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“The way you get democracy to function is by informing the public.” – Robert Kennedy Jr.

Carl Sagan: “Science is more than a body of knowledge. It is a way of thinking; a way of sceptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility. If we are not able to ask sceptical questions, to interrogate those who tell us that something is true, to be sceptical of those in authority, then, we are up for grabs for the next charlatan (political or religious) who comes rambling along.”

Though the newsletter chapters interrelate, they are divided into four sections and have a common realisation that a cabal of corporate elites have captured global trade, global governance, mainstream and online media, and ultimately many of our minds.

  1. Food, Farming & Ecocide
  2. Censorship/Surveillance/Coercion/Corruption
  3. Russia/China Conflicts
  4. Covid/Vaccines Scam

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Food, Farming & Ecocide

I had hoped that investing in factory farms might come to an end with the NetZero drive to get us to eat insects and fake meat, but not so fast….

Read; Methwold and Feltwell: Uproar over Cranswick farm plan, Eastern Daily Press, 14th Aug 2023

‘Under the plans, lodged with West Norfolk Council, 20 sheds will house 870,000 chickens, with 14 buildings for 14,000 pigs on land that was previously an RAF base.

Campaigners have set up the Cranswick Objection Group to lobby against the proposals.

‘Horror stories of swarms of flies and pungent smells plaguing other communities living near other Cranswick factory farms have heightened fears in Feltwell and Methwold.

Last year the firm was ordered to pay £75,000 in fines after it admitted responsibility for discharging contaminated liquid into a brook in the town following an Environment Agency investigation.

Alun Ryves, a district councillor for Methwold, said: “Like many I have shut my eyes as to the reality of what happens in these sheds and accepted the argument that if you want cheap food, then what are your choices?

“The benefits of a higher-welfare, non-intensive system are numerous, including reduced pollution and a greater number of job opportunities.

“Operations such as this have little to do with farming. It is just about processing soya into meat, and I really do think that British farming is better than this.”’

Though this great rant from Robert F Kennedy Jr. is about an American company, Smithfield Foods, it is not only operating in the UK but it’s factory farming model is forcing pig farmers across the world to get giant or get out of farming. Economies of scale allow Big Ag to win in the global competition, but only because they externalise their true costs (pollution, animal cruelty and insane overuse of antibiotics to make the animals grow faster), onto the public and the environment, poisoning fields and watercourses, destroying small-scale family farms that provide communities with food sovereignty, local jobs, local economy, local democracy, quality food, biodiversity, healthy, contented animals and a clean environment. If the Big Ag conglomerates were forced to pay the true costs of the damage they cause, family farmers would easily out-compete them in the marketplace. See my 2009 Channel 4 film Pig Business, featuring Bobby Kennedy, about the world’s biggest factory pig factory, Smithfield Foods, now owned by a huge Chinese conglomerate.

Watch; Great rant from Robert F Kennedy Jr ( Instagram 1st August)

“Hey everybody. Shirley Troubadour asked a question about why Gates and China are being allowed to buy up all the farmland in our country. And I’m gonna tell you something that I had an experience with. I spent many years, about 20 years suing the factory farms, the big hog farms, and the big chicken producers like Tyson and Bo Pilgrim and Frank Perdue.

But Smithfield Foods was the biggest pork producer and Smithfield came to the state of North Carolina. They built a slaughterhouse that could process 30,000 pigs a day. And then they had a partner named Wendell Murphy, who was in the State Senate. He passed 28 laws in the North Carolina State Senate, making it illegal to sue a factory farm. He left and went into partnership with Smithfield, created a way to raise pigs instead of raising them on farms, to raise in warehouses called Murphy 11 hundreds.

They dropped the price of pork from 60 cents a pound to 2 cents a pound. It put out of business all 28,000 independent hog farmers in the state of North Carolina. And it replaced them with 2,200 factories. All of them either owned by Smithfield or contracted to Smithfield. The only farmers who could stay in business were farmers who signed that contract with Smithfield to mortgage their homes to put those big hog sheds, the Murphy 11 hundreds, on their property.

And then they lose all control. They become serfs on their own land. Smithfield dictates all their farming practices. It gives them the food. It delivers the piglets, picks up the grown animals and brings ’em to slaughter. They put 28,000 farmers out of business and control 80% of the pork production in North Carolina. Because they dropped the price in North Carolina, Iowa had to adopt the same system, had to cave into Smithfield.

They ended up taking control of 80% of the hog production in our country. Then they sold themselves to China. So now China owns all that hog production in America, and it controls our landscapes. And that’s the end of Thomas Jefferson’s vision of an American democracy, rooted in tens of thousands of independent freeholds, each one owned by family farmers, each with a stake in our system of government. And that’s why all of this industrial agriculture not only gives us substandard food, but they’re also taking control of our landscapes. And that is a huge threat to American democracy.

If you like this video and you want to help me become President of the United States, go to and donate now.

Though it would be best if consumers only bought meat from high welfare farms instead of meat from cruel, polluting factory farms that (particularly in the US) shovel antibiotics into the animal feed as growth promoters, at least they are shunning fake meat. With billions of pounds made by Big Pharma from the neither ‘safe nor effective’ Covid 19 jab, perhaps consumers are questioning if fake meat is going to make billions for Big Ag while it is neither ‘safe nor effective’ at providing a nutritional diet?!

Read; Fake meat sales plummet amid falling demand; ‘It’s less digestible than real meat, and certainly less nutritious’; Yudi Sherman; August 10, 2023

‘Fake meat giant Beyond Meat’s revenue plunged over 30% for the second quarter compared to last year as consumers turn to real meat.

The California-based company also slashed its annual sales forecast from $375m–$415m to $360m–$380m “in light of greater than expected consumer and category headwinds and their anticipated impact on net revenues,” According to The Telegraph, last year, the company was forced to cut a fifth of its workforce as its stock dropped nearly 80%.

Beyond Meat, founded in 2009 to “fight climate change,” counts globalist billionaire Bill Gates as one of its investors. It has since supplied its plant-based fake meat to McDonalds, Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell, Walmart and PepsiCo. In 2013, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) named Beyond Meat “Company of the Year” and the company has been endorsed by several Hollywood celebrities.

Frontline News reported last year that Beyond Meat was distributing its fake Beyond Burger to 1,600 supermarkets throughout Germany as the country moves to reduce livestock to “fight climate change.”

Beyond Meat is not the only player in the fake meat industry. It primarily competes with Impossible Foods, which also provides plant-based meat, and Upside Foods, which provides lab-grown meat. All three companies are backed by Gates, who has clarified that government regulation may be needed to force people to transition to fake meat.

“I don’t think the poorest 80 countries will be eating synthetic meat,” Gates told the MIT Technology Review. “I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef. You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is, they’re going to make it taste even better over time. Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can sort of change the [behaviour of] people or use regulation to totally shift the demand.”

To instil sufficient fear in the public to accept unpopular changes, Big Biz has hi-jacked the environmentalists’ longstanding fight against industrial pollution to solely focus on CO2. A clue that reveals the litany of lies peddled in the name of abating CO2, is that everything Big Biz promotes, from fake meat to vertical farming, actually increases CO2.

‘The environmental movement has been derailed by the carbon narrative’

Read; Yes, Ecosystems Are collapsing. No, It Has Nothing to Do With CO2. Josh Mitteldorf, Ph.D. Children’s Health Defence; 7th August 2023

‘Last week, Nobel physicist John Clauser came out of the “Clausit” to speak his own inconvenient truth about global warming and CO2. No good deed goes unpunished.

Another physicist, Freeman Dyson, who was a personal hero of mine has expressed similar views.

This is a big subject, and I don’t feel engaged enough with the issue to write a book on climate, but I will say a few things about which I feel pretty certain — but to which Right Thinking People may take exception.

  1. Global ecosystems are indeed in crisis, and this is the result of human activity.
  2. Greenhouse gasses, CO2 and climate change are peripheral to this story. The net effect of CO2 emission is likely to be beneficial, if at all relevant.
  3. Environmental activism may be the most important movement on the planet today, and its diversion into a narrow focus on carbon is dangerous.
  4. Weather manipulation is a well-developed, sophisticated science being practised on a global scale, without open scientific backing and without democratic consent. This, too, is a crime and a major danger.

Major reasons for ecological collapse include:

  • Habitat loss.
  • Deforestation.
  • Every war is an environmental disaster.
  • Widespread poisoning of insects, which are at the base of the animal food chain.
  • Insects are also pollinators, and plant life becomes fragile when insects disappear.
  • Draining of wetlands, mining of fossil water and damming of rivers.
  • Deliberate targeting of apex predators, including lions, wolves and whales.
  • Washing of topsoil into the rivers and oceans.
  • Wasteful practices in mining, agriculture and industry.
  • Global travel, bringing invasive species that tend to homogenise ecosystems worldwide.

Many people, consciously or otherwise, imagine a transhuman future in which the Earth is paved over and food is grown hydroponically. We’ll eat lab-grown meat and live in a virtual paradise, even after we kill the ecosphere. This is a dangerous delusion! All life is interdependent. No species can survive outside an ecosystem’.

The government’s broadcasting arm, the BBC, obediently promotes the false claim that scientists agree that burning fossil fuels is causing climate change. When in fact many scientists believe climate change is largely a natural weather pattern and the authorities, captured by Big Business, are simply using the NetZero narrative to create a market for novel technologies; not least gene edited food grown in vertical hydroponic farms.

Farming Today 9th August 23

BBC Presenter; “Under the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, 197 countries agreed to try and limit global temperature rises to 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of this century. And to achieve this, scientists agree that greenhouse gas emissions need to reduce to net zero by 2050 and that is the target that the UK government has set itself.”

“Dr. Laura Vickers – Harper Adams University specialising in sustainable farming systems; “So we’ve had a project at Harper Adams hands-free farm, where the tractors are becoming, not necessarily bigger, but they’re becoming automated. And so we’ve got more technology in precisely working out exactly how much irrigation, so water, or precisely how much fertiliser is needed for exactly that crop in that part of the field.”

“It could be that a farmer decides to diversify their livestock building and turn it into something that’s producing fresh produce and fruit and vegetables and utilising hydroponic technologies and vertical technologies.”

If reducing CO2 emissions and nitrate pollution really were the objectives of the Dutch government, farmers in the Netherlands could sequester CO2 and reduce nitrate pollution by keeping a reduced number of livestock and grazing them on pasture as recommended in the government’s agriculture plan, not inside densely packed sheds and feeding lots. However, the sums offered are predictably inadequate to sustain a business. The Dutch government are in fact collectively following the WEF global agenda to control the people by controlling food production. The government wants the land to be used for high tech intensive food production, to build a Tri State City to house malleable migrant workers, and for rewilding. A better strategy would be to share land used for food production with nature as in the term ‘land sharing’.

Read; This is your chance, (Dutch) cabinet: dare to invest in the future of the (organic) farmer

‘It is not a bad thing at all that the agricultural agreement did not come about: it would have mainly stood in the way of the recovery of rural nature and would have only contributed to the decline in the number of farmers in the Netherlands.’

‘The draft agreement has taught us a valuable lesson: no matter how beautiful the accompanying text sounds, always use the numbers. From the text of the draft agreement you can conclude that ample space is being made for the transition to fewer livestock per hectare – extensification as it is called. As a result, farmers become less dependent on artificial fertilisers and concentrates, which can save a lot of nitrogen emissions.

The term organic is used no less than 87 times in the main text of the agreement. What you read less about is the further industrialization of companies with high-tech housing systems (the last word only occurs 7 times).

But the financial annex shows the opposite: the budget for conversion to organic farming is EUR 75 million, half a percent of the total budget that the cabinet has made available for the agricultural transition. Moreover, only 10 million euros will go to the farmers themselves. They can each receive 4,000 euros for, for example, advice. The rest of the money has the vague destination ‘plan of action’. Not necessarily financial support for the actual switch to organic farming.

The focus on technological innovation drives farmers even further into the trap.

Farmers in the USA are experiencing a similar land grab in the name of climate change and boosting the economy i.e., a new growth economy of high tech machinery and GM crops.

Read; North Dakota farmers win victory against land-grabbing climate giant

Republican governor supports private land seizures for carbon project; Yudi Sherman; Frontline News; August 06, 2023

‘North Dakota state regulators denied Summit Carbon Solutions a route permit for a $4.5 billion carbon capture pipeline across five Midwestern states. The pipeline’s purpose would be to capture carbon emissions before they enter the atmosphere and store them underground in South Dakota.

But the company ran into resistance when landowners tried refusing the corporation access to conduct initial surveys. The surveys involve drilling holes into the ground, 3–12 inches in diameter and up to 200 feet deep. These holes can adversely affect crops.

In response to their refusal, Summit sued over 80 landowners to gain forced access to their properties. The company’s lawyers also threatened the farmers with eminent domain — forced land expropriation — if they would not agree to sell the company easements on their properties. But to invoke eminent domain, Summit needs the route permit it was denied on Friday, though the company says it will reapply.

Listen; Farming today 10th August; In Scotland millions of trees have been felled to install wind farms and farmers object to the disruption from miles of ditches needed to transport energy along cables.

BBC Presenter; “Farmers in Scotland have criticised what they say is the government’s lack of joined up policy after it emerged that over the past 23 years, nearly 16 million trees have been felled to make way for wind farms.”

Johnny Hall, director of policy NFU Scotland; “We seem to get mixed messages from the government. If we’re felling trees and simply displacing those with wind farms for renewables and then expecting the slack to be taken up by more planting on agricultural land, then we’ve gotta be very, very careful as to what the consequences of that might be.”

BBC Presenter; “Once you’ve built a wind farm, on or offshore, the energy has to be moved to where it’s needed. But farmers in Scotland say that’s posing problems. SSEN (Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks) plans 10 billion pounds worth of work on its transmission network over the next seven years to cope with the growth in mainly wind power. And there are many other smaller projects linked to renewables. It’s a mix of buried, overhead and subsea cabling, and it brings worries over drainage access and the spread of disease.”

BBC Presenter; “This project for an offshore wind farm is burying a cable underground near Banff in Aberdeenshire. The project cuts a 30 metre wide strip for two miles through the 5,000 acres that Mike Shan manages.”

“It’s small fry compared to SSEN’s program, which will involve hundreds of kilometres of cables. Utility firms have the right to take over land for installations, paying landowners compensation for any resulting losses.” …… “One major fear is of disease. Ian Thornton Kemsley from the Galbraith Land Agency also runs an estate at Lawrence Kirk, south and west of Aberdeen.”

Kemsley; Frankly, “I’ve got clients who are very worried about a project like this and the potential value of their land when it’s handed back. Because of the spread of potato cyst nematode, it has a tremendous potential to cripple, particularly the seed potato industry.”

If the true cost of giant so-called green energy windmill infrastructure were internalised, perhaps we would be adopting more local small scale renewable energy production.

Watch; Offshore Wind Farms Are KILLING WHALES & Nobody Cares! The Jimmy Dore Show 20 Aug 2023

‘The so-called “green revolution” is supposed to help deliver us from climate change and save the planet and all its inhabitants from extinction. But it turns out that construction of offshore wind farms designed to generate power from ocean winds are likely killing whales, in particular the highly endangered northern right whale’.

With the power and influence of the corporate lobby, the UK government is pushing gene editing. The height of absurdity is the introduction of gene editing to achieve NetZero – not least the so-called ‘climate resilient wheat’.

