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Information War

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“The way you get democracy to function is by informing the public.” – Robert Kennedy Jr.

Carl Sagan: “Science is more than a body of knowledge. It is a way of thinking; a way of sceptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility. If we are not able to ask sceptical questions, to interrogate those who tell us that something is true, to be sceptical of those in authority, then, we are up for grabs for the next charlatan (political or religious) who comes rambling along.”

Though the newsletter chapters interrelate, they are divided into four sections and have a common realisation that a cabal of corporate elites have captured global trade, global governance, mainstream and online media, and ultimately many of our minds. Please click on the section you are interested in below, or read the newsletter in full on my website.

  1. Food, Farming & Ecocide
  2. Censorship/Surveillance/Coercion/Corruption
  3. Russia/China Conflicts
  4. Covid/Vaccines Scam and Pandemic Treaty

As a stenographer, I link to an article or audio and paste a key paragraph or two. My most trusted websites are platforms for journalists who don’t compromise on the truth and have thereby been shunned by the mainstream media. These include; Global Research News, Children’s Health Defence, Geopolitical Economy Report, The Grayzone, Unlimited Hangout, 21WIRE FORUM, UKColumn; The Duran, Robert F Kennedy podcast, The Jimmy Dore Show, Palestine Declassified, Alex Krainer, Mattias Desmet; Local Futures, SUSTAIN, Farm Gate, Dr John Campbell and Russell Brand.

Online Retailers Series

Anthony Davison set up BigBarn because he was horrified by how little farmers were paid for their unique skills and long hours of work. BigBarn was formed to put consumers directly in touch with the farmers that produce their food, cutting out the supermarkets and the inefficient, costly and wasteful global food supply chain.

Anthony says, The food system is failing consumers by using marketing to increase the perception that price and convenience is more important than animal welfare, sustainable farming and food quality. BigBarn’s mission is to get people out of the supermarkets and shopping locally. In time we will provide the knowledge on how to build local food supply chains and the customer base to make them sustainable.”

Please give his video a like and a share:

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‘Free Assange – No Extradition’

Join me on this bike ride and give a loud call to the government to refuse Biden’s request for extradition and free a good, honest, highly intelligent man. His life depends on it and our right to free speech depends on it.

As you may know, they’re in the last stage of the UK process before Julian Assange may be extradited to the US. Unfortunately, his permission to appeal was rejected in June. They are awaiting a new court date (Day X) in the next few weeks. This is the last stage of the UK process.

Julian Assange is arguably the most significant journalist and publisher of our time. To punish him for doing essential journalism will be a blow to our democracy that cannot be undone.

Here’s how you can help:

Help us Free Julian Assange by getting ready for Day X! Access the toolkit for resources:
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#FAEToolkit #FreeAssangeNow #DayX

For Instagram-
Help us Free Julian Assange by getting ready for Day X! Access the toolkit for resources:
Follow @StellaAssange for updates.
#FAEToolkit #FreeAssangeNow #DayX

We will be MOBILISING outside the ROYAL COURTS OF JUSTICE in London. If you’re in Manchester join us at St Peter’s Square. ​​​​​​​ But this is a WORLDWIDE protest because this AFFECTS ALL OF US. If you can’t make it to London check your DAY X location here. Please help us get EVERYONE ready.

Though most politicians are protecting their jobs by following their US masters, a few sole voices are breaking ranks;

Tweet; Kenny MacAskill MP in UK Parliament Today (12th September) asks “Is it not time to free up space in prisons by removing Julian Assange from Belmarsh maximum security facility where he has languished since April 2019 guilty of a minor bail breach; when his real ‘offence’ is exposing war crimes? Telegram 12th September.

Though I find it quite extraordinary how anyone would want to listen to Russell Brand’s early narcissistic sex rant performances and how sick the BBC and Channel 4 were to air them, those days are over and he now channels his energy into calling out our corporate-captured authorities’ skulduggery and lies that has destroyed our culture, communities and cooperation and drives many to debilitating addictions like drink, drugs and sex that he openly admits he suffered from. In revenge for his invaluable work revealing information censored in the corporation owned mainstream media, they have concocted a scam to smear Russell Brand’s brave and honest work. The real give away was towards the end of the Dispatches documentary when Channel 4 revealed that today, according to them, Russell is spreading ‘conspiracy theories’ (aka facts) to millions of viewers.

Hence, the need to find a few women who also want revenge on Russell when the consensual sex didn’t go their way. Yes, Russell admits that in the past he was uber promiscuous but it’s interesting that of the five women accusing him of rape, four remained anonymous. Like with Julian Assange, anyone who is successful at challenging the deep state and its treachery, will be smeared and exposed in the msm. Rape is an old trope, and so this very serious accusation must be viewed with utmost suspicion. To hear a very subdued Russell refute the accusations of rape, watch; So, This Is Happening – written in full below;

‘Hello, hello there you awakening wonders. Now, this isn’t the usual type of video we make on this channel where we critique, attack and undermine the news in all its corruption, because in this story, I am the news. I’ve received two extremely disturbing letters, or a letter and an email. One from a mainstream media TV company, one from a newspaper listing a litany of extremely egregious and aggressive attacks, as well as some pretty stupid stuff like my community festival should be stopped, that I shouldn’t be able to attack mainstream media narratives on this channel.

But amidst this litany of astonishing, rather baroque, attacks are some very serious allegations that I absolutely refute. These allegations pertain to the time when I was working in the mainstream, when I was in the newspapers all the time, when I was in the movies. And as I’ve written about extensively in my books, I was very, very promiscuous.

Now, during that time of promiscuity, the relationships I had were absolutely always consensual. I was always transparent about that. Then almost too transparent, and I’m being transparent about it now as well. And to see that transparency metastasized into something criminal that I absolutely deny makes me question, is there another agenda at play? Particularly when we’ve seen coordinated media attacks before, like with Joe Rogan, when he dared to take a medicine that the mainstream media didn’t approve of, and we saw a spate of headlines from media outlets across the world using the same language.

I’m aware that you guys have been saying in the comments for a while, ‘watch out, Russell. They’re coming for you. You’re getting too close to the truth. Russell Brand did not kill himself’. I know that a year ago there was a spate of articles: Russell Brand is a conspiracy theorist, Russell Brand is right wing.

I’m aware of news media making phone calls, sending letters to people I know for ages and ages. It’s been clear to me, or at least it feels to me like there’s a serious and concerted agenda to control these kind of spaces and these kind of voices. And I mean, my voice along with your voice, I don’t mind them using my books and my standup to talk about my promiscuous consensual conduct in the past. What I seriously refute are these very, very serious criminal allegations. Also, it’s worth mentioning that there are witnesses whose evidence directly contradicts the narratives that these two mainstream media outlets are trying to construct, apparently, in what seems to me to be a coordinated attack.

Now, I don’t want to get into this any further because of the serious nature of the allegations, but I feel like I’m being attacked and plainly they’re working very closely together. We are obviously gonna look into this matter ’cause it’s very, very serious. In the meantime, I want you to stay close, stay awake, but more important than any of that, if you can, please stay free.’

Read; A Few Thoughts on the Russell Brand Furore Jonathan Cook, 17 September 2023

‘It does not follow, however, that the timing of these allegations is purely coincidental or of no interest. Most likely, these women are being listened to now, both because Brand is no longer the toast of Tinseltown, and, perhaps even more significantly, because he has become an outspoken critic of the very corporations that once feted him. He speaks to many, many millions of young people with the authority of a celeb-turned-whistleblower. He is possibly the most influential critic of capitalism in the English language (depending on how one defines influential).’

We need a new Sovereign Britain to take down the Corporate Britain that’s been assembled over the last 300 years.

Watch; Neil Oliver: Fancy A Revolution?; Neil Oliver; 14 Sept 2023 …corrupt governments, globalist’s plandemics, cyber emergencies, fearporn, threats and all the rest – it’s time to stand up!

“I put a line or two out on social media last week, wondering who else was in the mood to see a revolution, and I capitalised the ‘R’. I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t expect to see too much action off the back of it. By the end of last week, it had had well over a million views.

And a day or two later I put out a second line saying that I’d meant it about wanting to see a Revolution and that’s cycling up to seven figures – if it hasn’t already got there. I’ll be clear; I know it’s hardly accurate polling of the population at large, but given the reaction generated in relation to what my tweets usually get, it says to me that I struck a nerve and I struck a nerve all over the world. I get letters from all over the world and reaction on tweets from all over the world. And on this one, all over North America, including Canada, all over Europe, all over the Antipodes, people are getting in touch and saying… Yes.

I’ve been contacted directly as well, in the aftermath, by all manner of people, some known names, some not, saying they want to see the same. They want to see change, they want to see revolution.They’re anxious.They’re desperate to do something.

I have no interest, whatever, in the kind of looting and burning chaos that some people associate with revolution. The other sides in this war that we’re involved in, have sown quite enough chaos, thank you very much. So I certainly don’t want to see anymore. It goes without saying that it’s governments that kill people and destroy infrastructure, not general populations.

I want to see change for the better. Now, I absolutely and completely refute the notion, the thought that politics can get us out of this. We are absolutely not going to be able to vote our way out of the mess that we’re in. Along with everything else, parliament; the judiciary; the civil service; the police; education; academia; mainstream media; along with all of that, politics in this country and around the world is a lost cause.

It ain’t what it used to be, and it’s not coming back. Anyone confident of meaningful elections in the future is dreaming. What’s an election now? You vote for terminal cancer or vote for a massive heart attack? The choice is yours. It just depends which way you want to go out. The whole damned lot of them are captured, compromised, bought, and paid for. The system is corrupted completely. Any hope of reforming it is a fool’s errand. I’m telling you now, the system is done. As the late great US comedian George Carlin said amongst much else of profound wisdom. He said, ’the real reason we can’t have the Ten Commandments in a courthouse, you cannot post ‘thou shalt not steal, and thou shalt not commit adultery and thou shall not lie’, in a building full of lawyers, judges, and politicians, because it creates a hostile work environment’.”

Perhaps a call for a Revolution needs a manifesto like the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests), which will unite the 99%.

Food, Farming & Ecocide

I am very sad to report that our very good friend, Richard Young, organic farmer and brilliant ecologist, has passed away.

See Patrick Holden’s musing of their friendship and joint work. I will miss him at all the farm meetings; his warm heart, loving smile, and his encyclopaedic mind. He helped us hugely with our film Pig Business and shortly we will be publishing a video we made with him with his cattle for our Wise Farmer series.

Connect with cutting-edge thinkers, writers, policy makers, movement builders and activists from five continents over a clear vision to change the world at the Planet Local Summit in Bristol 29th Sept – Oct 1st 2023

“Localisation is the path to ecological economies, direct democracy, thriving communities and healthy food systems.” – Helena Norberg-Hodge, Director, Local Futures

Talks ● Workshops ● Dialogue and Debate ● Music ● Comedy ● A People’s Assembly ● In-depth critique of corporate globalisation and greenwashing ● Real-life strategies for systems change ● First-hand accounts of inspiring localisation initiatives from around the world ● Roadmaps for human and ecological wellbeing.

Watch and read; fantastic song; Oliver Anthony’s Remedy for the ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ Robert F Kennedy Jr, 16th September 2023

This is a great remix of Rich Men by rapper Dax;

‘Oliver splits his time between the farm and a remote wooded encampment where he lives a spartan life in a tent and small trailer with his pregnant wife and their two young children. He and I both hope that his homestead can serve as a pilot site for my proposal – announced in July – to build free healing centres in depressed communities across the nation, places that help reclaim a generation beset by depression, PTSD, loneliness, addiction, and mental illness.

Since the 1980s, we’ve built prisons in these same depressed communities to warehouse our devastated young people. In fact, prisons have become the number one social program for young men. It’s time to turn our national attention to healing people instead.

Oliver and I share a faith in the miraculous powers of nature, community, clean nutritious foods, and dignified work. We believe these things can restore our country, our planet, our public health, and our spiritual vitality. We envision regenerative agriculture and greenhouses where residents will grow wholesome organic food, learn skills, and take a break from cell phones and screens.’

Although farmers in this country should be applauded as heroes for feeding us, they are driven to despair because we buy imported industrially-produced food where the true cost has been externalised onto the broader community. We urgently need to support our farmers by buying UK produced meat, veg and dairy, all of which can be bought online or from farm shops or markets a few miles from our homes.

Read; Farmers in India and Britain “killing themselves to put food on the nation’s tables”, Fair Deal Food UK, 12th September 2023

“Farming communities in the UK have faced unprecedented challenges over the last few years, stemming from uncertainty around Brexit and future policy, the pandemic, market volatility in the wake of the Ukraine war, declining BPS payments and avian flu.

In India and Britain prices for produce fluctuate, sometimes not even covering the costs of food production and – burdened with mounting debt – some farmers see no way forward but to end their lives.’

‘More lives are lost through suicide than fatal farm accidents each year. According to the Office of National Statistics, 36 suicides were recorded in England and Wales among those working in the farming and agricultural industry in 2021 and 22 farm workers lost their lives in fatal accidents in 2021/22.”

Though the action day was 10th Sept, we must continue the campaign to stop the government signing up to trade deals that globalise and corporatise our food and farming system;

Read; Call to Action: 10 September 2023 – International Day of Action Against the WTO and Free Trade Agreements, Via Campesina, 22nd Aug 2023

‘The global food crisis, resulting in increasing global hunger, exacerbated by speculative commodity trading practices, pandemics, conflicts and wars, is glaring evidence of a flawed global food system that primarily benefits transnational agribusiness. Numerous reports have highlighted how, even in the face of growing global hunger, a handful of large agribusiness corporations continued to accumulate profits through speculative practices.’

The breakdown of our food system isn’t the fault of the farmers or supermarkets, it’s the financial system that opens farm produce to compete in the global economy.

Read; The leaky food grid is failing us, farmers and the environment, Vicki Hird, Head of Sustainable Farming, Sustain, 23rd Aug 2023

“How can we ever make the food system work for people, farmers, and the planet, when costs are so high and profits so low? Farmers are squeezed ever harder, supermarkets compete viciously, and yet ever more people go hungry.

But the UK food system is a £164bn billion industry in the UK, so where is the money going?”

Patrick Holden, former CEO of The Soil Association and now CEO of Sustainable Food Trust, smallholder dairy farmer and artisan cheese producer in Wales, describes the difficulties shared by farmers in Wales and across the globe.

Glastir Organic funding – Patrick Holden; FarmGate; 31-08-23

“It is desperately difficult. But as you will know, during the last couple of years, partly of course, by Covid and by the recession and Ukraine war, the price of organic dairy that organic dairy farmers have been getting for their milk has actually been below conventional (milk prices). And that has really put organic dairy farmers in a very difficult position. All farmers are confused. I think they’ve become confused by what the Welsh government is intending, so the confusion isn’t only confined to organic farmers. We’re all in a position where we don’t understand what the signals are. We are looking at an uncertain future. What we do know is that we need to produce food in ways that benefit nature, benefit climate and is good for public health. And it could and should be argued that there is no better system of farming to achieve these positive acts than organic farming. So although I’m very much in favour of a more inclusive scheme which benefits all farmers – not just existing organic farmers – it will be very sad if the actions of the Welsh government threw the organic baby out with the bathwater of conventional farming.”

Patrick’s cheese, Hafod Cheese, is outstandingly delicious and very good value. My Forbidden Fruit and Veg Venture growing team devours it in huge quantities. Buy some from Neals Yard Dairy.

Inspired by Patrick’s cheese, read this about these cheese makers in Italy- long may people buy artisan cheese so our farmers can revitalise real farming.

Pastoralism saves the meadows, guarantees regeneration; slow food:18 September 2023

A network built on solidarity, emotional attachment to the land, and care for animals at the heart of Cheese 2023, the world’s largest event dedicated to artisanal cheese organised by Slow Food and the City of Bra.

The reality is that the government doesn’t value farmers. Its policies are dictated by the Treasury who take orders from the banks and their corporate stooges who must increase shareholder dividends by increasing sales of energy intensive, high tech robots, vertical hydroponic plant-growing factories, genetically edited seeds and fake, lab-grown meat.

Watch; Bill Gates Has Been HIDING This And It’s ALL About To Come Out: Russell Brand, 13 September 2023

“People are experimenting on stopping Bill Gates from being so bloody greedy. Stop it Bill stop it!”

“No, no I won’t.”

“Bill, stop it now!”

“I want to control everything.”

“Bill, you don’t need any more farms.”

“Just one more farm.”

(Picture of a petri dish of green blueberry cells)“……. what does it look like? – bogies, snot! … it’s nasal discharge. Sir, would you care to indulge?

“No? You’re right, I’ll stick with the Ferrero Rochers. But this petri dish has the makings of blueberries.”

“We could have a kind of a whole new growing system for fresh plant foods but they’re preparing for dystopia.”

“There’s this constant mistrust of nature herself, the idea that fruit somehow is malign and problematic. Fruit and nature evolved alongside us, we are not separate from it. The idea that we are overlords that need to construct things in a lab and that will somehow be beneficial. James Rogers founded Apeel – stupid name – in 2012 and the company has raised a total of 110 million dollars in funding from investors who include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Oh sure, they won’t want anything in return for that investment! Rogers’ Apeel thinks it can combat the problem of food waste with its primary product, a tasteless odourless edible coating made from plant materials. Okay, plant materials. Let’s hold that phrase in your mind for a moment. ‘Apeel can produce avocados or oranges from going bad for weeks longer than usual’. Again it’s another bolting on to the natural world. I suppose the human project of civilization is fundamentally a denial of nature, but surely there are ways for us to evolve in harmony with nature, for us to acknowledge who we are, what our relationship with the Earth and one another, rather than continuing down this mythic path of progressivism which seems to be continually in power; one set of interests, usually at the cost of ordinary people.”

“Lab growing meat is set to become more ubiquitous in the next 10 years, transforming from a niche concept to a common fridge staple. But for this to happen, production methods will have to be scaled up from mere petri dishes to massive, energy intensive, industrial units. You can’t make a comparison between a petri dish and an energy intensive industrial unit.”

