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Manufacturing Consent

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“The way you get democracy to function is by informing the public.” – Robert Kennedy Jr.

Carl Sagan: “Science is more than a body of knowledge. It is a way of thinking; a way of sceptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility. If we are not able to ask sceptical questions, to interrogate those who tell us that something is true, to be sceptical of those in authority, then, we are up for grabs for the next charlatan (political or religious) who comes rambling along.”

Though the newsletter chapters interrelate, they are divided into four sections and have a common realisation that a cabal of corporate elites have captured global trade, global governance, mainstream and online media, and ultimately many of our minds. Please click on the section you are interested in below.

  1. Food, Farming & Ecocide
  2. Censorship/Surveillance/Coercion/Corruption
  3. Russia/China Conflicts
  4. Covid/Vaccines

As a stenographer, I link to an article or audio and paste a key paragraph or two. My most trusted websites are platforms for journalists who don’t compromise on the truth and have thereby been shunned by the mainstream media, and include; Global Research News, Children’s Health Defence, Geopolitical Economy Report, The Grayzone, The Jimmy Dore Show and Russell Brand.

Following our Farms Not Factories video, I have added a ‘not to be missed article’ from the Censorship/Surveillance/Coercion/Corruption section.

Online Retailer Series

Guy Singh-Watson kicks off a new series of videos featuring retailers that use online marketplaces that, in this case, deliver organic raw fruit, vegetables and meat largely from small scale independent farms, in planet-friendly packaging.  Guy founded Riverford Organics, over 30 years ago. What started as one man delivering homegrown organic veg to friends, has now become a national veg box scheme delivering to around 50,000 customers a week. Guy has always believed that organic food should not be elitist, but accessible for everyone. He sources pork from Helen Browning. Her rare-breed saddleback pigs enjoy an active, outdoor life, raised to Soil Association organic standards. Watch the video and give it a like and a share:

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Guy says, “Do I want to support this [factory farming] system? I think if most people ask themselves that question, with a vision in their mind of 40 pigs crammed in a cage, with slats and absolutely nothing to stimulate them, shit everywhere. I think most people would say, no, actually I think I won’t eat that.”

Boycott meat from factory farms. Eat less, but better meat from high welfare, UK farmers – or go meat-free. #TurnYourNoseUp


Our minds are being shaped and controlled more than ever by one sided information that the propaganda machine is manufacturing. It is making less and less sense and is often plain wrong. Defying the mainstream narrative is berated by those captured in its matrix, so ignore their accusations of being a conspiracy theorist and spreading mis-, dis-, and malinformation. To stay sane in this mad bad world, we must trust our instincts, search out the truth, follow that path and find our like minded community. The organisations below manufacture citizen’s consent to orders dictated by giant corporations, and their captured political stooges, who want to win in a world order that puts profit, control and power above all by stealing our rights, wellbeing, privacy, freedom and sovereignty;

Read; Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex: The Top 50 Organizations to Know, The citizen’s starter kit to understanding the new global information cartel with Susan Schmidt, Andrew Lowenthal, Tom Wyatt, Techno Fog, and 4 others. 10 May 2023

‘Shortly after the election of Donald Trump, it was becoming gospel among the future leaders of the “Censorship-Industrial Complex” (CIC) that interference by “malign foreign threat actors” and the vicissitudes of Western domestic politics must be linked. Everything, from John Podesta’s emails to Trump’s Rust Belt primary victories to Brexit, were to be understood first and foremost as hybrid war events.

This is why the Trump-Russia scandal in the United States will likely be remembered as a crucial moment in 21st-century history, even though the investigation superficially ended a non-story, fake news in itself. What the Mueller investigation didn’t accomplish in ousting Trump from office, it did accomplish in birthing a vast new public-private bureaucracy devoted to stopping “mis-, dis-, and malinformation,” while smoothing public acquiescence to the emergence of a spate of new government agencies with “information warfare” missions.

The “Censorship-Industrial Complex” is just the Military-Industrial Complex reborn for the “hybrid warfare” age.

Much like the war industry, pleased to call itself the “defence” sector, the “anti-disinformation” complex markets itself as merely defensive, designed to fend off the hostile attacks of foreign cyber-adversaries who, unlike us, have, “military limitations.” The CIC, however, is neither wholly about defence, nor even mostly focused on foreign “disinformation.” It’s become instead a relentless, unified messaging system aimed primarily at domestic populations, who are told that political discord at home aids the enemy’s undeclared hybrid assault on democracy.

They suggest we must rethink old conceptions about rights, and give ourselves over to new surveillance techniques like “toxicity monitoring”, replace the musty old free press with editors claiming a “nose for news” with an updated model that uses automated assignment tools like “newsworthy claim extraction,” and submit to frank thought-policing mechanisms like the “redirect method,” which sends ads at online browsers of dangerous content, pushing them toward “constructive alternative messages.”

Binding all this is a commitment to a new homogeneous politics, which the complex of public and private agencies listed below seeks to capture in something like a Unified Field Theory of neoliberal narrative, which can be perpetually tweaked and amplified online via algorithm and machine learning. This is what some of the organisations on this list mean when they talk about coming up with a “shared vocabulary” of information disorder, or “credibility,” or “media literacy.”

Food, Farming & Ecocide

Though Keir Starmer’s Labour Party won’t be any better, it’s time farmers recognised that the conservatives are not their friend. A glaring example was the lie that Brexit would ‘bring the economy home’. The Tories are globalists, not conservatives but, with no political party representing the dwindling farm and rural populations, the North Yorkshire constituents chose along party lines and so got a Goldman Sachs Billionaire Bankster who may love the beautiful English countryside but blatantly has no idea how it works. His mindset is inevitably pushing food and farming ever further down a doomed high tech global trade road as opposed to low tech food sovereignty that would address the enormous existing and future fragility in Britain’s food system – its impact on the natural world, public health, supply chains or the wellbeing of those actually living and working in the countryside. It is interesting to contrast Rishi Sunak’s vision of robots and global trade with the ideas from farm representatives (that follows his interview below) who advocate food sovereignty.

Listen; Farming Today interview with Rishi Sunak pre his Food Summit at Downing Street;

Presenter; “You have this summit today bringing the whole of the food chain together. However, consumers are faced with inflation at its highest rate for 45 years, but farmers say they need to be paid more for their produce. How do you square those things?”

Sunak; “You’re right. Food inflation is high. It’s common across Europe at the moment. The food inflation that we’re seeing here is very, uh, very similar to what you’re seeing elsewhere in Europe (TW. safety in numbers of countries damaging their economy by supporting the NATO proxy war in Ukraine that has succeeded in its ultimate goal of severing the EU’s trading and geopolitical ties with Russia). We will keep supporting families with the cost of living more generally, whilst that is still high and will come down. But, to the second part of your question was about farmers and how do we ensure that farmers get a fair price for their produce? That’s something that’s really important to me and we made a series of announcements today which will help us deliver on that. The first is announcing new reviews using powers we have into the supply chains for horticulture, um (TW perhaps he remembered that the government has scrapped plans for a horticulture strategy in England), in particular but also in the eggs industry (TW. some supermarkets source eggs from Italy!) as well, to make sure that there is fairness in those supply chains.

We’ve also made sure that the grocery code adjudicator, which is the regulator for this sector, is kept separate and standalone and not merged with the competition markets’ authority”.

Presenter; “The supply chain is a real problem though. Even your farming minister, Mark Spencer said the supply chain in the pork sector is broken. You say you are reviewing eggs and horticulture, but how much actual change will that make?”

Sunak; “These reviews are serious because it allows us to go in depth and privately to understand what’s happening in the supply chain. And some of the actions that we’ve put in place, or can put in place, where we have the legal powers to do so (TW. politicians have given our powers to TNCs through global trade treaties), are around things like contract transparency, making sure that we know what’s happening, making sure that contracts are done in a fair way. Actually we’re bringing forward, or we have plans to bring forward, some powers in that regard with regard to the dairy industry, for example. But look, I know from my own experience, it’s having that transparency in the supply chain. That’s what helps us ensure that there’s fairness and making sure that people can give that information to, whether it’s the adjudicator or our reviews in confidence, will help us get to the right outcome.”

Sunak; “It’s right that we focus on improving productivity on farms. So what we are doing is investing in R&D and actually, I think you were here at the showcase we’ve had in the Downing Street Garden earlier, you would’ve met one of the companies that was actually producing robots for, for automating, picking up asparagus and cos. Now look, that technology is not there today. No”.

Presenter; “In all sectors it’s expensive as well, isn’t it?”

Sunak; “And, and, but that’s why we are investing as a government in subsidising the research and the commercialization of those types of technologies and providing grants to farmers. It’s one of the ways we’ve changed our farming payment schemes is to provide grants for farmers who are interested in increasing productivity on their farms”.

Presenter; “Trade is a really big issue. Under a new framework, you say, for sorting out trade deals, how can you ensure that they’re not undercut by imports?”

Sunak: “The only trade deal that we’ve signed is a big trade deal that we’ve signed since I’ve been Prime Minister is CPTPP (TW. Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership – The CPTPP is a free-trade agreement between 11 countries around the Pacific Rim: Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan). So actually something we should all be quite excited about. We’re the first essentially non-Pacific nation to join this trade deal of multiple countries in the pacific region. Incredibly exciting opportunity for British farmers, for British shoppers, for British businesses. But I think you would’ve also seen the comments coming back from the farming community when I did sign that deal and the trade secretary did a great job. They recognized that we had engaged with them, we had protected their interests and were sensitive to it. And crucially, uh, they said that that represents the approach we’ll take going forward. (TW. I wonder how many more letters complained!) And it’s about making sure that we always maintain high standards. It’s also why we’re able to export amazing British produce all around the world.”

Presenter; “Are you trying to resurrect the countryside votes?”

Sunak: “It’s not about resurrecting it. It’s about delivering for everyone in this country. Now I represent a very rural constituency. This is personal for me, right? Where in my home in North Yorkshire, I’m surrounded by farmers and I feel very fortunate to have our farmers not just growing the food that we eat and improving our food security, cuz that’s important – but also being stewards of the countryside and the countryside is what makes Britain so special. It’s something that I think, all of us, if we had to list a bunch of things that we loved about our country, we would put the countryside as one of those things. I certainly would. We owe that to all our farmers.”

What should have been discussed at the Farm Summit is discussed with 7 food sovereignty experts;

Martin Lines, Chair, Nature Friendly Farming Network
Phil Stocker, Chief Executive, National Sheep Association
Natalie Bennett, Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle, Green Party
Sue Pritchard, Chief Executive, Food, Farming & Countryside Commission
Rebecca Mayhew, Old Hall Farm, Pasture for Life
Ben Reynolds, Deputy Director, Sustain
Dan Parker, Chief Executive, Veg Power
Chaired by ffinlo Costain, Chief Editor, 8.9ha

Listen: Farm Gate: Alternative Food Summit Live panel 19th May 2023

‘Dan Parker,Veg Power; “It was very, very export focused and very little mention of the domestic market, let alone more localised markets.”

Natalie Bennett, Green Party ; “Well, I agree with Phil that I was very happy that it took place. When you think about the fact that Boris Johnson, a few prime ministers back, was saying that food security had nothing to do with the government, it was all just for the supermarkets to be left to. So, that’s a positive step forward. But what was really lacking; I mean there were many things really lacking. First thing that was really lacking was any mention of nutrition or public health. If you look at the government readout, neither of those words appear anywhere. The fact that we have a deeply unhealthy diet: more than 50% of our calories from ultra processed foods. And what I would say is, you know, what do we need to do? What sort of things do we need to be talking about? We need to be breaking the oligarchical hold of the supermarkets and of the major food manufacturers.”

“I mean, I once had a small row with the government health minister cos he said, “Well, what we’ve gotta do is manufacture healthier food”. And I said: Well, how about we talk about growing food and producing food rather than talking about food being something that’s manufactured. We’ve gotta get the government to acknowledge that ultra processed food is a thing. And um, as I think it was Spiller who said, you know, the focus on exports; the government’s own government food strategy, the first food that it mentions is Scotch whiskey. Now I’ve got nothing against whiskey, but that’s not part of the food system that we need to be looking towards to be able to, ultimately I would say 60% (self-sufficiency) is not nearly enough. We should be looking to near self-sufficiency in food. That means allowing people access, small farmers, many more people to enter farming and growing. It means opening up land. It means breaking the hold of the supermarkets.”

Presenter; Why do you think that near a hundred percent food self-sufficiency is important?

Natalie Bennett; “Well, obviously the first point is food security. We’re in an unstable world, the age of shocks, whether you think covid, whether you think the climate emergency, but there’s also the question of what right do we have to expect other people to feed us using their soil, their water, all things that are under extreme pressure? And also . . . we should be eating far more fresh vegetables and fruit and that’s something that should ideally be grown in a ring of market gardens around each town and city”.

