January 20th, 2023 Newsletter

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The purpose of my newsletter is to give you important information that is censored in the mainstream media.

“The way you get democracy to function is by informing the public.” – Robert Kennedy Jr.

Though the newsletter chapters interrelate, they are divided into four sections all of which have a common thread leading to a cabal of corporate elites who have captured global trade, global governance, media stream, and increasingly online, media and ultimately our minds.

  1. Food, Farming & Ecocide
  2. Censorship/Surveillance/Coercion/Corruption = WEF
  3. Russia/China Conflicts
  4. Covid/Vaccines

As a stenographer, I link to the article or audio plus a key paragraph or two. My most trusted websites, by journalists who don’t compromise on the truth, and have thereby been shunned by the mainstream media, include; Global Research News, Children’s Health Defence, Geopolitical Economy Report, The Grayzone, The Jimmy Dore Show and Russell Brand.

To give you a taste of the 3 vital sections that follow the first, Food, Farming & Ecocide section, I have added a couple of ‘not to be missed articles’ from each immediately below the Rooting for Real Farms video.

Rooting for Real Farms Series

In our final episode of this Rooting for Real Farms series, top chef Paul Askew cooks with organic, high welfare pork. Luke Hasell raises pigs to organic standards at Herons Green Farm where his family have farmed for over 100 years. The pigs eat a varied diet and have plenty of outdoor space to root and graze.

Luke says, “The pork, I believe, tastes better because it’s slowly matured, it lives longer on this farm with organic principles at the heart of what we do, and so for me it’s better for the environment, better for us and they’re healthier and happier pigs.”

Paul says, “The fact that this meat is organic tells me that it’s had a fantastic life, its diet is correct, there’s been no intensive farming methods. What we get is an amazing raw ingredient.”

We need to reconnect with, and support, our traditional high welfare farmers, or we risk losing them forever. Please give this video a like and a share:

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Censorship/Surveillance/Coercion/Corruption = WEF

Alleged antisemitism, frequently used to smear people who question the status quo narrative, has gone to new heights with the suspension of Andrew Bridgen MP for saying that the Covid vaccination campaign was “the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust” This statement should be read for what it actually says, not deliberately distorted to imply it is diminishing the horrors of the holocaust.

Read and watch; Covid Vaccine: “This is the Biggest Crime against Humanity since the Holocaust.” Andrew Bridgen Suspended as U.K. Conservative MP; Will Jones; The Daily Sceptic; 11 January 2023

‘MP Andrew Bridgen has had the Conservative whip removed – meaning he is suspended from sitting as a Conservative MP and must sit without party affiliation – pending a “formal investigation” after causing “great offence” with remarks saying the Covid vaccines are “causing serious harms” and the vaccination campaign was “the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust”.

‘Mr. Bridgen, who has a science background, has become Parliament’s most vocal critic of the Covid vaccines. He thus made himself a big target for the pro-vaccine zealots who will have been looking for an excuse to punish and cancel him, and who have predictably leapt on the first ‘offensive’ thing they could find.

‘Dr. Guetzkow, the academic whose article Mr. Bridgen linked to in the tweet, who is Jewish and lives in Israel, defended him from allegations of anti-Semitism. He told the Daily Sceptic that “there is nothing at all anti-Semitic about his statement” and that “the hollow accusations against him only distract from genuine examples of anti-Semitism”.’

‘Mr. Bridgen’s recent speech in the Commons where he raised many issues that other MPs shy away from or don’t want to know about:

‘Three months ago, one of the most eminent and trusted cardiologists, a man with an international reputation, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, published peer-reviewed research that concluded that there should be a complete cessation of the administration of the Covid mRNA vaccines for everyone because of clear and robust data of significant harms and little ongoing benefit. He described the roll-out of the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine as “perhaps the greatest miscarriage of medical science, attack on democracy, damage to population health, and erosion of trust in medicine that we will witness in our lifetime” ‘Interestingly, there has so far not been a single rebuttal of Dr. Malhotra’s findings in the scientific literature, despite their widespread circulation and the fact that they made international news.

Russia/China Conflicts

Watch; Jeffrey Sachs: The War in Ukraine and the Missing Context & Perspective 19 jan 2023

In this episode of The Source, we talk with world-renowned economist and best-selling author Jeffrey Sachs about the war in Ukraine. We examine the missing context to the war and illuminate a perspective that is missing from the media and political discourse when it comes to ending the war.

ABOUT JEFFREY D. SACHS: Jeffrey D. Sachs is University Professor and Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, where he directed the Earth Institute from 2002 until 2016. He is President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Co-Chair of the Council of Engineers for the Energy Transition, Commissioner of the UN Broadband Commission for Development, academician of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences at the Vatican, and Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah Honorary Distinguished Professor at Sunway University. He has been Special Advisor to three United Nations Secretaries-General, and currently serves as an SDG Advocat under Secretary General António Guterres. He spent over twenty years as a professor at Harvard University, where he received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees. Sachs has received 41 honorary doctorates, and his recent awards include the 2022 Tang Prize in Sustainable Development, the Legion of Honor by decree of the President of the Republic of France, and the Order of the Cross from the President of Estonia. His most recent books are The Ages of Globalisation: Geography, Technology, and Institutions (2020) and Ethics in Action for Sustainable Development (2022).

Presenter; In December last year there was a lot of voicing for diplomacy stated by French President Macron, even President Biden, the German Chancellor, for example, even spoke to Putin for an hour on the phone reportedly. Now the tone is completely shifted since the start of the new year. To begin the New Year NATO General Secretary Jan seltenberg said; ‘weapons are in fact the way to peace.’ Now we have all sorts of weapons from our vehicles artillery Patriot Defence Systems, being committed to Ukraine and the UK has now upped the ante by sending the Challenger battle tanks, all eyes are in Berlin, now all the pressure is on Berlin. Tomorrow all the defence ministers are meeting at Ramstein Air Base and it is expected that Germany will, at some point, capitulate to all this pressure and send also battle tanks known as the leopard II. What advice would you give to leaders of this conference if you were participating as well and do you think Advanced Offensive Weapons could change the tide of War?

Sachs; The advice I would give to leaders is, sit down and start talking; most importantly President Biden and President Putin. How can we have an approach that does not also include negotiations. This is mind-boggling. You see it’s quite interesting, our top general in the United States, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley said, ‘now is the time to negotiate’. The next day, Victoria Newland, who’s our neocon-in-chief in the state department, said, ‘no no negotiations’. The whole idea is to bat down, at all times, any possibility of discussion. The only thing that’s allowed in the narrative is war. Negotiations not even to be tried. So aside from all the weapon systems and, whatever one thinks, open negotiations. And understand by the way, and it’s quite clear, Chancellor Schultz said to Putin, at the beginning of all of this, ‘NATO won’t enlarge on my watch.’ He (Putin) said; ‘yes, you are Chancellor of Germany, what about NATO itself, how long are you going to be there’. And the point is very simple: this is first of all a U.S led Alliance. This is a 30-year U.S project to expand NATO. President Biden’s only words on this are; the door is open. The United States repeats at every occasion that; ‘Ukraine will become a member of NATO’. What the Europeans could say clearly to Biden is, ‘come on you have put us in a terrible bind, you’re crushing our industry you’re bringing us closer to war, and all over something that should not have happened at all, which was this intention to expand NATO. Because when that was put on the table in 2008, Germany was against it. France was against it. I know I talked to the leaders then. But, they don’t say it publicly, they don’t admit the truth and then the media obscured all of this history. So my recommendation is; open negotiation.’


A truthbomb;

Watch; We did it. We broke the mainstream media. 13 Jan 2023

Cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra breaks through the BBC’s censorship;

‘But what is almost certainly a cause [of excess cardiovascular deaths] and I hope you’ll allow me to say this. What my own research has found and this is something that is probably a likely contributing factor, is that the covid mRNA vaccines do carry a cardiovascular risk and I’ve actually called for the suspension of this, pending an inquiry, because there’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment about what’s causing the excess deaths.’

I am stealing this opportunity to pay homage to the late Vivienne Westwood for her tireless and heroic work to open our eyes to the damage inflicted by corporate capitalism on citizens, sentient beings and our precious planet. She was a friend and supporter of our Farms not Factories campaign to help end the suffering of poor beleaguered pigs confined in steel cages in factory farms, not least by designing the “Moral Outrage’ T-shirt to help us raise money, and being filmed and photographed holding a pig and appealing to people to never buy factory farmed pork.

She was also a massive voice demanding freedom for our shared hero, Julian Assange. She cared passionately for people and the planet, recognising that the root cause of our social, environmental and economic breakdown is the greed and corruption of the short sighted cabal of psychopaths that shape our increasingly dystopian world.

Read; Vivienne Westwood: Activism and the Godmother of Punk; Global Research News; 2nd Jan 2023

‘While eco-guerrilla activism was foremost in her mind, Westwood’s activist tent proved capacious. WikiLeaks and Assange can certainly express some gratitude for Westwood’s fire-breathing dedication. After his 40th birthday celebrations, she would make regular cycle visits to the Ecuadorian embassy, where the WikiLeaks founder remained an asylee tenant for seven years. As with her other causes, she managed to combine heavy-accented symbolism with a fashion statement, the catwalk repurposed for radical transparency. In 2012, she created a unisex “I’m Julian Assange” T-shirt, available for purchase for £40.

As extradition proceedings mounted by the United States became ever more serious for Assange, Westwood was again on the scene. In 2020, during trial proceedings, she spent part of a day suspended in a cage outside the Old Bailey in London, kitted up in a yellow suit to signify the canary in the coalmine. “If the canary died, they all got out. Julian Assange is in a cage and he needs to get out. Don’t extradite to America.”

Food, Farming & Ecocide

Read; ‘The Hijacking of Green’: From Beauty and Biodiversity to Fakery and Fascism; Julian Rose; Global Research, December 27, 2022

‘As many people must now realise, the word ‘Green’ has been hijacked. It used to mean ‘natural’, ‘diverse’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘human scale’. That was while bona fide ecologists still held sway over the way the word was used. ‘Green’ meant taking a responsible position concerning the management of planetary resources; having empathy for nature, fertility, ecological food and community involvement.

But then in 1992, ‘The Earth Summit’ (Rio Summit) happened, along with ‘Agenda 21’. And something called ‘Sustainable Development’ became the catch-all promotional spin to sell the prescribed medicine. The deception. That was the beginning of the end of the ‘Real Greens’ and the arrival of the corporate, banker-backed ‘Fake Green’ agenda we live with today. The central component of the scam was, of course, ‘Global Warming.’

Let’s remind ourselves. At first it was called ‘The Greenhouse Effect’, then ‘Global Warming’ and then ‘Climate Change’. Polar ice cap doomsday theorists, like ex US Vice President Al Gore, came and went. But the ice didn’t. In Britain the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) sought to spearhead the ‘Stop Global Warming’ crusade. IPCC gave lucrative contracts to around 2,000 scientists with instructions to produce a computer modelled climate graph which would show almost unstoppable ‘warming from CO2’….unless.. ‘Unless’ strict measures were taken to – over a number of years – stop countries burning any more than their appointed allowance of fossil fuels. With ‘carbon fines’ imposed on those who did not conform.

Welcome – operation “He who controls the climate agenda controls the world.” ‘Green’ became a word conveying the opposite of its original meaning. From being a pro human, pro ecological symbol – it became a symbol of Corporate Green Fascism. This was verified by Klaus Schwab, head of The World Economic Forum, in his 2020 Davos announcement of ‘The Great Reset’; an industrialist/banker led agenda with origins in The Club of Rome and Bilderberger groups of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. Two leading components of the Great Reset are ‘Green New Deal’ and ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

The omega point of the great Davos fanfare was/is ‘Zero CO2 by 2040’. But please note, CO2 is depicted in ubiquitous media photographs, as smoking factory chimneys. But that has little or nothing to do with CO2. It is nitrous oxides, carbon monoxide, water vapour and diverse particulates that form the chief components rising up out of those chimneys. There is nil science on display here. Except the science of the lie. The CO2 lie. Zero CO2 quite literally means ‘no air to breathe’, as plant life depends upon carbon dioxide to provide the oxygen we breathe.

Mr Schwab is also pleased to tell us that ‘in order to save the world’ mankind is to lose its human identity and become a digitally programmed cyborg by 2030. An extension of a super computer programme. A ‘Transhuman’. His chief advisor, Israeli professor Yuval Noah Harari, says “We will do better than God.”

In the meantime, transgenic/genetically modified food is announced as the future of the human diet. To include synthetic foods produced from animal cells in laboratory petri-dishes and vegetables grown in vertical hydroponic greenhouses that use no soil. Just water and chemicals. This by 2030.’

