Our Top 4 Meat-Free BBQ Recipes

So far this month, temperatures in Britain have reached a scorching 39 degrees. Perfect timing for a BBQ!

Whilst a large percentage of the nation will pig out on beef steaks, chicken wings and pork chops, vegetarians and vegans are likely to head home unsatisfied with grumbling stomachs. But with a gentle nudge in the right direction, it’s actually very simple to create a mouthwatering menu fit for all guests.

There are so many delicious vegetarian and vegan ingredients which make for excellent substitutes. Not only are they healthy, relatively cheap, packed full of flavour and pleasing on the eye, they can often be sourced locally or grown at home. By reducing your meat intake, you may also minimise the risk of developing diet related illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer. Win win!

Here are our top 4 plant-based BBQ recipes guaranteed to please both the carnivores and the non-meat eaters.

1) Italian-style Augbergine Sausages

italian sausage5439

The Japanese augbergine, meaty in texture and perfectly shaped for a hotdog bun, is a great alternative to your standard pork sausage! Simply marinate overnight in spices, grill on the BBQ for around twelve minutes, then top with potatoes, peppers and onions. Follow the recipe here.

2) Stuffed Peppers


Tight on time? This stuffed pepper recipe can be prepared the night before and ready for serving within fifteen minutes. In a pan, gently fry a handful of pine nuts then add rice, garlic and vegetable stock. When the rice is tender, stir in spring onions, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and top with mozzarella and gorgonzola. Once stuffed, the peppers can be left in the fridge overnight ready for barbecuing in tin foil the next day.

3) Mexican-style Grilled Corn With Cotija Cheese and Lime Zest


If you’re too busy entertaining guests or want to sit back and make the most of the sun, this grilled corn recipe is a real contender. Simply brush several sweetcorn husks with oil and griddle for approximately twenty minutes until tender. Finally, top with cheese and a mix of sour cream, grated lime zest, cumin and cayenne pepper.

4) Brilliant Veggie Burger


Got any left over or frozen veg? These moorish vegetarian and vegan burgers, inspired by celebrity chef and Pig Pledge supporter Jamie Oliver, will put them to good use. Simply add sweetcorn, peas and broad beans to a food processor and blitz with herbs, seeds and spices, then shape into equal-sized, 2cm thick patties. Whilst these are heating through on the BBQ, why not get to work on some accompaniments: your very own spiced vegan mayo and crispy onion rings. Follow the recipe here.

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