August 18th, 2022 Newsletter

Farmers are Victims of Government & Corporate Collusion

We Support Dutch Farmers

Warwickshire sheep farmer Doug Hutsby placed this ‘We support Dutch farmers’ sign next to the A429 to raise awareness of the Dutch farmers’ protest against low-carbon measures that threaten their livelihoods.

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Farms Not Factories also supports the 40,000+ Dutch farmers protesting because their government wants to impose new climate goals to reduce nitrogen output by 50% by 2030 and animal numbers by 30%. Though there is limited transition funding, these ‘environmental’ measures are expected to force many farmers into bankruptcy. A further plan enables the government to forcibly purchase farmland.

Farmers are Victims of Government & Corporate Collusion

My newsletter gives you news that the mainstream media has censored. Though the chapters interrelate, they are divided into 4 sections; Food, Farming & Ecocide, Censorship & Surveillance, Ukraine/China Conflicts & Covid/Monkeypox/Vaccines.

Food, Farming and Ecocide

In a move that threatens small farmers’ livelihoods across the country, the Canadian government has passed a law forbidding farmers from selling their produce directly to the community.

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is one of the ‘young global leaders’ trained under Klaus Schwab, Founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum who are leading this terrifying assault on farmers. Their Great Reset agenda is to control our food and farming by replacing all independent farmers with corporate owned high tech food systems.

As UK farmers are suffering under this corporate tyranny, we need to support them like never before. Buying British or best buying directly from them, is a lifeline for farmers when massive corporations have captured politicians to ensure that they, not the farmers, hoover up the food industry profits producing nutritionally deficient food.

Watch; I Can’t Believe He Just DID THIS; Russell Brand; 12 Aug 2022 Justin Trudeau now joins the Netherlands, Germany and Sri Lanka in applying pressure to farmers over emissions.

6min 10 secs; “The purpose is to bankrupt ordinary farmers, to destabilise economies that affect ordinary people, while further centralising and globalising wealth, to enact more edicts of this sort that don’t really impact rich people because they can do what they bloody well like. We are told that we are in a cost of living crisis, if that was the case corporations wouldn’t be enjoying massive profits. This is another wealth transfer where ordinary people are having their limited wealth extracted, centralised and given to corporate power.’

This collusion between corporations and government is having a devastating impact on farmers across the globe, not least the UK. One glaring example is that UK farmers are suffering acutely from the drought due to the failure of privatised water. While money goes to paying shareholder dividends, the water companies fail to maintain leaking pipes or build any new reservoirs. They dump untreated sewage into rivers and coastal waters and, instead of cleaning reservoir water, they access free clean water from aquifers and thereby deplete the water table. If water was seen as a public good and publicly owned, there would be water in the boreholes for drought emergencies.

Also, supermarkets suppress prices by sourcing from abroad. Playing the globalist game with our food, as if it were any random product on the market, has resulted in farmers making more money earning carbon credits by planting trees or rewilding and selling them as off-sets for polluting companies, than from growing food. So tenant farmers can’t get their tenancies renewed. Also, new entrant farmers and former tenants can’t afford the inflated price of land that is being brought up by property and financial speculators and billionaires like James Dyson and Bill Gates.

Farming Today 06 August 22

‘The British Growers’ Association, which represents the horticulture and fresh produce industries, is warning of a potential crisis in the sector because of rising costs, water shortages and difficulties finding workers. They’ve just carried out research into carrot and broccoli production and say unless farmers get paid more for their veg, they’ll be forced to stop growing it.’

‘As the Environment Agency declares July to have been the driest in England on record since 1935, two farmers in Suffolk tell us how their farms are affected. Is planting into dry ground worthwhile, and should they invest in new irrigation systems?

‘Tenant farmers manage 35% of the UK’s farmed land area, and are a vital part of the food growing network, but are facing increasing challenges as land values rise. We speak to a farmer who is losing a large proportion of the land his family have farmed for 40 years in Northumberland.’

Farming Today 18 August 22

A Cumbrian hill farmer in the northern fells of the Lake District, explains his frustration at the length of time it’s taking to get the post-Brexit farm support schemes up and running. Farm incomes in the uplands rely heavily on the old EU Basic Payment Scheme, and many are worried that they will not survive after they are phased out completely in 2027.

“Hopefully there will be some sheep farming on these hills. I think you are likely to see more trees. Seeing more trees isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the way it is being presented, it is either trees or sheep. It should be trees and sheep. There’s lots of good reasons from a farming point of view, where some extra trees could be of benefit for the farm and environment but it needs to be practical. Right tree, right place with consultation with the farmer, not people sitting in offices dreaming up schemes. At the moment the landscape recovery element of ELMS seems to be more about ‘not farming’ than ‘farming’. We just haven’t got the detail but i think it is blowing completely out of the water any pretence of the government’s green credentials when we are prepared to import food from the furthest countries in the world and at the same time we have an agricultural and environmental food policy that is anything but about food security. There’s a total lack of consistency, a total miss mash. It is very difficult for farmers to plan for the future when the government are in such a mess. It is like being on a roundabout with about 6 exits and you are going round and round and you haven’t a clue which exit to take and which ever exit you take, it maybe the wrong one!”

Read; The National Trust is trying to eliminate livestock farming by pushing tenants out for ‘pantheist’ rewilding projects; Tony Gosling; Farmers Weekly; 2 August 2022

Several farming tenants and the Tenant Farmers Association (TFA) are concerned by what they see as the over-zealous way in which the National Trust is taking productive agricultural land back in hand for rewilding.

Farmers Weekly talks to some tenants who have lost the land they have farmed for years. Also in this article.

As sheep don’t survive in factory farms, they have a relatively good life grazing in the UK while other livestock systems have become an utter disgrace.

Read; UK has more than 1,000 livestock mega-farms, investigation reveals; Guardian; 18 August 2022

Newly published figures show for the first time how US-style factory farms have spread across the British countryside.

However, when you read articles in the mainstream media (msm), like the Guardian, you can see the influence of globalist philanthropists like Bill Gates ($319 million to media outlets to promote his global agenda). There is no mention that the centralised system promoted by the globalists forces farmers to consolidate into ever larger mechanised units to compete with cheap imports. So, the msm are supportive of the Dutch government’s measures to ‘buy out farmers’ and rarely advocate returning to mixed farms run by independent farmers connected to local markets but frequently praise lab meat.

Though most farmers support an ‘eat less but better quality meat’ solution, the msm focus on less meat for the easy connection to replacing it with lab meat.

England must reduce meat intake to avoid climate breakdown, says food tsar; Guardian 16th August.

Though Henry Dimbleby says this move is politically toxic with the voters, he sees it as the only way to achieve sustainable land use and avoid ecological breakdown. He does however, support ‘land sharing’ over ‘land sparing’ ie, rewilding alongside food production rather than food grown only on land that is intensively farmed and rewilding takes place on spare land;

“One of the arguments people make about pasture is that land is not good for anything else,” he said. “But actually, even more than the actual direct carbon emissions from ruminants, the opportunity cost of the land they occupy is huge. We destroyed most of our rainforests 1,000 years ago in this country but most of that land has huge potential to store carbon. Almost all the land you took out of food production should be low-grade extensive pasture.”

On this rare occasion, the article below admits that it is the global trading system itself that is to blame for excess nitrogen pollution, not the farmers. Though this particular article is about Germany, the UK and most other developed nations, are also having to question their deluded thinking that big is beautiful.

Read; ‘Like a huge sewage plant’: How Germany’s ‘pig belt’ grew to be too big; The Astra Herald; July 26 2022

‘… the government has been too willing to support an expansion of pig farming. The numbers of pigs in the region and the size of farms increased rapidly between 2004 and 2012, with Germany’s pork exports also more than doubling.’

