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Corporate Feudalism

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“The way you get democracy to function is by informing the public.” – Robert Kennedy Jr.

Carl Sagan: “Science is more than a body of knowledge. It is a way of thinking; a way of sceptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility. If we are not able to ask sceptical questions, to interrogate those who tell us that something is true, to be sceptical of those in authority, then, we are up for grabs for the next charlatan (political or religious) who comes rambling along.”

Though the newsletter chapters interrelate, they are divided into four sections and have a common realisation that a cabal of corporate elites have captured global trade, global governance, mainstream and online media, and ultimately many of our minds.

  1. Food, Farming & Ecocide
  2. Censorship/Surveillance/Coercion/Corruption = WEF
  3. Russia/China Conflicts
  4. Covid/Vaccines

As a stenographer, I link to an article or audio and paste a key paragraph or two. My most trusted websites are platforms for journalists who don’t compromise on the truth and have thereby been shunned by the mainstream media, and include; Global Research News, Children’s Health Defence, Geopolitical Economy Report, The Grayzone, The Jimmy Dore Show and Russell Brand.

Following our Farms Not Factories video, I have added a couple of ‘not to be missed articles’ from each of the above sections pre starting the four main sections.

Introducing the Great & the Good

Jonathon Porritt CBE, kicks off our new series, the Great & the Good, featuring the inspiring heroes who campaign for humanity to live in harmony with nature. Jonathon is an eminent author, writer and campaigner on sustainable development. He was Co-Chair of the Green Party (1980-83) and Director of Friends of the Earth (1984-90). In 1996, he co-founded Forum for the Future. Jonathon was awarded a CBE in January 2000 for services to environmental protection. He stood down as Chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission in 2009, after nine years providing high-level advice to Government Ministers, and served a ten-year term as Chancellor of Keele University (2012-2022). He is President of Population Matters and, amongst numerous advisory titles, is a patron of Compassion in World Farming.

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Jonathon says, “Factory farming is something so utterly abhorrent and immoral, that it is still remarkable that there is so much of it in the world today. The level of abuse, the cruelty and sheer inhumanity is so utterly overwhelming for people, that once they know that’s going on, it is absolutely the natural thing to just avoid.”

Boycott meat from factory farms. Eat less, but better meat from high welfare, UK farmers – or go meat-free. #TurnYourNoseUp


The sacking of Andrew Bridgen must shine a light on the corporate capture of our politicians.

Read; Andrew Bridgen expelled from Conservative Party; The Sun, 26 April 2023;

“My expulsion from the Conservative Party under false pretences only confirms the toxic culture which plagues our political system.

Above all else this is an issue of freedom of speech. No elected Member of Parliament should ever be penalised for speaking on behalf of their constituents and those who have no such voice or platform.

As a vocal critic of the vaccine rollout amongst other issues such as net zero, illegal immigration, and political corruption the Party has been sure to make an example of me.

I am grateful for my newfound freedom and will continue to fight for justice, speech, and liberty. I will continue to serve my constituents as I was elected to do and intend to stand again at the next election.”

Watch; Andrew Bridgen DEFENDS HIMSELF after being EXPELLED from Conservative Party; GBNews; 26 Apr 2023

‘I barely recognize the Conservative Party at the moment. We seem to have moved away from being a party that legislates for the people to a party that legislates against the people. Surely I’ve got the right to free speech to express the genuine and legitimate concerns of my constituents about the safety and efficacy of experimental vaccines which were never tested properly.. We know there’s considerable vaccine harms they’re starting to emerge. I spoke out in December, and what urged me to do so was, when the government were looking at approving the experimental vaccines for children down to the age of six months to babies. As a result of those speeches I gave in Parliament, the government position has moved, in a few months, from wanting to vaccinate babies of six months. That never happened and then they moved to the position of only over 50’.

Read; Tucker Carlson has been sacked from Fox News as he overstepped the red line of the billionaire cabal that demands total control the narrative;

If Robert Kennedy Jr. wins the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, the US government, once promised by President Abraham Lincoln, will be; ‘of the people, by and for the people’. Or will the US continue to be ruled by a puppet who is so demented, he will continue to be controlled by a cabal of psychopathic financiers?

Read; The COVID Trojan Horse: It’s Time to Move Beyond this Diabolical Deception to Understand the Real Agenda! Global Research, 24 April 2023;

‘On April 19, 2023, Robert Kennedy Jr. announced his candidacy for Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Kennedy said after taking the stage,

“My mission over the next 18 months of this campaign, and throughout my presidency, will be to end the corrupt merger of state and corporate power that is threatening now to impose a new kind of corporate feudalism on our country.”

To begin to understand this Covid Trojan Horse, Kennedy’s speech in Berlin, on August 29, 2020 to over one million people becomes a critical starting point.

“ I must say one more thing … they have not done a very good job about protecting public health but they have done a very good job of using the quarantine to bring 5G into all of our communities and beginning the process of a digital currency which is the beginning of slavery …“ ” The pandemic is a crisis of convenience for the elites who are dictating these policies.”

Robert Kennedy Jr. gave an important clue to the world in Berlin, linking the unprecedented rollout of 5G with the so-called Covid Pandemic agenda.

The pretext of a pandemic has enabled a technology (5G) with no safety studies to be put into place around the world. 5G along with the nanotechnology now being discovered within the vaxx bioweapon, becomes the foundational step for a transhuman agenda.

Bill Gates’ (Microsoft) Patent WO 060606 that was issued in March of 2020 delineates the madness of what Kennedy alluded to when he talked about, “the corrupt merger of state and corporate power that is threatening now to impose a new kind of corporate feudalism on our country”.’

Food, Farming & Ecocide

Watch; ‘We need Real food – Real Life, not GMO or Robots’, but time is running out! says Organic Farmer and founder of the Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology, Sir Julian Rose; The Vobes Show. 13 April 2023;

‘…… quite recently an Act was passed in our Houses of Parliament which received royal assent from King Charles, and it’s called the Genetic Technology Precision Breeding Act 2024. Now King Charles, when he was Prince Charles, had a reputation for being a strong supporter of environmental causes and indeed organic farming and proper food and a good way of life. So the fact that he gave his royal assent, through a bill which is going to create a genetic technology precision breeding program, which is essentially GMO taken one step further; something called CRISPR. It’s gene editing actually, and the plan is to be able to gene edit plants and animals to be able to carry almost any form of extra element that someone like Klaus Schwab might consider appropriate.

Now I’ll give you a shocking example, mRNA vaccines are likely to be included in these new novel foods, so you would be eating a food which contained a vaccine. And here comes the second shocker, there is going to be no labelling. It has been considered that this is no different from ordinary food, there is no need to create special labelling for it, and that is what has been passed into law on the 23rd of March. I mean, it’s beyond belief that a man who holds such responsibility as he does for his people in this country, and only at the rest of the Commonwealth, could conceivably consider, I mean unless he lost his mind over the period that he was studying this Act. It just beggars belief, and the point about it I think it’s this, we see what happens when people wish to retain power. The Club, actually it’s even called the Firm, within royal circles, which royalty represents, is a hugely wealthy organisation. It’s a common corporation actually, it’s not just a nice family with a lot of money following some old rituals from the past which we all find rather enjoyable, it’s actually a corporation with an agenda.’

Read; Oppose Plans to Grow GM Plants with Human Genes; GM Freeze; 31 March 2023

“The omega 3 oils produced by these GM plants are not naturally present in the land-based ecosystem. Canadian scientists fed similar oils to three different land-based insect species and all three of them were significantly affected. This suggests that growing the GM plants may well affect the natural wildlife in the area of the trial.

The camelina plants have also been engineered to produce what the application describes as “milk fats”. There is no discussion in the application of the potential risks this could cause for the many people who are allergic to cow’s milk, or the ways in which it could disrupt the ecosystem.”

To hear the dangers of gene editing join this webinar;

10 May 13:30 – 15:00h Free Webinar: Opening the Door to Gene Editing in the UK Farm Animals, Pets and Wild Nature; organised by A Bigger Conversation.

‘The Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act is now law in the UK. It removes what the government called “regulatory burdens” from certain types of genetically engineered (so-called “precision bred”) organisms commonly used in agriculture. The removal of basic regulatory controls such as environmental, health and safety assessments, labelling, traceability and ongoing monitoring would be controversial enough on its own.

But what many don’t know – because it has not been widely reported or discussed – is that the scope of the bill extends far beyond the usual handful of commodity crops found on the farm into a wide range of animals, including farmed animals (both land-based and in aquaculture) and pets, as well as to animals and plants found in wider nature.

This is a sea change in the UK’s approach to the potential uses of genetic engineering. The rushed timetable of the bill’s passage and its skeletal nature left little space for discussion about either scope or consequences. This webinar is an opportunity to explore these and other aspects of this new UK legislation from the perspectives of ethics, welfare and environmental impact. Experts from the RSPCA, Compassion in World Farming and A Bigger Conversation will give their views on different aspects of the new legislation and answer audience questions in order to promote a greater understanding of what we might expect in the future.’

