media, and the power to dominate you. We control the stories you are meant to hear. If you get uppity, well-known, and dare challenge us, we will buy you off, denigrate you, or, if neither works, we will kill you. You are helpless, they reiterate endlessly. Bang. Bang. Bang.

But they lie, and this series, beginning with its first instalment , will tell you why. It will show why understanding the past is essential for transforming the present. It will profoundly inspire you to see and hear these four bold and courageous men refuse to back down to the evil forces that shot them down. It will open your eyes to the parallel spiritual paths they walked and the similarity of the messages they talked about – peace, justice, racism, human rights, and the need for economic equality – not just in the U.S.A. but across the world, for the fate of all people was then, and is now, linked to the need to transform the U.S. warfare state into a country of peace and human reconciliation, just as these four men radically underwent deep transformations in the last year of their brief lives.’

Russia / NATO conflict

Colonel Macgregor speaking wisdom again about the corrupt US and UK war machine, backed by bloodthirsty media and lying politicians who create a fantasy world where the US and UK are right and everybody else is wrong, and drag America and the UK, yet again, into another pointless and bloody war that the American and British people don’t want and can’t afford.

Watch; US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor Reveals the TRUTH About Ukraine War Cyrus Jannsen, 4 December 2023;

“Really a minority of Americans, well financed unfortunately, with a lot of political influence managed to drag this administration and Congress, who is always eager to join any conflict which they see as access to cash and money for their own purposes, into a war that should never have happened. Right? We have no real interest in it. I’m talking about the American people, we have no interest in the destruction of Russia, that’s absurd. Right? We’ve had actually pretty good relations with the Russians and contrary to what people say Russia is not a menacing, bad actor that is constantly interested in harming us.

On the other hand you can make a pretty good case that, certainly since 2000, we have fallen into that category regarding Russia, so what’s happened; we grossly miscalculated, underestimated Russia, no one studied carefully the potential strength that Russia had or its ability to respond to an existential threat which is what Ukraine became. Everyone overestimated our ability to exploit a proxy, and stand up an army in the space of a few years, that could stand up to the Russian military establishment. And you know we’ve gone from ‘Putin has to go, his regime has to be destroyed, we need new leadership, we’re going to disintegrate Russia as a state’, to, ‘well you know we we’re going to harm it, we’re going to weaken it, so that it can’t go anywhere else and threaten anybody else’. Of course Russia was no threat to Eastern Europe when this began, and if it is now it certainly isn’t something Russia wanted to be, it is because of what we’ve done, you know Russia today is more more powerful militarily and and certainly economically than it’s been since the 1980s and that’s largely is a response, a consequence of a response to us and what we did in Ukraine.

It’s tragic, it’s why US politicians want more wars. Unfortunately, now the same group of people I think are trying to drag us into a major regional conflict in the Middle East and barring that, I’m sure they’ll do everything in their power to create conflict with China. Remember you’ve got a lot of people that are heavily involved and invested in stupidity like this because they’ve made millions of dollars from it, either in think tanks or through investments with the defence industries or overseas foreign powers. The United States is at the end of a long and destructive period in our history that really began in the aftermath of 1991 (The dissolution of the Soviet Union). We went through this during the Vietnam war, we recovered from that, came out of it with the goal of never doing it again, but then the consequences of having been victorious in ‘ 91 created the illusion of victory over everybody anytime we wanted with minimal loss, and that’s brought us to this disastrous situation.”

Thank you Hungary for moving us closer to peace in Ukraine;

Read; EU fails to agree $54bn aid for Ukraine after Hungary veto Press TV, 15 December 2023;

‘Hungary has vetoed $55 billion in the European Union’s aid for Ukraine, in a double blow to Kiev as US funds are currently blocked in Congress amid resistance from Republican Senators.

European leaders failed to reach a deal on a long-term financial package to Ukraine in talks that extended into the early hours of Friday since Prime Minister Viktor Orban opposed the proposal. The other states of the 27-member bloc agreed to provide the aid to Ukraine from EU coffers through 2027. The decision needs the unanimous backing of all EU leaders.’

When it comes to Ukraine membership of the EU, Orban is the one European leader who is led by what is just and not by what is most lucrative in bribes from their corporate funders and fear of retribution from their empire masters.

Watch; Orban exposes true purpose of European Union; The Duran, 17 December 2023;

Alexander Mercouris; “Orban has made it absolutely clear that he thinks that bringing Ukraine into the EU is a terrible idea. One senses that quite a lot of other people basically agree with him. As is always the way, though, in these sorts of meetings, when it comes down to it, nobody wants to, apart from Orban, nobody’s prepared to go up against the EU combinat. They’re all worried about funds, about having funds frozen or refused by the Commission. So Orban makes it completely clear, I’m not interested, this is a terrible idea. But he talks about 30 billion euros of money supposed to go to Hungary, which is frozen. He’s not prepared to green light Ukraine’s aid package. One senses he’s probably not going to green light, either, the accession talks between Ukraine and the EU, unless something is done with that.

The EU unfreezes 10 billion euros for Hungary just before the accession talks. Orban is not going to vote for something that he fundamentally disagrees with. So he leaves the room and that way he keeps his position uncompromised, he can come round and vote against in the future. And he’s just come back and said, you know, there’s gonna be 75 possible opportunities to vote against it in the future. So he’s not in any way compromised on his views, but he’s got 10 billion Euros, and, the EU has got accession talks, which nobody, I think, who looks at the situation really thinks they’re going to go very far. I mean, even Mark Rutte, the Dutch Prime Minister, the outgoing Dutch Prime Minister, who’s currently been in London, has said that these talks will go on for years. Nobody seriously thinks that Ukraine is remotely ready for EU membership and besides, all of this ignores the military realities of what’s actually happening in Ukraine at the moment, which is that it is losing the war. Now, why is the EU going for accession talks with Ukraine at this moment in time? I mean, we can, I think, park to one side, Moldova and Georgia, if they were going to launch accession talks for Ukraine, they had to give some kind of salt to the Georgians and the Moldovans because otherwise they would’ve been very angry.

Maia Sandu, who’s under a lot of pressure on Moldova would’ve probably felt undermined, compromised. So why do they do it for Ukraine? I think there’s a very simple reason actually, which is that the EU is very worried indeed about all of these signs that the United States is wavering on Ukraine. They’re probably even more alarmed about the words from people like Richard Haass at the Council for Foreign Relations, that there have to be some kind of talks between Russia and Ukraine, because what they are most worried about is that the Americans and the Russians will start to talk to each other over Ukraine. There’s now been a recommendation to that effect by George Beebe, who is an important figure in the American political establishment, foreign policy establishment. So the EU are extremely worried about this. The EU Commission in particular doesn’t want anything to happen which could possibly compromise the principle of unlimited and unending EU expansion, and they don’t want the Americans bargaining over their heads about something like that. So they’ve started these accession talks basically, I think in order to close down any possibility of negotiations.”

The 2014 Maidan massacre was a false flag event to lead the way for a U.S. coup, regime change and eventually, war with Russia

Read; Ukrainian trial demonstrates 2014 Maidan massacre was false flag by Kit Klarenberg, The Grayzone, 11 December 2023

“From the beginning of the Maidan trial, witnesses and prosecutors were subjected by far-right Ukrainian figures to a campaign of intimidation. During proceedings, Neo-Nazi C14 and Azov activists stormed the courtroom, attacked defendants, and placed tyres outside the court in an apparent threat to burn the building down. The presiding judge was even beaten by a Maidan activist.”

Palestine / Israel


Ex-Professor of Sociology at Bristol University, David Miller’s speech at the Free Palestine demonstration in Bristol on Saturday 16th December;

“I was sacked by the University of Bristol for speaking out for the people of Palestine and in particular for saying that zionism is a racist, colonial and genocidal ideology. It was then and is now, and all of us are seeing the mask slip. The genocidal statements from all of the elite of the zionist entity and the genocidal activities of zionists in Gaza; 8,000 and counting (dead) children, 18, 19, 20,000 others killed, directly killed by Israel in the purpose of securing a second Nakba, as they say themselves openly. And yet, we’re not to say this is a genocide. The Rector of St Andrews University, elected by the students, was condemned by the university management for using the G word, saying, ‘this is a genocide,’ and that’s because it’s impossible for us to tell the truth about zionism and about Israel in this country.

I wanted to say a few words about what’s happening, not in terms of the people who are being killed and massacred by the Israelis, but about the result on the Israeli economy and indeed on the health of the fighting forces of the resistance, the axis of resistance throughout the region. The Israeli economy is projected to decline by 15% in real terms this year. There are currently 200,000 settlers being hosted by the government in hotels and rentals when they have left the Northern settlements as a result of Hezbollah’s activities over the border. There are more than 200,000 who have left the settlements around Gaza and they have got nowhere to go. There are 400,000 who have left the zionist entity altogether. Who knows if they will return. They will not return if the resistance makes good on its promise to simply liquidate the zionist colony. Let’s make no mistake, there is no alternative to ending zionism. zionism is a racist ideology and it must be dismantled in Palestine.

But part of the reason why it is able to do what it’s doing in Palestine is because of the support of the US and UK elites who send the bombs and who send the military support and intelligence support over. But equally, there are many organisations outside Palestine which are supporting directly, the IDF, the settlers and their infrastructure of assassination and murder, and those organisations are called zionist organisations. In this country, does anyone know this; there are between 2,000 and 3,000 zionist organisations, separate organisations, in every city in this country, there are zionist organisations directly supporting the genocide in Palestine.

So, what we need to do in order to collapse and dismantle zionism, yes dismantle zionism in Palestine, but also dismantle zionist organisations in this country. Every single one. There is much we can do here.

I want to finish on a note of optimism. The resistance as well as causing all sorts of problems with the Israeli economy and with the settlers, the resistance is actually winning in Gaza. Everyday, if you ignore the mainstream media, and you read on Telegram or other social media, everyday there are massive attacks on the Israeli occupation forces, including on their much-vaunted tanks destroyed by hand-held rocket-propelled grenades. This is being done by Qassem and by al-Quds and by the other resistance factions; all united in the so-called Unity Fields ‘Al-Aqsa Flood.

In the north, Hezbollah have destroyed almost all IDF military bases along the border. The Yemenis, Ansar Allah, did you see the footage of the helicopters and the dancing on the ships? They have just said that if it continues, they have missiles to sink ships with, not just to take them into custody, but to sink the ships. Did you know, not one of Hezbollah’s many thousands of stock of the Fateh-110 missiles have been used. They are medium range missiles, not a single one has been fired. They have a range of 300 kilometres, which they can get anywhere in zionist entity. So what we see is, actually, the possibility of zionism collapsing in Palestine in the next few months.’

The zionist authorities must be feeling the pressure on their occupation as they are offering a week-long ceasefire and access to humanitarian aid to Gaza in exchange for hostages. But is there a hostile motive behind the zionist short term ceasefires?

Watch; Israel & Hamas Negotiating New Truce, But Netanyahu Says “Surrender Or Die.; Novara; 20 December 2023

Presenter, Aaron Bastani; “…….what’s going on in the Red Sea with Houthis diverting already $35 billion worth of cargoes, and you’re seeing now the steps being made by the Malaysians quite overt. It does feel as if the tide is turning with regards to international opinion, because so far we’ve seen votes in the General Assembly that most people support the ceasefire; Britain, the US, Israel, Ukraine and Germany doesn’t, or abstains, . But now actually we’re seeing more material costs to Israel of what they’re doing. What do you think that means?”