Presenter: I wonder in terms of practical policy mechanisms, what you and what the green party would like to see?”

Natalie Bennett; “It’s in order to make the food system fairer, both for farmers and the general public, and I guess there’s a whole supply chain in between, but farmers in general – public in particular.”

Natalie Bennett; “I would talk about breaking the hold of the supermarkets and their dominance. It’s government policies that have allowed the supermarkets to dominate enormously. Think of how they manage their fruit and vegetables, which is overwhelmingly wrapped in plastic – cheapest ways possible. So what we’ve gotta do is support small independent businesses. . . a different kind of food system that really grew up and increased during the pandemic. We can grow to support farmer’s markets, local markets – a different kind of system – instead of just privileging the supermarket and assuming that they are the people who will feed us.”

Presenter; “I’m just going back to the hundred percent self-sufficiency because I think that’s really interesting and I think, you know, it’s a high figure”.

Natalie Bennett; “What we should be talking about is the majority of the food on your plate. And of course that should not include factory farms – but the farm’s meat. There needs to be far more vegetables and fruit. And that’s not just me saying that. It’s not just that we need to encourage that for the farmers. We also need that for our health. Most of that on your plate should come from fairly locally.”

Sue Pritchard, Food, Farming & Countryside Commission: “A problem that we’ve had is that food has become politicised. We just haven’t noticed it. It’s become politicised and financialized so that first of all, powerful corporates can make increasingly substantial profits out of a thing on which we all depend. And it’s been politicised. It’s the most elastic product in our family budgets compared to, say, housing or energy, which are also, you know, very high and very inelastic.

So the pressure to keep food prices cheap are essentially a political decision to allow for fluctuations in other important parts of the economy, other sectors. But that’s, that’s, um, that’s become very hidden. It’s not a conversation that we talk about, but in order to disrupt that pattern, we need to recognize that, to start talking about it and to think about really transformative economic solutions. And that means recognizing food centrality to the economy, to health and wellbeing. And starting to finance, to plan and finance a transition plan that manages to tackle multiple crises simultaneously. So, a funded transition plan for agriculture for farmers that allows them to both grow healthy food more sustainably in a way that does tackle the climate crisis, becomes more resilient in the face of climate crisis, and protects and enhances nature, as well as providing good livelihoods for farmers, reasonable livelihoods.”’

Rishi Sunak’s Food Summit, being little more than a PR stunt, is exposed by his most recent recommendation of tackling inflation by putting a price cap on basic food that can only force more UK farmers out of business. He should be doing the opposite and demanding processors and supermarkets not only pay their true cost of production, but only buy basic food, like livestock, dairy, grain and veg, from the UK. If the external costs of global, industrial monoculture farming were internalised, it would be more expensive than real farming ie farming of the very highest standards on small scale mixed farms that protect livelihoods, provide quality jobs that UK people enjoy and so no need to import labour. It would also increase biodiversity and food sovereignty. The first step to reducing inflation is to end the proxy war in Ukraine and, not only repair the Nord Stream pipeline the Americans destroyed that is inflating the price of fuel, but restore a friendly relationship with Russia. Ultimately, rather than covering land with solar farms, (or using pig fat to fly aeroplanes) we should be reducing our dependence on fossil fuel driven high tech, machines and robots, we should be encouraging local human labour. The price cap should be on rents and cost of housing, not food. Even the Tory rag, The Telegraph, doesn’t appear to support trashing our farmers.

Read; Price caps will create food shortages, Rishi Sunak (is) warned – very strange title since it is Sunak who is recommending the price cap. By Tony Diver , Whitehall Correspondent and Matt Oliver; 28 May 2023.

‘Rishi Sunak has been warned his plan for “1970s-style” price caps will lead to food shortages amid a backlash from cabinet ministers and supermarkets.

Downing Street is planning to ask retailers to agree to maximum prices for some basic goods such as bread and milk in an effort to lower food prices and tackle inflation.’

The deadly Free Trade Treaties ushered in under the Brexit con are inevitably going to undermine our farmers;

Listen; Farming Today; 31 May 2023

‘Since the UK left the EU, Brexit meant an end to previous trading agreements negotiated by the EU for all of its members and an opportunity for the British government to forge its own free trade deals with countries around the world. Well, at midnight tonight, two post Brexit trade deals that have been of great interest to farmers, will come into force.

Deal with Australia was signed back in December, 2021 and a deal with New Zealand was signed in February, 2022. Both will come into effect from tomorrow. Some farmers are concerned that these deals will lead to the UK being flooded with cheap imported meat. But the alternative view is that Australia and New Zealand already have large established markets in Asia and the US. The AHDB, that’s the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, have been assessing the impact that these deals are likely to have on UK agriculture using a model developed by Harper Adams and Exeter universities.

Jess Corser AHBD; “Our modelling shows that in year one we’re looking at 12,000 tons of beef being imported into the UK from Australia. To put it into this bit of context, we’re currently importing about 240,000 tons of beef a year. What’s been agreed is based on kind of fully liberalising beef imports into the UK but this is gonna be over a number of years. So by year 10 of the agreement we’re looking at tariffs being eliminated for beef. So the model is showing that there’ll be reduced imports from the EU into the UK as well. So we’re not looking at kind of like more beef coming into the UK as such, just sort of trade being displaced there.

Presenter; “Will it really be cost effective for Australian farmers to export beef to the UK because of course they’ve got very big lucrative markets much closer to home, haven’t they?”

Jess Corser; “Exactly. Australia has free trade agreements with China and with Japan. They’re unlikely to stop trade there. Those markets are definitely much more attractive to them. Major changes might happen if those trade agreements with the Asian markets alter (TW impending war with China perhaps?!) then the UK would become more of an attractive market.”

Presenter; F, former DEFRA Secretary, admitted last year that the Australia deal wasn’t actually very good for UK farmers. Some farmers have been really worried about this. Are they right to feel worried?”

Jess Corser; “I think they’re right to feel worried. I think there are definitely some risks to this trade deal, um, with full liberalisation and Australia being such huge producers and exporters of beef. But Australia has well established relationships and free trade agreements with China and Japan. So the threats there aren’t huge in terms of sort of flooding the UK market with beef or lamb.

Presenter; “Let’s not Forget New Zealand because the UK/New Zealand trade deal also comes into force at midnight. Will it be a significant increase in imports from New Zealand? I guess people are worried about lamb.

Jess Corser; “So we’ve done the same modelling exercise with the New Zealand trade deal as well with lamb and that model is showing an increase in lamb exports from New Zealand to the UK by about 5,800 tons. This is looking at the first year of the agreement coming into place. New Zealand do already have a quota for lamb into the uk, which they’ve not been filling for the last few years anyway. So, it’s likely that there’s gonna be a huge change, especially in the short term”

Presenter; “How, how will the UK benefit?

Jess Corser; “One of the sectors that we looked at in our modeling was we were looking at dairies, specifically cheese, that there are some opportunities there for UK cheese exports to Australia. Looking at about 2,600 tons of cheese heading towards Australia from the uk.

Presenter; “Is that a significant amount of cheese when you look at how much we export overall?”

Jess Corser; “it’s a relatively small amount for that first year, but there is opportunity for that to grow and it’s a lot more than what we’re already exporting to them. So percentage wise, that’s nearly a 200% increase in exports of cheese to Australia. It’s an opportunity that’s growing”.

Though relocalisation is essential for every part of the economy, food and farming will have the most obvious benefits and is the most urgent;

Read; World Localization Day; Local Futures

‘June 21st is the fourth annual World Localization Day (WLD). Celebrated not just on the day itself but throughout the month of June, WLD is an international campaign that raises the profile of the worldwide localization movement, highlighting initiatives for local economies, local food systems and stronger communities in every part of the globe.

Localization is a structural way out of an economy dominated by the profit-driven priorities of giant multinational businesses and banks, and towards empowered, connected and resilient local communities.

Over 100 grassroots groups – from Mexico to India, Australia to the UK – have taken up the campaign. The work of these groups spans fields as diverse as sustainable agriculture, holistic education, local governance, and campaigning against corporate-friendly trade and investment treaties. But they all share an understanding of the importance of economic localization to benefit their different causes.

Figures like Noam Chomsky, the Dalai Lama, Dr Jane Goodall and Dr Gabor Mate have lent their voices to the cause.

Come to Bristol attend their Planet Local Conference Sept 29-Oct 1st

Dutch and Irish farmers’ days are numbered, allegedly due to their excessive nitrogen and ammonia emissions, but below we hear that the true agenda is to grab the farmers land to build the giant Tri-State City and to deplete farmer owned livestock numbers to surreptitiously nudge us into eating corporate owned fake meat;

Watch; “The Battle is Over” Devastating News for Farmers Just Announced, NeilMcCoyWard; May 25th, 2023. Also see Farmers Weekly.

“The European Union has approved controversial plans for the Dutch government to forcibly buy out livestock farms as part of plans to cut nitrogen emissions. Two schemes with a total budget of 1.7 billion euros (£1.29 billion), will be used to compensate farmers for the voluntary closure of their holdings. Now, it’s quite interesting that it’s called the voluntary closure because it’s actually sort of fictitious voluntary because if you don’t do it, they will use a compulsory purchase order.

About 3000 small and medium sized livestock farms near environmentally sensitive area will be eligible for the payments. Of course, this is nothing to do with the Tri-State City network!!! If you haven’t seen that video, this is the video I created on the 21st of December, 2022. It was actually quite a big video, 322,000 views on that video. And it was all about this Tri-State City, which was supposed to be a right wing conspiracy, extremist theory, et cetera.

“This is another article from the Irish Farmer’s Journal

“Government research report outlined a 30% livestock reduction by 2030. And again, this is the Dutch government one, but there’s also an EU one, which also shows severe livestock reductions and policies to make it illegal to open any form of livestock farm or facility. Now, if you are scratching your head and saying, but wouldn’t that reduce meat supply in the meat consumption? The answer is yes. Now, if you are a vegetarian or vegan watching you, you’re probably very happy about this, but if you are a meat eater, then you’re probably not overly happy at all because at the same time as they are reducing the meat supply and this is happening, a lot of countries at the same time, they’re actually starting to increase the supply of alternative things; Beyond Meat and the insect factories on farms are growing at a fairly rapid scale at the moment.

“It’s seen as the last chance for an agriculture sector that emits an estimated 45% of greenhouse gases.

How is that even possible? So they’re saying that this does 45%, the airline industry 70%, the cars 40% to 45%, this is 50%, that’s 20%. It doesn’t make any sense the way they keep putting all of this together. We also have this article from dw.com and it talks about how neighbouring Belgium, which has the third highest ever livestock concentration and a major nitrogen problem as well, is watching the Netherlands closely. The government of the Dutch speaking region, Flanders, wants to reduce numbers of pigs 30% by 2030 and is offering farmers 150 euros per pig and 850 euros per sale to buy them out.”

“I still think that this is a land grab. You look at the data, you look at everything, you look at the money involved. It just doesn’t make any sense to buy out 3000 farms paying 120% of the value, giving them the voluntary option because they wanna help to make farms more efficient.”

“But then they put these rules in place that say, as a farmer, you can’t start any other livestock farm anywhere else in the Netherlands or the European Union in general, yet they say they want more farming to take place. They just want to be more efficient. Well, if that’s the case, why wouldn’t they let them, with that money, that extra money, create a more efficient farm elsewhere? See, it doesn’t make sense. I still think it’s all about this Tri-State City.”

Or is there a life-line for the Dutch farmers due to The Farmers party winning massive support in the recent provincial elections;

Listen: Farming Today 27th May

BBC Presenter; What impact has the success of the Farmer’s Party in politics had on all of this?

Anna Holligan in the Hague, Dutch authority; “Huge impact because in the provincial elections earlier this year, against all the odds, the farmer’s party won in all of the provinces. And why this matters is because it will be up to the provinces, the provincial governments, to enforce any legislation that will involve buying out the farms. So, this has made the need to reach an agreement between the farmers and the politicians even more critical, because without that, it could end up as a kind of stalemate.”

The cabinet could say, okay, look, we need to buy out all of these farms that are in the sensitive areas that are creating too many nitrogen emissions. And then the provincial governments will say, well, actually no. I think now there is a sense on both sides actually that the need for coming together to reach a compromise, there is now a sense that that is more necessary than at any point in the past”.

Is the UK government similarly using green rhetoric to undermine farmer’s livelihoods?

Listen; Farming Today; 1st June 2023

“(On Dartmoor), farmers were told they must radically reduce the number of sheep and other livestock on common land if they wanted to remain in government schemes’.”

“Farmers said the new agreements wouldn’t allow any winter grazing and the number of animals on the land in the summer had to be reduced on some commons by an average of 75%.”

“Farmers said that wasn’t viable and protested, others called it rewilding by the back door and the farming minister agreed to an independent review. Now following a parliamentary debate and some meetings, natural England is proposing a one year extension to existing stewardship agreements with no reduction in livestock numbers in most areas, and then further four year agreements, which will take into account the results of the review.