“Look at this,” (quoting an imaginary scientist) “this is much less energy intensive than that cow okay. Well can you make a lot of it? We certainly can. Fire up boys!”

“It’s an entirely different proposition on that scale and even as a vegan, who actually doesn’t eat meat only because I think it’s cruel, I still find it somehow distasteful, unpleasant, weird and they’re at odds with the direction that we’re supposed to be going in. ….To eat meat grown in a laboratory, this is not the solution, this is just another variation on the problem.”

‘In the study, the scientists estimated the energy required for stages of lab-grown meats, production from the ingredients, making up the growth medium and the energy required to power laboratories, and compare this with beef, they largely focus on the quantity of growth medium components including glucose, amino acids, vitamins, growth factors, salts and minerals. They found the global warming potential of lab-grown meat ranges from 246 to 1508 kilograms of CO2 equivalent per kilogram of lab grown meat which is 4 to 25 times greater than the average global warming potential of retail beef!

“Again I’m not a person who is pro meat and I’m not saying, look, I’m pro industrialised meat. I am pro freedom, I am pro you making your own choices for your family in your diet, and I am aware that there is a global effort to disempower and destroy farmers, I believe, because farmers are an important part of the chain of survival. They are connected to the land, they are growing food, there is no question there are challenges around agriculture and areas where agriculture could be improved, but I don’t think that the motives of these centralised globalist endeavours is to improve the ecology. I don’t think it’s to improve anything, I think it’s to gain control and to make money. I think those are always the motives. I don’t believe that these kind of interests are here to help us.”

“I want agricultural workers and farmers to feel empowered and part of a community. We’ve moved so far away from connected communal models, where all of us feel like we are invested in the food cycle and live communication with one another, that we’re willing to countenance an idea where “why don’t we give centralised authority to some lab-grown meat, lab-grown fruit, patented seeds, unelected powerful entities, that have been half regulated by other unelected entities that they also fund this” – seems to me to be a further advance of globalism that’s plainly taken us in the wrong direction, that isn’t popular with ordinary people and no one asked us if we wanted it, and the only way they can continue to justify it is “oh we’re helping you, we’re helping the environment”, but the facts do not support that.”

Corporate funded universities are spewing out geneticists who, in a vain attempt to solve problems of disease caused by intensive systems of production, are happy to engineer our food that might itself  become a dangerous vector of disease.

Read or Listen; mRNA Vaccines Now Headed for Shrimp. BY PATRICIA HARRITY ON SEPTEMBER 14, 2023

‘Shrimp are slated to become the latest food source exposed to messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines, courtesy of ViAqua Therapeutics, an Israeli-based biotechnology startup. The company has secured $8.25 million in funding from venture capitalists for its oral RNA-based shrimp vaccine, which is intended to target white spot syndrome virus (WSSV), according to Dr. Mercola.

According to an analysis by Mercola there are plans to administer its RNA-based product via coated feed, he writes “ViAqua suggests the RNA molecules can inhibit gene expression, silencing disease-affected genes with every meal.1) WSSV is a devastating condition in shrimp, leading to a 15% reduction in global shrimp production each year — an annual loss of about $3 billion.”

2) ViAqua says challenge tests show its RNA-based formulation improved shrimp survival against WSSV, but at what cost? The use of mRNA in the food supply is controversial for good reason — no one knows what the long-term consequences will be.’

The corporate-captured EU Commission has plans to follow the UK in legalising gene editing and exempting it from the existing GMO regulations, labelling and traceability. Although most UK farmers voted for Brexit hoping for more protection from cheap lower standard EU imports, Brexit means they are shut out from the EU market and subjected to cheap imports from the entire world. At the same time they lost the relative protection of EU laws. The Commission’s globalist agenda incessantly undermines the MEPs desire to protect farmers from global competition which lowers standards, deregulates dangerous GMOs and toxic pesticides and drives down prices paid to farmers, resulting in bankruptcies and suicides. Below you will see that the case against legalising GM and gene editing is clear.

Read; European Commission Under Fire for GMO Deregulation Proposals; Beyond GM; 14 Sept 2023

Article is written about the invaluable GMO free Regions Conference 2023

‘The Commission’s proposals are closely aligned with those of the UK’s Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act, creating a broad category of new GMOs that it considers equivalent to traditionally bred organisms and then exempting these from regulation, labelling and traceability.

The Greens/EFA agricultural spokesperson in the Agriculture Committee, Martin Häusling MEP, summed up concerns of the day by accusing the EU executive of abandoning Europe’s precautionary principle in favour of indiscriminate innovation in service of new markets, and questioned the legitimacy of industry claims that NGTs (New Genomic Techniques) could produce crops that help fight climate change, reduce pesticide use and ensure food security. Such promises, he said, crumble under scrutiny – and, indeed, this was the case during the course of the conference.

A strong lineup of speakers brought their expertise to bear on the three part conference which examined issues of science and precaution, labelling and traceability and the impact of deregulations on food and agricultural systems. While speakers were limited to only a few minutes each, together they painted an overwhelming picture of the multiple failures of the European proposals and the potential impacts if these proposals remain unamended.’

Dr Michelle Habets senior researcher at the Rathenau Instituut; “This last point was supported by a devastating analysis presented by Dr Margret Engelhard, Head of Division for Genetically Modified Organisms at BFN (the German Federal Agency for Nature Protection). The analysis, which looked at NGT plant applications by trait, confirmed that more than half of all new GMO plants in development and/or seeking authorisation were for crops with consumer and industry-friendly traits (things that make them look nicer on the shelf such as pink pineapples and non-browning apples or which make turning them into processed foods or industrial products easier, such as high starch potatoes) and not for traits that would benefit climate, biodiversity or food security.”

Supermarkets pay so little for apples that, in one episode of Farming Today, a farmer could not  afford to pay pickers so volunteers picked 35 tons and gave  them to charity. In the next program, a UK farmer had  ordered twenty-four £80k robots to pick his apples because he couldn’t find humans who wanted to pick them! If sufficient supermarket profits went to farmers instead of CEOs and shareholders, they could afford to pay people who would enjoy picking apples in the beautiful English countryside. You can hardly call it a functioning economy if our orchards are going bankrupt and fruit will have to be imported. Our buying British and ideally avoiding the supermarket would save our farmers.

Watch; Giving away apple crop; Farming Today 12 Sept 2023;

BBC Presenter; “All week we’re picking out the stories from top-fruit farming – that’s apples, pears, plums and cherries.”

“Top fruit farmers are not getting paid more, despite rises in the shops. Well, that lack of returns from retailers has led one fruit grower in Kent to give away all his crop to charity, because he says, he can’t make any money from selling it. Peter Hall, who has around 50 acres of apple, pear, and plum trees, says the supermarkets don’t pay enough to cover the costs of production.”

The BBC’s Yvette Austin reports: “The whole crop, 150 tons, is being given away because last year the farmer, Peter Hall made a £50,000 loss.”

Peter Hall: “We can’t make money out of it selling it through the normal system, but we can give it to charity which means that the food is going into the system. People who would never normally buy these things are going to be given decent quality food and it’s not being wasted. And, don’t forget the biodiversity orchards provide.”

Listen: Farming Today – Robotic Fruit Pickers, 13th September 2023

Presenter: ‘Picking apples has always been labour-intensive, but things are changing with the development of new machinery to aid – or even replace – pickers. One such machine is called the REVO and it’s being used this year by a major grower in Kent. Adrian Scripps has 250 hectares and produces up to 200 million apples a year from its orchards near Tonbridge.

Our reporter Howard Shannon joins Managing Director, James Simpson, next to one of the REVO harvesting platforms.’

Reporter: “The machines in front of us, they appear to have three extended tentacles either side of them and then the pickers are – half the pickers, there are six altogether – are riding on a platform about 2 metres off the ground.”

James Simpson: “So, what we’re trying to do here is automate part of the process of apple picking. So, traditionally, the picker would’ve carried the fruit in a picking bucket to the bin. That obviously has an amount of wasted of time and effort. So what we’re doing here; we’re moving the bins through the orchard, autonomously, with a machine driving itself through the orchard, self-guides, self-steers, and the pickers pick into short conveyors that automatically feed the bin.”

Reporter: “How does the machine know when the tree next to it has been stripped of its apples?”

James Simpson: “It self-steers with an opsonic sensor, either side of the machine. That picks up on the location of the tree adjacent to it. But, as the picker actually clears the tree, one of the pickers adjusts, manually, the forward speed so that the machine keeps up with the rate of picking or slows down if the picking is slower.”

Perhaps the control freaks at the top prefer machines to humans and we deplorables are simply in the way. As the WEF adviser Yuval Noah Harari said;

‘Since we do not know how the job market would look in 2030 or 2040, today we have no idea what to teach our kids. Most of what they currently learn at school will probably be irrelevant by the time they are 40. Traditionally, life has been divided into two main parts: a period of learning, followed by a period of working. Very soon this traditional model will become utterly obsolete, and the only way for humans to stay in the game will be to keep learning throughout their lives and to reinvent themselves repeatedly. Many, if not most, humans may be unable to do so.

The coming technological bonanza will probably make it feasible to feed and support people even without any effort from their side. But what will keep them occupied and content? One answer might be drugs and computer games. Unnecessary people might spend increasing amounts of time within 3D virtual-reality worlds that would provide them with far more excitement and emotional engagement than the drab reality outside. Yet such a development would deal a mortal blow to the liberal belief in the sacredness of human life and of human experiences. What’s so sacred about useless bums who pass their days devouring artificial experiences?’

Yuval Noah Harari is practising sophistry here. It’s well known that a purposeful life brings happiness and that knowledge empowers purpose. People only become ‘unnecessary’ when real knowledge is removed.

The public are increasingly served lies and half truths by the msm and independent social media sites that educate people out of subservience are being deplatformed . This dumbing down, and control by AI, is sponsored by the WEF. Harari’s references to ‘unnecessary people’ and ‘useless bums’ reminds one of Nazi terminology from the 1930s. This evil can be stopped by refusing to go along with their attempts to control our lives under the smoke screen of things we see as beneficial like abating climate change, increasing wildlife and protecting us from pandemics, paedophiles, autocrates and terrorists. Work out if the instructions are coming from top down or bottom up – if you cant see the duplicity, do the research or just say no.

NetZero is the smokescreen under which the authorities believe that the public will accept the destruction of our farmers, our food sovereignty and quality and our ecosystem while corporations and philanthro capitalists make a killing through carbon trading.

Read; Want to Fight Climate Change? Chop Down ‘Em Trees; I am sarcastic because I am mourning the obscenity of the lie. By Tessa Lena, 28th August

“Yes, the conventional idea is to plant trees to soak up carbon dioxide from the air and to then sell credits to corporations, private jet owners and others who need or want to offset their emissions. But scientists say burying trees can reduce global warming as well—particularly if those trees would otherwise end up burning or decaying, spewing their stored carbon into the air.

By the way, some “business-savvy” folks in New York have arrived at the same conclusion as Mr. Gates (“cutting trees = fighting climate change and if not, at least there is money in it”) and cooked up a whole giant climate resilience project that entails destroying beautiful parks by the water, cutting down old, beautiful trees—and replacing them with, I don’t know, probably statues of antiracist syringes and surveillance poles. Yes, there were objections and protests. The “developers” are going ahead with it anyway.

What contempt for the people. What complete disregard for anything except their bank accounts.”

Bill Gates sure hates this planet.

Watch; Twitter; Who gave this psychopath permission to destroy this planet? Dr Anastasia Maria Loupis

‘Bill Gates and other investors are betting Kadama Systems can reduce carbon dioxide in the air by chopping down and burying trees, which has raised $6.6 million in seed funding from Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy and others. Scientists say burying trees can reduce global warming as well. I don’t know where they find these scientists, by the way. To help address the problem. The US Forest Services aims to thin out 70 million acres of Western forests, mostly in California over the next decade, extracting more than 1 billion tons of bone dry biomass.

Normally, when you cut down trees, when you’re a lumberjack, when you have a lumber company, you’re selling the lumber to build houses, people buying from Home Depot or whatever. They’re arguing that they want to, rather than sell the timber, take all that wood and just bury it, because they’re saying that that is a better solution. And so in other words, this is a business because they’re getting money to create carbon offsets, and this is what Bill Gates is financing.’

As high tech and rewilding projects replace our precious UK farmers in the name of NetZero, our farmers and consumers demanding real food must fight back like the farmers protesting in the Netherlands. The obsession with high tech and rewilding combined has become utterly farcical.

Farming today 2nd sept

Mike Jones from Agri-EPI, an organisation set up to get technological innovation out onto UK farms: “Humans are expensive to employ and the skill set is few and far between, and if we can find some technology to monitor the species of animals, insects, in a field like this and we can truth-test that. And if that can then be rolled out further across the whole of UK agriculture, that will tell a fantastic story.”

Presenter: “We had an interesting email on all this from Dr Richard Birch, he’s an ecologist working in Wales. He quotes Mike Jones, who said, in that report that “Humans are expensive”. And he says he worries about an over-dependence on technology.”

Dr Richard Birch: “We will use the apps and they are wrong as often as they’re right. But crucially, the erosion of critical thinking means that nobody argues with them. They just accept that the AI knows best. It may be highly effective at obtaining and crunching data, but it cannot apply the temporal perspective gained from years of field experience monitoring biodiversity change. To paraphrase Hamlet: “What a stupid piece of work is a man. We’ve invented something better than we are and are in danger of making ourselves redundant.”

In the same episode of Farming Today farmers whose land has been recently designated SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) by Natural England are being forced to sell up because of the strict limitations on how they use the land. Their concerns are being ignored by Natural England and, as this farmer explains, many of the areas destined to be reserved only for wildlife have been farmed in symbiosis with nature for centuries.

Presenter: Farmers on a newly designated protected site say they are being forced to sell up. Last year, Natural England designated 3,000 hectares of the Lands End Peninsula in Cornwall, as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a SSSI (A Site of Special Scientific Interest). But that brings in more protection for the area and stricter rules on what farmers can and cannot do. Chris Merley runs a pedigree Jersey dairy herd with his parents.

Chris Merley: “If we have to do what Natural England wants us to do, then it’s going to mean us stopping (farming).”

BBC Presenter: “So, you’d have to have fewer animals to reach the targets they want you to reach in five years?”

Chris Merley:”We would probably have to let go of between 30 and 40 cows, I expect.”

BBC Presenter: “And does the business work financially without them?”

Chris Merley: “It would be a lot more difficult to go without them, yes. I mean Natural England say that we will be eligible for countrywide stewardship grants and one thing and another. But they don’t add up to anywhere near the income we can make from milking the cows. So there’s a far, far, bigger picture than just the financial thing. It’s the wrong thing in the wrong place. What are Natural England trying to protect? In our view West Penwith moors and downs need protecting from Natural England.”

Presenter: “Well, Natural England says it wants to work with farmers to make this work and it wants to protect this area because it’s a special place.”

Chris Merley: “Yes, it’s a special place because of the people that have been farming it for the last 4,000 years. That’s why it’s got the designation of SSSI. As far as Natural England working with us, since the proposed designation of the 7th of October we have had one phone call from them. We have not met anybody from Natural England. Nobody has set foot on our place. We’ve been to countless meetings with them and they are completely blank. There is no cooperation with them at all, whatsoever.”

Presenter: “I understand that some people locally are thinking about selling up – to put farms on the market.”

Chris Merley: “I should imagine there are going to be some that will sell up. There is one in particular that, there is no way they can carry on dairy farming within a SSSI. It just can’t be done.”

If supermarkets stopped pushing down prices paid for milk, farmers would produce enough milk with reduced numbers of pasture fed cattle. Price competition is a war on quality production.

DEFRA is funding experimental ways to fertilise potatoes that they call ‘recycling nutrition’. These include using anaerobic digester pellets made from the waste from cruel, overcrowded factory farms, when we should only raise sentient beings humanely, keeping them outside where their manure is used in situ to fertilise the land. With farmers also utterly insensitised to the impact of drenching crops with toxic chemicals, no wonder this farmer has no issue using recycled fire extinguishers (nitrogen and phosphate) as an experimental fertiliser for his potatoes! Looking up the contents of a fire extinguisher on the internet, I definitely don’t want to eat his potatoes. ‘While foam extinguishers are primarily water-based, they also contain additional chemicals that can be harmful if ingested. Therefore, it’s important to use these units safely, and it’s recommended to wear goggles and impermeable gloves when cleaning up foam from a foam fire extinguisher.’

Listen: Farming Today 30th Sept

David Armstrong; farming in the Midlands, Lincolnshire. “We’re farming about 400 arable crops. We’re trying to see if we can grow potatoes with as little impact on the environment as possible. We’ve had nutrition trial and rotation trials, different sort of rates of nitrogen, different types of nitrogen.”

Andy Blair; field technical manager with Branston Growers and Packers. “Here’s one of the novel fertilisers that we’ve used in the trials here.”

BBC Presenter; “These pellets in that jar there, they’re waste from an anaerobic digester.”

Andy Blair; “The output of the anaerobic digester that the company’s actually able to then capture carbon dioxide from an industrial operation, and that’s what gives it this really low carbon footprint as it arrives on farm. It’s new technology. We see that recycling nutrition is gonna be the way forward. Rather than making artificial nitrogen all the time, we need to start using different waste streams. So this is actually the output of recycled fire extinguishers, which is actually a good source of nitrogen and phosphate.”

BBC Presenter; “Fire extinguishers?”

Andy Blair; “Yeah. When I first heard about it, I thought it was really niche, but they’re actually producing thousands of litres of this stuff that we can really use quite effectively when we’re growing potatoes.”

BBC Presenter; “And finally in the big jar, that horrible sludge?”

Andy Blair; “Yeah, so this glutinous material is a nitrogen source that’s made out of extracting from plant materials. It’s all about recycling nutrition and seeing how the potatoes respond to the different nutrition that we use.”