Read; Minister advocates expediting gene editing, Rosie Greenaway; Natural Products News – August 1, 2023

‘The Genetic Technology Act has a single beneficiary: the biotech industry. It removes meaningful regulatory control – including safety assessments, consumer labelling and monitoring – from a staggering range of genetically modified plants and animals in our food system and the wider environment.’

‘With the Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act now passed into law, Thérèse Coffey, Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, is advocating for quick progress with its implementation.

According to Food Navigator, Coffey spoke at a recent event in London about the need to bring the theory of gene editing (GE) into practice as soon as possible. “We need to get on with it, frankly,” commented the Minister, adding that GE would ‘help us design climate resilient wheat and could help us design out the need for quite so much pesticide or use of artificial fertiliser’, and could enable farmers to grow crops using less water. “It’s a really exciting opportunity and a massive commercial opportunity too.”

Coffey is also reported to have expressed support for the ‘sensible’ use of pesticides, including the controversial herbicide glyphosate, calling it ‘perfectly safe’ as a means of support for no-till farming practices. Her comments come amid reaction from environmental and health campaigners over EFSA’s (European Food Safety Authority) conclusion that glyphosate is ‘unlikely to pose a carcinogenic hazard to humans’.

When the Precision Breeding Act became law in March, Pat Thomas, director of Beyond GM, offered this view of the legislatory changes in a newsletter to supporters of her campaign against GE: “The Genetic Technology Act has a single beneficiary: the biotech industry. It removes meaningful regulatory control – including safety assessments, consumer labelling and monitoring – from a staggering range of genetically modified plants and animals in our food system and the wider environment. It allows biotech developers to self-certify that their engineered organisms are safe and beneficial and imposes no penalties if that turns out to be untrue. I think it’s absolutely right to question the motives and the consequences of any piece of legislation that allows a large and well-funded industry to fly so far below the regulatory radar.”

She added: “The political context of this Act is as important as the scientific context. The UK Government has shown complete disdain for science by inventing its own category of GMOs – the precision bred organism (PBO). This PBO is a special Brexit GMO that, we are told, will transport the United Kingdom to the sunny uplands of global tech dominance while at the same time fixing our food system and wider environmental problems. The catch is that gene editing technology, which has been around for more than a decade, consistently over-promises and under-delivers and that makes it an uneconomic food system and environmental failure. We should be focusing on solutions that work.”

A new report says that so-called new gene technologies such as gene editing are nothing more than second generation GMOs. Nevertheless, under the guise that they are something ‘new’, lobbyists are pushing to have gene edited food products, including meat, exempted from GM regulations that include labelling, risk assessments and traceability, posing a real threat to our natural food systems.

Read: Nothing New in New GMOs – A New Report by Navdanya International 7th August 2023

‘Now it is more important than ever to protect our food and seed sovereignty. To demand that our democratic governments actually listen to the will of the people, and protect farmers and citizens from the risks of these new technologies, as well as hold corporations responsible for the destruction they’ve caused. The real solutions lie in the creation of ecologically integrated systems based on biodiversity, care and a science that understands and respects the interconnections between life and nature.’

Although Mexico, having banned GM crops and glyphosate, is anxious to import non-GMO soy and corn from US farmers, the US government is preventing it through the terms of so called free trade treaties. Another attack on healthy farming by a government controlled, financed and exploited by Monsanto and other Big Ag conglomerates intent on poisoning the land and its people .

Elizabeth Kucinich and Robert F. Kennedy Jr host a panel of farmers to discuss solutions to many issues in American agriculture. RFK Jr. Podcast, 20 Aug 2023;

Ben Dobson: For the last 20 years I’ve grown and sold organic foods and researched the impact of regenerative systems on ecosystems and the climate. I’ve come to believe that the American landscape, shoreline and waterways are the most critical element to an American revival and the survival of all life in our environment. We really feel with your leadership this would be possible…we’re really thrilled in the farming community to see you running for President.

RFK: What is the issue with Mexican corn, they want us to grow it but we can’t export it?

Ben Dobson: The President of Mexico has banned GMO corn and soy and glyphosate, and he’s been taken to Trade Court by the USDA (Dept. of Ag) because we want to make them take the GM crops. In the meantime there are American intermediaries and growers and seed companies willing to meet this demand but our government itself is actually opposing it. Its like a seven million acre opportunity for American farmers to grow something with a premium with no GMOs in it, and our government is actively pushing against it.

Will Harris: My farm in Western Georgia is called White Oak Pastures. I’m the fourth generation of my family to run the farm. My daughters are the fifth generation, they have my grandchildren who are the sixth. We embrace three basic tenets on our farm: regenerative soil management, compassionate animal welfare and re-enrichment of our impoverished rural communities in Western Georgia.

I chose to exit the centralised, industrialised, commoditised food production system twenty five years ago. We built our own small, stand alone production system. When I was an industrial cattle farmer I maintained three or four minimum wage employees. I now have 160 full time employees who are paid well above the working average. My farm is in one of the poorest counties in America, Clay County, Georgia. My payroll is over $100,000 per week. We’re the largest private employer in the County. An example of a politically-created problem for my farm and others like it is that imported grass-fed beef can now be legally labelled as product of the USA, even though the cow was raised, born, slaughtered in Uruguay, Australia or New Zealand. I believe this misleads American consumers and is just plain wrong.

R F Kennedy: I will fix that as fast as I can if I get in there, and I hope you’ll come visit me in the White House and make sure I do that.

The UN has been captured by the corporations to serve their bottom line by consolidating corporate control over food and natural resources.

Read; Corporate food systems grab should not get UN approval, FIAN, 21st July 2023

‘Small scale farmers and social movements are mobilising to fight the corporate takeover of food systems ahead of a UN food summit’.

‘Transnational corporations are accountable above all to their shareholders and driven by profits. They have a poor track record of promoting the common good, and preventing land grabbing, malnutrition or overuse of pesticides.

Food is a common good and access to healthy and nutritious food is a basic human right enshrined in UN covenants. These are the issues that governments and the UN should focus resources on.

Instead, the UN will hold another food systems summit next week, which looks set to further consolidate corporate control over food and natural resources.

Hundreds of grassroots groups have called out the UN, saying they are still being excluded and claiming the summit is “poised to repeat the failures” of two years ago and want to see fundamental change in food systems.

A handful of agribusinesses control more than 70% of the world’s farmland. Smallholder farmers, fisherfolk, pastoralists and Indigenous Peoples, who use agroecology and other sustainable practices, feed 70% of the world’s population with just 10% of global farmland.

Agriculture is responsible for nearly 40 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, almost 90 percent of deforestation and 80 percent of biodiversity loss, the bulk of which can be attributed to industrial agriculture and agribusiness operations.

The disruption of global fertiliser supply chains has been a major focus of the UN’s response to the global food crisis. But the dangers of market concentration which make food systems extremely fragile to shocks have been largely ignored.

In just the last five years the world’s nine largest fertilizer companies – with nearly 40 % of global synthetic fertilizer sales – have tripled their profits. Rocketing fertiliser prices have less to do with disrupted supply chains than quasi monopolies.

Despite all this and the growing global obesity pandemic, for which consumption of ultra-processed industrial food bears a major responsibility, the UN continues to empower corporations. Instead it should address structural inequalities such as land concentration, so that peasant agroecology can have a real chance to flourish and make a significant contribution to tackling hunger, climate change and biodiversity loss.

Industrial agriculture has failed

A dystopian future where a handful of corporations control everything we eat is just around the corner, if we do not resist now.

About 60% of all calories consumed worldwide come from just four crops: rice, wheat, corn and soy. Everyone is vulnerable if we are over dependent on global corporate-controlled supply chains. Industrial agriculture has failed to address rising levels of hunger and malnutrition which are now at an estimated 828 million.

Listen; Farming Today (9th August) advocated land sparing over land sharing with flawed reasoning that we don’t have enough land to feed the nation without chemicals and that a diversity of wildlife can’t thrive on land shared with growing food! However, Organic fields are full of wildlife due to no chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Also, Big Ag-captured universities, politicians and media are misleading us to think that we can’t feed the UK without chemical inputs. Again, we just need to reduce our meat intake, eat more locally grown veg and only buy meat from pasture fed extensive livestock. Plus we need to grow pulses here to eliminate the need for  GM soy-based,  animal feed imports from increasingly deforested land in South America.

BBC Presenter; “Professor Andrew Bamford, who’s a conservation scientist at the University of Cambridge. For him, biodiversity could be boosted by an idea known as land sparing as opposed to what often happens now, which he describes as land sharing.”

Bamford; “At the moment. What we mostly do in the UK when we concern ourselves with biodiversity in the wider countryside is something which can be broadly called land sharing, trying to squeeze biodiversity back into the farmed landscape by reinstating hedges or having field margins or whatever. And that can be good, but has two problems. One is that it lowers yields, and that means we need more area under farming and we have less space for natural habitats or we end up having to import more food. The second problem right across the globe, we find that in every place, most species cannot thrive on farmed land.

Read; Exploring agroecological alternatives to soy-based pig and poultry feed, Landworkers Alliance

LWA (The Land Workers Alliance) has launched a joint campaign – together with Pasture for Life (PFLA), Sustain, Feedback and Hodmedod – which aims to raise awareness about the land-use change and deforestation associated with the global soy animal feed supply chain and to explore agroecological alternatives for feeding pigs and poultry in the UK.

As part of this campaign we have published a report: ‘Soy No More: Breaking away from soy in UK pig and poultry farming’ which highlights the environmental impact of the global soy animal feed industry and models the opportunities and trade offs of replacing soy in pig and poultry feed with alternative protein sources.’

‘Rising global demand for soy is contributing to widespread deforestation in the Global South, and the majority of this demand is coming from the animal feed industry – mainly for feeding pig and poultry.

Each year the UK imports around 3 million tonnes of soy for animal feed, and WWF estimate that the land required to grow this soy amounts to around 1.7 million hectares – an area nearly the size of Wales.

Over half of the world’s soy (and almost all of the UK’s) comes from South America – either from the Amazon, or from other biodiverse regions which, as a result of increased soy production and other land-hungry industries, continue to be vulnerable to high rates of deforestation.

There is an urgent need to transition away from an industrial pig and poultry farming model which is driving land-use change overseas, to a system where more ethically produced meat can be produced on a smaller and more localised scale.’

Listen; Farming Today 15th August looked at UK government subsidies for farmers to replant hedges and they interviewed an organic livestock farmer who had ignored past idiotic policies to scrub up hedges to allow bigger machines to fit into fields of monoculture crops! A lesson that farming decisions should be kept in the hands of farmers, not our puppeteers in Big Ag, captured globalist governments,  giant investment fund managers like Blackrock and Vanguard and philanthro capitalists  like Bill Gates and George Soros.

James Robinson describes the species rich ancient hedges on his organic farm in Cumbria:

Everything in this hedge is an old native species, so here’s blackberry, hawthorn, blackthorn, we’ve got sloe berries as well, little black sour bullets, they go into sloe gin. These are Haw berries here, we’ve got dome nuts there, hazel nuts, a good crop of nettles, these are really important as a species. There right in front of us is a wild rose, a dog rose, so we’ve got six species just in here, and that’s just the woody species, then you’ve got the nettles and grasses underneath, they’re a fantastic habitat for the moths and butterflies.

There’s about seven miles of hedge on the farm, on a three hundred acre farm, so that shows the size of our fields, plus we’ve got the four miles of dry stone wall.

The one just through here, that’s a really truly ancient hedge. That wiggly hedge down the bottom, that is a parish boundary so that parish divide has been there since 1100-1200 AD, somewhere in there. That’s going back to the parish records when the baronial lands were split up. Its highly likely that some of the plants that are in there, the hawthorn stocks, the hollies, will be that old.

Every field is a bizarre shape, these are the fields that were laid out hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

The prevailing wind comes right up here, so without these hedges Strickley would be a really exposed farm, imagine the wind and rain coming at it. The cows would not want to be stood up here on a cold wet day if there was just a barbed wire fence dividing these fields up. And you’ve got the benefits for other wildlife as well.

They’re linking up habitats between a beck down at the bottom and a woodland on top of the hill, or a wetland area to a hay meadow, they are really corridors for wildlife, not just to move up and down but to live in as well. The butterflies and moths bring on the birds that nest, the small mammals and the bigger mammals.

To avoid the nightmare of a Bill Gates future without farms, we must use the power of our purse to only buy locally grown veg and only buy meat that is raised in the UK and fed with feed grown in the UK.

Read; Bill Gates and Silicon Valley Behind Push for ‘Farming Without Farmers, Food Without Farms’, Vandana Shiva; Brenda Baletti, Ph.D.08/02/23

“Human beings cannot have a relationship with nature, land and one another, it seems increasingly, without the intercedence of this corporate power,” comedian and political commentator Russell Brand told scholar and environmental activist Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., on the latest episode of his “Stay Free” podcast.

Shiva said the privatisation of land and resources under colonialism was the first step in transforming nature into “either a mine or a dump.”

Today, she said, privatisation has become so entrenched that mega-corporation Cargill can own every chicken, chicken production facility, and every input needed to raise chickens, and then dump all of its waste into public rivers.

The situation we face today could not have happened, she said, without the criminalization of farmers — for which she held media organisations like The Guardian responsible because they attack farmers instead of the corporations.

“If the drivers are the corporations,” she said, “you have to have the guts to bite the corporations. You don’t target the victims. The farmers are victims of this system.”


Read: Enough of experts? The farming climate narrative as class conflict – The Small Farm Future Blog, Chris Smaje, August 17, 2023 (

‘A group that I believe really mustn’t be singled out for climate blame is farmers – peasant farmers particularly, but also jobbing UK livestock farmers, and farmers in general. There are several reasons why. On the grounds of fairness, we – that is, wider society – have asked farmers to produce abundant food to meet often luxury demand at low cost with minimum labour inputs. Responsibility for the resulting ecocidal landscapes of contemporary agriculture falls to us, wider society, just as much as to them. And on the grounds of self-interest, we’re going to need all the accumulated agricultural expertise at our disposal – which is hard won and easily lost, even if it has to be adapted to new circumstances – in order to weather the present crisis. Most importantly, the tendency of ‘reboot food’ ecomodernism to dismiss farming as an intrinsically problematic and ecocidal method of food production and to favour high-energy technologies like MB (Microbial Biomass) is leading us astray. Instead of refocusing our efforts around renewable farming as the necessary base to an ongoing civilization, we’re wasting time with improbable techno-fixes that hold out a promise to ‘save’ existing modern urban civilization by largely or wholly substituting agriculture. We don’t need substitutes for agriculture. We need more of the real thing – and less of the compromises foisted upon it by the modernising drive for overproduction and low price.’

‘Maybe Monbiot’s ‘sheepwrecked’ narrative from the days of Feral started a worthwhile debate about land management – nobody and no farmer is above criticism – but it seems to have devolved into a concerted effort to dispossess farmers and advance the corporate enclosure involved in manufactured food, carbon offsets and all the rest. This could be another arena where the dialogue is almost over and we’re heading into the terrain of class conflict – doubtless an uneven one that’s prefigured by centuries of expert and top-down government-corporate efforts to ‘improve’ agriculture at the expense of rural people and local ecologies, pitting the remnants of rural agrarianism and culture against the modernist machine and its modes of value extraction. If so, it’s a class conflict we could really do without right now as we head into an uncertain future where localism is going to be so critical.’