Colin Abel, Farms on Dartmoor and chairs, The Commons Associations on the two commons where he has livestock.

“We believe that things aren’t aren’t as bad as they say, especially in the uplands which has far fewer animals on it now than it has had in the previous eight or nine generations. So, is the grazing the main cause of the (environmental) problems? I’m very dubious that it is.”

“We’ve reduced our stock to a certain extent. It will come to a stage where it would be unviable to keep these animals.”

Let’s take a few more off. Is that always gonna be the answer? So in a minute there’ll be nothing on Dartmoor and then it would just become a big fire hazard”.

If our corporate rulers were truly interested in reducing pollution and CO2 emissions perhaps they would be looking at reducing our reliance on petroleum based pesticides and not usher in their increased use through aerial spraying from drones. Decimating nature has become normalised as livelihoods depend on work that, given the choice, most people would refuse to perform.

Listen; Farming Today; 31 May 2023

Rob Pearson: “On Friday, we re-seeded the Wallasey Links Golf Course sensitive areas on the sand dunes that would’ve taken a team of five men two days. We did it in two hours in the morning.”

“A very easy example is bracken control, which tend to grow in very tough mountainous, areas and treating that by hand, you might do a hectare a day with a knapsack sprayer. We can do a hectare in 15 minutes. A real important area is when the fields are wet and you want to get on to put your slug pellets down. Well you’re looking at balancing how much damage you’re going to do to the crop and to the field with the rots. Well we can do a 10 hectare field in 20 minutes. When it comes to putting your pre-emergence on your potatoes when it’s wet. Again, another ideal solution.

Presenter; There are no permits for pesticide use from drones in the uk. For now, its seeds, paints, fertilisers, and biological products. The health and safety executive is awaiting data on spray drift from drones before deciding on wide scale pesticide use.

Professor Andrew Curran is their chief scientific advisor; “I think we’ve got to make sure that we understand where the uncertainty is and that we are making appropriate judgments to allow us to use these different approaches as well as different chemicals in a way that protects both the people involved and the environment. Uh, and it’s really important that we get that right. So I’m confident that the approach we’re taking will manage that risk, both of the people that are involved in it and the environment itself”.

I dont imagine the consumers, the neighbours or those responsible for biodiversity, will be part of the decision making process on aerial spraying.

Listen; Dangers of pesticide spray drift; Not the BCFM Politics Show, host, Tony Gosling, interviews Georgina Downs, multi award winning Journalist, founder and Director of The Pesticides Campaign which fights for people who live next to pesticide sprayed crop fields.

Tony Gosling;“I lived in Biggie Hill years ago, and we had crops sprayed out the back of our house. We used to actually get in the car when that was happening and leave because it stunk. But surely, I mean, this stuff is toxic to insects. It’s not toxic to us”.

Georgina Downs; “Absolutely toxic to human health. A lot of pesticides are neurotoxic, carcinogenic, toxic to the reproductive system, respiratory system, and damage eyes. You’ve got a whole long list of different adverse effects that are on the safety data sheets that are provided by the manufacturing company of these pesticides. So, you only have to look at these data sheets and they say ‘toxic to eyes’, ‘toxic to respiratory’. Some say ‘toxic by inhalation’, some say ‘may be fatal if inhaled’. Now that’s quite clear that if you inhale this stuff, it’s going to not have a good outcome.”

Read; Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Media and Big People: How the Obesity Industrial Complex Works by Brenda Baletti, Ph.D. The Defender 23rd May 2023.

‘In an episode of “Breaking Points,” journalist James Li explained how Big Food profits by selling unhealthy, addictive food that causes obesity. Big Pharma makes money from treating it, they both work with the government to create an industry-friendly regulatory framework and Big Media gets paid to peddle their products.’

“The average child eats 100 times more sugar — which is more addictive than cocaine — per day today than 100 years ago — and the sugar hides in processed foods,” Li said.

Knowing that sugar is addictive creates an incentive for processed food producers to keep adding more of it to our food.

Li told viewers:

“If you are a food industry executive — bonus is on the line, shareholders demanding astronomical growth quarter after quarter — what do you do to get a leg up on your competitor?

“Well, you add sugar to your products to make them more addictive so people buy yours and not your competitors’ and then they try to one-up you and all of a sudden sugar is everywhere.”’

Corporate owned intensive livestock’s dirty footprint;

Read: Agricultural giant Cargill faces legal complaint over deforestation and human rights failings in Brazil, ClientEarth, 4th May 2023

‘Laura Dowley, ClientEarth lawyer, said: “The rapid expansion of soy production for animal feed worldwide is pushing Brazil’s vulnerable rainforests and savannas dangerously close to tipping points they may never recover from, while putting the communities that depend on them in danger.

“As one of the largest soy traders sourcing from Brazil, Cargill should be leading the world’s best practice to stop soy linked to deforestation and human rights abuses from flooding the global food market.

“Instead, its poor due diligence raises the risk that the meat sold in supermarkets across the world is raised on so-called ‘dirty’ soy. We believe that this breaches the international code on responsible business conduct.”’

I presume abattoir closures are all part of the destruction of small livestock farmer livelihoods.

Read: Abattoir closures impacting farming and food businesses across the UK, survey finds, Sustainable Food Trust, 16th May 2023

‘The survey found that the loss of small abattoirs, at a rate of 10% per year, according to the Food Standards Agency, has left abattoir customers reliant on only a handful of remaining operators, creating a fragile system that is vulnerable to collapse. Journey times have increased significantly, with some animals now travelling more than 200 miles to slaughter. Respondents also reported that many remaining smaller abattoirs are increasingly busy and difficult to book into. These factors have forced some businesses to close or limit their operations.’

In the name of reducing CO2 emissions, one minute the government want less livestock, the next, they want more livestock;

Using pig fat as green jet fuel will hurt the planet, experts warn; BBC’s, Matt McGrath. 30th May 2023

‘Across Europe, fuel made from dead animals has grown fortyfold since 2006, according to the new research.

Much of this material is used in cars and trucks as biodiesel, which is classed as a sustainable fuel, and as such it has a much lower carbon footprint under the rules.

But UK and EU governments are now very keen to increase the use of these types of waste to make aviation greener.

To that end they are putting in place challenging mandates that will require airlines to use a bigger proportion of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in their tanks.

For the UK it’s going to be 10% by 2030, for the EU 6% – but according to observers these plans could put pressure on the current market for animal waste.

There are significant differences in approach between the UK and EU. The UK is likely to limit the use of better quality tallow in fuel – while in Europe the use of this type of material will be incentivised as the greenhouse gas reduction achieved with this fat is higher.

With rising demand, prices will rise and this will likely encourage exports from the UK, which will have consequences.

Read; Speed the plough – or the direct drill and sprayer?; Richard Young, Sustainable Food Trust, 3rd May 2023

‘As part of its Sustainable Farming Incentive, Defra is effectively paying farmers to abandon ploughing and embrace either no-till or min-till methods instead. But is this really informed by the latest science and in our best interests, especially when it depends on the herbicide, glyphosate, about which multiple concerns have been raised?’

Strange how people valued their local organic box scheme in lockdown but deserted them when the tyranny lifted by returning to the supermarkets that are intrinsically killing the small scale farms. Riverford’s success reflects the number of awake citizens who are prepared to pay a premium to buy fresh organic produce delivered to their door and shun the globalists’ cheap imports. Plus reflects that money can be made in local food but, for it increase, we need government to help revitalise local, not global food chains.

Read; Veg box firm Riverford to be 100% staff-owned as founder sells stake for £10m, The Guardian, 19th May 2023

‘The organic vegetable box company Riverford is to become 100% owned by its staff after its founder, Guy Singh-Watson, agreed to sell his remaining 23% stake for almost £10m [in 2023].

‘Singh-Watson, who sold nearly three-quarters of the company to employees in 2018, will take a £9.8m payment over five years and immediately hand full control to a trust on behalf of its 900 staff who each receive an annual profit share and participate in the running of the business.’

In Romania, the astronomical growth of the fast furniture industry, which particularly relies on the spruce and beech, has resulted in shocking levels of illegal deforestation.

Read: Ikea’s Race for the Last of Europe’s Old-Growth Forest

“We spent so many years looking at the Amazon and Indonesia, the Congo basin and Russia, all these places that are just much more famous for really bad stuff happening in the forests,” said David Gehl of the Environmental Investigation Agency, which tracks environmental crime around the world. When the agency started looking at Romania, Gehl told me, its members were “shocked” to see the same kinds of things happening within the snug confines of the European Union, where international, consumer-facing brands like Ikea prosper.

With so little formal law enforcement, Romania’s Forest Guard was chartered in 2015 as a 617-person unit that doesn’t work nights or weekends—the task of protecting the forests has often fallen to activists and volunteers, a responsibility that has proved treacherous. All told, at least six patrolmen have been killed in recent years; in another 650 registered incidents, people have been beaten, shot at, or otherwise attacked in relation to illegal logging.”

Boycott all Ikea’s wooden products and let them know about it.


On the 17th May, following years of falls in public trust, the BBC launched ‘Verify’ to earn the trust of consumers.

‘BBC Verify is transparency in action – fact-checking, verifying video, countering disinformation, analysing data and explaining complex stories in the pursuit of truth. This is our promise to consumers – we understand that their trust must be earned and we will show them how we are doing that each and every day. — Deborah Turness, CEO of BBC News 17th May.’

Yes, after years of deceitfully selective reporting and, sometimes, the peddling of outright misinformation, the BBC really do need to earn our trust. But will they? Will they stop being a mouthpiece for Tory and WEF policies and for Western hegemony? Very aware of the government’s influence within the BBC, Andrew Bridgen made a statement in the House of Commons:

Watch: Bridgen Asks Government ‘Who fact-checks the fact-checkers?’ Andrew Bridgen MP, 25th May 2023

“This week, we saw the BBC unveil its new “Verify” unit. If only we had had such a unit in 2021 to scrutinise the disinformation we were told about the covid-19 vaccines. The House might recall that we were told that the experimental treatments “will stay in your arm, not pass around your body”—completely incorrect. We were told, “These vaccines will stop you contracting and transmitting the virus”—completely wrong. Safe and effective is not ageing well. All that disinformation was spread by the BBC itself, which is now holding itself as the arbiter of truth. The question is, who checks the checkers, especially when they have such a chequered history on this subject? Can we have a statement on the discussions the Government have had with the BBC on the setting up of this new unit?”

Despite platitudes about freedom of speech and high standards, no answer was forthcoming from the Leader of the House regarding government influence in the set up of Verify. I have hope that the public will remain sceptical and on-guard until the BBC redeems itself.

Watch: Neil Oliver: There’s nothing green about the green agenda…just plain old greed! GBNews; 20 May 2023

“The evidence is before our eyes and more and more members of those put upon populations are demanding answers to questions. Some may have passed that fork in the road but there’s still time to turn around. The hiding of the truth, the obscuring and withholding of facts is being pushed as our ‘new normal’. Sad to say, even when the truth is revealed – and more and more truth is revealed every day – too many find it too hard to look at. It’s like a house infested with rats but with the inhabitants finding the rats too hard to deal with and preferring to ignore the evidence all around they keep their eyes closed instead.”

“The biggest stick being wielded now by those driving the march down the road to nowhere, is declaring our species is to blame for climate change – that, they relentlessly refer to as a climate crisis. Having been browbeaten for decades, swathes of more than one generation have accepted our civilisation and ways of life must be surrendered, dismantled, in the name of saving the Earth. But then, last year, an organisation called Climtel, the Climate Intelligence Foundation, published a document called the World Climate Declaration. It was signed by over 1000 scientists and others from a scientific background. A Nobel Physics Laureate was among them, and the declaration attracted huge attention on social media with its bold assertion that there is no climate emergency. The declaration also stated that “Earth’s climate has varied as long as the planet has existed, with natural cold and warm phases”. A little ice age ended as recently as 1850, therefore it’s no surprise we’re experiencing a period of warming.

Needless to say the declarations signatories were roundly vilified and dismissed by the mainstream us having the wrong sort of scientific qualifications and therefore not worth hearing. Based on the cancelling ways of this mainstream, I would say it was ever thus”

“I’d go as far as to say, someone is lying about the climate and people are pushing a false narrative to cause fear and ensure mass compliance that serves the intentions of vested interests.”

Watch; Neil Oliver: ‘The Government practice of lying about why they’re doing something is forever exposed’; GBNews; May 26th 2023

“The truth, the actual truth of the world is self-evident. Each of us knows the difference between right and wrong without having to be told. We know when something feels wrong, sounds wrong, smells wrong, is wrong. Some might choose to do the wrong thing anyway or to stand silent while wrong goes about its murky business. But each knows the difference just the same.