BBC Presenter; “As you’re walking down the rows here, David, how are the trials going?”

David Armstrong; “We have had yield digs done, but at moment they’re a little bit inconclusive. Over the next few weeks we’ll get a handle of where we are and the differences between the crops. Where I can see it at the moment, if it says it is putting a certain amount of nutrition on, that is what it seems to be doing.”

BBC Presenter; “That looks good above land but too early to say what it is doing below ground?”

David Armstrong; “I think that’s a perfect answer.”

The pittance that the government is offering to save small scale abattoirs proves that they don’t want to keep their small scale farmers in business. Without a local small-scale abattoir, farmers will continue to go bust. If we are going to save our small scale livestock farmers to provide real meat and internalise their true cost, we must buy directly from them via farmers markets and online sources like BigBarn.

Farming Today; 15/09/23

BBC Presenter; “Luke Smith farms near Dorking in Surrey, and when his local abattoir, Downland Traditional Meats in West Sussex announced that it was gonna close its doors for good, he took it over despite the fact that it’s a 50 mile drive away, because he wanted to make sure that he still had somewhere to slaughter his sheep and cattle for the meat boxes he sells. He is not convinced that the government’s new fund will make any real difference.”

Luke Smith; “Well, my reaction is it, it’s a great start, but I’m just concerned that uh, it’s only a drop in the ocean for what we actually require.”

BBC Presenter; “So many small abattoirs seem to just about hang on by the skin of their teeth. So many have gone out of business. Just just explain why that is.

Luke Smith; “The top three reasons, from my opinion, talking to other colleagues that run abattoirs across the country would be; the red tape and rules. There is no difference in an abattoir that’s processing say 10,000 sheep a day to an abattoir that’s processing a hundred sheep. They have to follow exactly the same rules. The costs are the same. Number two would be staff. No one wants to come into the industry. If you look at the average age of my workforce, it’s somewhere over 60.

And then I would say that the third main thing would be cost. It is a real, real, struggle to make ends meet each month.”

BBC Presenter; “And how busy are you? I mean, do you have a lot of people that want to use your services?”

Luke Smith; “Well, we are incredibly busy. There is another abattoir close to us and we are virtually fully booked, certainly for beef, nearly to Christmas. And that’s a real worry. You know, we’ve got a waiting list of nearly 70 cattle on our desk and we just can’t take much more. Our staff, me, the plant and the whole team in general, are under so much pressure, day in day out, to try and achieve since the closure of another local abattoir a few months ago. We are now processing more in a week than we used to do in a month. We can’t do any more.”

BBC Presenter; “And despite how busy you are, are you still struggling as a business?”

Luke Smith; “Yes. We have got huge increases in costs month on month. The problem is, of course, that we can only pass on the cost to the person who’s wanting their animals processed so much. We did a large price increase on the 1st of August. You know, we did lose a little bit of custom and unfortunately some of that was lost to the fact they went out of business because they couldn’t afford it anymore. And that’s really bad. And some of our customers have said if we go through another price increase, they also won’t be able to afford it. There is an incredibly fine line and that is very thin between us making money and being able to survive, but also being affordable for our customers so they can survive as well.”

“Unfortunately, I believe it is a dying trade and a dying industry. And, and that is really sad. People are really struggling, you know, they’re really struggling with staff, they’re really struggling with the red tape and they’re just really struggling mentally and physically to keep going.”

The farmland in Ukraine used to be owned by individual farmers, but since the US coup in 2014, US corporations have bought up large tracts of land. However, the grain blockade has prevented the US corporate owners of Ukrainian land from selling their grain!

Watch; A grain deal of nonsense; No2Nato No2War; 15 Sept 2023

The broadcast features esteemed guests George Szamuely, Dr Fred M’Membe and Dr Lucy Morgan Edwards. Guest chaired by journalist Konrad Rękas.

George Szamuely; “Let’s keep in mind that one important piece of legislation that followed the coup of 2014 that overthrew the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych. One of the important pieces of legislation was to liberalise buying and selling of land. Meaning that foreigners could buy land. So Ukraine, which of course is very rich agriculturally, did indeed become the playground of a lot of very wealthy corporations.

And we’ve seen the whole Hunter Biden scandal, that was all part of what happened immediately following that coup. When Hunter Biden got this position at Burisma, without (his having) any knowledge of oil, gas, energy, Ukrainian, Russian or anything, he never even visited Ukraine. But that was part and parcel of what happened following that coup.

And as I say, an important ingredient was the buying and selling of land. So now with these US corporations owning large chunks of land, they suddenly weren’t making any money because Ukraine wasn’t able to ship its grain out through the Black Sea. And so they got very indignant about it, and got onto the United States government and said, ‘you gotta do something, we gotta get this grain out, we bought this land, we wanna make some money on this grain’. And hence the whole international hysteria generated by the western media, which is ‘mass starvation, global starvation…….unless Ukraine is able to get its grain out, there’ll be, millions of people are going to die of hunger’.

This was an artificially created hysteria that led then to the Black Sea Grain Initiative. And as we found out, subsequently, very little of this grain actually went to the hungriest, poorest countries of the world …… (according to) the United Nations, 3% went to the foreign countries such as Djibouti. It’s absolutely the United States moving in, taking over the assets, both agricultural and industrial, not just of Ukraine, but of Europe as a whole.”

Konrad Rękas; “There is no business like war business.”


After enduring more than 12 years in conditions described by the UN as Arbitrary Detention and Torture, Julian Assange, if extradited to the US, can expect a show trial in a rigged court packed with jurors selected from the CIA-friendly residents of E Virginia that, like 99.9% of cases tried in this court, will result in a conviction.

Watch: Censorship & Blacklists: Consortium News, 7th July 2023

Chris Hedges, Stella Assange & Matt Kennard speak about the perdition of journalists, focusing on the current proceedings against Julian Assange.

‘We have to be clear, as Stella said, that not only has Julian not committed a crime or certainly not the crime that he’s charged with, but in fact, I speak as a former investigative reporter for the New York Times; he has carried out the most important journalistic activity of any journalist of our generation. The reason that he is a target is because, what journalists such as myself did, we did on a much much smaller scale. We may have exposed malfeasance or lies or crimes, but he exposed thousands of crimes through these documents and destroyed the kind of credibility of the US military and the U.S intelligence service. The State Department and these institutions were wounded, certainly wounded in terms of public perception, and they can’t forgive him for that.’

Watch; The ‘slow motion execution’ of Julian Assange w/Craig Murray; The Chris Hedges Report; 15 Sept 2023: The Real News Network Podcasts

‘As Julian Assange continues to fight extradition to the United States to face prosecution under the Espionage Act, a growing chorus of voices is rising to demand an end to his persecution. Hounded by US law enforcement and its allies for more than a decade, Assange has been stripped of all personal and civil liberties for the crime of exposing the extent of US atrocities during the War on Terror. In the intervening years, it’s become nakedly apparent that the intent of the US government is not only to silence Assange in particular, but to send a message to whistleblowers and journalists everywhere on the consequences of speaking truth to power. Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, who was fired for exposing the CIA’s use of torture in the country, joins The Chris Hedges Report to discuss what Julian Assange’s fight means for all of us.’

Craig Murray; “I sometimes really wonder whether the United States government realises how it looks to the outside world? Here you have a government whose main political opponent, and I’m no fan of Donald Trump, but he is their main political opponent, and they’re trying to put him in prison so he can’t fight in the election. How does that look for this world? What are you constantly accusing Russia of doing? What, what are you constantly accusing all kinds of other nations of doing? How does that affect our standing? We’ve got a presidential election coming, so the guy who’s ahead in the polls, let’s put him in jail so he can’t stand! If at the same time you’re doing that, you’re also trying to put the most famous publisher in the world, in jail simultaneously, what, what message is that sending out to the world? That’s sending out the message to the world that you are a completely fake democracy, and that your human rights record is actually no better than that of China or Russia or any of these other countries you are constantly criticising. So I think the Biden administration would be completely mad to bring Julian here, to extradite Julian. I don’t understand why they don’t see the danger in what they are doing in terms of freedom of speech worldwide and people’s opinion to obsession and censorship worldwide.”

Chris Hedges; “I think because it’s driven by the CIA, I think the CIA with Vault seven, which exposed the hacking tools that the CIA has put into our phones or televisions, even our cars. That of course is when Trump announced the extradition and before President Obama had used the espionage Act against whistleblowers, but he hadn’t used it against journalists, Trump upped the ante by calling for the use of the Espionage Act to extradite in this sense, a journalist. But my reading of it is that they don’t care how they look. Part of it is to send a message. It doesn’t matter what nationality you are, it doesn’t matter where you are, WikiLeaks, it’s not a US-based publication. If you expose the kind of information that Julian and WikiLeaks exposed, we’re gonna come for you. Isn’t that the message?”

Craig Murray; “I think that’s absolutely right.They don’t see the dangers and disclaim of universal jurisdiction. The United States isn’t going to be the most powerful country in the world for much longer. It arguably already isn’t. China is getting stronger and stronger. What are they going to say when Chinese start plucking away American journalists for having published something rude about China, even though they’ve never been to China? You know, this claim of universal jurisdiction is extraordinary. And what’s even more extraordinary is they’re claiming universal jurisdiction. But Julian is under their jurisdiction because he published american secrets, even though he’s not an American and he wasn’t in America. And at the same time, while they claim jurisdiction over him, they’re claiming he has no First Amendment rights because he is an Australian. The combination of that….. we have jurisdiction over you, you have all the liabilities that come with that, but you have none of the rights that come with that because you’re not one of our citizens – that’s pernicious.’

‘And if you read the judgement, it specifically says, we cannot accord First Amendment rights to non-US citizens, because otherwise it would have to apply to oversee citizens handled by the US military. So what they’re saying is, if Julian has First Amendment rights, then people in Guantanamo Bay have rights. Right. So, no, no one has rights.”

Chris Hedges; “The (Australian) ambassador, Carolyn Kennedy said that they might consider a plea deal. I have put no credence in it. I think it’s all smoke, but I wondered what you thought.”

Craig Murray;.” I think it’s an attempt to placate Australian public opinion. Public opinion in Australia is extremely strong. Over 80% of Australians want Julian released and allowed to go home to Australia. Blinken came there and made some very hostile and undiplomatic remarks. At the time, Australia was allowing the United States to base nuclear weapons right on its site. So I think Caroline Kennedy came out. I think it’s a lie, frankly. There has been no approach from a justice department or from the State Department or doing any kind of plea deal. It’s purely smoke and mirrors to try to distract the Australian public. Caroline Kennedy was lying to the Australian public, pure and simple.”

Watch; Julian Assange and the end of American Democracy w/Chris Hedges & Stella Assange (Part 1); The Real News Network,13 Sept 2023

‘The US government has hounded Julian Assange since WikiLeaks first revealed the extent of US war crimes in 2010. In the process of persecuting Assange, the federal government has used every tool at its disposal and even pushed beyond the boundaries that supposedly restrict state power in defence of civil liberties. One of the most insidious tactics is the use of the Espionage Act, which had not been used against whistleblowers and journalists for almost a century before Assange’s case. In the first of a two-part conversation, lawyer and human rights defender Stella Assange, spouse of Julian Assange, joins Chris Hedges for a look at the vast and vicious campaign by the US to silence Julian Assange, and what it all portends for our democracy.’

Click here to watch Part 2 on Stella Assange Substack:

‘Stella Assange and Chris Hedges examine the terrible personal cost to Julian Assange and his family of his prolonged imprisonment, his tawdry show trials and what it means for the freedom of the press and democracy.’

Why Western Governments want to see Julian behind bars is that he broke the mainstream media’s commitment to follow the authorities’ narrative. Now more than ever, the authorities need secrecy to roll out their agenda to subjugate the masses to The Great Reset. In this short section from the film; ‘Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), German (with clear Nazi origins), Klaus Schwab, has world leaders acting in lock step towards a totalitarian system of global governance is exposed.

Watch; Founder of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, poses a far greater threat to your existence than any of the imaginary crises he and his cohorts conjure up as a pretext to replace national sovereignty, representative democracy and individual freedom with totalitarian rule by unelected globalist technocrats at the United Nations and World Economic Forum.

Commentary in full;

“Under the new rules provided by the Covid 19 emergency, many other elected leaders were empowered to show their true colours. Interesting how they all marched in perfect lockstep while chanting the same slogans.”

Justin Trudeau; “This Pandemic has provided an opportunity… “

Joe Biden; “Here we are now with an economy in crisis, but with an incredible opportunity…”

German Minister; “It’s certainly a major crisis, but it also offers us a unique opportunity…”

King Charles; “ …unprecedented opportunity to rethink and reset.”

IMF Spokesperson; “ …the great opportunity for reset.”

Jacinda Ardern; “ …opportunity for us to reset.”

Justin Trudeau; “Reset…”

Commentary; “It’s almost as if they all attended the same school of thought and studied under the same professor.”

Klaus Schwab; “Some people would say this revolution is characterised by the fight of robots against human beings, and we will win this fight.”

Commentary; “Professor Klaus Schwab was born in 1938 in Ravensberg Germany, where Nazi crimes against humanity were committed. His father, Eugene Wilhelm Schwab, was the managing director of Escher-Wyss Ravensburg, a company that used slave labour to manufacture weapons of war for the third Reich. While Klaus’s father was at the helm, the Nazi party awarded Escher-Wyss Ravensburg, the title of National Socialist Model Company. Years later, Klaus Schwab joined the board of directors at Escher-Wyss Ravensburg where he played a key role in the development of South Africa’s nuclear weapons program during the darkest years of the racist apartheid regime.

Today, Klaus Schwab is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.”

60 Minutes TV Presenter; “If you’d like to meet the people who are supposed to repair the state of the world or give a piece of your mind to the bankers who helped get us into this mess, we can tell you where to find a lot of them. The World Economic Forum.”

Commentary; “Founded in 1971, the World Economic Forum is an international, private, organisation which receives billions of tax-free dollars from its members and their global enterprises. Every year the WEF brings together its members with world leaders, big pharma executives, tech titans, Hollywood celebrities, media personalities, and internet influencers to meet in the secluded mountains of Davos of Switzerland.”

TV Presenter; “It is a tiny town folded into the Swiss Alps, a village where you could bump into Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, the head of Google, and the Queen of Jordan, all in one place. A lot of reporters cover the forum, but few get inside. It turns out there are two Davos’, one you see and one you don’t. After hours, there are hundreds of private parties where deals are done. People who can’t be seen together in public can meet here.”

Klaus Schwab; “Your Royal Highnesses, Excellences, distinguished heads of state and government. The future is built by us, by a powerful community, as you here in this room.”

Kim Iverson; “Klaus Schwab, the founder of the WEF is particularly upfront and even proud of his ability to shape and influence world politics.”

Klaus Schwab; “I created the community of global shapers as a means, as a force to shape our common future.”

Kim Iverson; “And of course, their global young leaders program is a grooming ground so that when they ultimately infiltrate cabinets…”

Klaus Schwab; “We penetrate the cabinets.”

Kim Iverson; “…they will likely tend to govern a certain way.”

Klaus Schwab; “Nobody will be safe if not everybody is vaccinated.”

Kim Iverson; “The names in the countries he mentioned ended up being some of the most dystopian and authoritative during this pandemic.”

Commentary; “Names like Ms. Merkel, Vladimir Putin and so on.”

TV Presenter; “Other names, Jacinda Ardern, Sebastian Kurz, Mauricio Macri, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, Gavin Newsom, Stephane Bancel, Chelsea Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Leana Wen, Alexander and Jonathan Soros, George Soros’ sons, and several of the Rothschilds, and of course…”

Klaus Schwab; (Introducing Trudeau) “Now who could represent such a world better than you, Prime Minister?” (video of Trudeau)

Commentary: “In 2014, Klaus Schwab called for the Great Reset…”

Klaus Schwab; “We need a great reset.”

Commentary; “…which he positioned as the solution to the world’s most urgent issues. The dark reality of Schwab’s agenda is detailed in his bestselling book, Covid 19, the Great Reset. His endgame mission is to replace independent governance with a top down controlled one world government and a central bank controlled digital currency.”

Despite their veneer of confidence, Schwab & Co. are concerned that the public are getting wise to their nefarious plans and predicts a revolution ….. Yes but please may it be a peaceful revolution a rebel-lution.

Watch: “A Revolution Against The Elites!” – WEF’s Klaus Schwab Openly Worries, The Jimmy Dore Show, Sep 15, 2023

“World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab is not afraid to tell the rest of us the truth about unpleasant matters like how in the future we’ll all own nothing and be eating bugs. But what DOES strike fear in Schwab’s otherwise black heart is the prospect of the huddled masses rising up against “the system” and directing their anger at elites like, well, Klaus Schwab.”

Klaus Schwab; “We have seen in the elections in the United States, in the Brexit road, this anger of people against globalisation and against the elites if you look at what’s happening, in the United States particularly, you have this anti-system movement. What we are seeing is a revolution against the system; it’s dismantling the system and we see certain elements of this now in the new U.S Administration,”

While digitising our world will make billions for the few elite, it is a living nightmare for us deplorables so we must rebel by refusing to buy into it.

Read; Effects of Unregulated Digitalization on Health and Democracy; World Council for Health (WCH) 24 August 2023

‘An expert group in political science and the natural sciences has prepared for release today an in-depth policy brief on the effects of unregulated digitalization on health and democracy.’

‘…what is being presented as digitalization today is a hyped-up ideology as well as a guarantee for material profit and power that is not being questioned. It is sold to the public and political representatives via a progress narrative developed by the IT industry as well as other stakeholders with an interest in the Fourth Industrial Revolution such as the World Economic Forum (WEF).

It is being said that if we don’t welcome everything that is technologically feasible and don’t digitise every aspect of our lives and economy, we are going to get left behind economically and will become outcasts socially. This carefully crafted narrative plays with existential angst and fear of exclusion. It is designed to make people accept unquestioningly everything that comes in the name of digitalization.