The Brexit sold to the public by Conservative politicians to ‘Take back control’, was in fact quite the opposite to relocalising decision making. It was the globalist agenda on steroids; to open up trade via treaties designed by corporations that force our businesses to compete with their imports produced cheaply largely due to slave wages, environmental degradation, animal abuse, and reckless use of hormones and antibiotics.

Read; UK joins Indo-Pacific trade bloc, raising concerns about food, farming and environment standards; Sustain, 31st Mar 2023

The UK Government has joined the Indo-Pacific trade bloc known as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement on Trans Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). The deal is projected to benefit UK GDP by just 0.08% in the long-term, but risks greatly undermining food safety, farming and environmental standards in the UK and in supply chains.

‘Reports suggest that Canada attempted to use leverage in negotiations to remove the UK’s ban on hormone treated beef. While the UK will keep its ban for now, bilateral conversations with Canada will take place on the issue.

As part of the CPTPP deal, the UK has accepted 13,000 tonnes of beef to be imported from the trade bloc every year, starting from 10 years after the deal is signed.

The UK has also, controversially, agreed to slash tariffs on palm oil, raising concerns about deforestation and the knock-on effect on climate change.

Sustain has worked jointly with Pesticide Action Network UK on a series of reports called Toxic Trade, and has reported on our concerns regarding standards in the CPTPP and the potential impact on the UK.

Orla Delargy, head of public affairs at Sustain said:

“The UK has joined a trade bloc where food, farming and environmental standards are lower than our own. This raises real concerns about the impact on consumer health and farm businesses in the UK.

“The UK needs to move to a style of farming that both feeds us and protects our environment. Those efforts will be undermined if we export harms overseas and undercut our farmers at the same time.

“Slashing tariffs on palm oil sends the wrong signal when we need global agreements to stop deforestation, restore nature and limit our global warming to 1.5C.”

Joining the CPTPP could introduce food imports containing pesticides that are currently banned for use in the UK for health reasons. These include pesticides (e.g. triadimefon and chlorpyrifos) linked to cancer and negative impacts on sexual function, fertility, and cognitive development of babies and children.

CPTPP also encourages regulatory alignment of members on pesticides. This could lead to a weakening of UK standards to secure increased access to the UK food market. That would put UK farmers at further competitive disadvantage at a time when they are being asked to produce more sustainably.’

It’s interesting to hear George Eustice, former Minister of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, describe his policies as potentially successful largely thanks to Brexit. However, he has in the past admitted that the trade treaty he signed with Australia will undermine our farmers and, despite his promise to fight future treaties, his resignation will leave the door open for the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) to give corporations even more power to comb the globe for substandard cheap food that will inevitably undermine our farmers. This, along with Eustice’s love of robots and gene editing, and his buying into the net zero scam, I fear will have opened the door ever further to agri tech replacing people; chemicals replacing healthy soils; genetically engineered seed replacing natural seeds; vertically integrated factory farms replacing food grown in the soil, and land that once fed people being consolidated for so-called renewable energy production and housing, with food grown in vertical farms, polytunnels filled with insects and so-called meat grown in labs.

George Eustice interview; Farm Gate; April 2023

George Eustice has been the Conservative MP for Camborne and Redruth since 2010. He was a Minister of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs from 2015 to 2020 – and served as the Secretary of State at Defra from 2020 to 2022.

Mr Eustice has been the longest serving minister at Defra in the post-referendum period, providing a relatively rare point of consistency and stability in what was a time of substantial disruption in British politics.

In this podcast Mr Eustice discusses his time in government, with the Chief Editor of Farm Gate, ffinlo Costain.

Watch; Vandana Shiva On The Dutch Farmers REVOLT; Russell Brand; 15 April 2023

“Gates wants land. Gates has already taken control of the seed, not only through the seed banks, but also through the new gene editing techniques which has just passed its crazy law of total deregulation. He wants lab food. He wants to destroy real food everywhere and he wants to work with Bayer for more row crops, farming with drones, no farmers anywhere. He really is looking at a future of farming without farmers, and that’s why the violence against the farmers of the world was bad enough when the green revolution was introduced in India in Punjab, which is where the protests began. Today, it’s everywhere. The farmer stands up; they are labelled in all kinds of ways rather than as people defending their food sovereignty, their seed sovereignty, their land sovereignty, their livelihood sovereignty.”

Once again the shocking external costs of factory farming come to light with the contamination of rivers and waterways all over the UK. Excess ammonia from pig and chicken waste causes eutrophication which is when algae, that feed on the waste nutrients, grows excessively taking up all the oxygen in the water, thereby suffocating the natural flora and fauna.

Read; Our rivers are dangerously contaminated and factory farm pollution is a leading cause; Sustain, 5th April 2023

Our precious rivers are bearing the brunt of wildlife decline and pollution, with just 14 per cent of rivers in England considered healthy and only one inland waterway considered safe to swim. Over the last few years, campaign groups have highlighted the role that greedy and incompetent water companies have played in trashing our precious rivers, but we must also turn our attention to the harm from factory farming, often carried out by large multinational agribusinesses, which is the main source of river pollution in England.

The river Wye is a prime example of this, where intensive chicken farms have turned the river into an ecologically barren sickly green sewer, often likened to “pea-soup”. Recently, a new ingredient was discovered in this potent broth – antibiotic resistant superbug pollution was recorded downstream from factory farms based in the Wye valley.’

‘Our new campaign #SaveOurRivers is calling on councils to protect our rivers from the spread of factory farms.’

Although there are a few more humane farrowing pens approved by the RSPCA, unless many more of us buy high welfare UK meat, pig farmers will continue to be bankrupted by cheap imports and thereby be prevented from upgrading away from the narrow steel crates with concrete floors in which the sow cannot even turn around to nurse her piglets.

Read; The Crate Escape: Winchester Animal Welfare Expert Joins Calls for Ban on Pig Farrowing Crates; University of Winchester; 4 April 2023

“In the UK, 60% of our breeding herd farrows indoors. And almost all of these are kept in crates – around 200,000 sows. Sows are kept in crates for five weeks each litter, and they farrow 2.3 times each year. So, sows are kept confined in this way for 80 days each year, or nearly a quarter of their adult breeding lives. And for farrowing crates, a picture tells a thousand words. So, I’m glad that we have these graphic images of crates in Parliament today. They are depressing. But they vividly convey the miserable reality for British sows in their closely confined farrowing crates.

And you don’t need to be a veterinary surgeon, or be an expert in animal welfare, to see that crates cause immense suffering. Pigs are highly sentient, intelligent, and social animals. As a lecturer in animal welfare I occasionally give talks to school children. Always, without guidance, the school children correctly explain how crates cannot meet welfare needs of pigs. And representative polls tell us that British citizens and consumers strongly oppose confining sows in crates.”

These speakers on Regenerative farming are inspiring so worth a listen. However, the worry with Regenerative agriculture remains that, unlike Organic farming, it has no rules. So, while the farmer boasts of his improving soil health by not tilling the soil to get rid of weeds, they will use the toxic herbicide, glyphosate. The organic farmers have improved their soil without any chemicals so surely we should promote that tried and tested system?

Listen; Regen: the next decade; Farm Gate, 30 March 2023;

‘While regenerative agriculture itself isn’t new, popular interest and the increasingly widespread deployment of regenerative principles, is a product of a global conversation that has taken place largely within the last decade. Despite that, regenerative farming has already become mainstream, with large businesses and corporations investing in research and embedding ambitious regenerative targets, and even government ministers urging producers to take up regenerative methods.

So what happens next – what does the next decade look like for regenerative agriculture?

ffinlo Costain is joined by Caroline Grindrod, founder of Roots of Nature, Sue Pritchard, Chief Executive of the Food, Farming and Countryside Commission, and by Jonty Brunyee, the Head of Farming and Food at FarmED.’

World News

When the mainstream narrative is that Climate Change is solely due to anthropocentric CO2 emissions, authorities use their flawed data and exaggerated statistics to impose draconian measures to limit emissions by controlling our every move, not least what we eat.

Read; NYC to unleash FOOD POLICE to limit residents’ consumption in the name of “climate justice”; Ethan Huff 26 April 2023

As you might expect, the scheme targets meat and dairy products as “bad,” categorising them as the worst contributors to climate warming. The solution, we are told, is to stop eating all meat and dairy and instead consume genetically engineered (GMO) “plant-based” substances from a laboratory.

“It is easy to talk about emissions that are coming from vehicles and how it impacts our carbon footprint,” Adams said at the event. “But we now have to talk about beef.”

(Related: During covid, the British government similarly unleashed a “food police” social credit score scheme modelled after that of communist China – eat what we say or be punished!)’

‘According to Adams, one-fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions in New York City comes from the foods New Yorkers are eating. By eating less meat and dairy and more Beyond Meat (owned by billionaire control freak, Bill Gates) and Impossible Foods, those emissions can be cut, Adams maintains.’