More good sense from Chris Smaje:

Read; Pie and the sky: or, my class struggles with Marxism; Chris Smaje, Author of A Small Farm Future and Saying NO to a Farm-Free Future; The Small Farm Future Blog; August 7, 2023

I’m going to address what’s probably the least threatening of these conflicts to a small farm future, albeit the one that raises the most interesting issues. This is the threat to agrarian localism from Marxism and the far left.’

‘As I see it, and as I further explain in A Small Farm Future, there isn’t one type of property regime – public, common or private – which is intrinsically better or less exploitative than every other one. It all depends on the wider collective politics installing a given regime – or, as usually happens, installing a mix of regimes. In A Small Farm Future, I argue that a regime of distributed private property (distributed private property being a very different beast to monopoly private property) set within wider regimes of common property in a political community oriented to the generation of renewable local land-based livelihoods is a good thing to aim at on the basis of what we know about past agrarian societies and about where we’re currently headed. I’ve not yet come across any convincing analyses to suggest to me why that’s wrong.’

Mike Hannis and Simon Fairlie respond to a letter from George Monbiot calling for an end to livestock farming and a future where we all eat fake meat or plant-based protein powder. In the same edition Chris Smaje writes an article entitled ‘Seven Fantasies of Manufactured Food’ that explains why further industrialisation of the food chain should be resisted.

Read; Precision and Prohibition; The Land, No 33, August 2023;

George Monbiot; If you have a viable and realistic means of addressing the greatest of our environmental dilemmas – the vast and rising impact of livestock on all Earth systems – I would love to hear it. But I go back to The Land again and again, and find nothing.

Simon Fairlie; Demand for meat is increasing at an unsustainable level; but so too are air flights taken by a global elite, concrete skyscrapers, container loads of plastic crap imported from China, obsolescing computers, and all the other elements of the capitalist lifestyle, each of which will have its own ‘Bennett’s Law‘.

By calling for ‘the end of most agriculture’ and advocating a vegan diet as ‘the best way to save the planet’4 you are threatening the livelihoods of some 600 million farming households, more than two billion people. You seem to be in a state of denial about this, but it is hard to see how the end of farming and animal husbandry could mean anything else. Your brand of agribashing veganism is driving a wedge between the majority of progressive rural landworkers and a large cohort of progressive urban consumers, and threatens to split the green and environmental justice movement in two.

Watch; The truth about organic food – according to science; Tim Spector; 20 July 2023 ZOE Science & Nutrition Podcast

‘What does “organic” food mean? And how do you know if something’s organic?

Of course, foods tell you if they’re organic in massive letters on the packaging. And they cost way more. But what makes food organic? Is eating organic better for your health? And are the benefits worth the expense?

Luckily, Professor Tim Spector is here today with answers. Tim is one of the world’s top 100 most cited scientists, a scientific co-founder of ZOE, and the author of the bestselling book Food for Life: The New Science of Eating Well.’

Tim Spector: “Now this is pretty shocking: No one had ever looked at the gut microbiomes of humans and organic food properly and in 2019 we looked at pairs of twins and examined the levels of insecticides, pesticides, in their urine, and nearly every twin we looked at had detectable levels of insecticides and this affected their gut microbes that were producing abnormal chemicals.”

“ . . they’ve done . . . studies in ultra-processed foods and they’ve followed about 58,000 people I think, for a period; I think it’s about nine years. And they found that there was an increased risk of cancer – of most cancers – by about 25 percent, including Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, in the people that weren’t taking organic food – and the organic food group were protected by about 25 percent.”

An international perspective on agro ecology;

Watch: Scaling up Agroecology: Grassroots Perspectives on Opportunities and Challenges, The Agroecology Fund, July 19, 2023

‘Agroecology movements around the world are growing, and growing rapidly. Increasingly, farmers are transitioning to agroecology, consumers are demanding healthy foods, and policymakers are starting to take notice. In this webinar, we hear from activists, practitioners and scholars about where there have been promising advances in the scaling up of agroecology, as well as possible next steps to grow even more exponentially. By sharing national, regional and global perspectives, we hope to collectively sharpen our analysis of opportunities to scale up agroecology just as we strengthen our alliances with one another.’

Introduction 12:37 – 27:55 Invited speakers: – 27:56 – 43:30 Kathryn Manga, Asian People’s Exchange for Food Sovereignty & Agroecology (APEX), Philippines – 43:31 – 53:40 Andrea Carmen, International Indian Treaty Council (IITC), Yaqui Nation – Nury Martinez, Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Organizaciones del Campo (CLOC), Colombia – 53:41 – 1:08:12 Sena Alouka, Jeunes Volontaires pour l’Environnement (JVE) International and Alliance for Food sovereignty in Africa (AFSA), Togo – 1:09:23 – 1:26:35 Michel Pimbert, Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR), UK – 1:08:13 – 1:09:22Oliver Oliveros, Agroecology Coalition, Italy

UK farmers’ vision for the future;

Listen and Read; A Consensus on Food, Farming and Nature; ffinlo Costain; Farm Gate;18th August 2023

‘A group of farmers and environmental organisations met at the 2023 Oxford farming conferences to forge consensus on a way forward for farming.This solidarity is an important step in securing a shared transition to a more resilient, nature positive and equitable food system that recognises the needs of people and the planet. This consensus rests on a shared understanding that:

A healthy natural environment underpins food security.

Farming is vital, to produce the food we eat, and it is also central in tackling the nature, climate and public health crises.

Diversity in nature, in farming systems and amongst those involved in farming, along with diversity in farm animals and crops, will enable resilience and innovation in the face of climate change and economic challenges.’

Listen to the webinar in which the farmer panellists who are part of the Consensus, are; Beccy Speight – Chief Executive, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Helen Browning – Chief Executive, Soil Association and Martin Lines – Chief Executive, Nature Friendly Farming Network discuss A Consensus for Food, Farming and Nature.

‘Poll results from webinar

  1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Ecological security is essential for food production, human wellbeing & prosperity Results: 100% agreement with 91% Strongly Agree and 9% Agree 2.
  2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: New technology will have the most important role in helping the agriculture sector meet net zero.Results: 5% strongly agree 19%agree 32% neutral 32% disagree 12% strongly disagree. 3.
  3. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: The UK Government has overlooked the link between food and a resilient society.Results: 66% Strongly agree 24% agree 7% neutral 4% disagree.’

A few quotes from the panellists;

Helen Browning; “if we just concentrate on carbon, all we’ll have is wall to wall sitka spruce. If we just concentrate on food production, then we won’t have any space for nature. So we’ve got to kind of look at these things in the round”

Helen Browning; “I think sometimes as farmers, we tell ourselves that our job is to feed the world. And we talk about food security in a way that actually just justifies business as usual without understanding that actually we can get off the chemical treadmill and we can produce all the food we need. That might require sometimes a bit of diet shift, but that corporate voice and that utility that farmers have in the supply chain of just providing lots of raw materials for other people to make money on is something we really need to push back at.”

Helen Browing; “one of the things I’m really excited about on my own farm is instead of ploughing our grass lays when we go into an arable cycle, actually having drills now that will allow us to plant our arable crops into the grass lays so that we have managed to finally get away from this debate; is it glyphosate or the plough and which is worse.”

Martin Lynes; That impact in that supply chain and resilience, we are seeing huge shortages of water, not just here in East Anglia and parts of Scotland earlier on this year, but also other places where we’re importing food from. So we really have gotta have a government that’s gonna really put food production at the centre and food security, but in a bigger context. Not just, let’s produce more and let’s feed the world. Let’s take responsibility of the impact our food production has and make sure we put enough on the plates that we can produce.”


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is exposing and challenging the BBC’s and other publications’ social media platforms and news organisations role in global censorship.

Watch and Read: RFK Jr. Hosts Censorship Roundtable — Journalists, Experts Examine Free Speech Crisis, Lawsuits; Monica Dutcher; Children’s Health Defence (CHD); 21 August 2023

‘In a roundtable discussion last week, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Children’s Health Defense chairman on leave, convened panellists Sharyl Attkisson, Jamel Holley, Jenin Younes and Glenn Greenwald to discuss how free speech has come under attack in the U.S. and what can be done to defend First Amendment rights and “dissidents to establishment orthodoxy.”’

“There’s an organisation that we’re suing called the Trusted News Initiative. The Trusted News Initiative was a secret collaboration that was organised by the BBC at the very, very beginning of the pandemic. In fact, there’s evidence that they started organising it in late 2019. The members of the Trusted News Initiative are the Washington Post, Reuters, the AP, all of the social media sites and several other big news organisations from around the world.

And they all agreed to play by a certain playbook only to censor any information that departed from government orthodoxies. Their motivation, and we, have this from their discovery communications with each other, was venal. Really, it was that they see a lot of alternative news sites popping up all over the world, and they believe that those news sites are responsible for taking their business, for eroding their business model and also eroding public trust in the mainstream media.

So they decided to start an organisation where they would crush alternative news sites who departed from official proclamations. And the way they did that is they had a branding system where any of them could report to the DNI (Director of National Intelligence) to the Trusted News initiative, non-compliant organisations like my organisation, CHD, Dr. Macola, many, many others. Then those groups would be banned by the social media sites.

The social media sites all signed onto this, and that would destroy their (independent news) businesses. So they literally put out a business, many, many, many small organisations using that methodology. And so going back to your original question, who’s doing it? it is a collaboration. I think one of the most disturbing involvements is the consistent involvement in the intel of the intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies, both in the United Kingdom and in our country, in the censorship.

Watch; Tosh McDonald on the Unite’s attempt to ban the film “Oh Jeremy Corbyn: The Big Lie”; @PalestineDeclassified; Aug 23 2023

Chris Williamson; “Tosh, what do you make of the attempt by Unite, the Union, to ban the Jeremy Corbyn film? “

Tosh McDonald; “Well, Chris, I’m disillusioned by that. I get upset when people start trying to ban any kind of film. And I know that the trade union movement has been solid behind Jeremy Corbyn. I know that Unite was solid behind Jeremy Corbyn and to now find that they’re trying to put the block on, or allegedly trying to put the block on Unite Buildings showing the film ‘Jeremy Corbyn, The Big Lie’ seems really concerning to me. Len McCluskey, the previous general secretary, I know he was very supportive of Jeremy Corbyn and also very supportive of the Palestinian cause. Yes, indeed. It is, it is rather curious to say the least for Unite, of all unions, to be taking the position that they have on that.”

Clare Daly is brilliant so watch her short rants starting with this one; Clare Daly Is NOT Having It! An Insult Goes Wrong The Monthly Daly; Neutrality Studies; 7th August.

Clare Daly; Sorry, president. I am sorry. But the colleague here has just asked me how much money I received from Putin, which I find highly unacceptable and outrageous, and I’d like that remark withdrawn. It’s implying bribery and corruption, which clearly I have never been party to. So could you please clarify your remark and withdraw it.”

This is a question – you answer.

Clare Daly; You asked me how much money I got from Putin. Zero. What do you think? It’s an outrageous violation. An undermining of a legitimate point of view. You’re an authoritarian as your reactionary friends give out. You’re a disgrace .”

As politicians are smeared, ostracised and deselected if they go against the pseudo political consensus, I suppose it isn’t surprising that only one MP has broken ranks and spoken out against it.

Watch or listen; Andrew Bridgen MP: Not pulling punches; UK Column, Tuesday, 8th August 2023

‘In his second appearance, Andrew Bridgen MP provides an update on his work and life, having lost the Conservative party whip for daring to challenge the Government’s Covid–19 vaccination policy.

Since that time, Bridgen has worked hard to assist those with vaccine-related side effects. He has also become outspoken and active in challenging the erosion of British sovereignty by what he describes as the Westminster élites operating under a uniparty system. In response to this government of occupation, Bridgen has worked hard alongside Laurence Fox to establish the Reclaim Party, with a manifesto to reclaim freedoms, our institutions and government. His new party also seeks to take politics out of the state institutions.

In a frank discussion, Andrew Bridgen pulls no punches in warning of the dangers of the existing political order in many areas, including:

Perhaps his most chilling revelation concerns the present workings of Westminster, where he describes a climate of fear being used to stifle debate or any challenges to government policy or agendas. If individuals do not succumb to fear, they are bought off with offers of position or power.

Andrew Bridgen has had the courage to speak out despite the threats; and we, the public, should pay attention to his dire warnings as to the state of our nation.’

Bridgen; “The World Economic Forum and Davos – politicians are going out there. Keir Starmer took his cabinet out there this year and came back and was interviewed by Laura Kuenssberg. She asked him, where do you prefer, Westminster or Davos? And he was quite open about it. He said, “you know, I prefer Davos. I can do business with these people”. Well, I mean, that shows you where he believes the power lies. That’s the opposite of taking back control. Who voted for these people, voted for Klaus Schwab?

Bill Gates flies in from America and meets the Prime Minister and various cabinet ministers and advises about pandemic responses and climate change. Well, what are his qualifications? And who voted for him? Nobody. And he has immense influence over elected politicians which I’m not convinced that’s in the interests of the public in the UK. And we’re seeing policies being bought in which we’re not voting for; the low traffic neighbourhoods; who’s voted for any of this? And we’re getting major kickback, quite rightly, from the public who can see, well, I think our democracy is being subverted. People have got to wake up to actually what’s going on in this country at the moment.”

And it’s not just this country. It’s going on around the world.

Presenter; “It does feel as if something is working inside our society and it’s destroying the institutions one by one.”….“Some forces are at work to destroy our institutions from the inside in order to transform society.”

Bridgen; “That’s the way I would see it. It’s difficult to see how the destruction that’s being done to our institutions, our economy. If it were planned, it couldn’t have been delivered much better, and there is no political debate. There’s no opposition to any of the measures that have led us to this position, whether it’s on lockdowns mandates, vaccines, net zero, and the costs of giving powers away.”

I’ve even had members of staff of MPs who would stand in the chamber today and say that the lockdowns were necessary and essential, and the vaccines are safe and effective; I’ve had their own staff come to me and say, ‘when is this coverup gonna end?’ A couple of weeks ago, a very nice former conservative colleague came up to me – she’s not been in the house very long, and she said, ‘Andrew, I’m really worried about you. You, you’re very isolated. You eat all your meals on your own. You stand in the chamber on your own, and you speak, I think you’re really isolated.’ And I said, look, you know, 80% of the people who really work in parliament are supporting me and speaking to me privately and urging me to continue.

It’s not really me that’s isolated. It’s actually the MPs who aren’t doing the right thing. They just don’t realise it yet….

And I’ve come to the conclusion, Brian, that the last place that’s going to admit the truth, unfortunately, and it should be the first place, is the Chamber of the House of Commons.”

The fundraiser for Andrew Bridgen’s defamation case is here.

Parents are up in arms against the new gender identity trope but there’s a deafening silence from our authorities;

Watch; Dems WALK OUT On Video About Gender Affirming Surgery Jimmy Dore Show, 8th August.

“Our society is now legitimising a discussion of some radical, highly experimental, practice being engaged upon children who, as you point out, are not of the age of consent (even) for a tanning bed, and yet somehow are presumed to understand what they are entering into here. I mean, again, this is a wholly separate topic where we are newly violating Nuremberg (the Nuremberg Code of ethical medical practice). . . There is no way that a child can understand the life that they are consenting to. They cannot be informed – for one thing, the doctor, as you point out, is making it up as he goes along, so he doesn’t know what to tell the child; what is going to happen to them; what the long-term implications are going to be.”