“Environmental laws were watered down and new stalls in nitrogen-polluted areas were allowed to be constructed,” says Benning, adding that farms no longer have enough land to adequately spread the manure. “In Lower Saxony we saw, for example, farms with 500 pigs grow to 5,000 and then 10,000 pigs.”

‘Government officials in Lower Saxony say problems caused by the rapid expansion of animal farming in the early 2000s were, belatedly, being tackled. “We are becoming a repair store for the decisions of the past,” said Olaf Lies, Lower Saxony’s environment minister.

“In the times of general liberalisation, we relied on the sense of responsibility of companies and agriculture, and largely dispensed with regulatory controls. We now have a responsibility to reverse excessive developments to an acceptable level.”’

One of the developments to reverse, not least in the UK, would be to stop factory farms getting planning permission due to their classifying the methane from biodegrading animal shit in anaerobic digesters, as green energy.

Watch powerful 2 minute video; Joaquin Phoenix exposes truth about methan biogas ahead of $369 billion climate bill; ANNA STAROSTINETSKAYA; AUGUST 15, 2022

‘As the US makes historic commitments to fight the climate crisis, Joaquin Phoenix and nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund unite to expose methane biogas as a greenwashing tactic factory farms use to profit from their pollution.’

To get rid of UK farmers, retirement money is offered to those who understandably can’t see a future for themselves in rewilding projects or high tech laboratory food production run by scientists.

Read; British government offering farmers “lump sum” payments to stop growing food, sell their land: Ethan Huff; July 24, 2022

‘The Netherlands is similarly trying to out farming in order to go “green,” though it is doing so by force rather than teasing the agricultural sector into compliance by dangling cash in front of farmers as an incentive.

According to England’s Environmental Secretary, the UK cannot move forward with its green agenda because older farmers are “standing in the way of change.” In order to go green, in other words, farming in England must end, which will starve out the population and result in a new world order for the elite to enjoy.

Many British farmers are so far in debt due to government and market corruption that they may have no choice but to close up shop.

Thanks to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic, Great Britain is already well on its way towards the abolition of farming. Supply chain woes coupled with market corruption and skyrocketing inflation is already driving many farmers out of the business against their will.’

If our politicians actually wanted to keep farmers in business, they would give them sufficient financial assistance to slowly transition away from artificial fertiliser, fossil fuel and excessive livestock numbers in the way described by Patrick Holden, Sustainable Food Trust CEO, who says: “A transition to regenerative farming practices would help fight climate change, protect nature and our health as well as build national food security.

What the farmers are calling for

The farmers are calling for the government to support a rapid transition to regenerative farming systems through a five-point-plan:

  1. A common vision
    A coalition of individuals and organisations with a shared vision is needed to support the transition to regenerative agriculture.
  2. Government action
    A bold food strategy is needed, including financial support to enable a large-scale transition to regenerative agriculture; regulation which ensures that farmers are rewarded for public goods outcomes, and carry the costs of damaging practices; and measures to ensure access to high quality foods for lower income groups.
  3. Green finance
    A Green Finance package is needed from banks and the private investment community to offer sheltered loans and preferential interest rates for farmers undergoing the transition to regenerative agriculture.
  4. Fair prices for farmers
    Retailers and food manufacturers need to provide guaranteed prices and forward contracts linked to the true cost of production for farmers transitioning to regenerative agriculture.
  5. Universal measurement
    Agreement is needed on a common set of measures for understanding the sustainability of food production at the farm level, empowering farmers to become stewards of change. These metrics should underpin a universal labelling scheme to enable consumers to make informed choices.

The Landworkers Alliance, Food In Our Hands is a movement of movements. By partnering with organisations and individuals who are engaged in the struggle to transform our food system and who advocate for food sovereignty, they are working to put food – both metaphorically and literally – back in our hands.

In 2022 they will be hosting an educational webinar series exploring the different aspects of food sovereignty. You can register for our final webinar here.

Though public money for public goods is supposed to help farmers transition to greener farming practices, what is really happening is that subsidies, R&D and equity funds are pouring money into everything but farming.  Increasingly the fields are covered in  housing developments, solar panels, bio-fuel crops, chemical drenched GM seeds in vertical farms, factories producing highly processed, plant-based meat substitutes and insect-based proteins. Farmers are surreptitiously being replaced by robots, drones, AI and the scientists that produce fake food.

But what if people don’t want to eat these novel foods? In an interview with MIT Technology Review, Bill Gates suggested that “people could learn to like fake meat and, if resistance continues, regulations may be needed to force the switch.”

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Read; Does Bill Gates Have a ‘Great Reset’ Plan to Privatize Global Food System? 07/26/22

Story at-a-glance:

  • In early June, the government of The Netherlands announced it would cut the size of livestock herds in the country by 30% to meet European Union nitrogen and ammonia pollution rules.
  • According to Thierry Baudet, Dutch Parliament member, the government is following the script of The Great Reset, which requires weakening the country, making it more dependent on food imports, and diluting nationalism by taking in more immigrants. To make room for immigrant housing, they need to take land from the farmers.
  • The newly assigned Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Policy, Christianne van der Wal-Zeggelink, is married to Piet van der Wal, who together with his brother are heavily invested in the major online grocery retailer Picnic. In September 2021, Bill Gates invested an estimated half-billion dollars into Picnic, thereby becoming one of its lead investors. Gates’ involvement has raised questions about government corruption.
  • At the same time, the Dutch government is preparing to radically restrict livestock farming and meat production, Gates is gobbling up farmland back home. Despite land prices being at a record high, Gates purchased a 2,100-acre potato farm in North Dakota in June, bringing the total land share held by the Gates’ Red River Trust above 270,000 acres.
  • Gates claims he intends to lease the farmland to farmers. Viewed from the perspective of The Great Reset, it would then appear Gates may be engaged in the same kind of wealth-shift scheme as BlackRock and other investment groups that are buying up single-family homes and turning them into rentals. The end goal is to eliminate all private ownership and turn the population into serfs.

Read; Lab-Grown Meat: Investors Love It, But Scientists Question Safety; Martha Rosenberg; CHD; 06/27/22

Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, Hollywood actors, venture capitalists — they’re all pushing lab-grown meat as the solution to world hunger and environmental sustainability, but scientists last week told a panel of experts they have serious concerns about the product’s safety.

‘According to Hansen, the piece of flesh biopsied from the animal is an undifferentiated stem cell. The products use bio-engineered proteins in a nutrient solution to induce the cells to differentiate into muscle for meat. This is done in bio-reactor vats similar to those used to make beer.

While scientific papers have covered topics related to cell-cultured meat, Hansen said, none has actually analyzed the nutritional characteristics of the finished product, and academics have not received samples.

This implies “problems behind the scenes,” Hansen said, adding, “I doubt this technology will work.”

Lab grown or plant based meat is only better for the environment if you compare it with factory farming, a system that produces such excessive quantities of effluent that it becomes a pollutant not a fertiliser, destroys the Cerrado, Pantanol and the Amazon Rainforest to grow soya to feed livestock protein and douses that environment with toxic chemicals and, routinely giving antibiotics to overcrowded and unhealthy animals to keep them alive, is creating antibiotic resistant superbugs.

If we returned to raising our livestock outside in woods or meadows, and grazing pigs were supplemented with our leftovers, it would be carbon neutral and humane to the animals with the waste nourishing the soil.

However, lab meat is owned by a few corporations funded by the bankster elites and, as Bill Gates, the most powerful man on planet earth dictates, we will be forced to eat their fake food just as we will be forced to have a  dangerous experimental jab and obey their Orwellian orders..