“Man must not be allowed to do any further harm to the environment” say the fake Greens. Instead, thousands of years of traditional ways of working the land must be phased-out in a single decade. So, under ‘Green New Deal’ farmers will become redundant, their work taken over by robots. And farm animals, accused of being ‘methane polluters’ will go with them. Redundant farmers and disenfranchised country dwellers are to be herded into digital 5/6G powered ‘Smart Cities’ to survive on a diet of insects and synthetic meat, synthetic dairy and synthetic vegetable products.’

Perhaps no accident that inadequate government help is extended to help UK livestock farmers, not least pig farmers, clearing the way for upcoming shortages to be filled by lab meat from a handful of global corporations.

Read; ‘The government doesn’t care’: UK pig farmers voice alarm over shrinking sector; The Guardian; 16th Jan 2023

‘The decline is not from a lack of consumer demand for bacon and pork. We imported £2bn-worth of pork products last year. But shrinkage in production from UK farms seems to be unique to pigs.

While cattle, sheep and poultry numbers on farms remain high despite their own various well-publicised crises, the pig sector gets smaller. The UK is largely self-sufficient in beef, lamb, dairy, chicken and eggs, but the figure for pork products is 40%.

A largely overlooked development late last year encapsulated one reason for this contraction: the meat giant Danish Crown’s announcement that it was building a new multimillion-pound bacon factory in Rochdale – but that it would only use imported meat from Denmark.

British pigmeat was too expensive, chief executive Jais Valeur told Reuters, as he explained the new factory would allow the company to adapt more quickly to supermarket gammon and bacon demands.’

Supermarkets monopolise the market, driving down prices paid to farmers and driving our pig farmers to cram ever more pigs into sheds and reduce animal welfare standards.

Read; Inside The UK Farming Industry: How Are Animals Kept And Killed In Britain?; Plant Based News, 18th Jan 2022

‘The UK claims it has “world-leading” animal welfare – but what does that actually mean? We take a deep dive into the industry, including outdoor and factory farms.’

Farmers are victims of economies of scale where, to compete, livestock are just part of an industrialised system, treated like a car part. The farmers could transition to organic systems if the Big Ag corporate CEOs had a heart. But no chance. So, farmers and pigs are destined to be replaced by robots and fake meat.

In the Netherlands the pressure on farmers to get out of the industry in the name of NetZero, is just more blatant and brutal. Though unreported in the UK mainstream media, farmer protesters have withheld deliveries from grocery stores, smeared manure outside the home of the agriculture minister, and blocked highways with hay bales and tires. “That’s what you get when you make people so very angry,” Sieta van Keimpema, secretary of the Farmers Defense Force (FDF), said July 27 2022 as the group launched a fresh round of demonstrations.

Watch; Is This The REAL Reason They Want The Farmers Land?!

‘I just don’t think it’s a coincidence that all of a sudden the Netherlands is the test case and they’re driving all these Farmers off their land and if they won’t go, they’re going to be compulsory purchase, ordered, and they want to do this to 11,200 Farms (which is all the farms). You look at all this together……the reason they’re being so aggressive with the farmers and trying to say that they’re killing the world with their nitrogen and everything else, I think it’s because they want to build this city (Tri State City)…. and we’re also seeing all of these videos now these concept cities that are going to be created and I’m sure you’ve seen this one called the line look at what’s happening to the city’.

As the small independent farmers in the UK go under, the giant animal factories plan to move to Ireland to torture their pigs and trash the Irish environment. Perhaps under EU rules, the factories in Ireland will have a better future than under the UK’s race for trade deals with countries with entirely different currency values, subsidies and standards.

Read; Ireland Braces for Factory Farm Expansion; Sophie Kevany, Kunal Solanky; December 12, 2022

‘Applications for 36 new intensive pig and poultry farms and expansions are pending approval in Ireland, changes that would add millions of animals and compound existing problems with manure, ammonia and animal welfare management in the country. The predicted sharp rise in factory farms has alarmed environmental advocates and animal rights watchers.

Studies show almost all of Ireland’s ammonia emissions come from animal agriculture, and one of the key sources is manure. If approved, up to 12 million more chickens and 55,000 more pigs would be industrially reared in the country, producing a potential 53,000 cubic metres of excrement annually – the equivalent of 97,000 people, almost the population of Limerick city.

Of the 36 applications, 26 are for poultry and 10 for pig units. More than half are located in Monaghan and Cavan, counties that are already struggling with excess manure.’

UK pigs already have a horrific life but if our farmers have to compete with US imports from the heavily subsidised, abysmally low animal welfare, corporate captured livestock industry, with its rampant overuse of antibiotics, the cruelty will only increase;

Read; How Farmers Live Under the Thumb of Corporations with Leah Garcés; Sentient Media, Jan 17th 2022

‘We have very different campaign political financing laws here than we do in Europe. In Europe, it is extremely restricted. The amount of money that you can give to a political candidate and the amount of lobbying that can be done, are capped. In the United States, it’s virtually uncapped. You can get around it and you can give tons of money. And so our politicians on both sides, Democrat and Republican, have the agriculture industry, the industrial agriculture industry is deep in their pockets, deep, deep in their pockets…. Tyson, the main chicken company, the biggest chicken company in the United States, spends more money on lobbying than ExxonMobil. Most people don’t realise that. But this has a huge influence on what policies can be passed and what progress can be made for farmed animals. And I think that’s a big difference between the United States and the EU’.

Smithfield owns part of the farms, but the majority is in a contract system, and they also have big debts. They don’t have a way of getting out of it and it keeps them in the system for years, years beyond when they want to be in it. So the pork industry is very, very similar (to poultry). I mean, essentially most farmers in the United States don’t have a lot of control.

And they are living under the thumb of a corporation who, at any point, could decide to not supply from them, to switch gears, to change the standards and they would have very little say. There was a big case in Vermont last year where Danone made a very swift decision to shift their farming out of Vermont into another state and all of the dairy farmers were left without anywhere to sell, and they bottomed out. And there was a lot of depression, a lot of tragedy in that community when that happened. Some of them started to try to think about transitioning. So this can be an opportunity for transitioning to something else, but a lot of them don’t have options, the opportunity or economic mobility to change gears. They have this debt, they have to pay it, so they have to look for another market. Most farmers are not what we think of as small. They’re not small independent farmers. Statistically speaking, no one is, it’s very, very rare. Majority are tied up in contracts that are fed into a corporation that feeds into the market. And that’s the only way you can sell your product. So most farmers are, somehow susceptible to this. But poultry farmers are the most, I would say.’

‘The only reason we produce at this extreme level is because of government subsidies and support that cause overproduction. And even down to marketing, there’s something they call the checkoff programs, which are where the poultry and the pork, and the dairy, and the beef industry, put in a small amount, and then the government advertises on their behalf. And this advertisement causes a larger amount of purchasing than would otherwise happen.

And there’s real evidence on that. It doesn’t happen, for example, for blueberries or almonds or cashews or spinach. It just is specific to our meat, dairy, poultry and egg industry. These are government advertising campaigns that they pay small amounts. So, the only reason we produce so much milk is because there is an active business plan to do so at a tax dollar cost.

And there is no way that in a natural business setting that this is what would happen. And if we had internalised the costs to the animals, to the environment, to our health, we would not be able to produce at this level, and people wouldn’t purchase at this level. So it’s an unnaturally large production. It should be bankrupt.’

The American trade deal presently on the table will be another nail in the coffin for our farmers.

Listen; Farming today 10th jan American trade deal;

America will not be able to sign a trade deal for agricultural goods with the UK, unless the agreement includes ‘no tariffs, and no barriers’ according to a senior US Dept Agriculture representative. Jason Hafemesiter, Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs, told me the US wants to embrace new technologies such as gene editing to reduce its reliance on fertilisers and pesticides, creating a more sustainable farming system. So, if a trade deal is signed between the UK and the USA, it would have to include crops produced in this way. He was also keen to point out that America would not want to see barriers to exports of hormone-treated beef or chorine-washed chicken.

Jeremy Corbyn put localising the food economy at the centre of his food and farming manifesto but the neoliberal new labour Blairites have little interest in food sovereignty. Despite the Brexiters’ ‘bring back control’ narrative, trade trumps farmers, forcing the then Minister, George Eustice, to sign the  Australian trade agreement that sold out our beef farmers. After leaving his post he confessed how his hands were tied by Liz Truss, the then Trade Minister. He promised to fight from the back benches for farmers in future trade agreements, but has recently retired from politics, and his disastrous Australia deal will set a precedent that might see America’s toxic trade terms become a reality. For now, we have EU imports to contend with as their giant factory farms, not least in Eastern Europe, eg Smithfield in Poland and Romania, continue to undermine further our already very low animal welfare standards;

Read; How to save Britain’s pig farms. We should ban the import of EU pork; Unherd; John Lewis-Stempel; 2 Jan 2023

‘If the British pig industry does not want to end up in a slaughterhouse of its own making, it needs to end factory farming, improve welfare to Organic levels, and put pigs on a main diet of natural forage and crop waste, rather than soy and cereals that contribute to deforestation and loss of wildlife habitats. The result is happy pigs, and a happier farm balance sheet. (Our pigs, by rooting in woodland, orchards, and crop fields following harvest, have found as much as 50% of their food for free.) This sustainable, free-range and ethical system needs to be safeguarded by the introduction of a ban on the import of all products to welfare standards lower than the UK. Anything less will be putting lipstick on a pig.’

Though it would be great to see laws that outlaw factory farms, I won’t be holding my breath. Because there are no high welfare imports, all high welfare pork is UK produced. So, by buying it we are supporting our precious farmers as well as ensuring a better life for the pigs.

Read; Three’s a crowd: how farmers are cutting out the supermarkets. 3 Jan 2023

‘CrowdFarming was founded in 2017 by orange farmer Gonzalo Úrculo and his brother Gabriel, who wanted to get a fair price for their produce by cutting out the middleman. The site now hosts 182 farms in 12 countries with 500,000 consumers.

“In the conventional system, the supermarket decides the final selling price based on what the consumer is willing to pay,” says Gonzalo Úrculo. “This determines what supermarkets pay to their suppliers, which in turn have to deal with other intermediaries. At the very end of the chain we find farmers, for whom it’s a take-it-or-leave-it negotiation as they have no bargaining power and time is not on their side.”

Direct farmer to customer shopping via farmers markets, box schemes or via the web, eg UK’s BigBarn and Piper’s Farm, we keep our farmers in business, reduce food miles and avoid the cost of middle men. With UK customers joining the Crowd Farming Network, UK farmers will be able to join and flourish.

Listen; Relocalising food production avoids food fraud endemic in long food chains. Farming Today; 11 jan 2023

It was 10 years ago this week that the Food Standards Agency of Ireland announced they’d found horse meat in beef burgers. The trail of where and how the meat became contaminated revealed a web of meat supply across Europe, which was opened to fraud. Professor Chris Elliot from the School of Biological Sciences at Queens University, Belfast was tasked by the then Environment Secretary Owen Patterson, to lead an inquiry.

Chris Elliot; So I think the initiatives that were put in place because of the horse meat scandal, I would call ’em two very large steps forward. But I think in the past couple of years, we’ve taken a very large step backwards. And of course, since Brexit, we have divorced ourselves from the food safety systems of Europe. Our borders, our food borders actually start often in ports around Europe, particularly Rotterdam. That was the first line of defence where there was a huge amount of checks and inspections went on for anything that was going to be sold within the European community.

Of course, we’re outside that now. So any food, any suspect food coming into Europe, coming through Europe, nobody looks at, nobody checks it, until it reaches our borders. And of course, now there are no checks or inspections in any food coming into the UK. So we’ve left ourselves wide open now to criminal activity. There wasn’t a realisation by the UK government about the complexity of food systems. There wasn’t a realisation about the importance of the work that was done in Europe and, rather than actually reinforcing our borders, all of those things about ‘taking back control’, we now have no control at all. There’s no checks and inspections of food coming into the UK.’

In the Food Bill, the government refused to demand that imports be produced to standards equal to those required of UK farmers. So, our farmers are forced to lower their standards to compete with the cheap, lower standard imports. Legalising GM and gene editing is one such disaster in the name of trade parity. Presently UK farmers only use the toxic herbicide, Glyphosate, to clear the weeds pre planting and dry crops before harvesting them. However, legalising GM crops that tolerate Glyphosate, will increase its use. So, soon it will also be sprayed to kill weeds surrounding the growing GMO glyphosate resistant crop. The negative impact on biodiversity and our health is very real with thousands of successful court cases in the US where farmers and gardeners were compensated as their cancers were proved to be caused by this toxic herbicide.