Presenter, Dalia Gebrial; “First it goes without saying that anything less than a full permanent ceasefire is not a true ceasefire. We saw, we learned from last time, seven days of cessation of hostilities, and then on one of the first days back, Israel killed 700 Palestinians in 24 hours. It’s almost like they use these troughs, as periods to recuperate resources in order to continue and intensify the genocide happening against the Palestinians in Gaza.

As you mentioned, the Houthi rebels and the Yemeni, escalation of attacks in the Red Sea, I think that that is absolutely why we are seeing, a quick turnaround of events in the past week. One thing that’s really interesting about, what’s happening in the Red Sea right now is that the rebels are not specifically targeting Israeli ships or ships that are bound towards Israel.In fact, it is somewhat indiscriminate the attacks that are mounting in the sea in this particular part of the world. And what that has done has created a generalised sense of pressure on commerce. The aim there is not to necessarily directly appeal to Israel or directly put pressure on Israel, but to put pressure on the international community, specifically the US, Britain, Germany, who are in the global minority for their continued support of Israel; to try and put material pressure on those states to then withdraw their support from Israel, which would then massively hamper the ability of Israel to continue their genocide against the Palestinians.

When we think about why this part of the world is geopolitically very contested,   often oil is the main topic of conversation, it is of course because when you have human beings who happen to exist on top of resources that are absolutely essential to capitalism, the sovereignty and lives of the people that live on those resources becomes much less important than securing those resources for those who are in power.

So oil is often the main character of this conversation, but we forget that ports and shipping is another reason why who is in power in this part of the region, really matters under capitalism. When you look at the Suez Canal, 10% of global shipping moves through that canal. And since  escalations have taken place in the Red Sea, you’ve had the top five shipping companies saying that they will not be going through that area. So what they’re going to have to do is take a safer but much longer route, which will incur costs, which will then place pressure on businesses, which will then place pressure on consumers.

We already have, you know, an economy that has a cost of living that is out of control for most of the world’s population. We already have issues in the Panama Canal. So when you are talking about this already quite delicate economic context, you throw in the fact that a key artery of global capitalism has now become untenable. That is a huge economic blow. And I think that is why we are seeing all this, because nothing else has changed. You know the violations of international law, the, the operating with impunity, the killing of journalists, the bombing of hospitals, , the displacing of people, the bombing places that were previously designated safe. This has been going on now for months. What has changed is that a key artery of global capitalism is now under threat and that cannot continue for very long without causing serious economic problems.

So, I think you are absolutely right to put what has been happening in the Red Sea  front and centre of why we are seeing these shifts. But again, a temporary ceasefire is not a ceasefire and should not be treated as such. But when it comes to, Benjamin Netanyahu’s escalating, ever escalating rhetoric, this is a man, this is a dead man walking in many ways politically.”

The writing is on the wall for the end of the racist and genocidal state: According to these figures combined, half a million settlers in Israel have, using  their second passport, left to return  to wherever it was they came from.

Read; Nearly half a million Israelis left occupied Palestine since October 7; by Al Mayadeen English, 6 December 2023;

Watch; Houthi Naval Drones Strike Two ‘Israel-Bound’ Ships In Red Sea, Claims Rebel Movement ; 20 Dec 2023

‘Amid the raging Israel-Hamas war, Yemen-based Houthi rebels continue their attacks on international shipments in the Red sea. Houthis claimed that they targeted the MSC Clara & Norwegian-owned Swan Atlantic. This comes as the U.S. announced a new maritime red sea force to counter Houthis’ attacks.’

Yemen, a country rich with ancient traditions and cultures and with many beautiful landscapes – and UNESCO-protected heritage sites – suffered a genocidal war against it by Saudi Arabia – with aid from the US and UK – for almost a decade until a recent ceasefire. Despite this, and despite being the poorest country in the region, it has shown itself to be one of the bravest countries by coming to the aid of the Palestinian people since Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza began two months ago. Ansar Allah, the Yemeni resistance force, has shown solidarity to Palestinians in the form of banning passage of ships sailing towards Israel, including ships belonging to Israel’s allies. Despite a recent US coalition against these actions – which includes Britain – the Yemeni resistance remains steadfast in their mission to blockade any zionist ships travelling through the Red Sea. Their actions have proven to be very effective as well as impressive.

Read; WHO ARE YEMEN’S HOUTHI REBELS ATTACKING ISRAELI SHIPS? Iona Craig, Declassified UK, 19 December 2023;

‘From rag-tag militia to global supply chain disruptor, the Houthi movement in Yemen has emerged as the most audacious Arab ally for Palestinians besieged in Gaza.’

‘Drones, anti-ship ballistic missiles and a helicopter-led hijacking are just some of the recent tactics deployed by Houthi forces in Yemen against maritime traffic in the Red Sea.

The Houthis have pledged to target “all ships in the Red Sea bound for Israeli ports, regardless of their nationality”. Attacks, they say, will continue until Gaza receives the food and medicine it needs.They are certainly having an impact. Since December 15, following a drone and ballistic missile strike on two merchant vessels, four of the world’s largest shipping companies – representing over 50% of global container shipping capacity – have suspended voyages through Bab al-Mandeb, the narrow gateway at the southern tip of the Red Sea. Israeli cargo shipping company, ZIM, had already announced the rerouting of its fleet from the Red Sea to the much longer journey around the Cape of Good Hope. Yesterday, oil giant BP also declared a pause for all its tankers travelling through the region.

The most recent disruption followed a Houthi-manned helicopter landing on the deck of the British-owned, Israeli-linked, Galaxy Leader, on November 19. The cargo ship and its crew are still being held in the Houthi-controlled port of Hodeidah on Yemen’s western coast. Since the Houthi attacks escalated in the Red Sea last month, 78 vessels have reportedly delayed journeys through the Red Sea with a further 48 ships diverting away from the Suez route altogether. Tolls through the canal amount to around $500,000 per vessel. Although the current disruption is still relatively minor to the 12% of global trade that travels the Red Sea/Suez route, if Houthi attacks continue at the daily rate seen over recent days, the economic hit to Egypt will become impossible for Cairo to ignore.

The Houthis’ stance against Israel and in support of the Palestinians has proved widely popular. Beyond the large Houthi-organised pro-Palestine protests in Sana’a and smaller gatherings across Houthi controlled territory, the effectiveness of the maritime attacks has garnered admiration even amongst the anti-Houthi side in Yemen’s current conflict.’

Watch; U.S. Announces 10-Nation Force To Counter Houthi Attacks In Red Sea 19 December 2023;

‘US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says coalition will include Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, UK and other countries’

Watch; Why are KSA, UAE and Egypt missing in US-led coalition to counter Houthi attacks?; TRT World Now; 19 December 2023;

‘The United States has launched a multinational operation to safeguard global shipping through the Red Sea. It’s under threat from Yemen’s Houthis who have fired drones and missiles at vessels – and captured one Israeli owned ship. Nader Hashemi from Georgetown University explains.

Lloyd Austin’s speech below could so well apply to Israel’s attacks on Palestine over the past seventy years, but he’s referring to an international task force that he thinks is going to deter the Houthis from disrupting shipping.

Watch; Houthi Attacks on Shipping Risk Spread of Gaza War Novara Media, 19 December 2023;

Lloyd Austin (US Secretary of Defence); “These attacks are reckless, dangerous and they violate international law, and so we’re taking action to build an international coalition to address this threat, and I would remind you that this is not just a US issue, this is an international problem and it deserves an international response.”

Michael Walker; “So the international task force is made up of 10 countries, it includes the UK, Canada, France and Bahrain. Notably it doesn’t include Saudi Arabia, that’s notable because bordering the Red Sea on one side is Saudi Arabia one might expect them to get involved they haven’t. My next guest will explain why and that’s because earlier today I spoke to expert on international relations and friend of the show David Wearing. I began by asking him whether this task force can prevent further disruption to shipping in the Red Sea.”

David Wearing; “Yeah perhaps, I mean it remains to be seen whether Houthis are deterred or not, I mean they their initial response has been pretty belligerent, they’ve just said well we’re going to carry on disrupting shipping until we get our objectives in respect of what’s happening in Gaza. So we’ll see if they follow through on that, but I mean already this disruption is real and it doesn’t sound as though the global shipping companies are hugely reassured by the fact that there’s this task force moving into position. It’s still fundamentally a risk and at least some of them if not all of them will probably prefer to continue taking their shipping around the Southern portion of Africa rather than through the Red Sea and through the Suez Canal. There’s a huge impact there on global supply chains in terms of the supply of energy, the supply of consumer goods, I mean it’s such an artery the Red Sea and the Suez Canal, and the Bab el Mandeb Strait in terms of the global economy right? I mean you’ve got Europe on the one hand, a massive, massive consumer market, on the other side of it you’ve got the Middle East, the world’s energy producing region and then further on you’ve got the Far East, the major workshop of the world producing consumer goods, so all that shipping going from east to west is really really affected by this, and I’m not sure just having a greater military presence addresses the fundamental risks that are going to be affecting the flow of oil and the flow of liquid lnatural natural gas and the flow of consumer goods as welll so the impact on the world economy could be real in terms of inflation and and so on and so forth so it’s a it’s a big problem.”

Very brave Yemen defies the wishes of the colonialist West.

Read; Yemen will target Israeli vessels despite US-led naval coalition: The Cradle, 19 December 2023;

‘Yemen’s military efforts to support Gaza have created ‘the most significant threat to global shipping in decades’.

‘In response to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s announcement of the creation of a multinational naval operation to patrol the Red Sea, Yemen’s Ansarallah-led government said they will continue targeting Israeli-linked ships in the strategic shipping corridor.

“Our position will not change in the direction of the Palestinian issue, whether a naval alliance is established or not,” Ansarallah official Mohammed Abdulsalam told Reuters, stressing that only Israeli ships or those going to Israel would be targeted.

“Our position in support of Palestine and the Gaza Strip will remain until the end of the siege, the entry of food and medicine, and our support for the oppressed Palestinian people will remain continuous.”

Announcing the naval operation on 18 December, Defense Secretary Austin said during a visit to Bahrain that joint patrols would be held in the southern Red Sea and Gulf of Aden which encompass a major East-West global shipping route. “This is an international challenge that demands collective action,” he said.’

The Syrians and Iraqis are ridding themselves of the US military bases set up in their countries to fight for the greater Israel project.

Read; ‘Sacrificial Lamb’: US Troops in Syria and Iraq. Colonial-Style Occupation Ready to Sacrifice Their Lives for Israel in a Future Middle East Conflict; Timothy Alexander Guzman; Global Research, 20 December 2023;

‘The Yemen News Agency (SABA) reported that “A U.S. military official has revealed that U.S. and coalition forces have been subjected to at least 97 attacks in Iraq and Syria since Oct. 17 until Wednesday.”

A US official confirmed “that the attacks came at 45 attacks in Iraq, in addition to 52 attacks in Syria.”

In a statement provided by the Islamic Resistance, it said that “the targeting of the US occupation base in al-Shadadi comes in response to the crimes of the enemy in the Gaza Strip.”

The Iraqis and Syrians are legitimately angry that Israel is getting away with genocide in Gaza and that the US government still has troops occupying their lands. Since the war in Iraq began, the US and its allies including Israel has brought more death and destruction to the Middle East and Africa including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Palestine.