HIGH STEAKS Lab-grown BACON strips and pork belly created by UK food engineers from pig cells; Charlotte Edwards, The Sun; 23 Jul 2020

Listen to Vandana Shiva discuss Agroecology and Feudalism with Robert F Kennedy Jr. 12th August

Vandana says; ‘the more you enrich biodiversity, rather than toxic chemicals, the more nutrition. In India, why don’t they see the richness of the thousands of crops we grow, the 200,000 rice varieties we grow, what is this monoculture of the mind? It has an impact on health and farmers livelihoods; farmers disappearing was a side effect earlier and now it is a deliberate design with the world economic forum and Bill Gates. The Dutch farmers’ protests, are a response of punishing the farmers for what they were forced to do; use more chemicals, do more factory farming. What we need around the world is a 5 year plan, not build back better but, grow more life. We need partners everywhere, conventional farmers, regenerative farmers, ecological farmers must join hands with anyone who is on the land.’

‘The US cotton empire required the slaves, they needed to keep the slaves alive. This new slavery is it wants to dispose of and displace the majority of people. They don’t need them. The extinction crisis is not just about other species, it’s about us as human beings, not just as a species but with our humanity.

Bill Gates in his book, How to Avoid a Climate Catastrophe says, net zero is the solution. Which means i will not stop my pollution, i will keep flying my private jets, but i need your land as my off set. The whole land grab is about controlling the raw material for the lab food industry. When the plant based economy becomes bigger our farms will become bigger to grow carbohydrates and protein but no food.

The Cult of Globalism: The Great Reset and Its “Final Solution” for “Useless People” By Timothy Alexander Guzman; Global Research, August 06, 2022

‘The idea of the Great Reset derives from the New World Order which is still alive in the minds of the establishment or who we can call the globalists from people like Henry Kissinger to the current US president, Joe Biden. Of course there are many others on the top levels of the pyramid whose ideas range from establishing a police state, to implanting microchips the day we are born to track and trace us, to depopulating the planet. I know it all sounds insane but that’s what the globalists have planned for us for a very long time.’ Klaus Schwab’s protégé, Yuval Noah Harari, is an Israeli born intellectual who authored a popular bestseller titled ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ and is also a professor of history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Harari once asked a disturbing question, “what to do with all these useless people?” Harari is an intelligent man, there is no doubt about that, but his intelligence has led him to the level of insanity.’

Read; World Economic Forum Adviser Claims the Planet No Longer Needs the ‘Vast Majority’ of the Population due to technological advances; Emily Mangiaracina; Global Research, August 15, 2022;

“Part of what might be going [on] is people realize — and they’re correct in thinking that, ‘The future doesn’t need me. … Maybe if they are nice, they will throw some crumbs my way, like universal basic income.’ But it’s much worse psychologically to feel that you are useless than to feel that you are exploited,” Harari said.

“Now, fast forward to the early 21st century when we just don’t need the vast majority of the population,” Harari continued, “because the future is about developing more and more sophisticated technology, like artificial intelligence [and] bioengineering.”

Watch; Trudeau’s Nitrogen Ban + What It Means for All of Us; ‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 100: AUGUST 12, 2022

The insanity of the globalist, depopulation agenda is clearer than ever in Canada, as Trudeau follows in lock-step with other dictator-leaders across the world, threatening farmers and the entire population with a nitrogen tax. Guests Mark Friesen and Rachel Huffman expose the tyranny and explain the agenda behind it all.

Mark Friesen; When we call it ‘Trudeau’s’ starvation policy, it has nothing to do with Trudeau; Trudeau is simply a puppet, Biden is simply a puppet to the UN agenda. The World Economic Forum (WEF) is secondary to this agenda, it was created by the people who created the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and then created the WEF to support that agenda. (June 13, 2019, the UN signed a Strategic Partnership Framework with the WEF, outlining areas of cooperation, notably the infamous UN Agenda 2030). The focus needs to be on the SDG cos that is where this nitrogen policy comes from. It is absolutely devastating. We look at the farmers in Holland, and their reduction. Don’t think this is about 30%; it’s about 50% and he’ll get there if he’s allowed to. Our farmers will be devastated.

Rachel Huffman; We feel the last 2 years has just been an intentional push to create financial instability on farms, to overwhelm us with paperwork, red tape and oversight and give up, to sell to land developers …… to get us on to the foods that they want us to eat and rely completely on them.

Amanda Forbes; Yes 20 minutes up the road from me is Bill Gates’s cricket farm for human consumption. It is the largest bug producing facility in the world.

Mark Friesen; protein replacement!

Amanda Forbes; Check your labels now, they are calling crickets beef to gas light the ingredients list. Are you eating beef or cricket beef?

Mark Friesen; ………when you control food as a resource and energy as a resource and hoard it under one governance, it is about controlling and manipulating humanity because ultimately in their eyes humanity is the enemy to the planet. These elites, these psychopaths, they want to hoard and control everything. Depopulation is part of their agenda. When you mess with the food, what happens? And we have seen this throughout history when governments take control of food production, distribution, transportation, we’ve seen what’s happened, famine, deaths of hundreds of millions of people. And they are talking about reducing the population from 7 billion to 1 billion. I am not theorising, I am just relaying a message of one of the creators of this agenda (Dennis Meadows) has openly stated. That’s 6 billion people. It makes Hitler, Mao and Stalin look like kindergarten.

Rachel; The (US) government is taking over the water leases and so the farmers aren’t going to be able to access them because the water is going to be redirected in the name of sustainability. They just want you to reduce your irrigation and they already have a massive drought in the South West. I don’t know how long they will be able to sustain our food production.’

Listen or read; All Our Systems Are Built To Elevate Viciousness; Caitlin Johnstone; 12 Aug 2022

‘None of the people driving the imperial power structure which rules over us are in their positions because of their wisdom or kindness. Oligarchs get to the top of their corporate and financial ladders by being willing to step on whoever they need to step on to get ahead. Military strategists get to their positions by demonstrating an aptitude for military domination. Intelligence officials get to their positions because they understand how to facilitate the interests of the oligarchic empire. Politicians get to the top by displaying a willingness to serve imperial power.

And this principle tracks from the top down through the rest of our entire society. The only valuing system we have for human behavior is money, but what human behavior does money value? Competitiveness makes money. War and militarism make money. Ecocide makes money. Sickness makes money. Finite commodities make money. The entanglement of corporate and state power makes money. Propagandizing people into believing they need more than they have, makes money.

What doesn’t make money? Kindness. Collaboration. Peace. A thriving biosphere. Health. Psychological well being. Political transparency and integrity. Decisions made to benefit the whole. Sources of energy that can’t be controlled by the powerful. Abundance. People being content with what they have.’

Watch; Former. Greenpeace President Dr. Patrick Moore Says the Elites Have a ‘Suicide Pact’ to Reduce the World’s Population July 25, 2022 Chief Nerd; Rumble

“We’re now facing a situation where a huge number of very powerful organizations and elites at an international and at national levels are calling for policies that are basically a suicide pact. Basically a death wish of some sort.”

As Dutch politicians follow that suicidal agenda, they are meeting resistance: Why Dutch farmers are revolting – An agricultural uprising is shaking the Netherlands; SENAY BOZTAS; Unherd; 8 July 2022

‘In June, the government published two documents. One: a map showing the areas that need to reduce emissions by between 12% and 95%. The second was a statement that aimed to help farmers — which De Groot admits failed spectacularly. Farmers saw ruin, not a pair of documents. They looked at the percentage reduction figures next to their farms, and began interpreting how many cattle they would need to cull. It was an enormous blow. Many of them had made huge, expensive investments in new equipment to reduce the environmental impact of their herds.

Hence the massive uprising. A huge rally in the central village of Stroe was followed by wildcat protests; ministers were challenged at their homes; police vehicles were attacked; roads and food deliveries were blocked. Supermarkets lost “tens of millions” according to food retailers group CBL. In one incident, a police officer shot at a 16-year-old farmer’s son, apparently misreading his intent to leave a rally. Last weekend, farmers replaced road signs, declaring a free state of boerenlanden (farmer land) in some villages.’

