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“The way you get democracy to function is by informing the public.” – Robert Kennedy Jr.

“Science is more than a body of knowledge. It is a way of thinking; a way of sceptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility. If we are not able to ask sceptical questions, to interrogate those who tell us that something is true, to be sceptical of those in authority, then, we are up for grabs for the next charlatan (political or religious) who comes rambling along.” – Carl Sagan

“Never worry about who will be offended if you speak the Truth. Worry about who will be misled, deceived and destroyed, if you do not.”
”Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference.”
– Robert Frost

Though the newsletter chapters interrelate, they are divided into five sections and have a common realisation that a cabal of corporate elites have captured global trade, global governance, mainstream and online media, and ultimately many of our minds.

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Jenny Goddard founded Real Food Hub, an online farmers’ market, where customers can buy high quality animal welfare meat and other quality products directly from the farmers & producers like Gazegill Organic. Emma Robinson’s family have been farming organically at Gazegill on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border in the Pennines for almost 500 years.

Emma says, “Our pork is different and tastes like pork used to taste, we put this down to how we rear them, slowly and outdoors where they behave in a natural way using their muscles more but giving a flavour that is unique.”

Jenny says, “Real Food Hub suppliers make really good meat boxes where the farmers are getting to use the whole carcass, so the customers get a really good deal on price.”

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Food, Farming & Ecocide

Though Regenerative Farming has pushed some farmers to improve their farming practices without the very rigid rules of achieving the organic label, even the BBC is aware that it has become a buzzword that giant food corporations use to greenwash chemical and fertiliser intensive farming.

Listen; What actually is Regenerative Agriculture? Farming Today, BBC 20 November 2023;

William Hudson (Lecturer in Regenerative Agriculture); “To start with, the most important thing we have to consider is how we try and rebuild the fertility in our soils. We’ve taken for granted over decades that we were able to just replace fertility by putting chemicals on. We have to now start managing our own fertility because now chemical fertiliser has become extremely expensive. It’s environmentally damaging to produce and it also harms the fertility in the soil. So starting with that concept of growing exploitative crops followed by regenerative crops, we’re able to cut our costs considerably.

So if we’re talking about cereal sugar beet rape, these are crops that remove fertiliser. If We’re talking about beans and peas, vetches and other feed crops, they’re fixing nitrogen and putting nitrogen back into the soil.

Part of the regenerative story is not importing animal feed from all around the world, it’s growing our own animal feed to feed our own animals. I think we’re actually seeing that the farmers with lower yields and lower input costs are actually making a greater margin.”

BBC Presenter; “There’s no legal definition of regenerative farming, unlike organic farming where you know where you stand. Big global companies like Mars and PepsiCo and McDonald’s and also agrochemicals giant Syngenta, they all say that they do regenerative farming. It’s good for showing that they’re sustainable and great PR. Is there any monitoring of what they do?”

William Hudson; “I think that there is a certain amount of greenwash going on at the same time. But I think that, because we have so many different types of farms, different models of different crops in different soils and in different climates, I think it has to be a very broad definition. Basically, I think what we’re talking about here is describing a strategy.”

BBC Presenter; “In terms of food production. If every farmer in the UK started farming regeneratively, could we still produce the amount of food we need?”

William Hudson; “We give a lot of food from all over the world to our animals and produce some very cheap meat. Maybe we should be eating more beans and peas and more of the crops rather than feeding them to animals. So I think that regenerative concepts is more than just soil and fertility. We actually have to think about our diet, where the animal food comes from. So I think the whole system has to be considered.”

As regenerative farming has no definition, it can include farming with both chemicals and gene edited seeds. I have to give credit to the BBC for including an organic farmer’s perspective along with a conventional regen farmer, who admits he uses glyphosate with the excuse that he doesn’t believe that organic will feed the world! Then of course there’s the biotech CEO and Director of NIAB, the National Institute of Agricultural Botany, which describes itself as the ‘UK’s fastest growing crop science organisation’ (gene editing). As regen ag confuses both the farmer and consumer, best to buy organic, not only to avoid the regen green wash, but help more farmers go fully organic – ultimately it is up to us to use the power of our purse by buying genuinely healthy food.

Listen; Regenerative Farming, Farming Today, BBC Radio, 25 Nov 2023;

BBC Presenter; “ Dr. James Palmer says he’s pro no-till, but concerned about glyphosate and the impact on human health. Terry Banfield called it a carcinogenic toxic weed killer that should be banned considering the damage caused to human health and flora and fauna. Both attached scientific papers to back up their views. Mario, is glyphosate an issue from your point of view?”

Mario Caccamo, CEO of Gene Editing company; “No, I think glyphosate is one of the tools in the box . Now the points around human health, they’re clearly debatable because there are many international organisations that have clearly established that glyphosate is not harmful to human human health. But…”

BBC Presenter; “And equally many who will argue that it is”.

Mario Caccamo, CEO of Gene Editing company; “Yes, and there is probably a debate there, but overall there is clearly something that we need to study more. But, the evidence is strongly suggesting that this is not really a problem. But let’s come back to the use of glyphosate and other chemicals. Clearly we want to reduce them, and that’s probably the principle we all should agree. We should try to reduce the dependency of any chemicals and we do have tools that will help us with that.”

BBC Presenter; “And Michael, I should say that some regenerative farmers absolutely reject any use of glyphosate. Where do you stand on this?”

Michael Kavanaugh, regen farmer; “I still use glyphosate, and I see it as a really crucial tool. However, I do agree that it is not good for human health. And actually, I think, given the choice; if we had two sandwiches in front of us and one of them had been farmed using umpteen chemicals and then been given a pre-harvest glyphosate, and the other sandwich had been produced with wheat that had had no chemicals or insecticide and had no pre-harvest glyphosate, but had maybe had one glyphosate to kill the cover crop or whatever before that wheat was drilled, I certainly know which sandwich I would rather eat. That is a crucial tool for us. But actually there’s plenty of farmers doing innovative things to reduce the rates of glyphosate that we’re using”.

BBC Presenter; “And Helen, we did have a message from a listener, Kevin Presland, to mention some work done by innovative farmers. They’re an on-farm trial organisation, originally set up by the Soil Association, he says that they’ve proved you can do min till and not use glyphosate.”

Helen Browning, Organic farmer and Chief Executive of the Soil Association; “I think this is the holy grail. He is actually getting away from both ploughing and using glyphosate, and I’d love to see a lot more research energy going into that. At my own farm here, we’re working on a strip till system. So, direct drilling our cereals into an existing clover lay. That feels really exciting, huge potential as there are with things like perennial crops as well, so that we are actually looking at the problem through a different lens.”

As the EU Commission has now voted to extend the licence for Glyphosate, it looks like lies, junk science, huge lobbying power and blackmailing dissenting scientists by threatening their grants, have won the day.

Read; EU allows use of controversial weedkiller glyphosate for 10 more years Barbara Casassus, Nature, 17 November 2023;

‘In the wake of a stalemate among member states, the European Commission has decided to approve the herbicide’s continued use.

After months of wrangling, the European Commission says it has decided to renew the licence for the weedkiller compound glyphosate, approving its use in European Union countries for ten more years.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup, the world’s most widely used herbicide. Over the years, a debate has developed about whether the chemical is safe to use on food crops, as well as its possible environmental impacts. Some studies point to a link between glyphosate and certain cancers.’

The revolving door of corruption and the merger of government and corporate power in the US, which Robert F. Kennedy Jr. defines as ‘corporate fascism’, is thriving in the EU.

Read; Mapped: The Deep Ties Between Big Ag and Europe’s Right-Wing Politicians – Clare Carlile, DeSmog, 18 October 2023;

‘A major investigation published earlier this month by DeSmog and Politico revealed the high volume of meetings held by six key European Union parliamentarians. It found the farming industry had an average of two meetings a week with those politicians since 2020, as the EU negotiated flagship reforms to protect nature and climate.

DeSmog has now gone deeper, mapping the extensive personal and professional ties between the group of six conservative MEPs and groups linked to the agriculture industry.

We chose to highlight the parliamentarians’ connections to the most powerful EU actors that are hostile to plans to cut pesticides – a group that includes the biggest farming unions. In addition, we included agricultural groups to which MEPs had personal ties.

The nature of the links featured on the map range from direct contact in meetings, at socials and on hikes, as well as membership of industry-linked organisations and committees.

The lobbying blitz captured on the map appears to have yielded results. In the three years since Farm to Fork – an ambitious plan to overhaul farming practices as part of the Green Deal – was first announced, lawmakers from the conservative EPP have consistently fought back against plans to transform agriculture.

Reforms include measures to halve pesticide use across the bloc – proposals that have alarmed an industry worth €12 billion in Europe alone each year. Scientists say the raft of green measures, aimed at tackling spiralling climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse, are crucial for the future of Europe’s food supply.

A formidable lobbying force in Brussels, the industry has a range of ways to reach decision-makers via sponsorship and support for influential networks, discussion forums and think tanks. Since plans to halve pesticide use were first announced in 2020, records show it has spent €35 million on EU lobbying.

The four largest pesticide companies – Bayer, Syngenta, BASF and Corteva – along with their powerful trade association CropLife Europe, held a total of 29 official meetings with the six selected MEPs since 2020.’

Like the tobacco industry in the 50s, Bayer lied, bought junk science and smeared any scientists whose research revealed the human health risks of GM crops and the glyphosate herbicide that is sprayed onto them.

Read from the US; Bayer ordered to pay $175 million in latest Roundup cancer trial Reuters, 27 October 2023;

‘A Philadelphia jury on Friday found Bayer liable in a case brought by a retired restaurant owner who claimed his cancer was due to exposure to the company’s Roundup weed killer, and ordered Bayer to pay him $175 million in damages, the man’s lawyers said.

The verdict, for retired restaurant owner Ernest Caranci, includes $25 million in compensatory damages and $150 million in punitive damages.

A Bayer spokesperson said in a statement that the company disagreed with the verdict and was “confident we can get this unfounded verdict overturned and the excessive damage awards reduced through our appeal.”

Caranci’s lawyers said in a joint statement that they were pleased with the verdict.

Caranci had alleged that he developed non-Hodgkins lymphoma as a result of using Roundup in his garden for years.

Last week, the company was hit with a $1.25 million verdict in a separate Roundup trial. Before that, it had won nine consecutive trials over similar claims.

Roundup-related lawsuits have dogged Bayer since it acquired the brand as part of its $63 billion purchase of agricultural seeds and pesticides maker Monsanto Co in 2018.

The German conglomerate has said that decades of studies have shown Roundup and its active ingredient, glyphosate, are safe for human use.

Bayer settled most Roundup claims against it in 2020 for up to $10.9 billion, but still faces close to 40,000 Roundup-related cases.

It has gone to the U.S. Supreme Court unsuccessfully, in an effort to challenge plaintiffs’ ability to sue under state law.’

We owe a huge debt to Michael Antoniou, a professor of Molecular Genetics who supported Arpad Pusztai and Gilles-Eric Seralini when they were hounded, smeared and attacked because their research exposed the health risks of glyphosate (the main ingredient of the Bayer herbicide Roundup) and GMO crops. Pusztai found GMOs to cause tumours in rats fed on Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize. Seralini suddenly became dangerously ill with a mystery illness minutes after testifying against glyphosate in a House of Commons committee room, and Arpad Pusztai was sacked in 1998 from his research post after revealing his findings in a TV interview.

Read; ‘Flawed’ and ‘anti-democratic’: UK Food and farming experts lodge formal complaint against FSA’s precision bred organisms consultation; Jim Manson, Natural News Desk, 22 November 2023;

‘A group of experts representing business, farming, certification, academia, science and civil society have lodged a formal complaint against the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA), raising serious concerns about its public consultation process on genetically modified precision bred organisms (PBOs and is another word used for GMO seeds).

They say the consultation breaches Cabinet Office Consultation Principles and are calling on the Agency to withdraw it until multiple issues can be resolved

The complaint, submitted to the Agency and copied to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to whom it reports, alleges multiple breaches of Cabinet Office Consultation Principles and serious misrepresentation of the facts, which call into question the integrity of the Agency and its stated goal of transparency and truthfulness.’

‘The deregulation of genetically modified PBOs and the removal of labelling and end-to-end traceability in the food system, the complainants argue, will have a domino effect throughout the food system affecting non-GM, organic, artisanal and natural food producers who wish to avoid PBOs, “removing consumers’ right to choose whether or not to purchase and consume these foods as well as farmers’ right to choose whether to feed them to their livestock”.’

‘One of the signatories, Michael Antoniou, professor of Molecular Genetics and Toxicology at King’s College London, said: “Not only is this consultation misleading and anti-democratic, but it also misrepresents the science underpinning gene editing. Gene editing is prone to causing a wide range of unintended DNA damage, altering patterns of gene function and consequently the biochemistry of the organism, which could lead to the production of unexpected toxins and allergens. Citizens should be protected against these risks.”’

GMOs are just a way for big business to muscle into farming by creating and selling a product that there is no need for. In the 1990s, GM was marketed with promises of increased yields, increased resistance to drought and to pests, but all these promises have failed to deliver. The reality is that almost all GM crops are modified to resist the herbicide Roundup (Glyphosate) so that these crops can be sprayed with more of the herbicide than they would normally survive. Monsanto (now Bayer) wins twice, once with the GM seed that farmers have to buy every year instead of saving their own as they have done for generations, and Bayer wins again with the sale of Roundup, for which they are facing over 50,000 lawsuits in the US alone, for cancers and other illnesses.

Watch; Jeffrey Smith is Sounding the Alarm on GMO 2.0 Carol Grievé, Food Integrity Now, 6 November 2023;

Summary: “Jeffrey Smith, Founder and Executive Director of Institute for Responsible Technology, is the most knowledgeable person on the planet about GMOs. GMO 2.0, gene editing or sometimes known as CRISPR technology is the newest form of GMOs and unfortunately, the most troubling one. At one point, Jeffrey used the word “catastrophic.”

“I was a chronic do gooder and figuring out ways to help the world and when I heard a lecture from a genetic engineer blowing the whistle on this technology saying that it could affect everyone who eats and all living beings because it’s going to be in the food supply that year,1996, and that Monsanto could not determine that the foods were safe, no one could because the technology was prone to unpredictable side effects that no one could guard against completely.

“And that the technique was going to create organisms that were not recallable from the environment so it would be with civilization for future generations.GMO 2.0 now presents opportunities for them to introduce all sorts of GMOs beyond what we’ve been able to limit it to.

“Genetic engineering is where you artificially alter the DNA, you can put genes from other species into it, you can change the order of genes, you can delete, add, multiply, and these laboratory techniques create massive collateral damage, side effects, unpredictable outcomes.

“What I want to do is to take about 90 seconds and just name the different diseases that are rising in parallel with the increased use of Roundup on our food supply or the increased use of GMOs… so we have anxiety diabetes, deaths from Alzheimer’s, deaths from Parkinson’s, deaths from hypertension, autism in six-year-olds, insomnia, celiac disease, acute kidney injury, death from kidney failure, kidney and pelvic cancer, liver cancer, liver and B duct cancer, thyroid cancer, deaths from Lukemia, breast cancer, deaths from intestinal infection, deaths from disorders of lipoprotein, metabolism, peritonitis, hepatitis C, dementia, ADHD, schizophrenia, suicide by overdose, congenital birth defects, congenital heart defects, newborn metabolic disorders, newborn genital urinary disorders, skin disorders, newborns with lung conditions, newborns with eye disorders, immune related newborn blood disorders, anemia, lymph disorders and deaths due to stroke. All of those show a very tight correlation between the rise of either glyphosate sprayed on corn and soy, the percentage of corn and soy and that particular disease. Now we have 28 different conditions on top of those where people reported getting better from when they switched to non-GMO.'”

The European Commission, capitulating to teams of Big Ag lobbyists, paves the way for untested bio-tech to be included in organic standards.

Read; New Genetic Techniques: No Science no safety Organic Research Centre, 27 October 2023;

‘The European Commission’s proposal to exempt most ‘new’ genetically modified (GM) plants from regulation lacks scientific basis, scientists of the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility (ENSSER) point out. The proposal will expose citizens and the environment to potentially unsafe food, feed and plants without informing the citizens. It amounts to a shameful attack on the Precautionary Principle (PP). New GM plants must remain regulated by the existing EU legislation, which has proven to serve its purpose well.

‘IFOAM Organics Europe, the voice for organic food and farming in Europe, is strongly against the changes concerning organic farming in the rapporteur’s draft report on New Genetic Techniques (NGTs), particularly the proposal to remove the ban of Category 1 NGTs in organic (NGT plants that could also occur naturally or be produced by conventional breeding techniques). Also cause for concern are that important seed labelling provisions are deleted, which would, they say, have been a starting point for transparency at the breeding level.

‘In June 2023, an overwhelming majority of the European organic movement re-affirmed that the organic production process should remain free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). As the European Commission’s proposal reflects, the use of gene editing technologies is not aligned with the principles of organic agriculture. Using NGTs in food production can lead to unintended effects, has potential risks, and conflicts with the precautionary principle. Organic producers also want and must fulfil consumers’ expectations that no old or new GMOs are used in the organic production process.

‘Guaranteeing the freedom of choice and the right of organic operators to produce without NGTs can only be effective if it is accompanied by the legal and technical means. These must be embedded in the NGT regulation, rather than in the EU Organic Regulation (2018/848) as some proponents of NGT deregulation argue. The organic movement is against reopening the EU Organic Regulation as this would open the door to undesired changes of other aspects of the long-negotiated regulation. On top of that, it would also prevent much-needed legal clarity and prevent establishing essential safeguards of GM-free production.’

Likewise, the UK government, always anxious to let food and farming be run by a few global corporations, is separating gene editing from gene modification, when in fact they are both manipulations of the plant’s DNA.

Read; Genetic Technologies in Food and Farming – A Manifesto for the Next Government GM Watch, 25 October 2023;

‘Gene editing is genetic engineering.

‘Our ask: Government must stop misleading its members, the media and the public about the nature of gene editing. Gene editing is genetic engineering and genetic engineering is a man- made, laboratory-created intervention in the farming and food system and the natural world.

‘There is no question that gene-edited ‘precision bred organisms’ (PBOs) are the product of genetic engineering. The first part of the Genetic Technology Act acknowledges this and yet the narrative used to ‘sell’ the Genetic Technology Act failed to acknowledge this and, therefore, misled parliamentarians, the media and the public.’

Wow, great news….. Germany is to become 30% organic by 2030. Sadly nothing so exciting is happening in the UK, where under 3% of farmers are organic and, along with most farmers, organic farmers are teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. If Germany’s transition is encouraged by their NetZero programme, I must stop trashing it. However, in the UK, with the government’s land sparing strategy, it looks like toxic farming will continue.

Read; Jim Manson’s Post, Editor, writer and media consultant at Natural Newsdesk, 17 November 2023;

‘Germany’s minister of food and agriculture, Cem Özdemir, yesterday launched the country’s Organic Strategy 2030, which formally commits Germany to achieving 30% organic agriculture by 2030.

‘The new strategy also places organic practices at the heart of a transformation of the whole of German agriculture, which it is undertaking to meet national climate, biodiversity and nutritional targets.

‘Speaking at the strategy’s launch in Berlin on 26 November, minister Özdemir said: “For years, more and more companies have been seizing the opportunity to prepare their businesses for the future with organic production. Organic demonstrably protects biodiversity, water and the climate and the organic standard is regularly monitored. The desired growth of organic farming additionally opens up opportunities for the whole of agriculture and the food industry. For me it is also about innovations. Numerous developments in the organic sector are now widely used, going beyond the organic sector. This also brings many positive effects for farmers who work conventionally’.

‘Germany’s ministry for food and agriculture (BMEL) says the new strategy creates an appropriate framework, and removes existing hurdles along the entire value chain, to enable the 30% organic target to be met within the timeframe set.’

Follow this link to read the full story.

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Template for change: Germany commits to 30% organic target with launch of national strategy

After years of golden promises about how the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS), the new subsidy regime for farmers, was going to transform farming, support farmers and protect nature, post-Brexit farmers are left with these hopes in ashes. Small farmers are going bankrupt, land is being grabbed by city money and used for trees and solar panels for carbon credits. On top of this, the Tory neocon dream of importing cheap, hormone-treated beef is enshrined in their recent trade treaty with Australia. Meanwhile, small growers and farmers are faced with inflated land prices and exploitation by supermarkets. Patrick Holden points to the disastrous result of the governments’ land sparing system of farming compared to land sharing.

Listen; New Defra Secretary, Interview with ffinlo Costain, Farm Gate, 17 November 2023;

Patrick Holden, CBE is a UK organic dairy farmer, campaigner for sustainable food and farming, and co-founder of U.K. The Sustainable Food Trust and U.S. Sustainable Food Alliance.