They see US troops as occupiers just like the Israelis who have been occupying Palestinian land since 1948. So why is the mainstream media surprised that there has been an increase of attacks since the October 7th incident between Hamas and Israel. The US government has violated international laws and even their own constitution by allowing US troops to remain in Syria. In Article 2(4) of the United Nations Charter

“All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.”

The US government’s own constitution states that

“The Congress shall have Power . . .] To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water.”

Since Washington’s political establishment is beholden to Israel’s agenda, it decided to illegally occupy Syria when war criminal and former US President, Barack Obama declared that Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad had lost his legitimacy and that he “must go.” Since then, the US congress still has not declared war, so why are US troops still in Syria?

Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad never invited US troops to help fight the “Islamic State” known as ISIS, besides it was the US and Israel who funded and armed the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, and other terrorist organisations in the first place. So, fighting so-called “terrorism” was not the intended goal.

The US is in Syria to play a significant part of a future war against the Syrian and Iraqi governments and the rest of the Middle East including the resistance on behalf of Israel. The other reason that US troops are still in Syria is what the former US President Donald Trump had admitted publicly, to “Take the Oil.” ‘

In the knowledge that Israel is just the start of the zionist take over in the Middle East, Palestine’s Muslim brothers and sisters around the world are starting to economically and diplomatically isolate Israel.

Watch; RSIS’ James Dorsey on Malaysia’s docking ban on Israeli ships; CNA; 20 Dec 2023

Malaysia has hardened its opposition to Israel’s siege of Gaza, banning all ships bearing the Israeli flag from docking at its ports. It has also banned vessels from other countries from loading cargo in Malaysia, if they are headed for Israel. Dr James M Dorsey, adjunct senior fellow at the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, discussed Malaysia Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s decision.

Watch; Scott Ritter: Hezbollah takes northern Israel, Hamas wins in Gaza, this war is over; Sam Crochet 17 December 2023;

Scott Ritter; I’m ashamed of the stance taken by my government because it flies in the face of everything that I was raised to believe America stood for. But it’s also a fundamentally unsound policy. Look, Israel has set an impossible bar in the Gaza, they’ve said that they will destroy Hamas, militarily and politically, eliminate them.That isn’t going to happen. Israel will never achieve this, and so by supporting Israel we’re supporting a policy that can’t be implemented, which means we are setting ourselves up for failure.

We should be working with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Jordan on how to get Hamas to the table. How can we get Hamas to moderate its position so that it could become a negotiating partner? Because Hamas has won this war. As we’re speaking Hamas has fought the IDF to a standstill in most areas in Gaza. The Israelis are forced to retreat from certain areas and Israel is now looking at shifting their tactics because what they’re doing is unsustainable. Israel has lost. You won’t know that by looking at mainstream TV etc, but the bottom line is they’re not winning this fight and there’s a real danger of Hezbollah joining this fight from the north, and if they do that Israel is going to lose Northern Israel, they’ll lose the Galilee. Hezbollah will occupy this and now we’re in this situation where Israel will feel an exponential threat and they may use nuclear weapons and where we are in all this, trapped in a trap of our own construct”

Read; The Death of Israel The Chris Hedges Report, 17 December 2023;

‘Settler colonial states have a terminal shelf life. Israel is no exception.’

‘Israel has no intention of minimising civilian casualties. It has already killed 18,800 Palestinians, 0.82 percent of the Gazan population — the equivalent of around 2.7 million Americans. Another 51,000 have been wounded. Half of Gaza’s population is starving, according to the U.N. All Palestinian institutions and services that sustain life — hospitals (only 11 out of 36 hospitals in Gaza are still “partially functioning”), water treatment plants, power grids, sewer systems, housing, schools, government buildings, cultural centres, telecommunications systems, mosques, churches, U.N. food distribution points — have been destroyed. Israel has assassinated at least 80 Palestinian journalists alongside dozens of their family members and over 130 U.N. aid workers along with members of their families. Civilian casualties are the point. This is not a war against Hamas. It is a war against the Palestinians. The objective is to kill or remove 2.3 million Palestinians from Gaza.

‘But by the time Israel achieves its decimation of Gaza — Israel is talking about months of warfare — it will have signed its own death sentence. Its facade of civility, its supposed vaunted respect for the rule of law and democracy, its mythical story of the courageous Israeli military and miraculous birth of the Jewish nation, will lie in ash heaps. Israel’s social capital will be spent. It will be revealed as an ugly, repressive, hate-filled apartheid regime, alienating younger generations of American Jews. Its patron, the United States, as new generations come into power, will distance itself from Israel the way it is distancing itself from Ukraine. Its popular support, already eroded in the U.S., will come from America’s Christianized fascists who see Israel’s domination of ancient Biblical land as a harbinger of the Second Coming and in its subjugation of Arabs a kindred racism and white supremacy.’

Read; Israel Is Losing this War; Tony Karon and Daniel Levy, The Nation, 8 December 2023;

‘Despite the violence it has unleashed on Palestinians, Israel is failing to achieve its political goals.’

‘Such warnings have been ignored by the Biden administration and Western leaders, whose unconditional embrace of Israel’s war is rooted in the delusion that Israel was just another Western nation peacefully going about its business before it suffered an unprovoked attack on October 7 – it’s a comforting fantasy to those who prefer to avoid recognizing a reality they’ve been complicit in creating.

Forget “intelligence failures”; Israel’s failure to anticipate October 7th was a political failure to understand the consequences of a violent system of oppression that leading international and Israeli human rights organisations have branded as apartheid.

Israel and the United States may have convinced themselves that the world has “moved on” from the Palestinian plight, but the energies unleashed by the events since October 7 suggest that the opposite is true. Calls for solidarity with Palestine have echoed along the streets of the Arab world, serving in some countries as a coded language of dissent against decrepit authoritarianism. Across the Global South and in the cities of the West, Palestine now occupies a symbolic place as an avatar of rebellion against Western hypocrisy and an unjust postcolonial order. Not since the illegal US-led invasion of Iraq have so many millions around the world taken to the streets to protest. Organised labour has flexed its internationalist muscles to challenge arms deliveries to Israel and reminded itself of its power to change history, and legal mechanisms such as the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice, and even US and European courts are being used to challenge government policies that enable Israel’s war crimes.

What comes after the horrific violence is far from clear, but Hamas’s October 7 attack has forced a reset of a political contest to which Israel appears unwilling to respond beyond devastating military force against Palestinian civilians. And as things stand eight weeks into the vengeance, Israel can’t be said to be winning.’

Though 10 Tory MPs have called for an “immediate ceasefire” and Cameron “a sustainable ceasefire” in the Gaza conflict, he abstained from the UN vote for a ceasefire so no change obviously from his zionist lies below.

David Cameron in full: ‘No moral equivalence’ between Hamas and Israel; 6th December

‘Lord Cameron has said there is “no moral equivalence” between Hamas fighters and Israel’s military, which has killed thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza.

But speaking to Sky News on a visit to Washington in his new role as Foreign Secretary, the former prime minister said the UK continued to tell Israel “it has to abide by international humanitarian law”.

He said there was a “fundamental difference” between the two sides.

“Whereas Israel uses its defences to try and defend its people, Hamas uses its people to try and defend its rockets,” he said.

Hamas officials in Gaza say Israel has killed more than 16,200 people in its retaliatory campaign, including about 7,000 children. (Those figures have risen considerably since 6th December.) Hamas killed around 1,200 people in the 7 October attack.

If we want to put more pressure on Israel to stop bombing Gaza, stop demolishing Palestinian homes, stop stealing land, stop killing innocent Palestinians and to give Palestinians equal rights with the Israelis to peacefully share their land, PLEASE join the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanction) movement that was so successful in ending the apartheid regime in South Africa. A major reason why our politicians are not demanding a ceasefire is that they are dependent on the zionists’ campaign funding.

Watch; Israel is scared of YOUR boycotting | Why? 5 December 2023;

“The whole aim behind the BDS movement is to gradually ratchet up the pressure for boycott, divest, and sanctions on Israel until it’s left isolated for the illegal activities that it is doing, like other pariah states such as North Korea are left isolated because of their activities. Here’s what Omar Barghouti (BDS Co-Founder) explained to me; the purpose of BDS.

Sanctions is the ultimate. That’s why it’s BDS, S (Sanction) comes at the end, it’s no coincidence because you need a lot of B (Boycott) and D (Divestment) to reach S.

And boycotting doesn’t just include economic boycotting, it also includes cultural and academic boycotting. So artists like Elvis Costello, Gil Scott-Heron, Lauryn Hill, Faithless, Mariano, U2, Bjork, Zakir Hussain, Jean-Luc Godard, Snoop Dogg, Cat Power, Vanessa Paradis, have all refused at some point or cancelled Israeli gigs. Stephen Hawking, the very famous physicist, also boycotted an Israeli conference back in 2013 because of his perspectives on the Israeli government’s actions at that time.

The goals of the BDS movement are very simple. To boycott, divest and sanction Israel until it complies with international law and the universal principles of human rights. The goal is not just to economically weaken Israel and to use it as some kind of punishment for its actions. It’s actually to fundamentally weaken Israel’s status as just another state on the international scene. When people do BDS, we want to show the international community that Israel is doing things that make it a pariah state. Why is this rebrand so important? Because you see the world only changes something once it has acknowledged it as evil. Female circumcision doesn’t sound too scary, but female genital mutilation does. And when this practice had that rebrand, it quickly got banned.

Let’s just examine how much Israel is spending to stop BDS in the USA today, 35 states out of the 50 have passed anti BDS laws. That’s 70% of all of the USA. The Israel lobby, which is one of the most powerful lobbies in the USA, has worked incredibly hard to make this happen. In 2020 alone they spent $70 million primarily in Democratic races. And I ask you the simple question, why would they do this if this was not important to Israel?”

Mondoweiss, which is a progressive Jewish publication, shares the sordid details. It says that if we look into the details, the top largest zionist groups collectively hold more than $500 million in assets, which dwarfs the $4 million or so that the pro-Palestine groups have, and the $6 million that the liberal zionist organisations have. The smallest of the pro-Israel lobby has $1.6 million in assets, which is more than the AJP and the American Muslims for Palestine Group combined. Mondoweiss also share that the Israel lobby is very specifically focused on the Democratic Party. And the reason why is because the Democrats support the BDS movement at a ratio of nearly three to one and that they want to nip it in the bud, That’s why on November the 22nd, earlier this month, Hill Harper the US politician was offered $20 million in funding to run against Rashida Tlaib, the only Palestinian American in Congress, by one of APACS biggest donors. APAC stands for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which is a grassroots organisation with 3 million members all dedicated to lobbying towards strengthening US-Israel relations.

And this also applies to the UK too. Here 80% of the Conservative Party, the government, are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel, which is a lobby group that advocates for Israeli interests. Peter Oborne also reported that MPs are systematically given donations, when they are pro-Israel, to their campaign and their careers are facilitated. And I personally have had conversations off the record with MPs who say that certain MPs will literally join the Conservative Friends of Israel or the Labour Friends of Israel, not because they necessarily care deeply about the topic, but because they know that this group is one of the most effective lobby groups for their career.

And this is not a uniquely conservative thing. Tony Blair had in total £15 million of funding that was raised by Michael Levy, who was a very pro-Israeli supporter of the Labour government at that time. And today, Keir Starmer has had £5 million contributed by Gary Lubner, who is widely reported to be a staunchly pro-Israel businessman. And Middle East Monitor has actually reported alleged links with his family to benefiting and profiting from the South African apartheid. Though Gary Lubner does deny these accusations.