Watch; Eva Vlaardingerbroek: Do the Dutch support the Dutch farmer protests? | Mark Steyn 1 Aug 2022

‘Taking away people’s private property for a nitrogen crisis? That little game of creating a crisis and taking your rights away, I feel people are waking up to it.’

Read; The Imposition of Global “Green Capitalism”: Farmers Demand Their Rights in Europe By Lucas Leiroz de Almeida;Global Research, July 11, 2022

‘The impositions of global “green capitalism” are not being pacifically accepted in all parts of Europe. Dutch farmers have started a popular insurrection against a bill that severely harms local agribusiness. The protests quickly spread, resulting in an international phenomenon, with episodes in other countries which have similar problems. With this, it is evident that the globalist pseudo-ecological agendas will not be so easily received in all countries and may face strong popular resistance.’

Read; DARPA, Insects, Mad Science, and Us: Nowhere to Hide; Tessa Lena; 28 July 2022; Project “Insect Allies”

‘You may think that you have seen it all but here is a great idea. Take some insects, infect them with a genetically modified virus designed to genetically edit mature plants in real time, and release them. Release them into wild, and repeat, “it’s safe and effective.”

Sweet idea, right? Well, DARPA thought so, and so in 2016, they started a project called “Insect Allies” that is designed to do that. (This is a different project from Oxitec’s controversial release of GM mosquitos.) DARPA’s official story is that in the name of national security, a good way to protect the American crops from potential threats is to genetically modify them using GM viruses as genetic modifiers and insects as flying syringes. And that they just need to test it!

Read or listen; U.N. report confirms food shortages are necessary to create cheap slave labour; THE EXPOSÉ; JULY 29, 2022

In 2008, an article touting the benefits of world hunger for creating a cheap, motivated workforce was published on the United Nations’ website. The article resurfaced recently on Twitter and went viral; it was promptly taken down by the U.N. within 24 hours.

The crux of the article is that the elite class has a distinct motivation to not end world hunger, because if everyone is well-nourished, there may be no one willing to provide cheap labour and slave away at some of the most physically demanding and unpleasant jobs on the planet.

While the U.N. claimed the article was satire, its author denied that it was a satirical piece and said it was intended to raise awareness that some people benefit from the existence of hunger in the world.

Under pressure from the lobbies, the European Commission is currently making proposals to deregulate certain new techniques of genetic modification (new GMOs), in defiance of peasants’ and citizens’ rights to choose a GMO-free agriculture and food.

Sign the petition to keep new GM food strictly regulated and labelled!

Watch and sign petition; Leave Them Alone; Rebel News; Jeremy Loffredo

‘Amos Miller, a holistic Amish farmer in Pennsylvania, is being persecuted by the government for exercising his religious freedom to grow food as per his religious beliefs.

‘Miller, who grows and prepares his food naturally, claims he has been able to curb federal farming regulations by selling his food privately to members of the farm’s “food club.”

Earlier this year, armed feds paid a visit to Miller’s farm for allegedly not cooperating with the government, and he is now facing over $300,000 in fines and potential jail time.’

Censorship & Surveillance

Watch; Attorneys and Journalists Illegally Searched During Visits with Julian Assange Sue CIA and Michael Pompeo; Press conference; 15th August + read the Legal filing

Read or listen; CIA spying on Assange “illegally” swept up US lawyers, journalists: Lawsuit; SHAUN WATERMAN; Newsweek; 8/15/22

‘A surveillance of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange while he was sheltering in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London included recording his conversations with American lawyers, journalists and doctors, and copying private data from visitors’ phones and other devices, violating constitutional protections, according to a lawsuit filed Monday.’

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Though I have read numerous articles about chemtrails, they are so outrageous, no one would have believed it. However, now the secret is out …. Spain Admits Spraying Deadly Chemtrails as Part of Secret UN Program: One Month after March 2020 COVID-19 Lockdown

The Spanish government ordered [April 16, 2020, a month after March 2020 lockdown] the military to quietly spray lethal chemtrails on its citizens with UN authorization under the cover of the “state of emergency for the management of the health crisis situation caused by Covid-19.“

The chemtrail program, which involves the spraying of biocides on the population, was authorized by Royal Decree, was quietly acknowledged by the government on April 16 2020, just one month after the World Health Organization announced that Covid-19 was a pandemic.’

‘It’s not the first time the Spanish government has been embroiled in a chemtrail scandal.

In 2015, four State Meteorological Agency whistleblowers announced via the European Parliament that planes were regularly spraying throughout Spain:

“On May 19, 2015, MEP Ramon Tremosa i Balcells (ALDE) announced in the European Parliament that four workers from the State Meteorological Agency had confessed that Spain is being sprayed entirely from planes that spread lead dioxide through the atmosphere, silver iodide and diatomite. The objective, according to the same MEP, would be to ward off the rains and allow temperatures to rise, which creates a summery climatic environment for tourism and, at the same time, helps corporations in the agricultural sector. This, in turn, is producing cold drops of great intensity.”’

Watch; CBS censors its own report on Ukraine weapons corruption; Ben Norton; Multipolarista; 12 Aug 2022

‘Under Ukrainian government pressure, CBS News censored its own documentary “Arming Ukraine,” which showed that just around 30% of the weapons Western governments have sent actually go to the frontlines, with widespread corruption and black markets.’

Watch: How UK’s intelligence services target dissident academics; MAX BLUMENTHAL;·JULY 5, 2022

‘Dissident antiwar UK academics Piers Robinson and David Miller describe being targeted by the British intelligence services through media proxies and infiltrators. They examine The Grayzone’s revelations of journalist Paul Mason’s collusion with a top intelligence officer to destroy the careers of “rogue academics” like them.’

Read and watch; Coordination of Censorship: United Nations Penalizes Criticisms Against Elitist Takeover; Dr. Joseph Mercola; Global Research, August 15, 2022

‘Coordinated censorship is occurring globally

In response to the growing truth movement that warns against a totalitarian, tyrannical takeover, the United Nations has now declared war on “conspiracy theories” that suggest world governments are anything but honest and ethical, and have published a comprehensive guide on how to debunk and strike down claims to the contrary. According to the U.N., world events are “not secretly manipulated behind the scenes by powerful forces with negative intent”

According to the U.N., a story only qualifies as truthful if “The sources are backed by fact-checking sites” — which we now know are all bought and paid for by the cabal that is conspiring to create a One World Government through a “Great Reset”

To stop the spread of “conspiracy theories” about a global technocratic cabal hell-bent on stealing all private wealth and centralizing world governance, UNESCO, the European Commission and the World Jewish Congress have launched a joint Twitter campaign with the hashtag, #ThinkBeforeSharing

Documents obtained by America First Legal (AFL) show the U.S. government colluded with Big Tech to censor on its behalf

The Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana have filed a lawsuit against the federal government and have been granted discovery. Several officials from the Biden administration are being subpoenaed, as are several social media companies. The documents obtained by AFL are also being used in this lawsuit. Subsequent to the AFL’s document release, several scientists who were censored by Big Tech at the behest of the federal government have joined the AG’s lawsuit.’

The Psychological Warfare Apparatus Creates False Beliefs: Fighting the Sleep of Reason – Reporting, Class, Independence, Stephen Sefton; Global Research, August 16, 2022

‘An increasingly large number of people now agree that information of all kinds in the countries of North America, Europe and their Pacific allies is deployed overwhelmingly to serve the interests of Western corporate oligarchs and the politicians who front for them. Outlets including news media and NGOs, academic and scientific journals as well as international institutions have practically all been fully integrated now into the long standing, global psychological warfare offensive of the West’s ruling classes. At home, they work relentlessly to control the perceptions and behavior of their countries’ populations. Overseas, they seek constantly to mobilize international opinion against countries like Russia and China, governments from Syria to Venezuela, political movements like Hezbollah, and even individuals, like Julian Assange, who resist them.’