Patrick Holden; “I think the reason why Defra got it wrong is because they’ve concentrated on stewardship and habitat, not remembering that actually the whole farm is a habitat and you cannot produce healthy food unless you regard the farmers as an ecosystem. And instead of doing that, I think that Defra has accepted that the farming system as it is, is likely to remain roughly the same. Therefore they spent a lot of the money, maybe even up to two thirds of the (subsidy) money, focusing on the bits around the edge of the field and the habitats, which need to be, as in their view, protected. Rather than understanding that we need to bring about a systemic change in farming practice right across the board and organising and framing the future support that farmers need to get with that mindset. That hasn’t been present in Defra. It hasn’t been present with Theresa Coffee and who knows, but I doubt if it’ll be present with the new Secretary of State, because after all, I mean this sounds disparaging, but it’s not meant to be, ministers really move from post to post rather like corn flakes buyers to white goods in a supermarket. They don’t have any expertise when they come to the office. So really that means that the focus of attention has to be on the civil servants. Maybe the new minister will have a particular interest perhaps in health, but if he doesn’t understand what I’ve just tried to explain about the need to really engineer a fundamental shift in farming practice, then we’re just going to be tinkering around.”

“I doubt very much whether the new Secretary of State will have the time to make any difference whatsoever in the likely short period that he is in office. So, and I don’t hold anything against them, how could he know? He comes from Health, that’s interesting. So maybe, just maybe, he will realise that the consequence of intensive agricultural practices damage public health and that creates a financial case for investing more, not less, in the ELMS package.

“We are risking bankrupting our government with ever escalating NHS treatment costs and it’s very interesting that people now are starting to realise this. Chris van Tulleken has pointed out that ultra processed food is causing enormous public health damage… The patient, agriculture, is sick and if we restore the patient, agriculture, to health, the consequences will be reduced NHS treatment costs.”

We received this letter on 10 November from Jan Palmer who is coordinating the local campaign against plans to build a monstrous factory pig and chicken farm near Methwold. Please sign the petition by PETA at the link below;

Sign; Help Stop Pig and Chicken Mega-Farm Plans in Norfolk

Letter from Jan Palmer; Good Afternoon, I hope you are all well. We spoke back in June regarding the horrendous application by Cranswick to build one of the biggest factory farms in Europe, housing nearly a million chickens and 14,000 pigs at any given time in cramped conditions, here in west Norfolk.

Many amazing charities and organisations are now on board trying to help prevent this from going ahead and a lot of individuals have worked tirelessly to campaign against this. However, they are still throwing money at it and forging ahead.

With the help of an e-action letter which was created by Four Paws there are now thousands of electronic objections on the planning portal. PETA have also created a petition which has currently got over 27,000 signatures but has now stagnated around 3,000 short of their 30,0000 target. As such I wondered if it would be possible to share this on your social media, in order to give it another push to get the numbers up:

I have also attached a recent objection letter from The Animal Advocacy Project, as it is well rounded and highlights all of the main and concerning issues, just FYI.

I would really appreciate it if you can share this or do anything to help raise awareness.

Thank you so much!


I have copied below an extract from the objection submitted by the Animal Advocacy Project which deals with the appalling cruelty that the animals will have to endure, and with the routine antibiotics they will be given to keep them alive in the unhealthy and stressful conditions, leading to the rise of antibiotic-resistant diseases that pass from pigs to humans.

‘In such intensive systems, with 43,500 chickens and 1,000 pigs housed within each shed respectively, upholding high standards of animal welfare is simply not possible. When housed in these numbers, mutilations to the animals are often deemed necessary by farmers. This is because the intensive industrial agriculture causes the animals stress. For example, in a natural environment with a smaller flock size, hens can recognise others in their flock and know their own position within the hierarchy. However, when a flock size increases to an unnatural commercial scale with tens of thousands of birds, no hierarchy can be established, causing aggressive and displacement behaviours, such as feather pecking. Consequently, farmers consider it necessary to subject the chickens to mutilations, which can include beak trimming, a partial removal of a bird’s beak, to reduce feather pecking and cannibalism within the flock.

‘Similarly in pigs, farmers of intensive systems can resort to teeth clipping and tail docking, both extremely painful procedures performed with no anaesthetic. These mutilations are carried out to prevent pigs biting the tails of others in the group and causing injuries. Tail biting seldom takes place in more natural settings where stocking densities are lower and physical and psychological stimulation is plentiful. However, due to the overcrowded, stressful, and unstimulating nature of intensive pig farms, it is a frequently seen behaviour within factory farms.The stressful conditions in which the animals are kept also create susceptibility to disease. This creates a disease risk for the animals, for wildlife and the public. Intensive farms often use antibiotics prophylactically as part of their regular processes to prevent disease outbreak. This creates a risk of antimicrobial resistance which the World Health Organization considers one of the top ten global public health threats to humanity in the 21st century. The application is silent on the proposed use of antibiotics and how disease risk will be controlled.’

If South Norfolk Council is prepared to spend public money to close a pig factory due to its toxic stench and pollution of the local ecosystem, why would a neighbouring Council (see above) even consider an application for a new factory farm a few hundred metres from a village? Is it because the councillors are also trying to survive in a world of tax-dodging corporations?

The government should negotiate the price farmers need to produce contented pigs like on Helen Browning’s organic pig farm, so that no supermarket can undercut them. If pork becomes more expensive, eating less, but better quality/welfare pork will be healthier.

Read; Concern as pig farmer paid £1.5m to stop working so that 5,000 homes can be built nearby, Express, 25th Oct 2023

Summary; ‘Closing it down will mean a significant reduction in pollution, allowing the building of 5,000 new homes.’

‘The deal in Norfolk has now raised concern that farmers in other regions will be paid similar amounts while the amount of homegrown produce will be further reduced. New developments can not be approved in some areas unless they offset the environmental impact that could be caused. Norfolk’s solution was to pay farmers to stop rearing pigs.

‘The farmer will be paid through Norfolk Environmental Credits Ltd but hope to have the money returned by developers. The farm in question, Markshall Farm, rears up to 2,000 pigs every year which in turns produces nutrients to two nearby rivers. It is unclear what will happen to the pigs, but they were likely to be sent to abattoirs for their meat.

‘Owner James Daniels, 66, told the Mail people thought he was receiving an “obscene amount of money” for “quitting” his job but he insisted he was “doing everyone a favour” by helping the environment. He said: “It really makes me angry when people say I’m profiting from this. It’s compensation for giving everything up. I’m the second generation of my family on this farm after my father got it in 1950. My son wanted to take it over.”

‘He added it would become a haven for nature, saying: “The money… is only going to pay me for eight to ten years worth of putting pigs there. That was my living.”

‘But independent South Norfolk councillor Clayton Hudson said: “My concern is about openness and transparency, with this potential use of public money. And I’m not sure stopping a pig farmer from putting nutrients in the system only to replace that with more development solves the issue.”‘

If we can produce the product ourselves, we shouldn’t import it. Pork farmers will enjoy a year or two selling their pork to the US, until the US improves its pig welfare to supply the higher standards demanded by California, and then the UK farmers will once again suffer. To ensure food security, instead of all this transient global trade in food, all our pork should be supplied by UK high welfare farmers.

Read; Lucrative Californian market opens up to UK pork in the new year, Farming UK, 20th Nov 2023;

‘NSF has become one of the first UK certification bodies to offer California’s Proposition 12 (Prop 12) certification for UK pork.

This certification is crucial for British farmers who want to comply with the new Californian animal welfare standards that come into effect on 1 January 2024.

California consumes nearly 15% of all US pork, yet only produces 1%, so it relies heavily on imports from other states and internationally.’

Anyone want to eat shipworms to help reduce CO2? They can grow up to 2 metres so when the government manages to bankrupt all our farmers, they will make a great meal.

Listen; Farming Today 22nd Nov

BBC summary; ‘The shipworm is a bi-valve mollusc – like an oyster or a mussel – which is known as a marine pest because it eats through sea-water submersed wood. Now, scientists at Cambridge and Plymouth Universities have developed a system for farming them, in a highly controlled environment using waste wood for feed. To make them a more appealing meal, they’re re-branding the shipworm as a Naked Clam!’

Brainwashed by EU agri giants, the German government is pushing fake meat.

Read: German Government to boost alternative proteins with 38m investment, Food Navigator, 20th November 2023;

Eight million Euros of the funding will focus on promoting protein directly for human consumption rather than animal feed.

However the majority of the funding, some €20m, will be devoted to phasing out animal husbandry, instead promoting the transition towards the production of cultivated, fermented and plant-based proteins.

The final €10 million will be dedicated to finding the best new and innovative methods for the production of these kinds of proteins.

Great to see MPs in Italy voting against lab meat with a 3:1 majority as the MPs have yet to be bought up by big Ag and can reflect Italians’ pride in traditional Italian food.

Read: Italy bans ‘lab grown meat’ to protect farming and food, Farmers Guardian, 21st November 2023;

‘Italian MP’s have voted to back a law banning the production, sale or import of cultivated meat in defence of the nation’s farmers and food heritage.

Despite the heated debate, parliament backed the bill by 159 votes to 53. Should companies breach the law, they will face a fine of up to €60,000 (£52,000). Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida, who had previously vowed to prevent ‘synthetic food’ from reaching dining tables in Italy, hailed the decision and said: “Italy is the world’s first country safe from the social and economic risks of synthetic food. “We are safeguarding our food, our system of nutrition, by maintaining the relationship between food, land and human labour that we have enjoyed for millennia.”

The Landworkers’ Alliance is demanding that the UK be more self-sufficient in fruit and veg. If, like me, you don’t trust the government to put people before corporate profit, simply buy your fruit and veg from the UK and ideally make sure it’s organic. The Riverford box scheme is a good source of a variety of organic food delivered to your door to avoid the temptation of buying it at the supermarket when you buy your other household needs.

‘Last week we wrote to the new Secretary of State for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs, Steve Barclay, welcoming him into his new position, and urging him to publish a Horticulture Strategy for England as a matter of highest urgency. The letter was signed by the Soil Association, Organic Farmers and Growers, CSA Network, Organic Growers Alliance, Sustain, Growing Communities, Lantra, Better Food Traders and Regather.

As we made clear in our submission to the House of Lords Horticulture Committee enquiry, edible horticulture in the UK is at a crossroads, with producers scaling down production, or leaving the sector altogether, and our reliance on overseas fruit and veg imports becoming increasingly precarious as a result of global warming and poor harvests.

We’re therefore urging the Government to take an ambitious and cross-departmental approach to horticultural strategy, that prioritises boosting sustainable domestic production and training a new generation of UK horticultural growers and workers.

Read our letter here.

You can also read our response to the House of Lords recent Horticulture report here.’

Of course we need more fruit and veg to be grown in the UK but let’s ensure they are not the new hybridised varieties where the flavour and nutrition has been sacrificed at the altar of maximising quantities and long shelf-life, which is only convenient for corporations’ centralised system of long distance transport and storage. Capitalism looks at economics of scale but if the competition was fair, producers would have to internalise the cost to the NHS of poor human and ecological health. The winners would be small scale local farms supplying traditional varieties without chemical inputs and sold in local markets. Without the middlemen, farmers could earn a fair living without compromising quality.

Watch; Why Fruits Have Lost Their Vitamins ENDVR Documentary, 3 September 2023;

Summary; ‘Sixty years of producing standardised fruits and vegetables and creating industrial hybrids have had a dramatic impact on their nutritional content. In the past 50 years, vegetables have lost 27% of their vitamin C and nearly half of their iron.

Take the tomato. Through multiple hybridizations, scientists are constantly producing redder, smoother, firmer fruit. But in the process, it has lost a quarter of its calcium and more than half of its vitamins. The seeds that produce the fruits and vegetables we consume are now the property of a handful of multinationals, like Bayer, and Dow-Dupont, who own them. These multinationals have their seeds produced predominantly in India, where workers are paid just a handful of rupees while the company has a turnover of more than 2 billion euros. A globalised business where the seed sells for more than gold.

According to FAO, worldwide, 75% of the cultivated varieties have disappeared in the past 100 years. Loss of nutrients, and privatisation of life, reveal the industrialists’ great monopoly over our fruits and vegetables.’

Like our food system, the clothing trade is fundamentally destroying the ecosystem due to the capitalist system of undermining the quality of our food and fibres by turning away from nature and towards synthetic food and fibre. The clothing system has to return to more local production to ensure its qualities and quality is within the limits of our fragile planet’s bounty to feed and clothe us.

Listen; Meeting the demand for sustainable fashion Farm Gate, by ffinlo Costain, 3 November 2023;

“I’m pretty terrified by the state of the world, by pesticides, chemical pollution, synthetic dyes. And even though the EU is legislating to try and get rid of these, they’re still in our water supply. They’re everywhere. And they come from synthetic fabrics and dyes. And there’s such a threat to our bodies and all living beings. And we have six times the amount of clothing in the world than we need. If you look at the stats. So, the exponential increase in clothing production over the last 20 to 30 years has all come from synthetics and natural production of fabrics is pretty static.

There’s only so much land available for growing fibre. And the fashion industry needs to massively reduce its production outputs. And a way to do this is through decreasing the supply of fabrics, not increasing them.

We don’t need more clothing in the short term, but we do need to create the capacity to produce clothing within planetary boundaries. So for me, this means complete local production from the seed to the shirt, working within the biocapacity and limits of the land. We could all live with much less clothing and be absolutely fine. I think the thing is to develop the capacity and the resilience within our local systems, within our, where we live, within our regions, our countries and work with farmers and local people to develop the systems to do that and almost forget about the fashion industry itself because I think it’s, it just needs to reduce.”

Palestinian farmers in the West Bank are attacked and murdered in the ongoing violence by Israeli settlers, with the full support of the Israeli army and police.

Read; The ‘environmental Nakba’ Yasmin Dahnoun, The Ecologist, 2 November 2023;

‘Palestinian olive farmer Bilal Mohammad Saleh, aged 40, was shot dead close to the town of Al-Sawiya near Nablus in northern West Bank on Saturday, 28 October 2023.

Bilal’s death is the latest example of the injustice and erosion of land rights Palestinians have endured over decades of occupation. Bilal’s death is part of a wider tragedy unfolding for Palestinians. The Palestinian health ministry says that almost 120 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank in the last month. Four people aged 23 to 28 were killed during an early morning raid on the Jenin refugee camp on Monday, 30 October alone. In Gaza, the death toll is now around 8,300.

This year’s olive picking season comes after several months of drought. Farmers across the region start harvesting in their orchards after the first rain, in October and November.

Olives are a lifeline for between 80,000 and 100,000 Palestinian families in the occupied West Bank, but many farmers have begun harvesting in fear for their lives.

These olive trees are much more than a crop: they are symbolic of Palestinians’ long-standing rootedness in the land. Olive groves have often been passed down through families.

They are emblems of strength and resilience: they are extremely drought resistant and are able to withstand some of the harshest growing conditions on Earth. Many olive trees date back to centuries before the Israeli occupation.

Ever since the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza began in 1967, the olive season in Palestine has been endangered by settler violence.’


This No Farming, No Food documentary is nearly fabulous as it is critical of the NetZero narrative that is destroying farmers’ livelihoods. They show how the anthropogenic climate change emergency narrative, that is promoted by the green movement, has provided a convenient smokescreen to grab the land and force us all to eat insects or fake meat.

However, it goes very wrong when it advocates that without fertiliser, pesticides and GMO crops, we will starve. We need to leave fossil fuel in the soil and do the transition to organic without losing a single farmer. Farmers need help to transfer to organic/free range etc., and smaller scale, with a ‘land sharing’ policy where all of the land is valued for biodiversity not just the margins. This film follows the government’s narrative of land ‘sparing’ that continues to have large scale intensive factory farming and chemical intensive monoculture with biodiversity on ‘spare’ land.

Far better therefore to watch the film Nitrogen 2000 which shows how scientists can be hijacked to say what their funder wants by omitting parts of the research. So this documentary questions the Dutch government’s tactic of using nitrogen overload as an excuse to forcibly close farms.

Watch; Nitrogen 2000 a 45-minute-long documentary on the Dutch Farmers’ struggle of 2019-2023.

Summary; ‘50% of the cattle farmers of Holland, that own 70% of the country, are facing a forced purchase of their lands. The government is claiming that the nitrogen the cows produce is precipitating onto “Nature 2000” areas of the country which causes nettles to grow too high and give too much shade to orchids and therefore their farmers need to be eliminated!

Is this really about lowering Nitrogen levels to help orchids over nettles? What other darker designs lie behind the Nitrogen policy of Holland? Surely if it were truly about Nitrogen other solutions could be found than disenfranchising the most efficient farmers on the planet. In Nitrogen 2000 we get to the bottom of the story.

Why are the Dutch and EU governments pushing a policy that will drive up food prices at a time when food shortages world wide are affecting us all. Why are they taking the most efficient farms off the market?

What does this mean for the future of our food supply? After decades of advocating “Food Security,” why is the Dutch government now advocating a policy that purposely makes Holland completely dependent on foreign food production?

Why are they attacking their own patrimony… the Dutch cattle farmer?’

This film uncovers the brutal reality of factory meat farming in the US, where huge meat monopolies control the market and deliberately bankrupt small farmers by selling below the cost of production. Cattle are confined in huge feedlots where not a blade of grass grows, and are dosed with antibiotics to make them grow faster.

As the film explains, we must take control of the meat industry away from corporations, not necessarily by going vegan, but by only buying meat from small farmers with cattle on chemical-free pastures.

Watch; Why Veganism isn’t the Solution to Climate Change

A brief look into the toll of animal agriculture, as well as whether a vegan diet is a feasible solution to the environmental destruction of meat production.

‘Only when we’ve wrested control of the very food we eat away from those hungry for profits and place it in the decision making of the people can we then begin a just transition away from the harmful impacts of meat.’

Watch; Our Food is Killing Us; by Our Changing Climate; 22 September 2023

Summary; ‘In this ‘Our Changing Climate’, climate change video essay, I examine the causes and destruction of our current industrialised food system. Specifically, I dive into the capitalist commodification of food, and how most of the industrialised farming that takes place in the imperial core doesn’t produce crops for our consumption. Instead, the majority of the “food” we grow goes toward animal feed and biofuels. In addition, the fertilisers, pesticides, and herbicides that our current industrialised farming system gobbles up, are derived from fossil fuels. Essentially, fossil fuel corporations are laundering their dirty fuels through the very chemicals farmers use to grow their crops. Our food system is broken. We’re in desperate need of a new agro-ecological revolution.’

The climate change carbon trading scam is just another casino market, this time to buy and sell ‘carbon credits’ whereby corporations buy the right to continue to pollute while at the same time complying with the phoney ‘Netzero’ target. A new global carbon market is already being used by traders to skim money from the system, for city money to buy up land for trees and solar panels, and for governments to use as an excuse to eliminate small farmers and instead promote lab meat, worms and insects and industrialised protein powders.

Watch; Why “Netzero” Emission Targets are a Scam, 13-minute-long documentary, 3 December 2021;

“In this ‘Our Changing Climate’, climate change video essay, I look at why net zero emissions targets are a scam. Specifically I look at how the promises of net zero at COP26 will not actually mitigate climate change quickly. Net zero emissions does not mean zero emissions. Countries and companies like BP can use the net zero emissions goals and targets to continue burning fossil fuels and emitting carbon dioxide, ultimately fueling the climate crisis, while they rely on the false promise of carbon capture and carbon sequestration techniques like tree planting or technologies that haven’t even been invented yet. Essentially, net zero emissions schemes allow for a worsening of the climate crisis because they are a procrastination technique for countries and corporations who do not want to reduce their emissions. Because of the vague definition of net zero, even fossil fuel companies like BP could call themselves ‘net zero’ yet still continue with business as usual.”

Watch the Trailer; Common Ground Directed by Josh and Rebecca Tickell who also made Kiss the Ground (On Netflix)

Common Ground is only available at screenings for now. Please request Netflix to include it.

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Forgive me for pointing out that, while we receive some one-off donations, I am funding Farms Not Factories myself, and if we are to continue to fight the cruel, antibiotic-led factory farm system, we will need some regular donations from like-minded people. Please consider a monthly subscription of £2/month and help us support a network of smaller scale, humane and healthy UK pig farms, local abattoirs and butchers.

“Our message is simple, we want to help bring an end to this dangerous, inhumane system. Vote for real farming over factory farming.”
– Tracy Worcester, Director


Please put this in your calendar and join us to shout FREE ASSANGE from another cold Christmas in “Britain’s Guantanamo Bay”, HMP Belmarsh.