Watch; Detransitioner Speaks To Mike Johnson About Her Prior Gender Transition Forbes Breaking News, 28 Jul 2023;

My name is Chloe Cole, and I’m a detransitioner. Another way to put that would be, I used to believe that I was born in the wrong body, and the adults in my life, whom I trusted, affirmed my belief. This caused me lifelong irreversible harm. I speak to you today as a victim of one of the biggest medical scandals in the history of the United States of America. I speak to you in the hope that you will have the courage to bring the scandal to an end and ensure that other vulnerable, teenagers, children, and young adults don’t go through what I went through.

At the age of 12, I began to experience what my medical team would later diagnose as gender dysphoria. I was well into an early puberty, and I was very uncomfortable with the changes that were happening to my body. I was intimidated by male tension, and when I told my parents that I felt like a boy, in retrospect, all I meant was that I hated puberty, that I wanted this newfound sexual attention to go away. That I looked up to my brothers a little bit more than I did to my sisters. I came out as transgender in a letter I sent on the dining room table.

My parents were immediately concerned. They felt like they needed to get outside help from medical professionals, but this proved to be a mistake. It immediately set our entire family down a path of ideologically motivated deceit and coercion. The gender specialist I was taken to see, told my parents that I needed to be put on puberty blocking drugs Right away, they asked my parents a simple question, would you rather have a dead daughter or a living transgender son? The choice was enough for my parents to let their guard down, and in retrospect, I can’t blame them. This was the moment that we all became victims of so-called gender affirming care. I was fast-tracked onto puberty blockers and then testosterone, the resulting menopausal, like hot flashes, made focusing on school impossible.

I still get joint pains and weird pops in my back, but they were far worse when I was on the blockers. A month later, when I was 13, I had my first testosterone injection. It’s caused permanent changes to my body. My voice will forever be deeper, my jawline sharper, my nose longer. My bone structure: I’m permanently masculinized; my adam’s apple more prominent, my fertility unknown. I look in the mirror sometimes and I feel like a monster.

I had a double mastectomy at 15. They tested my amputated breast for cancer and I was cancer free. Of course, I was perfectly healthy. There was nothing wrong with my, still developing, body or my breasts. Other than that, as an insecure teenage girl, I felt awkward about it.

After my breasts were taken away from me, the tissue was incinerated. Before I was able to legally drive, I had part, I had a huge part of my future womanhood taken from me. I will never be able to breastfeed. I struggle to look at myself in the mirror. At times, I still struggle to this day with sexual dysfunction and I have massive scars across my chest and the skin grafts that they use – that they took of my nipples – are weeping fluid today. And they were grafted into ‘a more masculine positioning’, they said. After surgery, my grades in school plummeted.

Everything that I went through did nothing to address my underlying mental health issues that I had. And my doctors with their theories on gender thought that all my problems would go away as soon as I was surgically transformed into something that vaguely resembled a boy. Their theories were wrong. The drugs and surgeries changed my body, but they did not and could not change the basic reality that I am and forever will be a female. When my specialist first told my parents that they could have a dead daughter or a alive transgender son, I wasn’t suicidal. I was a happy child who struggled because she was different.

However, at 16, after my surgery, I did become suicidal. I’m doing better now, but my parents almost got the dead daughter promised to them by my doctors. My doctors had almost created the very nightmare they said they were trying to avoid.

So what message do I want to bring to American teenagers and their families? I didn’t need to be lied to. I needed compassion. I needed to be loved. I needed to be given therapy to help me work through my issues, not affirm to my delusion that by transforming into a boy, it would solve all my problems. We need to stop telling 12 year olds that they’re born wrong, that they’re right to reject their own bodies and feel uncomfortable with their own skin. We need to stop telling children that puberty is an option, that they can choose what kind of puberty they will go through – just that they can choose what clothes to wear or what music to listen to.

Puberty is a rite of passage to adulthood, not a disease. To be mitigated today, I should be at home with my family celebrating my 19th birthday, and instead, I’m making a desperate plea to my elected representatives to learn the lessons from other medical scandals like the opioid crisis, to recognize that doctors are human too, and sometimes they’re wrong. My childhood was ruined along with thousands of detransitioners that I know through our networks. This needs to stop. You alone can stop it. Enough children have already been victimised by this barbaric pseudoscience. Please let me be your final warning. Thank you.

Watch/Read: Master of Puppets: The Future of Britain; Ben Rubin; UK Column Interview, Thursday, 3rd August 2023

‘Who controls the future of Britain? Ben Rubin spent 18 years transforming how companies operate, using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It didn’t take long for him to realise that the Western system is corrupt and needs replacing. In his first UK Column interview with David Scott, he discussed The Rise of Big Data in Healthcare. Ben is the founder of Rise UK and of Pattern.’

‘On Tuesday 18 July 2023, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change hosted its 2023 conference, entitled The Future of Britain. Not many appeared to know about it.’

‘Who is controlling Britain? Who has the blueprint of the master plan for Britain; who, indeed, is the Master of Puppets? The familiar three-word phrase we have all become so used to Build Back Better, has been abandoned for a new model: Build More, Faster.’

‘Sir Tony’s vision for Britain (building upon the vision of the New Class which he espoused in his first term as Prime Minister, a quarter of a century ago) is a fully vaccinated population, under constant surveillance, with state-of-the-art technology to record our every move. It revolves around the Green Clean agenda, that isn’t green or clean at all. How does data figure in the future? Data is the new oil—and the UK is rich in it, thanks to each and every one of us, and to ‘our’ National Health Service out of which we cannot opt. Sir Tony’s vision is a Britain without borders; a Britain that will welcome everyone and anyone with anything to offer, regardless of age, status, past achievements or nationality—but at whose cost?

The day was littered with a feast of unlikely guests.However, most of the speakers proffering their vision for Britain were not from Britain. Does the UK not have any young and talented innovators, or are we to accept that those not from our shores know what is good for our country better than we do?

We now have an economy in freefall, a health service that is too sick to heal anyone and an admission that ‘Britain is indeed broken’ . . . Is this the Britain you want for your children, your grandchildren? What can we do to change Sir Tony’s direction of travel for our beautiful country; can we stop the tech monster gobbling us all up and dumping us on some cloud somewhere, lost forever?

Can Britain be fixed, can the public be reassured, or will the public ever trust any politician again? We can all make a difference—but are you ready to? Tough decisions, hard choices and honest, difficult conversations need to be had.’

Ben Rubin (at 40 mins in); “You use the term puppet master for Blair, and I think you’re right. I think he’s a puppet master and we are essentially the puppets in his little sordid play that he’s trying to play out. And the AI is the string in that analogy. The AI is the thing that will allow the puppet master to make you do this, make you do that, make you dance a jig, spin around, do whatever it is that they want, because they dictate what you can look at, what you can think, what you can say. They understand how you think. Is it at an individual level, right? Like they’re talking about putting this in classrooms, building this into a digital identity system, obviously, because Blair is obsessed with this idea of building an ID system. So actually, rather than trying to win the argument with the adults, he’s just cheated and gone direct to schools and is saying that this thing is gonna be implemented for children, right? And within that, that data set that’s being built up about you, will have sat with you for your entire life, essentially.”

“They’ll know you inside out. They’ll know how to manipulate you, how to silence you, how to trick you. The idea that this is universally gonna be deployed by well-meaning, well-intentioned, people for the positive ends for humanity seems a bit naive and fanciful, if I’m being honest.”

Due to a paywall, you can’t read it, but it’s still interesting to know that even the msm, namely the Wall Street Journal, finally admits censoring what turns out to be the truth.

Facebook Bowed to White House Pressure, Removed Covid Posts – Internal Meta emails say pressure from Washington was behind a decision to take down posts attributing pandemic to man-made virus, just as Zuckerberg has been warning they do, and just as CIA, DHS and FBI do daily; WSJ; Ryan Tracy; July 28, 2023.

Slowly but surely the alternative media is being cancelled. Now, rather than limiting its censorship to COVID-related questions, the platform will restrict any videos that conflict with World Health Organization dictates – an organisation whose top 2 funders are China and Bill Gates!

Watch; Bill Gates Now Determining What You Can Say On YouTube; The Jimmy Dore Show; 19 Aug 2023

They’re gonna ban any medical ‘misinformation’ that contradicts the WHO. Now, let’s remember who the WHO is. The World Health Organization has already admitted that they have to do what their donors say they do, right? So they have to go around the world with their hat in hand. That’s verbatim what the head of the WHO said; ‘We have to go around with our hat in hand asking for donations. And then the people who give us donations are gonna have influence over us. We have to do what they say’.

China and Bill Gates are the two biggest funders to the WHO. China! ..the people who did the lockdowns, the most draconian, anti-liberty lockdowns that did nothing. Everybody in China ended up getting Covid anyway. Now you can’t say anything that contradicts the WHO.

They said a lot of things about Covid that were wrong, but if I, if I corrected them, YouTube would then censor me and take my video down and give me a community strike for being right, even if I was right. So there’s no debate. So what YouTube and Google are doing is making sure you can’t have a scientific debate.

Why? Because YouTube and Google are in bed with Big Pharma and the CIA and the WHO and the one world fricking government. That’s why big YouTube and Google wants to the WHw h O to be able to shut down your bank account. If you say that that’s who they are. They are the establishment. That’s why they’re doing the censoring

Read: Elon Musk Threatens Suit Against ‘Digital Hate Group’ CCDH, Calls Out Their ‘Research’ as Baseless Propaganda by Sayer Ji, greenmedinfo, 31st July 2023

The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) is having a really bad month.

‘After enjoying a few years of virtually unchallenged malign political influence over the American people, with a focus on suppressing protected speech, and even creating a digital hit list in order to target, defame, and deplatform 12 individuals, myself included, in collusion with political operatives within the US government itself, a growing number of organizations and individuals are now both waking and standing up to this foreign, dark money, influence operation, making it clear that their particularly nasty brand of astroturfing will no longer be tolerated.’

Putin’s banning of 5G in such a major country as Russia is very significant and helpful to those who are concerned about the impact of their radiation on all life that is explained in the Stop 5G Campaign.

Read: Russian President Vladimir Putin Bans 5G across Russia, Destroys All 5G Tower, Michael Baxter, Real Raw News, 8th August 2023;

‘Unlike the U.S. and the West, Russia did not start erecting towers overnight when the technology, developed by Qualcomm and the mobile ecosystem, became available in 2015. Since then, the telecom companies in the U.S. have built 150,000 towers; by comparison, Russia had only 22 . . . with a single tower 15 metres from an elementary school playground in the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

‘In April 2023, 16 students experienced severe side effects of what Vladimir Putin has called electromagnetic poisoning. Early symptoms included spontaneous vomiting, dizziness, tinnitus, intolerable headaches, and abdominal inflammation. Later symptoms were gastrointestinal bleeding, cerebral hemorrhaging, and blindness due to the decay of ocular nerves. The affected children were ages 8-12 and had attended school the same semester. Moreover, the sick kids were unvaccinated, so health officials at Russia’s Ministry of Health ruled out Covid-19 vaccine side effects. Comprehensive bloodwork and radiological imaging tests ruled out preexisting maladies, foodborne ailments, medications, and biological and chemical agents. By June 6, 2023, 11 of the 16 students had died.’

Journalism is not a crime! And yet Julian Assange has spent over four years in Belmarsh, the UK’s top high security prison for his very courageous journalism. Meanwhile, a statement by the US Ambassador to Australia, whilst perhaps opening a door to resolution, belies the fact that the US has no real case – only a sociopathic distaste for the truth.

Read; Caroline Kennedy Says US Open to Assange Plea Deal; August 14, 2023

‘The U.S. ambassador to Australia told a Sydney newspaper that “there absolutely could be a resolution” of the case just weeks after U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Australia that the prosecution would continue, reports Joe Lauria; Consortium News

‘The U.S. ambassador to Australia believes a plea bargain could free imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, allowing him to serve a shortened sentence for a lesser crime in his home country.

Caroline Kennedy told The Sydney Morning Herald in a front-page interview published Monday that the decision on a plea deal was up to the U.S. Justice Department. “So it’s not really a diplomatic issue, but I think that there absolutely could be a resolution,” she told the newspaper.

Gabriel Shipton, Assange’s brother, told the Herald: “Caroline Kennedy wouldn’t be saying these things if they didn’t want a way out. The Americans want this off their plate.”

The newspaper said there could be a “David Hicks-style plea bargain,” a so-called Alford Plea, in which Assange would continue to state his innocence while accepting a lesser charge that would allow him to serve additional time in Australia. The four years Assange has already served on remand at London’s maximum security Belmarsh Prison could perhaps be taken into account.’

‘Afran said it was understandable that Assange would not trust the U.S. to follow through on a deal if he went to America. “The U.S. sometimes finds ways to get around these agreements,” Afran said. “The better approach would be that he pleads while in the U.K., we resolve the sentence by either an additional sentence of seven months, such as David Hicks had or a year to be served in the U.K. or in Australia or time served.”

Shipton told the Herald that his brother going to the U.S. was a “non-starter.” He said: “Julian cannot go to the US under any circumstances.”

Afran said Assange would not necessarily have to plead to an espionage or computer intrusion offence. “He could plead simply to mishandling official information or even, in the worst case scenario, conspiracy to mishandle official information, a far lesser charge,” he said.

“That would also resolve the case and probably give the U.S. its satisfaction and would allow Julian essentially to hold his head up high after all these years,” said Afran. A conspiracy to mishandle defence information would amount to criminalising the reporter-source relationship.’

More about Australia becoming a vassal state of the US as the US continues to confront, threaten and provoke China, with plans to use Australia as a forward base.

AUSMIN and Assange, The Great Vassal Smackdown, Global Research, 31 July 2023

‘Seeing that Australia is now rapidly moving into the US orbit of client status – its minerals will be designated a US domestic resource in due course – and given that its land, sea and air are to be more available than ever for the US armed forces, nuclear and conventional, nothing will interrupt this inexorable extinguishing of sovereignty.’

‘One vestige of Australian sovereignty might have evinced itself, notably in how Canberra might push for the release, or at the very least better terms, for the Australian national and founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange. The publisher faces 18 counts, all but one of them pertaining to the Espionage Act of 1917, an archaic, wartime act with a dark record of punishing free speech and contrarians. The Albanese government, eschewing “the hailer” approach in favour of “quiet diplomacy” and not offending Washington, has conspicuously failed to make any impression.

‘In April, an open letter to the US Attorney General, Merrick Garland, featuring 48 Australian MPs and Senators, including 13 from the governing Labor Party, argued that the Assange prosecution “would set a dangerous precedent for all global citizens, journalists, publishers, media organisations and the freedom of the press. It would also be needlessly damaging for the US as a world leader on freedom of expression and the rule of law.”

Like Jeremy Corbyn, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been accused of being antisemitic as a smear tactic to try to destroy his chances of winning an election. Unlike Corbyn, RFK Jr is in fact a Zionist, a position that might even protect him from being assassinated!?

Watch; Bobby and the lobby; The Grayzone; 4 Aug 2023

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss Robert F. Kennedy Jr. backing out of an Israel-Palestine dialogue he’d agreed to with Blumenthal, and his deepening involvement with some of the Israel lobby’s most extreme figures.

Kennedy: “There’s this narrative, and particularly in the liberal left that portrays Israel is a kind of occupying Nation.”