Read; Smoking Gun: US Government, CDC Colluded with Google, Twitter, Facebook to Censor Important Information About Experimental COVID Vaccines; By Lance Johnson; Global Research, August 01, 2022; 31 July 2022

‘America First Legal (AFL) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to investigate unconstitutional acts between the federal government and the Big Tech social media platforms.

AFL obtained 256 pages of communication between the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Google, Facebook and Twitter. These pages document egregious violations of the US Constitution and provide evidence that the Federal Government violated the Nuremberg Code.

AFL President Stephen Miller issued a statement:

These explosive smoking-gun documents, obtained as a result of America First Legal’s litigation against the Biden Administration, conclusively demonstrate that Big Tech has unlawfully colluded with the federal government to silence, censor, and suppress Americans’ free speech and violate their First Amendment rights. Government is expressly prohibited from censoring competing or dissenting viewpoints or from silencing its political opponents whether it does so directly or whether it uses an outside corporation to achieve its draconian, totalitarian ends. AFL will not rest in the fight against illegal collusion between Big Tech and Big Government to trample on your voices and the Bill of Rights.

CDC conspired with Big Tech to censor Americans and destroy the informed consent principle

In July 2021, former White House press secretary Jen Psaki revealed that the Biden administration was “regularly making sure” to identify public health “disinformation” while working with social media networks to have it removed. “And we work to engage with them [Big Tech] to better understand the enforcement of social media platform policies,” Psaki proclaimed in July of last year. The Biden regime went public with their censorship goals, targeting twelve sources of information that they claimed were “the dirty disinformation dozen.” The Biden regime subsequently called on Big Tech to completely remove these individuals from all social media platforms.

According to the latest document release, officials with the CDC and the Biden administration colluded with content moderation teams at Google, Twitter and Facebook to block US citizens from receiving the most basic level of informed consent about the emergency use covid-19 “vaccines.” The US government not only violated the free speech clause of the US Constitution, but they also conspired to withhold relevant medical information in the informed consent process, violating basic medical ethics on a grand scale.’

Read; The Collapse of Government – The Rise of Resistance and Awareness By Julian Rose; Global Research, August 01, 2022

‘… the laws of the universe strongly suggest that anything which becomes fundamentally incapable of evolving into something better, but lingers on in a state of abject sterility, lands up in – or as – a black hole. An inwardly collapsing gravitational graveyard.

The only way such an outcome can be circumvented, here on earth, is by many people becoming individually aware enough to take back control of their destinies; while recognising that – together – they can run their lives according to another formula.

We are all faced with this choice, never more starkly than today. Either get sucked into the black hole which awaits all those who do nothing/take no action – or – from aware, decentralised, autonomous groups with the determination to act as a responsible governing body at the neighbourhood and community level.

The key words are ‘aware’ and ‘responsible’. Without awareness no action can serve the cause of breaking free. Without accepting a level of responsibility, no action can become reality.’

Watch; There is a ‘deafening media silence’ on global protests; Skynews, Outsiders; 17 Jul 2022 There is a “deafening” media silence on protests around the world protesting against the elites, according to Webster University Assistant Professor Ralph Schoellhammer.

“They are significant protests – we’re talking about 30,000 people in The Netherlands,” Prof Schoellhammer said.

Prof Schoellhammer said the media and political campaign across the west against “disinformation” is part of a broader attempt to “undermine” organised protests against the agenda of the elites.

“That the best way to prevent the pushback from large numbers of people is if they don’t know that anything is going on,” he said.

“Think about the situation of the truckers in Canada when they pulled their bank accounts … so this is undermining the possibility of those people to organise.

“It’s what interest groups, what these players do – they see there is something coming that could be a threat to their power so they try to do something to undermine it.”

Listen; Max Blumenthal with Kim Iversen on leaving The Hill, defying corporate media censorship; The Grayzone; 8 Aug 2022

Kim; “Look what’s happened to Julian Assange, Alex Jones and many of us who have been deplatformed, had incomes ripped away, all that has gone on … a concerted effort against what they call ‘misinformation’, ‘bad actors’, traitors’, however they want to paint it. But it is all an attack on information and the ability to share that information freely with the American public, whether we be right or wrong. They are wrong all the time: CNN, MNMBC, Fox, the White House……’

Listen; Tony Gosling interview with Kevin Cahill on legal action taken against Microsoft and secret services for data gathering – digital MK Ultra. 12 August 2022

Primarily a journalist, former deputy editor of the Sunday Times Rich list and adviser in the House of Lords on surveillance, Cahill speaks about his work on surveillance in the UK and Europe. The true extent of what the Americans were up to was exposed in 2013 by Edward Snowden  who revealed that Microsoft had been spying on the Houses of Parliament.

‘It’s on public record that in sept 2007, the NSA and Microsoft jointly imposed mass surveillance in the UK. No one did anything because the information commissioner, who was on the side of the surveillance parties, never brought a complaint against any of the people named by the courts as doing this criminal surveillance. The man who was officially responsible, the Investigatory Powers Commissioner, a senior high court judge, said it was criminal and nobody did anything.’

Read and listen; World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders”; 5 februari, 2022 Jacob NordangårdAgenda 2030, Demokrati, ENGLISH, TeknokratiComments: 89; Updated May 17 2022

‘Through its Young Global Leaders program, the World Economic Forum has been instrumental in shaping a world order that undermines all democratic principles. For several decades, this program has nurtured compliant leaders acting as WEF agents in governments around the world. The consequences are far-reaching and may turn out to be devastating for humanity.’

Read or listen; The Human Species Is Acting Like A Self-Destructive Individual; CAITLIN JOHNSTON; AUGUST 17, 2022

‘Robert Heinlein said, “Man is not a rational animal; he is a rationalizing animal.” And from all the facts in evidence currently available to us, that certainly does seem to be the case. We’re destroying our biosphere and moving beyond mere flirtation with nuclear war to full-blown courtship, all to facilitate a status quo that everyone hates and which benefits hardly anybody. We are not behaving rationally. Instead, we rationalize, or have it rationalized for us.’

Ukraine/China Conflicts

How Britain fueled Ukraine’s war machine and invited direct conflict with Russia TJ COLES; The Grayzone; AUGUST 12, 2022

‘The Johnson-Zelenskyy relationship contrasts sharply with Zelenskyy’s experiences with French President Emmanuel Macron, who has warned the European Union (EU) and the US not to “humiliate” Russian President Putin and instead to seek diplomatic over military solutions to the conflict.

But Johnson’s pastiche of Churchillian resolve has deeper roots in the Anglo-American alliance when it comes to Ukraine, and is heavily informed by Britain’s membership of the US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). His impulses are also dictated by Britain’s post-World War Two-era role in the global order: to serve the interests of the US state. From 2015 to this year, the UK has trained over 22,000 Ukrainian military personnel as part of the Maritime Training Initiative and Operation Orbital.’

Read or listen; Modern US Warmongering Is Scaring Henry Kissinger; CAITLIN JOHNSTONE; AUGUST 14, 2022

‘Henry Kissinger is warning about the dangers of US warmongering not because he has gotten saner, but because the US war machine has gotten crazier. That we are now hurtling toward confrontations that don’t appear rational to someone who has spent the majority of his life watching the mechanics of empire from inside its inner chambers should concern us all. When you are talking about brinkmanship between major world powers, especially nuclear brinkmanship, the last thing you need is for one of the parties involved to be acting erratically and nonsensically.

We need de-escalation and detente, and we need it yesterday. If you’re too hawkish for Henry Kissinger, you’re too motherfucking hawkish.’

Listen; Scott Ritter talks to Tony Gosling: Amnesty Condemns Ukraine Army Human Shields; Kill Ratio & Pacific Nuclear War; 12Aug22; Not the Bcfm Politics Show, Bristol..