French politician and mathematician Cédric Villani reports on his visit to Julian Assange last week;

‘Yes, we should all be grateful to Assange. No journalist has exposed as many scandals as he has. War crimes, corruption in the world of finance or politics, industrial espionage, tapping the phones of heads of state (including three presidents of the French Republic)… The list of powerful people, conspirators and crooked entrepreneurs who have something against him is endless. But the gigantic smear campaigns waged by his enemies and the length and complexity of the proceedings have reduced his team of active supporters to a trickle. For my part, it’s only been three years since I joined them, proclaiming his unjust fate from the rooftops, including in Parliament, with François Ruffin and a few others – but if I have one regret, it’s that I didn’t open my eyes sooner.’

Also, SIGN UP HERE to the Don’t Extradite Assange case if you haven’t already, so that you will be notified about the looming court date to see if the UK courts will hear Julian Assange’s appeal against the US extradition which MUST NOT HAPPEN. Everyone must be ready to be outside The Royal Courts at 9AM of the court date as soon as it is announced.

Julian Assange: If we can only live once, then let it be a daring adventure that draws on all our powers. Let it be with similar types whose hearts and heads we may be proud of. Let our grandchildren delight to find the start of our stories in their ears but the endings all around in their wandering eyes.

Duplicitous Piers Morgan feigns neutrality and pretends to empathise with the Palestinian tragedy while badgering Palestinian spokespeople with the loaded, irrelevant and distorting question ‘what about October 7th?’ as if the 75-year Israeli terror and unrelenting Nakba against Palestine didn’t exist.

Watch; The corporate media’s coverage of the Zionist regime’s daily mass slaughter of men, women and children in Gaza has been shamefully one-sided Palestine Declassified, 25 November 2023;

The pro-Israel story line is tightly policed and any interviewees who stray from that pro-Israel narrative are invariably ridiculed, cut short or continuously interrupted.

One of the worst offenders is Piers Morgan, who presents a show on Talk TV. Morgan likes to characterise himself as an even-handed host, but the truth is, he’s anything but.

This episode looks at who Piers Morgan rubs shoulders with. We also examine the Zionist connections of Rupert Murdoch who owns News Corp, the parent company of Talk TV.’

Read: US And UK Military Contractors Created Sweeping Plan For Global Censorship In 2018, CTIL Files #1, New Documents Show Michael Shellenberger; 28 Nov 2023;

Summary; ‘Whistleblower makes trove of new documents available to Public and Racket, showing the birth of the Censorship Industrial Complex in reaction to Brexit and Trump election in 2016’

‘A whistleblower has come forward with an explosive new trove of documents, rivalling or exceeding the Twitter Files and Facebook Files in scale and importance. They describe the activities of an “anti-disinformation” group called the Cyber Threat Intelligence League, or CTIL, that officially began as the volunteer project of data scientists and defence and intelligence veterans but whose tactics over time appear to have been absorbed into multiple official projects, including those of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The CTI League documents offer the missing link answers to key questions not addressed in the Twitter Files and Facebook Files. Combined, they offer a comprehensive picture of the birth of the “anti-disinformation” sector, or what we have called the Censorship Industrial Complex.

The whistleblower’s documents describe everything from the genesis of modern digital censorship programs to the role of the military and intelligence agencies, partnerships with civil society organisations and commercial media, and the use of sock puppet accounts and other offensive techniques.

“Lock your shit down,” explains one document about creating “your spy disguise.”

Another explains that while such activities overseas are “typically” done by “the CIA and NSA and the Department of Defense,” censorship efforts “against Americans” have to be done using private partners because the government doesn’t have the “legal authority.”

The whistleblower alleges that a leader of CTI League, a “former” British intelligence analyst, was “in the room” at the Obama White House in 2017 when she received the instructions to create a counter-disinformation project to stop a “repeat of 2016.” (Brexit and Trump won the election!)’

Watch; We are LIED to ‘Forever war, fears of pandemic and net zero LUNACY’, Neil Oliver, GB News, 18 November 2023;

“What is our so-called western civilization supposed to be? It seems to me the only point of our civilization now is the creation and pursuit of money and that the best way to make money is to make war, to make war and care not a jot which side wins indeed to care not a jot whether any side wins as long as the consequence of every war is another war.

The first casualty of war is truth. we don’t seem to be remembering that either. Perhaps the other war we ought to be paying attention to is the information war, the war to determine who controls the creation and delivery of Information. We know we were lied to about the pandemic, the justifications for the official response, lockdown and all, mandated jabs, we know we were lied to about the war in Ukraine. We were told it was nothing to do with NATO expansion but now the head of NATO Jens Stoltenberg admits it was all about the expansion of NATO.

But still for the meantime, the least resolutely scrutinised by online media is the World Health Organization pandemic treaty and the proposed amendments thereof. I say the substance of the changes proposed for that treaty, by and for the WHO that is largely funded by and therefore mostly due to the bidding of one Bill Gates, should terrify us. Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO, recently said that fears raised online about the treaty and its implications for the sovereignty of nation states are fake news, misinformation and conspiracy theory. He says that claims that national sovereignty is under threat, that the WHO will have power to impose lockdowns and mandates and the rest, are unfounded. I say those are lies.

Unelected, unaccountable Ghebreyesus asks that governments of all 190-odd countries contemplating the treaty amendments, amendments that will be adopted across the board unless governments actively opt out, (and there’s precious little sign of that), must instead take action to counter these false narratives in every way that matters. The countering of so-called false narratives means stopping your freedom of speech. Ghebreyesus says all that despite the draft of the new document released earlier this year which makes it plain that the WHO wants to remove from the treaty the concept of nonbinding, making the treaty binding for all, and to have nation states accept it. It will be up to the WHO to decide when anything poses a threat to world health and to act accordingly.

The draft describes the threat posed by an infodemic. There’s a new word to chill the blood. It refers to the overabundance of information, accurate or not. Read that again, accurate or not, implying that the WHO would expect governments to root out and remove even that information which is true if its presence in the public domain might lead individuals to behave in ways the WHO does not like for whatever reason. In this objective the WHO has the support of tech giants like Google standing ready with what they describe as inoculations against ‘wrongthink’, even if what you read or hear is true, even if what you say to others is true, if it results or may result in you or anyone else behaving in a way the WHO does not like, then that truth would have to be stifled.

The WHO desires and is working towards having, in the event of what they and they alone declare as a health emergency, even the potential to become a health emergency, control of where food is grown, where clothes are made, all of it in the name of pandemic prevention, avoidance of climate change, anything might be declared a pandemic risk empowering the WHO to redistribute resources.

Edits made to documents in the spring of this year would empower the WHO to instruct nation states to lock down their populations, to increase surveillance of those populations, to determine treatments, to mandate jobs, to cede to the WHO the control of the distribution of such products, to order companies to surrender to the WHO intellectual property and profits, to accept WHO demands about the redistribution of anything and everything.

Let’s remember above all that the WHO were disastrous in the face of the last pandemic. Who in the right mind would even contemplate giving them more influence next time around?

Covering all that this week, online media channel Redacted reminded us of the words of US president Herbert Hoover, warning that ‘every collectivist Revolution rides in on the Trojan Horse of emergency’. It was the tactic of Lenin, Hitler and Mussolini in the collectivist sweep over a dozen minor countries of Europe, it was the cry of men striving to get on horseback, and emergency became the justification of the subsequent steps. This technique of creating emergency is the greatest achievement that demagoguery attains.

We are in dreadful danger now, not just of the consequences of wars waged in our name, but of the loss even of our right to talk about such things. I see we are lied to about one thing after another, from the justification for war to the reality of our economy, from the suicide note that is commitment to NetZero to the threat posed to our right to spend our own money without the permission of the state.

Instead of the free trade of ideas and truth, all we are promised is ever more censorship. In The Great Taking, David Rogers Webb wrote there are monsters under the stairs eating people alive, but you don’t want to look under the stairs because you want to keep using the stairs. Here’s the thing, are we so beaten down that we will meekly accept more lies rather than ask questions? if we don’t demand truthful answers then I ask again, who are we?”

Watch; Who Are the Controligarchs? Author EXPOSES Bill Gates’ Plot to OWN YOUR FOOD; The Hill, 29 Nov 2023;

Summary; ‘Writer Seamus Bruner discusses his latest work, Controligarchs: Exposing the Billionaire Class, Their Secret Deals, and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life.’

“Regulations prevent you from being able to go off grid, I mean even collecting rainwater in some places is a problem, you can’t have backyard chickens in some places and this is really what the whole theme of the book is, is the centralization of power, and to your point intellectual property plays a huge role. It’s really about the patents. Bill Gates did not invest in the fake meat companies like Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, until they had secured the patents on protein change, which seems sort of Orwellian or dystopian in itself…Monsanto’s in the book with terminator seeds, patenting foods and seeds seems wrong and especially if you’re working to ban the generic equivalent which would be like cows.

So we kind of get into how patents grant an individual a 20-year long monopoly, and so with the oil companies like Standard Oil and the Rockefellers, they’ve taken this new green position, but it’s only after they secured investments into the so-called green companies. So, solar and wind is really like the patented technology, oil and gas is like the generic. All of the patents in a lot of ways have run out on the way to get traditional carbon sources of energy which is why it’s so cheap and abundant, but the new technologies are all patented. You can’t really have like a wildcatter, a scrappy young guy, go out and strike a claim in an oil well, in the nuclear power or wind Industries, there can be no Jed Clampetts, Beverly Hillbillies in the the solar and wind and nuclear Industries, they’re tightly regulated, they’re tightly controlled and they’re becoming tightly monopolised.”

“The biggest thing people need to do is take personal responsibility and vote with their dollars. Buying local, simple as that sounds, it’s actually harder than it seems because it can be more expensive. Not giving money to the monopolies as best as you can, maybe starting a backyard garden in terms of the food and with the chickens and all of that. But it’s really voting with your dollars.

In terms of regulations I think we need to stop funding these public private partnerships, it’s kind of like welfare for oligarchs. A lot of these supernational organisations, like the World Economic Forum, why do they need our tax dollars to fund the World Economic Forum or the World Health Organization? Bill Gates has basically funded the World Health Organization, so why do we need to fund it? So there’s a lot of taxpayer money that is going in the form of welfare to corporations that Bill Gates owns. TerraPower is his nuclear power company that gets tens of millions, if not over a hundred million in taxpayer assistance, and if it’s a profitable idea, if it’s a great idea, then they don’t need the taxpayers welfare.”

Read; The Great Reset Exposed: Schwab, Gates, and the Sinister WEF & WHO Plot to Depopulate the World using COVID Vaccines, Climate Change Lies & a One-World “Government” The Expose, 14 November 2023;

Summary; ‘In a world shrouded in suspicion and scepticism, where power seems concentrated in the hands of a privileged few and giant corporations, critical thinkers are raising questions about the intentions and actions of prominent entities such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) and renowned figure, Bill Gates.

Whispers of a grand conspiracy suggest that under the guise of “saving the planet,” a dark agenda to depopulate the world may be unfolding.’

‘At the centre of the controversy lies the WEF’s “Great Reset” initiative, a bold plan to reshape economies and societies post-pandemic. Advocates argue that it represents an opportunity to address pressing global challenges, while sceptics perceive it as a Trojan horse veiling a more sinister agenda.

The Great Reset’s core principles revolve around rethinking capitalism, improving global governance, and addressing environmental and social challenges. Proponents argue that it is a necessary response to the interconnected crises we face, such as climate change, income inequality, and healthcare disparities. They believe that by aligning economic systems with environmental sustainability and social equity, we can create a more resilient and just world.

However, sceptics correctly raise concerns about the perceived overreach of the Great Reset. They question the motives behind its proposals, particularly the potential erosion of individual freedoms and the concentration of power in the hands of a few global elites.

The calls for increased regulation and Government intervention will lead to a loss of personal liberties and economic autonomy.’

Read; Climate change cult tells Africa to NOT drill oil and gas… while performing ethnic cleansing in Gaza to drill oil and gas just off Gaza coast.

What a fukking scam.

Doug Mackey, who re-posted this satirical meme advising people to vote for Hillary Clinton by text!, was sentenced last month to 7 months in prison for election interference. It’s hard to believe someone can go to jail in the US for making obvious jokes about the voting system and making fun of war-tyrants like Clinton.

Watch; Tucker Carlson Tonight, 25 November 2023;

TUCKER CARLSON; “If someone had told you even 10 years ago that you could be indicted by the federal government and go to prison for 10 years for making fun of Hillary Clinton on social media you would not have believed it. It’s a free country, we have free speech, but it turns out not only is that possible it is likely to become much more common because the actual war is over information. One of its first casualties is a man called Doug Mackey who during the 2016 election made fun of Hillary Clinton on Twitter and then a few years later found himself the subject of a federal raid and indictment and then a conviction. It’s a shocking story, it’s hard to believe it’s happening in this country but it is.”

DOUG MACKEY; “I thought this was America, that there were First Amendment rights, due process rights, that we could criticise people in our ruling class. I thought my audience would find it funny.”

TUCKER CARLSON; “I find it hilarious. You’re obviously from Northern New England, you’ve a very dry sense of humour. So did you get a sense when you posted that that that was a crime or that it would be perceived as a crime?”

DOUG MACKEY; “No absolutely not.”

Gimme Some Truth; John Lennon 1971

I’m sick and tired of hearin’ things
From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded, hypocrites
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth

I’ve had enough of readin’ things
By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth

No short-haired, yellow-bellied, son of Tricky Dicky
Is gonna mother hubbard soft soap me
With just a pocketful of hope
Money for dope
Money for rope

This is such an old trick, you’d have thought it wouldn’t work any more. Create a threat, give it a brand name like ‘Digital Hate’, then create a phoney solution that is in reality a platform for more lies.

Read; The “UK Files”: A History of the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) Paul Holden, Racket News, 14 November 2023;

‘CCDH has grown into an organisation with worldwide influence, frequently quoted in relentless, uncompromising campaigns to have figures removed from the Internet. Its most famous work in the States likely involves the so-called “Disinformation Dozen,” including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The CCDH was sued by X, formerly Twitter, for “a series of unlawful acts” designed to impact its advertising by “falsely” claiming “it had statistical support showing the platform is overwhelmed with harmful content.” The Washington Post described this suit (emphasis ours):

“Our mission is to protect human rights and civil liberties online,” CCDH explains on its website. Those liberties, it says, are threatened because social media companies “erode basic rights and civil liberties by enabling the spread of online hate and disinformation.” It achieves this by conducting “innovative research, public campaigns and advocacy” aimed at influencing policy and legislation.

X, however, has claimed that CCDH is actually a threat to the very civil liberties it claims to protect. CCDH, in this version, is acting to “prevent the public’s access to free expression.” X has accused CCDH of using “flawed methodologies to advance incorrect, misleading narratives,” which it then uses to “censor viewpoints that CCDH disagrees with and reveal CCDH’s goal of leaving on the platforms only viewpoints that CCDH supports.”’

World domination monster Bill Gates, elected by no-one, loathed and despised as a megalomaniac charlatan, and feared as a eugenicist, has been exposed by a whistleblower.

Read; Gates Foundation Insider Admits Depopulation Drugs Are Pumped Into Fast Food Meals Baxter Dmitry, The People’s Voice, 17 October 2023

‘Since Bill Gates declared himself world health czar and became the main funder of the WHO, the organisation has been caught more than once deliberately deceiving women into thinking they were vaccinated against tetanus, when in fact they were being sterilised.

If you know anyone who still thinks Bill Gates and the World Health Organization wouldn’t intentionally sterilise the world with abortion drugs, you should tell them that they have been caught doing it twice before.

Doctors in Kenya accused UNICEF, the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of playing God and sterilising millions of women in Africa via the tetanus vaccine program. And they backed up their accusations with proof.

Dr. Stephen K. Karanja, former chairman of the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, became suspicious of the program when he learned that involuntary sterilisation programs posing as tetanus programs had occurred in other parts of the world.’

Watch; WEF founder’s son ‘singing like a bird’ to prosecutors in crimes against humanity case; PIRATE PETE; 28 October 2023.

Presenter; “Calling the global elite to account involves removing the diplomatic community provided by the Swiss government so they can be arrested according to Hussain Najdi (son of the co founder of the World Economic Forum). Who says the devil lives in Geneva”.

Hussain Najdi; “Geneva looks beautiful. It’s beautiful. It has a lake, it has this shadow. It’s very peaceful, but there is a dark side to it. Everything evil in the world related to demo side, unfortunately comes from Geneva.

You have WHO in Geneva, you have Gavi, then you have the WEF, the World Economic Forum, which my father was a co-founder and left Al Schwab out of disgust in the early eighties that has diplomatic immunity. I, as a Swiss citizen right here now, declare that the WEF is not eligible anymore for diplomatic immunity. I call in the Swiss authorities in security to arrest those people immediately.

Why the WEF, WHO, GARVI, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Bill Gates all advocated a global humanity injection by a bio weapon injecting nano lipids into 5.7 billion people and re Swiss are hosting them. That’s terrible. We cannot tolerate any entity that promotes poison to be injected into humanity.

But you have done it. I’m the victim. I’m dying from it. And my mother too – as a demo side. And they’ll be judged. It’ll be corrected in the name of humanity.

Presenter; The time has come to hold the elite to account for their crimes. And WEF insiders like Najdi are working with prosecutors to build a water tight case against key figures, including Schwab, Gates and Fauci for the upcoming Nuremberg 2.0 trials.”

Covid/Vaccines Scam and Pandemic

Please read and sign the petition against a vast global power-grab by the WHO with its dodgy connections to Big Pharma, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates et al.

Read; Urgent Call to Action: Block the Pandemic Treaty NOW, Citizen GO, 23 November 2023;

‘The stakes have never been higher in our ongoing battle against the WHO Pandemic Treaty. The World Health Organization (WHO) has unveiled yet another draft of this alarming proposal, aimed at becoming the primary tool for managing global health crises. They are looking to become the global health authority before “the next pandemic strikes”, and it’s up to us to stop them.

This isn’t about health; it’s about who holds the reins of power in times of crisis.

As they inch closer and closer to finalising negotiations, we cannot afford to back down. You have stood right with us on this issue, from the very beginning, and have shown immense dedication and commitment in all our previous campaigns.

Now, we need your support once again as we enter the final straight.

The upcoming Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) meeting set to take place this coming 4-6 December will uncover whether there is “sufficient” global consensus to ratify the Pandemic Accord across member states.

This could be a groundbreaking moment, that could possibly clear the ground for the Treaty to be ratified in time for the set deadline of May 2024.

The urgency to act is now, as the next Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) meeting is just a week from now. Will you sign to oppose this totalitarian power grab? Add your voice by signing our petition today.’


Please download and send a letter to your MP to ask them to attend this important event on 4 December that features experts unafraid to speak truth to power. Also, please pass this message on. The public needs to be aware. Thank you.

When so many young healthy athletes are collapsing and dying in front of millions of viewers on the sports field, how come people continue to take the jab?

Read; 2,000 Athletes Had Fatal Heart Attacks Since Jab Rollout – Media Blackout People’s Voice, 2 July 2023;

‘Since early 2021, at least 1,884 cardiac arrests or other serious issues have been officially recorded among athletes. 1,310 of those athletes died suddenly. The unofficial number is likely much higher than that.

An ethical media would be highlighting these deaths on the front-pages, pulling out all the stops to investigate just what was going on. We live in a very different world now.

Good Sciencing has been maintaining a continuously growing list of the young, healthy athletes who suffered major heart-related emergencies in 2021, 2022, and the first half of 2023.

According to the publication, all of the athletes on the list share one common factor: They suffered sudden serious heart problems after receiving the toxic mRNA COVID jab.

Meanwhile, recent studies have shown that specific communities of people have not suffered any mysterious sudden deaths or heart attacks. America’s Amish citizens have not suffered any excess deaths from Covid or any increases in cardiac arrests.

The Amish people completely ignored CDC guidelines during the pandemic. Therefore, they didn’t vaccinate, wear masks, engage in lockdowns, or partake in any other restrictions. Researchers have not been able to find a single definitive case of an Amish person dying from Covid after analyzing ten of thousands of people.

They also noted that they also could not find a single unvaccinated Amish person with autism or several other conditions that affect the rest of America.’

It seems that governments in their scramble to increase pharma and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) profits for their friends and funders, ignored what the European Medicines Agency was telling them.

Watch; MEP describes response from European Medicines Agency (EMA) to a letter asking about Dutch Government vaccine policy during Covid posted on X 21 November 2023;

Marcel de Graaff, MEP; “So the sports halls full of vaccine prickers were in conflict with the use of which the vaccines have been admitted by the EMA. And it gets worse. To assess the safety of the vaccine, it was essential for the EMA that side effects would be properly registered, and the EMA says ‘We expect many reports of side effects that occur during, during or shortly after the vaccination and that means complaints must be reported, especially in the first period immediately following vaccination.’