Read; Denying Science. Manufacturing Doubt, Monsanto, Bayers Promotion, And Defense of Glyphosate Roundup; Beyond Pesticides, December 16, 2022

Merchants of Poison: How Monsanto Sold the World on a Toxic Pesticide exposes not only Bayer/Monsanto malfeasance in its “promotion” of its glyphosate-based herbicide products, including the notorious Roundup®, but also, the broader landscape of corporate efforts to white- or green-wash products that companies know are harmful to people and the environment. The report was issued by U.S. Right to Know (USRTK, a nonprofit investigative research group focused on promoting transparency for public health), Friends of the Earth (FOE), and Real Food Media. It carries the pithy subtitle, “A case study in disinformation, corrupted science, and manufactured doubt about glyphosate,” a description cited by the Friends of the Earth press release as “at the core of the pesticide industry’s public relations playbook.” Beyond Pesticides welcomes this report, which comports with much of our previous coverage of the pesticide industry’s egregious misbehaviour, and of glyphosate, the world’s most widely used herbicide.

As farmers can’t compete with cheap imports from countries that still use glyphosate, French farmers are going to be compensated for their loss of revenue so they stay in business.

Read; Commission approves under Temporary Crisis Framework a French scheme to mitigate economic consequences associated with cessation of glyphosate in the agricultural sector; 10 January 2023

Despite the chemical industries’ propaganda and coercive tactics (threatening to sue countries that refuse their toxic products), some governments prioritise human health over GDP, the very flawed measurement of the health of the nation’s economy.

Read; No Reason for Alarm over Mexico’s GM-Corn Ban. Food Tank; 1 Jan 2023

‘Negotiations between the United States and Mexican governments continue over Mexico’s planned phaseout of imports of genetically modified corn, first announced in a presidential decree two years ago. A high-level Mexican delegation visited Washington December 16, offering to delay the January 2024 deadline to 2025, and maybe beyond, for feed corn. Feed corn represents most U.S. exports. Negotiations are set to resume when President Biden visits Mexico for a January 9-10 presidential summit that will also include Canada’s Justin Trudeau.

The looming trade conflict was given new urgency by a September economic modelling study from consulting firm World Perspectives, Inc. (WPI), which claimed to show catastrophic impacts on U.S. and Canadian farmers and on Mexico’s own food security. It projected massive price spikes, market chaos, and billions of dollars of lost output for U.S. corn farmers. Mexico would see its economic output fall by US$19.39 billion, with an annual loss of 56,958 jobs, reducing labour income by US$2.99 billion.

Don’t believe a word of it. The study, attributed to a “coalition of leading food and agriculture industry stakeholders in both Mexico and the United States,” was actually commissioned by CropLife, the biotech trade association and greatly overstates the impacts of the ban.’

Though we claim to be a democratic country, the UK’s leaders are about as far from representing the electorate as any authoritarian regime. While 80% of those that took part in a government consultation said no to gene editing, the government is presently pushing it through parliament. Though some members of the House of Lords are asking for amendments, Lords’ opinions are usually overruled by the overwhelmingly globalist Tory politicians in the Commons.

GM Freeze;

The Westminster Government is pushing through a Genetic Technology Bill that could impose untested – and unlabelled – GMOs on the entire UK food chain. The bill only applies directly to England but that won’t stop it having an impact in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

If it passes, the bill will:

Invent a new class of GMOs that “could have resulted from traditional processes or natural transformation”. This approach makes no scientific sense and was roundly rejected in the Government’s own consultation.

Dismantle the safety net of independent risk assessments. All forms of genetic engineering can go wrong – whatever they are called. The developers should not be left to check their own homework.

Remove everyone’s right to choose. Food containing genetically engineered organisms that have been re-classified as “precision bred” will not be labelled and no measures will be put in place to prevent contamination across the food chain.

Allow the creation of GM animals. Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) have called the bill a significant threat for farmed animals and have an information and action page on their website.

GM is just part of the tech farming being forced on us as part of the Great Reset in partnership with the UN.

Watch; The Hard Truth About The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 2 – Open Voice; 26 Nov 2022

Zero hunger sounds fantastic, but when Researcher Kate Mason digs a little deeper into the UN’s plan to feed the world she finds out that our food systems are rapidly being transformed from real farm-grown food to synthetic lab-grown food, leaving no place for farmers & growers.

Kate explores who the investors are that plan to run the global food supply and based on their track record asks why in the world would we trust them?

This is a segment from an upcoming video that covers the hard truths about all of the 17 SDG’s that will be available soon on YouTube. In collaboration with other researchers that have set out on a journey to reveal the sobering reality of what these global commandments really mean for all of us.

‘There is no mention of the role which philanthropy trusts such as Rockefeller foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the corporates such as Monsanto Bayer and other multinational chemical companies have played in land and water degradation and environmental pollution, how they’ve invested heavily in GMOs and pesticides and indebted farmers around the world or how they have invested heavily in funding research and have an inordinate sway over government policies and reforms. Instead these same philanthropy foundations, or as they are also called philanthrocapitalism foundations, are now heavily invested in the food transformation industry. Synthetic food which is genetically edited that Crispr and modify provide are mostly created or processed in laboratories. There’s a large push for proteins in the forms of plant-based protein which often is heavily genetically modified and not related to Natural plants and also eating insects.

Great to hear the Government’s mouthpiece, the BBC, admit that pesticides are killing insects. Listen; Farming Today 12 jan 2023;

BBC Presenter; ‘Modern commercial farming relies heavily on pesticide use, which is a major contributory factor in declining insect populations. Dave Gossen, professor of biology at the University of Sussex and founder of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, is a leading voice in the debate around how agriculture affects insect numbers. He was speaking at last week’s Oxford Real Farming Conference, and Charlotte Smith caught up with him at the end of his talk, which was called Averting the Insect Apocalypse.’

Dave Gossen; ‘Insects are in decline and they’ve been in long-term decline, and by some estimates we may well have lost more than half of our insects in Europe at least. I mean, the good news is that insects breed fast and could recover really quick. It’s really about providing them with more habitat and not exposing them to pesticides.’

BBC interviewer, Charlotte Smith; ‘Are we slightly kidding ourselves? Cuz if we want productive farming, we kind of have to control insects to an extent. So aren’t you always, it’s always gonna be a bit difficult.’

Dave Gossen; ‘I don’t think it actually is that difficult. It’s becoming increasingly clear that we need biodiversity for productive farming. The two need to go hand in hand. There will always be some insect pests that we have to deal with one way or another, but I think we’ve gone way too far down the reliance on pesticide as pretty much the sole tool for controlling pests. And we need to rediscover the alternatives that things like encouraging natural enemies, using proper IPM (integrated pests management), to design a system that minimises the pests population and just treats the pesticide as the last resort if all else has failed.’

All the week of 9th Jan, BBC’s Farming Today focused on farm machinery, which Big Ag considers more efficient than farming with people. When cut flowers have to compete with imports, investors are looking at high tech to do the work, namely robots that use expensive tech, metal and energy to run.

One thing we have plenty of is humans so why replace us? You can see why Net Zero is in reality nothing to do with reducing CO2 as tech farming also releases copious amounts of CO2 in its production, use and decommissioning.

Listen; Farming Today; 12th Jan 5 mins 30 secs in; talks about picking daffodils with robots.

Vivian Neal, University of Falmouth, working on a DAF Picking Robot on the MSC course; ‘We’ve got this field of fake daffodils, which we have created out of wood and 3D printed daffodils, which we’ve painted to approximate the real thing. And then to pick these daffodils, these fake daffodils, we’ve made almost like a claw machine. So it’s got the two axis the x and the y and a head, which picks up the fake daffodil and drops it in the cup.To look at is quite similar to the kind of thing that you would find in an amusement arcade, the kind of claw that picks up a teddy bear.’

James Sasom; ‘We’ve been using neural networks machine learning. So it’s given pictures of daffodils to look at and then from that allows it from a bigger picture, to find where those daffodils are and tell the robot.’

Tom Brothers; ‘It will eventually be autonomous. We will have a sort of a system where it could be remotely monitored by someone in a very comfy chair watching the robot go along the rows. And if the robot comes across something which it doesn’t know, ‘oh God, what’s this’, like a log in its path, it will notify whoever’s monitoring the robot and ask, ‘what shall I do’? That would just be one person’s job, which will help the farmers in their labour crisis at the moment.

Presenter; Are you imagining that in the long term this would replace people?

Vivian Neal; This is obviously a bone of contention and I know people are very worried about it, but personally, I feel that picking daffodils is something that belongs back in the 19th century, something out of Tess of the D’urbervilles, and it’s not the kind of job that I think you would aspire to.’

Many people would love to be farmers but not the type of farmers that sit in a tractor spraying chemicals, monotonously picking the same crop all day, or even watching a robot via a computer and facing reams of paper work and debt. We need real farming where farmers use their valuable skills to produce healthy food without chemicals while nourishing the soil with animal manure on pasture and organic compost on veg and selling in local family run markets. The globalists have driven people out of farming by not protecting this invaluable sector from low pay, monotonous work, and no affordable local housing. Labour from abroad is only cheap because their farm economies have been decimated since joining the EU so they are leaving their family, roots, culture and language to seek a livelihood in the UK. If the external costs, i.e. pollution from farm inputs, transport, soil compaction from ever larger more gas guzzling machines, loss of biodiversity, etc were internalised into the cost of industrial agriculture, local food real farms would produce local food cheaper than robots.

With public- private investment being pushed by the corporate world, tax payers money and equity funds are poured into high tech farming in the name of Net Zero. At the Oxford Real Farming Conference, Farming Today; 7th jan; Ian Rappel, director of the College for Real Farming and Food Culture, explains the problems of green finance ie using private money to fund environmental work on farms;

‘Quite a lot of the discussions are around markets for offsetting biodiversity, offsetting carbon, offsetting, those sorts of things. Those are being promoted partly because they will allow behaviours to continue. They’re offsetting behaviours. They’re not making a fundamental change to those behaviours. They are going for the easy option of presenting farmers with opportunities to plant land with trees for short term gain, when actually what we need to do is for all of us to stand back and say, ‘what should farming be doing in order to deal with these crises?

What contributions can farming make?

If we think back to the history of the Gold Rush, what does that mean? It means it’s unregulated and it’s lots of people running around with promises and money. That’s pretty much as it is at the moment. We’d need to be very careful about that because the last gold rush we saw was cryptocurrency. And in the last 12 months, it hit the wall. It’s a question of whether we should allow people who are effectively gambling within the economy, investors and finance capital and others to determine what happens on the ground’.

In the name of carbon off setting, farms growing food is being replaced by rewilding projects. The authorities have gone for land sparing not land sharing. The spare land will be rewilded while the rest is still doused in chemicals on GM crops. Instead the crops grown in organic systems would be land shared with growing food.

Read; National Trust’s insane drive to make farmers extinct; Philip Walling; 17 Jan 2023

‘Everything is about planting trees – a million by 2030 – and letting the land run wild. Of course none of this would be possible if it were not funded by the state. There is nothing to sell from wilderness; you can’t eat trees, unspecified wildlife or beavers. But if you have nothing but disdain for the great work of our ancestors in taming and peopling the wilderness to feed the nation, you will have ‘carbon credits’ to sell to the global elite.’

Read; Rooted in nonsense: The great tree-planting ‘save the planet’ con; Philip Walling; 28 Nov 2022

‘On average, say the experts, one acre of new woodland can sequester about 2.5 tonnes of carbon annually. So its worth in carbon credits after it has been established for five years is roughly between £37 and £50 a year.

But do not be deceived. None of this has anything to do with saving the planet from ‘climate change’. Even if planting trees would reduce the rate of global warming, the evidence is that permanent pasture is just as effective at absorbing carbon.

Moreover, pasture feeds grazing animals that feed us, keeps farmers on the land and supports a thriving local economy and gives us the English landscape we love.

No, the real purpose of this tree-planting is to change the use of our land and to cleanse it of independent farmers – those who produce the food from the land we live on.’

Listen or read; UN’s goal to reduce carbon emissions is a scam to enable the rich to become richer off the backs of the poor; Expose; Rhoda Wilson; January 14, 2023

‘One of the goals under the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 plan is Sustainable Development Goal 7 (“SDG7”). We are told that the whole point of “sustainable development” is to mitigate the problems that will supposedly be caused by humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions (“GHG”). This fairy tale has left most people labouring under the illusion that SDG7 energy transition, and the variations on the associated “net zero” policy commitment, will reduce CO2 emissions. That assumption is wrong’.

While the globalists sit in Davos scheming how to shape their global government to enrich and empower their demented egos, we can use the power of our purse to buy direct from farmers and learn about the root cause of the demise of our real farms and real food;

“We all have a role to play as ambassadors for a new worldview. We all need to become ‘big picture activists’.” Helena Norberg-Hodge;

‘When people think about changing the global economy, they often throw their hands up and say: ‘But what can I do?’ Our first suggestion is to start or join a localization project in your own area – an effective and immensely satisfying step. But just as importantly, you can also become a ‘big picture activist’.