‘Scott Ritter, former UN Weapons Inspector and Marine Corps Intelligence Officer speaks about a global arms trade of US weapons sent to Ukraine but sold on the black market to one day perhaps be used for assassinations. Ukrainian Army using human shields, comparatively small number of Ukrainian civilian casualties and his answer to ‘Russia invaded Ukraine’, and potential for a nuclear World War 3.’

Read, watch and listen; The Zelensky Narrative is Shifting; Newsweek; STEVE CORTES; 8/10/22

‘Volodymyr Zelensky increasingly reveals his true nature. For months, the Ukrainian president has enjoyed nonstop adulation from the American press and audiences with celebrity glitterati. But now, the reality of his rule in Ukraine is becoming undeniable, even to his most ardent enablers in America, many of whom happen to be Republicans.

In just the last few days, the narrative has palpably shifted. First, Thomas Friedman of the New York Times sent up a trial balloon, a clear signal straight from one of the White House’s most dependable stenographers:

Dear Reader: The Ukraine war is not over. And privately, U.S. officials are a lot more concerned about Ukraine’s leadership than they are letting on. There is deep mistrust between the White House and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky—considerably more than has been reported.

The Biden administration had previously been as deeply committed to escalation in Ukraine as Senator Lindsey Graham or actor Ben Stiller were, but suddenly even the West Wing is beginning to acknowledge the futility of unreservedly backing Zelensky. Apparently, there are limits, even for the Washington War Machine.’

Watch; US Threatens Africa To Support Ukraine War; TheJimmyDoreShow; 26 Jul 2022

‘The mainstream US media likes to depict support for Ukraine in its struggle against Russia as universal, implying a united global community pushing back against the aggressive, imperialist-minded Putin. In reality the global south is not on board with this narrative, with the nations of Africa in particular preferring to stay neutral in this war and primarily evincing concern with ending the fighting to ensure that domestic food scarcity doesn’t worsen. But that’s not good enough for the US and Europe, which have begun implicitly threatening African nations with consequences if they don’t fall in line and declare their full-throated support for Ukraine.

Read; Russia in Africa: Connecting Continents with Soft Power

Rather than continental, Russian and Chinese-led infrastructural development in Africa should be seen as part of a grander project of Afro-Asiatic integration;Matthew Ehret; August 01 2022

Read; When the Globalists Crossed the Rubicon: The Assassination of Shinzo Abe; Emanuel Pastreich; Global Research, July 23, 2022

‘The White House, by the way, is now entirely the tool of globalists like Victoria Nuland (Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs) and others trained by the Bush clan.

The demands made of Japan were suicidal in nature. Japan was to increase economic sanctions on Russia, to prepare for possible war with Russia, and to prepare for a war with China. Japan’s military, intelligence and diplomatic functions were to be transferred to the emerging blob of private contractors gathering for the feast around NATO.

We do not know what Abe did during the week before his death. Most likely he launched into a sophisticated political play, using of all his assets in Washington D.C., Beijing, and Moscow—as well as in Jerusalem, Berlin, and London, to come up with a multi-tiered response that would give the world the impression that Japan was behind Biden all the way, while Japan sought out a détente with China and Russia through the back door.

The problem with this response was that since other nations had been shut down, such a sophisticated play by Japan made it the only major nation with a semi-functional executive branch.

Abe’s death parallels closely that of Seoul’s mayor Park Won Sun, who went missing on July 9th, 2020, exactly two years before Abe’s assassination. Park took steps in Seoul City Hall to push back on the COVID-19 social distancing policies that were being imposed by the central government. His body was found the next day and the death was immediately ruled a suicide resulting from his distress over charges of sexual harassment by a colleague.’

Watch; Imperialism and the Rise and Fall of US Unipolarity; Vijay Prashad; 25 May 2022

2.37 billion people do not have enough to eat today, hundreds of millions are uprooted from their lands each year, and one billion people do not own a single pair of shoes. These are the effects of imperialism: a global system of capital accumulation that wreaks havoc on the lands and bodies of the many to enrich the few. How can we make sense of imperialism today — and how do we confront it?

Listen to or read; NATO seeks to prevent Eurasian challenger to US world dominance, admits ex CIA chief Mike Pompeo. Ben Norton; Multipolarista; 2 Jul 2022.

‘Neoconservative ex CIA Director and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo admitted NATO seeks to prevent a “Russian-Chinese axis” and “pan-Eurasian colossus.” Benjamin Norton analyses a speech in which Pompeo outlines Washington’s imperial strategy in the new cold war, to maintain “economic hegemony” and control over fossil fuels and other resources.’

Read; Russia to Exit WHO, WTO and Other UN Agencies? Peter Koenig;Global Research, July 28, 2022

‘According to Russian Duma’s Deputy Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy, the Russian Government is evaluating the possibility to withdraw from a number of UN agencies, most visibly WHO and WTO which they consider do Russia more harm than good. This may be particularly the case with WTO which Russia only joined in 2012 after 8 years of negotiations, because WTO allows countries under the western sanctions program to increase tariffs on Russian goods way above the WTO guidelines.’

‘As to WHO – while the agency pretends to being non-political, in reality it is just the contrary, only political. WHO, under pressure from Bill Gates and the US, never approved the Russian Sputnik V as an official “vaccine” – like Pfizer, J&J, Moderna and all the western fake vaxxes.’

‘WHO joined the west in condemning Russia for the war in Ukraine, never looking at the reasons that may have prompted the war, and never looking into the health impacts of 8 years bombarding and aggressing the Donbas Region by the Kiev regime with the help by Neo-Nazi Azov Battalions.’

Read or listen; China Threatens The US Empire, Not The US Itself: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix; CAITLIN JOHNSTONE; AUGUST 15, 2022

‘So many empire apologist arguments depend on pretending the US empire doesn’t exist; pretending the US is just a normal country sitting there minding its own business. If you do that, it really does look like Russia and China are picking on Ukraine and Taiwan completely unprovoked.

If you act like the US isn’t the hub of an empire that is projecting power all over the globe, then the fact that it has a hand in every major international conflict becomes obscured and it just looks like evil barbaric foreigners doing evil things for no good reason. Take the empire out of the equation and Assad wasn’t reacting to a western-backed regime change proxy war, he was just killing his own people because he likes killing people. China isn’t responding to US encirclement, it’s just being aggressive to its neighbors because it is evil.

Because the globe-spanning power structure loosely centralized around the United States is an unacknowledged, unofficial empire that doesn’t look like the empires of old, its apologists can just insist that it doesn’t exist, like mob lawyers used to do with the mafia. By doing that, they can assign others responsibility for the empire’s crimes.’

Read; Semiconductor Crisis: China-Taiwan Standoff Might Increase Global Chip Shortage; Lokesh Choudhary, August 16, 2022

News Updates

From First Post

NATO Plans to Cut Off Russia From the Baltic Sea

Sweden and Finland are all set to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation – an alliance that Russia dreads. Along with Estonia, Sweden and Finland plan to turn the Baltic Sea into NATO’s personal territory that will bar the movement of Russian military vessels in the region’s waters. Pulling the strings of these nations, needless to say, is Russia. By turning the Baltic Sea into an “internal” water body, NATO is provoking a direct armed conflict with Moscow.

From The Duran

Watch; Collective West hysteria, calls for the ‘taking down’ of Russian President Putin; 15 Aug

Watch; Trump raid, Biden DOJ crosses the Rubicon w/Robert Barnes (Live) Alex Jones’s kangaroo Trial, Ukraine war and buildup to war over Taiwan. 9 Aug 2022

Watch; Putin and Erdogan meet in Sochi, cooperation deepens amidst many disputes 7 Aug 2022

Watch; Ukraine counteroffensive, this might be Zelensky’s last stand 26 Jul 2022


What does this quote from Bill Gates mean?