Listen to Twitter 50secs; co-founder a Greenpeace exposing the climate hoax: April 15

Greenpeace co-founder, Patrick Moore, exposes the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), for the fraudulent, self-serving scammers that they are.

‘And so this is the hoax. See, the problem with the intergovernmental panel on climate change, the fundamental problem is its mandate is only to look into human impacts on the environment. It is not mandated to look into natural causes. So if it found that humans are not having a catastrophic effect on the climate, what would they be? The point of them existing? They would work themselves out of a job. So they have to decide on the apocalyptic narrative. That’s their only way of surviving and that’s what they do.

They couch it in certain terms and try to make it seem as though they’re not being sensationalist or extremist. But in the final analysis, it is extremist to say that humans are the main factor in the changing climate of earth because it has changed a lot more long before humans were even here.’

Terrifying new tech world of fake food;

Watch 2 minutes; New South Wales is experimenting to put mRNA into the food supply: Dr Peter McCullough, April 12th 2023;

In New South Wales, Australia, the government is about to start a Foot and Mouth Livestock mRNA trial….To put it simply, you’ll be ?????? ???? Technology for dinner and it’s guaranteed to enter your ??????: ??????, ?????? ??? ????.

Read; Beef Producers Panic Over mRNA Vaccine News Dr Joseph Mercola, Global Research, 17 April 2023;

‘Pork producers have been using customizable mRNA-based “vaccines” on their herds since 2018, without telling the public

All customised mRNA “vaccines” are untested. Only the mRNA platform itself has been approved

According to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, “there are no current mRNA vaccines licensed for use in beef cattle in the United States.” However, a lobbyist for the association claims to have “double-vaccinated” his own herd with an mRNA “vaccine” against bovine respiratory disease

Iowa State University began trialling an mRNA “vaccine” against bovine respiratory syncytial virus October 1, 2021

Missouri House Bill 1169 would require labelling of products that can alter your genes. Big Ag lobbyists strongly oppose it.’

The results of treating our fellow sentient beings like machines by cramming them into factories, are horrific and accidents are endemic.

Read: Texas dairy farm explosion kills 18,000 cows, BBC News, 13 April 2023;

Investigators believed the fire might have started with a machine that local Sheriff Sal Rivera referred to as a “honey badger”, which he described as a “vacuum that sucks the manure and water out”.

“Possibly [it] got overheated and probably the methane and things like that, ignited and spread out and exploded,” he said.

In a statement sent to the BBC, the Washington DC-based Animal Welfare Institute said that – if confirmed – a death toll of 18,000 cows would be “by far” the deadliest barn fire involving cattle since it began keeping statistics in 2013.

In the pursuit of cheap food, antibiotics are used routinely in factory farms to keep animals alive in the overcrowded, stressful, and unhealthy conditions where contagious diseases spread rapidly through the intensive units. This reckless misuse of antibiotics enables a cruel, intensive system in which animals are merely economic units and is leading to more and more animal diseases such as Salmonella and MRSA ST398 becoming resistant to antibiotics and passing to humans. A return to real farming is only possible if we buy our meat from real farms.

Read; Intensified livestock farming increases antibiotic resistance genotypes and phenotypes in animal faeces; Nature, 18th April 2023

‘New policy and practice are needed on how to preserve traditional free-range farming and promote the development of improved strategies for the treatment and disposal of animal wastes, particularly from intensive farms. This is strongly supported by recent UN guidance aimed at preventing resistance and promoting One Health-based solutions. In summary, our study suggests substantially enhanced multidrug resistances in faecal microbiomes as livestock farming intensified. This has implications for the transmission and spread of resistance in the future, given that global intensification may become critical to satisfying the world’s food needs.’

Read; One million human deaths linked to factory farming, set to double by 2050; World Animal Protection, 7th April; Full report here

‘The excessive use of antibiotics in factory farming is causing the premature deaths of nearly one million people and $400 billion in global economic losses each year, according to a report titled Global Public Health Cost of Antimicrobial Resistance Related to Antibiotic Use on Factory Farms published today by World Animal Protection.

The report calculates the deadly impact of antibiotic overuse specifically by international meat and dairy producers and pinpoints their share of the blame in the global superbug crisis.

Around three-quarters of the world’s antibiotics are used in farmed animals, including pigs, chickens, and cows, though it has been unclear what impact antibiotic overuse in factory farming has on human health – until now. The report details how 84% of antibiotics administered on factory farms globally are not used to treat sick animals but instead given to healthy animals to prevent disease and ensure productivity in cramped, cruel conditions for maximum profit.’


This is a good rant from George Monbiot about how our right to protest is being eroded by PM, Rishi Sunak introducing laws that allow police to not only arrest protestors but also journalists reporting at the demonstration.

Rishi Sunak’s War on Freedom; Double Down News; Welcome to Rishi Sunak’s Police State – 1 May 2023

George Monbiot; Controlling and coercive behaviour is now an offence for which you can be prosecuted, but in politics controlling and coercive behaviour is valorized and glorified and those who exercise it are bigged up in the press. We’re told that they are heroes. It’s not just a change of government we need, it’s a change to the whole way in which we are governed. In fact it’s a change to the very concept of being governed. Here we are in the 21st century still living according to 18th century rules. Here we are with tremendous potential to organise our own lives, to make our own decisions through deliberative participatory democracy, true democracy, and yet none of that potential has been realised. It’s stiffed by government before it even rears its head. And so we find ourselves in this extraordinary situation where the only real democratic outlet we have, protest, is being shut down, and instead we have this farce, this pantomime played out among 650 people in Westminster, scarcely any of whom are allowed to speak their own minds. And they’re supposed to be our representatives, they’re supposed to embody democracy and yet there is scarcely any link between our desires and the decisions they make.

The ‘novel virus’.” was a great smoke screen to disguise the crisis set in motion by the economic collapse;

Read; Poverty and Crisis: Sucking Humanity Dry; The Four Horses of the Economic Apocalypse: Agribusiness, Oil, Arms and Big Pharma; Colin Todhunter; Global Research. April 27, 2023

‘This article has briefly touched on four horses of the economic apocalypse – agribusiness, oil, arms and big pharma. But let’s finish by mentioning the fifth and the most powerful – finance. The sector which sparked the devastation that we now see.

By late 2019, a financial crisis was looming. It was multiple times worse than the 2008 one.

Investigative journalist Michael Byrant says that €1.5 trillion was needed to deal with the crisis in Europe alone. The financial collapse staring European central bankers in the face came to a head in 2019:

“All talk about big finance bankrupting the nation by looting public funds, politicians destroying public services at the behest of large investors and the depredations of the casino economy were washed away with COVID. Predators who saw their financial empires coming apart resolved to shut down society. To solve the problems they created, they needed a cover story. It magically appeared in the form of a ‘novel virus’.”

The European Central Bank agreed to a €1.31 trillion bailout of banks followed by the EU agreeing to a €750 billion recovery fund for European states and corporations. This package of long-term, ultra-cheap credit to hundreds of banks was sold to the public as a necessary programme to cushion the impact of the pandemic on businesses and workers.

What happened in Europe was part of a strategy to avert the wider systemic collapse of the hegemonic financial system. And what we now see is an interrelated global debt, inflation and ‘austerity’ crisis and the biggest transfer of wealth to the rich in history under cover of a ‘cost-of-living crisis’.

As millions of workers take strike action in the UK, Huw Pill implies that they should accept their plight as inevitable. But they have no reason to.

The wealth of the world’s billionaires increased by $3.9tn between 18 March and 31 December 2020. Their total wealth then stood at $11.95tn, a 50 per cent increase in just 9.5 months. Between April and July 2020, during the initial lockdowns, the wealth held by these billionaires grew from $8 trillion to more than $10 trillion.

The only thing inevitable about the current crisis was the collapse of a debt-fuelled, unsustainable neoliberalism set up to facilitate outright plunder by the super-rich who have offshored more than $50 trillion in hidden accounts.’

Read; The IMF has just unveiled a new global currency known as the “Universal Monetary Unit” that is supposed to revolutionise the world economy; Michael Snyder: April 13, 2023

A new global currency just launched, but 99 percent of the global population has no idea what just happened. The “Universal Monetary Unit”, also known as “Unicoin”, is an “international central bank digital currency” that has been designed to work in conjunction with all existing national currencies. This should set off alarm bells for all of us, because the widespread adoption of a new “global currency” would be a giant step forward for the globalist agenda. The IMF did not create this new currency, but it was unveiled at a major IMF gathering earlier this week…

‘Basically, it sounds like a secretive cabal of international banks and national governments is conspiring to push this new currency down our throats.’

Watch; This Is How They’re Going To CONTROL You! The Jimmy Dore Show; 21 Apr 2023

Discussion of so-called “digital currency” has been proliferating among a range of countries around the globe, nowhere more avidly than in the European Union. And there’s no more avid advocate in the EU than European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde, who raves about the greater “control” digital currency will give elites over the masses, while relishing the prospect of anyone who spends more than 1,000 Euro being thrown in jail.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to The Duran hosts Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou about just who would benefit from a shift to all digital currency.