Big picture activism means educating oneself and others about the machinations of the global economic system – and the multiple benefits of localised systems. It means being clear about what key policy changes are needed. And it means having conversations that slowly but surely help to promote a healthier way of relating to the world around us.

These conversations are the mycelia of movement-building. Like the invisible, underground mycelial networks that exchange information and nutrients between trees in a forest, big picture activism is the invisible but essential work of sharing information and stories at the grassroots, giving rise to a people’s movement for systemic change.

When we practise big picture activism, we move beyond cynicism about the future, and breathe life into the possibility of a new world.’

With fertiliser costing nearly 3 times more than pre NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine, farmers are following organic practices by using companion crops, eg beans to put nitrogen back into the soil.

BBC Farming Today, 19 Jan, 01m15s Neil Atkinson, Agricultural Consultant;

We’re changing rotations on the sites, we’re looking at different cropping mixes, companion plants with oil seed rape, and latterly our work has been focused on growing more than one crop at the same time, so that were looking at growing oats and beans as a bye-crop. Ten years ago if we were looking at a bean crop mixed with a cereal crop I’d have told you to spray the beans off. But today with Nitrogen at £700 or £800 a ton we’re doing everything we can to reduce our expenditure on Nitrogen.

As we got into spring time the oats started to take over and started to suppress the bean growth, when it came to harvest we actually took 9.8 tons per hectare and of that weight 9.36 tons was oats and 0.4 tons was beans. But the great thing about it was no inputs went into that crop.

Read; Organic Boffins and Regenerative Vagueness. Guy Singh-Watson; 11 Jan 2023

‘I was on a conference panel discussing the coexistence, differences, and similarities of organic and regenerative farming when I lost my rag and had to apologise. All I want to say here is: the standards for organic are categoric, but when someone says that your lunch is “regeneratively grown”, ask them what that means, and don’t settle for vagaries. In particular, ask if they are happy with the widespread use of the herbicide glyphosate and fossil-fuel-derived fertilisers.’

Thankfully the USDA, representing Big Ag, failed to bankrupt an Amish farmer who farms organically in the way that everyone, except those leading the neo- con narrative, would want their food to be produced

Watch; Amish Farmer Court Verdict; RebelNewsOnline & the Shepherdess; 4 Jan 2023

‘There is an update on the Amos Miller Amish farmer case. What was scheduled to occur on 16th December was Amos Miller going to jail, a judgement of over $300,000 being issued against him, his wife and his farm which they could immediately collect upon which could shut down his farm while he’s jailed. And there was a bunch of arrested meat. Meat that had been seized because it didn’t comply with the USDA’s definition of good meat. Well we did reach a settlement on the short term issues… There’s going to be no monetary judgement of some big amount. There is a reasonable payment plan on some of the much more modest amounts, and there’s going to be no jail. So Amos and the arrested food is going to be released in a way that Amos can make productive use of it.’

Censorship/Surveillance/Coercion/Corruption = WEF

To introduce this week’s World Economic Forum gathering of CEOs, billionaires, philanthrocapitalists, stooge politicians, and captured mainstream media journalists, in Davos, Switzerland, please read these words of wisdom;

Watch; Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano: We must unite to stop the new world order/great reset; Nov 29th 2022

“At the G 20 Summit Klaus Schwab instructed heads of government, almost all coming from the Young Global Leader From Tomorrow Program of the World Economic Forum, about the future steps to be taken in view of establishing a world government. The president of a very powerful private organisation with enormous economic means, exercises undue power over world government, obtaining their obedience from political leaders who have no popular mandate to subject their nations to the delusion of power of the elite.

This fact is of unprecedented gravity. Klaus Schwab said, I quote, “in the fourth industrial revolution, the winners will take it all”. So, if you are a World Economic Forum first mover, you are the winners” end quote. These very serious statements have two implications.

The first is that the winners will take it all and will be the winner. It is not clear in what capacity or with whose permission. The second is that those who do not adapt to this fourth industrial revolution will find themselves ousted and will lose. They will lose everything including their freedom.

In short, Klaus Schwab is threatening the head of governments of the 20 most industrialised nations in the world, to carry out the programmatic points of the greater society in their nation.

This goes far beyond the pandemic. It is a global coup d’etat, against which it is essential that people rise up, and that the still healthy organ of state start an international juridical process. The threat is imminent and serious since the World Economic Forum is capable of carrying out its subversive project and those who govern nations have all become either enslaved or blackmailed by this international mafia.

In the light of these statements, and those followers no less delusional than Yuval Noah Harari , Schwab’s advisor, we understand how the pandemic can serve as a smokescreen for imposing controls, coercive measures, curtailing individual freedoms and increase in unemployment and poverty. The new step will have to be carried out by means of the economic and energy crisis, which are instrumental to the establishment of a global government in the hands of the global elite.”

Watch; WEF declares ‘humans are a plague’ and ‘AI is the cure’; The People’s Voice: Sixth Sense; Jan 19 2023

‘Klaus Schwab’s lead advisor at the World Economic Forum, has announced that ‘human beings are no better than viruses or bananas’, and the WEF has now reached a point where they can hack humanity. According to Harari, the idea that humans have free will is over, and for those who oppose, there’ll be no escaping what Harari refers to as the secret police.

Harari; “Humans are now hackable animals. The whole idea that humans have this soul or spirit and they have free will and nobody knows what’s happening inside me. So whatever I choose, whether in the election or whether in the supermarket, this is my free will. That’s over.”

The messaging coming out of the WEF is becoming increasingly sinister, with Klaus Schwab taking on the role of terrorist group leader using communications channels to issue an ultimatum to humanity, ‘do what I say or else’. According to Schwab, the new internet will only be available to those who submit to the W E F’s biometric digital ID.

Schwab; “Pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack, which would bring to a complete halt the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole. The Covid19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack.”

In a new speech given in the lead up to the World Economic Forum’s annual summit in Davos this week, a triumphant Harari doubled down on Schwab’s disturbing claims and boasted that the W E F has gained more power than the Soviet KGB or the Spanish Inquisition ever had.

Harari; “Until today, nobody had the necessary computing power and the necessary data to hack humanity. Even if the Soviet KGB or the Spanish Inquisition followed you around everywhere 24 hours a day watching everything you do, listening to everything you say, still they didn’t have the computing power and the biological knowledge necessary to make sense of what was happening inside your body and brain and to understand how you feel and what you think and what you want.”

However, according to Harari, this is now changing and the W E F has made major breakthroughs in understanding organisms. W E F scientists drawing on what Harari calls the great insights of modern life sciences that he says began with Charles Darwin, have decided that organisms are algorithms according to Harari. Humans are not only hackable, but we are no different to viruses or bananas.’

Watch; Why are they hiding this about Klaus Schwab and the WEF? Redacted with Clayton Morris interviews investigative journalist Johnny Vedmore; 18 Jan 2023

‘Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum is underway right now in Davos Switzerland. The globalists are meeting to decide how they will control you for the next decade of your lives. But who is Klaus Schwab? … the man that sits at the helm of the WEF’

Johnny Vedmore; ‘Klaus Schwab in the 90s started up the Global Leaders for Tomorrow program with the World Economic Forum when it was rebranded. That was the start of recreating Kissinger’s International seminar and, by 2004, the Dan David Foundation gave Schwab a one million dollar prize. They said, ‘Have this prize every year for all your hard work, do with them what you will’. And he said, ‘With this money I’m going to make the Young Global Leaders Forum so that we can have the forum for young global leaders where we can train, industrially train, global leaders and they can then penetrate the cabinets etc’. Now on the board of the Dan David Foundation when they gave him the prize money to set up the young global leaders, was of course Henry Kissinger.’

‘Klaus Schwab is the main, the number one protege of Henry Kissinger. The thing is about the World Economic Forum, the reason why it’s so powerful and important, is not only because it creates these young global leaders but it equates to policies that everything relies on. It’s the leading policy think tank and they line up alongside with Edelman PR. Edelman PR are the number one PR firm in the world, they handle marketing and PR for 60 to 70% of all companies, all governments, all everything, these guys are the globalists they want to create something that that it is like a prison for us all that is the same all the way around the world.’

What’s happening now; we, the underclass, will have to do all the main work, but these guys at the top raise themselves up in a separate system they create. So we should be worried because this is a two-tier system that is happening in front of our eyes. We’re coming to the end of something within capitalism that they all know about, you know about, the end of parity distribution. At the end of all of the wealth goes into one area and is held by a certain group of people and everybody else knows how epic wealth, that’s capitalism, ends in communism.

Clayton Morris; ‘This afternoon we literally have Henry Kissinger at the world economic Forum influencing policy once again. If you look at Twitter you can certainly see these sessions being shared out. They’re being shared out by the WEF and then other people are re-sharing them and they’re just commenting on them and specifically some of these sessions that have been half empty. Now eagle-eyed observers are saying well the reason that they’re half empty is because they’re not publicly meeting in these spaces, they’re having secret meetings. So, the stuff that you’re seeing there with the television cameras, that’s just for show that’s just for CNBC cameras, the real meetings are happening behind closed doors.

‘We heard Kyrsten Sinema and Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia on stage at the World Economic Forum, specifically saying that he doesn’t believe in the First Amendment, and both of them high-fiving saying they will not get rid of the filibuster. So of course they’re going to continue to torpedo legislation that would help the American people and they’re going to high-five about that in front of that audience.

‘I think bottom line the biggest takeaway so far from today and of course this Klaus Schwab connection with Henry Kissinger and his’ announcing that Ukraine should shed its resistance to joining NATO. So we should have Ukraine joining NATO and that would mean World War III because it would immediately invoke the powers of NATO to come in and protect it.’

Unelected global leaders gathered in Davos, Switzerland this week to discuss how they, the enlightened people, can save the world.

Watch; Oh SH*T, something BIG is happening at Davos as WEF blocks the media; Redacted with Clayton Morris; 17 Jan 2023

Morris; ‘Let’s just recap (that day of Davos panel meetings); right brain transparency, control of your carbon emissions – basically tracking your movements via automobile, the Ukrainian peace plan trajectory, tracking Russia’s aggression trajectory. That’s a panel that’s getting banking involved in misinformation campaigns and that, ‘distrust the whole battery thing,’ tells you how big of a push there’s going to be for electric cars. We already know that that’s coming; electric cars; electric stoves, no more gas, no more gas cars. So this is their plan to move towards these zero carbon emissions and destroy our energy. I mean these guys, the people that are right now in Davos, are the ones responsible for this energy crisis’.

These are all the public meetings at Davos where you can decide if these neo liberal CEOs, stooge politicians, and captured mainstream media journalists, who plot the future for 8 billion people, have the qualifications and track record, to care about more than how they can increase profits and power for themselves. “Absurd that we listen to those causing the climate crisis” says Greta Thunberg.

Rebel News reporters doorstepped Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, on his 4 minute walk back to his hotel in Davos to ask probing questions about his Covid vaccine. One question was when did he first know that his vaccine neither prevents you catching nor transmitting Covid, as it was from then that the public should have been refunded for the flawed product. Though he refused to answer any of the awkward questions, it was a reality check that surely pricked his long buried conscience and perhaps took some of the wind out of his sails.

Watch; CAUGHT HIM! Rebel News pummels Pfizer CEO with questions at World Economic Forum 18 jan 2023

Watch; This report explains what Elon Musk is speaking out about and how he might be onto something. WeAreChange; 18 Jan 2023

‘Elon Musk has been speaking out against the World Economic Forum on his own platform Twitter, specifically responding to a thread on the World Economic Forum saying quote “the S in ESG stands for satanic”. Going on and detailing how the World Economic Forum ‘gives him the willies’ and he not only was talking about how he was invited and declined to go…… and “the World Economic Forum is increasingly becoming an unelected world government that people never asked for and don’t want……Elon Musk has even done a poll …..asking if the World Economic Forum should control the world which surprisingly 14% of people said yes (86% said no) and hey some people just like being told what to do. You can’t really do anything about this situation as of course it’s important to note here that Klaus Schwab has openly bragged about infiltrating governments with his Global Young Leaders. He has talked about instituting policies and predicted how the world will no longer be run by sovereign independent countries like America but of course internationalist globalist organisations like the World Economic Forum stakeholder model involving of course BlackRock and individuals like Bill Gates.

Listen and read; The list of World Economic Forum summit attendees has been leaked; Lifesite; 10th Jan 2023

The attendees list is a massive roster of some of the most influential and diabolical forces in the corporate, governmental and ‘nonprofit’ world.

(The Dossier) — The Dossier has acquired a confidential list of every individual (excluding some government officials) …….The attendees list is a massive roster of some of the most influential and diabolical forces in the corporate, governmental and “non-profit” world. From the United States, this includes the likes of FBI director Chris Wray, the CEOs of Amazon, BlackRock, and Pfizer, top officials at the Gates Foundation and in the Soros network, and the Publisher of The New York Times, to name a few.

