October 15th, 2022 Food Sovereignty

Good Food, Good Farming March 2022

The Landworkers’ Alliance ‘Good Food Good Farming‘ London march was one of a growing number of worldwide farmer protests against the systematic destruction of farm livelihoods by agribusiness greenwash and global trade that forces UK farmers to compete with cheap substandard imports. Unless the government rewards farmers for producing food in symbiosis with nature, farmers will continue to be replaced by high tech machines, chemicals, vertical farms, GMOs, insect farms, lab meat and highly processed plant-based meat substitutes.

It is more important than ever to protect real local farmers, food security, public health, rural economies, animal welfare, natural seeds, and biodiversity. Please help raise awareness by sharing this 12 min video of the march:

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Our Demands:

  1. A legally enshrined Right to Food: so that everyone can access healthy, affordable and culturally-appropriate food
  2. Ambitious agricultural support policies: which support farms of all sizes in their transition to more sustainable farming practices
  3. Better livelihoods for farmers: through better regulated and fairer supply chains and markets
  4. Stand up for standards: international trade agreements that prioritise the welfare of farmers, animals, eaters and the environment in the UK and abroad
  5. Nature-friendly policies: for a major reduction of chemical pesticides and fertiliser use and to promote biodiversity, protect the environment and mitigate global warming
  6. Regulation of GMOs: to protect consumers, producers and the environment
  7. Fair income and decent working conditions: for all farmers, food producers and food system workers
  8. More support for young people entering farming: to rejuvenate the sector and revitalise rural areas
  9. More opportunities to grow and eat good food: through the provision of community spaces and education, especially in urban areas and marginalised communities
  10. Less but better meat and dairy: higher-quality livestock products which prioritise animal welfare, public health and the climate
  11. Boost domestic UK fruit and veg production: to meet everyone’s need for a healthy balanced diet and reduce reliance on imports
  12. Listen to the people: more participation of farmers, consumers and activists in political decision making

Short Videos

Tracy Worcester, Farms Not Factories
Gerard Miles, Organic Farmer
Jyoti Fernandes, Land Workers’ Alliance
Helena Paul, EcoNexus
Ben Andrews, Organic Farmer
Liz O’Neill, GM Freeze
Vicki Hird, Sustain
Rebecca Laughton, Land Workers’ Alliance
Phil Pritchard, Oxford City Farm


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