Alex Christoforou; I don’t know anyone that wants this, but you’re exactly right, they can take the money because you’re going to have a digital wallet. It’s going to be an app on your phone and it’s going to hold your digital currency. They can put an expiration on that money. So they can say; ‘you just got a thousand dollars paycheck, you have three months to spend it, if you don’t spend it after three months, poof it goes away’. It’s going to be on your mobile device which means that it could be tracking all of your movements. So you went to a protest downtown? Well what were you doing at that protest downtown? So the whole thing is going to track all your movements. All your spending can be time sensitive. It’s complete control of the individual and this is exactly what the European Union was built for.’

Whitney Webb: The vast majority of every country in the world is developing some type of central bank digital currency and the central bankers around the world have essentially admitted, whether it’s Augustine Carson’s head of the BIS (Bank of International Settlement) or someone like Christine Lagarde (President of the European Central Bank), essentially saying that it’s about control. It’s not about money, it’s about ending financial anonymity, being able to surveil every transaction where every dollar goes and is spent and being able to control what people can and can’t buy. Essentially if you control the money to that extent, you can control what people can or can’t do, where they can and can’t go. The possibilities for them are really endless but do we really want to give up all of that freedom to people that engage in extensive criminal activity and have for a long time and can deceive the public? It’s crazy.

Alex; ‘if you’re one of these billionaires, if you’re one of these guys that’s at the top, this is great for you. This is exactly what you want, you could keep everyone down and no one is ever going to rise up to challenge you whether you’re a billionaire, a businessman or whether you’re a politician in Europe or in the United States, this is exactly what you want.

Question; How can switching to an electronic currency help?

Christine Lagarde; President of the European Central Bank; ‘We are preparing the ground, we want to be ready, we want to be trained but it will not be decided until October 23. The reason I’m personally convinced that we have to move ahead is a situation like the one we are in now; we are dependent on the supply of gas by a very unfriendly country. I don’t want Europe to be dependent on an unfriendly country’s currency for instance, I don’t know, the Chinese currency, the Russian currency, the whatever, or dependent on a friendly currency, but which is activated by a private corporate entity like Facebook or like Google or anybody like them. I don’t want Meta, Google or Amazon to suddenly come up with a currency that will take over the sovereignty of Europe. I don’t want a foreign currency to become the currency of trading within Europe. So we have to be ready.

Now we have in Europe this threshold. Above 1,000 Euros you cannot pay cash. If you do, you are in the grey market. You take your risk, you get caught, you are fined or you go in jail. But the digital euro is going to have a limited amount of control. There will be control, you’re right ,you’re completely right. We are considering whether for very small amounts, anything that is around 300, 400 euros we could have a mechanism where there is zero control. But that could be dangerous. The terrorist attacks on France back 10 years ago were entirely financed………’

Jimmy Dores; …….. So they want it to protect us from terrorism!!!!……

Watch; The Establishment Wants These Men Silenced. Robert F.Kennedy Jr., (RFK Jr) Explains How He Plans To Hold Them To Account; The Kim Iverson Show, 25 April 2023;

RFK Jr; ‘I have a PhD in how to unravel agency capture because I’ve been suing these agencies for so many years. 80% of my lawsuits were against polluters, and 20% were against the agencies that are enabling the polluters. So I’ve been involved in litigation against EPA which has been captured by oil, by pesticides, by coal, by big chemical. I’ve litigated of course against HHS (US Department of Health and Human Services) and the pharmaceutical industry which owns NIH/CDC and FDA, I’ve litigated against the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) because it’s captured by Smithfield, Tyson, Pilgrim, Cargill and Monsanto. The CIA is also captured by the military-industrial complex, and all these agencies have umbilical cords to the industries that have to be broken, they’re basically functioning as wholly-owned subsidiaries of the industries they’re supposed to regulate.

Most politicians get in there hoping to drain the swamp, but they’re confronted by these huge bureaucracies, and the bureaucracies have the power and the capacity to commit civil disobedience against their leader. If you start messing with some of these agencies the lights will go off and the trains will stop, things will happen that will be political problems for the President, and when the President gets in he’s confronted by these entrenched agency cultures. What they end up doing is appointing somebody safe to run these agencies, usually somebody from the industry that gets the joke.

I’m not intimidated by the agencies, I know how they work and I know how to change them, and most of those changes you do not need Congress for. With a stroke of the pen you can change back the rule that allows pharmaceutical advertisers to do direct consumer ads on TV. That’s one of the reasons we have this entrenched agency capture, not only of Congress, because they control the airwaves, they control the evening news. 75% of the revenue for those evening news shows is coming from Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies, and those companies are dictating content on those shows, and they dictate the official narratives, and then they’re able to exercise huge control over Congress, Congress is terrified of them, but with the stroke of a pen you can say this is not good for the health of this country which it isn’t. We spend three times as much as any other country on pharmaceutical drugs because of all this advertising, and we have the worst health outcomes, I think we’re 79th in the world. I would knock that down overnight as President.

Another thing I can do is I can open up the databases, like the vaccine safety database…all the vaccine records and the medical claims from 10 million Americans from the top ten HMOs (medical insurance companies). You can look in there and overnight you can say this vaccine is associated with diabetes, this one is associated with peanut allergies, this one with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), neurological ticks or whatever. That database, CDC keeps in a lockbox like Fort Knox. Well, I’ll open up that database on day one.

Listen; RFK Jr. on Tucker Carlson pre Tucker being sacked from Fox News; 20th April 2023

Watch; The REAL Reason Tucker Carlson Was Fired By Fox News! The Jimmy Dore Show; 25 Apr 2023;

Top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been abruptly fired from his choice primetime show on the network. Carlson has consistently been the only voice on cable news calling out the war machine, criticising his fellow media commentators for doing advertisers’ bidding and rejecting claims from Big Pharma. And now he’s gone!

Guest host Aaron Maté and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to special guest Jimmy Dore about the silencing of Tucker Carlson.

Aaron Maté; Tucker Carlson last week ripped big Pharma spending hundreds of millions of dollars on TV ads and news outlets routinely parroting drug industry talking points. Is there a single example of a CNN, MSNBC or other Fox News host ever discussing TV advertising corruption?

Tucker Carlson on a past show; “Ask yourself, is any news organisation you know of, so corrupt that it’s willing to hurt you on behalf of its biggest advertisers? Anyone who does that is obviously Pablo Escobar level corrupt and should not be trusted. What would that look like, that level of corruption? Well, imagine that the Trump administration had made it mandatory for American citizens to buy My Pillow, (that’s one of Fox News’s biggest advertisers), imagine the administration declared that if you didn’t rush out and buy at least one My Pillow and then at least another booster Pillow you would not be allowed to eat out you couldn’t re-enter your own country, you couldn’t have a paying job. My Pillow, they told you with a straight face, was the very linchpin of our country’s public health system.

Now imagine if they told you that Fox, as a news organisation endorsed it, amplified the government’s message. Imagine if Fox News attacked anyone who refused to buy My Pillow as an ally of Russia, as an enemy of science, and then imagine that Fox kept up those libellous attacks even as evidence mounted that My Pillow caused heart attacks, fertility problems and death? If Fox News did that, what would you think of Fox News, would you trust us? Of course you wouldn’t, you would know that we were liars.

Thank heaven Fox News never did anything like that but the other channels did. The other channels took hundreds of millions of dollars from Big Pharma companies and then they shilled for their sketchy products on the air, and as they did that they maligned anyone who was sceptical of those products. At the very least this was a moral crime, it was disgusting, but it was universal, it happened across the American news media, they all did it. So, at this point the question isn’t, who in public life is corrupt, too many to count, the question is, who is telling the truth?

Jimmy Dore; Oh my God, I didn’t see this, no wonder they fired him, are you kidding me? He laid it out, he’s giving the game away. The reason why Tucker Carlson is able to tell you the truth about how this advertising game works in corporate news is they took away all his advertisers, and so now he’s free to say that kind of stuff, but apparently he wasn’t and the hammer came down from the top.

Aaron Maté: He’s challenging big Pharma but also nobody on cable news was even close to him comparable in challenging the war state. No one covered the issues that he did.

Jimmy Dore; That’s right, nobody else, nobody would bring on….the reason why me, you, Glenn Greenwald, go on Tucker Carlson, because MSNBC, CNN, ABC, wouldn’t bring people on who had an anti-war message or wanted to debunk Russiagate. Even Democracy Now stopped bringing people on to debunk Russiagate. They stopped bringing on you, they stopped bringing on Stephen F Cohen, the late scholar who’s one of their top guests, he was banned, he was also welcome on Tucker’s show. Glenn Greenwald was banned, ……he would tell the truth about Julian Assange, he would tell the truth about Syria, he would tell the truth about Venezuela, he would tell the truth about Ukraine right now, and now he’s telling the truth about vaccines and how big Pharma corrupted everything about Covid.