“First, we’ve got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent. But there, we see an increase of about 1.3.”

He is using vaccines to reduce the world’s population!

Read; “Shrink the World’s Population”: Secret 2009 Meeting of Billionaires “Good Club” Is Worldwide Depopulation Part of the Billionaire’s “Great Reset”

‘For more than ten years, meetings have been held by billionaires described as philanthropists to Reduce the Size of the World’s Population culminating with the 2020-2021 Covid crisis.

Recent developments suggest that “Depopulation” is an integral part of the so-called Covid mandates including the lockdown policies and the mRNA “vaccine”.

Flash back to 2009. According to the Wall Street Journal: “Billionaires Try to Shrink World’s Population”.

In May 2009, the Billionaire philanthropists met behind closed doors at the home of the president of The Rockefeller University in Manhattan.

This Secret Gathering was sponsored by Bill Gates. They called themselves “The Good Club”.

Among the participants were the late David Rockefeller, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey and many more.

In May 2009, the WSJ as well as the Sunday Times reported: (John Harlow, Los Angeles) that

“Some of America’s leading billionaires have met secretly to consider how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population and speed up improvements in health and education.”

The emphasis was not on population growth (i.e Planned Parenthood) but on “Depopulation”, i.e,. the reduction in the absolute size of the World’s population.’

Watch ; CDC “Follows The Science” & Revokes COVID Restrictions; 16 Aug 2022

‘The Centers for Disease Control has announced that it is rolling back COVID restrictions, eliminating calls for self-quarantining, acknowledging the validity of natural immunity and essentially adopting a “back to normal” attitude toward the pandemic – albeit while acknowledging that the pandemic is still ongoing.

Jimmy and his panel of The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this volte-face by the CDC and the agency’s difficult relationship with “the science” since the earliest days of the pandemic.’

Watch; Monkeypox Vaccine — What You Should Know; AUGUST 11, 2022;‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 99:

Drs. Meryl Nass and Len Saputo are medical doctors who fight for medical freedom, practicing medicine in truth and with respect for patients. In their discussion on today’s “Good Morning CHD,” they expose the backward relationships within the hospital institutions and the need for reform. Nass and Saputo break down the reality of monkeypox and the smallpox vaccines on the market, sharing facts with viewers that are critical in an age of misinformation and propaganda.’

Trudeau’s foundation owns 40% of Acuitas Therapeutics which makes mechanic nano lipids for Pfizer which are included in the mRNA ‘vaccines’.

Listen; Dr. Malone talks about conflict of interest as investors start dumping Pfizer/Moderna stocks before actual vaccine safety data leaking out.

Listen; Leaked Moderna Files Robert Kennedy jnr, Children’s Health Defence with Sasha Latypova showing FDA Colluded With Moderna. 4th August 2022

According to Sasha Latypova, an ex-pharmaceutical industry executive, documents obtained from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine suggest the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Moderna colluded to bypass regulatory and scientific standards used to ensure products are safe.

A short transcription of their discussion;

Sasha Latypova “(National Institute of Health, NIH, Fauci and deputies) are not only lying but are part of the machine that is forcing people to get the product (COVID-19 vaccine). So they are forcing the mandates, forcing these perverse financial incentives onto the public, universities, employees and military and deriving revenue from the product that they force and lie about. A perfect cartel – the regulators are using their positions of power to force the product that they financially benefit.”

Robert Kennedy; “ For the human clinical trials they said we will have a trial for 5 years. We’re going to have a placebo group and we are going to have a study group that gets the vaccine. We are going to keep the placebo group from getting the vaccine for 5 years so we can look at all cause mortalities so we can look at the health differences and outcomes. There are many impacts that have long incubation periods, long diagnostic horizons. He (Fauci) says you need 12 years before you can actually make a judgement about whether the risks are worth the benefits. What they did in this study was they cut it off after 2 months. They vaccinated the placebo group so we will never be able to accurately judge the long term impact of the vaccine.”

Sasha Latypova; “Also what Tony Fauci was saying in 1999 – even when you test everything properly and spend years and years and everything was by the book and you got the result, you still don’t know. There are so many drugs that have been withdrawn from the market because of effects coming out later on. Yes you find out 12 years later that it causes birth defects, causes cardiovascular problems or cancer. And now we are seeing everything explode in outcomes data. That is why they are desperate to eliminate the control group. They are desperate to vaccinate every single person on the planet, because they don’t want you to know what is going to happen – they don’t want you to compare.”

Read; ‘A Letter to Liberals — Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals’ Challenging conventional wisdom; Robert F Kennedy; 3 August 2022; FREE EBOOK

‘“A Letter to Liberals” is a personal perspective from Kennedy inviting readers to look at the data to answer critical questions and evaluate whether policies implemented during the COVID pandemic were rational and science-based.

His book details science that shows that masks are ineffective and dangerous, that policies for social distancing, school closures and lockdowns were not science-based and, in fact, were counterproductive. It includes the latest scientific data demonstrating that injecting children with the COVID shot causes more harm and death than it averts.

Kennedy’s latest book details how officials wrongly used PCR tests, the potential origins of COVID from the Wuhan Lab and how natural immunity is superior to purported vaccine immunity. He shares his perspective on the massive failures of Fauci’s public health policies, the transfer of wealth to the global elite and the unprecedented attack on our Bill of Rights.

“A Letter to Liberals” is available as a free ebook and as a limited edition hardcover at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound,, Target, Walmart, Books-A-Million and other retailers.’

Read or listen; California Becomes Battleground for COVID Lawsuits and Legislation Surrounding Minors New bills could take parental consent away in medical contexts By HEALTH 1+1 AND MARINA ZHANG TIME; 14 AUGUST 2022

‘In California, a state that has been continuously passing bills surrounding COVID-19 vaccine policies, attorneys are “chipping away at each part of this puzzle,” aiming to educate and empower people one lawsuit at a time.

Nicole Pearson, the attorney and founder of Facts Law Truth Justice (FLTJ) has been filing and winning lawsuits against vaccine mandates and representing vaccine-injured.

On July 27, Pearson held a press conference and spoke on her client Maribel Duarte’s lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy for vaccinating her 13-year-old son without her consent.

Duarte’s son made the news in December 2021. A vaccine clinic was set up in his school—Barack Obama Global Prep Academy—and he was allegedly bribed with a pizza to get vaccinated at his school without parental consent.’

Watch; Is the Covid consensus starting to shift? GBNews; Eva vlaardingerbroek & Mark Steyn discuss whether the consensus around Covid is changing; 1 Aug 2022

‘Two years ago would we think it was normal for the Government to put a banner under your social media post saying “follow the official state narrative”?’

A taste of the discussion

Joe Biden; “you are not going to get Covid if you get these vaccinations.”

Mark Steyn; “Talk about fake news – can we get an ofcom investigation there?

Mark Steyn; ‘I wish I had Pfizer’s business model; first they sell you the vaccine that prevents you getting the disease. Then when you get the disease they sell you the drug that cures you of it. And then when you are cured of it, you get it all over again three days later.

Why do we get investigated for broadening the discourse on this subject …… when the group-think mainstream media (the Guardian, ITV etc) get away with it”

Eva; …….people who are trying to spread the truth or say at least there is a dissenting opinion here within the scientific field, they are taken off the air, taken off of social media, that shows you that there is something they want to hide.

Read; Technocracy is Insane, Anti-Human and it WILL Fail; James Corbett; 31July 2022

‘It’s almost impossible to browse the news anymore without giving up all hope for the future of humanity. We’re all going to be fed into the maw of the technocratic slave system and have our fingers broken by our new chess-playing robot overlords and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I guess we better just abandon all hope now, right?

Not so fast.