However, a sober analysis of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 shows that, in practice, people are getting left behind and harmed because of unregulated digitalization. Yet, from modern-day slaves and child workers mining the raw materials for end products under inhumane and partly deadly conditions, to detrimental physical and mental health effects of certain technological products, the erosion of the essential right to privacy and informational self-determination, the flourishing of illegitimate data mining and biometric mass surveillance, the projected replacement of parts of the human work force by machines, data safety concerns and threats posed by the artificial super intelligence arms race, real-world negative effects are being overshadowed by the shiny marketing and frenzied narratives of a trillion-dollar industry as well as ideologically invested interest groups such as the WEF.

The destructive potential of Industry 4.0, if handled in the wrong way, for the environment and the ecosystem as well as its massive wastage of energy and other resources, are likewise being widely ignored.

Not everything that is technologically feasible should be deployed. Ethical considerations must be above narrow interests of power and money. It is essential to use technology with discernment.

The document contains policy recommendations to effectively address these issues and avert harm. Further, the document is meant to empower the reader to take informed decisions in their own every-day life when interacting with specific technologies and the effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.’

To survey our every move, the elite and their stooges in government are legislating to end our right to online privacy. I can just imagine they will give a low social credit score to people who read articles and watch videos that do not conform with the government’s biased version of history and current events.

Read or listen; UK Online Safety Bill is in its final stages and is a serious threat to our privacy and freedoms; Rhoda Wilson; The Expose; 12th September, 2023

‘Last week, the UK Online Safety Bill passed its third reading in the House of Lords. This Bill means the end of end-to-end encryption and an end to online privacy for Britons.

It implies mass government surveillance of any internet available to users within the UK and its reach expands to any internet platform providing services to people in the UK. It would enable the UK government to implement similar surveillance to what China, Russia and others have forced on the internet within their borders.

A liberal democracy should be condemning such surveillance measures – not implementing them.’

Will the websites that I follow, and send out links to, soon be deplatformed by captured payment agencies like PayPal blocking the funds we donate?

Watch Gofundme defunded. The online censorship of truth-telling journalism carries on using the tactic to starve news platforms of funds. Max Blumenthal, The Grayzone, 4th September 2023.

Max Blumenthal and Wyatt Reed explain how the attempted sabotage of The Grayzone’s fundraiser fits into the wider spectrum of online censorship.

Max Blumenthal: ‘We had raised over ninety thousand dollars in a short period of time, just a really encouraging inspiring show of grassroots support. And then it was frozen! I got an email from Sabrina. She said this is frozen due to…… this is their exact language, “due to some external concerns and we’ll get back to you”. If they had gotten back to me and said, “either we need you . . . , here’s some due process, we need to know . . what is this donation?” or something like that. I would have maybe kept playing ball for them even though it’s unfair.’

Wyatt Reed; ‘What was their intention here? I assumed they were just going to wait this out. They were going to probably never get back to us. But long term? I wonder what are they going to do with this money that they tried to take from us? I hope all of our supporters, that were gracious enough to donate to us, have reached out to GoFundMe to request a refund because we don’t really know what they’re going to do with this money. With the Canadian truckers, their whole pivot was ‘we’re going to give it to unspecified charities’. Presumably the kind of charities that are opposed to our political perspective. So we want to make sure that our supporters get their money back, bare minimum because we don’t want that money going to some other undesirable cause. We just don’t know what it’s going to do so that’s why we moved over to this new trustworthy website Bright Spot Fund.’

Max Blumenthal; ‘Maybe this will make GoFundMe start to actually be less censorious but so far it hasn’t done anything.’

To free US citizens from a mainstream media that never strays from the government narrative but only publishes lies, bias and opinions that support government propaganda, R F Kennedy is suing Google, Facebook, Twitter and President Biden for censorship activities which are illegal under the First Amendment that guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the Press.

Listen: Censorship Forum with Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald, 31 August 2023

Censorship by government and corporations are discussed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr with Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, Jamel Holley, Jenin Younes, and Sharyl Attkisson. 31st August.

Sharyl Atkinson; “Those who wish to censor say they do this to protect us, they have all the information they want, but you can’t have it and it’s for your own good. In reality the heart of censorship is control.”

R F Kennedy Jr; “We have six lawsuits going on and they’re against different entities. We have lawsuits against Google and YouTube that we filed last week. We were scheduled for an expedited hearing this week, and in that we’re bringing 1983 action arguments which are usually reserved for government agencies. In this case what we’re alleging is that Google and YouTube are acting as proxies for the government, so there are state actors here, and it goes to your point that there’s this bizarre cooperation between social media titans and the government. And we have the FBI and the CIA and a whole army of government agencies, including the Census Bureau and the IRS (Inland Revenue Service), I don’t know what the Census Bureau has to do with censorship or controlling information, they were given portals into Twitter and Facebook to literally censor people from speaking.

We also have a successful suit in the state of Washington Medical Board that was silencing doctors, particularly a Doctor Eggleston who published something in the newspaper critical of Covid countermeasures and his licence was pulled by the Medical Board.

A news organisation that makes a decision to censor people has no obligation to do otherwise, to provide space for people they want to, and it’s their editorial decision. But when the government is asking them to do that or requiring them to do that, or threatening them if they don’t do it, then they become a government proxy and the First Amendment is implicated, so we brought a Facebook case on that theory. Missouri vs Biden was brought by two Attorney-Generals based on our Facebook case. We also simultaneously filed a suit against President Biden.

I was the first person President Biden started censoring 37 hours after he took the oath of office. People from the White House were calling Facebook and Twitter, and threatening them that if they did not remove me, that the White House would work to remove their Section 2-30 immunity (This allows web operators to moderate user speech and content without government interference). That is an existential threat to those organisations. Our case has now been consolidated with the two Attorney-Generals’ case. We had an argument this week in front of the 5th circuit Court of Appeals that went very, very, well. The judges in that argument were comparing the White House to the Mafia.

There’s an organisation that we’re suing called the Trusted News Initiative. The TNI was a secret collaboration that was organised by the BBC at the very beginning of the pandemic, in fact there’s evidence that they started organising it in late 2019. The members of the TNI were the Washington Post, Reuters, the AP, all of the social media sites, and several other big news organisations around the world. And they all agreed to play by a certain playbook and to censor any information that departed from government orthodoxies.

Their motivations, and we have this from discovery of their notifications with each other, was venal. Really, it was that they see a lot of alternative news sites popping up all over the world, and they believe that those news sites are responsible for taking their business, for eroding their business model, and also eroding public trust in the mainstream media.

So they decided to start an organisation that would crush news sites that departed from official proclamations. The way they did that, they had a branding system where any of them could report to the TNI non-compliant organisations like my organisation CHD (Children’s Health Defense), GreenMedInfo, Dr Mercola, many others, and those groups would be banned by social media sites, and the social media sites all signed on to this, that would ensure their businesses. They literally put out of business many many organisations using that methodology.

I think most concerning is the consistent involvement of the intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies, both in the UK and in our country, in the censorship.”

Plans to introduce CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) would mean surveillance, control and social-credit scores for all citizens. Why is this not ringing alarm bells across the world? Most politicians are silent or afraid to speak out, except for a group of 50 far-right US Republican Congress wallahs who are pushing back.

Read & listen; 50 US Lawmakers Reintroduce ‘CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act’ to Protect ‘the American Way of Life’; Patricia Harraty, The Expose,14 September 2023

‘Fifty U.S. lawmakers have reintroduced the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act to prohibit the Federal Reserve from issuing a retail Central Bank Digital Currency while protecting innovation and any future development of true digital cash. This is in direct opposition to the Globalists and the WEF agenda that seeks to enslave and remove all personal freedoms and privacy with CCP-style credit scores and surveillance.

‘U.S. Congressman Tom Emmer (R-MN) who has been a longtime advocate that any Fed-issued digital dollar (central bank digital currency) remain open, permissionless, and private announced on Tuesday that he and 49 other lawmakers have reintroduced the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act “to halt the efforts of unelected bureaucrats in Washington D.C. from issuing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that dismantles Americans’ right to financial privacy.”

“If not open, permissionless, and private – like cash – a CBDC is nothing more than a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) style surveillance tool that can be weaponized to oppress the American way of life.” argues the congressman, “President Biden is willing to compromise the American people’s right to financial privacy for a surveillance-style CBDC. I don’t believe in compromising Americans’ rights,” he added.

‘In many Western countries, including England, the USA, and Australia, banks are continuing to push towards the goal of Central Bank Digital Currencies as the only money as they plan to completely phase out cash use before the end of 2024. Individuals may argue that they already mostly use digital banking and debit or credit cards.

‘However, we have witnessed the freezing of the bank accounts of protesters in 2022 by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau simply for standing against the tyrannical restrictions of the plandemic, and hundreds of personal bank accounts were frozen under special powers.

‘Although yes, banks already have the power to close your account if they deem it necessary at the moment there is a small number of people already dealing with this, with their only offence being buying Bitcoin or questioning why the banks need to know what we’re doing with our money or questioning the banks ever tightening rules about holding an account with them, imagine what’s going to happen with CBDCs as the only legal currency says Brad Bleckwehl author of From The Gutter Up.

‘He continues: “If you think the careers, contracts, and accounts of famous people getting cancelled for saying or doing something that offends has nothing to do with you… think about how ever-tightening PC culture is growing, and how authoritarian our Western governments have been becoming in recent years.“

“They’re literally trying to pass misinformation and censorship bills so they can legally control what we’re allowed to talk about. Combine the loss of freedom of speech with the ability to blackball us financially by freezing CBDCs, and we’re headed to a very bleak time for society. It’s not just going to be what is currently considered socially acceptable or not, it’s going to be forced behaviour, forced ways of thinking. Look at how they bullied us with covid vaxxes.”

The news of this pushback against the authoritarian control of our finances is huge.’

Meanwhile, Klaus Schwab’s WEF is pushing for central bank digital currencies to be implemented worldwide and Brazil’s brain washed President Lula, plans to roll out this devious control system right now.

Read: Brazil advances digital currency with asset-freeze capability Hidden feature allows central bank to freeze taxpayer funds; Yudi Sherman, Frontline News, September 10, 2023

“A central bank digital currency (CBDC) is a digital currency issued and governed by a central bank. Drex, a digital Brazilian Real issued and controlled directly by the Central Bank of Brazil, is expected to be rolled out to the public next year.”

“Critics of CBDC have expressed concern that such currency, at the very least, would lack the anonymity of cash, a fact confirmed by (US) Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. But it could also open the door for authorities to control the funds of private citizens, a possibility already put forth by International Monetary Fund (IMF) Deputy Managing Director Bo Li in April.”

“The Central Bank confirmed its plans to keep the functions that allow the monetary authority and authorised entities to freeze user accounts, decrease targeted addresses balances, arrest, and mint new units of the digital currency (CBDC),” he tweeted, adding that freezing funds is legal under Brazilian law.”

Watch Tweet; Former World Economic Forum ‘Global Leader for Tomorrow’ turned whistleblower, economist Professor Richard Werner, describes how – according to his sources – CBDCs will ultimately be stored on small microchips implanted under the skin, and Universal Basic Income will be used to bribe people into accepting this flagrant invasion of their freedom, privacy and bodily autonomy. August 27 2023

“They’ve been very careful about the timing. ‘Oh, let’s wait a longer, let’s wait a longer, let’s have this crisis first. Oh, let’s have Covid first, soften them up.’ They’ve delayed, because the technology was already ready around 2015 to roll out. And what people don’t mention is what do these CBDCs actually look like? At the moment there’s a bit of talk about this being phone-based apps.

That is the initial phase, but what was already ready around 2015 is the ultimate goal. What they really want, apparently, I was told by a central banker is: CBDC looks like a small grain of rice that they want to put under your skin, which is, in my view, a violation of human dignity. And they realise there is a hurdle.

So, to get people to accept this, suddenly all the billionaires are saying, let’s have universal basic income, because the story is gonna be, ‘oh, now you’ve created this vast unemployment and disruption and crises, we need universal basic income. You will get 2,000 euros into your account every month’. But of course, to run this efficiently, we need to use the latest technology. So, you need the CBDC chip implant, but how many people will say, okay, fine, 2,000 pounds, 2,000 euros?

You know, a surprising, a surprising proportion.”

Full interview:

Read or Listen; The climate change agenda is key to the implementation of The Great Reset, Tim Hinchliffe. The Expose, 12th September, 2023.

‘When World Economic Forum (“WEF”) founder Klaus Schwab and Britain’s King Charles declared that it was time for a great reset three months into the Covid-19 pandemic, it had little to do with fighting a coronavirus. Instead, they called the pandemic a “narrow window” and a “shrinking, golden opportunity” to seize the moment when people were most afraid and vulnerable to thrust upon them their long-planned agenda of a golden age out of the destruction of the old – to build back better – as they say.

And although the coronavirus was the catalyst to set the great reset agenda in motion, the vehicle by which they would achieve their social and economic order out of chaos was climate change’.

“Some leaders and decision-makers who were already at the forefront of the fight against climate change may want to take advantage of the shock inflicted by the pandemic to implement long-lasting and wider environmental changes. They will, in effect, make ‘good use’ of the pandemic by not letting the crisis go to waste” – COVID-19: The Great Reset, Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret, 2020’

In recent decades, the pursuit of science has become largely financed by global corporations, elites and their money-spinning charities. Scientific researchers’ dependence upon these vested interests has led to coercion where elite publishers in important fields such as medicine only accept material that serves the narrative that pays. Top scientists are our experts, but of late experts have been very wrong about, for example, vaccines, lockdowns and masks. But the corruption paid off, literally, for the elites. Now, a climate scientist reveals how this devious model maligns his field, misinforms the public and impairs real scientific advancement. Knowledge is power, therefore we must wrest the control of knowledge away from the powerful, to find the truth that will set us free.

Read: I Left Out the Full Truth to Get My Climate Change Paper Published By Patrick T Brown, The Free Press, 5th September, 2023

I just got published in Nature because I stuck to a narrative I knew the editors would like. That’s not the way science should work.

‘I am a climate scientist. And while climate change is an important factor affecting wildfires over many parts of the world, it isn’t close to the only factor that deserves our sole focus.

So why does the press focus so intently on climate change as the root cause?

To put it bluntly, climate science has become less about understanding the complexities of the world and more about serving as a kind of Cassandra, urgently warning the public about the dangers of climate change. However understandable this instinct may be, it distorts a great deal of climate science research, misinforms the public, and most importantly, makes practical solutions more difficult to achieve.’

Read; The global climate change cult and the war on the mind – 1; Stephen McMurray; August 25, 2023

The Conservative Woman (TCW) are repeating this series examining the left-wing activists and wealthy organisations behind the climate change agenda. This article was first published on October 31, 2022.

‘As the eco-zealot group Just Stop Oil continue to break the law and cause mayhem, perhaps it is time to investigate who is pulling the strings of this and other fake grassroots movements. Even a cursory glance will make it clear that the people behind it are not everyday members of the public but a group of highly influential American billionaires.

The money behind the madness.

According to the Just Stop Oil website, their main source of funding is the Climate Emergency Fund. The three founding members of this group, who also fund Extinction Rebellion, are Aileen Getty from the Getty oil family, Rory Kennedy, daughter of assassinated Senator Robert Kennedy, and philanthropist Trevor Neilson. All three own houses on Malibu beach, which is odd as disciples of the climate cult claim that sea levels are rising dramatically and you would therefore assume that seafront real estate would be a bad investment.

Most of the focus has been on the Gettys, but it is Neilson who has the most interesting background. After university he worked as an intern in the White House when Bill Clinton was president. Later he worked for the newly formed Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as Director of Communications and also acted as the Gates’ personal spokesman.

In 2006 Neilson founded the Global Philanthropy Group, which was instrumental in forming Make It Right with Brad Pitt. This organisation was set up to provide environmentally friendly housing for New Orleans residents after Hurricane Katrina. The residents subsequently sued Make It Right for $20.5 million because the new homes were substandard and suffered from numerous issues such as faulty heating, electrical malfunctions and plumbing problems. Make It Right agreed to the payout in August this year.

In 2015 Neilson formed i(x) investments, now called i(x) Net Zero, with Howard Warren Buffett, grandson of the billionaire Warren Buffett, who was on the board of the Gates Foundation and made substantial donations to the Obama presidential campaign. Howard Buffet previously worked in the US Department of Defence and served as policy advisor to President Obama. i(x) Net Zero is an investment company specialising in renewable energy.

In 2002 Neilson was a co-founder of DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa) with Bill Gates, Bono and George Soros. DATA was allegedly created to help ease poverty in Africa, seek debt relief for African countries and help fight Aids. They also claimed to want to end hunger in Africa which is interesting since climate activists want to reduce carbon dioxide which is essential to all plant life and any reduction in it would clearly reduce the amount of food crops, causing more hunger rather than alleviating it. Neilson was also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, the Council of Foreign Relations and one of the Young Global Leaders for the World Economic Forum. In other words, he is a friend to all the usual globalist suspects who are pushing the green agenda for their own ends.

Read; The global climate change cult and the war on the mind – 2; Stephen McMurray; August 26, 2023

‘The executive director of the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF) is Margaret Klein Salamon, an American in her mid-thirties. She is a clinical psychologist and therefore has been involved with vulnerable people suffering high levels of stress and anxiety. In her role in climate activism she appears to be using her experience to frighten vulnerable people.

She is the founder of Climate Awakening which, according to her page on the CEF site, is ‘a project to unleash the power of climate emotions through scalable small group conversations’. However, if you go on to the Climate Awakening website, on the first page it says, ‘Share your climate terror, grief, and rage with people who understand. Join a Climate Emotions Conversation – a small group sharing & listening session about the climate emergency.’ Below that there is a screen with images of three young people and the words: ‘What are you FEELING about climate emergency? Make sure to name the emotions (fear, grief, anger, despair, isolation).’