The government supported a policy in which these complaints were not reported in the 1st 14 days after vaccination because the vaccination would need 14 days to become effective. All complaints in that period were ascribed to the coronavirus, and that is not only fraudulent, but deliberately endangering people’s lives. And I remind you once again, we are still fighting with a gigantic so-called unexplained excessive mortality. The government knew that the vaccine would not protect against the spread of of the virus, but did not share this information with the citizens. On the contrary, it forced the vaccines onto our citizens with lies. It obscured the side effects and thus brought the health of everyone who had taken the vaccine into danger.

The vaccine campaigns should be stopped as soon as possible and it is simply not safe and it does not meet the requirements set by the EMA. The government and all political parties that supported this should all be held account for their lies and fraud.”

Though the event recording disappeared from the European Parliament records, luckily a screen recording was found to prove that some EU politicians are voicing their concerns about dishonest reporting on the side effects of the Covid vaccine.

Watch; Shocking confirmations about COVID-19 vaccines in the EU Parliament; 21 November 2023 with @MJRLdeGraaff @Joachim_Kuhs @willem_engel

Joachim Kuhs; “When misinformation is spread by the governments of our member states, doctors can’t give good advice and people can’t make a good choice whether they want to be vaccinated or not. One of the major considerations for people whether or not to take a vaccine is a possible risk and side effects. EMA (European Medicines Agency) mentioned in its letter to us, they expect, “reports of conditions occurring at, or soon after, vaccination.

This implies that data on adverse events or side effects within 14 days of vaccinations are of the utmost importance to assess the risks related to the vaccines. However, member state officials adopted the policy that, as it would take 10 to 14 days for the vaccine to produce spike proteins, adverse events within 14 days after vaccination were not to be registered as related to the vaccination. Statistically, they considered the person who got the vaccine as ‘not vaccinated within those first 14 days’.

What a nonsense. Government policies and also governmental media campaigns to promote covid vaccinations are leaving out the risks and side effects that might occur in those first 14 days. Most allergic reactions occur within 20 minutes to two hours after getting into contact with the allergen. Side effects of regular vaccines our children get normally occur within one to two days, but yet somehow they just invented this 14 days story to create this fake feeling of security and reducing the amounts of registered side effects. My impression is that they did it because they knew, from the reports of Pfizer and Moderna and so on, that many and severe side effects will come.

What are the governmental policies then, based on? How can doctors correctly advise their patients whether or not to take the vaccines? How can a citizen who is thinking about vaccinations assess for himself the safety of the vaccine? How can there be a truely informed choice and thus a valid consent, when this crucial information is withheld? And why did the EMA not intervene?”

Ron Johnson was a Trump ally who questioned the safety of the Covid vaccines and supported treatment with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. He raised a question in the Senate about why the FDA had withdrawn the emergency-use authorisation for Hydroxychloroquine, and was told they had no antiviral properties, although they were still authorised for malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.This chart shows he was right to doubt the safety of the vaccines.

Read; Senator Ron Johnson Presents the Most Censored Chart in Congressional History Vigilant News, 14 November 2023;

‘On January 25, 2022, Senator Ron Johnson (WI – R) held the world-famous “Second Opinion” panel with top experts in the medical field. During that hearing, he presented a chart comparing adverse events of different medical products, like ivermectin, Remdesivir, and the COVID-19 vaccines.

Drug Adverse Event Comparison (FDA and CDC Data)

Ivermectin – 4,265
HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) – 28,823
Flu Vaccine – 220,346
Dexamethasone – 110,185
Tylenol – 136,079
Remdesivir – 9,290
COVID-19 Vaccines – 1,605,764


Ivermectin – 436
HCQ – 2,337
Flu Vaccine – 2,337
Dexamethasone – 19,599
Tylenol – 30,634
Remdesivir – 2,240
COVID-19 Vaccines – 36,501


Ivermectin – 16
HCQ – 85
Flu Vaccine – 87
Dexamethasone – 713
Tylenol – 1114
Remdesivir – 770
COVID-19 Vaccines – 13,036

In June of this year, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explained to Joe Rogan why ivermectin “had to be destroyed.”
Ivermectin is often recognized – 2nd to penicillin – for having the greatest impact on human health. Its discovery won the Nobel Prize in 2015.

But its existence threatened a $200 billion vaccine enterprise.

“The Federal Emergency Use Authorization Statute says that you cannot issue an emergency use authorization to a vaccine if there is an existing medication that has been approved for any purpose that is demonstrated effective against the target illness,” explained Kennedy.

“So they had to destroy ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and discredit it. And they had to tell everybody it’s not effective. Because if they had acknowledged that it’s effective in anybody, the whole $200 billion vaccine enterprise would have collapsed.”


The aggressive censorship of Senator Ron Johnson’s chart by social media platforms raises an important question: Is the primary intent to safeguard the interests of the public or to shield the pharmaceutical industry from scrutiny and debate? This act of suppression ignites a critical discussion on the balance of information, public health, and corporate influence on what topics are on and off-limits.

As Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has stated many times, “There has never been a time in history when the good guys have been the ones who are censoring people.” As the aftereffects of COVID-19 and the subsequent shots unfold, will this statement prove to be right again?’

Robert Kennedy Jr’s Children’s Health Defense was the first publication to warn of the dangers of the vaccines, and he was de-platformed on instructions from the White House. Now the statistics are coming in that validate what he was saying and shame the US government and corrupt agencies such as Faucci’s NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases).

Read; The Defender In-Depth; VAERS Intentionally Undercounting, Obscuring Vaccine Injury Data, Expert Says, by Michael Nevradakis, Children’s Health Defense, 22 November 2023;

‘This week’s edition of “The Defender In-Depth” featured an interview with Albert Benavides, an expert on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) who took viewers on a deep dive into what’s really going on with how vaccine-related injuries and deaths are tallied.

Benavides, founder of, analysed numerous deficiencies in the VAERS system that he said contribute to the significant underreporting of deaths and serious adverse events.

Benavides, who has an extensive background in HMO claims auditing, data analytics, medical billing and revenue cycle management, also explained how two parallel VAERS systems operate — with only one of these systems available to the public. The public-facing system does not contain updates made to VAERS reports after the initial reports were filed.

Benavides shared a presentation highlighting key findings he’s identified by studying VAERS data, arguing that many of these discrepancies, in his opinion, are intentional and hide the true extent of vaccine-related deaths and adverse events. Benavides said he’s been able to identify over 30,000 reports related to the COVID-19 vaccines which “have been deleted,” including 1,100 death reports that have been deleted.’

Watch; Yuval Harari, posted by Illuminatibot, X, 25 November 2023;

‘COVID is critical because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimise total biometric surveillance. We want to stop this epidemic, we need not just to monitor people, we need to monitor what’s happening under the skin.’

Russia Ukraine war

Watch; Ukraine sends women, the elderly to the front;The Grayzone; 24 November, 2023;

Summary; ‘The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate cover the latest evidence of the collapse of Ukraine’s military, and the quiet acceptance in Washington that the proxy war is lost’.

Aaron Mate; “Their counter offensive was a complete bust; no one even talks about it anymore, because they actually lost more territory than they gained, at least according to the last time I checked the figures. There was recently that report in NBC news saying; ‘the Biden administration is now pressing Ukrainian officials on what they would accept in peace talks’. And of course they’re doing that because, as the article points out, the Biden administration is especially concerned about the fact that Ukraine is running out of forces. They don’t have any people left.

And that’s the whole point of this whole thing. It was never about defending Ukraine. It was about sacrificing as many Ukrainians as possible to bleed Russia. And now they’re running out of people to sacrifice. The average age of the Ukrainian military now is 43. I bet it’s actually higher. I think it’s actually probably too young for the average age. And so if you look at this article in NBC news about why Ukraine is being pressed for peace talks, this is what it says; ‘Biden administration officials are also worried that Ukraine is running out of forces while Russia has a seemingly endless supply’, US officials said. Ukraine is also struggling with recruiting and has recently seen public protests about some of President Zelensky open-ended conscription requirements, which includes dropping a series of eligibility requirements to get as many people in as possible.

And here’s more from the article. ‘President Biden has been intensely focused on Ukraine’s depleting military forces. Quote, “manpower is at the top of the administration’s concerns right now”. Unquote. One person said the US and its allies can provide Ukraine with weaponry. This person said, quote, “but if they don’t have competent forces to use, it doesn’t do a lot of good”. So that’s what it comes down to. They’re running out of cannon fodder, so that’s why finally we’re allowed to talk about peace talks with Russia, when what should have happened is, we should have had peace talks with Russia before the invasion, which the US rejected. And then after the Russian invasion, which the US blocked.”

Max Blumenthal; “Here’s Euromaidan PR, an official Ukrainian account boasting about how the number of women in the Ukrainian army is increasing. Well, I wonder why? Because there aren’t any men, we’re now seeing female casualties on the front line. There’s a video of a pregnant female soldier being captured by Russian soldiers. There are absurd ads in Ukrainian media recruiting women to the army. This is what happens when you’ve run out and yet you’re being pushed by your top patron to continue. As Eric Thomas said, ‘talking about Ukraine seems nostalgic now’. It’s so true. It’s sort of like how Putin ended Covid and now Hamas ended the Ukraine proxy war. Who’s gonna end this? Hopefully not another pandemic!”

This is evil!! And the UK (Rishi Sunak) is a lapdog to US power.

Read; How the United States and its NATO allies sabotaged peace between Russia and Ukraine Larry Johnson, 14 November 2023;

‘We now know that the United States played the primary role in sabotaging the March 29, 2022 tentative peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine thanks to the recently published article by Hajo Funke and Harald Kujat, HOW THE CHANCE WAS LOST FOR A PEACE SETTLEMENT OF THE UKRAINE WAR — AND THE WEST WANTED TO CONTINUE THE WAR INSTEAD. The United States persuaded its NATO allies that pursuing the war against Russia, using Ukraine as a proxy, offered a legitimate opportunity to destroy Russia. You want a definition of evil? This is it. Instead of helping end the war between Russia and Ukraine, the United States and its NATO puppets condemned hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers to death in a war with Russia they could not win.

In the course of strong arming Ukraine’s Zelensky into rejecting the peace agreement, the West prepared and launched a propaganda campaign that claimed that Ukrainian military forces defeated the Russian forces and compelled them to retreat. It was a lie. As you will read in the timeline below, Putin ordered the withdrawal of Russian forces starting on April 1, 2022 as a good faith gesture about Russia’s seriousness in complying with the 29 March Istanbul Agreement.

Chalk this up as one more massive war crime by the United States and NATO. They are accessories to murder. I have summarised the timeline presented in the Funke/Kujat article if you do not have time to read it in its entirety. I also am republishing their piece for your convenience. All of the death and destruction experienced in Ukraine and Russia could have been avoided. But the West was intent on dethroning Putin and carving up Russia. Once you understand this point I think you will appreciate that Putin and his Generals are no longer of a mind to give the West the benefit of the doubt. Destroying NATO’s designs on Ukraine is now their chief aim in my view.

Ukrainska Pravda reported on this in detail in two articles on May 5, 2022′;

‘No sooner had the Ukrainian negotiators and Abramovich/Medinsky agreed in broad terms on the structure of a possible future agreement after the Istanbul results than British Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared in Kiev almost without warning.

Johnson brought two simple messages with him to Kiev. The first is that Putin is a war criminal; he should be pressured, not negotiated with. The second is that, even if Ukraine is willing to sign some agreements with Putin on guarantees, the collective West is not.’

This is a more realistic assessment of the bloody, western-backed fiasco in Ukraine than you will find in the western press. The war is justified by Biden and his puppets by the continuing lie that the war is winnable. There are echoes here of the Pentagon Papers revealed by Daniel Ellsberg that proved Johnson and Nixon lied about how the US was winning the war in Vietnam in the same way as Biden is lying now about Ukraine.

Read; This Ain’t No ‘Stalemate’: Ukrainian Frontline Breakdown, Revisited; Pepe Escobar, Strategic Culture Foundation, 14 Nov 2023;

‘Evidence keeps piling up, via leaked reports, of an across-the-board breakdown in the Ukrainian frontlines.

Facts on the ground point to the Russian Armed Forces (RAF) taking the initiative all along the SMO frontlines. This is recognized even by Polish and Estonian intel.

Main battles are being fought on the Avdeevka-Marinka line in the DPR and the Kupyansk-Svatovo line in the LPR.

RAF has enough manpower and weapons to keep the Ukrainians under a 24/7 state of despair. Objectives remain the same: to capture the whole of DPR and LPR within their administrative borders.

In parallel, the ever-unplugged Dmitri Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, has announced a massive increase in the production of weapons and military equipment. Medvedev constantly stresses that the capabilities of the Russian defence industry have reached an unprecedented level – and much faster than expected.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov, for his part, echoes what Foreign Minister Lavrov has been detailing for months now: Kiev – and its NATO handlers – better realise they cannot and won’t “win” in the battlefield.

Medvedev always relishes upping the ante: “The West must admit that not only Donbass and Crimea are not Ukraine, but also Odessa, Nikolaev, Kiev and practically everything else.”

A Perfect Storm of dwindling financing, weaponizing and Western “support” has darkened Kiev’s horizon, while serial Ukrainian disasters on the ground are so obvious they are even being picked up by Western mainstream media.

This ain’t no “stalemate”.

The previous analysis is only one among many that matches the breakdown of Ukrainian brigades across the frontlines – consisting “largely of units already mauled in their disastrous Hundred Days Offensive.”

The Hundred Days Offensive should rather be qualified as NATO’s Hundred Days Debacle.

The debacle is the key reason why the “Biden combo” administration is now desperately trying to impose a ceasefire: a face-saving gambit as crucial as throwing the sweaty sweatshirt in Kiev under a double-decker bus.’

The western strategy to defend Ukraine for ‘democracy’ is a shambles, an agony of death and destruction prolonged by Boris Johnson, dubbed the ‘killer clown’ by Irish MEP Clare Daly, scuppering the peace agreement last year.

Watch; West will choke on Putin’s terms for Ukraine; The Duran, 8 Nov 2023;

“We can see what’s going to happen. The Ukrainians come along, they start negotiations, the Russians said right we need all the four regions, you need to accept those as part of Russia. We also need very very strong protections indeed for Russian speakers in places like Kharkiv, Odessa, Mikoliev and all those places, conceivably because we don’t fully trust you. And Putin went to great lengths to discuss us how the the previous history of discussions, diplomacy, negotiations, the Minsk Agreement, all of that, how there is really no trust at the moment and with the nature of the political movements in Kiev, in Ukraine at the present time.

So conceivably, in fact most likely, he will insist upon the presence of Russian troops in some of these cities to protect Russian residents there. It’s impossible to see how any Ukrainian government could agree to that, in which case one can also see how the Russians will just press on. They’re already signalling what the future might be a future without a Ukrainian state, with Ukraine east of Galicia, east of the former Hapsburg provinces in the west reabsorbed into Russia, and with this small isolated landlocked state in the west around Lviv, trying to maintain its independence by itself.

‘It’s a disastrous outcome and Alexei Arestovtch, who is now Zelinski’s former spin doctor, who’s now become incredibly disillusioned. made an extraordinary comment, he said; “I basically lied to the Ukrainian people in the past about our prospects of a quick victory. I did that in order to build up morale so that we could survive. I am now destroying all of that, telling the truth about the fact that we are going to lose the war, so that we can survive. In other words for Ukraine this whole thing is now becoming existential.”

Palestine / Israel

I am ashamed of my government and the opposition’s support for Israel. Neither party represents the electorate. Across the UK, over a million people were on the streets demanding a ceasefire from attacks on concentration camp Gaza, and an end to the apartheid regime in the West Bank. Decades of oppression and violent attacks on innocent Palestinians were the cause of the October 7th Hamas incursion into Israel that has given the fascist ruling coalition leading Israel the excuse to finish their ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Gaza, and ultimately, all of Palestine. Thanks to support from our captured politicians, Israel is empowered to wage genocide in Gaza while destroying peoples’ homes and forcing Palestinians to flee to yet another refugee camp in another country (Egypt). Our arms and support for Israel is fueling the oppression of Palestinians and theft of their homes and land, where they have lived for millennia.

Its a pity Sir Gerald Kaufman is no longer alive to expose zionist imperialist and genocidal motives. Kaufman was a British politician and author who served as a minister throughout the Labour government of 1974 to 1979. Elected as a Member of Parliament at the 1970 general election, he became Father of the House in 2015 and served until his death in 2017.

Watch; Gerald Kaufman MP speaks about Israeli atrocities in Gaza in 2009;

“My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her hometown of Staszow. A German soldier shot her dead in her bed. Madam Deputy Speaker, my grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza.

The present Israeli government ruthlessly and cynically exploit the continuing guilt among Gentiles over the slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust as justification for their murder of Palestinians. The implication is that Jewish lives are precious, but the lives of Palestinians do not count.

On Sky News a few days ago, the spokesman for the Israeli army, Major Leibovich, was asked about the Israeli killing of, at that time, 800 Palestinians. The total is now 1000, she replied instantly, 500 of them were militants. That was the reply of the Nazi. I suppose the Jews fighting for their lives in the Warsaw ghetto could have been dismissed as militants.

The Israeli foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, asserts that her government will have no dealings with Hamas because they’re terrorists. Tzipi Livni’s father was Eitan Livni, Chief Operations Officer for the terrorist Irgun Zvai Leumi who organised the blowing up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, in which 91 victims were killed, including four Jews.

Israel was born out of Jewish terrorism.”

Former Israeli soldier, author and journalist for Haaretz, Gideon Levy, explains the history of racism and violence behind Israel’s ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., 2015

Watch; A Corrupting Friendship

“When I got first the invitation to come here, the first words were ‘Israel lobby’. I said, ‘wow, they invite me, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) is inviting me’. And then I said, that’s the chance of my life, and I’m going to come there to Washington and to tell them, listen, with friends like yours, Israel does not need enemies.

I think that we are dealing with a corrupting friendship. I think that if it wouldn’t be the Israel lobby, Israel would’ve been today a better place to live in. Israel would’ve been a more just place. If it wouldn’t be (for) the Israel lobby, the United States would’ve been a better place and a more democratic place.

Nothing can explain how administration after administration, legislators after legislators, are going in the very same way which contradicts American interest in so many cases, which contradicts international law, human rights, moral values, you name it..

For us in Israel, it is very clear. Think about a relative of yours or a friend of yours who is, God forbid, a drug addict. There are two ways to deal with him. One is to supply him with money and he will go and buy more drugs. He will be very grateful to you. He will appreciate you. He’ll tell you, you love me. You are my friend. You are my best friend. The other way is to send him to a rehabilitation centre. He will be so mad at you! But what is real care and what is real love and what is real friendship?

And does anyone in this hall have the slightest doubt that Israel is occupation addicted?

We have to face reality. And reality is that there is no chance for a change from within the Israeli society. Israeli society has surrounded itself with shields, with walls, not only physical walls, but also mental walls. The only hope is for an international intervention from Washington, from the United States, from the EU, because the Israeli societies prefer today to be brainwashed. And Israel, let’s face it, is a society which lives in denial, totally disconnected with reality. Would it be a private person? I would recommend either medications or hospitalisation because people who lose connection with reality might be very dangerous either to themselves or to society.

Three principles which enable us Israelis to live so easily with this brutal reality.

A) Most of the Israelis, if not all of them, deeply believe that we are the chosen people, and if we are the chosen people, we have the right to do whatever we want.

B) There was never in history an occupation in which the occupier presented himself as the victim. Not only the victim, the only victim around. This also enabled any Israeli to live in peace because we are the victims.

The third set of values is the most dangerous one, and this is the systematic dehumanisation of the Palestinians, which enables us Israelis to live in peace with everything, because if they are not human beings like us, then there is not really a question of human rights.

Is it good for Israel? No. It’s very corrupting because as long as the United States enable Israel to continue, obviously the Palestinians are the first and direct unbelievable victim of it, but by the end of the day, what would Israel be? Why would Israelis go for a change? What incentive..why would they bother?”

Watch; The Hidden Reasons Behind the War on Gaza Richard Medhurst,1 November 2023;

“I don’t think people have any idea what’s really happening in Gaza and why it is happening. A few weeks ago right before this war in Gaza ignites, Netanyahu goes to the United Nations General Assembly and he holds up this map and declares his plan for a new Middle East – what it is, is an economic corridor that stretches all the way from India to the United Arab Emirates, into Saudi Arabia, into Jordan, Israel and then finally, to the entire European continent..

The United States, seeing their influence starting to fade, seeing the relevance of the dollar recede after they stole $300 billion from Russia – you have all these spooks in Washington and Tel Aviv running around desperately trying to counter BRICS and counter China’s New Silk Road and this is their answer, this is a rival to the New Silk Road. Remember, the ancient Silk Road is the largest, most important trade route in human history.