All of this is leading the Tory government to introduce a new bill in parliament, which, by the way, Labour abstained from voting on, to introduce a BDS ban on public bodies, just like in the USA. The Israel lobby do this because they need to maintain Israel’s position as a normal state not a pariah state. And as soon as that mask slips, it’s all over, not just because the American aid and trade starts drying up, but even more horrifically, Jews in the USA and the UK will start seeing through the indoctrination that they go on, through campaigns like Birthright, that they are sent on to Israel, and they will start to turn against Israel, and they will say, no, we don’t want you to do this stuff in my name.

And that undermines the entire basis of Israel. Indeed, this is why Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated very explicitly, tackling BDS is one of the top three priorities for Israel alongside dealing with Iranian nuclear weapons, and along with dealing with Hamas rockets. BDS is one of the three on that list. That is how terrified Israel is of BDS. I don’t think I actually need to argue any further on this point. If the Israel lobby are so upset about BDS, it clearly shows it is hurting Israel at some level, and we should continue because we want to create pressure on Israel.”

Watch; Starbucks Loses $11 Billion Due to Poor Sales & Boycotts over Israel War| Vantage with Palki Sharma; Firstpost; 7 Dec 2023

‘Starbucks Loses $11 Billion Due to Poor Sales & Boycotts over Israel War | Vantage with Palki Sharma

Global political tensions are spilling fast into Seattle-based Starbucks Corporation, as the company has lost approximately 11 billion dollars in value, erasing 9.4 per cent of the company’s total value.’

Watch; Why Israel Can’t Win: War Expert Prof. Paul Roger’s Devastating Interview Owen Jones, 17 December 2023;

“I think it’s almost impossible for the Israeli Defense Forces to destroy Hamas probably totally, because even if they were able to claim they destroyed it, then another movement would rise, because the basic problem is the oppression of Palestinians in Gaza and indeed the West Bank which we’re forgetting about. So yes, I think the Israelis, particularly Israeli Defence Forces, think they can do it, but I think you’ve got to tease that apart a bit because you’ve got three different things interacting to produce something of a perfect storm. The one is, and we must never forget, the 7th of October was an utter shock to the Israelis. It was almost like the whole carpet being pulled from under them. What they thought was a secure state turned out not to be.

But there are two other very big factors, one is that the Israeli government under Netanyahu is really seriously far right, more than that, it’s not just far right but it’s currently only able to stay in power because you have two extreme movements. You’ve got the groups which are religious fundamentalists very clearly, and I think they in a sense are very powerful. I think particularly you get somebody like Bezalel Smotrich who is basically one of the cabinet members, you’ve got Itamar Ben-Gvir who really is in charge of security within the West Bank. He is not so much on the religious side but you also have what you might call the super zionists, turbo zionism is a term which some people are starting to use because you have people who utterly believe that Israel must be a pure Jewish State and nothing more. And one has to remember that in fact if you take the Likud party, you look at its statement, it’s almost its Charter, the first part of that Charter says that Israel is a sovereign country which stretches from the river to the sea, and that must be under complete Israeli sovereignty.

From that perspective Israel is already a single state and this is why you know the idea of a two-state solution with Likud in power is frankly pretty nonsensical. So you’ve got the government which absolutely believes in that, and I think also of course you have the issue of Netanyahu determined to survive. If you put all those together, then we have a situation which as I say, is really a perfect storm. One thing to add though, people therefore assume that the Israeli people as a whole are all in favour of what’s going on at present and that Hamas can be destroyed. Not everybody feels that way. I mean there’s some very brave people Women Wage Peace in Israel, and in Palestine, the movement of women from Israeli and Palestinian ranks who’ve basically been trying to work together even now.

One of the extraordinary ironies was on the third or fourth of October this year there was a gathering of several thousand people from across the divide who were actually working together, women working together, Salaam Shalom, and there is one particular town in Israel which is intentionally a Jewish and Palestinian town and that has succeeded for many years, and there are other groups. But I think, ultimately, at the present, the Israelis will stand for what Netanyahu and his group is doing – that will probably collapse if this war goes on very much longer.’

Will Israel’s Gaza Genocide Reshuffle the Regional & Global Order? BreakThrough News; Rania Khalek Dispatches; 20 December 2023;

‘What does the genocide in Gaza mean for the surrounding Arab states? Do their oppositional responses even matter or is it all just symbolic? How will this impact the Abraham Accords and other normalisation efforts? Why won’t the Gulf states use their oil as leverage to pressure the United States? How does the genocide in Gaza impact countries like Jordan and Syria? How is it affecting America’s standing in the world? What does it mean for Russia and China in an emerging multipolar world?

Watch this short film about artists in Naples working to support free Palestine.

Watch; Guerilla posters and graffiti in Naples to support Palestine Posted by Chris Williamson, 19 December 2023;

At least 97 journalists and media workers have been killed whilst covering Israel’s war on Gaza. Source: Ai Jazeera 20th Dec.

Read: Can Israel Survive if There is No Ceasefire? The Kucinich Report 19th December

The US could stop the war today if the Biden Administration wanted to. But it does not. The question is, why not?

‘Biden and Netanyahu are in this together. They need each other. Biden gives Netanyahu cover internationally to purge Gaza and the West Bank. Netanyahu gives Biden legitimacy as a defender of Israel in the run up to the 2024 election, especially in those constituencies sensitive to Israel’s concerns.’

‘Unfortunately, the killing of Palestinians will continue because the ultra-nationalists in the Israeli Administration have the upper hand in setting Israel on a course of continued ethnic cleansing. Their political support is pivotal to Mr. Netanyahu’s continuation as Prime Minister, given his razor thin majority in the Knesset.’

As the relentless bombs and rockets rain down on innocent Palestinian families, the depravity of the US//Israel Axis of Evil horrifies and sickens the world.

Watch; Palestinian genocide is a joint US/Israel project ; Scott Ritter and Vanessa Beeley, Press TV Spotlight, 15 December 2023;

Scott Ritter; “The international community is quite unified in demanding cessation of hostilities and the immediate implementation of a massive humanitarian assistance programme for the Palestinians in Gaza, and then for a negotiated settlement that

gives the Palestinian people what they have deserved for the past 75 plus years, that is a homeland of their own.

Israel doesn’t want this.This is the whole reason why this fighting is taking place. Hamas didn’t act on October 7th, you know, in a vacuum. It was the manifestation of 75 years of Israeli occupation, Israeli colonial administration, apartheid governance where the Palestinians literally had no hope for a better future, and Hamas action shook free the rust that had corroded the peace process. And this is what Israel fears, especially Israel governed by Benjamin Netanyahu and his far right wing coalition. They have said they don’t want a Palestinian homeland, They want a greater Israel, a biblical Israel that has no Palestinian presence. This is a fantasy devoid of reality. But Israel is willing to pursue this objective and kill as many Palestinians in the process.”

Vanessa Beeley; “People have made, in my opinion, a very justified comparison to the Nazis in the way that the zionists are treating Palestinians. It’s complete humiliation, it’s massacre of children. What is it now? Around 7,000 children. I mean even saying that number is unimaginable. You know, we get almost inured to this, this creeping up of these numbers on a daily basis. We’re flooded with images of children that have limbs missing, heads missing, that are burned, that are injured beyond belief, that have lost their entire family. And yet we see absolutely no compassion, either from the zionist regime or from its supporters. You know when when the UN representative from the US can literally

veto peace, that is the depth to which we’ve descended right now. The US is basically vetoing peace. It’s extraordinary.”

Scott Ritter; “There are several resistance factions inside the West Bank, and they’re not even all Islamist. There are Christian factions that are against the zionist oppression. There are even socialist communist factions like the PFLP that are against zionist occupation, oppression and apartheid. So you know, at least the BRICS organisation or complex is legitimising the resistance which the West is completely not doing.

Now the General Assembly has the potential to pass a resolution that can sanction Israel. It’s not binding, meaning it doesn’t mean nations have to do this, but it provides the legitimate authority for nations to begin sanctioning Israel and if the General Assembly wants to use military force against Israel.”

Vanessa Beeley; “I think militarily I was actually discussing that here in Syria today … People here are following the military situation, obviously very closely because Syria is one of the closest allies to Palestine and to Hezbollah in the Northern occupied territories. The fact is that the IOS (Israeli Occupation Force) is losing the battle inside Gaza. It’s basically burying itself in a quagmire. It’s opened up various new entry points both in the north and in the south. It’s had to withdraw from various areas in the north today because of the intensity of the resistance attacks. Once they enter Gaza, of course they’re at the mercy of the resistance that can run rings around them. You know, these are not battle hardened soldiers. They’re used to bombing, using artillery. I’ve been in Gaza during the 2012 aggression. You’re basically bombed from every single possible direction, from the sea, from the air, from the land, from helicopters, from drones. That’s what they’re used to. They’re not used to on the ground fighting. Right? And ultimately, the more soldiers that enter the territory, the harder that it is for Israel to basically bomb as they have been doing. The bombing will have to be a lot more discriminate and targeted. And the resistance then comes into its own, because it knows the territory, It’s urban warfare.”

Scott Ritter; “Well, before the United States comes to grips with that, we have to come to the grips with what Israel is going to look like. Vanessa is 100% correct. Israel has lost this war. They can’t win it. I mean, no matter what they do, they can’t win it. The Israeli force is incapable of defeating Hamas in Gaza. The reason why they’re asking for Hamas to surrender is because they’re desperate to bring an end to this conflict, because they know that the resistance is prevailing. Not only that, if Hezbollah enters this conflict from the north, Israel will lose northern Israel. They can’t defend it. The Israeli economy is collapsing, thousands, tens of thousands of people have been withdrawn from the north.

The economy is crippled by what the Houthi are doing.

Israel is going to be different. Netanyahu’s time in office is finished. And you know, the United States is going to have to come to grips with what Israel will be going forward, and then they can begin to craft the Palestinian solution. But, for the United States, putting Palestine ahead of Israel…we have to get Israel reconfigured in a way that it will politically accept the potential of a Palestinian state, right?”

30 years ago, Spitting Image show ridiculing how much worse Israel’s human rights record is than South Africa – nothing has changed

Watch; we are told its Muslims versus Jews, when in reality it’s European colonisers versus Arab Muslims; Richard Medhurst; Dec 14th

‘Christians and Jews understand this. Arab Christians support armed resistance against Israeli occupation, whether it’s Hamas or otherwise. It’s actually Christians like George Habash and George Abdullah, who pioneered armed struggle against Israel; Catholic Bishop Capucci who was smuggling weapons into Palestine to support the resistance. So Palestinian resistance is not just Muslim. Historically, it’s been Christian secular, and today it just happens to be Muslim.

Sure, Hamas have the word Islamic in their name, but they fight for all Palestinians because all Palestinians suffer under Israel, not just Muslims. Just last month, what did Israel do? Israel bombed and destroyed the oldest church in Gaza, the third oldest church in the world. Israelis walk past churches and spit on them. They spit on nuns and harass priests. Right now, the Christian Armenian quarter in Jerusalem is under attack by Israeli settlers and facing its worst existential crisis in history.

Since 1948, Israel has expelled Arab Jews, Christians, Muslims from their lands. They eliminated many villages, including Christian villages like Baam, which is why many Arab Christians are just leaving entirely as a result. Have you ever seen Hamas behave like this towards Christians? I can’t believe that I have to tell you this, but yeah. You have Arab Christians. Christianity literally comes from Palestine and comes from Syria. Christians are treated very well, and they are protected in Arab countries. The only unsafe place in the Middle East for Christians is Israel.