The battle between truth and lies, between right and wrong, is increasingly about straightforward fundamentals; the ownership and control of the land we live on, the source and nature of the food we eat, and that we must feed our children. Our freedom to ask questions of authority, freedom to go where we please in a free country without first approving our identity.

Freedom to buy and sell in privacy without the state and banks monitoring what we’re doing. Freedom from a future in which decisions about what we can or cannot do with our money might be made not by us, but by others we do not know. If the prospect, the threat of some or all of this, and more besides, feels wrong to you, that’s because it is. What’s being contemplated by some, now, foisted upon us now, is wrong. The emergence of a BBC effort, like Verify, is a symptom of a state more and more determined to be the only source of information, is growing intention to make dissent, first uncomfortable and then increasingly impossible, should give everyone pause for thought. Where choice is replaced by no choice, or by nudging, or perhaps coercion, a population must be rightly suspicious of the motives on the part of those driving the change.

I’ve already mentioned the land. What is the truth about state intentions regarding our land, specifically farmland? At this point, we absolutely need truth because it’s literally about the ground beneath our feet that provides the very stuff of our lives. In the Netherlands, the government is loudly determined to drive farmers off the land they have farmed for generations, in line with the EU Natura2000 regulations. A third of Dutch cattle must go in order to combat a nitrogen crisis; a crisis that exists not in reality, but in the projections and predictions prefered by those in power and driving the so-called green agenda. The same is simmering on the other side of the Atlantic. On the 10th of May at an agriculture and climate symposium, hosted by the US Department of Agriculture, Joe Biden’s climate Czar, John Kerry, said, “net zero targets would not be reached without addressing greenhouse gas emissions from American farms”.

According to Kerry, farming creates a third of the world’s total carbon emissions. He said cutting those emissions had to be front and center of the war on global warming. He has said government confiscation of farmer’s land was not off the table. If it’s really the truth that we’re trying to save the planet, shouldn’t the priority be food independence, perhaps an approach involving growing natural good food as close to home as possible, an approach to eating fresh seasonal food, rather than flying food in from thousands of miles away?

Who in their right mind would put central government and control of food as if history says government collectivization of farming has ever gone well. Let’s not forget that when Stalin and Mao took control of farmland, tens of millions died of starvation and disease. I’ll happily go on record land tens of millions died of starvation and disease.

I’ll happily go on record to say we’re not being told the truth about why so much is being changed without our consent. Entities we’re supposed to trust, say change is driven by the need to save the world and to drive equity and diversity. I say the truth of it all is too uncomfortable for them to say out loud. I say the world is being changed in the name of control of the many by the few, same old, same old; control of the land, 15 minute ghettos, digital currencies, and ID, net zero. None of it’s about saving the world and all of it’s about control.

I had hoped that after all the shouting down of voices, questioning the way government handled the covid debacle, things might have got easier. That speaking up on the latest issues of concern might have been accepted as the right thing to do.

But no, the truth is that speaking out and asking questions is now even more likely to draw ridicule, insult, and cancellation, rather than being listened to. People are even more casually dehumanised, reduced to labels of the most offensive sort, racist, antisemitic, far-right extremist slander that disgrace the spouter of the bile rather than its intended target. I’ve been on the receiving end of all of the above and more besides, and a holder purveyors of such misapplied filth in the lowest regard. But in the new normal, none of what used to be minded as the rules of polite discourse matters at all, and individuals are apparently to be reduced uced rendered into something to be regarded as despicable and dismissible.

But here’s the thing, the truth has not moved and has not changed. The truth is where it always was and what it always was. If a government, its propagandists and apparatus have to come up with a new office and a new label to try and persuade as they’re telling the truth, then I say, that ship has sailed.”

If RFK becomes President of the USA (and remains alive for the duration), it will genuinely change my view of humanity. In case you hadn’t noticed, at present it’s deeply pessimistic.

Watch; Robert F Kennedy Jr: “We need a peaceful revolution” UnHerd 2nd May

Kennedy; “….I think most Americans and probably most Democrats are concerned about . . . the systematic gutting of the middle class, the elevation of corporations, and particularly polluting corporations; from the financial industry, from the military industrial complex. This kind of corrupt merger of the state and corporate power is systematically hollowing out the American middle class through wars, through bank bailouts, through lockdowns, etc., we’re just printing money to make billionaires richer.

During the COVID lockdown, there was a $4 trillion shift in wealth from the American middle class to this new oligarchy of billionaires. We created 500 new billionaires with a lockdown and the billionaires that we already had, increased their wealth by 30%. That’s just one of the assaults. And then you go to the bailout of the Silicon Valley Bank, and the War in Ukraine, which is costing us $113 billion, the war in Iraq, and the wars that followed that have cost us $8 trillion. The total cost of the lockdowns was $16 trillion, and we didn’t get anything. For all those wars, we fought – the $8 trillion – we got to zero. We got worse than nothing. The lockdowns, of course, we got nothing for. So that’s $24 trillion in total and is it any wonder that we don’t have a middle class left in the United States of America? And unless we rebuild the middle class and rebuild our economy, our national security is going to fail, and our democracy is going to fail. You cannot have democracy very long when you’ve got high concentrations of wealth in the same place with widespread poverty.”

“I’ve spent 40 years litigating against the agencies, the regulatory agencies in the United States. I can tell you that the Environmental Protection Agency is effectively run by the oil industry, the coal industry and the pesticide industry. When we sued… I was on that trial team that brought the Monsanto cases and we ended up with a $13 billion settlement after winning three trials. But during those trials, we uncovered through discovery, email traffic going back years that showed that the head of the pesticide division at EPA was secretly working for Monsanto, and was running that agency to promote the mercantile ambitions of that business rather than the public interest. He was killing studies, he was fixing, he was ghostwriting studies. And that’s true throughout the agencies. If you look at the pharmaceutical industry in our country, it runs the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA gets 50% of its budget from Big Pharma. The CDC spends half of its budget purchasing vaccines from Big Pharma, and then distributing it. So it is a partner. And National Institutes of Health, essentially is just an incubator for new pharmaceutical products. It doesn’t really do the basic research that we want them to be doing about where all these diseases, these chronic diseases, and allergic diseases, are coming from. Autoimmune disease and neurological diseases, why are we seeing this explosion? Those kinds of studies don’t get done. The studies that do get done are studies that develop pharmaceutical products. And then NIH collects royalties when the pharma company sells those products. You have the regulator that is essentially a partner with the regulated industry. The Department of Transport is run by the railroads in our country, and by the airlines. The banks have utterly corrupted the Securities and Exchange Commission. And you know, with all these, the worst media has corrupted the FEC (Federal Election Commission)”.

“We need a revolution, I would say that, a peaceful revolution. And a revolution that brings us back to our values that have been robbed from us over the past 40 years, systematically. I watched it happen. I was watching what happened in 1980. We had a functioning government then, and we were in the middle of the great prosperity and most Americans trusted the government and we all trusted the media. And today 22% of Americans trust their government, 22% trust the media and the reason we have this blizzard of ‘misinformation’. What is called ‘misinformation’, is because people are looking for other sources of information that they can actually trust because the people who are supposed to be giving us good information are not. It’s spin, it’s propaganda,

It’s government orchestrated and people know it. Everybody knows it. Everybody knows we were lied to about COVID. Everybody knows we are lied to about Vietnam. Everybody knows we are lied to about Iraq, weapons of mass destruction. My opinion about these agencies is not happening in a vacuum. Everybody knows Big Pharma lied to us about opioids, and about Vioxx. These are not things that are conspiracy theories. You know, Robert Kennedy is crazy because he thinks a corrupted FDA helped the pharmaceutical companies create the opioid crisis.’ This is a fact that is well known, well documented, and that happened. And the question is, how are we going to stop it from happening again?”

3 excellent interviews from RFK’s Jr Podcast;

Listen; Quest For Peace with Aaron Good; 25 May 2023

Kennedy; “The empire has collapsed thanks to the neocons…“

“Paul Kennedy who wrote the definitive book on the decline and fall of empires. And he looked at all the empires in the last 500 years and every one of them collapsed for the same reason, which is the overextension of the military, which hollowed out the economies at home.”

“And that’s what, you know, I’m gonna do as president. I’m gonna bring the troops home. I’m gonna close most of those 800 bases that we have abroad. We’re gonna do what my grandfather said that we should do, which is to make Fortress America; arm ourselves to the teeth around our borders, make ourselves too expensive to invade and then build an economy, rebuild our middle class, robust middle class and project economic power abroad. Not to withdraw from the international scene, but to project moral authority and economic power and generosity and kindness and economic, financial partnerships, the way that the Chinese are doing and compete with the Chinese, but on a financial basis, not on a military basis.

And we can do that, you know, we can beat the Chinese if we’re fighting with the thing that we do best which is business.”

Kennedy interview; A Larger Organizing Intelligence with Charles Eisenstein 16 May 2023
Kennedy interview; How to Fix the Economy with David Stockman; 31st May 2023

Read; Why I believe RFK Jr. will be the 2024 Democratic nominee; Douglas MacKinnon 27 May 2023

‘If the shocking 2016 presidential election of Donald J. Trump taught us anything, it should be that voters can still be unpredictable and un-pollable, and that millions of them believe that the entrenched elites from both political parties no longer hear their voices or speak for them. Voters are continually seeking a new champion. Will Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. become such a champion? I believe so — at least as far as the Democratic primary process is concerned.’

Watch; Tulsi Gabbard: They are ‘deathly afraid’ of Bobby Kennedy; Fox News; May 24 2023

“It is all about Joe Biden and, and I think it just reveals their hand. They are deathly afraid of Bobby Kennedy. They will do all that they can to pretend like he doesn’t exist and if he continues to build momentum, they’re gonna do everything they can to try to destroy his candidacy, cuz they don’t want voters to have an actual choice. They don’t want to have a conversation where our President, his record, will be examined and, and criticised.”

Watch; Max Blumenthal Details What Elites Are HIDING At Secretive Bilderberg Meetings; The Hill; 27 May 2023

Editor at The Grayzone, Max Blumenthal, discusses updates on the 2023 Bilderberg meeting in Lisbon, Portugal.

“This conference is really a forum for the Transatlantic Elite and for maintaining US dominance over the European continent. It was founded in 1954 at a period of anxiety in Europe about the resurgence of communism and anti-Americanism, and the oldest attendee there who’s been going since 1957, and who was there this year, is Henry Kissinger. So that should tell you a lot. It’s low key because the location is always kept secret. It’s up to independent, scrappy journalists to find the location. And it was a Portuguese journalist, I think his name is Enrique Cario, who’s written a book about Bilderberg, who found this year’s location, which was at Pena Palace, a very ritzy location in Lisbon. And only about four reporters were outside, which really tells you a lot about the Western international correspondents who actually attended this meeting. You had the editor-in-chief of the Economist. You had the Chief Foreign Policy correspondent for Financial Times, Gideon Rockman, inside the building with three current prime ministers, several former heads of state in Europe, the EU Commissioner, the NATO Secretary General, Yen Stoltenberg, a who’s who of big oil chieftains, the 21st richest man in America, Ken Griffin, the Vulture Capitalist and AI Barron, Sam Altman, Eric Schmidt, Peter Thiel.

And these journalists have sworn to an oath of secrecy to Chatham House rules to keep completely off the record what took place inside. And what takes place inside these meetings is extremely momentous. I mean, consider the fact that you’ve had Sanna Marin, the Finnish Prime Minister, a young figure, who’s a pet project of the World Economic Forum in all these powerful interests. And she was in the room with Yen Stoltenberg, the head of NATO last year, and then, subsequently applied for NATO membership.

What’s happening with Sweden? Well, the Swedish former Prime Minister, Magdalena Anderson, refused to tell an independent reporter, Josh Friedman, anything about Sweden’s bid for NATO, membership. So what we’re talking about here is secrecy, a lack of accountability and anti-democratic tendencies of the transatlantic elite.”

“Imagine if you’re Ken Griffin and you’re looking to get ahead of the curve on investments and you’re talking to the head of NATO and several prime ministers along with, I don’t know, Elizabeth Economy at the Commerce Department (yes that is her name!) who’s overseeing the great power competition with China for the Biden administration. And that there’s the head of CISA there as well, this censorship division of the Department of Homeland Security. Or insider trading (supposedly outlawed), but if you’re Ken Griffin, you’re gonna get a geopolitical edge and know what to invest in next. And that’s not to mention the discussion of AI, which probably took place at Bilderberg, which is terrifying.”

“These transatlantic figures; first of all, they use the term democracy as a stand-in for the establishment they represent. And anything that challenges that establishment is a threat to democracy. And the noise that we’re currently making now, which is fitting factual journalism, is to them, disinformation, because it contravenes the objective of this transatlantic elite. So they’re obsessed with disinformation, they’re fearful of the public, and these meetings are designed to provide them with the forum to interact and plan without those nasty little interferences and scrutiny.