This is just one aspect – you still have the gas. When the US instigated the Maidan coup in 2014, that wasn’t just about NATO expansion and encirclement of Russia, this was about surrounding, controlling and cutting off Russian gas to Europe. Russia is the country with the largest proven reserves of natural gas. Control Ukraine and you control the pipelines that feed and supply Russian gas to Europe.. Lo and behold, Nord Stream 1 and 2 are blown up!

Then Israel propose themselves as a solution to the European Union’s gas shortages. In 2010, they conduct a geological survey and find this monstrous, giant gas field in the Middle East in the Mediterranean Sea right off the coast of Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, and barely a year later, war breaks out in Syria..what a coincidence!

Now we come to Gaza. Gaza also has its own unexplored gas field. Gaza is also a concentration camp run by Israelis, and it’s been under siege by Egypt and Israel, under naval blockade, since 2007…

And that is precisely why they’re in Gaza slaughtering Palestinians like crazy. Israel is hoping the Palestinians will run away in fear, into the desert – they want people in Gaza to go into the Sinai desert and push the people in the West Bank into Jordan. This is genocide and ethnic cleansing without question. But it also has economic and geopolitical implications.

Hamas and the collective resistance, when they found out about Israel’s plan and Saudi Arabia’s wishes to normalise ties with Israel – which would destroy any hope of a Palestinian state – this forced their hand. It became clear they needed to act and respond immediately, lest Palestine be lost forever. For Palestinians, this is and has always been life and death. Either the resistance axis and the Global South expel the American and Israeli colonisers from the Middle East, or Israel and the United States will continue occupying the region, choking off the new Silk Road, plundering Syria’s oil and keeping Russian, Iranian and Arab gas cut off from the world’s market.”

Read; Israel’s Final Solution for the Palestinians Chris Hedges, 3 November 2023;

‘A leaked 10-page document from the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence dated Oct. 13, 2023 recommends the forcible and permanent transfer of the Gaza Strip’s 2.3 million Palestinian residents to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

It is a grave mistake not to take the blood curdling calls for the wholesale eradication and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians seriously. This rhetoric is not hyperbolic. It is a literal prescription. Netanyahu in a tweet, later removed, described the battle with Hamas as a “struggle between the children of light and the children of darkness, between humanity and the law of the jungle.”

These Jewish fanatics have begun their version of the final solution to the Palestinian problem. They dropped 12,000 tons of explosives on Gaza in the first two weeks of assault to obliterate at least 45 percent of Gaza’s housing units, according to the U.N.’s humanitarian office. They have no intention of being detoured, even by Washington.’

Humanity is on trial as insane Israel unleashes pitiless, unhuman murder and destruction on defenceless civilians. The world looks on with horror and disbelief as the cowardly US, UK and EU governments support the genocide. But thankfully they are shunned by almost all the other countries in the world, and by the millions that march for peace and freedom for Palestine from the world’s most brutal tyranny.

Read; Thou Shalt NOT Kill The Dennis Kucinich Report, 27 October 2023;

“When will we ever learn?

As a member of the US Congress for 16 years, I gave over 500 speeches warning about the consequences of US wars against Afghanistan, the Balkans, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Syria. I spoke for the imperative of peace in the Middle East, on behalf of Israelis and the Palestinians alike. I met with leaders of many countries who were grappling to keep their nations out of conflict and I came to understand the role some in the US government have played to intentionally catalyse war, fueling arms sales globally, without regard for the consequences. The consequences are here!

We are cartwheeling towards a massive East v. West war with religious and ethnic overtones. This seemingly inexorable March of (nuclear) Folly, will ultimately pit the United States militarily against China, Russia and their allies.

The US, with its political divisions on full display, functions now only for purposes of funding wars. Otherwise, the government will shut down over its inability to balance the books from the expenses of previous wars which were put on the national credit card.

The polarisation of US politics, the cognitively impaired and failing executive branch, the instability of the congressional leadership, the purblind partisanship, the ideologically, click-bait driven media has produced a mad blood lust for war against Iran and acceleration toward the abyss.

Through illegal war after illegal war, the US has demoralised and demonised itself against the rest of the world. It is the US and Israel against the Arab, Muslim, Chinese, Russian, Iranian, Turks, et al. The probability of nuclear war is higher than it has been since the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 16-28, 1962, when President Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Krushchev found an off ramp averting annihilation. Today, the price of nuclear vengeance and retribution would be the deaths of at least five billion people, and the end of life on planet Earth.”

Oops the officials’ Freudian slips reveal their lies:

Watch; When you lie all day and the real truth slips away, X , 9 November 2023;

Israeli Ambassador; “We are not the victims. Sorry, we are the victims, we are not the aggressor, sorry.”

Netanyahu Spokesperson; “But I can tell you that we are not targeting anyone else in Gaza but civilians. Hamas is cynically…. But, rather, terrorists of course.”

Incredible: Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson says “Israel has the right to commit genocide” before correcting himself to say “the right to self-defense”.

Watch; Biden’s build up to war with Jeffrey Sachs The Duran, 25 October 2023;

“The amazing thing is how much diplomacy is taking place, just not with the United States. Actually we’re in a remarkable flurry of diplomacy, Russia and China, the BRICS countries, Security Council meetings going overtime, dozens of speakers yesterday at the Open Session of the UN Security Council, but the United States is not part of any of this diplomacy. The United States essentially absented itself from diplomacy many years ago when it thought up tremendous delusions that diplomacy was not needed because it was the indispensable country, the sole superpower, the country that all nations of the world look to.

All the tropes repeated in that god-awful speech by Biden last week showing how completely out of date he is obviously in many ways…The world is shifting before our eyes in very dangerous ways. I might add some positive in that voices are being heard that have not been heard for a very long time, but the US basically, as you said and I think is exactly right, the US leadership is non-existent, doesn’t get it and is so out of experience of diplomacy they literally do not know who to talk to and no one especially wants to talk to them. They want some cooperation from the US. The US has stood alone now in the UN Security Council, this is very notable actually when you essentially have 14 countries aligned against one that exercises a veto, that also from a foreign policy and diplomatic point of view doesn’t stand.

And Israel is of course in an absolutely self-destructive mode right now, not only doubling down on a horrendous and illegal action against civilians in Gaza, but dramatically raising the stakes. The Israeli government calling for the Secretary General,who was doing a remarkable job in trying to help the world find a way through this, calling on the Secretary General to resign, you know it’s unbelievable how Israel is saying we’ll go against the world thinking as Netanyahu does, well the United States has our back, but the US has nobody’s back anymore, and all of this therefore is one miscalculation built on the next.’

The consensus that Israel is committing genocide is now indisputable, with testimonies from academics, human rights lawyers and human rights NGOs, that the killing of families in Gaza meets all the criteria that define genocide.

Read and Watch; Text-Book Case of Genocide: Top U.N. Official Craig Mokhiber Resigns, Denounces Israeli Assault on Gaza, Democracy Now, 1 November 2023;

‘Mokhiber tells Democracy Now! the U.N. follows a “different set of rules” when addressing Israel’s violations of international law, refusing to utilise its enforcement mechanisms and thus “effectively” acting as “a smokescreen behind which we have seen further and worsening dispossession of Palestinians.”’

‘As a human rights lawyer with more than three decades of experience in the field, I know well that the concept of genocide has often been subject to political abuse. But the current wholesale slaughter of the Palestinian people, rooted in an ethno-nationalist settler colonial ideology, in continuation of decades of their systematic persecution and purging, based entirely upon their status as Arabs, and coupled with explicit statements of intent by leaders in the Israeli government and military, leaves no room for doubt or debate.

In Gaza, civilian homes, schools, churches, mosques, and medical institutions are wantonly attacked as thousands of civilians are massacred. In the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, homes are seized and reassigned based entirely on race, and violent settler pogroms are accompanied by Israeli military units. Across the land, apartheid rules. This is a text-book case of genocide. The European, ethno-nationalist, settler colonial project in Palestine has entered its final phase, toward the expedited destruction of the last remnants of indigenous Palestinian life in Palestine. What’s more, the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, and much of Europe, are wholly complicit in the horrific assault. Not only are these governments refusing to meet their treaty obligations “to ensure respect” for the Geneva Conventions, but they are in fact actively arming the assault, providing economic and intelligence support, and giving political and diplomatic cover for Israel’s atrocities.’

We have no business being in the Middle East. It’s time we stopped funding the ethnic cleansing of their people in order to dominate them, promote and maintain division and steal their resources.

Read; Palestinian Islamic Jihad: ‘Al-Aqsa Flood was a preemptive strike against the enemy’ 30 October 2023;

‘In an exclusive interview, a top PIJ official revealed that the 7 October Al-Aqsa Flood operation was a preemptive strike against a US-Israeli plan to destroy the Palestinian resistance. Now, he says, we will not stop until we ‘break the American-Zionist project in this region.’

“Targeting Hamas is targeting all the Palestinian resistance, and it is targeting the spearhead of the resistance in this axis. It is why the occupation tried to market the idea that “Hamas is ISIS” and manipulate international public opinion against the Palestinian resistance with these lies.

Despite the ugliness of the massacres and the large scale of killing against the Palestinian people, we are convinced that victories are never without prices and without sacrifices. Algeria gave millions of martyrs to be liberated from French colonialism, and the Palestinian people have, and still are, providing martyrs for their cause.

What the resistance in Gaza wants today is to stop the war of extermination against the Palestinian people, acknowledge the defeat of the enemy, and go to a negotiator for the mutual exchange of prisoners.

The operation (Al-Aqsa Flood) was established to change the face of the region and the face of the world, in the interest of the resistance, in the interest of the liberation of Palestine, and the interest of breaking the American-Zionist project in this region.’

Violence begets violence;

Watch; Ex-Israeli soldier says ‘this government can’t defeat Hamas’ , Interview with Benzi Sanders, Sky News, 26 October 2023;

“My special forces infantry unit went to the border. The entire night sky was lit up with explosions, deafening explosions as the Air Force and the artillery bombarded the village. We were going into a small village with the purpose of identifying and demolishing a tunnel that was going into Israel. We’re only a few kilometres in, we weren’t very deep in, we were trying to secure an area for these engineers to demolish the tunnels. We pulled out and right after we pulled out, the Air Force came and demolished, obliterated almost the entire neighbourhood that we were in.”

“It’s already multiple orders of magnitude worse. I mean you know something like three times as many Palestinians have already been killed through these bombing campaigns as there were killed in the entire 2014 war, and we haven’t even begun the ground invasion. Hamas is stronger, that’s just a fact.”

Interviewer; Is it possible, do you think, to wipe out Hamas.. the Israeli government has said after this appalling terror attack we will wipe out Hamas. Is that possible?

“I think it’s the only way of doing it, unless there is a dramatic axiomatic shift in our approach towards Palestinians. Our approach towards Palestinians is they can just be controlled, we can just keep them indefinitely under military occupation, deny them rights, deny them freedoms, the same ones that we cherish for ourselves, they don’t have. And it’s not about security, it’s about ideology. We’re ideologically committed to controlling the entire land of Israel exclusively for the Jewish people.”

Interviewer; But there will be many Israelis who simply want revenge on Hamas for this hideous attack.

“That will only strengthen them. Even if we dismantle and are able to defeat the physical terrorist organisation Hamas, we will be strengthening the idea of violent resistance, because the only way to defeat the idea of violent resistance is to create an alternative and to work towards an alternative. One that our government is fundamentally opposed to, so this government can’t defeat Hamas.”

Interviewer; So you think it will in effect radicalise another generation of young Palestinians?

“Of course of course, we’re just killing them and we don’t provide any alternative. We’re keeping them under a debilitating siege, they’re running out of fuel, they’re running out of drinking water. What do you think?

We have to stop forcibly expelling Palestinians from their homes and villages and throughout the West Bank, we have to crack down on settler violence and we have to say out loud that we’re committed towards a peaceful negotiated solution with Palestinians in which they achieve freedom, achieve independence and achieve the rights that we cherish so dearly for ourselves.

I fear for Palestinian civilians who are being relentlessly bombed, I fear for citizens of Israel who are vulnerable to escalations on multiple fronts because of this war, I feel for many, many friends and loved ones. The tragedy is that no matter what we do, we won’t be able to defeat the idea that Hamas represents the ideology of armed resistance unless we try to create an alternative, and I really believe that this government is incapable of doing that.”

The Zionists are using the Al-Aqsa Flood resistance operation as an excuse to fulfil their long term objective of ethnically cleansing Palestine of all Palestinians, so they can steal their lands for Israel, and they don’t intend to stop there.

Watch: Why We Are Enslaved to Israel Craig Murray, Interview with George Galloway, 7 November 2023;

“It’s quite extraordinary. I think the most striking thing outside of course the terrible events in Gaza, the most striking thing happening in the world over these last 3-4 weeks has been the total dislocation of politicians from the people. We have a political class across the Western world which is absolutely enslaved to Israel; is prepared to excuse the most terrible imaginable crimes. If it’s done by Israel, it’s prepared to countenance genocide, is prepared to set aside every value they pretend to stand for, in the teeth of fierce popular opposition, and it’s very difficult to put together exactly how this has happened.

In the United States, it’s partly due to the Christian Zionist strength and the Christian Zionist vote everywhere. It’s due to financial support from Zionist lobbyist groups. But also, it appears that politicians have got themselves into a situation where they just don’t mix and socialise with anybody for whom support for Israel is not an absolute article of faith; that they just didn’t meet people who have a different view and they are entirely disconcerted. I think you’ll find that a large majority of people do not believe that Zionism justifies the genocide of the Palestinians.”

Watch: Colonel Douglas Macgregor: If Regional War Unfolds, There May Be NO Israel At The End Of It; 29 October 2023;

“People don’t seem to understand that today’s Middle East is radically different from the Middle East of 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago. The last major war was the ‘73 war where Egypt and Syria attacked Israel and Israel ultimately prevailed, although it was from time to time, touch and go. Today, the Arab states are far more, I would argue, cohesive; the governments are stronger, they have more technology at their disposal and there’s a greater willingness to weigh in collectively, and today we’re also talking about Turkey and Iran as playing a major role, and as a result, Russia cannot sit idly by. If Iran ends up being attacked by us, it will feel obligated to intervene because the Iranians have supported the Russians against the Ukrainian proxies.

So this has the ingredients in it for a very major war now we’re escalating across the board. We seem to think that escalation works. We’ve tried that in Ukraine; we’ve escalated and escalated and escalated and today Ukraine is in ruins. My great fear is that if this regional war unfolds, as I think it might, there may be no Israel at the end of it.”

Finally there’s a sign that sanctions will be imposed on Israel to force them to not only end their present slaughter of the country they occupy, but to ensure Israel accepts that they must live with Palestinians sharing equal rights. Or find themselves a home where they are not funded as a US military base to obliterate the owners of oil resources the US thinks it owns.

Watch; Russia, China, Saudi Arabia & Iran Begins To Sanction The USA Using This Dirty Tactic; Business & Geopolitics; 20 Nov 2023;

“There is a very big conflict happening between Israel and Palestine and the US has the power to stop this conflict

But Have you ever wondered why they are hesitant to end this conflict?

Many countries especially Russia, China, and Iran have expressed how they are displeased with this war given the fact that the US hasn’t done anything to stop this conflict but rather takes sides with Israel.

This has made China, Iran, Russia, and other big nations take very drastic decisions with regard to oil trade which will affect the US negatively, especially as winter approaches.

The main reason for this drastic decision is that the US should reconsider its choices and try to be a peacemaker in the war rather than fuelling conflicts.

But the question remains: Will the US bend to this demand and change its decisions towards this conflict?

We are going to find out in detail how the other big oil nations have come together to stand against the US and we are going to see exactly how the US responds to these decisions. Watch this video to the very end to find out the USA’s biggest plan”.

A former military man’s words that every citizen agrees with but Western politicians are wedded to stealing resources;

Watch; Kenneth O’Keefe: Former US Marine defends Palestinian Resistance

“I will say absolutely 100% without reservation, I support the right of self-defence. Without any doubt I would be involved myself in violent resistance if I were a citizen of Palestine or Iraq or Afghanistan and if I were a citizen of the United States or Britain and someone from halfway around the world came into my country and started stealing my land and killing my family. Guess what, I would defend my country as well, so I absolutely 100% defend the right of self-defence. I will never shy away from that, I will not join the long list of embarrassments who condemn terrorism while forgetting to acknowledge that the biggest terrorist on the planet is the United States government.”

Interviewer: Hamas doesn’t recognize the right of Israel to exist.

“You know what, that sounds like the African National Congress and Nelson Mandela refusing to accept apartheid and recognise apartheid. I say that Israel, if it wants to be a genuine partner in any kind of peace, needs to destroy its whole ideology of Zionism, Zionism that makes other people goyim, who do not deserve to be in the Holy Land. That’s the real problem. If Israel will embrace every people including Palestinians equally, human rights respected across the board, then I would challenge Hamas to change its Charter and say we will acknowledge Israel, but until that time I see no difference between Nelson Mandela and Hamas and refusing to accept apartheid or the Zionist Israeli state.”

Former senior US military adviser sees the writing on the wall for Israel.

Watch; Israel May Lose Its Statehood | Col. Larry Wilkerson; Dialogue works, 17 November 2023;

“I don’t think Israel will continue to be a state as it’s presently constituted within the next 20 years. I’d say within the next decade. I say that for a number of reasons. First of all, they are a strategic liability, not a strategic asset for the United States. We’ve always dealt with them during the Cold War. ……. They’re now a total liability to the United States, to our reputation, to our power, to our strategic focus.

We should be focused on China. China is the real threat to the United States. I’m not saying there’s gonna be a war there, but there might be if we keep getting weaker and weaker and weaker, China feels like it could steal the march on us. So that strategic focus is terrible. And this latest development, this development in Gaza that the Israelis should have seen coming like a steamroller down the road. How many Intifadas do we have to have? How many times do we have to go through this iteration where people who are fundamentally slaves, subhuman, kept that way by another state’s military and police forces, suddenly reacts to that? And I, I don’t care whether it’s Hamas or the Palestinian Authority or some outside power that does it for them like Saudi Arabia or Egypt. It’s just going to happen. Now, this cycle can only repeat itself so many times. I think this might be the last cycle. What is Israel after this cycle ends? Is it what Netanyahu wants, the Zionist dream, a greater Israel? It’s so big and encompasses all the water, oil, gas, and everything else in that region, and is really giving Jordan and Egypt and Syria a headache every day because they know no one is satisfied with that kind of movement and gain of territory until they’ve got more and more and more.

So that’s what the region would be looking at. They would then figure out a way to terminate Israel as an existent state. That’s what they’re headed for. And yet you’ve got everything from the US side where John Haguee thinks this is terrific; Christians united for Israel because it’s gonna bring about Armageddon. And that’s what he is looking for. To the side that says, okay, the only way to protect Israel is to eliminate enemies. We’re starting with the Palestinians and we’ll negotiate with people like Qatar, Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and so forth.

And we’ll put cash in front of ’em, which always gets those Arabs. And when we’re ready to smack them, we’ll smack them too. But right now we’re just gonna keep them close to us. I see that as the strategy of the Greater Israel? The strategy of the Zionists from the original conception. We are not just gonna have a state, we’re gonna have a whole bunch of land and a whole bunch of regions. I don’t know if that Netanyahu’s schemes are that grandiose. They certainly won’t be satisfied even if there were any possibility they would in his lifetime.”

Watch; Diplomacy isolating the West; MiddleNation, 13 November 2023;

Saudi Arabia has been engaged in nonstop diplomacy since October 7th with Russia, with China, with all the BRICS nations, with Iran, Lebanon and Hezbollah, with Qatar and Hamas, Jordan, Egypt. They had a meeting with ASEAN and the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), which was like the first time that they ever had a meeting like that.

They’re consolidating a united front and not just a united Arab front, but a united front for the entire global south, a united BRICS front, and they’re shutting out the Americans.

Read; Resistance groups produce a steady stream of combat videos; The Electronic Intifada; Jon Elmer 22 November 2023;

‘In this battle that began on 7 October, resistance groups have produced a steady stream of videos documenting the fight.

In this segment from our latest livestream, we talked about the multiple fronts of resistance beyond the battle for Gaza and the role that the media arms of these groups have played in documenting a crucial element of the fight.’

Watch: Norwegian MP and former doctor in Gaza, Mads Gilbert: Stop Israel, Stop United States, Norwegian MP, Mads Gilbert, Dawn News, 13 November 2023;

“This is the sound of one of the last remaining generators producing badly needed electricity for Shifa hospital in Gaza. It is no longer running on gasoline or diesel, it’s running on cooking oil. The engine has been modified by the clever hospital technicians, the engineers who can find a solution to any problem. I know them. Why is there no more diesel or fuel for the generators in Gaza, the big ones in the containers? Because of the Israeli siege. This is what they want, they want to stop the generators, they want to stop the electrical power to the hospitals, they want to stop the ventilators and the incubators from functioning.