How come so many people in the West call themselves Christians and then they support Israel? The closest descendants to Jesus and his disciples are Palestinians, not Israeli settlers from Ukraine or Brooklyn or Poland. Arab Christians are the inheritors, the heirs, and the protectors of the Christian faith. And Israel is literally murdering them and murdering all Palestinians.

Arab Christians reject Israel. Arab Christians oppose Israel, and this year they have cancelled Christmas. How can they celebrate when their brothers and sisters are being killed when they themselves are being killed? Seriously, don’t bother celebrating Christmas this year. Don’t bother singing Christmas carols about Jesus and Bethlehem when you support Israel murdering his people. Christmas is not about materialism shopping or exchanging gifts. It’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and the message that he brought, which is love and peace. Where is the peace? Where is the peace in his own birthplace? If Jesus were born today, he will be born under the rubble. He would be persecuted in his mother’s womb. Like so many Palestinians who died stillborn because of Israeli bombardment, you cannot be a Christian and support Israel. zionism contradicts all the principles and teachings of Christianity. Don’t kill, don’t steal. And Christian zionism, uh, whatever that means is a Western movement to control the middle least by brainwashing people to support Israel.

Arab Christians, they know very well what zionism really is. They live under Israeli occupation, and that is why they support resistance against Israel. They support Hamas. They support Hezbollah because these groups fight for all Arabs regardless of their religion. But as usual, you know, the West, they use religion and sectarianism to divide and conquer. They lie. They say Palestinians are attacking Israel because they’re Muslims and they hate Jews. Rubbish. The reality, the truth is that Palestinians, regardless of their religion, are resisting against Israel because Israel are European colonisers who stole their homes and stole their country.

When in reality, Palestinians, regardless of their religion, are resisting Israel because Israelis are European colonisers who came to Palestine and stole their homes and occupy their country. And once again, this shows you that the whole conflict has nothing to do with religion. It’s about occupation. And that’s why it’s important for me to tell you about Arab Christians, especially during Christmas. And once you know this, it completely debunks and destroys Israel’s bullshit narrative that, you know, they’re fighting Hamas and Muslim extremists. The real extremists are Israel. The real terrorists are Israel. There’s no question about it. Make no mistake, one priest said that if Israel destroys all the mosques in Gaza and there’s no one left to do the call to prayer, he himself, the priest will go and do it for the Muslims.

All Arab Christians, not just in Palestine, all of them stand with their Muslim brothers and sisters against Israel. And with the resistance. Israel wants to frame the conflict as Muslims versus Jews, when in reality it’s European colonisers versus Arab Muslims. Christians and Jews understand this.’

Watch; Pope Condemns Israeli Killings of Palestinian Christians; Relative of 84-Year-Old Mourns Her Death; Democracy Now! 20 December 2023;

‘As international outrage grows over Israeli attacks on churches in Gaza, we speak with Philip Farah, co-founder of the Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace. Israeli snipers shot dead an elderly woman and her adult daughter at the Holy Family Parish, a Catholic church, on Sunday. Pope Francis denounced the killings as “terrorism.” Farah’s elderly relative Elham Farah, a beloved music teacher and member of one of the oldest Christian families in Gaza, was killed by an Israeli sniper in November while sheltering outside the church. Israeli soldiers have also attacked Palestinian Christians elsewhere in Gaza as part of this “genocidal war,” says Farah. “There’s no other name for it.”’

While all our focus is on the horrific genocide in Gaza, settler violence and ethnic cleansing in the West Bank has ratcheted up since the events of October 7th. This excellent documentary by a courageous American filmmaker exposes the ongoing persecution and terrorism the Palestinians face from illegal and fanatic Jewish settlers occupying their land. The out and out theft of Palestine’s land and displacement of its families at gunpoint is heartbreaking, particularly in the knowledge of my government’s complicity.

The West Bank after Oct 7: repression and ethnic cleansing The Grayzone, 12 December 2023;

‘In this exclusive report for The Grayzone, Jeremy Loffredo provides an on-the-ground look at the fear and violence that has consumed occupied Palestinian communities across the West Bank, from the Jordan Valley to the Christian village of Taybeh, as settlers and the Israeli army exploit the shock of October 7 to carry out dispossession on a mass scale.’

Palestinian Resident; “So my cousin was praying in the mosque in the village right there,

It was Friday prayers. While we were praying, two settlers and one soldier came in from the settler outpost of Havay Ma’on and went inside a family home. At that moment when he ran with his gun inside the house, all the women and children in the house, and the kids on the street who were playing, started shouting and screaming, very scared. The settler waited for maybe one minute, and he walked down towards the people, then he hit my cousin with his gun on my cousin’s chest, and he went back one metre and shot him, the bullet entered his hand and into his stomach, and this happened on 13 October. Until today my cousin is in the ICU in a very critical situation at the hospital, he bled a lot. And this is not the first time but this is the policy of the State of Israel in this area where we are innocent Palestinian living under control and the force of the Israeli soldiers and settlers whose aim is to ethnic cleansing us from here.”

Watch; It was always the Plan; timetoawake, 15 December 2023;

I didn’t want to be right. I really didn’t want to be right. It turns out I was right. A leaked document penned by the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence reveals all. Their preferred option, according to this document, is the full forcible and permanent transfer of the Gaza strips 2.2 million Palestinian residents initially to Egypt, Sinai Peninsula and then to guess where? Countries in Europe and especially the Mediterranean, Greece, Spain, which will be mandated to absorb and settle this vast quantity of people with Canada, which will also carry out the absorption of the population of Gaza and its settlement within the framework of the permissive immigration policy which calls on the West to step up and take the refugees as a humanitarian necessity to prevent mass civilian deaths in Gaza. There it is in black and white the once again, despite the unmitigated disaster when it occurred last time, we expected to take in millions of Middle Eastern refugees. What could possibly go wrong?

Watch; What Churchill Thought About the Palestinians and Jews Review of ‘Churchill His Times, His Crimes’ by Tariq Ali, 21 November 2023;

Presenter reading from the book; ‘In 1919 Balfour informed his colleagues that in implementing the declaration that bore his name, the Balfour Declaration, there was no need to waste too much time, Balfour said. In Palestine we do not propose even to go through the form of consulting the wishes of the present inhabitants…. since all the four great powers are committed to zionism, he said, this was of far greater import than the desires and prejudices of the 700,000 Arabs.’

Presenter; ‘I would suggest that is based purely or largely on racism, the white man British Empire versus the brown Arab, this is very white supremacist language. Churchill amplified this further comparing the Palestinian Arabs to aboriginals in Australia and Native Americans.

The intentions of western imperialism were implicitly genocidal from the very beginning of the process’ so Tariq Ali is not forward. Theodore Herzl’s language is clearly genocidal from the very beginning of the process, from the conception, the ideological thought itself was genocidal. It was the Palestinian resistance prior to and post the Nakba that prevented such an occurrence, so it was actually Palestinian resistance that stopped the complete genocide. He says ‘racism was always an integral part of Churchill’s political makeup, he made no bones about it.’

He didn’t, he was completely open and shameless about it, unlike some of his colleagues in all the three parties who preferred to wear a mask. He viewed Arabs as an inferior race compared to Europeans of any stripe. In the case of Palestine he accused the Arabs of behaving like quote ‘a dog in the manger’, a view he spelled out in his evidence to the Peel Commission set up in 1936 to report on the Palestinian uprising then in motion and which had paralyzed the country.

Churchill said, ‘I do not agree that the dog in the manger has the final right to the manger even though he may have lain there for a very long time… I do not admit for instance that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher grade race or at any rate a more worldly wise race, to put it that way, has come in and taken their place.’

Tariq Ali understandably says ‘this is the voice of white supremacy, a view that was reiterated interestingly with remarkable clarity by Israel’s foremost revisionist historian, the former paratrooper Benny Morris, over half a century later. Churchill would have been delighted by such a display of candour with which this historian admitted that the long denied crimes and atrocities committed against the Palestinians in 1948 during the so-called war of independence. Today this is the common sense of Jewish Israel from top to bottom, the ultimate logic of the Balfour Declaration and a distillation of Churchill’s own views.

Detaching myths from realities in Palestine became more and more difficult after the Balfour Declaration. The Palestinian Arabs paid an exorbitant price and are continuing to do so. The myth still persists that Palestine was almost uninhabited, that vast tracks of the promised land were thirsting for the new Jewish settlers.The principal propagators of this lie were the zionist leaders of the Yishuv and their English backers.’

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The collective West’s support for ethnically cleansing the Palestinians from their homes to give the zionists their terrorist state is to profit from the oil in the Middle East and build an alternative trade route to transport their oil.

Read; The ‘Greater Israel’ Scheme and Its Global Power Play: A Delusional Recipe for Armageddon; Matthew Ehret-Kump; Global Research, December 07

‘In 1996, a nest of American-born imperialists revolving around Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Richard Perle created a new think tank called “The Project for a New American Century.”

While the principled aim of the think tank ultimately hinged on a new “Pearl Harbor moment” that would justify a new era of regime-change wars in the Middle East, a secondary but equally important part of the formula involved the dominance of “Greater Israel”, Likud fanatics then taking power over the murdered body of Yitzhak Rabin.

It was toward the start of the new regime of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Richard Perle wrote the report “Clean Break: A Strategy for Securing the Realm,” which outlined a series of goals that would govern the strategic vision of Washington and Tel Aviv for the next two decades. It called for:

– Cancelling the foundations for the Oslo Accords that threatened to bring about a climate of peace through economic cooperation in the Middle East under a two-state solution

– Launching a new doctrine of “right of hot pursuit” justifying armed incursions into Palestinian territories

– Inducing the United States to overthrow Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq

– Armed incursions into Lebanon and possible strikes against Syria and Iran

In 2007, General Wesley Clark added even more detail to this neocon program when he revealed the content of a discussion he had with Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld 10 days after 9/11. General Clark stated that he was told of planned invasions of seven countries scheduled to take place within five years… namely: “Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.”

This program was, in short, a recipe for establishing the long-awaited “Greater Israel” promoted by the likes of Theodor Herzl, Vladimir Jabotinsky, and Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook over a century ago.


While the Anglo-zionist timeline was disrupted over the ensuing years (sometimes involving brave intervention by individuals within America’s intelligence community), the intention embedded in “Clean Break” never disappeared.

With the coming breakdown of the over-inflated Western financial system on one side and the emergence of a viable new multipolar security and economic architecture on the other side, it appears the ghouls that orchestrated 9/11, assassinated Rabin (1995) and Arafat (2004), and revived the Crusades have decided to kick over the chess board.

Conducting a rational analysis of the motives for this type of dynamic poses a major difficulty for any geopolitical commentator used to thinking in academically acceptable terms, which presume that rational self-interest animates the players within a game. In this case, rational self-interest is infected by heavy doses of self-delusional Hegemonism, fanatical imperial zealotry, and end-times eschatology with a Messianic twist (taking both Christian and Jewish forms).

The above article, summed up in the Jimmy Dore Show, shows how the murderous US,Israel and UK work together to control their trade interests in the Middle East.

Netanyahu Says He Wants Wars With Iran, Iraq, Libya & Russia! Jimmy Dore Show, 2 December 2023;

‘If there was ever any question that Benjamin Netanyahu has been a bloodthirsty warmonger from day one, a recently circulating video with footage of the Israeli Prime Minister over the decades repeatedly calling for regime change wars, whether with Iran, Iraq or Libya. One clip even shows Netanyahu demanding, and receiving, a standing ovation from the U.S. Congress over his bellicose rhetoric.’