Blumenthal; “A kind of occupying Nation! He’s not even acknowledging that an occupation exists; it’s just a left-wing narrative and the whole thing is a lie from start to bottom that ‘there is no military occupation’. Even in Israel they called it Hakibush, that’s the term for it. Even Ariel Sharon or major Israeli generals and prime ministers acknowledge that there was an occupation. They don’t deny that. They just justify it on the basis of security.”

BBC staff know not to question the government, its paymaster’s narrative without severe consequences.

Is there life after the BBC? The UK Column meets Jemma Cooper Thursday, 10th August 2023

Jemma Cooper is a media professional with a difference. She has worked as a journalist with a regional daily newspaper and has subsequently had an extensive career as a BBC journalist and presenter. Today, she is a much happier person and she is freelance: freelance in work and freelance in life. So what caused the positive change? She has one simple answer. She dared to pay attention to the reality of the Covid lockdowns and the protests.

Not only that, she dared to get out on the streets, to meet and talk with these people, who included other professionals, who were all deeply concerned about government policy and were making their views known. For some of her BBC colleagues, her actions in doing so were considered such an affront and concern that she was ‘grassed’ with smear stories to the local press. The atmosphere, and the pressure brought to bear upon her within the BBC to drop her new-found protest awareness and to get back in Auntie’s line and conform, became so unbearable that she left the position and career that she loved.

Losing supportive colleagues and some friends, Cooper took up the challenge to learn more about the world on her own. She decided to be true to herself and was rewarded by doors and opportunities opening. She recognised the start of ‘waking up’ to a world that was not as it seemed.

In her discussion with Brian Gerrish, Jemma covers a fascinating spread of topics: the BBC as the de-facto civil service broadcasting arm of the Government; problems of conforming in the gilded corporate cage; whether it is groupthink or something more malign at the top that steers British public bodies away from common sense and compassion; the programming of our children, transhumanism, and the experiment in human behaviour, social distancing and control in Covid–19 lockdown; and more.

She laughs at the mention of Marianna Spring, whom she regards as a classic BBC person: young, enthusiastic and ready to conform and perform to every BBC desire—the young child calling “me, me” to attract the teacher’s attention. She would like to meet Spring, to see whether she can have a productive exchange of ideas with her.

The future? Jemma Cooper sees it as positive, as people wake up, social media expands and many are working to exit the matrix. She is delighted to be working with the World Council for Health and is enthused by its drive to inform and warn on important matters of health. She is a UK Column viewer.

Jemma Cooper: “It’s a gilded cage and I don’t think that it’s just the BBC or the military. It’s all corporations. All corporations are like that: corporate culture. You start at the bottom. And then they figure out that you will make good management by seducing you; and giving you more perks – and it’s a trap everybody is in. And Because we’re all conditioned to live our lives, until you have some kind of awakening. Whatever you’re awakening is, your life either goes down this road of “How does this make me look?” and “What will people think of me? And we are conditioned at school, into thinking that way. “How’s this making me look?” “Is this affecting my ego?” And they tread on you like that, because they know they can run society for their corporate benefit. Because we’re all programmed in that paradigm. Nobody wants to step out of it and it’s very seductive. But the BBC: I was saying to somebody once: “It’s all very seductive while you are playing this game there. You know, you can go to all these showbiz things and meet celebrities and you can go backstage . . whatever. And we’ll give you all the riches in the world so long as you do what you’re told.”

Countering the pseudo consensus on the cause of climate change

The UN is the corporate front for the narrative that NetZero is the solution to climate change. It even admits that it is dictating the climate change narrative because it owns The Science!

Listen: UK Column News Podcast, Bryan Gerrish, Alec Thomson, 11th August 2023

This podcast begins with the subject of Unified Global Censorship

Presenter: If anybody is still in any doubt about the extent to which the climate change narrative is a scam, here’s the UN Under Secretary-general for Global Communications, Melissa Fleming speaking at a World Economic Forum event in October 2022:

“We partnered with Google for example. If you google climate change at the top of your search you will get all kinds of UN resources. We started this partnership when we were shocked to see that, if you googled ‘climate change’, we were getting incredible distorted information right at the top, so we are becoming much more proactive. We own the science and we think the world should know it.”

I am no scientist but I am increasingly convinced by those scientists who question the consensus that climate change has an entirely anthropogenic causation as opposed to being largely the result of natural weather patterns.

On 12th August, the CLINTEL Foundation reported that Nobel Prizewinner Dr Clauser had joined their organisation which researches and communicates real facts about climate change and climate policy. The climate view of CLINTEL can be summarised as: There is no climate emergency.

Read: Dr. John F. Clauser, joint recipient of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics has signed the Clintel World Climate Declaration. The Clintel Foundation 12th August 2023

Clintel is a global network of over 1,609 scientists and professionals.

Read; The CLINTEL World Climate Declaration.

Here are the points of this very revealing and important declaration:

Natural as well as anthropogenic factors cause warming

The geological archive reveals that Earth’s climate has varied as long as the planet has existed, with natural cold and warm phases. The Little Ice Age ended as recently as 1850. Therefore, it is no surprise that we now are experiencing a period of warming.

Warming is far slower than predicted

The world has warmed significantly less than predicted by IPCC on the basis of modelled anthropogenic forcing. The gap between the real world and the modelled world tells us that we are far from understanding climate change.

Climate policy relies on inadequate models

Climate models have many shortcomings and are not remotely plausible as global policy tools. They blow up the effect of greenhouse gases such as CO2. In addition, they ignore the fact that enriching the atmosphere with CO2 is beneficial.

CO2 is plant food, the basis of all life on Earth

CO2 is not a pollutant. It is essential to all life on Earth. Photosynthesis is a blessing. More CO2 is beneficial for nature, greening the Earth: additional CO2 in the air has promoted growth in global plant biomass. It is also good for agriculture, increasing the yields of crops worldwide.

Global warming has not increased natural disasters

There is no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying hurricanes, floods, droughts and suchlike natural disasters, or making them more frequent. However, there is ample evidence that CO2-mitigation measures are as damaging as they are costly.

Climate policy must respect scientific and economic realities

There is no climate emergency. Therefore, there is no cause for panic and alarm. We strongly oppose the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy proposed for 2050. If better approaches emerge, and they certainly will, we have ample time to reflect and re-adapt. The aim of global policy should be ‘prosperity for all’ by providing reliable and affordable energy at all times. In a prosperous society men and women are well educated, birthrates are low and people care about their environment.”

Inspired by John Clauser’s bold stance against bad science, Mattias Desmet wrote the following:

Read: Nobel Prize Winner John Clauser: “Climate Discourse is Dangerous Corruption of Science”; Mattias Desmet; 14 Aug 2023

‘Dr. John Clauser, Nobel laureate in Physics 2022, recently made a remarkable statement: the climate narrative is a dangerous corruption of science that threatens the world’s economy and the well-being of billions of people. My chest opened and filled with fresh relief as I read these words.’

‘And it’s not that I don’t know there are a thousand other scientists for every John Clauser. Nobel laureate or not, John Clauser is an exception. Opposing him is the consensus of the academic community. But what is that consensus actually worth? Is it the product of genuine passion for knowledge? Or is it rather the result of rampant mass formation among academics, fear of stigmatisation (“climate denial”), the thirst for research resources, and perhaps even some pleasure in spreading the doomsday message?

‘In addition to these phenomena, there is undoubtedly also the ideological dominance of globalist institutions such as the United Nations. The climate narrative is largely a product of the propaganda with which these institutions push their technocratic agenda. Aided by their army of “digital first responders,” the UN censors any voice that criticises their ideological program.

‘Academic consensus eventually comes about as follows: those who do not endorse the dominant narrative are removed from the “A List” of scientists who have clout, credentials, and funding, until it can be said that “all scientists” endorse the dominant narrative. Ask yourself: how likely is it that tens of thousands of scientists around the world all agree? Such a consensus could only be a curated consensus.

‘Where has this kind of pseudo consensus led us in recent years? Well, among other unfortunate places, to a widespread belief that the coronavirus would kill more than 80,000 people in Sweden by the end of May 2020 if the country did not go into lockdown and that the vaccine would prevent transmission of the virus. And if the woke discourse continues to gain momentum, the consensus will soon be that there is no biological difference between a man and a woman.’

Read: More from John Clauser: ‘We Are Totally Awash in Pseudoscience’: Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist on Climate Agenda. His speech, ‘postponed’ by the IMF, John Clauser speaks out, by Nathan Worcester, Epoch Times, 29th July 2023

‘The physicist said he believes that objective science on climate has been sacrificed to politics. The preeminence of politics is all the worse, he said, because so much money has already gone to climate initiatives.’

“We’re talking about trillions of dollars,” he said, adding that powerful people don’t want to hear that they’ve made “trillion-dollar mistakes”.’

Read: Two Princeton, MIT Scientists Say EPA Climate Regulations Based on a ‘Hoax’ Kevin Stocklin, Epoch Times, 12th August 2023

“All of the models that predict catastrophic global warming fail the key test of the scientific method: they grossly overpredict the warming versus actual data,” they stated. “The scientific method proves there is no risk that fossil fuels and carbon dioxide will cause catastrophic warming and extreme weather.”

Watch; The Stark Naked Brief – Rachel Mathews Confronts NET ZERO; PoliticsJersey,com; 2 Aug 2023

‘This might just be the coldest takedown of Net Zero policy I’ve ever seen…Colchester resident Rachel Mathews systematically dissects local council’s “green” policy, exposing the environmental impacts/cost of EVs and renewable energy sources.’

“Good evening. I’ve been a supporter of green energy and a keen environmentalist since my twenties. My office is solar powered, so I was mortified to discover that a single lithium mine causes millions of tons of waste every year, laced with sulfuric acid and radioactive uranium polluting the water supply for 300 years, not to mention the unacceptable human costs with child labour to mine cobalt. When I researched which solar panel to purchase, I did not for one minute consider it would be made by people trapped in razor wire enclosed labour camps being exposed to large quantities of quartz dust, which causes silicosis.

Please note that the Ethical Consumer Organization Report that it’s hard to avoid forced labour in the solar panel supply chain. Wind turbines, which last about 20 years, consume a colossal amount of resources and energy to manufacture and install. Not to mention the blight and bird kill.

They require diesel engines to start them up and then gallons of oil to lubricate and they can’t readily be recycled. Solar panels are also extremely difficult to recycle, costing more than the production of the panel, and lithium batteries pose steep challenges too. Add to that the human suffering, which we’ve all unwittingly been part of just by owning a laptop or mobile phone, which is minimal compared to what’s required for an EV or solar farm. These so-called green or ethical solutions aren’t solutions at all, just very good marketing. From the $1.5 trillion a year climate change industry, that’s $4 billion a day. By the way, none of us can undo what’s already been done, but what we can all do is make sure this doesn’t escalate exponentially with fleets of unnecessary EVs and acres of solar farms eating up our precious farmland.’

In Glastonbury Town Hall on the 7th July, the Great Net Zero debate exposed the hijacking of ecologists’ concern for the planet by the corporations and their stooges in government to introduce policies that in fact only increase pollution, fear and subordination, while increasing corporate profits. The debate is shared here in eight sections.

‘On 7 July 2023, the Mayor of Glastonbury debated her council’s Net Zero carbon dioxide emissions policy with several speakers and an attentive audience at Glastonbury Town Hall. The event was chaired by Sandi Adams.’

Watch: The Great Net Zero Debate—Introduction by Sandi Adams and Mayor Indra Donfrancesco

‘Sandi has worked with UK Column and had interviews with James Delingpole, Ivor Cummins and Neil Oliver, among others.’

Her interest in the United Nations’ Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset (World Economic Forum) has grown, and for the last fifteen years she has been hosting talks on the subject, to raise awareness of the coming top-down global-governance, technocratic agenda.’

‘The events of the last three years have confirmed the research she has been doing, as most of it has manifested.’

‘This has been a personal revelation: that we are in a human and spiritual battle for our destiny as human beings on this planet, to determine how we will survive it and endure the pernicious march towards transhumanism and AI, the theft of our souls.’

‘Sandi is currently writing a book about UN Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.’

Watch: The Great Net Zero Debate—Patrick Moore

‘UK Column viewers are familiar with Patrick Moore from his recent interview with us. A founding member of Greenpeace, he left the organisation disillusioned in 1986.’

Watch: The Great Net Zero Debate—Ian Jarvis: Electromagnetism and Nature

Noticing the acceleration of 5G during lockdown, without significant consultation or testing, Ian Jarvis has upped his game to resist the growth of land-based communications structures. : “I will not risk existence for a faster video download!”

Watch: The Great Net Zero Debate—Peter Taylor: The Science of Climate

His review of climate change science was published as Chill: a reassessment of global warming policy, in which he argued that global warming, though real, was largely natural, that the Earth would cool, and if carbon dioxide was as effective as the models predicted, it could counter-act global cooling—but he thought its heating power was overplayed and the models ignored natural cycles. The book was reviewed by a leading paleo-climate science journal as essential reading next to the predictions of the IPCC.

Watch: The Great Net Zero Debate—Dr Shiva Ayyadurai: The IPCC And The Money Trail

Dr Shiva Ayyadurai holds four degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His talk makes mention of Fourteen Is The New Fifteen! by Arvind Kumar.

Watch: The Great Net Zero Debate—Ralph Ellis: Energy and Climate Science Errors

Ralph is a polymath: a computer analyst, climate scientist, airline pilot, published author and historian.

He has recently written two published, peer-reviewed articles on weather patterns during cooling and warming periods on the earth with regard to hurricanes and tornadoes.

“CO2 is not the major feedback agent controlling temperature.”

“All climate scientists are paid to agree with anthropogenic global warming. He who pays the piper, calls the tune. If you don’t go along with it, you don’t get a grant.”

Watch: The Great Net Zero Debate—Q&A followed by a final statement from Andrew Bridgen MP

The IPPC has been misinterpreted.

Read; The dangers of Net Zero; A Different Narrative, 30th July 2023

‘The IPCC is also clear that the most extreme consequences of climate change would likely only occur due to “warming substantially above the assessed, very likely, range for a given scenario”.

To express myself mildly, according to the IPCC, an apocalypse caused by climate change alone, as predicted by Just Stop Oil, is not a likely outcome.

This is something of a bombshell because it means that Net Zero is not the most effective response to the consequences of climate change, the biggest determinant of which is not the differences between emissions scenarios but the adaptation of human society to changing trends. In other words, taking extensive action to cut carbon emissions may matter less than taking measures to mitigate changes, such as sea level rise, which are likely already in train anyway, at least partially as a result of long natural processes and which anthropogenic climate change is speeding up or exacerbating but not ultimately causing.’

Wow – ‘the Met office is manipulating annual weather reports to exaggerate climate change.’

Read; The climate scaremongers: Wind farm operators start backing out as they get cold feet about costs; Paul Homewood; August 4, 2023

We are currently paying around £180/MWh for the offshore wind already being produced. Renewable lobbyists and the government have steadfastly asserted that costs have since tumbled, and that new wind farms being built will generate electricity at a cost of below £50/MWh, which has been the traditional historic benchmark for wholesale power prices.