And I mean, last year the Pfizer CEO, Albert Borla, held an obviously off the record secret meeting with world leaders and industry heads on the next pandemic. I mean, how frightening is that? That the public cannot know what was discussed when we are going to have to live through whatever lockstep plan they put into place? It’s no wonder people are conspiratorial.”

More on the Bilderberg meeting on Not the BCFM show; Tony Gosling founded and hosts the show and attended the conference – outside! – reporting on attendees at Bilderberg this year and who was spotted not on the official list. 26th May 2026

Also listen; Patrickh Henningsen’s show; 21WIRE FORUM: Bilderberg, WEF, G7 & World Govt – w/guest Tony Gosling; May 24 2023;

‘Jay Dyer on Cecil Rhodes, the Milner Group, CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), RIIA ( Regional Improvement and Innovation Alliances) and Bilderberg all spin-offs from Rhodes’ plan to dominate the world. Fabian socialism – managed democracy The Rhodes-Milner Secret Society, the Start of the New World Order – Cecil Rhodes, the great British Imperialist, wanted to establish a world state through the British Empire. He set up his secret society to achieve that goal and he groomed Lord Milner to succeed him.’

At Bilderberg’s bigwig bash two things are guaranteed: Kissinger and secrecy; The annual elite networking, diplomatic and lobbying event took place in splendid seclusion behind closed doors in Lisbon; The Guardian, Charlie Skelton in Lisbon; 20 May 2023

In a previous newsletter, I urged readers to watch ‘Ithaka’, a documentary about the work of Julian Assange’s family to save him from extradition to the USA. Having now been broadcast on ITV (Sunday 21st May), Ithaka is available to view on ITVX. If you are not a subscriber to ITVX, go to itv.com, subscribe and search for Ithaka. There is a free-to-view option.

During Ithaka, we see the irony of Joe Biden’s inauguration speech, where he says the following:

“This is democracy’s day, a day of history and hope, of renewal and resolve. What are the common objects we Americans love? Define us as Americans? I think we know: opportunity, security, liberty, dignity, respect, honour and yes, the truth. Recent weeks and months have taught us a painful lesson. There is truth and there are lies. Lies told for power and for profit. And each of us has a duty and a responsibility; citizens and Americans – especially as leaders – to defend the truth and defeat the lies.”

A Gratuitous Display of Contempt

Read: Australian Prime Minister Albanese refuses to meet with Assange’s wife, Oscar Grenfell; 22 May 2023

“In a gratuitous display of contempt, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese yesterday refused to meet with Stella Assange, the wife of Julian Assange, Australia’s most prominent political prisoner. The snub came even as Stella was inside the federal parliament, having travelled to the country to campaign for her husband’s freedom.”

“As part of her visit to Australia, Stella Assange yesterday addressed the National Press Club in Canberra.

The speech was a powerful plea for Assange’s freedom, an exposure of the draconian conditions under which he is detained in Britain’s maximum-security Belmarsh Prison and a clear outline of the fundamental issues of democratic rights at stake in the attempted prosecution of her husband.”

“Despite the dire threat to press freedom, the address was largely subjected to a media boycott. Only a handful of nationally-recognised journalists attended. Several prominent publications sent junior staff, fresh out of university, armed only with arrogance and obnoxious questions based on the slanders that have been used to attack Assange.”

Watch: “He Was Falsely Accused of Sex Crimes!” – RFK Jr. Will Pardon Julian Assange . Valuetainment; 7 May 2023

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tim Pool, Vincent Oshana and Adam Sosnick talk about RFK wanting to pardon Julian Assange and Snowden.

Watch; Free Julian Assange: Democracy Now; Noam Chomsky, Dan Ellsberg & Jeremy Corbyn Lead Call at Belmarsh Tribunal – Democracy Now! 29 May 2023

Former British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and famed linguist and dissident Noam Chomsky joined others earlier this year calling on President Biden to drop charges against Julian Assange. The WikiLeaks founder has been languishing for over four years in the harsh Belmarsh prison in London while appealing extradition to the United States. If he is extradited, tried and convicted, Assange faces up to 175 years in jail for violating the U.S. Espionage Act for publishing documents that exposed U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Belmarsh Tribunal at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in January was organized by the Progressive International and the Wau Holland Foundation.

How chilling and ironic that, upon his inauguration on 21st January 2021, Joe Biden continued the US’s policy of indicting Julian Assange, a prize-winning journalist, for revealing war crimes. Biden’s anti-corruption and defender of truth stance becomes a dark, double irony, when we now see growing evidence of Biden family corruption when, as Vice President, his position was used to gain millions of dollars for his family.

Though barely reported, on his first day of office, a Congressional House Resolution (H.Res.57) asked for the impeachment of Joe Biden.

Read: Impeaching Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States, for abuse of power by enabling bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanours.

“Through blatant nepotism, he enabled his son to influence foreign policy and financially benefit as a result of his role as Vice President. He supported his son engaging in collusion with Chinese Communist Party-linked officials. He allowed his son to trade appointments with his father and other high-ranking administration officials in exchange for financial compensation. He permitted his son to take money from Russian oligarchs, including Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow.”

Evidence toward impeachment continues to grow as the number of whistleblowers increases. Evidence also includes questionable business affairs in Ukraine.

Read & watch: At Least Five Whistleblowers Come Forward Against Biden Family. Breitbart; 15th May 2023

Corruption now seems to rear its head throughout US politics. But is America’s current crisis of trust really so unique? Evidence of an increasing moral vacuum seems to come forward on a weekly basis here in the UK and in Europe too. But there are a few politicians who are brave enough to call it out, including in the European Parliament , where MEP Christine Anderson recently urged people to speak up and stop complying!

Watch: “You Cannot Comply Your Way Out of a Tyranny”.CHD.TV May 23rd 2023.

Christine Anderson MEP: “In the entire history of mankind, there has never been a political elite concerned about the well-being of regular people, and it isn’t any different now.”

“You cannot comply your way out of a tyranny. It is impossible. Trying to do so, you will only feed a gigantic alligator in the hopes of being eaten last. But guess what? Your turn will come,”

The MEP urged: “Speak up! … stop complying; start rebelling. In order to deal with this unfree world, to defy this unfree world, I have decided to become so absolutely free that my very existence is an act of rebellion.” And she exhorted: “That’s what we all need to do.”

Watch: Regarding Jeffrey Epstein: There’s More to Uncover; Whitney Webb Reveals New Revelations. Russell Brand, 20th May 2023.

“Epstein is a guy that was also really involved for example in financial criminality, suspect fundraisers and the broader effort to redefine philanthropy: move it away from how it’s been considered by the public for a long time as altruism, to a new model where it’s really impact-investing disguised as philanthropy. It’s all about return on investment and that’s why you have him so closely involved with the Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which are really institutions that were created in this period.”

Watch; Whitney Webb; Why the Deep State Hates Trump and Kennedy Family 17 May 2023

“You know, at the end of the day, if the issue is to stop the vilification of nationalism, let’s make moves to protect our national sovereignty. I think that has to be a mass movement from the American public. Because I think so many people in the United States, whether it’s been instilled in them through education or culture or whatever, seem to think that as long as we get the right guy in the White House, everything’s gonna magically fix itself in this country. I do not think that is possible. Believe what you wanna believe about Trump; he came in in 2016 with great intentions and all of that, if you want to believe that. I don’t necessarily believe that, but if you do, he wasn’t able to do that. Why? One guy can’t fix it. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., running right now, he’s obviously very different than a lot of these guys. Do you think if he got in, he could fix it all? I think the problem is so big at this point and that so many of these institutions we’ve been naming off, it’s the most powerful institutions in the US government. They said before, like with Nixon and Watergate, it’s just some rotten apples in the barrel, but keep the barrel. I’m telling you, the barrel is rotten. And the only way we can fix that in this country is that people have to realise that and people have to start taking responsibility for their own lives.

What do you need to be self-sufficient as a community, as an individual, as a family. Not relying on the government but also multinational corporations. We have outsourced from our communities, from our country, almost everything we produce to foreign powers that don’t like us. Or we’re trillions of dollars in debt to our ostensible main enemy. So, I would argue that’s because we have our government and corporations, but the American people have co-signed it because they’ve been told this is more convenient, this will be cheaper, blah, blah, blah. Outsourced so much of what we need to survive as a people, as communities, as families, to people that don’t like us. And that’s not necessarily just China here. That’s these corporations, these elite families that own most of corporate America, and the banks and what have you, they don’t like the little people.”

Read; Whitney Webb’s book; One Nation Under Blackmail. Vol. 1 & 2 The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Organized Crime That Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein

It’s terrifying to see so much of what the Greens fought for has been hijacked by the neo liberals. Doublespeak has infiltrated our language and values, in this article it’s our once precious Green Party transformed into the war party. The world has gone mad.Yes ?. The propaganda people have sewn things up so well that there’s literally no political or media space in Western countries for opposition – except perhaps for the so-called far right in Hungary.

This is, of itself, informative. It tells us that the whole thing was planned a long time in advance. Discover how, over the years, Nato shifted PR policies, even involving Angelina Jolie and, also, holding gaming events.

Read: How Nato seduced the European Left The anti-war movement has fallen for a progressive circus, by Lily Lynch, UnHerd; 16th May 2023.

“No political party in Europe better exemplifies the shift from militant pacifism to ardent pro-war Atlanticism than the German Greens. Most of the original Greens had been radicals during the student protests of 1968; many had demonstrated against American wars. The early Greens advocated for West Germany’s withdrawal from Nato. But as the founding members entered middle age, fissures began to appear in the party that would one day tear it apart. Two camps began to coalesce: the “Realos” were the moderate Greens, politically pragmatists. The “Fundis” were the radical, uncompromising camp; they wanted the party to remain faithful to its fundamental values no matter what.”

“Kosovo changed everything. In 1999 — the 50th anniversary of Nato’s founding — the alliance began what academic Merje Kuus has called a “discursive metamorphosis”. From the mere defensive alliance it was during the Cold War, it was becoming an active military compact concerned with spreading and defending values such as human rights, democracy, peace, and freedom well beyond the borders of its member states. The 78-day Nato bombing of what remained of Yugoslavia, ostensibly to halt war crimes committed by Serbian security forces in Kosovo, would forever transform the German Greens.”

“With the Greens’ crucial support, the Luftwaffe flew sorties over Belgrade, 58 years after their last aerial bombardment of the Serbian capital. It was the first German military operation undertaken in Europe since the Second World War.”

“Following the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the German Greens’ Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has continued in Fischer’s tradition, scolding countries with traditions of military neutrality and imploring them to join Nato.”

“Following the path taken by the German Greens, major Left-wing parties have abandoned military neutrality and opposition to war and now champion Nato. It is a stunning reversal. During the Cold War, the European Left organised mass protests attended by millions against US-led militarism and Nato’s deployment of Pershing-II and cruise missiles in Europe. Today, little more than the hollowed-out radical rhetoric remains. With hardly any remaining opposition to Nato left in Europe, and the alliance’s creeping expansion beyond the Euro-Atlantic area, its hegemony is now nearly absolute.”

Unfortunately the UK Greens are not much better than the German Greens as they believe we should be arming the Ukrainians and they support the UN General Assembly’s vote calling for Russia’s unconditional withdrawal from Ukraine. They forget that Russia wants peace but the West wants to bleed Russia through its proxy war in Ukraine.

Read; Green Party statement on anniversary of war on Ukraine; 24 February 2023

Imran Khan decided not to side with the West against Russia. So the US and the UK wanted his removal. Now, after Kahn’s removal and arrest, Pakistan is on the brink of civil war. When asked about their stance, the White House spokesperson said “We are aware of the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan . . the United States does not have a position on one political candidate or party versus another. We call for the respect of democratic principles and the rule of law”. US hypocrisy! Rishi Sunak said similar words in parliament. UK hypocrisy!

Watch; U.S. backed COUP in Pakistan backfires, Imran Khan freed by Supreme Court; Redacted; 11th May (Note: the report begins after 35 minutes.)

Dear Readers,

Thousands of people have called on the UK government to scrap new anti-protest laws which attack our hard won democratic freedoms. Please can you defend the right to protest too by signing the petition? If so, please click here.

Thank you.

We have been propagandised with lies to make us hate, and so want to fight, Russia. It’s time to question the narrative around Russian Disinformation with facts. Dr Robert Malone read the Durham Report, an official US inquiry into the FBI’s handling of its investigation into alleged ties between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign that were, it found, invented by the Steele Dossier.

Malone asks: “Where did the US government go so very, very wrong? What is truly Russian disinformation versus US disinformation? When did the DNC (Democratic National Committee) and the FBI become so deeply corrupted?”