Read; The Ben Gurion Canal to Replace the Suez Canal: ‘Israel’ Destroys Gaza to Control World’s Most Important Shipping Lane

“Israel” and the United States have been planning for decades to build the so-called “Ben Gurion Canal,” a rival to the infamous Suez Canal in Egypt. This Ben Gurion Canal would begin at “Eilat”, and finish right next to, if not directly through, Gaza.

A document declassified in the 1990s showed that just a few years after the Suez Crisis, the Americans hatched a secret plan in 1963 to detonate 520 nuclear bombs in al-Naqab desert to help “Israel” construct the “Ben Gurion Canal.”

In Boston last week, Max Blumenthal gave a talk about the ongoing genocide in Gaza. This is his first talk on Gaza since 2015 and the quoted section below gives us context for why Palestinians, after 15 years of living in a prison camp, finally resisted against their occupiers on October 7th:

Watch; Max Blumenthal on the Israeli-US Genocide on Gaza, 16 December 2023;

“When I think back about all of the things I witnessed in Gaza in 2014; being in the rubble with families who saw their homes which they had worked for – for their entire lives, with multiple levels for each generation – destroyed; reduced to rubble, targeted with missiles, or speaking to people who had their entire families killed and nearly wiped from the Civil Registry of Gaza. Speaking to families who witnessed their loved ones be killed on camera, like the family of Salem Shammaly who was killed by a sniper, being in that environment, actually being under the bombing myself and feeling what that is like to have naval shells explode nearby, to have a drone over your head at night, to hear the missile strikes, to actually experience the terror that people experience, day in and day out – and to have the option of leaving which they don’t – that to me made me so upset when I see all of these morally fraudulent media personalities try to ambush those of us who stand in solidarity with Palestine, about October 7th, and try to demand that we condemn October 7th or we condemn Hamas, when none of them condemned a single thing that happened before October 7th – if anything, they supported it – massacre after massacre, over 70 years of an unbearable cavalry experience by Palestinians, and they have never been asked to condemn it; they’ve never asked a US official or anyone who presided over this catastrophe to condemn it, and we have to condemn something now? It’s like history didn’t exist before October 7th.

So let’s talk about some history first. Let’s try to understand why this is happening and help everyone watching to understand a little better, because between time that I was first in Gaza, and now there were at least two major military escalations which left hundreds of civilians dead, as well as the Great March of Return when civilians in Gaza did what Thomas Friedman asked them to do. He said ‘If they would just have a peace march, Israelis, who believe in peace, would join them and they’ll march together to Jerusalem and it would change the Jewish-Israeli society’s attitudes’.

Well, they went and did that and what did Israel do? They sent their young people in uniform to the frontiers of Gaza and they shot them all in the legs and they shot them in the heart. Yasser Murtaja, the journalist wearing a press vest, was shot in the neck. They killed, they maimed and they showed what they thought of Gaza attempting unarmed resistance. And they left them only with one other option.

Before Operation Protective Edge, before 2014, there were four major assaults on the Gaza Strip, starting in 2006. The biggest one was in Operation Cast Lead in 2008/2009, when Israel waited for Barack Obama to be elected, knowing he would do nothing, say nothing, and they broke a ceasefire by massacring over 50 police cadets who had just graduated to be police officers in the Gaza Strip; an act of mass cop-killing by the Israeli military and they proceeded to massacre hundreds more civilians. This was a signal event for me that really spurred my commitment to this issue. Then 2011/2012 Operation Pillar of Clouds; more massacres by airstrikes as Gaza’s armed factions began to demonstrate their ability to develop some capacity to resist, some capacity to hit back.

These confrontations were all the product of the siege of Gaza, which was itself the result of Israel’s so-called disengagement when it pulled 9,000 fanatical settlers out of the Gaza Strip in 2005, with the intention of sealing Gaza off in order to give its military more latitude to operate against Hamas. And what triggered this disengagement? It was the armed actions of Hamas during the Second Intifada which made the Israeli position in Gaza untenable; it was any negotiation through the peace process that led to Gaza gaining some means of sovereignty.

So what Israel proceeded to do was the Panopticon model with Gaza. All you need to do to control an entire prison is to control the perimeter, which is 2 percent. So they would occupy Gaza from the outside; control the airspace, control all of its borders, the sea, and this is what they were also beginning to do in the West Bank, with the construction of the Apartheid Wall, which is not constructed between Israel and the West Bank – there is Israel per se under International Law because it refuses to declare any boundaries, so in many cases the wall wraps around villages and cities.

And behind all of this was the Oslo Accords and the peace process, which set the stage of the separation from the West Bank and Gaza, with walls, from Israel. And it discredited the PA (Palestinian Authority) in the eyes of the Palestinian population as an occupation sub-contractor leading to more support for Hamas. The support for Hamas didn’t necessarily come from Islamist ideology – although that’s a part of it and social services are a part of it – it came from outrage and anger at the occupation and the hardening of the occupation through the construction of these walls and the onset of a full scale siege of the Gaza Strip, that’s why they’re there. So Israel designed its own policy of occupation management which was a doctrine – also applied in South Lebanon during the 2006 war – called the Dahiya Doctrine, to attack the towns and population centres where resistance emerges. In other words, to attack civilians to the point where it will demoralise them to the point they would turn on their leadership, somehow, and it’s failed every time.”

If the zionists are intrinsically racist, and can’t live peacefully with people of any religion other than their corrupted version of Judaism, instead of ethnically cleansing indigenous Palestinians to neighbouring countries, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, and Yemen, it would seem more just that the West help pay zionist settlers to buy land and homes in the countries where they, their parents or grandparents came from. Then they would have to integrate with their multi- religious neighbours as is written in the traditional, peace loving, anti theft Jewish scriptures.

Read; The Plan; Eye on Palestine, 29 November 2023;

‘An initiative in Congress to distribute the population of Gaza among 4 countries, and the numbers have been determined!!

The initiative calls for “making US aid to Arab countries conditional on willingness to accept refugees from Gaza. The plan was presented to and received the blessing of senior members of the House and Senate from both parties. Veteran House member Joey Wilson has publicly welcomed the proposal and is promoting it.”

Egypt will be forced to open the way for their deportation, as it is the only passage, and it will take its share (one million), half a million for Turkey, a quarter of a million for Yemen, and a quarter of a million for Iraq.’

Read; Israel and US Plan Complete Deportation from Gaza. Famine Is Looming. “A Child Is Killed Every Ten Minutes”, Global Research News; 11 December 2023;

‘Deporting all Gazans is the joint plan of the US and Israel. According to the plan, the Palestinians will be ‘relocated’ to Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, and Yemen. This large-scale ethnic cleansing is cynically presented as a “moral and humanitarian” aid plan.’

‘For its planned population move, the plan refers to other recent conflict hotspots. “It would not be the first time other countries have accepted refugees,” the plan says. Here, the authors refer to the six million Ukrainians who fled the country to Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic, among others. Nearly five million Syrians have also “moved” to Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, while other Middle Eastern and European countries have taken in hundreds of thousands of Syrians.

The plan has been submitted to key figures in the US House of Representatives and Congress and has the support of both Democrats and Republicans. The planned large-scale ethnic cleansing is cynically presented as a “moral and humanitarian” aid plan:

“The neighbouring borders have been closed for too long, but it is now clear that in order to free the Gazan population from the tyrannical oppression of Hamas and to allow them to live free of war and bloodshed, Israel must encourage the international community to find the correct, moral and humane avenues for the relocation of the Gazan population.”

Truly a fine piece of newspeak.

The plan also firmly lashes out at UNRWA, the UN refugee agency dedicated to aid and development for Palestinian refugees in the Middle East. US lawmakers blame the agency of “propagating the refugee narrative” and “inhibiting the rehabilitation of Palestinian refugees for over seventy years and has in fact deepened the refugee crisis”. That’s why they want the agency to be closed down.

We may be on the eve of a mass deportation of Palestinians, a second Nakba. If Western countries want to retain any shred of credibility, they must take action immediately.

They must immediately impose economic and diplomatic sanctions against Israel and also convene the Security Council to condemn and thwart the sinister plan of the US and Israel. If not, they are complicit in this declared humanitarian disaster.’

Watch; @wizardbisan takes you to al-Mawasi, Israel’s designated “safe zone” that is the size of an airport AJ+, 18 December 2023;

‘This is Bisan from Gaza. We’re still alive and I’m now in Al Mawasi, and it’s the space of a small park or maybe an airport. How could this tiny area accommodate 2.25 million displaced Gazans?

I heard you gave birth here, tell me what happened.

I gave birth in a tent, she’s one day old. It entails a lot of suffering for a mother. It impacts her personal hygiene and her health. Its hot during the day and cold at night which impacts the baby’s blood pressure.

The Al-Mawasi zone has no infrastructure like toilets, food shops or running water.

Old Lady; I still haven’t eaten, I don’t have medicine, I lost five of my children…It’s a shame!…This oppression!…I left my children in the streets. We don’t have mattresses, food, water or bathrooms. I’m an elderly person, where can we even go to pray?

People are trying to find dry wood as much as they can, it’s the only way to make a fire, to cook, to do anything.

In some areas 90% of people have gone without food for a whole day.

Israel previously told Palestinians that the Southern city of Khan Yunis was a ‘safe zone’ but it has increased its bombing and launched a ground invasion there.’

Lara Elborno, international lawyer and co-host of ‘The Palestine Pod’ talks about anti-Palestinian racism and terror attacks in the US, spurred on by the zionist media and by Biden, who will be remembered for generations as the enabler of another US sponsored genocide.

Watch; In The Gun Sights George Galloway; The Mother of All Talk Shows, 1 December 2023;

Lara Elborno; “Certainly Palestinian Americans, Arab Americans, Muslim Americans more broadly have become very vocal in this moment as we watch Israel commit genocide against PalestinIans in Gaza, there is a real sense of a need to speak up in this moment given the atrocities given their scope and their gravity and certainly the community is doing everything that it can to organize and we’re seeing efforts of retaliation, people losing their livelihoods, people being fired, efforts to smear, dox and harass Palestinians and their allies and this is part of the landscape that we’re seeing right now in the United States.

Palestinians have been targeted In this moment before those three college students who were wearing keffiyehs and shot for wearing keffiyehs in the street. We also saw the young boy in Illinois who was stabbed to death in his home by his landlord. These are obviously very shocking, very atrocious attacks on Palestinians in this moment, but let’s be very clear that this is the result of deep anti-Palestinian racism that is being sowed by the US government and the corporate media who have our blood on their hands who are absolutely criminal in this moment by continuing to push the zionist narrative, the narrative that Palestinians are not civilians, that there are no civilians in Gaza, that we are all guilty and that we are all legitimate targets, that’s how you see the emergence of these types of hate crimes.

There’s a massive propaganda campaign that’s being carried out by the Israeli government and its supporters to get you to believe exactly this, but what you don’t hear is that Palestinians have the highest literacy rate in the region at 97%, what you don’t hear is how educated we are, what you don’t hear is that we are doctors, we are lawyers, we are engineers, we are journalists. Just In this moment, query, why is it that Israel has killed over 200 doctors and health workers in Gaza and over 70 Palestinian journalists? Why is it that they have targeted the most educated, the brightest people in Palestinian Society in Gaza? This is an intentional policy aimed at exterminating all of Palestinian society as a whole by targeting the best and brightest.”