Read; Tucker Carlson’s firing reveals how afraid the media is of independent journalists; Jonathan Cook; 26 April 2023

The TV host paid the price because he tried the impossible: straddling the divide between corporate media and critical journalism.

Fate sealed.

It is interesting to consider too, if we are debating the effect of exposing Fox News audiences to leftwing and dissident perspectives, what impact Greenwald, Mate and others had on Carlson himself.

Those who know him well, such as Greenwald, have argued that he is on a political path away from the views he once held. There is certainly evidence for this. And it may be that it was just such evidence that sealed his fate.

Sounding more like Noam Chomsky, Carlson refers in the clip below to the media as a “control apparatus” and admits “I spent most of my life being part of the problem”, including by promoting the 2003 Iraq war.

Carlson: “The media are not here to inform you. Really! Even on the big things that really matter like the economy, wars, Covid… Their job is not to inform you. They are working for the small group of people who actually run the world. They are their servants… and we should treat them with maximum contempt because they have earned it.”

Presumably Murdoch understood that he was very much included in “the small group of people who actually run the world”, a group that should “earn our contempt”.

But beyond speculating about Carlson’s motives, the more significant point – the one we should celebrate and highlight – is that media “consumers” are slowly becoming less passive and more critical of traditional sources of information.

Carlson understood that trend and tried to straddle the divide. He had a foot in both the corporate media camp and the independent camp. Through his sacking, he has proved just how untenable that position is.

One – the corporate media – is there to entertain and distract us, and keep us locked into tribal identities, banging heads against each other in utter futility. The other – independent media – is there to help us think more critically about power and about our responsibilities as citizens.

You can’t serve those two masters – as Tucker Carlson just found out the hard way.

Watch; TheGreyzone; End of the Tucker era; 29 April 2023

Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the ouster of Fox’s Tucker Carlson and what it means for US anti-war politics. They also cover congressional efforts to challenge the US military presence in the Horn of Africa, the diminishing prospects of the Ukrainian military, and more.

Watch; 9/11 hijackers revealed as CIA recruits; #TheGrayzone; 26 Apr 2023

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss bombshell court filings containing testimony by former and current FBI agents describing two September 11 hijackers as CIA recruits involved in a joint CIA-Saudi operation.

Read; Bombshell filing: 9/11 hijackers were CIA recruits; Kit Klarenberg;APRIL 18, 2023

Watch; ‘Assange v. the Espionage Act’; Consortium News; April 25, 2023

British legal analyst Alexander Mercouris joins U.S. constitutional lawyer Bruce Afran on CN Live! to discuss Afran’s Consortium News article on how the charges against Julian Assange breach the U.S. constitution.

‘Imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange’s case raises troubling questions about whether the U.S. Espionage Act breaches both the First and Fifth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution as it is applied to Assange, argues constitutional lawyer Bruce Afran.

The Espionage Act unconstitutionally criminalises the routine of journalism, he says. It ignores that the First Amendment by itself carves out an exception for a journalist possessing and informing the public about state secrets that reveal government crimes and corruption.’

The phrase “relating to the national defence” in the Act is also so broad that publication of any government document that exposes military abuses could lead to prosecution. Nor does any clearer meaning attach to “injury to the United States” or “advantage of any foreign nation,” standards that could lead to conviction for publication of any government document touching on military or foreign policy.

Assange’s indictment should be quashed on the ground that the Espionage Act’s breathtaking overreach is an existential threat to First Amendment freedoms, argues Afran. For U.S. courts to do otherwise is to undermine due process and impose a vast threat to the First Amendment’s guarantees of a free press.

The Fifth Amendment says that no one shall “be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” But because of its unlimited sweep, there is virtually no defence to a violation of the Espionage Act, including a public interest defence.

One would think the Espionage Act applies to spying for a foreign power, the logical meaning of “espionage” but, in fact, the statute breezily punishes disclosure of any “information” that can cause “injury” to the U.S. or gives an “advantage” to a foreign nation, says Afran.’

Listen; Womens hour with Stella Assange BBC, 12 April 2023;

Asked ‘How is Julian?’

Stella said, ‘Well he’s suffering profoundly, every single day it’s a struggle. It’s like running a marathon without knowing how long it’s going to last. We have to have faith that there’s an end in sight. I believe that Julian will be free. The grounds for keeping him in prison are intolerable, unacceptable and completely inconsistent with living in a free and open society.

There are 17 charges against Julian under the Espionage Act and they’re bogus. It’s the same kind of case that Russia is bringing against Evan Gershkovitch for journalistic activity using espionage legislation in order to criminalise journalism. Julian has been awarded manyfold for these publications which exposed war crimes and crimes against humanity, tens of thousands of civilian killings.

It was clear to me from the beginning that the Swedish investigation was highly politicised. I read the police reports which had been posted on the internet, about 110 pages, and I was following the news around it in Sweden, because I speak Swedish.

I didn’t plan to be a single mother. When we talked about having children I was 32, Julian was not charged in the US, and the UN had just released the decision that he was arbitrarily detained and it seemed like at this point in 2016 that his freedom was just a matter of time. When you decide to start a family it’s always a leap into the unknown, and it felt like everything was always going to be complicated because it’s Julian and he has angered a lot of people, but we want to chart our own course here and have a private life, a personal life together, and that part at least was clear.

I believe he will be free, because I see the global concern for his freedom, I see the President of Brazil, the President of Mexico bringing Julian’s case up regularly. It’s a reference point politically that is harmful to the UK and the US, and it’s a burden I think, to both those countries because they’re betraying their own values and their own standards by keeping him in prison.’

Watch or read; Jacob Siegel: The great “disinformation” hoax – Jacob Siegel talks to Freddie Sayers about America’s new censorship complex, The Post, Unheard, 5 April 2023;

‘Siegel explains it, ‘disinformation’ is an invention, one that has morphed into a tool of governance. Declaring information as true or untrue is a means to control public discourse and to undermine and censor information which is “unflattering” to political elites.

Siegel: Disinformation is a means by which the Government in cooperation with private tech companies and civil society, NGO groups, censors, uses extra legal means to censor political discourse around issues like Covid vaccinations, lockdowns, the elections. And in the US, it’s a free-for-all. It’s a blank cheque to censor anything. So on one level, disinformation is ostensibly censorship in order to protect national security. In a larger sense, that machinery of censorship is not opportunistically looking to erase certain things from the public record that are unflattering to political elites. It’s actually rather more than that. It is a means of governance. It is a system of power. It is its own system of power, outside of the formal, official — in the US, constitutional — means by which the Government is supposed to operate.

The system of secrecy and the Government’s own promotion of conspiracies, like the idea that Donald Trump was an agent of Vladimir Putin or a Russian stooge, which the US intelligence agencies promoted. It’s not simply that they are wrong or pernicious, or that this reflects corruption. They actually drive people crazy. They deranged the political system. They ruin the ability for people to engage sanely and transparently in their own politics.

Very satisfying BBC interview with Elon Musk where the reporter fails to produce a single example to support his accusation that hate speech on Twitter  has increased since it was bought by Elon Musk. When the interviewer accused Musk of changing the Twitter Covid misinformation status, Musk turned the question on the BBC asking why they had failed to update their reporting on Covid and the true impacts from the vaccine.

Watch; Mr Musk, BBC covid misinformation; Dr. John Campbell; 13 Apr 2023

‘Elon Musk accuses BBC of covering up vaccine side effects

Mr. Musk; Does the BBC hold itself at all responsible for misinformation regarding masking and side-effects of vaccinations and not reporting on that at all? And what about the fact that the BBC was put under pressure by the British government to change the editorial policy, are you aware of that?

The BBC declined to comment on Mr Musk’s claims.

Mr Musk; Spoken about having “major side effects” after 2nd covid vaccination Left him feeling as if he was “dying for several days.”

”The BBC’s liberal bubble has finally burst. Huge thanks to Musk for exposing the corporation’s groupthink with such forensic, dancing wit.’

Watch; Exposed, Kier Starmer and the Establishment Coup, Matt Kennard & Declassified UK Double Down News, 7 April 2023;

‘Keir Starmer is presiding over a coup and what comes after a coup? Dictatorship. Starmer is the most dishonest mainstream politician of my lifetime. I’ve not come across anyone who can so bareface tell lies so regularly, he lied his way to the Labour leadership he lied his way through the Labour leadership and when he becomes Prime Minister he’ll lie his way through his Prime Ministership as well.

If Corbyn was doing what he did, you’d have every single one of his lies on the front page leading the BBC News. But they want to protect Starmer because Starmer serves their interests. We all know that Boris Johnson is an unscrupulous liar and the damage that that can do for politics and democracy but you’re probably about to elect someone who is just as bad.

He had 10 pledges that he got elected on which he’s reneged on every single one and he’s going to do the same thing in the campaign to get elected he’s going to give you a whole load of policies that he’s not going to do in power. And we need some scrutiny of this because he’s the likely next Prime Minister so we need scrutiny of him now.’