Already Shifa had to close down the sterilisation unit which is sterilising surgical equipment, they had to close down the oxygen extraction machinery which is making oxygen from air, they had to close down the air conditioning system that is cooling down the dead bodies in the morgue because they didn’t have electricity, they don’t have water, they don’t have food, they don’t have drug supplies, all of this done with intention. All of this, pre-planned and executed by the government of Israel and their military forces, the so-called IDF Israeli Defense Forces. I have another name for them: IAF the Israel Attack Forces. None of this is defence of Israel, all of this is an attack on the Palestinian people, their right to exist, the right to live in their land, the right to be treated as humans.

When you’re running generators in the hospitals on cooking oil to save lives, when you don’t have water to feed your children, when you don’t have bread to feed pregnant women, the elders, the men, the children, everyone, then you have a sadistic ruler who wants to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible on the whole population, not on the soldiers they’re fighting against from the resistance, but on the whole population. This is not a war between Hamas and Israel, this is not a war of defence of Israel, this is an all out attack on the Palestinian people and their right to live as as humans in their own land, on their own soil, this is a fascist attack, a brutal punishment, collective punishment of the whole people of Palestine.

The same goes on in the West Bank, killing, killing, killing, apartheid, all along every single path, every road, every house, where it’s a Palestinian family, they have experienced this apartheid system. We have no time to lose, so get up, do more. I’m happy you participated in the demos, we need more, we need to fill the streets of this world with people saying this is not the world we want, stop Israel, stop the United States. Long lasting ceasefire immediately, open Gaza, having international control with the influx of help, stop the bombing, turn on the lights, turn on the water, turn on the food supplies and protect the hospitals. This is our duty, we have no time to lose.”

Read: Malcolm X on Palestine:

“The Israeli Zionists are convinced they have successfully camouflaged their new kind of colonialism.

The ever-scheming European imperialists wisely placed Israel where she could geographically divide the Arab world, infiltrate, and sow the seed of dissension among African leaders and also divide the Africans against the Asians.

Zionist Israel’s occupation of Arab Palestine has forced the Arab world to waste billions of precious dollars on armaments, making it impossible for these newly independent Arab nations to concentrate on strengthening the economies of their countries and elevate the living standard of their people.

Did the Zionists have the legal or moral right to invade Arab Palestine, uproot its Arab citizens from their homes and seize all Arab property for themselves just based on the “religious” claim that their forefathers lived there thousands of years ago? Only a thousand years ago the Moors lived in Spain. Would this give the Moors of today the legal and moral right to invade the Iberian Peninsula, drive out its Spanish citizens, and then set up a new Moroccan nation…where Spain used to be, as the European Zionists have done to our Arab brothers and sisters in Palestine?

In short, the Zionist argument to justify Israel’s present occupation of Arab Palestine has no intelligent or legal basis in history … not even in their own religion.”

Watch; A desperate activist tells Malcolm X that the situation is hopeless as there are too many powerful interests and too few to oppose them. Malcolm’s response is as important today as it was then:

“Never let your enemy tell you how many of you there are. Never let the man that you’re against, form your opinions. This is the trick that’s played on everyone who’s oppressed.”

Read; Churchill is still no hero 50 years on. Here’s why Jonathan Gornall, Opinion, 30 November 2023;

‘Jonathan Gornall highlights Winston Churchill’s appalling role in this region’

‘As the historian James Gelvin noted in his 2005 book, The Israel-Palestine Conflict, the declaration was calculated to persuade wealthy and influential Zionists in the US to back Britain in the war. Promises, in other words, had been made to both Arabs and Jews. Only one would be honoured.

Zionism was certainly helped by the fact that its chief advocate in England was Chaim Weizmann, a Russian-born biochemist who ran the Admiralty laboratories from 1916 and developed a method for producing acetone, in short supply and vital for the production of the explosives Britain needed to wage war. Weizmann, who in 1949 would become Israel’s first president, met and befriended Arthur Balfour before he became foreign secretary in 1916, and convinced him that Zionism was “a great cause”.

Churchill’s response to the Arabs in Cairo was bullying, patronising and deeply insulting, and contrasted starkly with his reaction to a simultaneous representation from the Jewish community. The latter he addressed as noble equals, the Arabs as inferiors who should consider themselves lucky that the Jews wanted to take their land.

Churchill persisted with the fiction that Britain made no commitment over Palestine to the Arabs. It was a lie that would persist for decades, until the minutes of a British cabinet meeting of 1918 emerged, stating that “Palestine was included in the areas as to which Great Britain pledged itself that they should be Arab and independent”.’

Watch; Trump Promises VENGEANCE Against Hamas – Goes Full Warmonger! The Jimmy Dore Show, 31 October 2023;

“Back in 2014/2015 Trump was saying that maybe we should take away our support of Israel and so what made him flip so quickly what made him Click? A lot of people are saying what made him flip so quickly was that Sheldon Adelson went and made huge donations to him in his campaign, he called him a great man. So if you think that Trump was the guy to stop the World War III that’s about to happen in the Middle East because Joe Biden is doing exactly what AIPAC (America-Israel Public Affairs Committee) wants him to do, exactly what the military-industrial complex wants him to do, and he’s being the warmonger of the worst order, and everybody had fingers crossed that Trump would come in and demand a peace and a ceasefire. And get this, he’s not.

So when people ask like over on other YouTube shows, ‘hey what’s Israel’s endgame’? Israel’s end game is to wipe out the Palestinians and take their land. That’s why they’ve been funding Hamas since at least 2006 so that’s why, in 2019, Benjamin Netanyahu said, if you believe in Israel and you support Israel, you have to fund Hamas. Why do you have to fund Hamas? To prevent a Palestinian State, he said. How does that prevent a Palestinian State? Because you split the Palestinians; you have the the religious right- wingers, hardliners, and you have the secular ones, the Liberation organisations, and you force them into doing a prison break which is what Hamas did. Then you say that’s OK, they’re terrorists, so now we can go in and slaughter everybody in Palestine because they’re hiding under churches and hospitals and schools. So we got to bomb churches hospitals and schools and we got to slaughter everybody because that’s where Hamas is, and meanwhile they don’t tell you that, the Hamas that we’ve been funding, that we exactly wanted to have be a strong organisation, so we could then use them as the pretext to go in and wipe out the Palestinians.

So, a lot of people were hoping that Trump would be the guy to come in and demand peace just like he said he would do in Ukraine that he would end the fighting in 24 hours and that’s what everybody wants. That’s what all sane rational people want to hear. That’s not what the military-industrial complex wants to hear. That’s not what the oligarchy wants to hear. That’s not what Wall Street wants to hear. That’s not what the fossil fuel companies want to hear. That’s not what NATO wants to hear, but that is what everybody else in the world wants to hear. So we were hoping that Trump would say the same thing about World War III that’s happening in the Middle East right now.”

Read; Iran-Russia set a western trap in Palestine; The Cradle; Pepe Escobar; 27 October 2023;

Summary; ‘The only country that could possibly distract the west from Ukraine is Israel. But the US and its allies are walking into an existential trap if they think a West Asian victory will be more easily won than a European one.’

‘Apart from Israel, there is an entity on the planet capable of switching the focus, in a flash, away from the west’s spectacular debacle in Ukraine.

The warmongers in charge of US foreign policy, not exactly Bismarckian stalwarts, believe that if Project Ukraine is unattainable, Project Final Solution in Palestine could instead be a – ethnic cleansing – cakewalk.

Bluntly, at the current incendiary juncture, the Hegemon has found the offramp from its Project Ukraine humiliation. They erroneously believe that the same old Forever War rekindled in West Asia can be “modulated” at will. And if two wars turn into an immense political albatross, as they will, what else is new? They will simply start a new war in the “Indo-Pacific.”’

Read; A Practical Appraisal of Palestinian Violence by Steven Salaita, 19 October 2023;

‘Useful context begins with the nature of the Israeli state, an avatar of belligerence and inequality. Beyond its role as a force of extraction in the global nexus of U.S. imperialism, Israel was founded by conquest which has yet to be rectified. That conquest included mass displacement of Palestinian Arabs, theft of land, murder of entire villages, appropriation of resources, and destruction of the natural environment.

Given this context, the notion of “self-defence,” the Zionist’s discursive go-to, becomes more complicated. How can an occupying power be in a position of subjection or helplessness? Only in unusual circumstances does the historical oppressor get to claim self-defence. This isn’t one of those circumstances: Israel’s hostility as an occupying power is entirely routine. Checkpoints are aggressive. Border crossings are aggressive. Military patrols are aggressive. Embargoes are aggressive. Home demolition is aggressive. Settlement construction is aggressive. Extraction of land and water is aggressive. One cannot invoke self-defence as a counterpoint to nonstop aggression. In short, there is no such thing as Israeli self-defence. It is a categorical impossibility.

Commentators in the West have taken to describing the current situation as the “Israel-Hamas war.” The term is inaccurate on two counts. First, it suggests a kind of equivalence that papers over economic and technological disparities between Israeli and Palestinian societies. And second, Israel isn’t on the offensive against a political party; it is waging war on the entire Palestinian populace.”

Read; What the BBC fails to tell you about October 7th by Jonathan Cook; 2 November 2023;

‘What the media’s uncritical promotion of Israel’s “Hamas as savages” narrative has achieved is something sinister – and all too familiar from the West’s long colonial history. It has been used to demonise a whole people, presenting them either as barbarians or as the willing protectors and enablers of barbarism.

The “savages” narrative is being weaponised by Israel to justify its mounting campaign of atrocities in Gaza. Which is why it is so important that journalists don’t simply allow themselves to be spoonfed.’

Read; The October 7 Hamas Assault on Israel – The Most Successful Military Raid of this Century by Scott Ritter; 13 November 2023;

‘The Israeli government has had to walk back its claims that Hamas beheaded 40 children and has provided no credible evidence that Hamas was involved in the rape or sexual assault of a single Israeli female. Eyewitness accounts describe the Hamas fighters as disciplined, determined, and deadly in the attack, and yet courteous and gentle when dealing with civilian captives.

..what happened on October 7 was not a terrorist attack, but a military raid.

What were the objectives of this raid? According to Hamas, the purpose behind the October 7 raid were threefold.

First, to reassert the right of the Palestinian people to a homeland not defined by the Abraham Accords.

Second, to release the more than 10,000 Palestinians held prisoner by Israel, most without having been charged with a crime, and none with any notion of due process.

Third, to return the sanctity of the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Islam’s third holiest place, which had been desecrated repeatedly by Israeli security forces over the past years.

And all objectives are being accomplished as we speak. Only because of the actions of Hamas and the sacrifices of the Palestinian people.

Which makes the October 7 assault on Israel by Hamas the most successful military raid of this century.’

Read; Gaza’s shock attack has terrified Israelis. It should also unveil the context by Israeli Journalist, Haggai Matar, 7 October 2023;

‘Contrary to what many Israelis are saying, and while the army was clearly caught completely off guard by this invasion, this is not a “unilateral” or “unprovoked” attack. The dread Israelis are feeling right now, myself included, is a sliver of what Palestinians have been feeling on a daily basis under the decades-long military regime in the West Bank, and under the siege and repeated assaults on Gaza.’

Read; by Gabor Mate, Holocaust survivor who believed in the Zionist dream until he visited Occupied Palestine: from this interview with Russell Brand in 2021

“I’m personally a Holocaust survivor as an infant, I barely survived. My grandparents were killed in Auschwitz and most of my extended family were killed. I became a Zionist; this dream of the Jewish people resurrected in their historical homeland and the barbed wire of Auschwitz being replaced by the boundaries of a Jewish state with a powerful army…and then I found out that it wasn’t exactly like that, that in order to make this Jewish dream a reality we had to visit a nightmare on the local population.

There’s no way you could have ever created a Jewish state without oppressing and expelling the local population. Jewish Israeli historians have shown without a doubt that the expulsion of Palestinians was persistent, pervasive, cruel, murderous and with deliberate intent – that’s what’s called the ‘Nakba’ in Arabic; the ‘disaster’ or the ‘catastrophe’. There’s a law that you cannot deny the Holocaust, but in Israel you’re not allowed to mention the Nakba, even though it’s at the very basis of the foundation of Israel.

I visited the Occupied Territories (West Bank) during the first intifada. I cried every day for two weeks at what I saw; the brutality of the occupation, the petty harassment, the murderousness of it, the cutting down of Palestinian olive groves, the denial of water rights, the humiliations…and this went on, and now it’s much worse than it was then.

It’s the longest ethnic cleansing operation in the 20th and 21st century. I could land in Tel Aviv tomorrow and demand citizenship but my Palestinian friend in Vancouver, who was born in Jerusalem, can’t even visit!

So then you have these miserable people packed into this, horrible…people call it an ‘outdoor prison’, which is what it is. You don’t have to support Hamas policies to stand up for Palestinian rights, that’s a complete falsity. You think the worse thing you can say about Hamas, multiply it by a thousand times, and it still will not meet the Israeli repression and killing and dispossession of Palestinians.

And ‘anybody who criticises Israel is an anti-Semite’ is simply an egregious attempt to intimidate good non-Jews who are willing to stand up for what is true.”

A balanced account of the situation in Occupied Palestine, offering much context behind the status quo in Israel, which includes Israel’s repeated refusal to accept a two state solution, its illegal war crimes against a besieged Palestinian population and the illegal land grabbing of Palestinian land that has never stopped since Israel was created on top of Palestine in 1948.

Read; The roots of Israel’s ethnic cleansing in Gaza; by Gabor Mate’s son, Aaron Mate, 15 October 2023;

Watch; Pure Fascist Propaganda, David Miller, Palestine Declassified, 10 November 2023;

“Well, look, these statements that that we just heard, I mean as you say, horrifying. This one from Arsen Ostrovsky who works for one of the zionist troll farms with the Palestinians as cockroaches, this is pure fascist propaganda, as everybody who’s familiar with Nazi propaganda knows. And these things have all been made in the last month, you know, since October the 7th. I mean, this is a huge quantity of genocidal, openly genocidal statements made by key zionist ideologues and significant figures in the movement, not just ordinary settlers on the streets, as we’ve also seen in the film.

But yes, of course this is what zionism is, zionism has to be genocidal. It has to find a way in order to establish a jewish state where jews will have more rights than anybody else, Christians or Muslims or anybody else. It has to get rid of the natives. Of course, they got rid of 750,000 in 1948 and killed many as well. And what they’ve got to do to complete the project is, in their view, to get rid of all the rest of the Palestinians.

That’s why we’ve seen these secret plans emerging about relocation of the 2.2 million population of Gaza into the desert in Sinai. The zionists very generously promised that the ones who they don’t kill, they managed to force out, they’ll provide them some tents. Truly, truly awful. But this is what zionism has always been and cannot be anything else. There is no way of saying zionism is an ideology which could live with the Palestinians.”

Read; Fighting Amalek in Gaza: What Israelis Say and Western Media Ignore, by Yaniv Cogan and Jamie Stern-Weiner, Norman Finkelstein’s Official Substack,12 November 2023;

‘Israel’s allies have claimed that it “is not deliberately trying to kill civilians” (US National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby) and is “taking every precaution to avoid harming civilians” (UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak).

Such claims are hard to square with the massive devastation Israel has inflicted. As of 10 November, over 11,000 people in Gaza were reported killed, including more than 4,500 children, and at least 45 percent of housing units were reported damaged or destroyed.

They are hard to square with the findings of leading human rights organisations that Israel has inflicted “collective punishment” (Human Rights Watch) as part of a “criminal policy of revenge” (B’Tselem), employed “[s]tarvation … as a weapon of war” (Oxfam), and carried out “unlawful … attacks, including indiscriminate attacks, which caused mass civilian casualties” (Amnesty International).

They are hard to square with Israel’s previous assaults on Gaza, which were calibrated to “punish, humiliate, and terrorise” the civilian population by deploying an “insane amount of firepower” that caused “destruction on a whole other level”. In its “previous wars on Gaza”, Amnesty International recalled, “Israel has a horrific track record of committing war crimes with impunity”.

Finally, claims that Israel is striving to protect civilians in Gaza are most hard to square with how Israeli officials have presented the current onslaught:

Watch; Richard Medhurst; Israel Destroys Gaza to Control World’s Most Important Shipping Lane; 2 Nov.

“It will begin at the port city of Eilat and finish right next through, if not directly through, Gaza.

This final piece of the puzzle will allow the US and Israel to dominate worldwide maritime trade. This is literally highway robbery on the high seas. And the Ben Gurion canal is key to all of this.”

Watch; LOWKEY – Palestine Will Never Die (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) featuring Mai Khalil, 29 November 2023;

“They bomb churches and paramedics
It’s hurting, the panics spreadin’
Hospitals where the doctors do C-sections, no anaesthetics
The pressure is manifestin’, humanity stands connected
Masses seem apathetic and actually just accept it
When our grandchildren ask us “what did we do to stop it?”
I’m determined to say I did more than make music on it
That’s why we shut down arms factories
You can try stoppin’ us Palestine Action’s the opposite of white phosphorus

From the river to the sea
Palestine will be free
From the river to the sea
Free, free, free, free”

Watch; sickening and dangerous stranglehold Israel has over aspects of Britain today; Lowkey on MOATS with George Galloway, 16 November 2023;

Lowkey; “Let’s be clear, the British, the US, the EU, Israel, and Japan are on the wrong side of history, and the governments which represent those populations are in the minority. This Palestinian armed resistance is a right enshrined by UN resolution. 3, 2, 4, 6. The governments which designate Palestinian armed resistance as terrorism, the UK government supposedly represent 67 million people. The US government supposedly represents 340 million people, the government of Japan, the eu, and Israel. That’s less than a billion people represented by governments that not only do not believe in the ceasefire, but also deemed Palestinian armed resistance to be terrorism.

What about the government of Switzerland? Who is more neutral than the government of Switzerland? Because they don’t define Palestinian armed resistance as terrorism. What about the government of Turkey? Several hundred million people it represents, they don’t define Palestinian armed resistance as terrorism.

What about the government of Venezuela? What about the government of Pakistan? What about the government of China? 1.4 billion people, 25% of humanity. They do not define Palestinian armed resistance as terrorism. The vast majority of humanity are represented by governments who see this situation in a far more clear way. The majority of people in the world understand themselves to be post-colonial subjects who emerged from colonialism where decolonization was a positive process.

These governments here are relics of the past. They don’t believe all human life is equal. They don’t believe that Palestinians are the same as any other people in the world. We are witnesses to a massive, massive crime here.”

Watch; Biden White House signals red lines to Netanyahu; The Duran; 26 November 2023

“El-Sisi meets the BRICS leaders, the following day he has this telephone call with Biden and the American readout of the phone call with Biden is extremely unusual because it contains these words, it says that “the United States will under no circumstances permit”, note those words, under no circumstances permit, “a redrawing of Gaza’s borders, a displacement of people from Gaza and the besiegement of Gaza.” Now when he talks in that way when he says, “under no circumstances permit”, who is he not permitting? Well it has to be Israel. So what Biden is now doing is he’s telling an Egyptian president, an Arab leader, that he’s placing red lines telling the Israelis from now on the United States will under no circumstances allow them to do. Now that is a major shift.”

If I had been forced out of my home and constantly persecuted while living in an ever smaller piece of my own homeland and knew that ultimately the Zionists and their American / UK funders wanted my entire country, would I fight or spend every day trying to get another country to accept me as a refugee, or would I take up arms?

Watch; Existence of Zionist Israel is antithetical to Judaism: Rabbi Weiss; 23 November 2023;

Neturei Karta, an Orthodox Jewish movement who oppose Zionism, the man-made State of Israel, and the forcible theft of Palestinian land.

In the US and UK, its members often take part in pro-Palestine demonstrations.

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of this organisation tells TRT World the existence of Zionist Israel is “antithetical to Judaism”

“Because we are Jews, it’s being done in our name. We have to stand up and yell. It’s not antisemitism to be against Zionists or the Cadre. We are attacked. When I went out in New York, my car tires were slashed, the windows, the mirrors broken and so forth, but we don’t care. We’re going out anyway. Wherever there is a large Jewish community, wherever there’s a very religious Jewish community, even if it’s not large, they will be in opposition to the existence of the Zionist state of Israel because it is antithetical to Judaism.

Zionism is a movement that started around 150 years ago. That’s just relatively recently. And it’s a movement of people who were totally estranged from the Jewish religion. They were nationalists. They weren’t practising the religion as a whole. And they wanted just a convenient community, a land, a nation that they should feel comfortable in, proud of themselves.

The Jews never attempted, even though we went through hardships; the inquisition, the Crusades, and we suffered a lot, but we never attempted to reestablish a Jewish sovereignty, a Jewish nation or the Jewish kingdom because we know it’s forbidden. It’s just not acceptable according to Judaism, to have our own state. Remember the religion is 3,000 years ago, but 2,000 years ago, we were sent into exile by God. We have to be loyal citizens in every country we reside.