Read; The Gaza War, “Big Money” and the Insidious Role of the World Economic Forum Ernst Wolff, Global Research, 8 December 2023;

‘As is now widely known, there are natural gas and oil deposits worth around $500 billion about 20 nautical miles off the coast of the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians would actually be entitled to the proceeds, but Israel has been withholding them for a good 20 years, contrary to international law.

At the same time, however, Israel is itself engaged in oil and gas production, namely at 9 different fields in the Mediterranean, and has thus turned from a natural gas importer into a natural gas exporter since 2017. This alone is a blatant injustice and, above all, a mockery of the people in the Gaza Strip, where more than half of the inhabitants live in poverty and 80 percent of the population is dependent on humanitarian aid.’

The flagrant Westernisation of anti-Semitism by zionist extremists to muzzle opponents of Israel’s savagery in Gaza has resulted in some people losing their jobs for expressing revulsion at Israel’s murderous military tactics.

Watch; Stop zionist Hate; Press TV, 5 December 2023;

‘Stop Zionist Hate is fighting back against supporters of genocide. This week’s episode also looks at how Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon has been dropped by the United Talent Agency over Palestine.’

Patrick Henningsen; “He’s been outspoken on a lot of controversial issues, not only on the Palestinian issue, but she’s also questioned a lot of major events in mainstream narratives like the Duma alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria and so forth. And she’s been very vocal on Twitter and acts and other platforms… she’s being singled out because she’s got a high profile. And the concern for people backing Israel is that we can’t have actors, musicians, cultural influencers, athletes giving any sympathy towards the Palestinian cause because then their followers will have sympathy for the Palestinian cause. They might start against Soviet occupation, and it was after that revolution that we became refugees and came to Canada. Now did Russia have the right to defend itself against the Hungarian revolutionaries? Mostly when we talk about Israel’s right of defence we’re taking isolated Palestinian actions, but we’re not saying that this population also has the right to defend against the occupation. I’m not justifying the terrible events of October the 7th, I’m talking about the absence of historical awareness.

It all just looks like Israel defending itself but against whom? Against the population that it has been massacring in a number of thousands for 80 years and taking their lands and destroying their homes and jailing their children and torturing them.That’s the history. Now unless we know that, it all looks like this poor little country trying to defend itself, but against whom? Against people that’ve been occupying and displacing for 80 years. That’s the history, as Israeli historians have shown. I don’t make this stuff up, I wish it wasn’t true, I wish I could believe in the dream of the jewish state. I love that dream, except I found out at what price, at what nightmare, that’s imposed on the Palestinians.

It seems so intractable, but then as I always say, so did the Northern Ireland conflict, that seemed intractable when the IRA were committing terror atrocities, but they eventually did get to peace… I just spent a couple of weeks in Serbia in the former Yugoslavia with another tennis player Novak Djokovic. They have a foundation that promotes healing and child development and so on, so they asked me to speak throughout the former Yugoslavia. You know what horrific atrocities were committed there just a few decades ago. So I was in Belgrade, I was in Sarajevo, I was in Banja Luka, I was in Ljubljana, they’re living together now. There are still issues to be worked out. The minimum condition is the ending of the occupation and the inhumane siege of Gaza, and international law has to be respected. International law is very clear that this occupation is illegal, that has to be the basis of any future agreement. If that was agreed on, and if Israel could live within the borders that are internationally recognized, I believe peace is possible. Now we keep talking about the Hamas charter. Did you know that the Likud charter, the ruling party in Israel, excludes a Palestinian entity west of the Jordan River? So let’s get rid of both charters and let’s start with the basis of recognition and peace and the ending of this unspeakably brutal occupation. Piers, you have to go there to see it for yourself, as I have, and you would cry every day for two weeks.”

Read; How Israel’s genocidal war against Palestinians is a colonial tradition; Joseph Massad, Middle East Eye, 18 December 2023;

‘The horror that Israel and its western sponsors have felt since the 7 October Hamas retaliatory operation stems from their racist contempt for the indigenous Palestinians, which led them to believe that Israel could never be successfully attacked militarily.

The European and US press have played an active role in promoting justifications for the Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people through the promotion of racist stories of barbaric and primitive Palestinian violence, a good number of which have already been debunked and retracted. Yet these racist fabrications continue to be parroted by Western political leaders as true.’

Watch; The 100 year war on Palestine w/Rashid Khalidi The Chris Hedges Report, 4 December 2023;

Chris Hedges; “I want to talk about the duplicity of the zionist leadership. Chaim Weizmann, you write, for example, told several prominent Arabs at a dinner in Jerusalem in March 1918, “To beware treacherous insinuations that zionists were seeking political power.” And you write, the zionist movement leaders understood that, “Under no circumstances should they talk as though the zionist program required the expulsion of the Arabs because that would cause the Jews to lose the world’s sympathy.” This duplicity, of course, continues to this day, as all of us who covered Gaza and the West Bank, we would file our reports, then watch the Israelis reflexively lie. But talk about this duplicity and its importance.”

Rashid Khalidi; “It goes right back to an incident that I detailed in the very beginning of the book. An ancestor of mine who had been a member of the first Ottoman Parliament, who had been mayor of Jerusalem, lived in Europe, taught in Vienna, and knew German, he knew about zionism. We know that from his papers and from the books and Viennese newspapers that he received that are kept in the family library to this day. He knew about zionism. He knew everything about zionism. So he writes to Theodor Herzl in 1899, two years after the first zionist congress, with a full knowledge that the objective is a Jewish state in Palestine. And he tells him that we respect the Jews, they’re our cousins, we understand your suffering, and there’s nothing more noble than the idea of the Jewish people having a state, but not here, there’s already a people here.

The interesting thing is not only this letter from this ancestor of mine, a man named Yusuf Diya’ al-Khalidi, but Herzl’s response which is completely disingenuous, which completely ignores all the points that Yusuf Diya’ al-Khalidi is making. And then says in response to a question that Yusuf Diya had not even asked, we have no intention of driving the population away. If you look at Herzl’s diaries, he’s talking about spiriting the population discreetly across the borders. We’re talking in the 1890s.This is clear in Herzl’s mind. You have to get rid of the Arabs to have a Jewish state in a majority Arab country, there’s no other way to do it. And that in fact, is always the driving motive of zionism, so what Weizmann is saying is profoundly deceptive.”

“At Columbia, where you teach, didn’t they outlaw Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voices for Peace? Columbia University, they outlawed those groups, right?”

“Yes. They banned them both. They withdrew their right to have events and university support. That’s correct. For the first semester.

There’s an argument that antisemitism is the refuge of scoundrels and unfortunately that is what’s happening now. There is real virulent antisemitism in American society, most of it on the right and there’s some antisemitism certainly in some of the fringes of support for Palestinian rights. But in fact, given that they actually can’t win the argument, how do you justify 56 years of occupation? What can you say to justify 56 years of occupation? What can you say to justify no rights for Palestinians in the occupied territories? What can you say to justify the ongoing incessant colonisation and appropriation and dispossession going on in the West Bank? There’s nothing you can say. There’s no arguments that justify that unless you say Jewish supremacy and absolute right, and God gave this land to us. You say things like that, that are not acceptable to most college students. So you shut down the debate by saying, well, they’re antisemites, and their slogans are genocidal, which is actually what a university administrator at Columbia said, that the slogan “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is genocidal. It’s part of the laws of the state of Israel. It’s the platform of the Likud party, that from the sea to the Jordan, there will only be Israeli sovereignty.”

Listen; UN official resigns over ‘prima facie case of genocide’ in Gaza; Max Blumenthal, 5 December 2023;

‘Craig Mokhiber, a former Director in the New York Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and expert in international law, joins Max Blumenthal to explain why he resigned in protest of the United Nations’ toothless approach to what he calls a “genocide” carried out by Israel against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.’

“All Palestinians” Should Die, Says Florida Politician Michelle Salzman;

Watch; I’ve had Enough; Richard Medhurst; 1 December2023;

“I’ve had enough.

I’ve had enough of Israel killing thousands of Palestinians and calling that self-defence,

I’ve had enough of the media calling Israeli hostages ‘hostages’ but Palestinian hostages ‘prisoners’

You’re upset about 200 Israeli hostages, but you didn’t know there are 10,000 Palestinian hostages?

Please. Enough!

I’ve had enough of Israel throwing Palestinians in prison without charge, without trial,

Without even telling them the reason why!

I’ve had enough of Israel bringing up the Holocaust as it carries out a Holocaust against Palestinians.

What happened to ‘never again!’?

Or is it ‘never enough’?

I’ve had enough of Palestinians being punished for European crimes,

And Europeans giving away land that ain’t theirs to divide.

I’ve had enough of seeing childrens’ bodies blown to bits,

And parents crying their eyes out saying ‘Where are my kids?!’

Half of Gaza’s population are children,

So if you’ve bombed half of the buildings, who are you hitting?

Thousands are still under the rubble, all of them missing.

Enough of this shit! Enough of this killing!

I’ve had enough of spoilt Israeli settlers complaining from their cushy hotels,

While Palestinians sleep in the rain, with no clothes, no food and no beds,

And Israelis have the nerve to pretend that they are oppressed?!

Shut your godamn mouth!

Do you know I’ve lost count how many times Israel has bombed the same refugee camp or the same hospital?

Do you need to bomb a UN school a hundred times before you’ve had enough?

Israelis, driving Palestinians from their homes – another Nakba in plain sight

Taking more land, taking more lives! It seems it’s never enough!

I’ve had enough of Israelis always playing the victim,

Even as they victimise Palestinians and commit genocide against ‘em.

It’s tiring, exhausting and such a bore,

And no-one is falling for that crap anymore!

Israel claims to be ‘the Jewish state’

but it’s a state of genocidal mania and doesn’t speak for Jews;

So many Jews around the world hate zionism,

They’ve had enough of this too

I’ve had enough of Israelis claiming ‘Arabs hate Jews’

This ain’t about religion, they’re lying to you!

It’s about Europeans stealing Palestinian homes,

And if Israelis were Buddhists, Arabs would fight them too!

I’ve had enough of talk-show hosts acting like Middle East experts

Piers Morgan thinks history began on October 7th,

So the only trick he knows is bark ‘Israel’ and then roll

And then hounds his guests with ‘Do you condemn Hamas?’ – NO!

We condemn Israel and your rubbish programme!

I’ve had enough!

I’ve had enough of Americans complaining Hamas are terrorists

When Uncle Sam is the biggest terrorist on earth!

They want to lecture people about human rights and international law

But when it comes to Israel, they don’t give a fuck anymore!

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Lebanon

Those weren’t enough?


Israel is carrying out a genocide in broad daylight

Suffocating the dreams of Gaza’s children at night


Jesus Christ! Haven’t they suffered enough?!

20,000 people killed wasn’t enough?

Dozens of doctors and nurses wasn’t enough?

Israel killing journalists across the Levant?

So many in Gaza went to bed and never woke up.

What’s your excuse? When are you going to wake up?

You need to find your humanity, enough is enough!”

“Shahid Bolsen from Middle Nation; Dec 19; “Everyone today who is rallying behind Israel is going to lose. I mean, obviously they’re going to lose because allying behind Israel just shows that you are still stuck in this old colonialist, imperialist, racist, Western supremacist mentality, that the entire Global South rejects.