Read: Censorship and propaganda will not protect “democracy”, they will destroy it; Robert W Malone MD, MS. 16th May 2023

“Yesterday, we learned from the Durham Report, produced by special counsel John Durham, that most likely it was Clinton and the DNC who worked with the Russians to produce the Steele report. We learned that the usual standards and procedures that the FBI uses were discarded when investigating Hillary Clinton’s server mishaps, the Clinton Foundation, The Steele Dossier and the DNC. We also learned that the FBI disregarded normal procedures when investigating Trump. In his case, they used biased informants, didn’t verify documents (such as the Steele report) and generally were out to get him. Which means Trump wasn’t lying or being paranoid when he said the deep state was out to get him.”

Also read; RUSSIAGATE’S MISSING PIECES; What was not said in the Durham Report? SEYMOUR HERSH; 1 JUN 2023

Wow, a Republican Party candidate running for US President is decrying the introduction of the  digital currency;

Watch; Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on the Dangers of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC); John Stossel, 10th May 2023.

Stossel: “The federal government and the media are excited about something new: a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). “I think it would be a total disaster,” Gov. Ron DeSantis tells me.

A CBDC would be a cryptocurrency, one controlled by the federal government.

The Biden administration says a CBDC would “protect consumers, investors…and the environment.”

DeSantis tells me, “Sometimes, government does things that may appear to be benevolent but really are kind of like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is a wolf coming as a wolf.”

DeSantis says “the government will use digital money to spy on us and control our behaviour”.’

The background to our flawed economy is fascinating and it’s empowering to hear economists explain how the only solution is to bring the economy home and forgive debt in order to free people from dept slavery, both here and abroad,

Origins of Debt: A Geopolitical Economy Report

Economist Michael Hudson discusses his book “The Collapse of Antiquity: Greece and Rome as Civilization’s Oligarchic Turning Point”, and how this history from 2000 years ago, is still so relevant to understanding our debt-based societies today.

Listen: Origins of Debt or Watch: Geopolitical Economy Report; 25th May 2023.

Watch the trailer: The Great Awakening. Full film to be premiered on 3rd June 2023

‘The Official Great Awakening Trailer! The themes of this movie have evolved over the past year, as it’s become increasingly clear that the plandemic was not the agenda, but rather a way to accelerate the agenda.’


“As the world was descending into a synchronized tyranny, I began to ask myself, how did they get everyone to go along with this?”

“Obsessed with finding the answer. I began studying every moment in recorded history where masses of people acted against their own self-interest, the only mechanism that could explain what was happening in society was what is usually referred to as transformation.”

“People are starting to wake up, across the world,”

“I’m seeing people come together from all walks of life. Finally saying, enough is enough.”

“We didn’t come here for no reason. We have a voice. We’re here to share it.”

“We have to be the solution. We cannot rely on the media, the president or whoever to fix these problems.”

“I would rather pick up cans on the side of the highway than to live out of alignment with my truth. We’re all being driven back to the dream.”

“As you see in the audience, Democrats, Republicans, white, black, everyone, all in between. This is the example that they do not want to see, but they have no choice.”

“The masses of humanity have been slapped, awake.”

“Open your eyes.”

“It’s time to wake up.”

“This is the great awakening. People cannot go back into the matrix.”

Watch: How COVID Turned People Into Fascists – Explained By Psychologist! The COVID crisis ushered in an episode of “mass psychosis”! The Jimmy Dore Show; 13th May 2023

‘The COVID crisis ushered in an episode of “mass psychosis” among the populace where rationality, critical thinking and scepticism flew out the window. As a result of increasing anxiety, loneliness and isolation among the population, COVID arrived at a crucial time to “infect” the masses with a collective hypnosis where the dominant narrative could not be questioned — all this according to University of Ghent professor of psychoanalytic psychotherapy Mattias Desmet.’

Russia/China Conflicts

Do UK taxpayers really want their taxes to fund a US/NATO proxy war with Russia; one that may lead us into direct confrontation? Unfortunately, we continue to be led down that path by Prime Ministers past and present.

After helping to persuade Ukraine’s Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelenskyy to step back from peace talks in 2022, Boris Johnson recently travelled to the US to encourage peace-talking politicians to support the war instead.

Read: Send For Agent BoJo by Annabelle Dickson, Politico 23rd May

The former U.K. prime minister flew to Texas as a growing number of conservative lawmakers, candidates and activists have started to question the size of the U.S. support package for Ukraine as it attempts to fight back against the invasion launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin in February 2022.

Despite almost universal opinion that the Ukraine war is unwinnable “Johnson told Texan Republicans on Monday: “You are backing the right horse. Ukraine is going to win. They are going to defeat Putin.”

Unusually, the former U.K. prime minister, who raked in almost £5 million from speaking fees in the first six months after leaving office, was not paid for Monday’s lunchtime speaking engagement. However, he did arrange the Dallas trip as a stopover en route to the Scale Global Summit in Las Vegas, an investment conference where he will be paid an expected six-figure sum for a scheduled speech.“

For his part, Rishi Sunak is prepared to offer Ukraine weapons that the US has denied. These are missiles that can reach deep into Russia. But if they are used to attack Russia, this places the UK in a dangerous, grey area; moving from the defence of Ukraine (really a proxy war) to that of involvement in a direct war against Russia.

Read: Britain prepares to send long-range missiles to Ukraine by Karen DeYound The Washington Post May 8th 2023

‘Britain, which has prided itself on being ahead of its Western allies in introducing new weapons systems to Ukraine, now appears poised to send Kyiv the long-range missiles the Biden administration has long denied it.

“The United Kingdom will be the first country to provide Ukraine with longer range weapons,” Sunak said in his Munich speech.’

And on the 15th May it was confirmed that, against the wishes of many of its citizens, our nation is not only supplying Storm Shadow long range missiles and long range drones but is also involved in plans to supply fighter jets and more:

Read/watch: UK pledges more weapons for Ukraine as Zelenskiy meets Sunak at Chequers by Dan Sabbagh, Kiran Stacey and Mathew Weaver; The Guardian 15th May

“Britain promised to supply “hundreds of attack drones” capable of operating at a range of 200km”

“One drone expert voiced concern that the UK and other European countries seemed focused on supplying “ever more lethal military hardware”. Chris Coles, of Drone Wars, said that instead of “escalating the conflict by supplying ever more lethal arms, the UK should be urging negotiations to end the war”.

In contrast to that common sense: “It’s not just the provision of planes, it’s also the training of pilots and all the logistics that go alongside that and the UK can play a big part in that” said the Prime Minister.”

We did not vote for this Prime Minister, nor did we vote for war, nor for massive profits to the West’s military industrial complex and nor for the carve up of Ukraine designed by Blackrock to enjoy its resources and destitute, war-torn Ukrainian workers. In the booty carve up, land that was redistributed to former collective land workers under previous Russian-facing, democratically elected leaders, will be in the possession of giant corporations with their newly legalised GM crops and high tech robots to replace the labour force depleted by war and emigration.

Watch and read: Ukraine’s neoliberalism on steroids, Europe’s economic suicide. The Geopolitical Economy Report: 15th May 2023

To analyse the conflict in Ukraine, political economists Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson are joined by economic geographer Mick Dunford. They discuss the aggressive neoliberal reforms being imposed by the Ukrainian government and Europe’s suicidal policies.

Radhika Desai: “While the mainstream press makes it sound as if the West is involved in the conflict entirely altruistically, standing up for western values and democracy, even as it supports, by the way, an ever more fascist government in Kyiv, a few critical sources do focus on the profits that are being made by arms production. But what we think we will be able to show in the course of this hour, is that, in fact, the underlying political economy and geopolitical economy is far more complex.”

“The (Ukrainian) government is implementing exceedingly anti-labour legislation and it has banned the opposition that will try to resist that. And it is privatising all sorts of state assets in order to finance the war. So you’re essentially selling off the family silver in order to pay for an ongoing expense. And what’s more the privatisations include the very, very, fertile land of Ukraine. And it’s not being privatised to ordinary farmers or anything. On the contrary, the land is being sold off to large agribusiness and in many other ways. As well as private enterprise is deeply involved, every time there is a loan being given to Ukraine, private sector operators, big financial institutions are involved, and of course the IMF is funnelling money to Ukraine in various ways, and so on.”

Michael Hudson: “Lavrov (the Foreign Minister of Russia) said “Everyone understands the geopolitical nature of what is happening. Everyone understands that, without solving the main geopolitical problem, which is the desire of the West to maintain its hegemony and dictate to everyone as well, it is impossible to solve any crisis, be it in Ukraine, or in other parts of the world.”

Read; The War in Ukraine Was Provoked—and Why That Matters to Achieve Peace; JEFFREY D. SACHS, Common Dreams; 23th May 2023

‘By recognizing that the question of NATO enlargement is at the center of this war, we understand why U.S. weaponry will not end this war. Only diplomatic efforts can do that.’

Watch & Listen; The New Ukraine with Stavroula Pabst; Unlimited Hangout with Whitney Webb 11 May 2023.

In this episode, Whitney talks to Stavroula Pabst about the reconstruction efforts in Ukraine and how much of Ukraine’s government and infrastructure has been outsourced or sold off to Western corporations that are using the country as a testbed for 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution) technologies.

Read; Ukraine’s Future Lies in the Great Reset; Stavroula Pabst; May 9, 2023

‘Elite plans for digital ID, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and a “Green” post-war economy proliferate in Ukraine as conflict rages, manifesting in Ukraine’s Diia app, the e-hryvnia, a corporate takeover of Ukraine’s war efforts and prospective reconstruction, and other efforts that signal a Fourth Industrial Revolution roll-out. Outlining these efforts and who’s behind them, Stavroula Pabst argues that Ukraine’s cannon-fodder status before and during NATO’s proxy war makes it an ideal testing ground for the Great Reset.’

‘as the war drudges on, Ukrainian officials have zeroed in on the conflict’s alleged “silver linings,” bragging about the new technological developments and investment possibilities that have surfaced during the conflict, such as Ukraine’s “state in a smartphone” Diia app, the e-hryvnia, mounting technological capabilities spurred by corporate war-time involvement in Ukraine, a further crystallization of the public-private partnership as a civil society instrument, and Ukraine’s budding “green” revolution, which is slated to blossom during its prospective elite-backed reconstruction.

While these and other initiatives taking place as part of Ukraine’s war-time and reconstruction efforts are being done in the name of modernization, convenience, and democracy, these efforts instead contribute to a technological and political terrain that is conducive to depriving the civilians of Ukraine, and all nations, of their sovereignty, privacy, and dignity.

As I illustrate in this investigative piece, such efforts are part of the larger drive towards the related phenomena of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, today’s technological revolution that blurs the physical, digital, and biological spheres, and the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, an elite-driven initiative to establish Klaus Schwab’s vision of stakeholder capitalism, where corporations are positioned as “trustees of society” to address the world’s economic and social woes.’

Watch 1 minute; Russia will be ‘broken into separate states’ by the West | Vladimir Putin

“Practically, the whole arsenal is aimed at us. Economic, military, political, informational. The most powerful anti-Russian propaganda has been unfolded. The attacks on our country, cultures, spiritual values, are ongoing as well as the attempts to drive a wedge in the brotherhood and unity of the peoples of our country. They say Russia should be divided into tens of small different states, and it’s clear what this is for, to subdue their (the divided states’) will, to exploit and use, in their interests.

The more sanctions the West imposes on Russia, the more lies there are, the greater the level of cohesion within the Russian society. For the past five years, it grew by a third, and by the beginning of 2023, it topped 94%.”

Putin not only speaks sense in geopolitics but also on gender identity that is also part of the mad bad West.

Watch; Putin delivers scathing speech at the West Tweet. Robert Sepehr @robertsepehr

Watch; Warning! The United States Is BEING DESTROYED From Within | Col. Douglas Macgregor; Stephen Gardner, 26th May 2023

Colonel Douglas Macgregor shares devastating details about the Ukraine-Russia war, but also outlines the danger facing the United States financial system, government, corporate donor corruption and the military-industrial-congressional complex. The corruption within the US government has reached a dangerous and sickening level.

“The (Western) elite thinks it’s right and refuses under any circumstances to accept anything else (but war). So they look at what’s happening and they say ‘Well, the Russians still haven’t moved much further now than they were a few months ago’. In other words the Russians control about 23-24% of Ukrainian territory.

The Russians have never cared about the territory. They care about destroying Ukrainian forces and killing them. They want to demilitarise and “de-nazify” Ukraine.

Well if the Ukrainians are coming to them repeatedly in vast numbers and allowing themselves to be killed you don’t move very much. When that ends they’ll move. Maybe then these people in Western Europe will wake up. But, you know, I kind of doubt it. I think they’re going to have to be thrown out of office and if the Europeans don’t throw them out, it could be the death of Europe. These people are a catastrophe; they’re a disaster. Britain is in just as much, if not more, serious trouble.