Russia/China Conflicts

Watch; Jeffrey Sachs on China’s “Historic” Push for Multipolar World to End U.S. Domination; Democracy Now! 25 Apr 2023

China is taking an increasingly assertive role in world affairs, helping to broker a restoration of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, offering a 12-point peace plan for Ukraine, and strengthening its relationships with European and Latin American powers. Last week, China continued its diplomatic outreach by offering to hold talks between Israel and Palestine. “China doesn’t want the United States to be the preeminent power. It wants to live alongside the United States,” says economist Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University and president of the U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions Network. He has also served as adviser to three U.N. secretaries-general and currently serves as a sustainable development solutions advocate under Secretary-General António Guterres. His latest article is headlined “The Need for a New US Foreign Policy.”

Read; Tweet; Robert F. Kennedy Jr ; 4th April 2023

Watch; This will make you sick to your stomach; Tucker Carlson: Fox News, 14 April 2023;

‘For the past 14 months you have heard two main things about the war in Ukraine, the first is that the war in Ukraine is a war of national sovereignty, it is not a proxy battle between superpowers. Russia invaded Ukraine, that was immoral. The United States supports Ukraine because the United States supports democracy, but the United States itself is not at war with Russia, this is Ukraine’s war to fight. The second thing we have heard over and over again is that Ukraine is winning that war, Ukrainian troops are brave and noble, Russian troops are evil and incompetent. The Ukrainians are beating the Russians, in the end their victory is inevitable.

Now you’re very familiar with these points because you have heard them every day since last February, you’ve heard them repeated by every power centre in the United States, the Pentagon the White House, the leaders of both parties in Congress, CEOs and celebrities and most consistently of all you’ve heard them from virtually every single outlet along the entire spectrum of our national news media. These are the two essential themes of the war in Ukraine and both of them are lies.

We know that they’re lies because, late last week, leaked intelligence about the war in Ukraine began to appear on social media. Briefing slides prepared by the U.S government began to show up among other places on Twitter, and the slides show that this is in fact not Ukraine’s war, it’s our war. The United States is a direct combatant in a war against Russia. As we speak, American soldiers are fighting Russian soldiers, so this is not a regional conflict in Eastern Europe, this is a hot war between the two primary nuclear superpowers on Earth, and yet this war has never been formally declared, it has not been authorized by Congress and for that reason this war is a violation of American law, it is a crime.

The second thing we learned from these slides is that, despite direct U.S involvement, Ukraine is in fact losing the war. Seven Ukrainians were being killed for every Russian. Ukrainian air defences have been utterly degraded, Ukraine is losing. The Biden Administration is perfectly aware of this, they’re panicked about it but they have lied about this fact to the public. Just two weeks ago, for example, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told the U.S Senate that Russian military power is quote ‘waning’. In other words Russia is losing the war. That was a lie, he knew it was when he said it, but he repeated it in Congressional testimony. That is a crime, but Lloyd Austin has not been arrested for committing that crime, instead the only man who has been taken into custody, or likely ever will be, is a 21 year old Massachusetts Air National Guardsman who leaked the slides that showed that Lloyd Austin was lying. He revealed the crimes therefore he’s the criminal. That’s how Washington works.’

Read; The 21-year Old Leaker-Something is not Right; Larry Johnson; Global Research, 17 April 2023;

The media obsession in vilifying Jack Texeira for “leaking” TOP SECRET and SECRET documents and judging him guilty without any benefit of doubt, is just another symptom of the authoritarian fever that grips many inhabitants of the United States. Forget the first amendment. Stay in the dark and trust the Government to tell you what you need to know. Before you join the mob eager to lynch the poor kid, let me share what some of my friends who are veterans of the CIA and the Air Force have said about this affair in the past few days.

Both men say that the story and alleged facts smell to high heaven… ‘So what is a lowly E3 doing in a SCIF with TOP SECRET material and no supervision?’ That is the first red flag.

Another red flag, as I noted in my previous piece, is the partial copy of the CIA Operations Center Intelligence Report. Both of us have had access to CIA systems available on the military servers and we have never seen the CIA Ops Center report on any of those systems. Never! How did this 21 year old kid get his hands on that?

Watch; US War Propaganda Exposed with Ray McGovern, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen, The Duran, 25 April 2023; Raymond McGovern is a former Central Intelligence Agency officer turned political activist. McGovern was a CIA analyst from 1963 to 1990, and in the 1980s chaired National Intelligence Estimates and prepared the President’s Daily Brief.

Ray McGovern; ‘If it sounds like I’m quoting Vladimir Putin, I am. That’s how he explains this odd notion that they (Jake Sullivan and Tony Blinken) take on both China and Russia at the same time. He said ‘ ‘overweening arrogance and a feeling of impunity’ No one has taken it on the chin. No American policy makers have been held accountable for the grossest mistakes including a war of aggression; namely Iraq. So this feeling of impunity does sort of infect the minds of these well-heeled people, and there’s no check on that because they’re telling Biden what to do, and the military seems to be feckless. Secretary Austin is part of a club I suppose, so that’s how I see this arrogance, and also the feeling that the Russians really are inferior. They really are a gas station described as a country.

Listen and read; McCaul says war over Taiwan will be about controlling microchips — err, I mean, democracy and freedom Caitlin Johnstone, 12 April 2023;

Republican Congressman Michael McCaul made a very interesting admission during a Sunday interview on MSNBC, which he hastily had to walk back after the host pointed out the implications of what he was saying.

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd asked the virulent China hawk McCaul to “make the basic case” for why Americans should be willing to go to war over Taiwan, and McCaul responded by saying it was about controlling the manufacturing of microchips. When Todd pointed out that this sounded a lot like justifications that have been made for US wars and militarism to control global oil supplies, McCaul hastily corrected himself and said that protecting Taiwan is actually about “democracy and freedom”.

“Make the basic case for why Americans not only should care about what happens in Taiwan but should be willing to spill American blood and treasure to defend Taiwan,” Todd said.

McCaul responded by talking about deterrence and protecting international trade, then said, “I think more important is that TSMC [Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company] manufactures 90 percent of the global supply of advanced semiconductor chips. If China invades and either owns or breaks up, we’re in a world of hurt globally.”

Todd: “Congressman, that almost sounds like the case that would be made in the sixties, seventies and eighties for why America was spending so much money and military resources in the middle east,” Todd responded. “Oil was so important for the economy. Is this sort of the 21st century version of that?”

“You know, I personally think it is about democracy and freedom. And we need to stand up for that, like we’re doing in Ukraine,” said McCaul, visibly uncomfortable.

Nearly as funny as McCaul’s hasty self-correction was Todd’s suggestion that US militarism and wars for oil in the middle east was something that was limited to “the sixties, seventies and eighties.” As though the destruction of Iraq and Libya, the militarization against Iran, the starvation of Yemen, and the occupation of Syrian oil fields are just things the US war machine has been doing for fun and giggles in the decades since.

Also funny is the suggestion that Taiwan falling under Beijing’s control would create a “world of hurt”, as though China has been reluctant to sell manufactured products to other countries, and as though the world has not been freely purchasing those products.

Watch; France’s Macron opposes US cold war on China, wants independent Europe – but is it just rhetoric? Can Europe be independent from the USA? Ben Norton, 12 April 2023;

France’s president Emmanuel Macron visited China this April and met with Chinese president Xi Jinping. Following the meeting Macron made comments to the western media that has angered the United States and neoconservative politicians in Europe because he said that Europe needs to be independent of the U.S and he said that Europe cannot simply be a follower or a vassal of the United States. Now those comments are refreshing to hear, it is good to see that there are politicians in Europe who do recognize that they are basically being subordinated by the United States which is helping to destroy their economy and trying to subordinate all of Europe to join the US in its new Cold War on both China and Russia.’

However there’s a big asterisk here, these comments by Macron are being taken as historically, very significant representing a transition in Europe, that Europe is going to move away from the U.S. We should not be premature here. Honestly I do not think these comments are that significant, they’re not really anything new, we have heard Macron make comments like this in the past. In fact when Donald Trump was president in the U.S, Macron even called for Europe to create its own new European Army to protect itself not only against China and Russia but also against the United States itself, and what happened? Nothing, nothing happened. Furthermore Macron claimed that Europe was going to go around the illegal sanctions that the U.S under Trump imposed on Iran. Europe supported the Iran nuclear deal and Europe wanted to trade with Iran, and France played a key role in helping to develop a new payment system called Instex, and they developed it in 2019 and what happened once again? Basically nothing. It did some minor transactions and in early 2023 it was shut down. So yes, Macron the French leader is calling for strategic autonomy and Independence for Europe from the U.S however rhetoric is one thing actions are another.