The World Economic Forum (WEF), through its annual Davos conference, acts as the go-to in person, invite-only, closed to ideological outsiders policy and ideas shop for the global ruling class.

The World Economic Forum is a fanatical political organisation masquerading as a neutral entity, with specific policy goals that involve centralising power into the possession of hand-picked global elites as the only means to save the earth from a claimed climate emergency.

The WEF is the chief coalition builder for what amounts to a public-private fascist movement. Over the years, they’ve partnered with the most influential individuals in business, along with central bankers, governmental head honchos, and international organisations, in order to facilitate their top-down vision for technocratic tyranny, or what they call “stakeholder capitalism.” The WEF seeks to deliberately roll back human progress, innovation, and personal flourishing, under the guise of saving the planet from a so-called climate emergency.

For the past several weeks, The Dossier has been dedicating significant resources to reporting on the ins and outs of the upcoming Davos conference. As a matter of public interest and legitimate journalistic reporting, The Dossier is publishing the entire document here, which we modified with the necessary redactions to protect personal information.’

Watch; WEF Head Appears to Actually Threaten Anyone Who Fights His Agenda; Rubin Report; 17 Jan 2023

‘Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about World Economic Forum head Klaus Schwab appearing to threaten anyone who pushes back against the Davos agenda; John Kerry getting a God complex from fighting climate change; Al Gore freaking out about financial investments in fossil fuels; Yuval Noah Harari wanting people to get ready to live in the virtual reality metaverse; Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla getting excited about microchips you can swallow to make sure you take mandated medicine; the latest news about the efficacy of the kids COVID vaccine; the new owner of the Miss Universe beauty pageant, Thai billionaire and transgender woman, Anne Jakrajutatip’s speech declaring that Miss Universe will now be about feminism; Scotland wanting to ban cars; Morning Joe’s, Joe Scarborough, having a meltdown about people’s reaction to the talk of a gas stove ban; San Francisco announcing it’s plan for reparations for slavery with it’s proposal to give 5 million dollars to each of it’s African American residents; Eric Adams continuing to regret NY being a sanctuary city due to the amount of illegal immigrants that have come to NYC on migrant buses from border cities; Kamala Harris saying that there is no border crisis since we have a secure border; Matt Gaetz appearing on Timcast IRL to tell Tim Pool how the deep state recruits freshman members of congress; Robert Malone’s warning about the globalists; and much more.’

Read; Nazis’ Children at the World Economic Forum; Rodney Atkinson; Global Research, January 18, 2023

Among those attending this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos are Chrystia Freeland, (Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and avid supporter of the Ukrainian State) Ursula von der Leyen and of course the founder of the WEF Klaus Schwab who have in common that their fathers or grandfathers were leading Nazis.

The basis of Nazism and fascism is corporatism – that democracy-bypassing, unholy alliance between right wing big business and left wing socialism, both sustained by and exploiting the totalitarian State. The biggest parade of that combination today is the “World Economic Forum” and its annual meeting in the Swiss ski resort of Davos. How politicised this “economic” forum has become can be seen in the above image. And how disreputable in other ways is reported here:.

The “Stakeholder Capitalism” which Schwab promotes is of course classic corporatism which Schwab sees as a positive aspect of “the Chinese model”. He describes China as

“a very attractive model for quite a number of countries” because like all corporatist fascists Schwab wants to enforce “Order” on the world:

“If no one power can enforce order, our world will suffer from a ‘global order deficit.‘

Dictators and imperialists always seek “Order” (their own) while democrats seek international competition, a myriad forms of freedom and development daily challenging economic and political power with individuals and countries seeking advancement as an example for others. Only through competition between alternatives can truth be revealed and prosperity promoted.

Internet Censorship is COMING! This You NEED To Know! Coin Bureau; 8 Jan 2023

‘As trust in institutions continues to decline, countries around the world are rushing to control the flow of information before their citizens completely lose confidence in their governments. Over the last two years many governments have proposed bills which would result in an unprecedented amount of online censorship. In some countries these bills have already been passed. So today I’m going to tell you about the online censorship bills in Canada the UK Europe and the US, reveal when these bills will become law, and explain what effects they could have on the internet.’

Watch; Matt Taibbi on the Twitter files; The Grayzone; 13th Jan 2023

Matt Taibbi joins The Grayzone live for a discussion with Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate about his reporting on internal Twitter files that exposed shocking levels of US government pressure on the social media giant to censor accounts of people dissenting against official deceptions and revealing some of the most titanic frauds of the Trump-era Russiagate drama.

Aaron Mate; The short story is basically the Twitter files revealed a lot of pressure on Twitter from democratic party operatives and U.S intelligence officials to basically validate Russiagate. To come up with material that can justify the claims that Democrats and intelligence officials have been making that Russia is waging the sweeping social media influence operation. The theme that comes back again and again and again is Twitter tries very very hard to find something to find these Russian bots, to find Russian actors being responsible for misinformation, and for viral claims but they just can’t find anything and that is very frustrating to the Democratic operatives and the intelligence officials.

Matt Taibbi; ‘Joel Roth, who is the head of Trust and Safety at Twitter, and basically kind of the chief censor, had emerged as kind of a villain in this story because he was very aggressive in censoring a lot of conservative material. Here he looks at the stuff and he says, ‘I just reviewed the accounts that posted the first 50 tweets with the hashtag ‘release memo’ and none of them show any signs of affiliation to Russia’. There’s just one email after the other where they talk about how they’re not only not funding much, they’re not funding anything. They tell this to the staffers, they tell us, Dianne Feinstein’s staff, they tell this to Richard Blumenthal staff, they told Adam Schiff staff and it doesn’t have any effect, they just go ahead and publish public letters about Russian influence. Then there’s just an army of private media organisations none of whom responded to requests for comment which is kind of amazing’

Max Blumenthal; ‘It was obviously part of a broader campaign that transcended U.S partisan politics to grease the skids for the Ukraine proxy war. Russia gate was generated by a convergence of Clintonite dead enders and cold warrior neocons and actual spooks like John Brennan and some of them wanted to explain away the 2016 loss or delegitimize Donald Trump. They were election deniers. And then you had the spooks who have been trying to generate, to gin up, a new cold war with Russia and eventually confront Russia militarily, and that’s where we’re at right now. So much of the public was turned hostile to Russia during this period after the kind of ice breaking of the 1990s and Putin has been turned into the world’s greatest enemy…..

Aaron Mate; ‘Yeah, it’s been massively consequential; Russiagate poisoned diplomacy with Russia. It set the stage for the proxy war in Ukraine which was going on long before Russia invaded. To escalate, Trump was pressured to send weapons to Ukraine that Obama wouldn’t send and then, when he briefly froze those weapons, he was impeached. That was portrayed as a grave threat to National Security which solidified the consensus that we need to arm Ukraine and keep this war going. As Adam Schiff said, ‘we arm Ukraine so that we can fight Russia over there and don’t have to fight them here’, which is a great callback from the Bush years.’

If you wonder how the world is in such a mess, look at how much money and power is in the hands of a very few psychopathic individuals/families who are using psy-ops behind the scenes to shape their world.

Watch; The Veil over Reality is Being Removed for a Moment… Truthstream Media, 28 Dec 2022

‘‘Things aren’t getting worse, the veil over Reality is being removed’. I’ve been turning that over in my mind for a while now. How many of you are familiar with the Stanford Prison Experiment? Back in 1971 Stanford psychology Professor Philip Zimbardo and his research team, selected two dozen men who were mostly students and paid them $15 a day to be either prisoners or prison guards so their behaviour could be studied in a simulated prison environment. So it was 24 people, 12 of each. The guards were given khaki uniforms and sunglasses to hide behind and they were told it was their job to keep the prisoners from escaping. The whole setup was extremely realistic from what I’ve read, it was taken pretty far.

On the morning of The Experiment Rio Palo Alto, police were used to arrest the prisoners at their homes the people who were going to be prisoners in the experiment they went and arrested them with police cars and sirens and the whole nine with TV cameras in tow that were filming it for the Nightly News so it was like a real thing and these people were booked into a real jail they were stripped down they were given a smock with an ID number on it then they were blindfolded and taken to a makeshift prison setup in the basement of a hall on the college campus and the guy running the experiment Zimbardo told the Toronto Symposium in the summer of 1996 that he’d been conducting research for some years on deindividuation which I had to look up to make sure I knew what that meant because it doesn’t just meanstripping an individual of his identity or her identity but it’s when an individual loses himself to a herd mentality. So it’s a loss of self-awareness to the group or in a group. When you’re in a group, it’s a little more than just losing your individuality so it’s losing yourself to a herd mentality and he was also studying dehumanisation which he says illustrated the ease with which ordinary people could be led to engage in antisocial acts by putting them in situations where they felt anonymous or where they could perceive of others as less than human as enemies or as objects. The express reaction was so extreme that normal kids would pick, (because they’re healthy) had breakdowns within 36 hours. The study ended after six days because it was out of control. Five kids had emotional breakdowns. The study was supposed to last two weeks but it had to be shut down after only six days because the dozen people who were given a costume and a little bit of power became increasingly authoritarian and ultimately described as brutal in the way they treated the other 12 people who were pretending to be prisoners.’

‘Something similar right now. It goes back to what that person was saying about the Veil, happened in the last couple years. Something happened and it felt like a movie at times but it wasn’t it wasn’t though it was a peek. I think a peek behind the veil of society which is a veil made up of persons who were both literally and figuratively wearing many masks and the media and major institutions were really pushing a narrative that alchemically divided people. They were separated in a way that it got to a point where people on this side couldn’t even see where people on that side were coming from. It’s almost as if they were in the multiverse. They were in two different universes and those universes did not coincide. You would be out in public and certain people would be acting in ways you could almost tell which types of mainstream media were being watched by people based on how they were acting in public, what level of information they had received that was making them act in certain ways, like between everything’s normal too it’s the apocalypse; You could really tell who was watching which brand of information there you could see it. I didn’t go up and start asking people, but I’m willing to bet if I had I would have been right probably 99% of the time because it was that obvious and clear-cut. It really started to separate people into these groups and the groups became people who were doing what they were told without any question at all and people who were asking questions and we’re not just doing what they were told without asking those questions. The separation between those two groups became more and more hardcore over time to the point that society slowly turned into something kind of resembling a Stanford Prison Experiment because the people who felt they were in the right, that they were the majority, that they were sanctioned to behave in certain ways, because it was for the greater good or whatever. I have been yelled at by some of those people, I have seen them yell at other people, I have seen them do things that don’t even make sense. He totally barked at us, some young 20-something kid. Like it’s Clockwork Orange, other side of the thorn. That’s the first thing that pops into my mind anyway because they thought that they had the authority to somehow, even though it wasn’t a law, nothing was a law, this was not like you’re now a deputised police officer of the law and you are enforcing laws…..’

Read; Reflecting New U.S. Control of TikTok’s Censorship, Our Report Criticising Zelensky Was Deleted; Glenn Greenwald; Dec 28, 2022

For years, U.S. officials and their media allies have been accusing Russia, China and Iran of tyranny for demanding censorship as a condition for Big Tech access. Now, the U.S. is doing the same to TikTok.

‘Accusations of Chinese tyranny are often based on demands from Beijing that Google and Facebook comply with their censorship orders as a condition for remaining in China. Reports over the years suggested that these firms typically comply: Google was building a censored search engine suited to Chinese demands; The New York Times has claimed Facebook developed a censorship app as its entrance requirement to the Chinese market, and Vox accused Apple of succumbing to Chinese censorship demands by banning an app from its store that had been used by protesters in Hong Kong demanding liberation from control by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

But now the tables appear to be turning when it comes to U.S. censorship demands and TikTok. Threats to ban or severely limit the Chinese-owned-and-controlled platform from the U.S. have been hovering over TikTok’s head through both the Trump and Biden years. The most common justification offered for the threat is that TikTok’s presence in the U.S. empowers China to propagandise Americans, a concern that escalated along with the platform’s massive explosion among Americans. Since early 2021, TikTok has been the most-downloaded app both worldwide and in the U.S. In August, Pew Research conducted a “survey of American teenagers ages 13 to 17” and found that “TikTok has rocketed in popularity since its North American debut several years ago and now is a top social media platform for teens among the platforms covered in this survey.”’

Read; “How World Governments Are Run by Multinational Companies”; John Cooper and Emanuel Pastreich; Global Research, January 09, 2023

‘American presidential candidate and international relations expert, Emanuel Pastreich, discusses the events of 2020 and how it was really an attempted totalitarian takeover of local and central governments around the world by billionaires and bloodline families working through IT companies, and private intelligence firms. We talk about the perversion and marxification of academia and how students are “mind raped” into a worship of authority by the very people that have been learning how to corrupt minds from earlier experiments at DARPA and Guantanamo Bay.’