You read the recent headline: “Oh we found three billion dollars that we can ship to Ukraine”? Well, the three billion aren’t going to Ukraine. Some cash will go over there. It does because you’ve got to pay the government, pay the Ukrainian army, pay for those kinds of things. But most of it just goes from Congress, at least on paper, to the Department of Defence and that of course goes through the Treasury and then from the Department of Defense it’s recycled back into the defence Industries and various contractors, then it shows up again in the form of donations to political action committees and re-election campaigns and so forth on ‘the hill’ (US Congress).

if you want to know why people come to Washington as a sort of average middle-class people and then,10 years, 20 years, 30 years later come out as multi-millionaires. There’s a reason. We did not create a government that was designed to enrich the people that participate in it, far from it, but that’s what we’ve got.

So you can make a lot of money in Washington DC in government if you’re on the right subcommittee, if you have the right donors, if you do the right things. How many times have you heard: ‘Well I’m sorry, I’d like to vote for what you want me to vote for but I can’t do it’?

‘Well, why can’t you do it?’

‘Well, I won’t get reelected.’

‘Well, what do you mean you won’t be reelected?’

‘Well, then my donors will support my opponent because I have taken a position they don’t like and I’ll be replaced.’

Watch; I did Nazi that coming; The Grayzone; 26 May 2023

‘Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the failed cross-border raid by anti-government Russian neo-Nazis armed with US heavy equipment, the media’s strange spin on the fall of Bakhmut, the BBC’s spooky new disinformation unit, and the dystopian DIAA app rolled out by USAID and the Ukrainian govt in DC this past week’.

Blumenthal; “Start with the invasion of Russia”

Mate; “They told us this wasn’t gonna happen. There wasn’t gonna be cross border incursions with US weaponry from Ukraine into Russia. But like everything else, like every other red line that’s been crossed, you can check this one off the list too.”

Blumenthal; “Let’s start this segment on a cross border raid in Russia by showing you how the Financial Times, I think, factually reported it and how this differed from a lot of the spin from US media, which attempted to portray this as some kind of Russian civil war. Here’s the Financial Times: Militias used US armoured vehicles in attack over Russian border.

Far right militias who stormed a Russian border, Russian region bordering Ukraine this week, used US made tactical vehicles in the attack, raising questions over Kiev’s support for Ukraine-based ex-Russian extremist groups. Ukraine has denied direct involvement in the raid on Monday, but one military official acknowledged cooperating with the nationalist groups, who on Monday entered Russian territory to liberate a village. And the head of this Russian volunteer Corps told the financial times that his fighters, assaulting the Belgorod region, the border region in Russia, were in possession of American made vehicles. These included at least two M 1 20, 24 max pro armoured vehicles – those are what you commonly see in US convoys – and several Humvees. He declined to disclose how they were obtained. And these images were all over the place. That piece, by the way, was authored by Christopher Miller, who used to be at the US government publication, Radio Free Liberty; Radio Europe. It’s interesting how they feed them into international publications that are supposedly independent of government influence. And he referred to the Russian Volunteer Corps as far right fighters. But this is actually a band group inside Russia that is Neo-Nazi. And this is a neo-Nazi organisation…..We should point out that it was a completely failed raid in which everyone involved was either captured or killed or forced to flee.”

Another couple of heroes, David Miller and Jimmy Dore, have been added to the Ukrainian Kill List; The list is ostensibly maintained by an independent group, but an investigation into funding reveals that the Ukrainian government is behind the effort, as well as U.S. and NATO cut-outs.

Read; “Independent” Ukrainian “Kill list”, Actually Run by Kiev, Backed by Washington. David Miller; 12th May 2023

‘Late last year, my name was added to a blacklist published online by the Ukraine Center for Countering Disinformation. I joined over ninety others deemed to be “speakers who promote narratives consonant with Russian propaganda.“

These included Manuel Pineda and Clare Daly, both leftist Members of the European Parliament (MEP); Also counted are people on the right, such as Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute, neocon and former IDF officer Edward Luttwak, a slew of rightist MEPs; Ex CIA officer, Ray McGovern; former military and intelligence figures such as Scott Ritter and Douglas McGregor, as well as academics such as John Mearsheimer and Jeffrey Sachs. Journalists on the list included Glenn Greenwald, Tucker Carlson and Eva Bartlett, Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, and even actor Steven Seagal.

What was my crime? It said my “pro-Russian narrative” was claiming that “NATO’s proxy war with Russia is taking place in Ukraine”. Of course, a NATO proxy war is exactly what is happening there, as this article will only further confirm.

The listing helpfully provided a link with the evidence, an article I wrote for Mayadeen English called “How disinformation works: Western intelligence agencies global war on the left.” It contained a single, 176-word paragraph on Ukraine titled “‘Russian Disinformation’ or Ukrainian lies?” It recounted several examples of Ukrainian misinformation and concluded that “Anyone who mentions any particular truth is derided for echoing Putin’s ‘talking points’.” In the event I was actually denounced as an “information terrorist” who might be guilty of “war crimes.”

Being added to the blacklist concentrates the mind wonderfully on the forces ranged against the possibility of truth and justice in the crisis-ridden West. When I was first accused, over a decade ago now, of antisemitism, my response was to intensify my research and writing activities on the organisations involved in defaming me. Since then I have produced a long catalogue of work on the Zionist movement as well as on Western propaganda activities. Of course, the defamatory attacks encourage an atmosphere where social media threats can be made. But the issue of Nazism in Ukraine will be seen in retrospect as a defining issue of our era and it is important to remember that the reason I and many others are threatened by the Ukraine government and their NATO backers is because we in turn threaten to expose them for what they are: Nazi collaborators.


But what is the Center for Countering Disinformation? It is an official governmental body created in late March 2021, along with a similar organization, the Center for Strategic Communication, by President Zelensky himself. But are they related to other blacklisting websites like Myrotvorets (“Peacemaker”), widely seen as a “kill list”? Peeling back the layers of cover and deception enables us to trace the origins of the kill list, which is still being hosted in Ukraine.

As it turns out, the covert “kill list” website is a product of the Ukraine regime, effectively funded by the CIA (amongst others) and is hosted by NATO. One extraordinary thing is that many American citizens, including ex-military and intelligence operatives, are included, as well as a significant number of citizens of NATO member countries. Perhaps the most remarkable element is that NATO has hosted the site (and a collection of affiliated websites) on its servers in Brussels. At the same time as NATO think tank the Atlantic Council boasts that Henry Kissinger is on its Board of Directors, NATO also hosts a kill list website on which Kissinger appears.’

Henry Kissinger is on the kill list

Watch; Jimmy Dore Added To Ukraine Government’s Kill List! The Jimmy Dore Show, 25 May 2023

Read; There Never Was a Nord Stream “Secret Operation”: President Biden’s “Act of War” against Europe; Prof. Michel Chossudovsky and Dragan Vujicic: The sabotage took place with the knowledge of Berlin and Brussels; Global Research, May 02, 2023

‘Dragan Vujicic (DV): “You say that there was nothing secret about that Nord Stream operation?”

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky (PMC): We should remember the press conference at the White House on February 7, 2022 at which the US president and Germany’s chancellor publicly expressed their intention to blow up the Nord Stream. Chancellor Scholz who was on an official visit to the United States, fully endorsed President Biden’s stated intent to blow up the Nordstream gas pipeline, “if Russian tanks enter Ukraine”.

Olaf Scholz was fully aware that this act of sabotage of the Nord Stream had been planned well in advance by the US Administration, to the detriment of more than 400 million Europeans.

‘DV: Do you have unequivocal evidence that Chancellor Scholz was involved?

PMC: I will read the transcript of that Press Conference on 7 February 2022. The questions were addressed to both President Biden and Chancellor Scholz:


“Andrea (Reuters) Q: Thank you, Mr. President. And thank you, Chancellor Scholz. Mr. President, I have wanted to ask you about this Nord Stream project that you’ve long opposed. You didn’t mention it just now by name, nor did Chancellor Scholz. Did you receive assurances from Chancellor Scholz today that Germany will, in fact, pull the plug on this project if Russia invades Ukraine? And did you discuss what the definition of “invasion” could be?

PRESIDENT BIDEN: The first question first. If Germany — if Russia invades — that means tanks or troops crossing the — the border of Ukraine again — then there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.

Q But how will you — how will you do that exactly, since the project and control of the project is within Germany’s control?

PRESIDENT BIDEN: We will — I promise you, we’ll be able to do it.

Andreas (Reuters) Q [to Chancellor Scholz] And will you commit today — will you commit today to turning off and pulling the plug on Nord Stream 2? You didn’t mention it, and you haven’t mentioned it.

CHANCELLOR SCHOLZ: As I’ve already said, we are acting together, we are absolutely united, and we will not be taking different steps. We will do the same steps, and they will be very, very hard to Russia, and they should understand.”

Read: Slava? No, not Glory but Shame on Ukraine by Stephen Karganovic 10th May

“There is virtually no chance that the Nazi regime in Kiev will feel either shame or remorse for what it has just done. That, however, does not alter the obligation of decent people everywhere to speak up and brand it with the shame it abundantly deserves.

Chilean-American journalist Gonzalo Lira, has been a thorn in the Kiev junta’s flesh for a long time. On May 1, the Ukrainian secret police arrested him again in Harkov, where Lira, a long-time resident of Ukraine, has been living for several years. From the beginning of the Special Military Operation in late February 2022, Lira has been using his internet bully pulpit to convey to a global audience his take on the Ukrainian conflict. After gaining several hundred thousand followers world-wide with his provocative reporting and commentary from the belly of the beast, the beast has apparently decided that it has had enough.

Lira was arrested in a morning raid by police and soldiers in his Harkov apartment. Ukrainian junta media has confirmed the arrest. Over a week later, however, there is still no word about where he is being held, under what conditions, and whether he has access to consular support and other forms of human rights protection to which he is entitled.”

The little information there is about the charges against Lira is mostly unofficial and it consists mainly of reports in the Ukrainian media. According to a publication identified as “The New voice of Ukraine” of 5 May 2023, the charges revolve around allegations of “supporting Russian occupation and valorizing [sic] Moscow’s apparent war crimes during the war.” In addition, Lira is being accused of “attempts to discredit Ukraine’s highest military and political leadership.”’

Watch:Russian Victory Day? The Grayzone 10th May 2023

‘Join Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate for a last minute livestream covering Ukraine’s assassination campaign inside Russia as the country commemorates victory over Nazism, the anxiety among US foreign policy elites about Kiev’s coming counter-offensive, the shifting diplomatic sands in Syria, and much more.’

Read; Taiwan War Becomes Real Threat and It Scares the G7, By Karsten Riise; GlobalResearch.org, 18 May 2023

One big issue is absorbing G7 these days: Possible war on Taiwan.

Chief among the points of tension is how far to go in trying to stop a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan, which could trigger world war and wreck the global economy. The self-governing island, which Beijing claims as its own, provides most of the world’s advanced computer chips that are vital to the tech and defence industries.

  1. The possibility of a Taiwan war has become very real – and it plagues all of the G7.
  2. The US is obviously ready to go far in case of a Taiwan war – it seems even to the point of the US entering war with China.
  3. The US is pushing the EU to support a war against China, first of all with sanctions and trade embargo, but even to the point of the EU participating with the US in war with China.
  4. Berlin and Paris don’t see a Taiwan war as their prime business.
  5. The prospect of a Taiwan war scares the sh*t out of the EU, and especially Berlin doesn’t want to take part in hostilities – they perhaps don’t even want to break trade ties with China if a Taiwan war breaks out.’

To police a US unipolar world they must maintain Military Bases in countries across the world.

Watch: 876 US Military Bases (yes, that’s right, eight hundred and sixty seven!) on New Online Tool. Interactive Map by World Beyond War, May 18 2023

John Mearsheimer defends his argument on the cause and consequences of the Ukraine War which he concludes as “The Tragedy of Great Power Politics”.

Watch: Is China the Real Winner of Ukraine War?

Mr. Mearsheimer, who is an R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago, also shares his view on why the US hates his realism theory, who will benefit from the prolonged Ukraine War, and how the climate crisis might increase the geopolitical tension over the Arctic region.

Hosted by Gita Wirjawan, an Indonesian educator, entrepreneur, and current visiting scholar at the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (APARC) at Stanford University.

Afshin Rattansi interviews John Perkins, author of ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’, on how debt after wars is used to change systems.

Watch: Economic Hitman, John Perkins: How the USA Used Debt and Economic Sabotage to Control the World. Afshin Rattansi’s Going Underground; 8th May 2023.

‘Economic tricks that devastate countries in order to have more control over them have been operating for a long time. Now John Perkins says that “the economic hitman strategy in China and the United States is taking us to the precipice of self-destruction of the world as we know it and life as we know it on this planet”.

“We can talk about climate change and income equality and species extinction; these are problems, but they’re not deep problems. They are symptoms of this debt economy that is based upon short-term maximisation of profit.”’

Listen: Geopolitical Economy Report Andrés Manuel López Obrador: “Mexico is not a US colony! 10th May.

‘”Mexico’s President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, sent Joe Biden a letter condemning US “interventionism”, such as USAID funding of right-wing opposition groups that are trying to destabilise his elected government.’