Watch; U.S. Sends Troops To Taiwan! The Jimmy Dore Show; 20 Apr 2023

The U.S. has sent another 200 soldiers — described as “trainers” — to Taiwan in the latest provocative move aimed at sending a message to China. China’s growing economy and increasingly powerful role on the international stage represents a threat to the unipolar world ruled over by the United States, and a possible war with China over Taiwan may be the only option available to U.S. leaders to downgrade this emerging power.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to The Duran hosts Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou about the insane push to the brink of war between the U.S. and China.

Read; The Nord Stream Ghost Ship, the false details in the CIA’s cover story, Seymour Hersh, Scheerpost, 5 April 2023;

America’s Central Intelligence Agency is constantly running covert operations around the world, and all must have a cover story in case things go badly, as they often do. It is just as important to have an explanation when things go well, as they did in the Baltic Sea last fall. Within weeks of my report that Joe Biden ordered the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, the agency produced a cover story and found willing takers in the New York Times and two major German publications.

By creating a story of deep sea divers and a crew who did not exist, the agency was following protocol, and the story would have been part of the first days of secret planning to destroy the pipelines. The essential element was a mythical yacht ironically named the Andromeda—after the beautiful daughter of a mythical king who was chained to a rock, naked. The cover story was shared with and supported by the BND, Germany’s federal intelligence service.

One intelligence expert put it to me more succinctly: “When you do an operation like the pipelines, you need to plan a counter-op—a red herring that has a whiff of reality. And it must be a detailed as possible to be believed.”

The expert had more questions about the alleged yacht. “How does a 49-foot sailboat find the pipelines in the Baltic Sea? The pipelines are not that big and they are not on the charts that come with the lease. Maybe the thought was to put the two divers into the water”—not very easy to do so from a small yacht—“and let the divers look for it. How long can a diver stay down in their suits? Maybe fifteen minutes. Which means it would take the diver four years to search one square mile.

“None of these questions is asked by the media. So you have six people on the yacht—two divers, two helpers, a doctor and a captain leasing the boat. One thing is missing—who is going to crew the yacht? Or cook? What about the logbook that the leasing company must keep for legal reasons?

“None of this happened,” the expert told me. “Stop trying to link this to reality. It’s a parody.”

Reports from the 2 wisest military analysts; Ritter and Colonel Douglas Macgregor

Watch; Ukraine’s In MAJOR TROUBLE Right Now!; 28 Apr 2023

Scott Ritter joins Stephen Gardner on this exclusive interview to discuss the Russia Ukraine war, the conflict of Bakhmut, the bad feelings between Putin and Zelenskyy and how this war will end. China is doing the diplomacy the United States and NATO refuse to do. This is no longer a war, this is a humanitarian crisis, says Colonel Douglas Macgregor. Scott Ritter agrees. Ritter also quotes Ray McGovern on the failed diplomacy efforts.’

Watch; Putin’s Bloody Missile Attack Is Horrifying; 1 May 2023

Colonel Douglas Macgregor goes over Putin’s latest missile attack with Stephen Gardner that killed 1,000 soldiers, wiped out tons of Ukraine ammunition for their spring offensive and destroyed close to 40 armoured military vehicles. We discuss Scott Ritter info on the spring offensive and Ukraine losing 7 to 1 casualties.

Chris Busby warns about the danger of potential damage to the Nuclear Power Plant at Zaporozhye in Ukraine

Read; Will Zelenski cause Chernobyl 2? Chris Busby: Sputnik International, 26 April 2023;

‘Then there is Zaporozhye. This one is a very real and potential nightmare. The nuclear energy site on the East bank of the Kakhovka lake involves six VVER 1000MW pressurised water reactors together with their spent fuel pools and spent fuel dry storage systems. All reactors are currently in cold shutdown, but that does not make them safe, and particularly it does not make the spent fuel pools and spent fuel dry storage assemblies safe. When you take the spent fuel out of one of these reactors, you are talking about 312 rod assemblies totaling 66 tons of spent enriched Uranium, containing a list of very radioactive fission products and neutron activation alpha emitters like Plutonium. These go into a water pond to cool, and when a bit cooler, they go to dry storage where they are cooled to about 350 degrees. How long they stay in the water, and how long they are in the dry storage I don’t know. But since they have nowhere else to go, presumably until there is some solution developed where they are stuck in the ground, like the Swedish Forsmark operation that I have had a lot to do with, they are still there. The half-life of the longest element, U-238, is about 4.7 billion years (Yes).

OK, so what’s the problem? If the cooling fails, then the assemblies melt, and when this happens, they pool in the bottom of the containment vessel, the neutron flux goes vertical, and you have an atomic explosion. Such an explosion would certainly make it impossible to cool the other assemblies and they also would melt and explode. In the six reactors, which have run for about 30 years, there are theoretically 6 x 30 x 66 x 2 tons assuming two refuelings a year. Where is my calculator? Ah, that is 23,760 tons of Uranium, plus the trimmings. Well I may have this a bit wrong—but you get the picture.

This would certainly wipe out Ukraine, and quite possibly Europe, perhaps further afield.

Chris Busby describes the danger of radiation across Europe from depleted uranium weapons that the UK is sending to Ukraine.

Read; Europe May Face Cancer, Birth Defects Akin to Fallujah if Kiev Uses Depleted Uranium; Chris Busby:Sputnik International, 28 March 2023;

In this case President Putin has accurately identified this as a weapon of mass destruction, a weapon of indiscriminate effect, and the British and the Americans continue to cling to their crazy theory that these radioactive substances which bind to DNA are effectively harmless and have no genetic or indiscriminate effects on populations. In this case I just have to say that the British are wrong, this stuff is contaminating Europe, and it will cause all the effects that it caused in Iraq that I have shown to be caused in Iraq, and it will cause all those effects in Germany and Luxemburg, in France and Sweden, the Baltic states and a long list of countries that stand between Ukraine and the UK.

Watch; Where U.S Weapons For Ukraine Are REALLY Going! Sy Hersh; The Jimmy Dore Show; 28 Apr 2023

The rampant corruption in Ukraine is no secret, but now more details are emerging about just how little of the U.S. tax dollars sent to Ukraine are winding up in grifters’ pockets. Journalist Seymour Hersh has uncovered evidence that a substantial portion of military hardware sent to Ukraine winds up being sold on the black market.


Like Andrew Bridgen, perhaps Danny Kruger MP will be the next to be sacked from the Conservative Party for shining a light on the top down approach to pandemics and public health.

Watch; Danny Kruger MP analyses new powers sought by the WHO, Dr John Campbell, 23 April 2023;

Danny Kruger MP; These proposed new regulations will hardwire into international law and into our own domestic policy a top-down approach to pandemics and to global public health. So yes, we need cooperation, yes we need strategic vision, but no, we do not need ever more centralised solutions. In fact, in this country, it wasn’t the top-down approach that worked in Covid-19, from the centralised test and trace system to the food parcels for the isolated. What worked best was people taking responsibility for themselves and their neighbours, local government working with civil society, medical leaders exercising their judgement, public servants at the local level working flexibly and with initiative…….’

‘What we are seeing now crucially is the World Health Organization, not just setting itself up as responsible for identifying pandemics, but also for the responses worldwide to those pandemics. These amendments recognise the WHO as the guiding and coordinating authority of international responses to public health emergencies of international concern. And of course we know about the WHO, we know it’s unaccountable nature. The Director General is appointed through an opaque non-democratic process, too much power for international pharmaceutical companies, and these regulations propose the creation of a vast public health surveillance mechanism, at the public expense, but also, if the WHO itself is anything to go by, it would be substantially funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

And crucially, as my friend from Don Valley just mentioned, it proposes that, if the existing powers of the WHO to make recommendations about what countries should do, should be upgraded from non-binding to binding recommendations, so it amounts to a vast transfer of power to the WHO. What these new regulations would enable are legally binding obligations on countries to mandate financial contributions to fund pandemic response activities. It could require the surrender of intellectual property and technologies, it could mandate the manufacture and international sharing of vaccines, it could override national safety approval processes for vaccines, gene-based therapies, medical devices and diagnostics.’

The powers for the WHO extend potentially to ordering border closures on countries’ travel restrictions, tracing of contacts, refusal of entry, forced quarantining, medical examinations, including requirements for proof of vaccination and even the forced medication of individuals. And it’s not just when there is indeed a pandemic already declared that these powers might be invoked. It’s when there is simply the potential for such an emergency. WHO claims this power excuse. My final real concern about the proposals are that they set the WHO up as the single source of truth on vaccine, on pandemics and on responses to pandemic.

And there is obviously a very legitimate and understandable need to challenge misinformation and disinformation. There is a real danger there, but surely members should recognize that there’s an opposite danger too. A single agency, a single supernatural national agency, becomes the sole source of information on what is true.

Now, these are the people who said that Covid 19 definitely didn’t come from a lab leak rather than from the Wuhan Institutes. Now it seems like these are the people who said that lockdowns will only be short and temporary rather than lasting the best part of two years; who said that vaccine stopped transmission rather than having next to no impact on transmission. They said that the vaccine would only be for the vulnerable rather than for everyone, including little babies. They said they would be voluntary rather than mandated as they were in many countries, including very nearly here.