Now it appears that the wind power industry is getting cold feet. There have already been demands from the industry for more government subsidies. And the Swedish energy company Vattenfall have announced that they are halting their 1.4 GW Boreas Wind Farm project off the Norfolk coast because it is not viable. Last year Vattenfall was awarded a CfD for Boreas at a current price of £45.37/MWh. It was due to start operations in 2028, but construction work has not yet begun. It is highly likely that other companies, such as Orsted, will follow suit. This also calls into question whether any wind companies will bid at the next CfD Allocation Round at the ultra-low prices the government has insisted on.

The government is between a rock and a hard place. It desperately needs tens of gigawatts of new offshore wind power, but it will have to pay much higher prices to get it.

The outlook for our energy bills is not encouraging, as it is the public who will end up paying the bill.

The next article, ‘Blundering Met Office Ignores its own Figures’ argues that the Met office is manipulating annual weather reports to exaggerate climate change.

The Met Office try to use these annual reports to persuade the public that our weather is becoming more extreme. But as the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s latest annual report written by me, The UK’s Weather in 2022, lays out, the opposite was true last year:

  • The number of days with extreme temperatures is not increasing, as fewer cold days are offsetting more hot ones;
  • Rainfall is not becoming more extreme, whether on an annual, monthly or daily basis;
  • Long-term averages in rainfall in England and Wales, which have been rising since the 1970s, are similar to the 1870s and 1920s;
  • Sea levels have been rising at around 1.7mm a year around the UK, after taking account of vertical land movement, and there has been no acceleration in the rate of rise on multi-decadal scales;
  • Wind storms have been declining in frequency and intensity since the 1990s.

In short, although it is slightly warmer than it used to be, the UK climate has changed very little. Long-term trends are dwarfed by the natural variability of weather. Nor is there any evidence that weather is becoming more extreme. Nothing in the data indicates that our climate will become more extreme in future.

A sound ecologist, Zac Goldsmith, appears to have not only brought into the CO2 NetZero trope but has resigned in protest that the government has abandoned a promise to spend £11.6 billion of aid on climate and the environment. He even indicated that he would be prepared to join the Labour Party if they showed more commitment. He believes that the road to NetZero is inevitably going to ‘protect and restore the natural world’. I wish this were true but I don’t see the proof when the government promotes land sparing. So, besides the areas of tree planting, the chemical input pollution continues. The changes demanded of farmers in the name of NetZero are gene edited monoculture crops and livestock, vertical farms and solar panels and windmills on precious fertile land. Add to this, environmental degradation across the world to extract minerals for all the new, so called green, infrastructure, cars and batteries and a ton of waste as everything that runs on fossil fuels is trashed.

Lord Goldsmith – Former Environment Minister, UK; HARDtalk 10 Aug 2023

BBC Presenter, Stephen Sackur; “From record temperatures to ice melt, the data is damning. Our planet is warming fast, thanks to man made greenhouse gas emissions. For years, politicians have ramped up the rhetoric of concern and pledged to speed up emissions cuts. But now there are signs of a political backlash. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is championing new oil exploration and reigning in spending on climate aid. That prompted my guest, Zac Goldsmith, to quit Sunak’s government, but in an age of populist politics, has going green become another ideological fault line?

Just a couple of months ago, you left Rishi Sunak’s government, and as you left, you lobbed a political grenade in his direction. Why did you do that?”

Goldsmith; “My, my concern is that, um, you know, I’m, I’m a maybe a rare thing, a minister who cares passionately or cared passionately about my portfolio. And I found my job was becoming untenable. It was becoming impossible for me to go forward. It was becoming virtually impossible to prevent government from sliding back. And, and the key issue is this pledge, which was made by Boris Johnson, repeated by Liz Truss, repeated a few times by Rishi Sunak around our international climate finance from which so much of what the UK has done over the last few years flows and that pledge was being broken.”

Stephen Sackur; “Well, you say ’cause it was a pledge of something over £11.6 billion over five years, to be invested in international climate change programs and efforts. Yes. You say quite clearly the government was way off target to meet that pledge, but the government, and I just checked with the number 10 website, they say “absolutely false. We are still committed to that target and they’re still on track.”

Goldsmith; “The government is; I mean, look, it’s great that the government is saying that they’re committed to 11.6, but mathematically it is impossible for us to meet that target unless the treasury intervenes, unless the Prime Minister intervenes. It’s simply impossible. If you look at the trajectory of expenditure in order to fulfil that promise, the first year of the next government, which may or may not be this government – it might be the Labour Party – will have to spend over 80% of all of its bilateral aid on climate finance. And that obviously is not gonna happen.”

“My concern about the Labour Party is that there’s a blind spot about the natural environment. When the Labour Party thinks about the environment, talks about the environment its thinking carbon, and taxation, regulation and all the things that go with that.The simple truth is there’s no pathway to NetZero, no solution to climate change that does not involve nature, massive efforts to protect and restore the natural world, and at the moment I’m not hearing any of that from the Labour Party.

If there’s a real commitment, frankly the kind of commitment we saw when Boris Johnson was the leader, then I’d be very tempted to throw my weight behind that party and support them in any way I could.”

Russia/China Conflicts

The West has violated the Bio Weapons Convention; China and Russia see the military and biological activities of the US and its allies , particularly those built in Ukraine, as a security threat to many nations, including themselves. They accuse the USA of violating the Bio Weapons Convention through labs in the Ukraine and elsewhere (the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down has been researching bioweapons for over 100 years) and Russia has sent a full, 2,000 page report to the UN.

Watch: Russia and China have accused the US of wittingly releasing SARS-COV-2 A ‘retweet’ by former US National Security Advisor, General Mike Flynn. 19th August 2023.

Wang Wenbin of the Chinese Foreign Ministry:

“To serve its geo-political agenda, the US often comes up with ‘so called’ threats to create the pretext for containing and suppressing other countries in order to ensure its supremacy and seek selfish gains. Such a practice goes against the trends of the times and harms the common interests of the international community. Biosecurity is a global issue. The US’s false narratives and moves to stoke confrontation, seriously jeopardise the biosecurity governance system with the Biological Weapons Convention.”

Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov, Chief of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Protection Troops of the Russian Federation speaks of US activities:

“They have a policy of total biological control. They understood that this works, and by creating artificial crises, which are biological in nature, they can rule the world.”

Watch: Russian M.O.D. Publishes Murky Goals of US Military Research, RT News article: posted by @warclandestine: 16th August

‘Russia wants justice for the creation and release of SARS-CoV-2, while the West covered up the origins and censored scientists and journalists.’

RT: “According to the ministry, Washington has been amassing various pathogens from its direct involvement with various biolabs around the world, which they say, are for routine preventative measures. But Russia’s Defence Ministry is not buying that, and they point out that whenever the Pentagon, for example, is interested in any pathogens, be it COVID-19, or Avian Influenza, or the African Swine Flu, they later somehow end up becoming pandemics. And who stands to benefit from this? As we’ve seen time and time again, it’s the American pharmaceutical companies. And their findings point out that there is a possible collusion between Big Pharma and US AID by an intermediary company called Eco-Health Alliance.”

“Documents that have been uncovered during Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, point to the fact that there is a centre for the US Army Medical Research Institute of infectious diseases, actually it’s played a crucial role in all this and they are the ones who are collecting all the dangerous pathogens around the world in these biolabs, including one in Ukraine.”

“Russia’s defence Ministry believes that Washington is preparing to establish biological control using defensive technology for offensive purposes; to create biological crises, conditions and situations.”

The image below is a screenshot taken from Russian media. The page shows the alleged coordination of resources regarding biolabs in Ukraine.

In the above RT report, you will have watched Lieutenant-General Kirillov announcing Russia’s claims. There is a focus on the development of ethnically cleansing bioweapons that may, for example, target Russians or Chinese. They also focus on the activities of Anthony Fauci, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden who, with his son Hunter, set up a charitable foundation and businesses such as Metabiota, a biolab company active in Ukraine. Allegedly, these worked to promote and take advantage of the scheme. Russia says that profits from Big Pharma went to fund the Democratic Party to help ensure that Biden became President and he, in turn, ensures big profits for Big Pharma. The Russian report has been submitted to the UN.

Watch: a breakdown of the Russian claims Bioweapons Breakdown from @WarClandestine 19th August.

“If you’re familiar with the Bio Weapons convention in 1972, you’ll know that nearly every nation on the planet recognizes this treaty. They understand that bio weapons are bad, it’s never been violated, allegedly. However, Russia have now accused the United States of violating this treaty by the use of dual use research. You’re gonna want to remember that term, dual use. This is how the United States used defensive research to create bio weapons and do it under the guise of defensive research.

They take a pathogen and they increase its transmissibility and lethality in humans, and then they use that pathogen they created to study it so they can preemptively make pharmaceuticals to treat this pathogen if it were to naturally mutate this way in nature. However, in the process, they are creating a bio weapon itself, which does have the capability to get out and kill millions of people if it were to either be released or escape somehow, which we saw with SARS Cov 2. It got out, or it was let loose and killed seven plus million people across the world.

So you can claim that it’s not a bio weapon, but it has the capability of a bio weapon. If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. The United States are creating biological weapons, but they’ve been utilising a loophole to essentially circumvent the biological weapons treaty and Russia have put their foot down and this is their response.”

Watch; Ex-CIA: US Pentagon PANICS As Ukraine Collapses; Stephen Gardner 22 Aug 2023

Russia Ukraine war news update. Ex-CIA Ray McGovern and Stephen Gardner discuss the collapse of Ukraine. The propaganda being put out by the New York Times to cover for Biden’s failings. The worry about using a small tactile nuke in Russia. The real number of deaths in Ukraine and in Russia. Pentagon worried over the possibility of being dragged into the Russian conflict. f-16 jets won’t save Ukraine, won’t be delivered for a year and Abram tanks are still not delivered to Ukraine. We are witnessing a humanitarian crisis.

Stephen Gardner; “The news right now is these ongoing daily attacks with Ukrainian drones. This seems to be a new form of warfare but now they are definitely pushing into Russia. I wonder if you might speak a little bit about that? The biggest thing that I want to know is, is there possibly blowback on Ukraine or NATO If they were to hit the wrong target, for example, if they were to hit a military centre or something more precious to Putin. Could it provoke a larger attack? What are, what are your thoughts on these, attacks with drones in Ukraine?

Ray McGovern; “Just hours ago, I got word from my operation centre that a long range nuclear capable Russian bomber was damaged, perhaps destroyed on an airfield in the northcerud section of Russia, which is farther inside Russia than any of the Ukrainian drones have penetrated so far. So your question is very timely and apropos there are two strains of thought here.

How long will the Russians, which have the upper hand in Ukraine, let themselves be provoked? How long will Putin be under such pressure from his military and from his civilian sector, that he will be unable to resist the pressures to give these guys a bloody nose?”

“I think Putin’s personal preferences will be; look, wait until we’re able to destroy this last brigade as well. And then, let’s see, maybe, maybe the US, which is really running things for Ukraine, maybe the US will relent and say, look, maybe now’s the time to talk. We probably should have done this months ago, but let’s sit down and end this damn thing. And the last thing I’ll say is that I find it unconscionable, I use that word, advisably. Advisably, um, unconscionable that the, the flower of Ukrainian youth and some old guys like me, for God sake, are being sacrificed on the altar of this, of this overweening desire to give Russia a bloody nose. That’s what it is. you can look at US government statements that say that they we’re in this, they give Russia a big defeat”.

“The best military analysts that I know from McGregor among others, have said that the Ukrainian armed forces have suffered between 400 and 500,000 killed in action. That’s incredible. That’s terrible.And what the Western press is now saying; the Ukrainian forces, they’re Casualty averse. “I think the Western press, the mainstream press, I call them presstitutes in unpolite conversation. Those are the people who are casualty adverse. They don’t wanna say anything that might knock them off the air or make or, or give them a different job other than singing the sweetness of zelinski on the tube or on one of the tv.stations”

Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Is Officially a Failure—It’s Time to Reevaluate Glenn Greenwald, System Update, Aug 21;

‘There’s no question that the war in Ukraine has radically changed. Even Western media outlets that have been steadfastly cheering for this war, and indeed even Ukrainians themselves, are now starting to admit what battlefield reality has positively proved, the much-vaunted Ukrainian counter-offensive, the imminent dramatic event we were assured for months would be transformative in finally giving Ukraine the upper hand, and dislodging entrenched Russian positions inside Ukraine, a claim that doubled as a propaganda tool to persuade a growingly restless western population about their endless support for this war, is now, no matter how you site it, a failure.

After months of multi-pronged attacks, Ukraine’s gains are so minimal and so trivial as to be barely worth noting. Russia continues to occupy a very significant chunk of Eastern and Southern Ukraine, along with Crimea which they have held since 2014. Even Western intelligence reports acknowledge that the Russian defensive positions are more fortified and entrenched than any seen in any conflict in decades.

The US has already depleted its stockpiles of artillery and other vital weapons, they simply do not have to give to Ukraine what they need to have any hope to change the situation in anything resembling the near or even mid term future. What makes this vastly worse is that the cost to Ukrainians in lives are staggeringly high. Consider just this one harrowing data point; more Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the first 18 months of this war than the number of American soldiers killed in the decade-plus war in Vietnam.

The Ukrainian men who were eager to fight and volunteered to do so from the start have long ago been used up, killed, maimed or exhausted. Zelensky’s only option for continuing combat is to increase domestic oppression, impose greater and greater punishment for desertion, and use harsher and harsher means to force those unwilling to fight to do so against their will.’

If you thought Britain was an independent voice in the proxy war in Ukraine, listen to our US stooge politician admit that they need US permission to change a policy. People Say Telegram Channel 8th August.

“Ukraine needs specific types of missiles that could be supplied” said William Hague, a former British Foreign Secretary, to Russian pranksters. The politician was sure he was talking to the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. He also admitted the United Kingdom will not change its policy without permission of the United States!.

Watch; Collective West preparations for the West Germany plan; The Duran; 21 August 2023

Alexander Mercouris; “These plans for freezing the conflict, bringing Ukraine into NATO, doing all of these things, it’s not going to work because of course the Russians will never agree to this. ….they tell each other what the Russians are really all about; ‘there’s some kind of land grab in Eastern Ukraine. You give them the land and they’ll just walk away’. And of course, that’s not what the Russians are about. For them. Ukraine’s membership of NATO is the core issue. So the Russians are certain to reject this plan.”

“The EU bureaucracy has done very well outta this crisis. Some of the people in the various EU states who rely on the EU for support, they’re doing very well as well.

So they have no interest in breaking with this (war) policy because it has worked for them. It might not be working for Europe, but it has worked for them. And of course, vicariously, even if Europe is being smashed as a result of all of this, it’s always agreeable to think that you are involved in some kind of joint enterprise with a superpower, which is of course the United States.

And never ever forget there’s a financial motive as well, because of course there’s going to be arms sales to Europe. There’s going to be more jobs in the EU bureaucracy, in the NATO bureaucracy. They want to expand NATO. They want to do all of these things. And as you’ve said so many times in these kind of situations, follow the money. So what is in the interest of the political class may not be in the interests of Europe. It is the political class, which is in control”

Alex Christoforou; “You’re gonna have complete power control of a hollowed out, weak, bankrupt, and broken union. I mean, what’s, what’s the purpose of it?”

Alexander Mercouris; “Well, that’s entirely correct because of course, what you’re having is a situation where the parasite is killing the host.”

Forum for Democracy Party leader and Member of the Dutch Parliament, Thierry Baudet, is also an author and champion of local foods sold direct from farms to the public. Here he talks about the globalist drive for world tyranny.