Read; How Bill Gates single handedly rules the entire world

‘Bill Gates is the main financial donor to the World Health Organization, which gives him full control over this organisation. Bill Gates personally positioned the WHO director Tedros, who was formerly a militant communist terrorist in Ethiopia. The WHO issued the “Pandemic Treaty” which gives them totalitarian control over every nation of the world, every time they declare a pandemic. If we understand that the WHO is essentially controlled by Bill Gates, we know that pandemics basically position Gates as a world dictator.’

‘Bill Gates Gates wields powerful influence over global food and agriculture policy through his funding of a large number of organisations involved in agricultural development, and policy making.’

Watch; Founder and Creator of Bitchute Has Bank Account FROZEN in Blatant Act of THEFT AND CENSORSHIP!; Press For Truth; December 13th, 2022.

‘Bitchute was created out of a need for free speech absolutism during a time when YouTube was busy working on tweaking their algorithms to shadow ban voices who they disagree with.

Big tech is now taking this battle to another level by freezing the funds of the Bitchute bank account in yet another attempt to silence voices they don’t like!

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Ray Vahey, the founder and chief executive of Bitchute about his bank account being frozen, why free speech absolutism is important and most importantly, where he sees things going for Bitchute into 2023.’

Watch; Levi’s Exec FORCED OUT Over Anti-Lockdowns Stance; The Jimmy Dore Show; 16 Dec 2022

Jennifer Sey was a high-powered executive at the Levi’s corporation with an inside track to become the company’s next CEO. Then the pandemic hit and Sey spoke out against extended school closings. As she became a more prominent spokesperson for the science that suggested kids should be back in schools, she increasingly came under fire from others inside the “progressive” Levi’s corporation and was told she needed to quell her activism. When she refused she was given the opportunity to take a big payday to leave and keep her mouth shut, but she refused.

Jimmy talks with Sey about her experience inside what she describes as a corporate “cult” where anyone expressing even the slightest deviation from the accepted narrative about COVID was sharply rejected and marginalised.

Read; Broken Britain 42: ruled, in effect, by lobbyists who have privileged access and wield disproportionate influence; Political Decisions; 17 Dec 2022

‘This website was set up because the social, economic and environmental challenges facing this country are not being effectively addressed, due to the distortion of policy-making by those on ‘an inside track, who wield privileged access and disproportionate influence’ according to a 2009 report by the Parliamentary Public Administration Select Committee [PASC].

An investigation by openDemocracy, showing that these practices continue, reveals a £8m ‘splurge’ from a range of donors to fly MPs abroad, often including the cost of wining and dining with foreign diplomats and dignitaries. Overall, 713 current or former MPs have accepted more than 3,100 all-expenses-paid trips since 2012.

Its analysis reports that more than a quarter of all MPs’ trips abroad were paid for – in full or in part – by foreign governments, including many with poor human rights records.’

Watch; What on Earth is Happening; 28th Dec 2022

In this eye-opening presentation, originally presented at the Shattering The Illusion virtual conference, Mark Passio explains what Psychological Warfare is, who employs it, and most importantly, WHY it works as a method of manipulation upon the general public. Mark goes on to break down the varied types of psy-ops and analyses some of the most infamous ancient and modern psychological operations in human history. Mark concludes the presentation by exploring critical methods of defence that can be employed against all forms of Psychological Warfare.

‘Emmanuel Kant said do the right thing because it is right and William Penn said right is right even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong even if everyone is for it. Right and wrong are immutable objectives built into the fabric of reality and it is for us to align our perceptions to objective right and wrong and then align our behaviour accordingly. So let’s jump into the material with the basics of psy-ops or psychological operations, let’s look at the basics of what these operations and events actually are. So what are psy-ops? Psy-ops is an abbreviation for psychological operations, a type of warfare that involves the planned use of propaganda and other psychological means to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes and behaviour of opposition groups. Such operations are generally intended to demoralise the enemy, to break the enemy’s will to fight or resist and sometimes to render the enemy favourably disposed to one’s own position, to the enemy position.

‘So this is what psy-ops are, they are part of psychological warfare and they are waged at a mental level to get people to think a certain way, to advocate for certain positions, to advocate for certain actions and they are done in a subversive manner to often get people to take the enemy’s mindset or the enemy’s point of view, to weaken the other side, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about here today. How that has been done and waged upon, not only the American people, but the people of the world at large, and unless we become mentally mature and psychologically mature to understand how these tactics work and operate, we are always going to be able to be persuaded by them and have them work upon human psychology so that the ruling class continues to be able to use these tactics and get what they want by their deployment.’

‘Looking at the basics, who actually conducts the operations known as psy-ops or psychological operations and people tend to generally think of psy-ops as purely military operations conducted by military personnel only because even if they do study psy-ops they look at it as a form of warfare, and as I said, it’s not traditional, it’s not overt. So the military is certainly not saying they can be involved, but they’re certainly not the only people who engage in psy-ops, most certainly. As a matter of fact I would say a small portion of psy-ops is waged by the military, larger portions are really directed by people who are definitely at a higher level of power in our world in swaying the thoughts and opinions of human beings certainly than military personnel. So while military personnel do carry out psy-ops at their levels of operation when it is necessary for them to be involved in them, very large scale worldwide psy-ops are almost always orchestrated by what I have referred to in my work as dark occultists who constitute the ruling class of our planet and again we’re going to talk about how psy-ops are actually occult operations. This is a form of occult, or hidden warfare, against the human populace’

Russia/China Conflicts

Read and watch; ‘World War 3 has already started’ between US and Russia/China, argues French scholar; 14 Jan 2023; Geopolitical Economy Report @Multipolarista

Prominent French intellectual Emmanuel Todd argues the Ukraine proxy war is the start of WWIII, and is “existential” for both Russia and the US “imperial system”, which has restricted the sovereignty of Europe, making Brussels into Washington’s “protectorate”.

‘A prominent French intellectual has written a book arguing that the United States is already waging World War Three against Russia and China. He also warned that Europe has become a kind of imperial “protectorate”, which has little sovereignty and is essentially controlled by the US.

Emmanuel Todd is a widely respected anthropologist and historian in France. In 2022, Todd published a book titled “The Third World War Has Started” (“La Troisième Guerre mondiale a commencé” in French). At the moment, it is only available in Japan. But Todd outlined the main arguments he made in the book in a French-language interview with the major newspaper Le Figaro, conducted by the journalist Alexandre Devecchio. According to Todd, the proxy war in Ukraine is “existential” not only for Russia, but also for the United States.

The US “imperial system” is weakening in much of the world, he observed, but this is leading Washington to “strengthen its hold on its initial protectorates”: Europe and Japan.

This means that “Germany and France had become minor partners in NATO”, Todd said, and NATO is really a “Washington-London-Warsaw-Kiev” bloc. US and EU sanctions have failed to crush Russia, as Western capitals had hoped, he noted. This means that “the resistance of the Russian economy is pushing the American imperial system toward the precipice”, and “the American monetary and financial controls of the world would collapse”.

The French public intellectual pointed to UN votes concerning Russia, and cautioned that the West is out of touch with the rest of the world. “Western newspapers are tragically funny. They don’t stop saying, ‘Russia is isolated, Russia is isolated’. But when we look at the votes of the United Nations, we see that 75% of the world does not follow the West, which then seems very small”, Todd observed.

He also criticised the GDP metrics used by Western neoclassical economists for downplaying the productive capacity of the Russian economy, while simultaneously exaggerating that of financialized neoliberal economies like in the United States.’

Watch; US and Japan prepare for conflict with China; The Duran; 16th Jan 2023, Alexander Mercouris;

‘In the Pacific they’re (US) working with countries like the Philippines but above all with Japan in order to try to build up a military coalition to take on the Chinese, and the way he talks about it is straightforwardly anticipating a future war between the United States and China now. I recalled that some months ago on a video that we did on the Duran, we had a guest I think I can’t remember which guest it was but I think it might have been Larry Johnson who told us that there was one particular U.S military official in the Far East who was coming up with all sorts of extremely dangerous plans for waging war against China. I do wonder reading these comments in the Financial Times whether that person might have been General Biermann just speculating but regardless of that what Biermann is saying about the way in which the US and Japan are for example integrating their military command structures and how they’re building up their defences and working together to wage war against China. What’s clear is that this is not just one official who’s gone rogue, it is the considered and established policy of the United States government to prepare for a war with China in the Far East, and I have to say I find that incredibly alarming. The Chinese who undoubtedly read the Financial Times are going to be extremely alarmed as well, of course they will already know an awful lot about this from their own intelligence and they will be working very hard to counter every one of these moves that are being made by General Biermann and the U.S and the US’s allies in this region and it has to be said that the battlefields for the next war in the Pacific are being prepared because that’s what this article in the Financial Times is telling us.’

Watch; “It’s over!” – NATO is making Ukraine “weaker” by the minute; Redacted with Clayton Morris; 19 Jan 2023

Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter says NATO is making Ukraine weaker by the minute as it continues to pump weapons into the war torn country. These disparate weapons systems don’t work together and require manpower and resources Ukraine doesn’t have. Meanwhile 99-year old war criminal Henry Kissinger says Ukraine needs to become part of NATO in order to bring peace to the country. Are all of these leaders living in a fantasy world?

Morris; A lot of people made a lot of noise about eight months ago when Kissinger came out and said, they should negotiate peace, give up 20% of their land, be done with it, because otherwise they’ll be basically eliminated as a country. Why the flip flop do you think, on this major point?

Ritter; I think only Henry Kissinger can answer that question fully, but we need to understand that, he is the name attached to a major business, Kissinger and Associates, which provides, advisory and analysis, support to big clients, including governments and businesses, et cetera. There’s an old adage in the military, that I always was reminded of when I was standing in front of senior officers explaining why what I did was right.

They said, ‘Ritter, when you’re explaining you’re losing’. Kissinger made a statement eight months ago that was closer to being right than wrong, that Ukraine can never be a member of NATO. That process is inherently destabilising. But the end result was a backlash that I believe hit the bottom line of his core business interests where he is speaking at the World Economic Forum.

So, it’s the bottom line that matters. And for Henry Kissinger he’s no longer in the business of directly impacting national security. He’s not the National security advisor. He’s not the Secretary of State. He’s a former, who has significant baggage. I mean, there’s a significant part of the world that reviles this man, condemns him as a war criminal, et cetera. So his existence is contingent upon his ability to continue to attract attention from the establishment.

And his statements that were made last summer, put him at odds with the establishment. So I think, you know, because this is incoherent, his statement is fundamentally incoherent. It makes no sense except when seen in the larger context of similar incoherence coming out of Europe, NATO in the United States about this conflict in Ukraine. So, rather than being right, has opted to be wrong, but be wrong in the right way when it comes to his economic interest. This is pure, selfish economic interests.’

Watch; Zelensky Forces Aide To Resign For Telling TRUTH About Russia! The Jimmy Dore Show; 19 Jan 2023

Oleksiy Arestovych, a longtime aide to Volodymyr Zelensky, was recently forced to resign after revealing that Ukrainian air defences were likely responsible for a recent residential building bombing in Dnipro, and not a Russian missile, which was the “official” story. This forced resignation underscores how important maintaining a strict narrative for propaganda purposes is to the Ukraine war effort.

Jimmy and Pushback host Aaron Maté discuss the relationship between Zelensky and Arestovych, and how the former has abandoned the promises of peace he campaigned on.

Maté; ‘Zelinski has a close friend, who was his comedy partner and producer on Zelinsky’s comedy show before he became the President and after Zelinsky became the President and ran on a peace campaign. He was going to bring peace to the Donbas and the Civil War that began after the 2014 U.S backed coup. He appointed his friend, Sergei Sivokho  to a board of reconciliation trying to promote dialogue with the rebels in the Donbass to end the war. His friend Sivokho is from the Donbas. So, he’s tied to that region, he knows people there, he’s trying to like basically bring healing to Ukraine and end the war that began in 2014 and killed thousands of people and avoid something like we’re seeing right now. So Sivokho gives a speech to launch his new Dialogue and Reconciliation Campaign. He gets 20 minutes in and he can’t finish because members of a political group tied to the Azov Battalion, which is a Neo-Nazi organisation incorporated into the Ukrainian military, rushed on to the stage and attacked him, calling him a traitor and they beat him. So Zelenski’s friend and advisor can’t even finish his speech. After that, Zelenski has a choice; do I stand by my friend and do I stand by my platform, or do I side with the far right of Ukraine? And guess what he did he stood with the far right of Ukraine so his friend got fired. That was in the spring of 2020. And so it’s voices like that inside Ukraine that, when they speak up for peace, when they tell the truth, they get intimidated and attacked by the far right. Time and time and again Zelinski has sided, not with his own allies and friends, but with the far right and so now his advisor was forced out for telling the truth.’