And we’re not to attempt to leave exile because it’s a godly declared exile. Jews lived with a distinctly different religion than the Muslims, but it was never a problem. In fact, it was more than that. The Muslims took in the Jews by the Inquisition, where they tried to torture Jews to convert to Christianity. It was the Muslim countries that embraced the Jews and took them in, and the Jews were able to flourish.

They realised in order to get a lot of massive support from the world, evangelistic Christians, the Jews who don’t know the Torah, don’t know their laws, don’t practise the laws. So they go to Palestine and they’ll be able to say to everybody ‘this is the God given land to the Jewish people’. They automatically started breaching and transgressing the laws of the Torah; not to kill and not to steal, not to oppress the people, because they wanted to make their national home in a land that was inhabited by the Palestinian people.

Now, right at the beginning when they said it’s an empty land, and if anybody stood up against them, they said, because you hate the Jews and you’re an antisemite. They treat us like the worst terrorist in the world. When a boy or girl turns 17, they become a criminal, even if they’re not demonstrating, because we refuse to serve in the IDF. They yell at me as a holocaust denier when my grandparents were killed in Auschwitz. My father escaped Hungary when the Nazis came in. My father was in Auschwitz. Almost the entire family was wiped out. I live and breathe Holocaust. How dare they claim that we’re Holocaust deniers? But that’s just part of that vile zionism, that they have the power of the most expensive PR and the power of APAC that influences, put pressure on politicians, to be silent.

That is what they’re afraid of. The people who stand up and reveal the truth, that Judaism is beautiful, and we live together with Muslims and we are thankful to Muslims and we don’t want what’s happening to the Palestinians. We cry with the Palestinian suffering. That is what they’re afraid of. The world will wake up.”

Watch; Iran Warns Biden Against ‘Dangerous Miscalculations’ 16 November 2023;

Summary; ‘In this week’s episode of the New Rules podcast, host Dimitri Simes Jr. speaks with University of Tehran Professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi about how Iran views the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the prospect of a regional war in the Middle East, and what the Axis of Resistance will do next.’

“I think we are heading towards escalation and ultimately if it escalates too much, we will reach the stage where we have a regional war. It would not be a win for the United States, it would be a defeat. So, already we’re seeing intensified conflict on the border with Lebanon. We also see a rise in the strikes against the illegal American bases in Syria and American bases in Iraq, and those will become more intense if there’s further escalation. Then you have Yemen. There are many things that can happen, it doesn’t have to be in one stage.”’

Dimitri Simes; The Biden administration’s expectation is that by deploying aircraft carriers and Ohio-class submarines to the Middle East – to West Asia – it can therefore intimidate Iran and other major regional players, like Hezbollah. Based on your answer, that is not an accurate assumption.

“No. I think actually it’s detrimental to US interest because these people, these groups, these countries, these organisations, the resistance is not going to be intimidated. They are going to support the Palestinians regardless of what the Americans say, regardless of what the Americans and the Europeans do. And the belief is that the Americans don’t want conflict because those ships are all vulnerable. And as I said, US assets across the region are extremely vulnerable.

But what it does is that the United States is seen by the people across the region as firmly on the side that is carrying out genocide. In other words, the Americans and the Europeans, by sending weapons, by bringing their own forces, and also by bringing nuclear weapons and announcing that they’re bringing nuclear weapons – even though everyone knows that they’re not going to use them – but they reveal themselves as being irrational, semi-mad, and also fully supportive of the massacres that we’re seeing on a daily basis in Gaza.

And this has demolished US soft power. It has demolished European soft power. It has crushed the west and the eyes of the world, have no doubt about that. And I think that damage that this is causing to the West will be felt for many, many years to come. Forget the Israeli regime, it is a puny regime, a western colony, not of great significance. It’s only there because of the support that the Europeans and especially the Americans and the Canadians and others give to it.

But the West is destroying itself. It’s destroying its image at a time when the West feels that it needs to compete with China and Russia and others. The world sees China and says they’re much more sane. They look at Russia and they say they’re much more sane. The Europeans and Americans, they are barbaric. How is that going to play out in the years to come when governments negotiate with each other for business or trade?”

Watch; Speech at the UN by the State of Palestine Representative, 17 November 2023;

Summary; Every minute of this epic UN address from the UN representative of Palestine, Nada Tarbush, is is worth watching. She dismantles Israel’s lies and disinformation, sets out what Palestine stands for, and why it will succeed.

“Given that a number of states have spoken about Palestine directly, we have prepared 3 replies which we will read one after the other, and we kindly ask for your indulgence in that regard. We will first respond to Israel’s statement.

Mr. Chair, at the outset, let us remind Israel that our name is not the Palestinian Authority, but the State of Palestine. Sure, your finance minister said at an event in Paris earlier this year ‘there is no such thing as a Palestinian people’, and your Prime Minister on the 24th of September held up a map at the General Assembly entitled The New Middle East, in which Palestine was deleted and replaced entirely with Israel. But if your government is annexationist and racist, this Body is not, and we ask you to kindly adhere to UN protocol and nomenclature and to show respect to all stakeholders in this room.

Let us also remind the Israeli delegate that the lack of rules of procedure for this meeting does not give carte blanche to lose all sense of decorum when speaking to interlocutors in this room.

To the other States and civil society in the room. Let me simplify Israel’s statement for you. Other than throwing insults around and making grave, baseless accusations, Israel said something that should make all of you shudder. It effectively said I can kill any and every person in Gaza. The 2.3 million people in Gaza are either terrorists or terrorist sympathisers or human shields, and are therefore legitimate targets. Every person, according to Israel, falls into one of these three categories. A child, a journalist, a doctor, a UN staff, a newborn baby in an incubator. And so, according to Israel, it can kill them and then have the audacity to come to this room and tell the world with a straight face, ‘We are acting in accordance with international law’.

The death of each of the over 11,350 people killed over the past month, be it children, journalists, UN staff, the sick, the elderly, according to Israel, was justified. Think about that for a moment and let it give you pause.

Anyone espousing this warped logic has no shred of humanity, no sense of morality, and no knowledge of legality. But guess what? Your explanation for carpet bombing will not fly. People are not fools. The people in this room are seasoned diplomats who are well read, have a knowledge of history, and many of whom have seen your government make the same arguments during your six previous military aggressions on Gaza in the past 15 years.

They have seen you resort to collective punishment, targeting of Palestinian children, journalists, medical staff, aid workers before. They have seen you forcibly transfer our communities, colonise our lands, demolish our homes and evict families from their own properties since the 7th of October and for the 75 years that preceded it. They have seen your state sponsored disinformation campaign before. Again, not fools. Don’t insult our intelligence. By saying that it is acting in accordance with International Law. Israel is effectively saying the UN Secretary General, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, The WHO, UNICEF, OCHA, UN Special Rapporteurs, the UN Independent Commission of Inquiry on the situation, human rights organisations worldwide, disarmament NGOs worldwide, humanitarian NGOs worldwide, countless legal experts are all wrong.

Everyone is lying about Israel violating international law and we are asked instead to believe Israel, the state that is actually doing the indiscriminate killing.

It is interesting that by saying even wars have rules, Israel quoted the very same UN Secretary General whose resignation it has called for, because he dared to say that Israel has a history of occupying Palestinian land. The dissonance of hearing the Israeli representative talk about wars having rules, as it commits genocide, and breaches every rule in the book live on our TV screens, is quite something. To Israel we say we see through your PR and disinformation. The whole world sees through your PR and disinformation. The millions of people filling the streets in every major capital of the world, calling you out for genocide, sees through your PR and disinformation.

Perhaps you think that with your incendiary rhetoric, we will all forget the incitement, the declarations and acts of Israeli officials, the people you represent, to wipe out Gaza, to drop a nuclear bomb on the Palestinian people, to destroy the ‘human animals’ and children of darkness. Perhaps you think that your constant intimidation and threatening language will make everyone overlook the fact that Israel is, as we speak, killing babies, youth, women, men, elderly, no one too small or too old or too sick to be spared its wrath.

Perhaps you think that by cutting off telecommunications and imposing yet another blackout on Gaza, you can continue to commit genocide while avoiding the annoyance of people being able to use their phones and computers to report on it.

Perhaps you think that as your trigger-happy soldiers continue to kill journalists, 41 so far, the highest number of journalists killed over a four-week period than in any conflict in the last three decades, you think that no one will be left to expose your crimes.

Perhaps you think that by trying to silence anyone who tries to speak about your crimes, the international law violations of the state, by calling them either anti semites or terror supporters, people will be silent. And your intimidation campaign knows no bounds. They attack Palestinians, Jews, Israelis, UN officials, politicians, parliamentarians, university professors, and anyone worldwide who calls you out for your violations of International Law.

But guess what? Your intimidation and silencing will not work. We, along with all peace loving nations and along with all people of conscience around the world, will not be silent. We will continue to call you out on your crimes, to call for accountability for your violations, for sanctions as your government continues to reject calls for a ceasefire, to massacre our people, and to entrench your colonial occupation and apartheid regime. Something your country should have learned over the past 75 years is that the Palestinian people are a people who refuse to disappear. And your nuclear threats and your bombs and your tanks and your bulldozers will never break the Palestinian people’s will to be free and to live in the dignity and peace to which all people are entitled.

Unlike you, we have consistently stood in this forum calling for respect for International Law, for ethical principles to guide state behaviour, for peace over war, for humanity, over national interests, for disarmament over destruction. Once again, we stand in this forum to call on all states to respect and ensure respect for International Law. Let the law be the measure by which all are judged, not propaganda and hateful, biassed spins steeped in racism. And to Israel’s absurd assertion that Palestinians have a problem with people of Jewish faith, and give the impression that this is a religious conflict, let us say loud and clear this is not and has never been about religion. Had the occupiers of our land or the violators of our rights been Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, or of any other conviction, we would have called them out all the same. Palestine has always been multi racial, multi ethnic and multi religious. People of Jewish faith have lived in historic Palestine as Palestinians for centuries. We consider them to be our brothers and sisters.

And since the memory of the Holocaust has been invoked, let us also say loud and clear, we have the greatest of solidarity with both the victims and survivors of the Holocaust. It was not Palestinians that committed that horrific genocide, but the fascist forces that spawned from Europe. And it is unconscionable that a number of European leaders are again beating the drum as another genocide is now underway in Gaza. We are united with those hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world, including from organisations like Jewish Voice for Peace, If Not Now, Na’amod UK, who are calling out this genocide and chanting in the streets of New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Sydney, Toronto and all major Western cities so that their governments can hear ‘Not in our name’, ‘End the genocide in Gaza’. With them we stand together to end this pain and suffering. Together we will not allow this to happen. ‘NEVER AGAIN’ is now.”

Ex-Obama Aide ARRESTED For RACIST Rant; Owen Jones; 23 Nov 2023;

But this isn’t a one-off – it tells you everything you need to know about US foreign policy towards the Palestinians.

Former White House advisor, Stuart Seldowitz’s words to an Egyption food vendor on the upper-side of NYC:

“If we killed 4,000 Palestinian kids, you know what it wasn’t enough, it wasn’t enough”

“Did you rape your daughter like Mohamed did?”

“In Egypt, we’ll get your parents. Does your father like his fingernails? They’ll take them out one by one.”

“You don’t speak English? Yes. Alright, well that’s that. See, that just shows how ignorant you are. ’cause you know Mohamed was a rapist. It says in the, in the Koran. Oh, Mohamed, in your holy book. He was a rapist. He raped Isha. Does it say that in the Hadith or not?”

“The language of the Koran, the Holy Koran. That some people use as a toilet. What do you think of that? People who use the Koran as a toilet, does it bother you?”

“You don’t speak English. Ah, that’s too bad. That’s why you’re selling food in a food cart. ’cause you’re ignorant.”

Read; Hannibal Directive: As Oct. 7 plot unfolds, it’s clear Zionists killed their own; David Miller; 13 November 2023;

‘Evidence is emerging that establishes the fact that Zionist forces killed their own people on October 7. Zionist propaganda (also known as Hasbara) has suggested that Palestinian resistance forces were responsible for their deaths, but the narrative doesn’t add up.

Since the launch of the Al-Aqsa Storm (Al-Aqsa Flood) operation five weeks ago, the Zionist entity and its global agents, assets and supporters have maintained that the Palestinian resistance factions – which they condense inaccurately into the name ‘Hamas’ – have engaged in direct targeting of civilians, including children and babies.

Very early on, there was a widely reported claim that up to 40 babies had been beheaded by “Hamas”. Even US President Joe Biden and other Western leaders fell for the hoax.

The claim has now been debunked. It was backed by no evidence and was sourced from settler and occupation military reservist David Ben Zion, who has previously incited violent riots against Palestinians and called for the occupied West Bank town of Huwara to be wiped out.’

Watch; What really happened in Israel on Oct. 7 w/ Max Blumenthal on The Chris Hedges Report, 17 November 2023;

CHRIS HEDGES; “There’s growing evidence that in the chaotic fighting that took place once Hamas militants entered Israel on October 7, the Israeli military decided to target not only Hamas fighters, but the Israeli captives with them. Tuval Escapa, a member of the security team for Kibbutz Be’eri, told the Israeli press, he set up a hotline to coordinate between kibbutz residents and the Israeli army. Escapa told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that his desperation began to set in.

Max Blumenthal; The commanders in the field made difficult decisions, including shelling houses on their occupants in order to eliminate the terrorists along with the hostages.

The newspaper reported that Israeli commanders were ‘compelled to request an aerial strike against its own facility’ inside the Erez Crossing to Gaza in order to repulse the terrorists who had seized control.

That base housed Israeli civil administration officers and soldiers. Israel in 1986 instituted a military policy called the Hannibal Directive, apparently named for the Carthaginian general who poisoned himself rather than be captured by the Romans, following the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah. The directive is designed to prevent Israeli troops from falling into enemy hands through the maximum use of force, even at the cost of killing the captured soldiers and civilians’.

According to Yasmin Porat, who had fled the electronic music festival which had come under attack, which was held right between Kibbutz Be’eri and Kibbutz Rahim, which also have military bases essentially embedded within them. It was held on the road between these two kibbutzim, and came under attack. Many captives were taken. This woman fled to Kibbutz Be’eri, went into a home with her partner, and then they were taken captive momentarily by gunmen. She recounted to Israeli National Radio that when the Israeli special forces arrived they started shooting everyone and that most of the captives, along with the Hamas gunmen, were caught in the crossfire. And that everyone was killed except for her and her captor who used her as a human shield in order to guarantee his own safety when he surrendered.

She saw her own partner, whose hands had been bound by her captors, get shot by Israeli special forces, and then they lobbed two tank shells into the home that she had been in. So if you look at the pictures of Kibbutz Be’eri, they look like the homes in Gaza that I’ve seen, or you may have seen, that came under shelling from Israeli tanks and Israeli artillery. There’s no way that Hamas gunman could have done that much structural damage to this entire kibbutz with the small arms that they were equipped with, kalashnikovs and some RPGs.

i24, Israeli foreign ministry sponsored propaganda network, actually went to this kibbutz on a guided tour and said they saw tank tracks everywhere. It’s obvious what happened there and it was stated clearly by the security coordinator of Kibbutz Be’eri, who you quoted at the top of this interview. He was on a hotline with the Israeli military command and they decided to shell houses on top of their occupants, including Israeli civilians.”

Watch; Max Blumenthal Exposes Israel’s & Biden’s Lies & Deceit Over Gaza Bloodbath & October 7th; on Going Underground; November 19, 2023;

“We now know from official Israeli statistics and confirmed deaths published by Haaretz that at least 50% of those killed were on military bases. At the time, they were Israel’s Gaza division, which was enforcing the siege of Gaza, active duty soldiers in uniform. They were the main targets of the Hamas Commando division, their elite units, and Western media never showed the video shot by Hamas and Islamic Jihad commandos by GoPro cameras of them killing these soldiers who had been previously killing them in many military operations.

They turned to the killing of civilians, or Israeli non-combatants, in order to create political space for what was to come next. The Israeli operation inside Gaza, and the Israelis assisted them by providing images, which are now seen on websites that the Israeli foreign ministries promoting like, which show extremely grizzly images.

Now, it’s clear that in the attempt to take captives, Hamas militants did kill civilians. They were shot with Kalashnikovs. Some may have been killed with grenades. Those were the only weapons they carried. But if you look at the images, for example, the homes in the kibbutz, which was one of the main sites of hostage standoffs, these homes look like many of the homes in the Gaza Strip, which I have personally seen covering the 2014 assault on Gaza, totally destroyed, cooked. Entire families were actually found in these homes.

Israeli families under rubble. As Palestinian families are now being found in Gaza. If you look at cars which were fleeing the Nova Electronic Music Festival, these cars were completely charred, melted, and many of the bodies that were found inside were also charred. And all of these images were taken and presented to Western media in various screenings, and through these websites as casualties of Hamas’ savagery, that they burned people alive, that they burned entire families alive.

And what’s absolutely clear and confirmed is that the Israeli military shelled these homes in Kibbutz Be’eri with tanks under orders from the top to, as one kibbutz security coordinator named Espa put it, ‘to shell, the homes on top of their occupants, even if they were Israeli’. And we can go through so many other testimonies produced in Hebrew media, which I synthesised in my report, to show a systematic campaign of friendly fire ordered from the top of the Israeli military to prevent Hamas militants from taking captives into the Gaza Strip.

The US is sending more weapons. They’re actually just authorised thousands more hellfire missiles and more JDA bunker buster bombs. So Israel can “finish the job”. Now, what’s really happening here with these hospitals, we need to be clear in understanding what the objective is; the White House is providing cover for Israel by claiming that there are hidden bunkers under these hospitals. But that’s not why Israel wants to remove these hospitals.

It wants to clear out these hospitals …… so they can ethnically cleanse the entire North of Gaza, remove the centres of life in order to manufacture a humanitarian crisis, then push the population to the Rafah border of Egypt and create impossible pressure on the Egyptian government until they let these refugees in, by the hundreds of thousands, they’ll put them in tents in the Sinai Desert, and then they will be permanently resettled in the Arab world or scattered throughout the west.

This is the new Nakba that former Shin Bet Director, Avi Dichter of Israel, has called for explicitly. It is ethnic cleansing and genocide being carried out before our eyes and the hospitals are central to this plan.

We’ve seen almost 50 journalists killed in the Gaza Strip. And when you look at how most of them died……four of them were killed when one of the main press buildings in Gaza City was still standing after many other journalistic and media towers were destroyed. They were killed because the Israelis evacuated the building and then they bombed the building next door where the journalists were standing. Now we start to see journalists, one after another, killed at home with their families.

So they were targeted. Israel has the entire population registry in the Gaza Strip and knows where everyone’s home is and which family is in it. And we’ve seen the entire family of a journalist from Palestine TV, (which is funded not by Hamas, by the Palestinian Authority), killed at home.

We saw Wael Dahdouh, the Al Jazeera Arabic correspondent in the Gaza Strip, his two children and wife killed at home, targeted. An Israeli pundit went on Israeli channel 13 after the killing and said, yeah, we didn’t like his reporting, so we killed him. They’re openly boasting about targeting and killing journalists. And where is the response from all the press freedom organisations? It’s very muted. Tony Blinken has made press freedom, one of his signature issues.

And of course he refuses to talk about Assange and now he has this blood on his hands.”

Read: Israeli tank gunner reveals orders to fire indiscriminately into kibbutz — report, Wyatt Reed & Max Blumenthal; The Grayzone; 27 November 2023

‘New disclosures add to the growing body of evidence indicating many Israelis who died on October 7 were killed by the Israeli military.’

‘Firsthand testimony by admittedly inexperienced Israeli tank operators reveals orders to open fire upon Israeli communities when Palestinian militants breached the fences encircling Gaza on October 7.

A glowing profile of an all-female tank company by Israel’s N12 News network contains admissions by the 20-year-old captain — identified only as ‘Karni’ — that she was ordered by a “panicked” soldier to open fire on homes in the Holit kibbutz whether they contained civilians or not.

Ten Israelis were killed in Holit on October 7; no children were among the dead.

“The soldier points and tells me, “shoot there — the terrorists are there,” the captain recounts in the newly-released footage, noting that when she asked “are there civilians there?,” her compatriot simply replied, “I don’t know,” and ordered her to “just shoot” a tank round into the buildings anyway.

Ultimately, she recalled, “I decided not to shoot” as “this is an Israeli community.” Instead, she said, “I fired with my machine gun at a house.”

While the Israeli government and its army of international propagandists have blamed Hamas alone for a range of grisly killings on October 7, along with unsubstantiated claims of rape, torture and beheading babies, the comments in N12’s report add to a growing body of evidence demonstrating that shelling by Israeli tanks was responsible for many of the casualties incurred in Israeli kibbutzim. According to the soldiers interviewed, others killed by the tank company in question include supposed Palestinian militants whom they say they crushed to death with their vehicle.’