Watch: ‘The Covid Conspiracy‘ – The Ron Paul Liberty Report with guest Thierry Baudet, 21st August.

Thierry Baudet: “The Netherlands, obviously, being part of the terrible EU, doesn’t have the right to protect its own borders anymore. If you don’t protect your own borders you’re fundamentally not a country. We’ve seen the influx in the Netherlands, of hundreds of thousands of migrants every year. We’re talking about the Netherlands, a country of currently about 17.5 million inhabitants. So these are serious percentages; it adds up. New immigrants come in and they seriously pressure on the social fabric of our society. And the sinister thing about it is – and that’s perhaps also where the covid story blends in with the climate change story, blends in with supranationalism and blends in with migration – all these issues, they are part of the same mega-trend as it were, where we as people, forming organic communities with one another, are being played out against each other by having these incredible numbers of immigration which no society could possibly sustain. And then, having rulers, mostly supranational rulers; international rulers, that step in and say “look we’re going to fix this for you. We’ll just raise the taxes, have more and more police control, and have more and more gated communities with people not living open lives with one another.’ We got low-trust society and the government, the officials ,with the ruling class, as it were, profits from that because, from all that insecurity and all those societal issues have come a mega-state corporate class; managerial class . . . that will regulate lives up to the tiniest detail and that ’s the demonic element in it. . . . it’s also something that the government takes advantage of.”

28 mins; “Ultimately, the battlefield of Ukraine is the battlefield for, or against, the American hegemony. And the sad thing is, although I feel very, very deeply connected with the American people – I think the American Republic is a wonderful thing – I think the American Empire has largely worked against the interests of the American citizens as well as the citizens of the West as a whole. And I think this war was entirely unnecessary. Russia has been proved into it; never wanted it to happen and is still calling for peace talks on a weekly basis. So, it also depends I think on who wins the presidency. if Biden or any other deep state candidate somehow manages to secure another four-year term then it’s unlikely that America is going to back down because we know the hawks in the military-industrial complex are so deeply involved in the current White House. But, if either President Trump returns or RFK Jr comes into the White House, then we might very well see a dramatic shift in the mood. And, if peace talks recommend, and if America and Europe find a way to reconcile with Russia and see how our common interests work together, then I think we might have a really bright future.”

Watch or Read or listen; NATO failed in Ukraine against Russia. Now it’s targeting China, Geopolitical Economy Report, 3 August 2023

Political economists Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson are joined by geopolitical analyst Pepe Escobar to discuss how NATO has shifted from its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine to targeting China in the Pacific.

Michael Hudson: “Well, I think the purpose of NATO from the beginning has always been to promote a unipolar U.S.-centered order. And it began with Europe, because NATO, in effect, has taken over European foreign policy, and even domestic policy. It’s written into the EU constitution. And certainly, you’ve seen the effect of the war in Ukraine is to make Western Europe a U.S. satellite. It’s cut off the trade with Russian gas and oil and fertilizer and other raw materials, making Europe dependent on U.S. suppliers at much, much higher prices.”

“So the effect of NATO so far has been to sort of break away Europe from what seemed to be an increasingly close relationship of mutual economic gain between Germany and other European countries, trading and investing with Russia for low-cost raw materials, and with China for low-cost manufacturers”.

“Well, the U.S. plan in just forcing a military solution in Ukraine has been to break away Russia’s ability to support China, to support Syria, to support Iran and other countries. The whole idea of NATO was to carve away any group that would seek to be independent of the U.S. world order.”

“And of course, the ultimate aim, as President Biden has said again and again, is China is the number one enemy.”

“Well, you can’t go against China right now, because it already has so much support from Russia and other countries. So NATO thought, well, how do we isolate China? We first of all have to break away its potential ally in Russia.”

“And if we have a war in Ukraine, the neocons actually believe that the Russian people would rise up against President Putin and have a regime change, and the regime change would bring another Boris Yeltsin-type Western-oriented character.”

“Well, the reality has been just the opposite. Hardly surprising, when a country is under attack, like Russian speakers are under attack in eastern Ukraine, well, the tendency of any population is to rally behind the leader. And that’s why Putin’s approval rating has gone up to 80 percent, much higher than any American or European leader.”

“So what’s happened is that instead of NATO breaking up China, Russia, and other countries seeking to pursue their own policy, it’s driving them all together out of simply the need to protect their own economies from the U.S. sanctions and from the U.S. plan to break them up.”

“And when the United States comes right out and says China is our enemy, Russia’s our enemy, and all their allies are enemies, hardly by surprise, the enemies get together. So the result is that NATO really, instead of isolating the members of the BRICS and the global majority of Eurasia with the global south, they’ve driven them all together.”

Watch: Robert F. Kennedy Jr breaks down the state of America; Math Hoffa; 30 July 2023′

RFK: There was a peace treaty called the Minsk Accord. Zelensky got 70% of the vote saying he was going to sign it. It left all Ukraine intact, it just protected the ethnic Russians in Donbas so they could speak their own language and they wouldn’t be killed by the government which we installed. We paid for that coup in 2014 and put our own government in, and they started killing Russians. They had settled it, and we went in and told them they couldn’t settle it. And then in April 2022 just after the Russians invaded, the Russians wanted to settle it and they only sent 40,000 troops and they wanted us to come to the table. Zelensky signed and Putin signed a peace agreement, and Putin started withdrawing all of his troops. We sent Boris Johnson over there, the former PM of England, to kill the agreement, to say we don’t want to settle, we want a war with Russia. When Biden was asked ‘’Why are we doing this war?’ He said, “Regime change in Russia.”

No matter what western voters want, their politicians fight to preserve a unipolar world in which they can continue to plunder global resources to line the pockets of the corporate elite.

Listen; USA & NATO responsible for Ukraine war, German & French public say in poll; Geopolitical Economy Report; 20 Aug 2023

Most people in Germany and France blame the United States and NATO for the war in Ukraine, according to a poll conducted not by a pro-Russian group but rather by anti-Putin activists.“The narrative from western governments surrounding the war in Ukraine is that Vladimir Putin himself started this war because he hates freedom and he wants to erase Ukraine from the map. It is an extremely absurd, simplistic narrative that does not help us to actually understand the geopolitical conflict taking place on Ukrainian soil, which is actually a proxy war between Russia and NATO.

And of course, the leader of the NATO military alliance is the United States. Now, you’re not allowed to say that in mainstream western media. They claim that it’s Russian propaganda or disinformation. But ironically, a new poll shows that a majority of people in Germany and France, in the heart of Europe, agree with that assessment. A majority of Germans and a majority of French people have said in a new poll that the United States and NATO bear responsibility for starting the war in Ukraine.

Now, there were also a lot of people who blamed Vladimir Putin as an individual himself, but they’re not the majority. The majority recognize Western culpability for this conflict. However, the reality is that these people in Germany don’t actually have influence on their government’s policy toward Ukraine, because as the extremely pro-war hawkish foreign minister Anna Alina ACH said in a conference in 2022, she said, we have to keep supporting Ukraine, quote, no matter what my German voters think.

In other words, these western governments are saying that the NATO proxy war against Russia and Ukraine is more important than democracy itself. They claim they’re trying to save democracy, but they’re actually violating democracy in order to wage this proxy war. And we can see from these polls that many people in Western Europe itself, in NATO countries recognize that, that western governments were responsible for starting the war in the first place. And what’s even more remarkable about this poll is it was conducted by a vehemently anti-Russian group.

This is not Russian propaganda. This is from Western backed anti-Russia activists acknowledging that across Europe, many people recognize NATOs and Washington’s responsibility for this proxy war. One of the most prominent anti Putin activists in Russia is Alexi Navalny. He has been openly supported by the United States government and by numerous western European governments for years.

He actually got his start as a far right nationalist, and he participated in racist rallies alongside skinheads and fascists.

In fact, the western governments who claim to be so enlightened and progressive and anti-racist, what they don’t mention while they heap praise and resources on Navalny is that he started his political career making fascistic far right campaign ads in which he compared Muslim immigrants in Russia to cockroaches, and he portrayed them as monsters, and he shot them with a gun implying that he wants to kill Muslims. And he also promised that if he came to power in Russia, he would kick out immigrants from the caucuses from countries like Georgia and keep Russia ethnically pure.

This is the great Western saviour that western governments that NATO wants to replace Putin with in Russia while they portray themselves as progressive and enlightened and anti-racist. But like the neo fascists and far right forces in Ukraine, Navalny rebranded and they got strong Western support. Navalny claimed to be a great anti-corruption activist, and he is the leader of a western backed foundation called the Anti-Corruption Foundation, ACF. Now, despite their name, thebACF doesn’t really actually focus that much on corruption.

It is explicitly an anti Putin opposition group backed by western governments, and the title at the top of their website says, ‘Together against Putin’. It has a big photo of Navalny saying The Man Putin Fears. And then it has a button saying, Defeat Putin.”

Watch/Listen: Jeffrey Sachs Interview – NATO Enlargement and Russian Resistance Jeffrey Sachs Official, 6th August 2023

‘Jeffrey Sachs is a well-known American economist, academic, and public policy analyst who has made significant contributions to the fields of sustainable development and economic development. He has held various prestigious positions throughout his career, including serving as the director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University and as a special advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General on the Millennium Development Goals. Sachs has authored numerous books and articles on topics related to economics, poverty reduction, and sustainable development.

Jeffrey Sachs: “After Mr Gorbachev fell from power, President Yeltsin asked me to help advise Russia. I said “Surely Mr President, the United States will understand now, to give financial help. Maybe it could not understand with the Soviet Union, but surely with an independent Russia now?” And, again, the United States absolutely said “We’re not helping at all.” And so, just as these two leaders were saying ‘we want peace, we want normalcy, we want the end of conflict, the United States began planning the unipolar world. Quite literally, planning step by step. Even leaders in the Pentagon told one of the generals that I know rather well, Wesley Clark, that now the United States will launch several Wars to overthrow Russian Allied governments because we now know that Russia can do nothing in response.”

“This is what Clark was told in the early 1990s, and the list included Iraq with Saddam Hussein, Syria with Assad, Libya with Gaddafi – and those are the wars that came. Those were planned wars. And the NATO enlargement was planned starting in 1992 but really planned in detail by 1997. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the strategist and advisor to President Carter, wrote an article in 1997, explaining the timeline of NATO enlargement to Ukraine to be between 2005 and 2010. Of course, the Russian leadership said “No, don’t do that. That’s our red line, don’t cross it”. The United States said “We don’t hear you, you don’t have any say in this”.

“It’s literally NATO Doctrine literally it’s enshrined in NATO doctrine that no country outside of NATO has any say in where NATO will enlarge even if NATO is enlarging to a 2,000 kilometer border of the country. So, the United States said we will enlarge to Ukraine and Russia: you have no say in it whatsoever.”

“In 2007, President Putin said: “Don’t do this. Do not do this. We’re very concerned; we do not want you on our border”. The United States ignored that and in 2008 committed to NATO enlargement; this is why we have the war in Ukraine; the unrelenting pursuit of power and not listening to anybody else; to any prudent warnings at all.”

It still blows my mind when people claim Russia invaded Donbas, when in fact they were invited via a security deal they made with the governments of Donetsk and Lugansk. The Donbas was about to be invaded by the Ukrainian army that had amassed 60,000 troops on the border in violation of the Minsk Agreement to create security zones in the border regions. This is precisely what caused the Russians to enter, to protect the people in Donbas.

And this is the article by Dan Kovalik who is a human rights lawyer. He argues Russia’s entry into Donbas would’ve been justified by Article 51 of the UN Charter:

Read: The argument can be made that Russia exercised its right for self-defence; Daniel Kovalik; RT News; April 25, 2022

‘To remove any doubt that the destabilisation of Russia itself has been the goal of the US in these efforts, one should examine the very telling 2019 report of the Rand Corporation – a long-time defence contractor called upon to advise the US on how to carry out its policy goals. In this report, entitled, ‘Overextending and Unbalancing Russia, Assessing the Impact of Cost-Imposing Options’, one of the many tactics listed is “Providing lethal aid to Ukraine” in order to “exploit Russia’s greatest point of external vulnerability.”

In short, there is no doubt that Russia has been threatened, and in a quite profound way, with concrete destabilising efforts by the US, NATO and their extremist surrogates in Ukraine. Russia has been so threatened for a full eight years. And Russia has witnessed what such destabilising efforts have meant for other countries, from Iraq to Afghanistan to Syria to Libya – that is, nearly a total annihilation of the country as a functioning nation-state.

It is hard to conceive of a more pressing case for the need to act in defence of the nation. While the UN Charter prohibits unilateral acts of war, it also provides, in Article 51, that “[n]othing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence… ” And this right of self-defence has been interpreted to permit countries to respond, not only to actual armed attacks, but also to the threat of imminent attack.

In light of the above, it is my assessment that this right has been triggered in the instant case, and that Russia had a right to act in its own self-defence by intervening in Ukraine, which had become a proxy of the US and NATO for an assault – not only on Russian ethnics within Ukraine – but also upon Russia itself. A contrary conclusion would simply ignore the dire realities facing Russia.’

If you dare stand up to the US foreign policy of perpetual war, expect violence and destabilisation in your country.

Read; “All will be forgiven,” said a U.S. diplomat, if the no-confidence vote against Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan succeeds. Ryan Grim, Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept, August 9 2023,

‘The US State Department encouraged the Pakistani government in a March 7, 2022, meeting to remove Imran Khan as prime minister over his neutrality on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, according to a classified Pakistani government document obtained by The Intercept.

‘The meeting, between the Pakistani ambassador to the United States and two State Department officials, has been the subject of intense scrutiny, controversy, and speculation in Pakistan over the past year and a half, as supporters of Khan and his military and civilian opponents jockeyed for power. The political struggle escalated on August 5 when Khan was sentenced to three years in prison on corruption charges and taken into custody for the second time since his ouster. Khan’s defenders dismiss the charges as baseless. The sentence also blocks Khan, Pakistan’s most popular politician, from contesting elections expected in Pakistan later this year.

‘One month after the meeting with U.S. officials documented in the leaked Pakistani government document, a no-confidence vote was held in Parliament, leading to Khan’s removal from power. The vote is believed to have been organised with the backing of Pakistan’s powerful military. Since that time, Khan and his supporters have been engaged in a struggle with the military and its civilian allies, whom Khan claims engineered his removal from power at the request of the U.S.’

‘The day before the meeting, Khan addressed a rally and responded directly to European calls that Pakistan rally behind Ukraine. “Are we your slaves?” Khan thundered to the crowd. “What do you think of us? That we are your slaves and that we will do whatever you ask of us?” he asked. “We are friends of Russia, and we are also friends of the United States. We are friends of China and Europe. We are not part of any alliance.’

Read; We’ve reached the end of western colonialism

Africa’s struggle is the struggle of all humanity Alex Krainer, 7th August

On 26 July 2023, Niger’s General Abdourahamane Tchiani overthrew the government of the President Mohamed Bazoum and seized power. It was the sixth coup against a western-friendly government in central and western Africa.

The event unveiled some of the underlying causes of the panic that had seized French elites over the recent years, and which drove them to break ranks with the Anglo-American establishment, as I discussed in “France Under Attack.” The alliance, which was based on “our shared values” seemed unbreakable, but as it turns out, the French elites prioritized other values.