The plan to destroy Russia’s economy with sanctions overlooked the fact that they have had sanctions for years and so are self-sufficient in all their needs. They, unlike the rest of the world, are not at the mercy of US and NATO’s stranglehold if they don’t follow the colonialist’s instructions.

Read or watch; Multipolarity, Decline of US Hegemony with economists Radhika Desai & Michael Hudson; Geopolitical Economy Report;

MICHAEL HUDSON: ‘I think the most obvious driving force that’s splitting the world is the U.S. attempt to create a unipolar world under its control, [particularly] its national security diplomats and financial interests. They insist on monopolising the international finance system so that if countries try to follow a policy that supports their own development, the United States can simply pull the plug and block their financial transactions.

The U.S. tries to control the oil trade. Oil has always been, for the last century, a centrepiece of American diplomacy, because if the American oil companies (along with British Petroleum and Dutch Shell) can control the oil, then they can turn off the power, and the lights, and the transportation, of any country that is not following the U.S. plans for a world order.

And also food. The United States, from the time that the World Bank was formed, has blocked other countries from developing their own food production, and has steered them into producing export crops (non-food crops, tropical crops) remaining dependent on the United States for its grain, so the United States can starve them out if they try to go their own way.

So the United States approach to leading the world order is to lead by being the aggressor — to threaten, to hurt other countries — not by providing mutual gains [or] by helping them [develop], but by saying, “If you don’t do what we want, we will overthrow you. We’ll have a coup d’état. We’ll do to you what we did with Pinochet in Chile. We’ll do to you what we did with Boris Yeltsin in Russia. We’ll interfere.”

This has been easiest of all in probably the most corrupt region of the world, Western Europe, where the United States Treasury officials have told me that all they need to do is give little white envelopes filled with dollar bills and they’ve been able to control European politics.’

So for all those who still don’t believe that NATO is arming Nazis in Ukraine, read; Ukraine Parliament Cheers Nazi Collaborator; People’s Dispatch; January 6, 2023

‘Ukraine’s support for neo-Nazi groups and its attempts to officially recognize pro-Nazi legions and Nazi collaborators from World War II have been steadfastly criticised by communists and other anti-fascist groups in the region. Even though Kiev’s supporters in Europe and North America have hitherto maintained a complicit silence about these manoeuvres, the latest gesture by the Ukrainian parliament, cheering on the birthday of the Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, has drawn sharp criticism even from neighbouring Poland, its staunch ally in the ongoing war with Russia.’

‘Successive governments that came into power in Ukraine following the anti-Russian Euromaidan coup of 2014, have initiated a virulent campaign of decommunization. They have also attempted to normalise support for far-right Ukrainian nationalist legions, and their leaders, from World War II, who were Nazi collaborators and mass murderers of Jews, the Polish, and fellow Ukrainians. Neo-Nazi groups like Right Sector and the Azov Battalion have been active in post-Maidan Ukraine and continue to be active belligerents in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war.’

Watch; How Ukraine’s far-right, with NATO backing, block peace; Aron Mate; PushBack

Scholar Nicolai Petro discusses the overlooked influence of Ukraine’s far-right nationalist movement and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s recent admission that the Minsk Accords — the international formula for ending the post-2014 Donbas civil war — “was an attempt to give Ukraine time” to prepare for a conflict with Russia, rather than make peace. Petro is the author of the new book, “The Tragedy of Ukraine.”

Guest: Nicolai Petro. Professor of political science at the University of Rhode Island, and author of the new book: “The Tragedy of Ukraine: What Classical Greek Tragedy Can Teach Us About Conflict Resolution.”

Nicolai Petro; ‘I see the (Ukraine) conflict as having multiple layers. In other words there is Russian aggression and there is a battle between the NATO States and Russia over control of Ukraine. Overlaying that however is a deep-seated and long-lasting internal conflict which I see as a conflict over who gets the right to define what it means to be Ukrainian. This conflict, as I point out by reference to historical sources, has been going on for at least 150 years. You can trace this debate between Galician or Western Ukrainian intellectuals and Malaros or Eastern Ukrainian and Southern Ukrainian intellectual Elites and they each have very different definitions of what it means to be Ukrainian. They haven’t been able to find a way to reconcile with each other in a way that would allow a national civic identity to emerge that would unify the country. I keep coming back to this internal debate because to me it’s the most important one, more important than the battles between Russia and Ukraine and the battles between the west and Russia over Ukraine because, if Ukrainians were united on their identity, there wouldn’t be all these external forces who could pull them apart. They could simply say, ‘leave us alone, we know who we are and we have made a decision’. But as it is right now, each of these constituencies appeals to external forces who are only too happy to pull the country apart and the people suffering are average Ukrainians.’

Watch; You’re Being INSTRUCTED Not To Notice This!!! | Jeffrey Sachs Last WARNING; 18 Jan 2023. 10 min video

‘We in the United States are 4.2 percent of the world’s population. We do not run the world, we are not world leader. We are a country of 4.2 percent of the people in a big diverse world and we should learn to get along. The main point is that we are not using diplomacy, we are using weaponry. This sale now announced to Taiwan that you’ve been discussing this morning is just another case in point. This does not make Taiwan safer, this does not make the world safer, certainly doesn’t make the United States safer. This goes back a long way. I think it’s useful to start 30 years ago. Soviet Union ended and some American leaders got it into their head that there was now what they called the unipolar world that the U.S was the sole superpower and we could have run the show the results have been disastrous we have had now three decades of militarization of American foreign policy a new database that TUFTS is maintaining has just shown that there have been more than 100 military interventions by the United States since 1991.’

Watch; Former Congressman, Dennis Kucinich: how the war machine took over the democratic party

Anti-war positions used to be possible within the Democratic Party. What happened? by Chris Hedges; Dec 16, 2022;

‘As soon as the Democratic Party made a determination, it could have been 35, 40 years ago, that they were going to take corporate contributions, that wiped out any distinction between the two parties. Because in Washington, he or she who pays the piper, plays the tune, and that’s what’s happened. So, there isn’t that much of a difference in terms of the two parties when it comes to war except, notably, partisan reasons or not, there were over 50 Republicans who voted against the last tranche of money that went to fuel the war in Ukraine. And I felt that was notable, and of course, the potential speaker of the house, should the Republicans win, will be Kevin McCarthy, who has made it a point to say that he’s going to look at that funding’.

‘Right now, the arms industry is making money hand over fist with the expansion of war. That’s how they make their money. And of course they can put money into certain campaigns, but that’s not all it’s about. The request to fund a war goes into the larger, heavily mediated environment which supports a war. And if you stand against the funding, then your constituents, who may be great Americans, look at that and they say, why aren’t you supporting America? And I think that members of Congress are always concerned about being caught betwixt and between what their constituents think, as opposed to the doubts that they have. And so, with respect to the Democratic caucus, this event, a retraction of the letter by a significant caucus within the Democratic Party, is a new benchmark of a slavish obeisance to the status quo within the party, which then supports war. And a majority of Republicans at this point are supporting war. So you have Congress supporting a war, and this is the way it’s been.’

Listen or watch; Think Things Are Bad Now? Just Wait, Says Chris Hedges; The Jimmy Dore Show; 13 Jan 2023

‘The days of the American empire are numbered, says journalist Chris Hedges, and the evidence is all too clear for anyone who’s studied history. Our rampant militarism abroad combined with neglect of the domestic needs of any but the wealthiest citizens describe a grim future for the United States, he says. And if you think progressives in government might help us avoid that destiny, think again – The Squad and their ilk are merely controlled opposition designed to provide false hope for change.’

Hedges; “They’re sustaining Raytheon and Boeing and all of these arms contractors who fund the party. So, what they get out of it is they’re serving their masters. They’re serving those corporations that give them political power. I mean, if you took away this money, they wouldn’t have political power. Pelosi, Schumer, who would put these people in power?

All these petitions to get money out of politics, mailing them into your representatives, misses the fact that all of these people wouldn’t be there without this system. And that is their power. And so they’re serving their centres of power, which is why their stocks have gone up, I think 30, 35% or something since the war in Ukraine.”

War hawk, Oli North, retired United States Marine Corps lieutenant colonel, confirms all of the above.

Watch; Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss The Grayzone’s biggest stories of the year; the latest developments in the Ukraine proxy war, the US occupation of Syria, the ongoing release of the Twitter files showing FBI and CIA infiltration of the social media platform, and more. A mask off moment is Oli North, who should have been convicted of 60 counts in the Iran Contra Affair, explaining why the American people should give $110 billion dollars to arm Ukraine and Taiwan.

Oliver North; “It’s coming out of all of our pockets but it’s money well spent in my humble opinion. This is very much like what Ronald Reagan did back in the 80s and I do have some experience with that. …He believed in supporting Freedom Fighters. He did it in Latin America, he did it in Angola, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, he did it in Afghanistan. Those people were willing, as the Ukrainian people are, to use their blood and our bullets. And by the way, most of that $110 billion total ….. is provided to contractors and defence logisticians, and the kinds of people who build the kinds of systems that we’re getting. So most of that money is spent here in America. Good hard-working Americans have the jobs. And, when you look at that kind of an investment, what would be the difference if and when the giant does awake, and that’s all about communist China. It’s not a plug for this book, the idea of it is to make sure that they get the right message and to make sure that Putin gets the right message; no more invasions. And that means the people in Taiwan are going to need the same kinds of weapon systems that we’re now providing to the Ukrainians.”

America has conveniently legalised its use of its nuclear bombs;

Read; Putin’s Conundrum; Mike Whitney; Global Research, 16 Dec , 2022

‘The primary purpose of the Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) is to deceptively “rebrand” the offensive use of nuclear weapons as a justifiable act of defence. The new criteria for using these lethal WMD has been deliberately maligned with the clear intention of providing Washington with a green light for their use and proliferation. Accordingly, US foreign policy warhawks have established the institutional and ideological framework needed to launch a nuclear war without fear of legal reprisal. These arduous preparations were carried out with one objective in mind, to preserve America’s steadily-eroding position in the global order through the application of extreme violence.

Vladimir Putin is worried. Very worried.

In a recent press conference, the Russian President expressed his concern that the United States might be planning a nuclear strike on Russia. Naturally, Putin did not state the matter in such crude terms, but his comments left little doubt that that’s what he was talking about.

Read; The Plan to Carve Up Russia; Mike Whitney; Global Research, January 09, 2023

‘Last week, Angela Merkel confirmed what many analysts have been saying for years, that Washington’s hostile relations with Russia –which date back more than a century– have nothing to do with ideology, ‘bad behaviour’ or alleged “unprovoked aggression”. Russia’s primary offence is that it occupies a strategic area of the world that contains vast natural resources and which is critical to Washington’s “pivot to Asia” plan. Russia’s real crime is that its mere existence poses a threat to the globalist project to spread US military bases across Central Asia, encircle China, and become the regional hegemon in the world’s most prosperous and populous region.

So much attention has been focused on what Merkel said regarding the Minsk Treaty, that her more alarming remarks have been entirely ignored. Here is a short excerpt from a recent interview Merkel gave to an Italian magazine:

The 2014 Minsk Accords were an attempt to give Ukraine time. Ukraine used this period to become stronger, as seen today. The country of 2014/15 is not the country of today….

We all knew that it was a frozen conflict, that the problem was not solved, but this was precisely what gave Ukraine precious time.” (“Angela Merkel: Kohl took advantage of his voice and build”, Corrier Della Sera)

Merkel candidly admits that she participated in a 7 year-long fraud that was aimed at deceiving the Russian leadership into thinking that she genuinely wanted peace, but that proved not to be the case. In truth, the western powers deliberately sabotaged the treaty in order to buy-time to arm and train a Ukrainian army that would be used in a war against Russia.

But this is old news. What we find more interesting is what Merkel said following her comments on Minsk. Here’s the money-quote:

I want to talk to you about an aspect that makes me think. It’s the fact that the Cold War never really ended, because ultimately Russia was never pacified. When Putin invaded Crimea in 2014, he was excluded from the G8. In addition, NATO has deployed troops in the Baltic region, to demonstrate its readiness to intervene. And we too have decided to allocate 2% of GDP to military expenditure for defence. CDU and CSU were the only ones to have kept it in the government programme. But we too should have reacted more quickly to Russia’s aggressiveness. (“Angela Merkel: Kohl took advantage of his voice and build”, Corrier Della Sera)’


Beware of the treaty that will end any government’s power to say no to future lockdowns, compulsory jabs and transmission mitigation policies.