Poorly disguised as humanitarian, just like all the previous wars, the West’s war against Russia is about regime change. Reminders of the tragic impact of America’s unipolar world are listed below.

Watch; read: US post-9/11 wars caused 4.5 million deaths, displaced 38-60 million people. Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Pakistan resulting in 7.6 million children starving today

A Geopolitical Economy Report by Ben Norton, 23rd MAY

‘The wars the United States waged and fueled in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Pakistan following September 11, 2001 caused at least 4.5 million deaths, according to a report by Brown University.

Nearly a million of the people who lost their lives died in fighting, whereas some 3.6 to 3.7 million were indirect deaths, due to health and economic problems caused by the wars, such as diseases, malnutrition, and destruction of infrastructure.

These were the conclusions of a study conducted by the Cost of Wars project at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs.

The report also analysed the effects of wars in Libya and Somalia, which were sponsored by Washington.

The scholars estimated that, in the countries studied, there are still today 7.6 million children under age 5 who are suffering from acute malnutrition, meaning they are “not getting enough food, literally wasting to skin and bones, putting these children at greater risk of death”.

In Afghanistan and Yemen, this includes nearly 50% of children; and, in Somalia, close to 60%.’


Watch: Dr Mike Yeadon at The Truth Be Told Rally for the covid vaccine injured and dead. Trafalgar Square 13th May.

Dr Mike Yeadon, a former vice president and chief scientific officer of respiratory research at Pfizer and an expert in rational drug design says:

“I can read intent in the design of a medicine that I look at. When I looked at the design of these alleged vaccines, I saw a deliberate intent to injure, to maim, and to kill”

“mRNA is an unprecedented technology. That means that there are no medicines like this in the world and I tell you, what it does is, it takes genetic code inside yourself and then you copy that message into a protein. What your body is doing is making a little piece of a foreign organism that is non-self. How do you think your body plays nice with itself, but can go to war with an invader? And the answer is, your body is finely tuned to detect self, and it leaves it alone. And (with) non-self, it will absolutely unleash the troops against any cell that is expressing non-self. I am telling you, mRNA based products can only produce injuries, and that was the design intent of these materials.”

“At the least, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were wrapped in something called lipid nanoparticles. You always formulate medicines so that they, say, in a pill or in a medicine, in a liquid like this. But what was the design intent? Lipid nano-particles are like stealthy movers. They slide around your body; they go through membranes; they are made of something like membranes. So that means the material injected in your shoulder went everywhere in your body and given what I’ve just told you about what happens when your cells express this foreign protein: you get autoimmune attacks. Autoimmune attacks whatever it picks up (on). That’s why you can get brain injury; heart attack; you can get renal failure; you can have premature loss of your baby. It’s designed into the structure of the so-called vaccines. So, no pandemic, and a structure that I, as an experienced person in research, can tell you… these things have been assembled to injure you.”

“There is strong evidence of a supra-national plot to pretend that there is one crisis after another, to which you have to react. On this occasion, infectious disease. I think they’re going to do it again and again and again.”

“This is a murderous attack on humanity. It starts above the level of nations. That is why the lockdown stuff was the thing that leapt at me: it is not in any country’s pandemic plan and yet they all did it at the same time… That is where it’s coming from: above us, above the nation. What are they going to do next,? I promise you, I just know it. They are going to impose digital ID on everybody. Decline it. Decline it. You do not need a digital ID to live a peaceful life. Evidence: the last hundreds of years. You do not need it. They need you to have it. Decline it.”

The WHO supports gain of function research whilst warning of deadly pathogens. When things don’t make sense, one needs to pay attention.

Read or Listen; Do you want the WHO to be given legally binding authority over your health, freedom and sovereignty? DR TESS LAWRIE, MBBCH, PHD, 25th May

Suspicious death of doctor who spoke out about the danger of the vaccine – the debate is not allowed: US osteopath, Rashid Buttar died shortly after he told an interviewer that he had been poisoned following an appearance on CNN.

Watch: Rashid Buttar who has died aged 57 said a few days ago that he was poisoned after CNN interview; David Icke 21st May.

‘The CNN interview conducted and presented by stupid, arrogant, morons who lie at every turn.’

Most Amish avoid vaccinations, but they tend to take a faith-based approach to healing. They put their trust instead in God and traditional remedies. Note that Amish cuisine tends to be simple and wholesome.

No evidence given in this tweet but from what we know, it sounds believable.

“Over 50,000 unvaxxed Amish in Lancaster PA and only 3 died of CV.”

The planned democratic deficit has ensured that the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT is simply a talking shop with no influence over the all powerful European Commission. However, it is important to witness MEPs words reflecting the same deep concerns as UK MP Andrew Bridgen who has been sacked from the Conservative party for his view of the harm caused by the Covid jab.

Watch; Press conference after the International Covid Summitt 111 MEP Cristian Terhes, Dr. Robert Malone, MEP Christine Anderson, MEP Ivan Sincic, MEP Mislav Kolakušić; 18 May 2023

Watch; International European Parliament covid summit part 1,

Watch; International European Parliament Covid Summit part 2

If the government signs The WHO New Health Regulations; (Dr. John Campbell; 9 May 2023) the light will shine bright on the fact that they are all captured by the corporate cabal. Reading this article, try replacing the US with the UK as Europe is simply the 51st state of America.

Read; Is WHO a Front Organization for the Takeover of U.S. Government? Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.Children’s Health Defence; 9th May 2023

‘The World Health Organization’s (WHO) World Health Assembly (WHA) will convene May 21-30 in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss the proposed “pandemic treaty” and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

Many analysts have warned that the ratification of either or both of these instruments would diminish or completely strip away sovereignty from nation-states and place public health decision-making power in the hands of the WHO and its director-general.

Details around how this might happen in the U.S., however, are difficult to pinpoint — partly because of the secrecy surrounding negotiations and partly because of the complex combination of domestic and international law that would have to come into play in order to strip U.S. sovereignty.

“If these amendments and if this pandemic treaty are passed, then that would basically be the end of our national sovereignty,” said lawyer Reggie Littlejohn, co-founder of the Sovereignty Coalition, founder and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers and co-chair of the Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force.

Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph.D., professor of international law at the University of Illinois and a bioweapons expert who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, agreed. He described the WHO’s proposed instruments as “an attempt to take over the United States of America by using the WHO as a front for that purpose.”

“This is being backed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Bill Gates, the Chinese communist dictatorship, Big Pharma and the biowarfare industry,” Boyle said.

Boyle said there’s been so much opposition to the dictates coming out of Washington over the handling of the pandemic “that these elites have decided to go to the WHO and use the WHO as a front organisation to accomplish its objectives.”

Author and podcast host Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy and co-founder of the Sovereignty Coalition, named some other key actors supporting the WHO proposals. He said:

“It’s a little unclear how this is going to play out, but it seems the folks who are bringing this to us, not just the WHO but the Chinese Communist Party, Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the World Economic Forum — and not least of course, the U.S. government — are determined to try to jam the thing through, preferably without anybody really knowing that it’s going on, let alone what the implications of it are going to be for our country and for freedom-loving people around the world.”’

European MEPs and British MPs are concerned about the new WHO treaty.

Watch 6 minutes; European Concern; Dr John Campbell; 26th May 2023

Also read: The plan for WHO supremacy over human health; The Alliance for Natural Health, 11th May 2023

Whilst attempting to evaluate whether a COVID-19 vaccine protects against COVID-19 and, if so, how much; a large, respected US medical company did research using data from all of its 51,000 employees and, as a result, found that the more jabs you have, the more covid you’ll get!

Read; medrxiv.org

In this official research paper, particularly note Figure 2. “Simon-Makuch plot comparing the cumulative incidence of COVID-19 for subjects stratified by the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses previously received.” Also note, under the Discussion heading “The association of increased risk of COVID-19 with higher numbers of prior vaccine doses in our study, was unexpected.” Though couched in downplayed terms, that whole paragraph is very interesting.

The Mainstream media’s tendency to lie is bad enough but reporting only half the truth is worse as we then think that we know the whole story. While this BBC article lists potential reasons why there’s an increased number of people off work due to illness, they have omitted to include the covid jab as a killer.

Read; Long-term sick: How record number changes UK economy; BBC News 16th May.

Watch; Andrew Bridgen feared four-year-old son would become a ‘guinea pig’ as Tories oust controversial MP; Neil Oliver GB News 30th April

Andrew Bridgen MP; “I had a meeting with a very senior colleague in the party four months ago and at the end of that we talked about everything for an hour or so and he was fully in the picture. At the end of it he said “Andrew there’s no political appetite for your views on the vaccines at the moment. There may well be in 20 years time and you may well be proved correct.” And the final warning as I left the room was, “You need to bear in mind that you’re taking on the most powerful vested interest in the world with all the risks that entails”’

Social media outlets are also censoring Andrew Bridgen.

Dr John Campbell; “My video with Mr. Bridgen, MP has been removed by YouTube, with a strike. So, I’m banned for a week and you can’t watch the video any more on YouTube.”

Event and listen; The Better Way conference is this weekend, June 2/3/4, in Bath. However, during and post the conference, you can listen to speakers via their website. Tess Lawrie, medical doctor and research consultant based in the UK, is the CEO of Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy and she sits on the steering committee of the World Council for Health and has organised the conference.

Listen to Lawrie on The Corbett Report; 8th May

“I was always an external consultant to the WHO, but I had ongoing contracts from around 2012. It just felt like we weren’t making any difference. Certainly work-wise, we weren’t making any difference. And I could see that the world didn’t work outside of work either because; two-parent family, both working like crazy, or really, just on a treadmill, not having any influence really over one’s children.

I was travelling a lot for work, and I just, I was really questioning the meaning of life and just thinking, this can’t be it. Nothing works. It just gets harder and harder the faster you run. I would say 2019, 2020 really reconsidering my role, my working role as well. And then, when the so-called pandemic was launched I knew that it didn’t make sense in any way, and that there must be something else going on.

I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I knew that there wasn’t the evidence to support the WHO strategies, which then became sort of global strategies. There wasn’t the evidence to support a call for a pandemic. There wasn’t the evidence to support these so-called vaccines, which are genetic injections.”

“There were questions about safety, and it was while I was doing that review, in actual fact, I saw Dr. Pierre Kory speaking about Ivermectin in front of the State Senate in the US. And I thought, this is absolutely ridiculous that a doctor of his calibre should be having to beg politicians to use a safe, old, medicine.’

Read; The Better Way Conference Charter;

‘How do we reclaim or rebuild science? From Conversation 1 of the Better Way Conference: Reclaiming Science Together’

The Issues

  • Regulatory agencies are funded by the pharmaceutical industry; therefore, drug development and authorisation can no longer be trusted.
  • High-ranking universities are employed to conduct pharmaceutical industry research; dependency on pharmaceutical industry money has corrupted their integrity.
  • High-ranking medical journals are funded by the pharmaceutical industry and their proxies; dependency on the pharmaceutical industry has corrupted the scientific publication process.
  • Industry-directed research into biotechnology and transhumanism is blatantly transgressing ethical boundaries.
  • Influenced by private partnerships and individuals, in particular the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates, the World Health Organisation has promoted pharmaceutical industry interests over public health and safety.
  • The Actions
  • Raise awareness of the corruption within drug regulatory agencies and universities. Create a new transparent drug approval process that includes independent scientific evaluation and civil society participation.
  • Demand data sharing and transparency from the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Demand pharmaceutical industry funding of public agencies is ceased and hold these regulatory agencies accountable for the misuse of public funds.
  • Hold pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies and individual decision-makers to account for failure to protect the public from iatrogenic harm.
  • Boycott corrupted journals and innovate new approaches to sharing scientific research. Research should be open for scrutiny, review and discussion by peers.
  • Boycott pharmaceutical industry injections for healthy people, such as vaccines and contraceptives, and also new types of injections for treating diseases like malaria due to lack of full disclosure regarding ingredients and technology used.
  • Raise awareness of people adversely affected by the Covid-19injections and advocate for medical and psychosocial support, accountability and adequate compensation.
  • Conduct studies to evaluate the extent of the iatrogenic health crisis instigated by the mass administration of inadequately tested Covid injections.
  • Enforce existing ethical norms based on the Nuremberg Code and hold those implicated to account.
  • Explore ways to implement guard rails on biotechnology within the context of human and planetary health, and the future of our species.’

Please donate

Forgive me for pointing out that, while we receive some one-off donations, I am funding Farms Not Factories myself, and if we are to continue to fight the cruel, antibiotic-led factory farm system, we will need some regular donations from like-minded people. Please consider a monthly subscription of £2/month and help us support a network of smaller scale, humane and healthy UK pig farms, local abattoirs and butchers.

“Our message is simple, we want to help bring an end to this dangerous, inhumane system. Vote for real farming over factory farming.”
– Tracy Worcester, Director

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