Here’s a great big white pill for you: the technocratic system of tyranny is going to fail. This is not wishful thinking; it’s a cold statement of fact. Technocracy, in all its facets—from the UN’s 2030 Agenda to the brain chips and AI godheads of the transhumanists to the CBDC social credit surveillance state—is anti-human. It goes against nature itself. It cannot work in the long run, and it is destined to fail.

Now, this doesn’t mean that it’s a cake walk from here on out. It doesn’t mean we can just go back to sleep and wake up in a gumdrop house on lollipop lane.

But it does mean that we can and will make it through these trying times. And the quicker that we wake up and realize the power to change the world for the better is in our hands—not in the hands of the would-be world controllers—the sooner this nightmare will end.’

Watch; Multiple Lawsuits moving ahead; DailyClout; July 27 2022

‘In Wednesday’s appearance on the WarRoom, Dr. Naomi Wolf detailed the legal efforts resulting from the DailyClout/WarRoom volunteers’ incredible research. In partnership with Health Freedom Defense Fund, a Citizens’ Petition has been filed with the FDA to halt COVID injections in young children. Read the petition here.

In addition, DailyClout and Health Freedom Defense Fund have partnered with JW Howard Attorneys to file a legal letter with Ascension Hospitals regarding the misuse of Remdesevir to treat COVID. Read the letter here.

And there are more legal efforts in the works!

These legal efforts are expensive and we need your help to continue them.

3000+ brave volunteers continue to pore through the Pfizer vaccine trial document dumps. Amy Kelly and a team of dedicated volunteers have developed the “Abstractor” to allow anyone to search the Pfizer documents to perform their own research!

Watch; Professor Norman Fenton questions vaccine data analysis, UK Column News; 28th July 2022

‘The mathematician Norman Fenton is Professor of Risk and Information Management in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London. He has extensive experience in critical decision-making and, in particular, on quantifying uncertainty using causal, probabilistic models that combine data and knowledge. His areas of work cover health, law and forensics, security, reliability, and transport safety.

In a vital interview with Brian Gerrish and Debi Evans of UK Column, Professor Fenton expresses his concerns regarding the skewing of Covid-19 vaccine data by both the Government and other agencies, with such cogency that official claims are revealed as false or misleading.

In addition, he highlights the blatant censorship now imposed upon professionals who attempt to speak out about their concerns regarding the official Covid-19 vaccination data and policies. Professor Fenton is particularly outspoken about the misleading nature of the recent BBC documentary, Unvaccinated.

This interview provides essential analysis and critique for every thinking adult in the UK, whether they have had their lives impacted by Covid-19 and vaccination policy or have remained unaffected by the declared pandemic but are suspicious of government and health officials’ claims.’

Read; mRNA Platform Inventor Sifts Through the Lies; JOSEPH MERCOLA JULY 26, 2022


  • Media and health authorities also ignore what Dr. Robert Malone and others have warned about from the start, which is that vaccinating during a pandemic will drive the evolution of resistant strains. This is precisely what we’re now seeing with Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5, which circumvent both natural immunity and COVID jab-induced antibodies
  • The CDC and the FDA are also ignoring the reality of immune imprinting, which is causing COVID-jabbed individuals to contract COVID more frequently, and repeatedly
  • Media are again trying to drum up fear over new COVID strains, despite data clearly showing hospitalisation rates remain steady even though the infection rate is rising
  • When RNAs include pseudouridine — as all mRNA COVID shots do — they will last longer and be less inflammatory. However, we’ve now discovered pseudouridine-containing RNA also causes immunosuppression, which we’re seeing in many who have received the jabs

Malone’s book, “The Lies My Government Told Me” is now available

Read or listen; By March 2021 Pfizer And FDA Knew Covid Injections Were Lethal for Unborn Babies; RHODA WILSON; JULY 23, 2022

‘According to the documents Pfizer submitted in their request for FDA approval, of the 270 pregnant women who had an injection, “no outcome was provided for 238 of the pregnancies.” In other words, Pfizer had no idea what happened in 238 of the pregnancies. Of the 29 known outcomes, Pfizer noted that only 1 was “normal” and 28 resulted in the death of the baby. That means 97% of all known outcomes of Covid “vaccination” during pregnancy resulted in the loss of a child.

Read more: Confidential Pfizer Docs. reveal 90% of Covid Vaccinated Pregnant Women lost their Baby; but Pfizer claimed: “No safety signals emerged”’

Read or watch: Covid Vaccination and Turbo-Cancer. “Multiple Tumors in Multiple Organs”. Dr. Ute Kruger By Etana Hecht; Global Research, August 08, 2022; Clown World – Honk 5 August 2022

Watch: Biggest Disaster in Medical History; Global Research; August 16, 2022; 10 August 2022;

Dr. Charles Hoffe is a family doctor. He lives and works in Lytton, in Canada. He is a graduate of the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has worked as a rural family physician and emergency room physician for 31 years.

“Never before in medical history has any medical treatment maimed and killed so many people…”

Read; Monkeypox or Moneypox? WHO Director Overrules Panel, Declares Public Health Emergency; Robert W. Malone M.D., M.S.; Children’s Health Defence; 07/25/22

‘In a move that is sure to trigger widespread discussion concerning the independence, objectivity and wisdom of granting authority to the World Health Organization (WHO) to manage global infectious diseases responses, the monkeypox outbreak has been declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) by WHO.

The declaration was made unilaterally, in direct contradiction to independent review panel advice, by WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Tedros made the declaration despite a lack of consensus among members of the WHO’s emergency committee on the monkeypox outbreak, and in so doing overruled his own review panel, who had voted 9 against and 6 for declaring the PHEIC.

Watch: COVID-19 Vaccine Patents and Gene-Deletion. Dr. Ariyana Love Interviewed by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich; Dr. Ariyana Love, August 9, 2022

Information shared here includes how the vaccines may target and permanently delete genetic codes on genetic lineages in humans, and also encode new genetic sequences into the genome of targeted cells – about the role of gene-deletion in Autism or AIDS.

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Forgive me for pointing out that, while we receive some one-off donations, I am funding Farms Not Factories myself, and if we are to continue to fight the cruel, antibiotic-led factory farm system, we will need some regular donations from like-minded people. Please consider a monthly subscription of £2/month and help us support a network of smaller scale, humane and healthy UK pig farms, local abattoirs and butchers.

“Our message is simple, we want to help bring an end to this dangerous, inhumane system. Vote for real farming over factory farming.”
– Tracy Worcester, Director

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  1. “These elites, these psychopaths”

    Yes, psychopaths rule the world. BUT… it is only ONE part of the equation. Familiarize yourself with the theory of the 2 married pink elephants in the historical room ….

    Who do you think goes to war and does the killing (mindless immoral NON-innocent soldiers)?

    Who do you think murders and maims a massive amount of people with toxic Covid shots (mindless immoral NON-innocent doctors and nurses)?

    Who do you think wears useless Covid masks (or puts them on their kids) (mindless immoral NON-innocent people)?

    Who do you think has been spraying crops with toxic pesticides and has been using GMO seeds in their fields (mindless immoral NON-innocent farmers)?

    Who do you think uses life-destroying self-enslaving technologies such cell phones (mindless immoral NON-innocent people)?

    Who do you think trusts, follows, obeys, votes for, and does the dirty work for the governing authorities (mindless immoral NON-innocent people)?

    And on and on… there are TWO pink elephants in the room … and they are MARRIED and NEITHER is innocent.

    It’s why “Farmers are NOT JUST Victims of Government & Corporate Collusion BUT ALSO WILLFUL CONSENSUAL CONFORMISTS WITH A DESTRUCTIVE SYSTEM”

    Isn’t it about time for anyone to wake up to the ULTIMATE DEPTH of the rabbit hole — rather than remain blissfully willfully ignorant and play innocent victim like a little child?

    If you are in the United States and your employer has mandated the toxic/lethal COVID jabs, you can register to receive a “Medical Exemption Certificate” for free at

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