Read; Exclusive: WHO Proposals Could Strip Nations of Their Sovereignty, Create Worldwide Totalitarian State, Expert Warns; Children’s Health Defence; 1st Jan 2023

In an interview with The Defender, Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph.D., bioweapons expert and professor of international law at the University of Illinois, said the World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest proposals may violate international law. Boyle called for U.S. federal and state governments to exit the WHO immediately.

Secretive negotiations took place this week in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss proposed amendments to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Health Regulations (IHR), considered a binding instrument of international law.

Similar negotiations took place last month for drafting a new WHO pandemic treaty.

While the two are often conflated, the proposed IHR amendments and the proposed pandemic treaty represent two separate but related sets of proposals that would fundamentally alter the WHO’s ability to respond to “public health emergencies” throughout the world — and, critics warn, significantly strip nations of their sovereignty.

According to author and researcher James Roguski, these two proposals would transform the WHO from an advisory organisation to a global governing body whose policies would be legally binding.

They also would greatly expand the scope and reach of the IHR, institute a system of global health certificates and “passports” and allow the WHO to mandate medical examinations, quarantine and treatment.

Roguski said the proposed documents would give the WHO power over the means of production during a declared pandemic, call for the development of IHR infrastructure at “points of entry” (such as national borders), redirect billions of dollars to the “Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex” and remove mention of “respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of people.”’


Watch; WHO Director General Tedros: “Some Countries Are Using to Give Boosters to Kill Children”

‘WHO Director General; “So if it’s going to be used, it’s better to focus on those groups who have risk of severe disease rather than, as we see some countries, are using to give boosters to kill children, which is not right”’

This interview points to the very worst reading into what Tedros said in his statement above, namely population reduction;

Watch; Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Update on Nuremberg 2.0; Jan 6 2023

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a lawyer who has been working tirelessly at holding world governments accountable, spearheading Nuremberg 2.0 where he demands world leaders should be on trial for engineering a fake pandemic. Below is an update on exactly what these lawsuits are, how they differ from the original Nuremberg Trials, and where he is up to in his global efforts.

Fuellmich; ‘they euphemistically call it population control, but it’s really about population reduction. Some people say that they want to reduce us to 500 million. I don’t know if that’s true, but population reduction is one of their major goals. That is definitely true. Even Robert Malone who said that if somebody had told him this a year ago, he would’ve said, yeah, right? And myself, I mean, had you told me this a year and a half ago, I would’ve said, go take your pills, go see a doctor, and things will get better. No. In the meantime, we’re running out of conspiracy theories.

So this is one of their major goals. The other one, and that’s why all this tracking stuff comes into play, is to control the rest of us, to make us really into slaves that will not think, that will not fight back, that simply do as they’re ordered.

So that’s why they’re trying to control us, why they’re trying to manipulate our DNA through these mRNA shots. There’s lots of experiments within this gigantic experiment going on. We don’t know what’s in the shot. Only they do. Our governments are not our governments anymore, they’re completely controlled by the other side. This is especially true here in Europe where they’re about to install the first mini world government….. The agenda that they’re following here is called The Health Emergency Response Agency. And this is going to be the net result after it turns out that our national governments are incapable of dealing with this grave threat of the coronavirus.

I don’t think they’re gonna get that far, because too many people have woken up in the meantime. And even here in Europe, where much of this is playing out, people are taking to the, to the streets again; hundreds of thousands of people everywhere in Italy, in particular, in the former eastern European countries and even in Germany again. So they’re not gonna get much further than this.’

‘Authoritative’ Ursula von der Leyen Pulled Up By EU Lawmakers Over Controversial Vaccine Deal; Firstpost; 12 Jan 2023

‘Europe’s corruption stain isn’t going away anytime soon. Its top leaders would have expected that their murky dealings in the past would go unnoticed, but that’s highly doubtful! After the Qatargate scandal involving European Parliament Vice President Eva Kaili, we have another person of global interest with another new charge. Ursula von der Leyen, the chief of the European Commission, is currently under the scanner for purchases of COVID vaccines a couple of years ago. As a result, European lawmakers have sharpened their knives and decided to grill the bloc’s President, publicly.

Compelling evidence of a massive increase in sportsmen’s heart attacks caused by the mRNA so called vaccine, has made it into the msm ;

Read; Critics claim Covid jabs are causing heart problems – do they have any proof? While there have always been anti-vaxxers, this new concern is drawing in people from outside usual conspiracy theory circles; Sarah Knapton; Telegraph; 7 January 2023

‘On Monday evening, the American football player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field after colliding with an opponent. He suffered a cardiac arrest and needed to be twice resuscitated. Within hours, social media was rife with speculation that the 24-year-old Buffalo Bills star was the victim of a Covid jab, his heart – it was speculated – having been dangerously weakened by the vaccination….’

Read and listen; NHS Director confirms Hospitals lied about Cause of Death to create illusion of COVID Pandemic; by rhoda wilson on january 17, 2023

Brilliant, eye opening, expose of the Department of Defence’s leading role in the Covid 19 scam.

Listen; Lies My Government Told Me with Dr Robert Malone; Robert Kennedy Jr. The Defender Podcast

‘What we have all experienced over the past three years is military-grade information warfare capability and technology that was designed for our opponents, for military warfare outside of the US is being turned on American citizens…it has been weaponised and deployed through the Department of Homeland Security. A lot of people think it’s Tony Faucci and HHS that have been driving the bus but a lot of recent information, particularly published by the Groundstone Institute, suggests that this task of responding came down through National Security apparatus and flowed down through Homeland Security and as was planned in Event 201 what’s been deployed is basically the technology and capabilities that were designed to respond to terrorism, but they’ve been deployed against the likes of you (RFK), me and Dr Mercola and so many others.’

Fauci’s Flu shots were unleashed under Operation Warp Speed but who were his puppet masters?

Watch; Live with Sasha Latypova on DoD ownership of mRNA injectables

‘The Department of Defense is the Chief Operating Officer of the entire Operation Warp Speed. Different parts of the government, including HHS, participating, in a huge coordinated effort to develop, design, do the clinical trials, and do all the operations.

So it’s the US government, led by the Department of Defense’s operation to design and develop these so-called countermeasures. It includes all countermeasures, but the majority of the money was spent for the vaccines. So then the Department of Defense gave all this money through DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) through a set of managers. One of the managers is Advanced Technology International, a well established defence contractor making weapons for the Department of Defense.

So they’re managing this; about $47 billion were distributed to making countermeasures, of which $33 billion is for the vaccines; It’s just on the R&D side, we’re not talking about the purchasing contracts, which were even bigger than that, commitments to purchase. So that all went through the Department of Defense, a hundred percent of it. And the contracts are very, very tight. The manufacturer has really no freedom as to how they’re going to execute the contract, but they don’t require any safety or efficacy to be proven.

They just micromanage the hell out of them, give them a lot of money, and direct them to use established D o D network of manufacturers to perform these tasks.’

‘Before we talk about the Department of Defense, I think very few people realise that the National Security Council was in charge or is in charge of Covid policy and not the Health and Human Services. So that was a very strange response to public health. What was presented as a public health event to us, to put the National Security Council in charge of covid policy.

So the National Security Council is an executive forum for foreign policy and national Security to the President of the United States, and it does not include health related agencies as normal attendees. And regular attendees, as you can see listed here, include a lot of defence. So secret; Vice President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of Defense, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Director of National Intelligence.

So, the attendees of this National Security Council are primarily defence and intelligence, it has nothing to do with health. Public health agencies do not participate in this.’

‘Currently the article came out with another set of documents and contracts awarded by the Department of Defense to vendors who were doing work for them in Ukraine three months before the global pandemic was announced. And those contracts were specifically for Covid 19 research.’

‘I strongly believe my opinion, given all these facts today, is that D o D, together with other US government agencies, are running this bio warfare against American people and against people of the world themselves. That’s why they wanted to cover it up for so long, because they built this biowarfare agent, they deployed it, and then they deployed the injections.

So it’s a two-part biowarfare agent. So they deployed the initial part, which is probably not as effective because we know that biological agents denature outside and they’re not very effective, they don’t affect a lot of people, but the most effective part is when you inject somebody with it. And so that was the whole plan they needed people to line up, voluntarily get injected, and that’s why they play acted this whole thing, saying for several years like this’.

‘They needed to scare people initially with this, ‘Oh, it’s a viral pandemic. It’s this naturally evolved scary super virus that’s going to kill half the world’s population if you don’t get this vaccine’. And then they had to suppress the Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin and early treatments, in order to maintain this lie so that they could get more people dead and more people sick. Remember they pushed all this into the nursing homes again, to make sure that there will be more deaths that could be coded as Covid and drive this propaganda. People were really terrified and they were told don’t worry we are making this vaccine. It’s going to be magical.’

Watch; I Could Get Banned For This’; Russell Brand; 18th Jan 2023

‘The WHO have released a delicious piece of propaganda explaining that anti-vaccine activism is worse than global terrorism. Meanwhile you cannot discuss new studies that show information about adverse vaccine reactions. So we’re gonna have to be pretty careful here unless we want to be terrorists’

In October 2019, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University and the World Economic Forum, hosted Event 201 that described exactly the Covid 19 pandemic and lock down measures that were to roll out over the next couple of years. Well guess what, another video has been made to simulate the next pandemic they plan for 2025.

Watch; Catastrophic Contagion 2025 – Mark the Date, and Be Ready! Ivor Cummins; 19th Dec 2022.

‘In the first part we go through the events of 2019 and the simulations of potential future pandemics and then we’ll recap on what actually happened after that simulation. And then in the second half we’re gonna go through a simulation that occurred just in October 2022 and it predicts the big one, a massive pandemic in 2025. So I’ll run through the details of that and, if history repeats itself, and pattern recognition is a very important part of complex problem solving, so we need to look and understand patterns and watch for when they happen again. I’ll go through what’s apparently coming down the track to us in 2025. The first thing is that you can’t even broach this whole topic without discussing a certain Mr Gates; Mr Farmer, Mr Vaccine, Mr Pandemic. So let’s just get into the mood here and look at some of the kind of stuff he’s been saying;

Gates; “the next pandemic” why are you saying there’s going to be the next pandemic Bill? Why are you putting that Juju on us?

Gates; “Certainly there will be more pandemics, you know we’ll have to prepare for the next one that you know I’d say we’ll get attention this time”.

So, that’s very interesting there’s gonna be more, there’s gonna be bigger ones, we’re gonna take notice next time!’

The end message from the 2025 pandemic response simulation video, a typical looking bureaucrat, ensures we are scared enough to obey the next round of lockdowns and ‘no jab no job’ rules;

Watch; just the WEF video Catastrophic Contagion, (2 min 44 secs) a simulation for ‘Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome 2025’,

“As of today, there have been an estimated 1 billion cases worldwide with more than 20 million deaths, including nearly 15 million children. Countless millions are alive but left with paralysis or brain damage. The most successful countries are those which invested in preparedness and trained for this moment years in advance. This included having full-time pandemic, preparedness and response teams, which conducted detailed operational planning, and routinely tested those plans through exercises and drills. If more countries had participated and heated the guidance, the toll might have been much less.’”

Read; FDA Records Show Significant Number of mRNA Test Rats Born with Skeletal Deformations; Judicial Watch, December 15, 2022

Judicial Watch announced today that it received 699 pages of records from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regarding data Moderna submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, which indicate a “statistically significant” number of rats were born with skeletal deformations after their mothers were injected with the vaccine.

Many People Fully Vaccinated for COVID Are Now Going Blind; Ethan Huff; December 14, 2022

We have heard all about the many cases of myocarditis and pericarditis post-injection, as well as recipients repeatedly testing “positive” for the virus even after doing the deed. But there is another concerning side effect occurring in the “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that is rarely mentioned: blindness.

Terrifying pictures and analysis of how the Covid 19 jab is self-assembling inside our bodies;

Watch; C19 shots, Self-Assembly Nanomachines and the Transhumanist Agenda; Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD interviews Harald Kautz-Vella

Harald researched topics of AI, chemtrails, Morgellons disease, Smart Dust, and nanotechnologies. “These technologies used by the intelligence community involve synthetic biology as a part of self-­‐assembling nano-­‐machines that are able to form a technological interface to the human DNA light communication. These technologies have been developed as part of the transhumanistic agenda. The entire concept is referred to as smart dust. These technologies are widely marketed in the framework of “integrated geospatial intelligence solutions”.

Watch and Read; “BBC is the Virus” – At Least 6 BBC Buildings Across UK Covered with Photos of People Who Died from COVID Vaccine; Jim Hoft; January 16, 2023

The rally called the “media is the virus” was held on Saturday, January 7th, and it was organised by three different groups: The People’s Resistance, Freedom Fighters, and The North Unites.

“BBC buildings today were given some TRUTH,” a post on Telegram reads. “Enough is enough….the media is complicit in the biggest crimes against humanity and need to be held accountable for the deaths and harms caused to our friends and families.”

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