Clearly this site is being used to tell children that they should be terrified by the climate crisis and to make sure they spread that terror to other children. For a clinical psychologist to use children who may be in mental turmoil in this way is despicable.’

The climate change cult and the war on the mind – 3; Stephen McMurray

‘There is an organisation called the Climate Psychology Alliance. Again, they wish to use their expertise in the field of psychology to nudge people into believing in their world view of climate-induced, impending doom.

Their website states: ‘It is now widely accepted that facts and information about the risk of climate change, taken, alone, do not promote change. There is a growing acceptance that the climate change movement could be enriched by incorporating deeper psychological perspectives. But mainstream positivist psychology is often part of the problem, especially when it reduces the human being to an object to be measured, controlled and then harnessed to the profit-making machine that now threatens our collective future.’

This group is overtly stating that ‘facts’ aren’t really persuading people that the climate crisis is real and that they need to use psychology to pressure us all to become true believers. Most telling though, is when they say it can’t be ‘positivist’ psychology, which is based on empirical evidence, but a deeper type of psychology is to be used. In other words, ignore the facts of the situation and use mind manipulation techniques and fear to convert the non-believers.’

The climate change cult and the war on the mind – 4; Stephen McMurray

‘. . . the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee published a report entitled In our hands: behaviour change for climate and environmental goals.

‘It is a sinister document in which the government openly state that all aspects of our life need to be managed to lessen the impact of climate change and that mind control techniques, very similar to the ones used to force the public into acquiescing to Covid lockdowns, need to be used against the population. Lord (Chris) Whitty, one of the main instigators of the disastrous Covid policy, is on the committee that produced the document, and another Covid collaborator, Sir Patrick Vallance, was a witness. He told the committee: ‘The reality is that behaviour change is a part of reaching Net Zero. It is unarguable.’

In their opening summary the committee says –

‘Behavioural science evidence and best practice show that a combination of policy levers, including regulation and fiscal incentives, must be used by Government, alongside clear communication, as part of a joined-up approach to overcome the barriers to making low-carbon choices. A behavioural lens must be applied consistently across all government departments, as too many policies, from planning and building standards to advertising regulations, are still encouraging high carbon and low nature choices.’

‘Worryingly it appears they really want to replicate the Covid SPI-B methodology by saying –

‘The Government should seize the opportunity to evaluate behaviour change which took place during the Covid-19 pandemic to understand the theory, drivers, and levers behind the changes, with a view to applying lessons learned to other critical policy areas, including climate change and the environment. The evaluation should include an assessment of the effectiveness of principles behind Covid-19 behaviour change interventions, such as open information, clear messaging about personal action, delivery of messages by both politicians and scientists, clarity about the role of government in relation to the role of individual action, and the use of an independent advisory structure through Sage and SPI-B.’ They appear to have no sense of irony when they talk of clear messaging and open information during the pandemic and seem to think that propaganda, lies, data manipulation and censorship is actually truth and transparency.

It is evident that the climate alarmists, with the backing of billionaires, psychologists and the government, are waging a war on the minds of the people to bring about the Great Reset dystopia. They have the power and the money on their side, but clearly, due to having to resort to mind control techniques, they don’t have the truth. As George Orwell is reputed to have said: ‘In the time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’

‘It’s time we all became revolutionaries because the truth is that it is not the climate crisis that is the biggest threat to our wellbeing, but the climate crisis alarmists who want to remove the last vestiges of our freedom and plunge us into a never-ending Dark Age.’

I am increasingly convinced that, though captured by corporate funding, most of our authorities are ignorant of the true intent of the deep state. If aware,  to avoid deselection from their party, they must remain willfully ignorant. It is hard to believe the  degree to which the military industrial complex and their colleagues in government and NATO, will go to punish and subjugate a country.

Read and watch; Morocco – Earthquake Preceded by Mysterious Blue Lights, Peter Koenig; Global Research, September 14, 2023

Result of Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD)? Reminiscent of Turkey’s Blue Light Phenomenon – Previous to one of History’s Most Devastating Seismic Events; by Peter Koenig; Global Research, September 14, 2023

‘HAARP (The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), as the most powerful high-frequency transmitter, has developed electromagnetic laser-type beam capacities that can be shot from satellites deep under the earth’s surface and cause high-magnitude earthquakes. See this for explanation on the functioning of HAARP / ENMOD (Environmental Modification) technologies.

ENMOD methodologies are also used to modify the world’s climates, producing weather extremes – droughts, torrential rains, floods, prolonged and disproportionate monsoons, as well as destructive hurricanes, tornados, and devastating snow and ice storms and more — all to make us believe the Club of Rome established narrative (see “Limits to Growth” – 1972) of “climate change” is real, and the consequences of destroyed infrastructure, crops, food shortages, leading to famine, misery and death are “normal” calamities of much propagated man-generated CO2-caused “climate change”.

The climate change we are living with for the last few years has nothing, but nothing, to do with CO2. In fact, the world needs more CO2 to sustain life, as it is food for trees which convert CO2 into oxygen – the support for all life on Earth. Cutting down trees, especially rainforests, is reducing CO2 absorption and oxygen production.

The HAARP precursor and analogy to Turkey may be relevant for the Morocco earthquake.

In Morocco, the tectonic activity primarily involves the convergence of the Eurasian and the Nubian (African) plates. The Eurasian Plate pushing against the Nubian Plate. This led to the formation of the Atlas Mountains some 80 million years ago. The Atlas Mountain chain runs through Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. See this.

Speculations have it that the African tectonic plate may have moved north and collided with the Eurasian plate, causing the magnitude 6.8 earthquake in Morocco last week. It would be a rare occurrence, a remote possibility, because this 8th of September seism is by far the strongest registered in the region for the last 120 years. No pre-tremors, typical for larger seismic events, were registered.

If indeed ENMOD foul play is the cause, the purpose of targeting the Atlas fault may be thought to strengthen the belief of a “natural quake”, since the tremendous Turkey / Syria tremor took place far from any fault line; a fact that triggered scientists’ suspicions.

The Morocco seism literally split an [Atlas] mountain in two, an extremely atypical occurrence for an earthquake.

There is no proof yet that HAARP and possibly other ENMOD techniques were applied to cause the Morocco disaster. But suspicions grow and may soon be reaching overwhelming proportions.

The obvious question arises, why would Morocco be the victim of a manmade wanton colossal disaster, like this 6.8 killer-earthquake?

Could it be because in January 2022, Morocco was the first North African country to sign an agreement with China’s Belt and Road Initiative? Now, Morocco’s long-standing pro-U.S. affiliation is at a crossroads as Morocco has turned to China because of the potential for economic development from foreign investments.

The United States needs to reaffirm its support for the Moroccan government by increasing investments, maybe with some coercion, to maintain the political partnership. If not, Morocco may pivot to China and the Chinese government may use Morocco as a starting point for Chinese influence in North and Western Africa. This could well be Washington’s thinking.

Morocco is also of strategic importance to China, Europe, and the US, because of its access to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and the African continent. But also due to her growing energy sector, which has expanded in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

See this.

Morocco has exceptional resources of wind and solar energy on land, and possibly even more potential for the development of offshore wind energy. Investing in this potential will place Morocco among the ranks of the largest clean energy-producing countries, a feast for the Green Movement freaks.

However, maybe more importantly, Morocco also has sizable shale oil deposits at Timahdit and Tarfaya in the Atlas Mountains. Exploitation of these deposits has so far not been undertaken due to the depth of the deposits and related cost factors.

Shale oil is a hydrocarbon resource, bound up tightly in impermeable rock, and requires hydraulic fracturing to be extracted. A seismic event could replace hydraulic fracturing, breaking the rock, making the oil easier – and cheaper – to exploit.

Morocco has significant Shale Oil resources, ranked sixth in the world. Reserves are estimated at more than 53 billion barrels of oil, including 22 billion barrels in Tarfaya, and 15 billion barrels in Timahdit. The two areas, Tarfaya and Timahdit, are located in the Atlas Mountain region. See this.

Could the deadly quake be a punishment come-warning, as well as providing for easier access to Morocco’s enormous shale hydrocarbon resources? Reminiscent of the 2010 Haiti killer earthquake, from which Haiti has yet to recover? Haiti has substantial offshore shale oil reserves.

Naturally, most people – the populace at large – cannot believe that such evil originates from the people, pretending running the world, but are plainly killing mankind. There is a natural rejection in every normal acting and thinking human being of the idea that we, humans, have been believing and trusting in our governments, in what we call “our authorities”, while they deceived us all along – maybe for centuries.

It is now dawning.

The monstrosities against humanity, caused by a relatively small elitist death cult, are beyond humankind’s imagination. “They” know it. It is a smart, studied-for-decades, Tavistock Institute “Social Engineering” strategy, allowing them to continue fooling the people – see this.

In the end, it is all “climate change”, stupid!

Let us stop being stupid.

Let us start thinking and acting for ourselves, for Us the People, thinking and living independently, as free human beings, no longer trusting in governments, in so-called authorities, or in bought and corrupted “science”.

It is not easy. But WE MUST – if we want to save humanity and support our civilization to survive.

We MUST steer free from all that is being imposed upon us – such as total control, digital enslavement, digitization of everything, including programmable digital money, transhumanism, the Woke-craze-crime, and much more.

We MUST resist and move out of the matrix – and start our own lives on a new independent blank plane.

No regrets – looking forward into the light.’

Listen to three incredibly courageous investigative journalists working on the front line in Syria and Donbas; all of whom have been deplatformed from the mainstream news for daring to find the truth on the ground and not follow their government’s narrative from inside an office miles from the action itself.

Watch; Media On Trial – Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett & Fiorella Isabel; UK Column, 8 September 2023

Eva Bartlett; “Syria in early 2011, there was a lot of murkiness. People wanted certain political changes, but the overwhelming sentiment was not for the overthrow of their, frankly, beloved president. They wanted political changes. And yet the way that western media was conveying ‘reality’ in Syria, was that they were all rallying behind the overthrow of their president.”

But there are so many examples. If I would just want to look at Syria, Palestine, Donbas, for example, also Venezuela. But in these various areas, where western media will say it’s Russia bombing Donbas, or it’s ‘the regime’ bombing Syrian civilians, right? Or, in the case of Palestine, in the case of Gaza, for example, it’s Israel retaliating against ‘terrorists’. But if you spend time or live in those areas, you realise, no, that’s not what’s happening.”

Fiorella Isabel; “You have a lot of up and coming journalists that are new and they go into journalism, just like some people go into politics with the idea that they’re going to change the world and shed light on things, and then they are met with a very hard reality where they, they’re basically discovering that no, that you’re only allowed to write certain things, that you were only hired because you didn’t have connections to these anti-establishment groups that because you didn’t seem like an anti-establishment journalist that you’ve been walking the line very well. You haven’t been colouring outside the lines. And so, you know, that’s why you were hired. you need a job, so you’re going to, they expect you to, comply, or they’ll find another you, they’ll replace you very easily.

And so people are met with that decision, and that decision is more of a philosophical one and, and one related to your moral compass than anything to do with journalism. Because if you’re met with this decision where your values are completely trampled on and you continue to stay there. Well, I’m not gonna judge you too hard, but that’s essentially what we have, we have some people that have said, all right, whatever, I need a paycheck. And then some people that genuinely have been brainwashed, because this is how it happens in school. You’re brainwashed to believe these things.

Most of my millennial age group of friends have zero idea what their country is doing. Any engineering student that graduates with a degree in any type of engineering will end up working for a defence contractor at some point, because that’s all we do. That’s all we produce. We produce weapons in the United States. I think some people don’t even realise that they’re living in this, I’m sorry for the lack of a better term, matrix. They’re living in this alternative reality that isn’t real, and they’re just in there. They’re getting told, “You’re doing a great job, you work for CNN, wow! Everybody wants to work for CNN. Everybody wants to work for the New York Times.” You get hailed as a success story by not just your parents, but by the entire world, the entire media schools, they’re all happy. “You’re working for Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Oh wow! You must be so successful. Look at you.” And so that is basically how they’re shaped to believe. So everybody else has to be wrong.”

Vanessa Beeley; “I know for certain that my six hour detention at Heathrow was definitely connected to the BBC because the information they were using came from a sting operation carried out by a CJ (Citizen Journalist) allegedly investigating human rights abuses by the Syrian government.”

“And that was basically supported by the same journalist that had attacked me extensively, even including a 15 part audio series called the Mayday Series. In my opinion, this was a harassment campaign. It wasn’t journalism. And of course when you see people like David Miller being hounded out of the University (of Bristol) by the Zionist lobby and so on, this is what it is. It’s a hate campaign. It’s a harassment campaign.”

Russia/China Conflicts

According to the neocons, the mainstream media and western governments, the war in Ukraine is a great success, and Ukrainian ‘victory’ assured.

Read and Listen; US Officials Keep Boasting About How Much The Ukraine War Serves US Interests; Caitlin Johnstone; September 3, 2023

‘One of the most glaring plot holes in the official mainstream narrative on Ukraine is the way US officials keep openly boasting that this supposedly unprovoked war which the US is only backing out of the goodness of its heart just so happens to serve US interests tremendously.’

‘And of course the mass media have been all aboard the same messaging. A few weeks ago The Washington Post’s David Ignatius wrote an article explaining why Westerners shouldn’t “feel gloomy” about how things are going in Ukraine, writing the following about how much this war is doing to benefit US interests overseas:

“Meanwhile, for the United States and its NATO allies, these 18 months of war have been a strategic windfall, at relatively low cost (other than for the Ukrainians). The West’s most reckless antagonist has been rocked. ‘NATO has grown much stronger with the additions of Sweden and Finland. Germany has weaned itself from dependence on Russian energy and, in many ways, rediscovered its sense of values. NATO squabbles make headlines, but overall, this has been a triumphal summer for the alliance.”

But the real news from Ukraine is different; 400,000 Ukrainians have died, and roads, homes, infrastructure and bridges are being destroyed in our proxy war to bleed Russia. For people living through the death and devastation in Ukraine and Russia and Europeans suffering from the cost of living crisis from Russian sanctions, the war is a disaster and the world is rightly turning against NATO and its puppet masters in the US, UK and EU.

Read; WHEN THE INTELLIGENCE IS INCONVENIENT What goes wrong when politics suppresses the truth; Seymour Hersh; 13th September 2023

‘On Sunday Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Jonathan Karl of ABC’s This Week that he remained “very confident in Ukraine’s ultimate success” in the ongoing war with Russia. He depicted Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s decision to escalate its attacks inside Russia as “their decision, not ours.”

‘Blinken’s wrong-headed confidence and his acceptance of a significant escalation in the Ukraine war defies belief, given the reality on the ground today in the war. But it also could be based on insanely optimistic assessments supplied by the Defense Intelligence Agency. The DIA’s assessments, as I have reported, are now the intelligence of choice inside the White House.’

‘As a journalist who has written about national security matters for many decades, how can I explain a process that is clearly contrary to the best interests of the people of the United States and its leadership?’

‘One answer is that it is now an accepted reality that presidents in the post-9/11 era do not hesitate to manipulate and lie about even the most competent of intelligence reports if they do not fit into their political agenda. What began in the Bush/Cheney years – remember the lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq – continued during the presidency of the much beloved, much misunderstood Barack Obama. Ten years ago, amid calls for the US to intervene in the Syrian civil war against the reviled Bashar al-Assad, the White House did not receive crucial intelligence because it was politically inconvenient. The case involved a five page, all-source, report prepared for the Defense Intelligence Agency about a strategic weapon – the nerve gas sarin – that was known to be in the hands of the Islamist opposition to the Syrian government, led by Assad. The detailed report, which included vital information gleaned from intercepts by the National Security Agency, did not reach the White House because – so I came to understand – it revealed the kind of truth that presidents then and now viewed as political poison. Passing such information would also raise questions about the political savvy and dependability of those running the agency involved. Intelligence to please in these days of quick fixes and double talk always trumps intelligence that raises difficult questions.’

Watch: US efforts to strangle China & reassert hegemony – Jeffrey Sachs -an American economist, academic, public policy analyst, and former director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, Alexander Mercouris -He is a London-based writer on international affairs. He has a special interest in Russia and law & Glenn Diesen – professor at the University of Southeast Norway and an associate editor at the Journal “Russia in Global Affairs”; The Duran, 16th September 2023

Jeffrey Sachs: “The idea that China was going to somehow become an industrial, technological and military power was not imagined by the Americans in 1992. So what I think we are observing is now the 30-year playing out of a U.S vision which was extraordinarily naive – obnoxious in many ways – but the idea was ‘now we have reached hegemony we can put our military bases where we want, we can expand our military alliances where we want, we can clean up those remnant Soviet or Russian regimes by overthrowing Bashar al-assad in Syria or getting rid of Saddam Hussein in Iraq or overthrowing Gaddafi in Libya, we can make sure that we have friendly, even supplicant regimes, throughout Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and we can just keep encroaching’. And it was even a project – it remains to this day a project – to basically break Russia apart, the same way that the Soviet Union had broken apart. So, there is an active project with many U.S political leaders to, so-called, decolonize Russia and that is not even a hidden agenda, that’s actually an explicit agenda of U.S government-backed agencies. So, this kind of arrogance brings us to today.”

Alexander Mercouris: “Two quick observations . . . about the United States inheriting ideas from Britain in the 19th century. Not only is this actually true, but it was actually intended. It was something that actually happened, quite consciously, at the end of the 19th and in the early 20th century. The British . . . when they began to become conscious that their power was starting to wane, they looked for the other English-speaking country that would take . . . the flame, the weight, from them and would in effect continue the project. And, in fact, there was a well-known speech by Joseph Chamberlain, who was the Colonial Secretary at the time. . . He actually said: “The weary Titan staggers onto the under the, too vast, orb of its fate”, and he invited other countries; he meant the dominions, the British dominions, but he also, of course, meant the United States, to start helping Britain with that particular burden. . . It’s something that people perhaps are not aware of to the extent that they ought to be.”