Read: Understanding Hasbara: Israel’s propaganda machine; Sam Habad; The New Arab, 18 November 2023;

‘Since Israel began its war on Gaza on October 7, attempts to discern the veracity of many of the claims it made about its conduct in the war have been difficult.

One of the main reasons for this is that Israel uses a propaganda function known in Hebrew as “Hasbara” in an attempt to control, shape and distort the narrative of every face of its actions.

What is Hasbara?

The word Hasbara roughly translates to “explaining” in English and was popularised in the early 20th century by the Polish Zionist activist and journalist Nahum Sokolow.

Hasbara shares much in common with other forms of modern propaganda, but it is often considered a description of the more granular, event-by-event distortions and fabrications utilised by the Israeli state to justify its controversial actions and policies.’

Watch; Zionist propaganda machine in overdrive with Lee Camp and David Miller Palestine Declassified, 18 November 2023;

Summary; “This episode examines Zionist efforts to influence public discourse by radicalising young Jews, and the rent-a-crowd tactics they have deployed on college campuses and social media. We also look at the British Zionist movement’s support for the war crimes of Israel.”

David Miller: “Yes, I mean what we see here is the attempt to radicalise Jews outside occupied Palestine in the US and the UK, wherever there’s an organised Zionist movement, to radicalise them so that they will support genocide either through the army of words, fantastic phrase, in the US and the UK or elsewhere or in the actual army of the occupation inside occupied Palestine. Of course we know that there are many British Jews, American Jews, others who’ve come from those countries into occupied Palestine. They serve in the occupation forces and many of them are currently, they are engaged in the actual genocide. So that’s a whole process which people I think didn’t really recognise. We’ve talked before on this show about radicalization and people look at this and they say, well, it’s not really, but now of course we see there are people from the streets of Britain currently killing Palestinians in Gaza. And that, if anything, is radicalization.”

Read: The evidence Israel killed its own citizens on 7 October; Asa Winstanley, The Electronic Intifada, 23 November 2023;

‘This growing body of evidence undermines the official Israeli narrative of savage Palestinian terrorists invading Israel bent on slaughtering civilians. Hamas maintains that its targets were military and that it did not intentionally kill civilians.’

Read: Rape, ISIS, Mein Kampf and Other Lies: How Israel Lost All Credibility;, Ramzy Baroud, 20 November 2023;

‘Never has Israeli propaganda failed so astoundingly and never has the mainstream media failed to shield Israel from the global anger – in fact, seething hatred – for Israel’s ugly apartheid regime. The repercussions of all of this will most certainly impact the way that history will remember the Israeli war on Gaza, which has, so far, killed, and wounded tens of thousands of innocent civilians.

A whole generation, if not more, has already built a perception of Israel as a genocidal regime and no number of future lies, Hollywood movies or Maxim Magazine spreads will ever lessen that in any way.

More importantly, this new perception is likely to compel people, not only to re-examine their views of Israel’s present and future, but of the past as well – the very foundation of the Zionist regime, itself predicated on nothing but lies.’

Read; Gaza ‘truce’ won’t halt the regional war; Hasan Illaik, The Cradle, 21 November 2023;

Summary; ‘The regional war is here. The Axis of Resistance assesses that the US and Israel intend to prolong the Gaza war indefinitely, and determines that a regional escalation is now unavoidable.’;

‘The Axis of Resistance is pursuing its own West Asian escalation to pressure its adversaries to deescalate. That bar jumped considerably this week when Yemen’s Ansarallah captured an Israeli-linked ship in regional waterways.

This is a disaster for Tel Aviv, which depends primarily on maritime transportation for its imports and exports. If this becomes a pattern, Israeli-linked ships will be uninsurable, and hiring crews will become impossible. It is also a nightmare scenario for Washington, which wants the Gaza war to continue while its regional position enjoys complete calm.’

David Miller, who was sacked in October 2021 from his post as a professor of Political Sociology at Bristol University, for his anti-Zionist beliefs, is appealing at an employment tribunal which is still considering his case, a case that will protect or criminalise anti-Zionism, pro-Palestine speech, and ultimately free speech. Please contribute to David Miller’s legal costs if you can.

My case against @BristolUni is vital for all pro-Palestine campaigners in Britain, who face the risk of being discriminated against in their workplaces because of their anti-Zionist beliefs.

Dear Tracy –

Since the intensification of Israel’s genocidal campaign in Gaza in recent weeks, more and more activists in Britain have found themselves under fire, simply for speaking against Zionist brutality.

We have an urgent duty to protect anti-Zionist speech. In places like France and Germany, anti-Zionism has already been heavily censored and criminalised.

In October 2021, the University of Bristol sacked Professor David Miller because of statements he made about Zionist racism.

Since then, he has taken a vital Employment Tribunal case against the university, arguing that he was discriminated against because of his anti-Zionist beliefs.

The case aims to prove that anti-Zionist beliefs should be legally protected under the Equality Act 2010. If successful, this could help to protect many other pro-Palestine campaigners who are targeted by their employers.

Watch; David Miller’s appeal for support to fight his case, Left Legal Fighting Fund, 16 November 2023;

“My case is a test case. If you’ve been worried, and angered, by the increased attempts to criminalise anti-Zionism and pro-Palestine speech, please join me in this fight.

All of the witness evidence in the Employment Tribunal case has now been heard. The case will go back to court in December before a judgement is given.

We currently need to raise a further £30,000 to pay outstanding bills. If you’re able to help, please contribute here. You can also help by sharing the above video with your friends on social media, in WhatsApp groups, and beyond.

Our ability to speak up for Palestine is being attacked every day. Now more than ever, we need this case to succeed. In solidarity.”

Watch; Israeli soldiers wanted to scare the Palestinians in a village, post by Sami Al-Arian, X, 13 November 2023;

Summary; ‘Israeli soldiers wanted to scare the Palestinians in a village in the West Bank to take more land for the settlers. A Palestinian child stood up to them. Looking at this clip: In God’s holy name, who do you think the future of this land would belong to?’

Read; Uprising in Palestine; Tariq Ali, Savage Minds, 9 October 2023;

There Is No Moral, Political or Military Equivalence Between the Two Sides

“Do the Palestinians have a right to resist the non-stop aggression to which they are subjected? Absolutely. There is no moral, political or military equivalence as far as the two sides are concerned. Israel is a nuclear state, armed to the teeth by the US. Its existence is not under threat. It’s the Palestinians, their lands, their lives, that are. Western civilization seems willing to stand by while they are exterminated. They, on the other hand, are rising up against the colonisers.”

Let us not forget the persecution, intimidation and oppression of Palestinians has increased sharply in the West Bank. Settler violence, encouraged by the police and the army, is on the rise as extreme zionist propaganda is played out in armed attacks on Palestinian farms and villages.

Watch; Israeli Soldiers in Palestine regularly come and take over people’s homes in the West Bank; 60 Minutes, X, 21 November 2023;

Summary; Israeli Soldiers in Palestine regularly come and take over people’s homes in the West Bank. Hamas does not operate in the West Bank so there is zero justification. Our Third Amendment forbids this so not sure why more Americans are not outraged

Journalist: Israeli soldiers came in this morning and without any notice, without any invitation, came into the apartment and have been there ever since

Abdul Masif: We cannot speak with you. There’s soldiers (here)

Journalist: They’re soldiers.

Abdul Masif: Yes.

Journalist: What are they doing here?

Abdul Masif: We are in prison here.

Journalist: What’s happening?

Abdul Masif: They are keeping me here and soldiers upstairs, we cannot move. We cannot speak with you

Journalist: You can’t leave the house?

Abdul Masif: No

Journalist: They told you that?

Abdul Masif: Yes. I can’t breathe

Journalist: How long are they going to stay?

Abdul Masif: I don’t know

Journalist: Are they paying you any money?

Abdul Masif: You are kidding

Journalist: Abdul Masif, the bank manager said he had to get to his bank to open the safe, but that soldiers won’t let him go. He told us when the soldiers come, they wake everybody up and herd them into a kitchen for hours while soldiers sleep in their bedrooms. They can’t leave or use the phone or let us in. He sends us downstairs to see if his brother would open the door so we could ask the soldiers why they keep taking over this house.

More horrific killings of children on the West Bank, where Palestinians live under a decades-long military occupation and where there is no Hamas:

Read; Israeli forces shoot and kill two Palestinian boys in Jenin, Defense for Children; 29 November 2023;

‘Eight-year-old Adam Samer Othman Al-Ghoul and 15-year-old Basel Suleiman Tawfiq Abu Al-Wafa were shot and killed by Israeli forces firing live ammunition from inside a heavily armored Israeli military vehicle around 1 p.m. near the Al-Jalbouni roundabout in the Al-Basateen neighborhood of Jenin, according to documentation collected by Defense for Children International – Palestine. Both boys were transferred to Jenin Governmental Hospital where they were pronounced dead on arrival.

“Palestinian children in Jenin have been a routine target for the Israeli military,” said Ayed Abu Eqtaish, accountability program director at DCIP. “It is shocking that Israeli forces, sitting in an armored vehicle, can fatally shoot two children in broad daylight and the international community will refuse to hold them accountable.”

Adam was shot in the head while Basel was shot in the chest..’

A toddler in the West Bank is traumatised by occupation soldiers who threaten to arrest him as he cries for his father:

Watch: One of the most heavily funded military forces in the world, threatened bv a 2 vear-old Palestinian child; Land Palestine, 25 November 2023

A fascistic settler says the Jewish (Zionist) dream does not stop at the West Bank, but believes Israel should steal parts of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran. This is Zionism.

Watch; Reporter asks settler leader Danielle Weiss if her zionist dream stops at the West Bank posted by Kashif N Chaudhry on Instagram, 15 November 2023;

Weiss: People say to me why don’t you explain to the Jews in the United States what is exactly behind your thinking? I’ll explain. But, I’m laughing because the right word for it, you have to brainwash all the time. You have to say it, to explain it, to live it, to cope with it. My husband says to me, ‘Why do you speak to your children all the time about Zionism Zionism! Judea and Samaria, settling and settling?’ And all my family are settlers here. Because this is the only way to continue Zionism. I want to have for the Jewish nation the promised land from The Bible.

Journalist: And what about southern Lebanon?

Weiss: It is part of it, all of it, even parts of Syria, part of Iraq, part of Iran, it’s huge!

Journalist: Do you think you have any work convincing people that it would be a good idea?

Weiss: I convince many, many people believe in it. I don’t see anything extreme in my approach.

Zionist attacks are not limited to Palestinians. Israelis who show sympathy towards Palestinians also suffer attacks from Israeli authorities.

Watch; Israeli History Teacher Arrested & Jailed for Facebook Posts Opposing Killing of Palestinians; Democracy Now; 22 November 2023;

Summary; ‘On November 9, Israeli police arrested Jerusalem history and civics teacher Meir Baruchin after he posted a message on Facebook about his opposition to the killing of innocent Palestinian civilians. Police seized his phone and two laptops before interrogating him on suspicion of committing an act of treason and intending to disrupt public order. After being in jail for four days, Baruchin was freed but lost his job as a teacher and is still facing charges. “These days Israeli citizens who are showing the slightest sentiment for the people of Gaza, opposing killing of innocent civilians, they are being politically persecuted, they go through public shaming, they lose their jobs, they are being put in jail,” says Baruchin, who says if he had been Palestinian, he would have faced more violence.’

A brilliant history lesson comparing how the Romans used other countries to fight their wars, so America uses proxy wars to fight for their unipolar domination of the globe, not least its hegemonic control of the oil in the Middle East.

Listen Why does the US support Israel? A geopolitical analysis with economist Michael Hudson; Geopolitical Economy Report; 10 November 2023;

If the Islamic countries decide that they’re really under attack and this attack by the Christian West against Islam is really a fight to the death, then Turkey will join with Saudi Arabia and with all of the other countries. The Shiites and the Sunnis and the Alowites will join together and say what we have in common is the Islamic religion. That is really going to be essentially the extension of America’s fight against China and Russia. So what we’re really seeing is, having fought Russia to the last Ukrainian and threatening to fight Iran to the last Israeli, the United States is trying to send arms to Taiwan to say ‘wouldn’t you like to fight to the last Taiwan against China’? And that’s really the US strategy all over the world. It’s trying to fuel other countries to fight wars for its own control. That’s how Rome used the Norman armies to conquer Southern Italy, England and Yugoslavia. Israel and what is in the news over the whole attacks in Gaza is only the opening stage, the trigger, for this war, just as the shooting in Sarajevo started World War I in Serbia, started everything.

Robert F Kennedy Jr shows his true Zionist colours at the beginning of this clip explaining why Western governments want to control the oil in the Middle East.

Lies that enable genocide of Palestinians; with Vanessa Beeley, UK Column News; 11 November 2023;

Truth; Robert F. Kennedy Jr; “Israel is a stronghold for us… It’s almost like having an aircraft carrier in the Middle East. This is our oldest ally. If Israel disappears, Russia, China and the BRICS+ countries will control 90% of the world’s oil, and this will be a disaster for US national security.

RF Kennedy; Israel is critical and the reason it’s critical is because it’s a bulwark for us in the Mideast, it’s almost like having an aircraft carrier in the Mideast. It’s our oldest ally, it’s been an ally for 75 years. It’s been an incredible ally for us in terms of the technology, the exchange, and building the Iron Dome, which we paid a lot for, has also taught us enormously about how to defend ourselves at home with missiles, so those military expenditures, 75% of it goes to US companies under the agreement under the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). But if you look at what’s happening in the Mideast now, the closest allies of Iran are Russia and China. Iran also controls all of Venezuela’s oil. Hezbollah is in Venezuela. They have propped up the Maduro regime and so they control that oil supply.

Saudi Arabia is now joining BRICS so those countries will control 90% of the oil in our in the world. If Israel disappears there’s a vacuum in the Mideast. Israel is our ambassador, it’s our presence, it’s our beachhead in the Mideast, and it gives us ears and eyes in the Mideast, it gives us intelligence, it gives us the capacity to influence affairs in the Mideast. If Israel disappeared Russia and China would be controlling the Mideast and they control 90% of the world’s oil supply and that would be cataclysmic for US National Security.”

Chris Williamson interviews Craig Murray about the feeble response from neighbouring Arab states compared to many S American countries and S Africa who recalled their diplomats from Israel.

Watch; Zionist plan for Gaza; Palestine Declassified Saturday, 11 November 2023;

Summary; As Israel’s military elite initiates a war of attrition to drive the Palestinians out of Gaza, the longer it goes on, the worse the economic consequences will be for the Zionist entity.

Craig Murray; “We’ve seen more rhetoric than we normally do, stronger rhetoric than we normally do from surrounding states, which is a reflection of the fact that this is a a much larger scale attack on Gaza. You know, this is genocide, this is ethnic cleansing. Of course it’s still extraordinarily disappointing, but there’s no real action, the even a country like Turkey which has taken a leading role, I mean you can’t fault the the rhetoric from President Erdogan, that’s been fine. But nothing has been done, including, you know, he hasn’t cut off Israel’s hydrocarbon supplies which have transported against across Turkey.

And and yet again we see that the Palestinians are are let down terribly, terribly badly by their fellow Arab countries. Only the Rebels of Yemen, who themselves are of course under terrible attack by Saudi Arabia. Only the Rebels of Yemen have have really tried to to assist from outside the Palestinian diaspora and their efforts militarily to help, they’re actually being actively stymied by the Saudis on behalf of Israel. So you know, it’s it’s very, very depressing, the lack of solidarity among arab states and the lack of any real action other than the little huffing and puffing, and even diplomatically the South Americans have been much more active in withdrawing their diplomats and closing embassies and expelling Israeli diplomats than Arab states have, you know, and I think that’s very, very telling.”

Watch; Iran Warns US Of Afghanistan “Humiliation” Amid “Houthi Drone” Attack On Warship, Syria Rocket Fire; CRUX; 30 November 2023;

‘A US Navy warship shot down a drone on Nov.29 launched from a Houthi-held area of Yemen, the Central Command (CENTCOM) said. The warship was escorting a US Navy oiler and a US-flagged ship carrying military equipment. “There were no injuries to US personnel and no damage to US vessels,” the CENTCOM said. The Houthis– part of Iran’s “axis of resistance”– have also launched a series of drones and missiles since the start of the Israel-Hamas war. An Iranian drone also flew dangerously close to the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier this week. The Pentagon on Nov.28 said there had been a lull in the attacks on US forces in Iraq and Syria since the truce between Hamas and Israel.’

Watch; Gaza Gas Reserves Israel’s Real Agenda In Hamas War? EU, US Join Energy Race Post Russia Ukraine War? CRUX; 19 November 2023;

‘Israel has long been pounding Gaza, calling its ground invasion an operation to eliminate Palestinian terror group Hamas. However, some experts say Israel’s ultimate objective is to confiscate Gaza’s multi-billion-dollar gas resources. Gaza Marine is a natural gas field located 36 km off the coast of the Gaza Strip at a depth of 610 metres. It is estimated to hold 32 billion cubic metres of natural gas and a smaller field containing roughly 3 billion cubic metres of gas. Many experts believe not just the destruction of Hamas, but the issue of sovereignty over Gaza’s gas fields is also vital for Israel. Offshore gas reserves behind Israel’s “end game” for Gaza?’

Read X post; ‘Elon Musk, if you had not bought Twitter, Torah Jews would not be able to make their voices heard all over the world because the mainstream media is under the control or pressure of the Zionists. Zionists are trying to use their media power to convince people that all Jews are Zionists and that Israel is a Jewish state.

‘However, Zionism is not Judaism and is hostile to the Jewish faith. Theodor Herl didn’t even believe in Judaism. Zionists use Judaism for their own political interests. They use antisemitism as a weapon. Their aim is not to fight antisemitism, but to use antisemitism as a weapon.

Today, people need a platform where they can express their thoughts freely, and you have given people hope, now if you try to restrict this freedom, people’s faith in you may be broken.

Don’t make concessions to the Zionist lobbies, don’t let them influence you.

They first declare you an anti-Semite because you support freedom of expression, then they fight you, they do it under the name of Anti-Semitism, and they make you look like you are wrong and force you to do whatever they want.

Zionists claim that they do this to protect the security of Jews, but all they do is use Judaism for their politics.’

Watch; Tulsi Gabbard Switches Anti-War Stance To Justify Israeli War Crimes!; The Jimmy Dore Show; 10 November 2023;

‘During the 2016 presidential election, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard emerged as a uniquely principled voice, criticising the Clinton campaign and the DNC for icing Bernie Sanders out of the party’s nomination and for criticising the U.S. war in Syria. So it comes as a terrible disappointment to hear Gabbard buying into the propaganda and spreading war machine talking points about Israel and the war on Gaza.’

Gaza is a ‘textbook genocide’. This is according to Raz Segal – an Israeli associate professor of Holocaust and genocide studies at Stockton University in the US.

Listen carefully to what he says. It’s based on facts, law and precedent – and it should terrify you.

Watch; Gaza, Textbook Case of Genocide – Holocaust Scholar, Owen Jones, 21 November 2023;

“Genocide, according to the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide from December 1948, requires two main things, one is intent, and we’re talking about special intent, and that’s the high threshold that I was referring to, and the intent in the language of the Convention means intent to destroy a group, and that’s a national, ethnic, religious or racial group as such. Now that as such is very important because it means that members of the group need to be targeted as members of the group not just as individuals, so the intent is very important. It’s usually very very difficult to prove intent and that’s why we have very few cases recognized as genocide since World War II.

‘Once you establish intent you also need to show the dynamics of violence on the ground, that they are actually genocidal in the sense that they fall into one or more of the five acts of genocide listed in the Convention which is killing members of the group, causing serious bodily or mental harm, creating conditions calculated to bring about the destruction of the group, then there’s also preventing birth within the group or forcibly transferring children from one group to the other.

‘Now the case of Israel’s attack on Gaza is actually very unique, it’s actually exceptional I think in a number of ways, but it’s unique in the sense of discussing that it is genocide because the intent is so clearly articulated and it’s articulated throughout Israeli media and society and politics now, and anyone who follows Hebrew language sources is exposed to shocking language by members of parliament by journalists on social media, in public spaces, calling to annihilate Gaza, to destroy Gaza, to flatten Gaza, to kill everyone.”

Please donate

Forgive me for pointing out that, while we receive some one-off donations, I am funding Farms Not Factories myself, and if we are to continue to fight the cruel, antibiotic-led factory farm system, we will need some regular donations from like-minded people. Please consider a monthly subscription of £2/month and help us support a network of smaller scale, humane and healthy UK pig farms, local abattoirs and butchers.

“Our message is simple, we want to help bring an end to this dangerous, inhumane system. Vote for real farming over factory farming.”
– Tracy Worcester, Director

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