This, perhaps, was what motivated Macron to ask to be invited to the BRICS Summit in South Africa and why his government invited the leaders of African nations to Paris on 22/23 June for the Summit for a New Global Financial Pact. It was a charm offensive to preserve the colonial status quo in a new and improved LGBT packaging, but always under the auspices of the IMF and World Bank. The initiative did not work as hoped and many African leaders openly berated President Macron. Kenya’s William Ruto bluntly told Macron: “You are not hearing us!”

African nations have had enough of being used and abused by the West. They are queuing up to join BRICS. The populace seem to trust Russia and China more than their past colonial masters, the UK, France, or the waning superpower USA. Amongst other things, the US’s plan that, following their timely destruction of the Nordstream pipeline, Chevron will supply Europe via a pipeline through the Sahara, is in jeopardy!

Watch: Africa just SHOCKED the world with this and Putin is watching Redacted with Clayton Morris 8th August

Clayton Morris: “A story that no one’s talking about is the massive pipeline that is nearly set to go online now. It starts in Nigeria; it flows through Niger on its way up into Europe. Chevron, in the United States, have already invested 13 billion dollars into this pipeline. And, guess what guys? After the Nordstream pipeline destruction, Chevron stepped up production to get this up and running: “Hey, we’ll speed this up, we’ll fast track this”. And now, the people of Niger are saying: “Wait a second, why are we going to allow a pipeline to flow right through our country so Europe can have natural gas? You are doing nothing for us. You continue to steal from us. Sorry, no more pipeline!”

This is why Europe is terrified . . the United States already blew up the Nordstream pipeline, put their own pipeline into action in Africa – smart business move right? “We’ll we’ll just blow up the competition” – and now, Niger is saying “Hey, sorry, you’re not going to use our country to transport your natural gas into Europe. Get out of here!” So Europe is facing catastrophe, with no Nordstream pipeline coming from Russia any longer and now, the threat of this pipeline being shut down through Africa. This was their salvation; this pipeline.”

Musa Ibrahim: “What (African) people want is to gain back their wealth, back their uranium, their gold, their iron, their phosphate, their oil, their gas. And this scares the West because this means the true democracy will take place in Africa when people actually own their own land and the wealth of Africa does not go untaxed unsupervised from the mines in Niger to the banks of Paris and the financial sector in Britain.”

The proxy war with China;

Read; Brzezinski’s Warning. NATO Moves to Asia-Pacific; Mike Whitney; Global Research, July 21, 2023

The Vilnius Summit Communique is a crude attempt to NATO-ize Washington’s list of enemies in order to enlist broader support for the impending global conflict. The intended targets of this campaign are Russia and China, the main opponents of the so-called “rules-based order”. Neither of these countries pose a direct security threat to NATO or the United States, but their sudden re-emergence on the Asian continent makes them Washington’s de facto enemy. The United States is determined to dominate Central Asia, which means that all potential rivals must be contained or crushed. The purpose of the Vilnius Communiqué is to identify these rivals, divulge their alleged offenses, and denounce them in the harshest terms possible. This is how NATO makes its case for war and lays the groundwork for future hostilities.

Watch: Voices from the African Left: China vs the US & the New Cold War Breakthrough News

Read; Target China – Arm, train and provide logistical support for Taiwan separatists who will spearhead Washington’s proxy war on China; Mike Whitney, Global Research, 4th August 2023

‘The Biden Administration is implementing a plan to draw Taiwan into a direct military confrontation with the People’s Republic of China. The plan bears many similarities to the strategy that was used in Ukraine where Russia was goaded into invading the country in response to emerging threats to its national security. In this case, Beijing is expected to react to mounting challenges to its territorial integrity by US proxies and their political allies operating in Taiwan. These incitements will inevitably lead to greater material support from the United States which has stealthily worked behind the scenes (and in the media) to create a crisis. The ultimate objective of these machinations is to arm, train and provide logistical support for Taiwanese separatists who will spearhead Washington’s proxy war on China. According to a number of independent reports, there is already growing operational collaboration between the Taiwanese Army and US Armed Forces. That collaboration will undoubtedly deepen after hostilities break out and the island is plunged into war.’

‘The plan to confront China militarily was outlined in the 2022 National Security Strategy in which the PRC was identified as “America’s most consequential geopolitical challenge” who expressed its “intent to reshape the international order.” This NSS analysis was followed by an explicit commitment to prevail in the struggle to control the “Indo-Pacific” region which “fuels much of the world’s economic growth and will be the epicenter of 21st century geopolitics.”…(“No region will be of more significance to …everyday Americans than the Indo-Pacific.”) Biden’s NSS emphasizes the critical role the military will play in the impending confrontation with China: “We will…modernize and strengthen our military so it is equipped for the era of strategic competition with major powers”… “America will not hesitate to use force to defend our national interests”.

Covid/Vaccines Scam

Here, Robert F Kennedy Jr speaks out against some of the same US corruptions that Russia has reported to the UN. Thank goodness that there are at least a few brave people to call it out.

Robert F Kennedy Jr tells Tucker Carlson how Fauci off-shored his virus research to China and Ukraine after Obama shut down 18 of his ‘research’ programmes in the US, 15 Aug 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr… “300 scientists wrote to President Obama and said, you’ve gotta shut down Anthony Fauci because he’s gonna create a microbe that will cause a global pandemic. And so Obama signed a moratorium that shut down the 18 worst of Anthony Fauci’s experiments. Most of ’em were taking place in Galveston and in North Carolina by a scientist called Ralph Barrack. Instead of obeying that law, Anthony Fauci shifted a lot of his operations offshore.”

“And those operations ended up most of ’em in the Wuhan Lab, which is a military lab that the Chinese run – the People’s Liberation Army. Then a lot of them went to Ukraine. So a lot of that science Fauci was funding but then the other government agencies began to get confidence in their ability to get away with it. And most of it is being funded by the Department of Defense. The most of all, the biggest single funder is USAID, which is, you know, a CIA cutout.”

Watch; Moderna paid 400 million to NIH; Dr. John Campbell; 18 Aug 2023

Senate Health, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing features Senator Rand Paul and his conversation with the Moderna Chief Executive Officer, Stefane Bansal.

Dr Rand Paul; “Mr. Vanel, Moderna recently paid NIH $400 million. Do you believe it creates a conflict of interest for the government employees who are making money now off the vaccine to also be dictating the policy about how many times we have to take the vaccine?

Mr Vanel; “Good morning, Senator. Indeed. We recently made a, before Christmas last year, a $400 million payment to the NIH for an old patent that they had developed, not related to Covid, but useful for the development of the Covid vaccine, for their work. It’s for the US government to assess how that money should be spent.

Dr Rand Paul; Do you think it creates a conflict of interest for the same people deciding the policy of how often we have to take the vaccine to also be making money the more times we take the vaccine, yes or no?

Mr Vanel;This is for the government to decide.

Dr Rand Paul;You have no opinion on whether or not that creates a conflict of interest. Is there a higher interest or a higher incidence of myocarditis among adolescent males 16 to 24 after taking your vaccine?

Mr Vanel; “So, thank you for the question, Senator. First, let me say we care deeply about safety and we’re working closely with the CDC and the FDA to…

Dr Rand Paul “Pretty much a yes or no. Is there a higher incidence of myocarditis among boys 16 to 24 after they take your vaccine?”

Mr Vanel; “The data have shown, actually I’ve seen, sorry, from the CDC actually shown that there’s less myocarditis for, for people who get the vaccine versus who get covid infection.”

Dr Rand Paul; “You’r saying that for ages 16 to 24, among males who take the covid vaccine, their risk of myocarditis is less than people who get the disease?

Mr Vanel; “That is my understanding Sir. .”

Dr Rand Paul “That is not true. And I’d like to enter into the records, six peer reviewed papers from the Journal of Vaccine, the Annals of Medicine, that say the complete opposite of what you say. I also spoke with your president just last week, and he readily acknowledged in private that ‘yes, there is an increased risk of myocarditis’. The fact that you can’t say it in public is quite disturbing.

Do you think it’s scientifically sound to mandate three vaccines for adolescent boys?

Mr Vanel; “This is for the public health leaders to decide, Senator”.

Dr Rand Paul; You’ve been advocating for it. You’ve been interviewed and you’ve been advocating for boosters. Do you know when the myocarditis is most common among these adolescent boys? After the second dose? When I spoke with your president, he readily acknowledged in private; ‘Yeah, that maybe, there ought to be a discussion whether we ought to have one vaccine versus two versus three’. If 90% of the myocarditis comes after the second dose, why don’t we have a rational discussion about one? Marty McCarry, a physician from Johns Hopkins, has said exactly the same thing.”

Dr Flowers, a retired Associate Professor or Radiology and scientific reviewer for multiple Radiology journals, oversees 3,500 researchers into the Pfizer documents acquired through FOI (Freedom of Information) requests.

Watch; Dr Chris Flowers And His 3,500 Volunteers UK Column News; 16 August 2023;

Dr Flowers: “As things have progressed, it became very obvious that there were far more adverse events going on as a result of the vaccine than was being acknowledged. Every news segment begins with ‘brought to you by Pfizer’. There are adverts everywhere about the vaccine but no mention of potential side effects. When we had people suddenly dropping dead for no reason, usually heathy people,…we’ve come to the new normal where people are dropping dead or having heart attacks and having cardiac arrests, dropping down on a sports field and ending up with heart damage.

It was almost two years ago that there were rumours that they were trying to get hold of the data from the clinical trials of Pfizer. I thought this is a wonderful opportunity to find out what went on. The FDA tried to hide these documents, they said it would take 55 years to find these documents, then they upgraded to 75 years.

But we had success by ‘judge shopping’, if you like, finding a judge in north Texas. And the attorney, Aaron Siri and his law firm, managed to get a freedom of access through the judge to release the documents by Pfizer. And as a result, we have had this torrent of documents which are being released, some of them in a hidden manner so that we’ve now got evidence of actually what’s happening. Seeing the documents, makes your head blow up even more, which is why we have 3,500 volunteers who took part in this and feeding me with all the information they can find out of the documents and trying to sieve this down into little compartments and getting our medical teams to look at it, write them up both as reports that everyday folk can read and understand.”

“It turns out, because this was all done through another transaction authority, through the Department of Defense, Pfizer are completely immunised. They’re immunised against any lawsuits or any finding of wrongdoing. That came out in the Brooke Jackson trial that showed what Pfizer’s response is, ‘Oh, we didn’t have to do a proper clinical trial, we could do a fraudulent clinical trial, it didn’t matter because the government were paying for it anyway’, is a very, very weird sort of argument to make. But it does open your eyes to the fact that this isn’t just a simple, Big Pharma thing. This is something much bigger. It is with the involvement of the US military and the connivance, the malfeasance, of the FDA and the CDC advisory committees.They’ve not done their job, and I suspect from what I’ve heard that the MHRA (UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) is very similar in this. It’s almost like money-laundering.”

Watch; ‘Ed Dowd (@DowdEdward) is a former Blackrock asset manager who used his number-crunching skills to expose the alarming rise in excess mortality across the globe, which was tightly correlated with the COVID vaccine rollout and COVID vaccine mandates. He boldly asserted in March of 2022, “This is what we call democide, death by government.”

Watch longer version; CV 19 Vax is a Crime and also a Coverup Ed Dowd on Craig Hunter’s USA Watchdog 31st July

Read: BOMBSHELL: FDA Admits Guidance on Ivermectin was Illegal, Invokes ‘Sovereign Immunity’ for Misleading Statements (& Crimes Against Humanity) 2nd Smartest Guy in the World, 9th August 2023

‘This Substack has chronicled the illegal war on PSYOP-19 early treatment therapies by the very perpetrators of the “pandemic,” and their associated criminal mandates. It is no surprise that the most vilified early treatment repurposed drug Ivermectin has also been by far the most effective.’

Judy Mikovits is a molecular biologist, biochemist and virologist of 40 years experience. She is currently ‘the most censored person in the world’. As you listen to her expert assessments of the Covid crime, you will understand why.

Watch: Responding To Criticism Surrounding My Viral Documentary “The Plandemic” – Dr. Judy Mikovits II, London Real, 1st August.

If you have just watched the above interview with Judy Mikovits, you will not be surprised at post-vaccination excess deaths. But ‘experts’ don’t seem to be able to join up the dots and UK media are not asking the right questions, so much so that this report comes from the USA.

Read: Baffled by excess deaths, British ‘experts’ rule out vaccines UK also suffering ‘astonishing’ rise in heart arrhythmia by Yudi Sherman, Frontline News, 31st July

The Truth About Vaccines presents: Remedy – ep 1: THE ROCKY ROAD TO COVID

“If we look at recent history, those of us including world renowned scientists and virologists who warned about the potential adverse effects from the covid 19 injections, we were called conspiracy theorists. And we were slandered and maligned. We were censored, kicked off social media. We had YouTube accounts deleted, and we were viciously attacked by the mainstream media attack dogs.

We have now been proven correct; myocarditis and other heart issues are exploding. cancer is rampant, sudden deaths are happening every day. But the mainstream media is censoring these stories.

I’m disturbed that the multiple press stories are trying to grasp at straws, anything that they think they can associate with sudden death to distract Americans away from the real cause of sudden death, which is Covid 19 vaccination.”

Also Episode 8 appears to work without buying the series

I cant believe Henry Kissinger really said this but I do believe it is in many of the psychopathic authorities minds.

He may not have actually said it, but…; Richard Vobes; 6 Aug 2023 It is alleged that Henry Kissinger made a speech to the World Health Organization Council on Eugenics Feb 25, 2009. It has been denied.

The speech is supposed to contain these words … “Once the herd accepts mandatory forcible vaccination, it’s game over! They will accept anything – forcible blood or organ donation – for the ‘greater good’. We can genetically modify children and sterilise them – for the ‘greater good. Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions, and many of you in this room today are investors. It’s a big win-win! We thin out the herd and the herd pays us for providing extermination services. Now, what’s for lunch?”

Not being a doctor, I have no job to lose by opening my mind to new concepts around viruses and this one is very interesting…

Listen: Alec Zeck – ‘The Real Virus is Fear’; Patrick Henningsen INTERVIEW; 21st Century Wire; August 16, 2023,

In this episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio Patrick talks with the host of The Way Forward Podcast and producer of “The End of Covid” online conference Alec Zeck, about how to free humanity from the psychological and medical-industrial trap which ensnared so many over the last 3 years with the faux ‘global pandemic’ and the twin pseudo sciences of virology and vaccinology. Likewise, the “lab leak” hysteria should be viewed with serious scepticism as the establishment’s latest red herring and official conspiracy theory de jour. All this and more.

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We are looking for a part-time, competent and motivated outreach manager to join our small team committed to changing consumer choices to make factory farming a thing of the past and to expose the pseudo consensus in the mainstream news narrative on topics such as food, farming, the environment – as well as bring attention to wider issues such as censorship, surveillance, coercion, war, vaccines etc.

Job description

Email for further details.

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Forgive me for pointing out that, while we receive some one-off donations, I am funding Farms Not Factories myself, and if we are to continue to fight the cruel, antibiotic-led factory farm system, we will need some regular donations from like-minded people. Please consider a monthly subscription of £2/month and help us support a network of smaller scale, humane and healthy UK pig farms, local abattoirs and butchers.

“Our message is simple, we want to help bring an end to this dangerous, inhumane system. Vote for real farming over factory farming.”
– Tracy Worcester, Director

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