Jeffrey Sachs: “And of course, in perhaps Churchill’s most famous speech, he says, “Until the time that the new world comes to rescue the old world”, in the outbreak of World War II. So, looking to the United States as, ultimately, the military and Industrial force that would come to rescue the British Empire.”

Alexander Mercouris: “Indeed, and here we spoke about Churchill, he spoke about the English-speaking people and he even wrote a history about the history of the English-speaking people.

Jeffrey Sachs: “That is important because the English-speaking people are now the Five Eyes. It’s now the intelligence system of Britain or the United Kingdom, U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand. So, it’s formalised into a formal security structure”

Alexander Mercouris: “I was reading a speech that Secretary Blinken has just given at John Hopkins University. A most interesting speech because, of course, he says in some respects many of the same things that you are saying, though of course, from a completely different perspective. He says that we have this wonderful period after the end of the Cold War when everything had become sorted out. The liberal order seemed secure, everything was moving forward in a very good way. Of course, there were some, you know, problems: we had a war in Yugoslavia; we had a financial crisis in 2008. But, these are just wrinkles in the wonderful situation that we were in and, unfortunately, sadly, tragically, now it’s no longer the case. We have this league of autocracies who are working together to defy us. And he made it very clear which of those countries is the great adversary. He actually stated, China is the great challenge, because they can compete with us in politics, economics, in every field, and of course the very interesting thing is, the rest of his speech is not about coming to terms with that fact, it is about the United States working to push this challenge back, to defeat it, to somehow restore that period of unchallenged dominance which it had just lost.”

“He understands that this unipolar moment has gone. In fact, he’s all but saying it. But he’s completely unreconciled to the fact that it’s passing and is looking for ways to reverse it and of course he singles out China. China is now the great adversary because the Russians are causing all kinds of problems but they are essentially an auxiliary to the Chinese who are leading the autocracies around the world. And he complains that many countries are hedging, that they’re no longer lining up with the West. Some of them are hedging, they’re thinking about moving to the side of the autocracies, and he talks about corporations and NGOs and other things, other people, other entities, doing the same thing. So . . . in some ways he recognizes the change that you’re talking about but – and this is the dangerous thing – he wants to reverse it and he wants to reverse it by essentially going after China.”

Sachs: “It’s of course, very dangerous and it could mean a war over Taiwan for example, exactly provoked in the way that the war in Ukraine was provoked”

Sachs; “What we’re seeing right now is not only the end of the U.S self-proclaimed hegemony, we’re seeing the end of the North Atlantic dominance of the world which grew slowly after those first voyages with the overseas Empires and then, in 16th and 17th centuries, picked up speed, especially with the early industrialization and the the industrialization of the military in Britain in the 19th century then the United States in the 20th century. That now has spread to the world. So what Adam Smith forecast 250 years ago, which is that there will become an equality of force around the world, this is what we’re seeing right now. We’re seeing, actually a world moving from a European-led world or a North Atlantic-led world, to a true multi-polarity. And that is not understood by Blinken or understood by these neocons or understood by the very shallow political class in Washington. I think it is pretty much understood actually in Delhi; it’s understood in Beijing; it’s understood in Moscow; it’s understood in Brasilia; and it’s increasingly understood now in Addis Ababa – home to the African Union. I thought Africa was the most victimised continent on the planet and the one that is farthest behind. Africa is also now seeing a rise of technological capacity – a Unity that’s coming consciously, by recognizing ‘we’re the same size as India and China and we need to start following that model of development.”

I am cautiously optimistic that a multipolar world will see more peace and equity than the present unipolar world dictated by the two empire-addicted brats, the US and UK. A new shared power structure would see the end of the dollar reserve currency and thereby deprive the US of funds to rule through 817 military bases scattered across the world dictating the rules of the global game in the corporate elite’s interest.

Watch or read; BRICS: The Quest for a Just Multipolar World; Dr. Chandra Muzaffar; Global Research, September 14, 2023

‘The BRICS Summit that concluded on the 24th of August 2023 in Johannesburg is a significant milestone in the journey towards a multipolar world.

From five members, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa it has now expanded into an 11-member alliance with the addition of Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. At the same time the new BRICS signals the decline of a unipolar world led by the United States of America.

The BRICS population which was more than 3 billion now has grown to 3.6 billion.

This is about 46% of the total global population. At least 17 other countries have expressed interest in joining BRICS. One hopes that Indonesia will become part of BRICS in the near future, drawing Southeast Asia, one of the most significant regions of the world, into the alliance.

BRICS should not be confined to the Global South. Nations in the Global North that also subscribe to the goal of a multipolar world where power and prosperity, scientific knowledge and cultural achievements are shared equitably by all, should also be invited to join BRICS.

Apart from embracing all those who are sincerely committed to justice, equality and freedom for the entire human family, BRICS should also harness its other strengths. What are these strengths? We shall mention just 3 of them.

Command Over Energy: It is expected that BRICS will account for 47.6% of the world’s total oil production. It is expected that BRICS will control 39% of the world’s total oil exports. In terms of oil reserves, the expanded BRICS will control half of the world’s total of 1.6 trillion barrels of oil.’ BRICS Establishes a New International Order

A few German politicians are working against the barbaric Ukrainian proxy war to continue US/UK hegemony and are speaking truth to power.

Watch; Send Diplomats, Not Weapons’: German MP Speaks Out Against Ukraine War; 5 Sept 2023.

‘MP Sevim Dagdelen, Die Linke spokeswoman for international politics and disarmament in the German Bundestag, discusses the impact of the escalating US-Russia-Ukraine conflict on Europe and the urgent need for peace.’

“We have to see that the populations of Germany and Europe are suffering massively from the effects of Western economic sanctions. The sanctions have clearly failed to achieve their goal. Like the German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, last year said, ‘what is the goal? The goal of the sanctions is to ruin Russia’. And while Germany’s economy slumped by 0.3% in the past quarter, and stagnation also threatens the Euro zone, Russia’s economy is now forecast to grow by 2.5% annually.

So, employees in Germany suffered a historically high real wage loss of 4% last year as the result of the sanctions, the skyrocketing prices and the inflation. And the price of electricity in Germany is now three times higher than in the United States. So that makes very much trouble in the population. And, still the population has a lot of scepticism, is against more escalation, is in favour of negotiations and more diplomacy because instead of cheap gas, by pipeline, Euro buys expensive LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) from Russia. That is one new one, breaking news today, and it is sheer madness to drive up the prices of food and energy in this way and impoverish the population instead of repairing the North Stream pipeline and putting it back into operation.”

War-addicted psychopaths in the US security oligarchy now control Congress, the government and the media and demand more and more weapons for Ukraine, resulting in more and more Ukrainians being killed in the pointless and unwinnable proxy war.

Watch: Intel RoundTable: Sustainable Peace in Ukraine Possible? With Larry Johnson and Ray McGovern. Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom, 1st September 2023

Larry Johnson: “You’ve still got military retired military personnel like David Petraeus and Ben Hodges and this clown out of Australia named Mick Ryan who genuinely believe that Ukraine has a snowball’s chance in hell of forcing Russia to give up the Donbas, to give up Mariupol, to give up Crimea and go scurrying back into the Russia’s ancient boundaries with its tail between his legs. It’s not going to happen, it is not, and so as long as they persist with this kind of delusion the number of Ukrainians that are dying on the field of battle is going to continue to mount.

Ukraine’s ability to persist and continue the fight is going to continue to deteriorate and the risk of a direct conflict between the United States and Russia is going to increase and if it comes to that, the United States will lose, the United States will suffer a military defeat at the hands of Russia. That is not my hope, that’s not my guess, it is the reality in terms of how unprepared the United States is for this kind of conflict, and yet we are belligerent and insistent. The Ukrainian war should not be looked at exclusively as a Ukrainian thing, the West is in there, the U.S is in there, to weaken Russia to give Russia a strategic defeat. Those are the words of the president of the United States.”

“Well, the United States has very few options when it comes to a military response in Ukraine, but you know we don’t have a lot of troops deployed. So in order to assemble a force that might represent a significant threat to Russia it’s going to take six months at least to rally, round them up, put them on ships and send them overseas. But once that starts Russia could then start sinking those vessels. The thing the United States has failed to calculate is that because of George W Bush and his decision to walk away from the anti-ballistic missile treaty, Russia has developed robust, effective ballistic missile defences. What that means is that they have a realistic chance of defeating any nuclear weapon launched by the United States, not a hundred percent, but they have a far greater than 80 percent chance of surviving that. The United States has zero capability to defeat such ballistic missiles, so in the event it comes to the escalation, Russia would, could, be damaged and would suffer, you know, maybe millions of casualties, but would survive. The United States would not survive. The United States would be erased.”

As with most wars in the past century, the war in Ukraine was caused by US/UK/NATO duplicity, provocation, treachery and lies.

Watch; Putin is Ready” – Douglas Macgregor’s Last WARNING

‘Putin is someone who believed in Rational Choice Theory. Rational Choice Theory says that if you give people the opportunity to make a decision they will always be rational, they will always choose something, some option, whether it’s in politics, economics – doesn’t make any difference – that aligns with their own personal best interests. Well you know that’s not true. People are not rational, people are irrational. That’s the problem with all Rational Choice Theory and Analysis. And Putin, when he began this thing, imputed rationality to us. When he first entered Ukraine he was absolutely convinced that after 15, 16 years of telling us repeatedly, “Don’t move NATO’s boundary closer to Russia, don’t militarise our neighbours against us, we won’t tolerate hostile actions on our borders and especially we will not tolerate a Ukraine that is hostile to Russia in a base of operations against us”

He initially went in with ninety thousand on a very broad front and he gave explicit orders to avoid collateral damage, don’t harm civilians, give the Ukrainians the chance to surrender etcetera. He thought that, as soon as he demonstrated his seriousness with military power, Washington and its allies would say, ‘now wait a minute, let’s stop, we don’t want this to become a larger war, we need to talk’. Because that was his estimation, the rational response, so he miscalculated. What he got instead was the opposite, where Washington was actually goading him, if you will, or baiting him into going into Ukraine. They were delighted he went in because they reached the erroneous conclusion that this was their opportunity to destroy Russia.

‘Russia has always had the ability, thanks to its alliance with China and friends all over the world – and they have huge numbers of friends right now there are lots of people cheering on Russia. We’re in the minority in terms of support. They can escalate horizontally. So, in Africa, for instance in Niger and other countries in what we call Afrique du Nord, French North West Africa, these states are effectively throwing the French out, they’re staging coups and putting in governments that are now friendly to Russia and anti-Western. And, in the case of Niger they represent probably 50 to 60 percent of the uranium that is exported every year to France to power their nuclear power plants. Well, without Niger – and Niger is now in the hands of an anti-Western government – they don’t have access to that uranium.

‘The History of the United States usually begins in the same way with amnesia: you have people that categorically dismiss the importance of systematically studying the region where you’re going to operate; understanding the potential opponent. There is no interest in other people’s interests. Yeah, Washington and the globalist community that is in Europe, ruling today, in Germany and in France and other places, doesn’t care about the interests they are pursuing. What they think is an ideological objective to bring down this Russian state that will not open its borders, that will not abandon its national identity and essentially prostrate itself before the West to be part of our financial hegemony as well as our military hegemony.”

If anyone questions the motive of Russia’s incursion into Ukraine and China’s into Taiwan, mention the facts below………….

Read; listen; The Last Time A Foreign Military Threat Was Placed Near The US Border, The World Almost Ended; Caitlin Johnstone; 27th August 2023

‘As we’ve discussed previously, the single dumbest thing the US Empire asks us to believe is that its amassing of war machinery near the borders of its top two geopolitical rivals should be seen as a defensive measure, rather than the act of extreme aggression that it obviously is. The US Empire was the aggressor when it expanded NATO and began turning Ukraine into a de facto NATO member, and it is the aggressor as it accelerates its encirclement of China and opens the floodgates of US-financed weapons into Taiwan.’

As much as I love Robert Kennedy Jr. and want him to be President, I am disappointed that the Zionist lobby has convinced him that it is OK to steal Palestinian land. However, one has to ask if he really is a Zionist or does he simply have no choice but to support the occupation of Palestine if he is to have any hope of becoming President and staying alive?

Watch: RFK and Israel Lobby, former Labour Party MP, Chris Williamson; Academic, former Professor at Bristol University and non resident Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Islam and Global Affairs at Istanbul Zaim University, and Co Director of the lobbying watchdog Spinwatch and a leading British scholarly critique of Israel, David Miller; and investigative journalist, author and editor of Grayzone News, Max Blumenthal, Press TV, 27 August 2023

Chris Williamson; “I then asked Max what he thought the significance was of Robert Kennedy requesting the head of the Zionist Organization of America to advise him on Israel.”

Max Blumenthal; “I’m not a close friend of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. But I have had a personal relationship with him, and I know other people closer to him who are supporters of the Palestinian struggle. One of them, Charles Eisenstein, is an advisor to RFK, who is extremely disgusted with what Israel has been doing for the last 70 years. And apparently RFK wasn’t listening to these people. He wasn’t interested in what they had to say. And that speaks to the power of the Israel lobby in American politics. But RFK went further than other candidates who tend to be advised by APAC and the kind of foreign policy establishment that’s based around think tanks like the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, which was born out of APAC. He’s speaking to people like Morton Klein. He’s made Morton Klein his Israel policy advisor. And Morton Klein is someone who referred to Palestinians and other Arabs simply as filthy Arabs. He’s never met/encountered a war against any Arab country he didn’t like.”

Chris Williamson; “Just say a bit more, will you about what happened with regard to Robert F. Kennedy and his position on Roger Waters: curious state of affairs there wasn’t it?”

David Miller; “He (RKF) supported Roger Waters in a tweet, and then all hell broke loose from the, the pro-Israel lobby. He was accused of antisemitism by mendacious Zionist lobbyists. He supported him (Roger Waters), and then deleted the tweet after immense pressure was clearly put upon him, and that’s when he started to appear with this guy, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.”

“So it looked like he was doing something which is actually defending someone who’s being smeared by the Zionists and really very rapidly that was closed down and he started spreading quite different-sounding ideas.

Now, the interesting thing about all this is that he says this is the kind of thing which his father and JFK himself would’ve done, and they were always big supporters of Israel, but that doesn’t really seem to be the case.

In fact, it seems to be the case that back in the day, that RFK Senior, was actually trying to make sure that the Zionist Organization of America, an organisation which RFK is now taking advice from, was registered as a foreign agent of Israel. So there are other circumstances as well. There are other issues. They are about, for example, the Israeli’s development of nuclear weapons, which they’d done by stealing plutonium from America. And there were all sorts of suggestions about that, about the role of the Kennedys and being critical of Israel. And he’s now saying “Well, no, no, my father was very supportive of Israel”. That doesn’t seem to be the case, and that’s very curious.”

Chris Williamson; “Yes, it is. Indeed. It’s sort of 180 degree volte face then, isn’t it?”

David Miller; “It would, it would appear to be so, yes. Who knows what the rationale is. I mean, his campaign manager, Dennis Kucinich’s a famous radical. Who knows what the calculations are. People say it’s like, they used to say about Tony Blair and say, “oh, well, he’s pretending not to be radical, and when he gets into power, all things will change”. We can speculate what happened there, but something very odd happened.”

Any Ukrainian who has seen through their propaganda machine is in dire trouble with the authorities so must keep quiet or emigrate. With these powerful objections to the war, I doubt this Ukrainian dissident reporting from America will be safe for long.

Watch: Ukrainian dissident spills the beans about Ukraine’s desperate measures to kidnap men to fight and die for no reason in NATO’s proxy war. Max Blumenthal,The Greyzone, 9 September 2023;

“Ukrainian journalist and exiled antiwar dissident Ruslan Kostaba has been jailed and brutally attacked for his years of opposition to his government’s war in the Donbas, and his calls for peace with Russia. From exile, he speaks to The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal about the growing movement in Ukraine against escalating the war, and the price his countrymen face for attempting to escape the war.”

Max Blumenthal: “As Ukraine’s counter-offensive fails, videos are emerging across social media showing Ukrainian military police essentially kidnapping military-aged men, throwing them into vans and shipping them to the front to a military which according to conservative estimates has lost close to 150,000 men either killed or injured and according to the Wall Street Journal some 50,000 Ukrainians have lost at least one limb in combat. These staggering numbers add to the scandal that was exposed when Vladimir Zelensky fired key officials who were accepting ten thousand dollar bribes from Ukrainian men who wanted to pay their way out of military service. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of others have left the country. Are Ukrainians voting with their feet in opposition to this war?”

Ruslan Kostaba; “They are taken to the front line as cannon fodder and they are carried back from there, dead burnt pieces of meat in black plastic rubbish bags. The problem is not that Zelensky decides whether it’s war or peace. I’ll tell you even now that both Putin and NATO should leave my country Ukraine alone, but we should be aware of the fact that the decisions are being taken in several offices. These are the Oval Office in Washington, the office in Moscow, also might be offices in Berlin and Beijing, that’s it, they haven’t made their decisions yet. It means that they’re still doing business, they’re not ready yet, and we hope only for God, myself being a Christian, pacifist God will make them come to their senses, see reason, so that they might become cleverer and stop doing their business both political and economic on ordinary people’s blood grief and tragedy.”