And frankly, not just the Global South, I mean there are huge numbers of people in the West itself who reject this. The majority of people on earth reject this. So you see, you’re showing the whole Global South, you’re showing the whole world that you can’t change, that you’re the same as you ever were.

I think the West, and America in particular, needs to understand that the whole world is seeing you for what you are. Your stance on Palestine makes it starkly obvious to everyone that you are not actually mature or developed enough to deserve a leadership role in world affairs, and certainly not in the affairs of the Global South, certainly not in all of the countries that have been your victims all of these years.

I mean, there’s been no repentance on your part, there’s no contrition. There’s no moral improvement or change in you. You are exactly the same people who wiped out the Native Americans. You’re the same people who regarded Africans as subhumans. You’re the same people who murdered hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians in a matter of seconds in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You’re the same people who dropped napalm on civilian villages in Vietnam.

I mean, on and on, nothing changes and nothing exposes this more today than your stance on Palestine. Nothing demonstrates that you have not changed or developed in centuries more than your shameless support for Israel. And believe me, you’re alienating the whole planet by this.”

Watch: Jewish religious leader reveals how he feels about Israeli aggression in Gaza, TRT World Now, 11 Dec 2023:

“The sickness here is not a difference of religion between Jews and Muslims; history attests – anyone who is older than 75 will remember how we lived together in harmony.”

On his recent visit to Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, Putin ran rings around the West. He arrived to a ceremonious welcome, fully supported by his top officials to re-align the Middle East and BRICS towards Russia and away from the US/UK/EU axis of lies, doom and destruction.

Watch; Isolated Putin The Duran, 11 December 2023;

Alexander Mercouris; “Let’s start with the trip to the Middle East ,to the Arabian Peninsula and the first thing to say is that the Arab states the UAE and Saudi Arabia which he visited, in a few weeks time are going to be formally joining the BRICS, so he’s going to what will soon be two BRICS member states, and he went there escorted by his SU35 fighter jets with an incredibly strong delegation. So Lavrov of course, the foreign minister was there, his chief economic advisor Oreshkin was there, his chief foreign policy advisor Ushakov was there also, but also along with those Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen government was there. It was interesting because you don’t usually see Kadyrov joining Putin on foreign trips, and that does make me wonder whether Kadyrov has not had a very substantial diplomatic role. It was clear to me that MBS (Mohammed bin Salman) and Kadyrov know each other. You saw the meeting and you could see that the chemistry between the two and the fact that they were each pleased to see the other suggests to me that Kadyrov has quietly been filling a diplomatic role for the Russians in the Middle East for a long time.

One could get the sense that this whole trip was incredibly carefully choreographed. So Putin arrives in the UAE in Abu Dhabi, he is met by the president of the UAE, his motorcade goes into this gigantic residence of the presidents of the UAE, it’s lined with soldiers, some on horseback some on camels, there’s bands playing Arab martial music, there’s a 21-gun salute, there’s planes flying overhead leaving smoke trails in the colour of the Russian flag. I mean he is greeted to the UAE which is the gateway to the Arabian peninsula as a sort of conquering hero as an arriving Emperor and it’s quite remarkable to see the pictures of this, the sheer pomp and circumstance and ceremony of it.

And when he arrives in Riyadh, the King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman is himself there to greet Putin at the airport, that is apparently very very unusual. He then is met by MBS, it’s all smiles, there’s clearly a huge amount of friendship and goodwill amongst all of these people. And that then brings us to what they were clearly discussing, because I said that Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are about to join the BRICS. Nabiullina (Head of the Central Bank of Russia) is there, there’s lots of discussion about economic matters, about investments, about the Saudi and the Emirati and the Russian economy, about the Russians building nuclear power stations in Saudi Arabia, about technology and industrial investment and trade, and of course oil, and there’s an announcement about they’re going to work even more closely on oil matters.

But Nabiullina’s presence tells you that a key part of this discussion must be the setting up of the new payment system, the new BRICS payment system for the future of the oil trade because why else would you bring your Central Bank Chair if not to discuss something like that?

If you’re the United States and you’re looking at this, you’re probably just wondering where did it all go wrong? Bear in mind that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are long historic American allies and of course throughout the Cold War they were they were very strong opponents of the Soviet Union, I mean they didn’t even have diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, and now you see the Russian President being greeted with all this ceremony and all this friendship and all these smiles and all this delight to see him, and allowing him to enter the airspace of these countries escorted by Russian fighter jets. I mean it demonstrates how strong the relationship is between the Arab states, these Gulf monarchies and Russia. It’s now clear that for the Saudis and for the Emiratis the relationship with Russia and the BRICS states is now paramount. And contrast that with what happened a few weeks ago when Blinken came to Riyadh during the start of the Gaza crisis and wanted to speak to MBS and MBS kept him waiting a whole night long before he condescended to meet with him. So the contrast between that visit and this one is astonishing and given that they are talking about payment systems, that ought to be a massive alarm bell for the United States.”

Interesting analysis or why the zionist bankers whose profits escalate from usury, want to infiltrate into the Muslim world who consider usury to be a crime

BREAKING: The Expose Newsroom…

When usury, the practice of lending money and charging the borrower interest, was abolished in England in the 15th century, taxes were moderate and there was no state debt. With tolerable taxes, no state debt and no interest to pay, England enjoyed a period of unparalleled growth and prosperity.

The above description of 15th century England is according to a 2014 book titled ‘A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind’ by Stephen Mitford Goodson. A book which argues against the central banking system scam.

Goodson, who died in 2018, was the director of the South African Reserve Bank between 2003 and 2012. He was the leader of South Africa’s Abolition of Income Tax and Usury Party and an active commentator on the problems of the central banking system.

Below we have reproduced text from Goodson’s book that covers what he calls England’s “Glorious Middle Ages” and its demise. Goodson’s brief description of this period in English history seems to encapsulate the extent to which usury impacts ordinary people’s lives and, in some respects, feels relevant today.

With tolerable taxes,[19] no state debt and no interest to pay, England enjoyed a period of unparalleled growth and prosperity. The average labourer worked only 14 weeks and enjoyed 160 to 180 holidays. According to Lord William Leverhulme,[20] a writer of that time, “The men of the 15th century were very well paid”, in fact so well paid that the purchasing power of their wages and their standard of living would only be exceeded in the late 19th century. A labourer could provide for all the necessities his family required. They were well clothed in good woollen cloth and had plenty of meat and bread.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain, the Anglo-German philosopher, confirms these living conditions in his The Foundations of the XIXth Century.

“In the thirteenth century, when the Teutonic races began to build their new world, the agriculturalist over nearly the whole of Europe was a freer man, with a more assured existence, than he is today; copyhold[21] was the rule, so that England, for example – today a seat of landlordism – was even in the fifteenth century almost entirely in the hands of thousands of farmers, who were not only legal owners of their land, but possessed in addition far-reaching free rights to common pastures and woodlands.”[22]

During their spare hours many craftsmen volunteered their skills in building some of England’s magnificent cathedrals, which reinforces one of the basic tenets of Western civilisation that without leisure time, the fostering of culture is not possible. George Macauley Trevelyan, the English social historian, describes these accomplishments as follows:

“The continuous but ever-moving tradition of ecclesiastical architecture still proceeded on its majestic way, filling England with towering forests of masonry of which the beauty and grandeur have never been rivalled either by the Ancients or the Moderns … In the newer churches the light no longer crept but flooded in, through the stained glass, of which the secret is today even more completely lost than the magic of the architecture.”[23]

Although King Henry VIII (1509-1547) relaxed the laws regarding usury in 1509, they were subsequently repealed by his son King Edward VI (1547-53) by an Act of 1552 whose preamble stated that “usury is by word of God, utterly prohibited, as a vice most odious and detestable …”

Watch; Remembering the First Intifada; Palestine Declassified; 12 December 2023;

Host of the show is; Former Labour Party MP, Chris Williamson and the resident academic is former Professor at Bristol University and non resident Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Islam and Global Affairs at Istanbul Zaim University, and Co Director of the lobbying watchdog Spinwatch and a leading British scholarly critique of Israel, David Miller. They are joined by Dr Ghada Karmi, Palestinian Doctor, Activist, academic and writer who was born in Jerusalem and forced to leave during the NAKBA

Dr Ghada Karmi; “one of the first things I ever did, I suppose pro-Palestine activism, I didn’t really think of it as that then was when we saw the breaking of the bones, the famous footage of that. And then the BBC reported one of the soldiers who’d been arrested for the breaking of the bones, being shown home, released from custody to his kibbutz. And he was welcomed as a gentle giant who was returning to the wisdom of his family. And we were just outraged at this at the time. I was working at the Glasgow University Media Group.

I was a young, not even a PhD student by that stage. And we went into something in Glasgow called the Video Box, which was Channel 4’s right to , one of the key benefits of the creation of Channel four in terms of democratising the media, where you could go in and you could make a 32nd clip to complain about something. So we went in, I think three or four of us crammed into this box, and we did this thing. It’s an outrage that the BBC should refer to these horrific tortures as being gentle giants and the BBC should have proper coverage of this.

And so that was one of my first bits of education about the way in which propaganda operates in relation  to Zionism, essentially. 

Chris Williamson; How has the zionist regime’s oppressive techniques changed since the 1980s when they officially sanctioned the kind of bone breaking  punishment, beatings and these, undercover assassinations?

Dr Ghada Karmi; of course, worse. They don’t bother to break people’s bones. They shoot them dead. IIt’s amazing that the idea and the spectacle of soldiers just shooting Palestinians, killing them outright has become so part of the normal landscape. What was so very frightening about all this is that Zionist violence, which was there right from the start. You mentioned that I was a victim of the, the Nakba (catastrophe) in 1948.

The point about that Nakba, and the same point today, is the violence  that accompanies zionism. And so that violence meant that  moving on from breaking bones just simply shoot the people dead.

Watch; Israel is choosing ‘apartheid’ or ‘ethnic cleansing’; John Mearsheimer: Al Jazeera; 16 December 2023;

‘Israel has gone far beyond “going after Hamas” in the first 10 weeks of its war on Gaza, according to one of the United States’ leading political scientists, John Mearsheimer. He tells host Steve Clemons that murdering hundreds of civilians daily and starving the rest is a “punishment campaign” and “should be unacceptable to decent people all over the world”. In this episode, Mearsheimer, who teaches international relations at the University of Chicago, looks into Israel’s long-term strategies and explains why the elites in the US, Europe and the Arab world are not taking concrete steps to stop Israel’s bombing campaign.’

Watch; IDF killed a ‘good number of Israelis’ on October 7; Prof Mearsheimer: Middle East Eye; 18 December 2023;

‘Renowned scholar Professor John Mearsheimer recently asserted that on October 7th, it was the Israeli regime, not Hamas, responsible for the deaths of many Israelis. He also delves into their official “Hannibal doctrine,” which involves the controversial practice of killing their own people.’

Watch; The story of the zionist;

“The story of the zionist is not that they came to Palestine and made it bloom, it is that they came to a blooming country and they stole it. As they say in Arabic ‘akhaduha mafrousha’ (they took it furnished). Akhaduha mafrousha, shamelessly, violently, they stole money from the banks, they stole the produce from the fields, they stole cities, they stole agricultural machinery, they stole everything.

They did not make the desert bloom. They stole a blooming desert. And suddenly on the 15th of May 1948, a glorious history of 4,000 years became an historical footnote. Nobody remembers, nobody knows what happened in Palestine for the last 4,000 years. All that people talk about is the biblical mythology and then modern day zionism.”

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