So I don’t have confidence in WHO and its satellites to be the single source of truth, either on the sides or on the response.’

‘Only nation states have the legitimacy and the agility to adapt to the huge threats and opportunities of our times at the WHO cannot. Now, I firmly believe this treaty and the regulations are another and a greater threat to parliamentary sovereignty. And it’s not clear if government will submit the treaty in the regulations to Parliament parliamentary approval, but I very much believe that they should, and that should be the commitment we get to the minister today.’

Also read; WHO’s Worldwide Power Grab: Beware of the New International Health Regulation and Pandemic Treaty, a Health Tyranny Never Heard of Before in Human History; Peter Koenig; Global Research; April 29, 2023

Also read; Last call to the world to stop WHO from putting humanity into an Open Prison; By Peter Koenig; Global Research, April 23, 2023

‘This universal authority over world health issues would rest solely in the hands of a non- medical doctor, nor health scientist, Bill Gates-implanted WHO General Director, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who was previously a Board member of GAVI, the Vaccination Alliance and close partner of WHOs. GAVI is a creation of, and funded by, Bill Gates.

WHO is registered as a UN agency, which it is not really. WHO was created in 1948 at the behest of David Rockefeller (1915 – 2017), a known eugenist and globalist, to control the world population’s “health” – and death.

WHO has full immunity from criminal prosecution, and its senior employees have diplomatic and tax-free status in Switzerland.

WHO is more than 80% funded by private sources, mostly from the pharmaceuticals industry, the Gates Foundation, and other private sponsors. WHO is clearly working for the interests of its donors, mostly the pharmaceuticals and Bill Gates, also an eugenist – not for the people.

We have seen how badly – or better, criminally – WHO has handled COVID since the beginning of 2020, with worldwide lockdowns, social distancing, tremendous fear-mongering, destroying economies, people’s livelihoods, and causing death, not by COVID but by fear-induced diseases, depression and misery, for a disease which at the worst is very similar to the annual flu. And for a virus that to this date has NEVER been isolated.’

A convenient death to hide the truth that the PCR test cannot test for Covid.

Watch video: Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize Winning Inventor of PCR “Test”. Died in August 2019; Global Research, April 24, 2023

A brilliant scientist and inventor, Kary Mullis, died just before the outbreak of the Covid-19 HOAX. His PCR duplication / amplification process (intended as a research tool only), earned him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Mullis,, and Prof Michel Chossudovsky; Global Research, April 24 2023

‘PCR was again recently misused to wrongly diagnose Covid and boost the fear.

Mullis warned us about this misuse of his PCR, and about Anthony Fauci while he was alive.

The Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) Test

“The PCR is a process. It does not tell you that you are sick.” –Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Laureate and Inventor of the RT-PCR, passed away in August 2019.

“…All or a substantial part of these positives could be due to what’s called false positives tests.” – Dr. Michael Yeadon, distinguished scientist, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer

“This misuse of the RT-PCR technique is applied as a relentless and intentional strategy by some governments to justify excessive measures such as the violation of a large number of constitutional rights, … under the pretext of a pandemic based on a number of positive RT-PCR tests, and not on a real number of patients.” –Dr. Pascal Sacré, Belgian physician specialised in critical care and renowned public health analyst.

The slanted methodology applied under WHO guidance for detecting the alleged spread of the virus is the Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test, which has been routinely applied all over the world since February 2020.

The RT-PCR test has been used worldwide to generate millions of erroneous “COVID-19 confirmed cases”, which are then used to sustain the illusion that the alleged pandemic is real.

This assessment based on erroneous numbers has been used in the course of the last three years to spearhead and sustain the fear campaign.

And people are now led to believe that the COVID-19 “vaccine” is the “solution”. And that “normality” will be restored once the entire population of planet Earth has been vaccinated.

“Confirmed” is a misnomer. A “confirmed RT-PCR positive case” does not imply a “COVID-19 confirmed case”.’

Watch; “Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths; Ed Dowd; Part 1 Of 2; London Real, 14 April 2023;

‘In 2021 I was horrified; there was  the demonization of the unvaccinated, it was a crazy time, and the money and the prize was so big, and the money being thrown around to media by the pharmaceutical companies. We found out there was a billion dollars in government money given to media companies to promote the vaccine. Once you started following the money you realise what was going on, and again, I don’t know if it was a conspiracy but certainly a conspiracy of interest. There were three verticals that stood to gain or four verticals. Technology was licking their chops at all the new surveillance technology that was coming their way, that’s a new cash flow stream.And the Twitter files have since shown, they conspired with government to suppress anything negative about the vaccine.

You had Pharma companies which we’re going to, just under the colour of law, have a mandated product. So they had incentives to maybe ram the thing through; not look at safety signals, which we’ve proven there were safety signals that should have shut the trial down. It never should have been approved – so that’s something that’s going to come to light. Then we had media companies that were living off of pharmaceutical ad revenue streams, especially on the nightly news. And then we had government politicians, money and power and then the regulatory agencies.

We’ve found out 75 percent of the FDA’s budget comes from Pharma, there’s the revolving door. The NIH gets hundreds of millions of royalty revenue, so it was a conspiracy of interest, that’s what I know. Whether there was a bunch of maniacal men in a room drinking Scotch laughing I don’t know, but there definitely was a conspiracy of interest. There was what we call institutional momentum, and it just rolled over everybody. And you’re a Wall Street professional, there’s something called the institutional imperative, and Warren Buffett talks about this, it’s where the C-suite doesn’t act on the behalf and interests of the shareholders, they act on the behalf and interests of themselves. And once the institutional imperative takes over, fraud becomes kind of accepted, and endemic to an institution. It usually starts at the top and the institutional imperative we can clearly see at the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, the regulatory agencies that are supposed to watch out for the stakeholders, which are us, and they didn’t.’

Watch; Australians seeking compensation for being ‘allegedly injured from COVID vaccines’; Rowan Dean; Sky News Australia; 30 Apr 2023

‘“500 Australians have joined a class action lawsuit … the landmark lawsuit has been launched against the federal government, against the TGA and against the Department of Health and alleged negligence by the TGA in its approval and monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines,” Mr Dean said.’

Watch; Anthony Fauci and the Public Health Establishment; Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., 13 April 2023;

I was just dumbstruck by this huge delta between what the public health agencies were saying the science said, and what the actual peer-reviewed published science was saying. And I started, after that, doing what I always did when I didn’t understand something. Because of my name and my family’s relationships with these agencies, I could always get the head of an agency on a phone very quickly, and I started calling them and asking questions. I got Francis Collins, from NIH, and Kathleen Stratton and Marie McCormick, from Institute of Medicine, and they told me something weird. I asked them about science and I realised they were completely not conversant with it, they were just parroting this phrase ‘safe and effective’. They hadn’t read any of the actual science. And when I asked them about details they said you have to talk to Paul Ofitt. Well Paul Ofitt is a vaccine developer who’s a partner of Merck’s. I had been working with EPA for many years, suing. Probably about 20 percent of my lawsuits were against EPA which is a captive agency but captured by the oil and chemical and pesticide industries and EPA. If I call a science guy or a regulator there, they’re going to have some self-respect and they’re going to try to answer my question; they’re not going to direct me to a coal industry lobbyist.

So this was bizarre and when I talked to Paul Ofitt I caught him in a lie, which I’m not going to go into. I’d love to go into, but I’m not going to. I need to conserve my time here, so take my word for it, and he knew I caught him in the lie. I knew, and there was that moment where we’re like you are just a liar, and then I realised okay these guys either don’t know what they’re doing or they’re lying about it deliberately. Then I realised these agencies were completely captured, but agency capture on steroids.

FDA gets more than 50 percent of its budget from the pharmaceutical companies. CDC has a 12 billion dollar budget and five billion, that’s almost half, goes to buying vaccines from these companies and then distribute them. So if you work in CDC you do not get promotions by finding problems with vaccines, you get promoted by increasing uptake. And then NIH is just an incubator for pharmaceutical products. So it develops the vaccines, hands them over to the industry, it hands them over to the universities, which then get NIH money, 200, 300 million dollars to do phase one and phase two trials and, if those are successful, which they always are because they make them successful, they then call in the pharmaceutical company to do a phase three and then they all divide up the royalty, the patent march-in rights.

Then Tony Fauci, head of NIH, walks it through the regulatory process at MTA and CDC where he’s picked the members of the panels who are all taking money from him. They know their product is next in line and their job is to rubber stamp this product and recommend it to children. So I saw this process and how it worked and it was regulatory capture on steroids. And then NIH (National Institutes of Health) gets the money. I got de-platformed for saying NIH owns half the Moderna vaccine. They said that’s vaccine misinformation! Well guess what, on Thursday this week, Moderna made a 400 million dollar payment to NIH for its share of the royalties to date. So you know all of my conspiracy theories have about a three-month shelf life before they become reality.

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