“He (Zelensky) is a political corpse, he can be in power only at the expense of repression and only as long as the war goes on, so that he could be able to scare people that way, and to prohibit the criticising of him, hiding behind martial law. This is my point of view. More than that, only a week ago the secretary of the Ukrainian pacifist movement, he’s an executive secretary, he executes everything, he is the head of the organisation in Ukraine. Well, the previous week SSU (The Security Service of Ukraine) broke into his house. He was arrested, detained, they took his computers, phones, literature and he’s being accused of supporting Russian aggression. He is threatened with five years of imprisonment. This is Yuri Sheliazhenko, he is under home arrest at the moment which is carried out by special services forces. Only the repressions can keep Zelensky’s dictatorship afloat.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m a citizen of Ukraine speaking about your president of the USA, but I have to say this, your president, while still being a vice president with Victoria Nuland back there on the Maidan (Kiev’s Independence Square), promoted both financially and politically, the coup d’etat to take place. What it ended in for Ukraine, is not only a loss of its independence, Ukraine was made an object, it’s not subjective Ukrainian authorities are also not subjective – they are objects, they’re just weapons. In fact Ukraine is objectified as anti-Russian simply to make Russia weaker and that’s why Joe Biden, knowing that he is involved in geopolitical corruption. I mean the case when he was patronising his son Hunter Biden with the Burisma company in Kiev, and his claim was to fire General prosecutor Shokin for a billion dollars in exchange for his son to be given a million or so monthly. This is political corruption and Biden knows that his electoral rating depends on Zelenski’s rating, and that’s why he unfortunately has to finance the war and murder of people in my country, in Ukraine, and that’s why I don’t believe that anything can change before the elections and hundreds more Ukrainians and Russians are going to be killed and no American soldiers are going to be killed at the same time, but the USA are going to finance their defence industry, Lockheed and the rest of the companies.”

It is always worth hearing from this highly respected American Professor who dares speak out against the mainstream narrative.

Watch: John Mearsheimer – Existential Threat Russia will destroy Western Ukraine, John Mearsheimer; former officer in the US airforce and prominent American scholar of international relations best known for his theory of offensive realism  2nd September 2023

“We, in effect, pursue a policy that is leading to the destruction of Ukraine. If we had not attempted to make Ukraine a Western bulwark on Russia’s border with NATO expansion, EU expansion, the colour revolution – but especially NATO expansion – there’d be, in all likelihood, no war in Ukraine today, Crimea would still be part of Ukraine and, certainly, those four oblasts (administrative regions) that the Russians annexed, would be part of Ukraine.”

“I’ve gone over in great detail every one of Putin’s speeches, press conferences and his writings, and the argument that he was bent on incorporating Ukraine into Russia is usually said to be outlined in a famous article that he wrote on July 12th, 2021. You can easily find this article on the internet and he did say . . . about how it was regrettable how Lenin set up the Soviet Union and so forth and so on. He does not say in that paper, that he is interested in conquering Ukraine; that it’s desirable to conquer Ukraine or, that’s what he intends to do. In fact, if you go look at the article . . . he says that he recognises . . . Ukrainian nationalism. He says that he recognises Ukrainian Independence and he says that the future of Ukraine is up to the Ukrainian people. . . . I can find no evidence that he thought he could conquer Ukraine. Just a word or two about capabilities: He had 190,000 troops. It was almost all of his army. . . You’re not going to conquer a piece of real estate as large as Ukraine with an army that small.”

“There’s no evidence that the East is moving West, it’s the West (NATO) that’s moving East and this is what presents an existential threat to the Russians.”

I wish RFK would abandon the corporate captured and funded Democrat Party and form his own party, join the Green Party or even join the Republicans as the Democratic party has been utterly corrupted by corporate funding. The UK Labour Party led by Keir Starmer is no better.

Read; RFK Jr. Telegraphs Threat To Abandon Democrat Party; Ben Bartee; PJ Media, SEP 13, 2023

‘The Democrat Party has a latent disaster on its hand vis a vis one RFK Jr. On the one hand, they are fully dedicated to sabotaging his campaign. Under no circumstances whatsoever will he be permitted to win the nomination.

Even if he had 80%+ support from the electorate, the sick truth is that party leadership (influenced by the consultant and donor classes) would rather lose with Biden than win with RFK Jr. because of what he’s liable to do to the Deep State and D.C. largesse were he ever to assume office. It would be a proverbial bloodbath for the administrative state and all of the grifters who feed on it.

On the other hand, they need to keep RFK Jr. within the Democrat Party fold because if he were to go rogue and run third party – which he, frankly, should have been doing all along – it would be a veritable death-knell for the Biden entity’s prospects in 2024, which are wafer-thin as it is.

Whatever perceived threat Cornel West poses to Biden’s re-election with his Green Party run, magnify that threat by 10x, 100x and you’re in the ballpark of what RFK Jr. would do to the party. It’s not outlandish to speculate that a strong third-party run by RFK Jr. might literally break the Democrat Party for years or possibly forever. That’s how sick of the party’s BS its own members, not to mention independents and non-voters (the largest, unserviced voting bloc in the country), are.

RFK Jr. has already proven himself nearly bulletproof from relentless Democrat Party and corporate state media attacks — arguably on the same level in this regard as “Teflon” Don.

Here is RFK Jr., in an interview with Forbes, explaining what elaborate lengths the Democrat Party has gone to to rig the primary against him, outright threatening that he might drop his intra-party bid and turn his campaign into a third-party run:

(Quotes RFK Jr) “If the DNC is gonna make it, is gonna rig it, so that it is simply impossible for anybody to challenge President Biden, I need to look at other alternatives. I can’t go back to the people who support me, to my donors, and say, ‘I’m just in this to make a point’. I need to show them a road to victory.”

‘What is for now a threat — albeit apparently a sincere and credible threat — needs to be encouraged by everyone to evolve into reality.

RFK Jr. abandoning the Democrats would all but ensure a defeat of the Biden entity — and a brutal, landslide one at that — in 2024, which can be nothing but good news for all Americans, even delusional, loyal Democrats, who don’t understand their own self-interest.’

With so many issues needing to be radically changed, RFK has many enemies and is in constant danger of being killed – erased from his family, friends and ending our chance of a benign leader of the USA.

Tweet from Robert F. Kennedy Jr; Sept 18

I’m very grateful that alert and fast-acting protectors from Gavin de Becker and Associates (GDBA) spotted and detained an armed man who attempted to approach me at my Hispanic Heritage speech at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles tonight. The man, wearing two shoulder holsters with loaded pistols and spare ammunition magazines, was carrying a U.S. Marshal badge on a lanyard and belt clip federal ID. He identified himself as a member of my security detail. Armed GDBA team members moved quickly to isolate and detain the man until LAPD arrived to make the arrest. I’m also grateful to LAPD for its rapid response.

I’m still entertaining a hope that President Biden will allow me Secret Service protection. I am the first presidential candidate in history to whom the White House has denied a request for protection.”

Covid/Vaccines Scam and Pandemic Treaty

I totally love this catchy song – play it again and again to lift your spirit in the knowledge that never ever again will anyone, who thinks outside the box, obey our corporate captured politicians who instruct us to destroy our immune system with an untested toxic jab. BLIND JOE GETS IT SPOT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!’

I will not comply; Blind Joe

I Will Not Comply Quit tryin’ ta take me to task cuz I don’t wanna wear a mask Or take a vaccine that could maybe make me die They’ve got no scientific evidence to back that crap up All they do is feed us lie after lie That’s why I will not comply

Since back last March I’ve had an achy breaky heart like ol’ Billy Ray Cyrus I been catchin’ a case of the blues from the news around this damn Corona Virus Now they’re tellin’ us we gotta keep our chin-diapers up even if we got the shot in the arm But nobody’s talkin’ bout exercise or eatin’ food that’s fresh grown from the farm

That’s why I will not comply Quit tryin’ ta take me to task cuz I don’t wanna wear a mask Or take a vaccine that could maybe make me die They’ve got no scientific evidence to back that crap up All they do is feed us lie after lie That’s why I will not comply

The only way to stop the violence is for us to break the silence right now So, if ya tend to agree and you’re pissed off like me Stand your ass up and scream it out loud Sing:

I will not comply Quit tryin’ ta take me to task cuz I don’t wanna wear a mask Or take a vaccine that could maybe make me die They’ve got no scientific evidence to back that crap up All they do is feed us lie after lie That’s why I will not comply

Yeah I’m here to tell ya people I will not comply! No!

Also this rap song is a powerful wake up call that deserves sending to friends. It opens with Christine Anderson MEP’s pronouncement in the EU Parliament that she will never, under any circumstance, have a jab in exchange for her freedom – we are free and must fight to keep it that way.

Rebelution – Lyrics by: Nathan James © DistroKid

Christine Anderson; “If the age of enlightenment has brought forth anything, then certainly it’s this; ‘never take anything any government tells you at face value. Always question everything any government does or does not do. Always look for ulterior motives and always ask Cui Bono – who benefits’.

As far as I’m concerned, I will not be vaccinated with anything that has not been properly vetted and tested and has shown no sound scientific evidence that the benefits outweigh the disease itself in possible long-term side effects, which to this day we don’t know anything about.

I will not be reduced to a mere guinea pig by getting vaccinated with an experimental drug and I will most assuredly not get vaccinated because my government tells me to and promises in return I will be granted freedom.”

Nathan James; Nate is back, back to spitting these rhymes.
Ain’t nothing changed, politicians still spitting their lies.
Committing crimes against humanity they manipulate minds.
They’re about their business de-populating mankind.
This ain’t no conspiracy theory yo it’s more like the truth.
Nothing’s new under the sun, it’s just a cycle that loops.
I believe in the unseen, I don’t need any proof.
I eat clean as can be, without GMO foods.
Have you noticed cancer seems to be on the rise?
A moments silence for my good friends father that died.
I know a few deaths, Ronas (short for Corona virus) are much harder to find.
If you ask me they pull the wool straight over your eyes.
We locked down a country for a cough & a sneeze.
And a survival rate that seemed taller than trees.
I’m not a doctor nor am I claiming to be.
It’s highly likely they’ve been bought if they’ve been put on TV.
My spirit don’t believe them I ain’t playing no games.
There’s a conflict of interest & they will keep it contained.
See the meta-universe Zuck announced the other day.
It’s not reality, keep it away. I don’t need it explained.
I ain’t into that I’d rather interact in person.
My impact is like the sun when you pull back the curtain.
And if I’m wrong then I’m wrong I don’t mind reversing.
But until then I will stand in my truth that’s for certain.
Do you know why the climate is changing?
Look up and you will see the chemtrails that their spraying.
Manipulate the weather technology is amazing.
Sell you a climate crisis but trust they’re faking,
their raking In the money it’s not funny all these billionaires are scummy.
They could put their money together and feed the starving tummies.
But they don’t & they won’t because they do not care.
Give to charities they own to keep the wealth within their sphere.
When will we wake? Now is the time. This is rebelution – Yo!
Do not comply! Shove your QR codes, we will not be denied. This is rebelution I said do not comply.

Chistian Anderson; Let’s be clear about one thing. No one grants me freedom for I am a free person’

Mike Yeadon is a scientific researcher and was vice president at drugs giant Pfizer Inc. and he co-founded a successful biotech company. He is thereby in a good position to know about vaccines and has nothing to gain from exposing his fears about their indiscriminate roll out.

Read; Malice Aforethought on the COVID-19 Pandemic: “This is a global coup d’etat and intentional mass murder.” Dr. Mike Yeadon; Global Research, September 11, 2023

‘Once I allowed for the possibility that all the bad things were intentional, I find all the rest falls into place. Obviously that alone doesn’t prove that it was intentional.

Some early clues to intentionality are the coordinated responses of scores of governments to the alleged pandemic: lockdowns, masking, mass testing of the well, the misapplication of PCR-based techniques to bulk testing of clinical samples, selective business & school closures, border restrictions etc.

Not a single country had any of this as a core part of their own pandemic preparedness plan.

Even the WHO’s scientific evaluation of NPIs concluded none of them worked & the only changes worth a dime were asking those with symptoms to remain at home until recovered & to increase the frequency of hand washing (because the route of transmission wouldn’t initially be known for sure).

I argued at the time that the only way all the countries could have adopted all these useless yet damaging & costly NPIs is if there was supranational coordination.

Whether that’s from WHO, WEF, etc., I don’t know. But illegitimate in any case.

We now know that they knew that imposing these restrictions would save nobody, yet the negative consequences would be devastating, even lethal for some, who would no longer have access to the medical care they needed. Additionally, the use of furlough was obviously going to be enormously damaging to sovereigns who were already borrowed to the hilt.

I note the widespread adoption of an American term, furlough, into public discourse. In U.K. we never previously used the term. Nobody remarked on its arrival, which telegraphed the leading role played by Americans.

Then we have the imposition of radically altered medical protocols.

Because of my long exposure to matters respiratory, I knew immediately they began panicking about needed 30,000 mechanical ventilators that something truly demonic was at hand. It’s never appropriate, in a patient with an unobstructed airway & an intact chest wall to sedate, intubate and ventilate them. Mechanical ventilation is certainly a marvellous, life-saving thing, but it comes with serious risks to the frail patient, in the form of ventilator acquired pneumonia, lung injury from use of pressure to inflate the lungs and more. The appropriate treatment would be an oxygen mask, single, low dose benzo, a cup of tea and a biscuit and a caring hand upon an arm.’

In spite of there currently being no evidence of a threat greater than the common cold, the UK government, along with the US, has rushed forward the winter vaccination programme for Covid variants. Barely repressing his suspicions, a dismayed Dr John Campbell gives his detailed response.

Watch: Pirola Panic Dr John Campbell, 31st August.

“Incredible panic from the UK government that brought forward the whole winter vaccination program which is questionable in the first place.”

“Panic based on, essentially, no information at all.”

A small group of powerful military people wanted to create a vaccine market to ensure Pharma would supply mRNA gene therapy vaccines to protect against their gain-of-function bio weapon viruses.

Read; The US biowarfare project which caused the Covid-19 debacle – Part 4; Paula Jardine; August 24, 2023

“MORSELS of information are now coming to light in the MSM which hint at the involvement of US defence and military planners in the Covid-19 vaccine development. For example in June the Sunday Times headlined ‘What really went on inside the Wuhan Lab weeks before Covid erupted’, though it was little more than a rehash of an officially sanctioned US account blaming China. However TCW (The Conservative Woman) writer Paula Jardine was on the case long before and, in a series earlier this year, she gave chapter and verse on the anatomy of the US ‘Manhattan Project’ for biodefence (later renamed Operation Warp Speed) which culminated in the Covid project and the creation of its goal: an otherwise unobtainable commercial market for mRNA gene therapy vaccines that a small group of powerful men and women – obsessed with viruses, vaccines and the idea of a war against microbes – were so desperate for.”

Paula Jardine: ‘It is startling how Dr Kadlec and his few associates have, over a period of more than 20 years, managed to orchestrate an undemocratic and unethical bio-security coup with global reach.

The Manhattan Project was renamed Operation Warp Speed when it was launched in May 2020. The involvement of the US Federal Government which, through the NIAID owns the patent for the spike protein used in the vaccines, and its Department of Defense that ran and financed Operation Warp Speed, arguably elevates this War on Microbes Manhattan Project to an unprecedented bioweapon attack on humanity using an under-tested novel injectable pharmaceutical.’

Watch: Rand Paul DEMANDS Unanimous Consent To RESCIND Covid Vax, Mask MANDATE for US Senate pages The Hill, 7th September 2023

‘Covid is with us forever. Covid is now the new flu. Fortunately it’s become less deadly over time, it was quite deadly in 2020 and each successive evolution of the virus has made it less deadly. The death rate is dramatically reduced. Even at its peak the death rate was about point three percent, about three times greater than the seasonal flu. It still meant a million Americans died either from Covid or with Covid, but it’s now lessened in severity are they going to continue to tell us how to make our healthcare decisions forever? Are Democrats so insistent that they know better than everyone else that we will be beholden to bending the knee and asking their permission to live? Are we going to ask permission whether or not they they will come to us and say to participate in life you have to be vaccinated three times?

In Denmark vaccines were not shown to have any impact on household viral transmission or secondary attack rate even the proponents of the mandates will admit if forced to admit the vaccines don’t stop transmission.

Multiple scientific studies have shown, though, that there’s a heightened risk of myocarditis, heart inflammation for children and teenagers after taking mRNA Covid vaccine. That’s why multiple countries began restricting it for certain age groups. Germany, France, Denmark, Finland and Sweden all restricted Moderna vaccine for young people. Norway, South America and the UK all chose to recommend only one dose of Pfizer due to the risk of cardiovascular side effects for booster in kids. But what we’re going to find out today is the Democrat party doesn’t care about the science, doesn’t care about choice with regard to your medical decisions.’

Every week Children’s Heath Defense, Polly and Matt give an update on news that mainstream media either doesn’t report on at all or will give a Big Pharma take.

Watch; This Week With Mary and Polly | Aug. 27

Polly:: “Covid shots are gene therapy contrary to claims by media ‘fact checkers’ The mainstream media continues to state that messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID-19 shots are distinct from gene therapy. But even their fact checking is laughable as it tries to use semantics to explain away the shots gene therapy connection. One argued – one fact checker this is – that mRNA COVID-19 shots are not gene therapy, but genetic-based therapy. Media outlets suggest the shots aren’t gene therapy because they don’t change the body’s genetic make up. ‘But this is part of the FDA’s definition of gene therapy’, says Dr Mercola. The FDA’s full definition also includes the words “or to alter the biological properties of living cells”, ‘which is precisely what the COVID-19 shots do’, says Dr Joseph Mercola”.

Mary: He says the whole point of the Covid shot is to turn your own body into producers of viral protein. And there’s no off-switch. There’s definitely gene therapies and they say, they should have had other approvals because they are gene therapies. There’s no doubt about that. Reuters was one of the fact checkers that talk about it and it’s just lies. And he (Mercola) points out also, that they had to change the definition of a vaccine in Webster’s Dictionary, so that these things could be called vaccines – because they weren’t vaccines. They weren’t vaccines in any traditional sense of the word.

Polly: OK. The Brownstone Institute in The Defender . . . “Some Pfizer vaccines were contaminated. What does that mean to millions who got the jab?”

‘The multiple, internationally recognised, laboratories confirmed the findings of Kevin McKernan, a microbiologist and former team leader for the Human Genome Project, that some Pfizer BionTech BNT162bz Covid-19 vaccines were contaminated’, says this article. This is an alarming discovery. The contamination is real, says this article, and a couple of questions here that are important: 1) How bad is the contamination? 2) What is being done about it? And 3) What does this mean for the billions who took the jab?

Mary: This is another great article and we (at Children’s Health Defence) had the opportunity to work a little bit with Dr McKernan. He’s terrific. And one of the things he said is, the article that he published is being criticised saying ‘Oh it’s not really peer reviewed’. I love his quote. He says “Independent wet lab reproduction trumps three anonymous readers (of his research papers) every time. In other words, other people have already replicated his work finding this contamination. What he said is that ‘the Pfizer injections were 80 to 70 times over the regulatory authority limit for having DNA contamination’. And the DNA contamination in the shot – and it was in the lipid nano-particles – was a million times a higher level of contamination than what would be tested by your PCR swab in your nose. And what they also have found out is that the DNA includes DNA of simian virus 40. This is a known cancer promoter. This deeply troubling and he also says here, this absolutely should have had GMO licences.

Also see; This Week With Mary and Polly | Sept. 17; COVID boosters, shots in pregnancy, hospital protocols, censorship and more

This Week With Mary and Polly | Sept. 10; masking, COVID variants, rabies and more.

Many people suspend belief because they can’t imagine people can openly be so wicked. Most doctors have been taught to follow instructions and have too much to lose if they follow their suspicions that they might not be doing the right thing. Just like farmers pouring toxic chemicals on our food don’t ask too many questions in their attempt to stay in business.

The Covenant of Death: “Pfizer knew that they were killing babies in utero…” – By Dr James A Thorp and Dr Naomi Wolf, Global Research, 1st September

‘In this interview, Dr Thorp describes how he was unceremoniously if not injuriously fired by his health system employer – though he was among the most published of his colleagues. He described the results of a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act request) launched by his wife, attorney Maggie Thorp, and himself, that revealed $13 billion in funding to “influencers” to promote the mRNA injections, including surfacing a contract with a for-profit OB/GYN NGO that oversees tens of thousands of obstetricians and gynaecologists on two continents. The contract that the Thorps’ FOIA disclosed, provides for the return of the money if medical organisations do not adhere to the “safe and effective” for pregnant women and new moms script presented to them by HHS. Dt Thorp independently confirms the WarRoom/DailyClout’s findings now from three other independent sources: that placentas, foetuses and newborns are being damaged by the mRNA injection. All four sources confirm the same kinds of damage: fibrins, blood clots, “small for dates” restricted growth and weight of the placentas, and calcifications. Meaning that babies of vaccinated moms in utero may not be getting enough food, and they may lack the room to grow normally.

Dr Thorp ends with the damning but unforgettable conclusion that every OB/GYN (obstetrician-gynaecologist) should have known in advance that this injection would cause massive damage to women and babies, because inflammation has been known to OB/GYNs for decades to be catastrophic to pregnancy.’

Dr. Thorp: “This entire vaccine went after women. It went after women’s health. for two reasons.

Number one: Every man and woman in medicine knows women make all the healthcare decisions for all members of the family. So that if they could capture the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and 60,000 obstetricians, and then they got all the women, they captured the population.

The second issue is more ominous if they can fraudulently – and make no doubt about it, this was fraud, right? Conspiracy, this was collusion – a RICO ( US: Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) violation. The second reason that they targeted women is this: if they can prove that the vaccine is safe, effective, and necessary in the most vulnerable population, which is pregnant women, pre-borns and newborns by vertical transmission – then every other human being on earth needs to be vaccinated.

Number one, women make the healthcare decisions. Number two, if we can convince the world that it’s safe, effective, and necessary in pregnancy, they’ve won the entire game for vaccinating the entire human population on the planet. And that’s what they did.

Maggie [Thorp], as I mentioned, is an attorney. She has a keen eye for sniffing out fraud in larger corporations, which she’s done in other industries successfully.

So, we launched a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act request). We strongly suspected that this vaccine, just like I got done saying, was a fait accompli. It was always pre-planned. Prior to 2020, it was pre-planned to target women.

And we proved that this was the case.

We submitted an airtight Freedom of Information Act to HHS (United States Department of Health and Human Services), the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), and the American College of OB/GYN (Obstetrics and Gynaecology), and ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) .ACOG and the American College of OB/GYN allege themselves to be the preeminent organisation for women in the world. Nothing could be more opposite to the truth.

On February 28th, 2021, the Pfizer 5.3 0.6 post-marketing data was public. It was devastating. It was proven to be, according to Pfizer, the deadliest drug ever rolled out to the human public. I’ve been saying that. And for two and a half years, not one person has challenged me. 1,223 dead within 10 weeks, and then horrible obstetrical data.

Mark Weber, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs/Human Services at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, tried to hide that damning data for 75 years. What did he do? Rolled out a $13 billion PSYOPs campaign to the entire United States of America, about 300 major organisations in influencers, including synagogues and churches, and many others, to convince the United States and the entire world that this deadly shot was safe, effective, and necessary in the most vulnerable population, pregnant women.

They rolled that $13 billion out while suppressing the damning data from Pfizer.

Those who were founding members, like the American College of OBGYN, signed a contract.

We’ve proven that [from] 1400 pages. They redacted over 50%, but they entered a contract that I have termed, the “covenant of death” [the phrase is from Isaiah 28]. I have started a Substack, on this covenant of death between HHS and CDC, and the American College of OB/GYN along with probably all the other influencers.

What’s in this covenant of death? This is hideous. This is horrifying. This is exactly what you have seen, Dr. Naomi, and what I’ve seen and what we know to be true.

They took well over $11 million; they signed the covenant with death, and they’re not allowed to deviate one iota from the lethal narrative of HHS. If they do, they will be liable for paying back every single penny, which they’ve already pocketed. So, that’s why the American College of OB/GYN, the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the Society for Maternal-Foetal Medicine, to this day, are the evil organisations that perpetrated this crime on the world. And I will not back down from attacking them because we have the proof.

I’ve been saying this for over a year. And if that were not true, I’d be involved in multiple lawsuits.”

On 31st August researchers investigating the distribution of covid spike fragments, published this paper. The results of their work is a clear indictment of Big Pharma’s bad science:

“The specific PP-Spike fragment was found in 50% of the biological samples analysed, and its presence was independent of the SARS CoV-2 IgG antibody titre. The minimum and maximum time at which PP-Spike was detected after vaccination was 69 and 187 days, respectively.”

Days later, the New Zealand based Hatchard Report delved deeply into this paper and earlier research. The report title summed up the take-home message:

Listen/Read: The Sobering Lesson of Published Covid Science: Stop Taking mRNA Covid Vaccines Now – The Hatchard Report 3rd September

“In the study, conducted in Southern Italy, 20 subjects were mRNA vaccinated, 20 were unvaccinated (this group of subjects did not have Covid or Covid antibodies), another 20 subjects were unvaccinated but tested positive for Covid. Only the vaccinated group tested positive for the vaccine induced PP-spike protein.

Early claims were widely publicised that spike protein would only be produced for a few days after vaccination, supposedly sufficient to stimulate an immune response, and then would cease. However no study supported these claims. The new study proves these claims false. Over half of the vaccinated subjects had the PP-spike protein for up to the 6 month duration of the study. The authors theorised that:

“It is possible that the mRNA sequences from the vaccine may be integrated or re-transcribed in some cells”.

Given the suspected association between myocardial damage and the spike protein, this points to the continuous production of a cardiac toxin by some

genetically transformed cells in a high proportion of vaccinated individuals. As the study terminated after six months, it is quite possible, if not probable, that the effect may continue past six months.”

So, there is strong evidence that half of the people who took mRNA vaccines have vaccine induced spike proteins wreaking havoc in their bodies. And yet, as more and more condemning research papers appear, the UK government is bringing forward plans for more mRNA vaccines. Has science gone mad? Yes, it has gone uber-capitalist mad; profit before health is the, literally, sickening philosophy.

Watch: Sweden’s NO LOCKDOWN, NO MASK MANDATE Policies Led to LOWER Excess Deaths: Study The Hill, 30th August

“Sweden didn’t take a strange unprecedented decision on openness but others other countries took a strange unprecedented decision to lock down their countries that was not something that was in the plans for a pandemic so it seems like the Chinese decision to lock down the economy put people under house arrest sort of got people and countries to panic and thinking that this might be the only way to to stop the virus, whereas Sweden didn’t throw out the manual but basically stuck to the plan, tried to protect the vulnerable but keep society, schools and businesses open.”

“. . .remarkably . . . Sweden’s excess death rate is one of the lowest in Europe. According to some calculations the lowest in Europe and less than half of America’s.“

Watch: Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe – 2016 Documentary

In 2013, biologist Dr. Brian Hooker received a call from a Senior Scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who led the agency’s 2004 study on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and its link to autism.

The scientist, Dr. William Thompson, confessed that the CDC had omitted crucial data in their final report that revealed a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism.

In early 2020, life as we knew it changed forever. What was sold to us as a fight against “a new and deadly virus“ soon revealed itself as merely the opening act of a Great Reset, in which we will “own nothing and be happy”. This film documents exactly who is behind it all, how long it’s been in the works, and how to stop it… before we lose our country, our liberty, and our humanity.



Listen; The W.H.O. and Pandemics with Dr Meryl Nass; Dr. Meryl Nass discusses updates on new pandemics and shots and policies as well as a history of the World Health Organization and older pandemics with Robert F. Kennedy Jr; RFK Jr Podcast

Dr Nass; “So what’s going on at the WHO and the UN? The claim is that we did such a terrible job on Covid, that it turned into a catastrophe. And if only the nations had worked together and co-operated and shared their vaccines, everything would’ve been fine. So therefore, we need to have a pandemic treaty, which has never been developed before. And the Pandemic Treaty is not even going to require a declaration of a pandemic. It’s going to be in effect all the time, and it incentivizes gain of function.

Research encourages all the nations to perform. It directs all the nations to go out and collect potential pandemic pathogens, to be swabbing animals, humans, and wastewater. And when they find them, they are directed to share them globally. As Del Big Tree said, this is open source biological weapons. That’s the treaty. It’s very crazy.

Kennedy; “As Richard Br said, it’s like looking for a gas leak with a lit match.”

Dr Nass; “Exactly. There, is nothing to recommend this. It’s completely insane. Maybe they aren’t planning to put that in the final version of the treaty, but it’s in the current version, which was written by the WHO Bureau staff. And this latest version was submitted on June 2nd. The international health regulations are something that was pre-existing, but the United States suggested amending them a couple of years ago. And so now all nations have been asked to submit potential new amendments to this existing treaty, and they have.

And so these amendments do call for a declaration by the Director General of WHO. At the moment, there are no standards by which he would make a declaration of a pandemic, but he can also declare a potential pandemic. And the provisions of the international health regulations could be enforced before, during, and after a pandemic.

Now, so what could he do? Well, according to the IHRs (International Health Regulations), he could tell nations what drugs they must use and what drugs they won’t be allowed to use during one of these declared pandemics. He can instruct a nation to manufacture a drug or vaccine for another country and direct it to be sent there or other material that are necessary. There is also a concept of one health, which is something that started out as a benign idea that certain illnesses transmit between humans and animals, and therefore veterinarians and doctors should work together on those illnesses.

But it was co-opted. It was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation starting in 2009. And subsequently, the whole concept, even though very poorly defined, so nobody really knows what it is, but animals, plants, waterways, and ecosystems have been added to humans and animals, so that everything in the world is now within the purview of One Health.

The National Defense Authorization Act that is law now in the United States, passed last December, includes instructions for the US government to obey. So there’s a 17 or 18 page section within this Omnibus bill on International Pandemic Preparedness and Response. So it directs the US government to basically follow the WHO and GAVI and the Global Biosecurity agenda and to use the One Health approach, whatever it is, with problem solving, and to embed this One Health approach and pandemic planning into the fabric of government.

How you’re being directed to respond to a pandemic is being embedded in the legal framework in the EU, in the US by the WHO and the UN. They’re using terms like whole of government, whole of society and health in all policies approach. I’ve taken that to mean that they are trying to use public health as the means to gain sovereignty over anything that these agencies or governments claim is health related.”

Read; Shameless betrayal by the UN; David Bell; TCW; September 18, 2023

‘ON Wednesday our representatives meeting at the United Nations will sign off on a ‘Declaration’ titled: ‘Political Declaration of the United Nations General Assembly High-level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response’.

This has been announced as a ‘silence procedure’, meaning that states not responding will be deemed supporters of the text. The document expresses a new policy pathway for managing populations when the World Health Organization (WHO), the health arm of the UN, declares a future viral variant to be a ‘public health emergency of international concern’.

The WHO noted in 2019 that pandemics are rare, and insignificant in terms of overall mortality over the last century. Since then, it has decided that the 2019 old-normal population is simply oblivious to impending annihilation. The WHO and the entire UN system now consider pandemics an existential and imminent threat. This matters, because:

– They are asking for far more money than is spent on any other international health program (your money);

– This will deliver great wealth to some people who now work closely with the WHO and the UN;

– The powers being sought from your government will reimpose the very responses that have just caused the largest growth in poverty and disease in our lifetimes;

– Logically, pandemics will only become more frequent if someone intends to make them so (so we should wonder what is going on).’

Not all is plain sailing for the despots:

Bombshell: US House Bill to Cut Funding for WHO Entirely, Terminate Involvement in WEF, Considers Exiting WHO. Threatens Implementation of WHO “Pandemic Treaty”? Peter Koenig; Global Research, July 03, 2023

‘The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations (CoA), a highly influential US Congressional body on US budget proposals, has advised cutting government funding for the World Health Organization (WHO) entirely, as part of its budget proposal for fiscal year 2024.

‘The CoA’s bill would also block funding to the Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology, the EcoHealth Alliance, as well as gain-of-function research. In addition, the legislation would terminate US government involvement in the World Economic Forum (WEF).

This bombshell report was published a few days ago by RFK Jr’s Defender, based on extensive interviews with concerned US Congress people. See this full report by Michael Nevradikis, Ph.D, a regular contributor to the Children’s Health Defense Newsletter.’

WATCH; Director-General or Dictator-General? Former Member of Parliament Divulges the Truth About WHO Decisions; SEP 11, 2023

‘On the outside, the WHO appears to be an entity that makes public health decisions based on the expertise of appointed specialists and professionals. Upon closer examination, who really calls the shots?

According to Wolfgang Wodarg, M.D., Ph.D., former Member of Parliament + Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the majority of decisions that flow from the WHO begin and end with the director-general himself.

In 2022, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus overrode the second vote of an expert group he had appointed, declaring monkeypox a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC).

“The vote was nine to six. And he [Director-General] came in afterward and said ‘Well, it was almost a tie, so I broke the tie, and I decided to make it a PHEIC.’ Even though only six people had voted in favour,” denoted Dr. Meryl Nass M.D.

Does it matter if elected members of the WHO clearly oppose decisions made by the Director-General? Do sovereign nations really want to give this man, who is not a physician, the power to dictate their public health policy decisions?’ #ExitTheWHO #StopTheTreaty’

As the WHO, supported by Bill Gates and Big Pharma, works to capitalise on the global power it gave itself during Covid and tries to expand its powers over every country, the World Council for Health looks for ways to prevent the WHO assuming monopoly powers to control our lives using the excuse of fighting another pandemic.

Read report; REJECTING MONOPOLY POWER OVER GLOBAL PUBLIC HEALTH; World Council for Health; May 2023

‘Negotiations are taking place to significantly expand the control of the World Health Organization (WHO) over global public health responses and thinking via a) amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005), and b) a pandemic treaty/accord (WHO CA+). Both instruments can be seen as complementary. While the submitted IHR amendments, if approved, would greatly enhance the powers of the WHO as well as its Director-General vis-à-vis states and non-state actors, the pandemic treaty in its current form would create a new, cost-intensive supranational bureaucracy and impose an ideological framework under which to operate in matters of global health.

The World Health Assembly has set a deadline of May 2024 for putting the proposed amendments to the IHR and the pandemic treaty to a vote. Amendments to the IHR are adopted via simple majority vote by delegates in the World Health Assembly with no further national ratification procedures. States retain the right to individually opt out within a specified time (10 months). If they don’t do so, the revised version automatically applies to them. The treaty, meanwhile, necessitates a two-third majority with subsequent national ratification. However, per Article 35 of the zero draft of the treaty, the agreement can come into effect on a provisional basis before the conclusion of ratification processes.

Officially, the IHR amendments and the pandemic treaty are presented as instruments to increase international collaboration, efficient sharing of information and equity in the case of another global health crisis. De facto, they can turn into instruments to replace international collaboration with centralised dictates, to encourage the stifling of dissent and to legitimise a cartel that imposes on populations interest-driven health products that generate profits over those that work better but are less profitable.

The submitted IHR amendments, in particular, provide a legal framework for monopoly power over aspects of global public health in times of actual and potential crisis. If these amendments were to be approved, this power would be exercised by a few potent WHO primary donors that exert meaningful control over the organisation. These include a handful of high-income countries like the US, China and Germany as well as private stakeholders like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and pharmaceutical corporations. All of the aforementioned state and private funders have significant conflicts of interest when it comes to global public health policies. These special interests have compromised the organisation. It is noteworthy in this context that the WHO only has full control over roughly a quarter of its own budget. The rest consists of earmarked voluntary contributions by its funders.’

Communications & Outreach Officer

We are looking for a part-time, competent and motivated outreach manager to join our small team committed to changing consumer choices to make factory farming a thing of the past and to expose the pseudo consensus in the mainstream news narrative on topics such as food, farming, the environment – as well as bring attention to wider issues such as censorship, surveillance, coercion, war, vaccines etc.

Job description

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Forgive me for pointing out that, while we receive some one-off donations, I am funding Farms Not Factories myself, and if we are to continue to fight the cruel, antibiotic-led factory farm system, we will need some regular donations from like-minded people. Please consider a monthly subscription of £2/month and help us support a network of smaller scale, humane and healthy UK pig farms, local abattoirs and butchers.

“Our message is simple, we want to help bring an end to this dangerous, inhumane system. Vote for real farming over factory farming.”
– Tracy Worcester, Director

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