September 30th, 2022 Newsletter

Calls for a Multipolar World

Though the chapters in this newsletter interrelate, they are divided into four sections:

  1. Censorship/Surveillance/Coercion
  2. Food, Farming & Ecocide
  3. Ukraine/China Conflicts
  4. Covid/Vaccines


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Please join me and thousands of concerned citizens in a human chain surrounding the houses of parliament on Saturday 8th October. We’ll be demanding the release of Julian Assange who is imprisoned in Belmarsh while the US government applies for his extradition to the US where he will be tried for publishing whistleblowers’ information of public interest including; US government corruption, illegal surveillance, war crimes and human rights violations. 100% of the publications have been proved to be accurate and the Counterintelligence officer who investigated WikiLeaks’ impact, debunked the argument that the revelations put lives at risk.

Julian’s right to publish is our right to know;

Free speech is on trial with Julian Assange’s extradition hearings. If you care about our right to know the truth, make your voice heard by joining thousands in the human chain surrounding the house of commons on Oct 8th.

Listen; The Chris Hedges Report: Julian’s father, John Shipton, speaks out; 23 Sept2022

Chris Hedges;

“A society that prohibits the capacity to speak in truth, extinguishes the capacity to live in justice. Tyrannies invert the rule of law. They turn the law into an instrument of injustice. They cloak their crimes in a fake legality. They use the decorum of the courts and trials to mask their criminality. Those such as Julian Assange, who expose that criminality to the public, are dangerous for, without the pretext of legitimacy, the tyranny loses credibility and has nothing left in its arsenal but fear, coercion and violence.

The long campaign against Julian and WikiLeaks is a window into the collapse of the rule of law. The rise of what the political philosopher, Sheldon Wolin, calls our system of inverted totalitarianism. A form of totalitarianism that maintains the fictions of the old capitalist democracy, including its institutions, iconography, patriotic symbols, and rhetoric, but internally has surrendered total control to the dictates of global corporations.

I was in the London courtroom when Julian was being tried by judge Vanessa Barista, an updated version of the queen of hearts in Alice in Wonderland, demanding the sentence before pronouncing the verdict. It was judicial farce. There is no legal basis to hold Julian in prison. There is no legal basis to try him, an Australian citizen, under the espionage act. The CIA spied on Julian in the embassy through a Spanish company, UC Global, contracted to provide embassy security. This spying included recording the privileged conversations between Julian and his lawyers as they discussed his defense. This fact alone invalidates any trial of Julian. Julian is currently being held in a high security prison, so the state can, as Neil’s Melzer, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, has testified, continue the degrading abuse and torture that hopes will lead to his physical and psychological disintegration. The US government directed the London prosecutor, James Lewis. Lewis presented these directives to Barista in the court and Barista adopted them as her legal decision.

It was judicial pantomime. Lewis and the judge insisted they were not attempting to criminalize journalists and muzzle the press while they were busy setting up the legal framework to criminalize journalists and muzzle the press. And that is why the court works so hard to mask the proceedings from the public, limiting access to the courtroom to a handful of observers and making it hard, and at times impossible, for us to access the trial online. It was a tawdry show trial, not an example of the best of English jurisprudence, but the Lubyanka. (Context: The Lubyanka was the Moscow HQ of the KGB). It is imperative that those of us who care about a free press and the persecution of an innocent man; for Julian has not committed a crime, to make our presence felt in the streets.

I will be in Washington on October 8th with I hope thousands of others to ring the Department of Justice to call for Julian’s release; an act that will be replicated by protestors surrounding the British parliament the same day. Joining me from Mexico, where the Mexican president, Andre Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), has defended Julian’s innocence and offered asylum to the WikiLeaks Founder, is Julian’s father John Shipton.”

John Shipton;

“How to describe this grotesque and monstrous injustice that’s carried on before our eyes is as Professor Nils Melzer describes it; ‘a slow motion murder before our eyes’. This is in the face of every single European parliament having a cross party group of Assange supporters in its parliament; the German parliament – to the extent that 90 parliamentarians voted to bring before the United States-Germany friendship group, as an agenda item;The Persecution of Julian; the French parliament spent an hour debating Julian’s circumstances; the recent election of the Australian government labor government, under Anthony Alban, was elected on a platform of bringing Julian Asange home – 88% of Australians want Julian brought home to Australia. So the support in the community is immense worldwide. The institutions of state departments, the Department of Justice, and the FBI seem to have a malignant approach to Julian Assage; using Julian as a means to constrain, I would say truncate altogether, that magnificent element of the American constitution, The First Amendment. They don’t like it. They don’t like their own golden gift – it’s very strange.”

They Have Already Destroyed Assange; Declassified UK; September 29, 2022

Matt Kennard sits down with the former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, who in 2012 granted the WikiLeaks publisher asylum and now lives in political asylum himself.

“The British are used to being obeyed, not to negotiate with a third-world country. They tried to deal with us like a subordinate country.”

“Assange didn’t have any possibility of a fair legal process in the United States.”

“We engaged a special security company in order to protect the London embassy, to protect Julian Assange… They were captured by the C.I.A.”

“I canceled the agreement to have an American base in our country in 2009. These are things that the American authorities do not forgive.”

Read; PayPal accused of ‘financial bullying’ in free speech row; Lucy Johnston – Daily Express; Sep 24, 2022

‘Tech giant PayPal has been accused of “policing opinions by financial bullying” and has put itself in the “new frontline in the war against free speech”, critics say. It now faces a political battle with politicians lining up to call for action against the US company. PayPal shut a number of accounts last week including those of journalist Toby Young, the founder of the Free Speech Union.’

Stop press: Due to pressure, Paypal have reinstated Toby Young’s account and other associated accounts. However, Young has told Paypal that until they reinstate all accounts that have been similarly shut down, he will not use their services again,

Read; The Gates Foundation is Researching How to Manipulate You Into Taking ‘Future’ COVID Vaccines; Natalie Winters;The National Pulse; 22nd September 2022

‘The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is now funding studies on how to best manipulate people to receive “future” COVID-19 vaccines – including “targeted” messaging and financial compensation – despite studies continuing to show links between the vaccine and myocarditis.’

“Message framing is a powerful tool for vaccine promotion; however, messages should be carefully framed and should be targeted to the population of interest. Financial incentives, free-of-charge vaccines, and use of vaccine champions should be considered in future vaccine promotions as they were successful in increasing both measles and HPV vaccine coverage rates,” concludes the study, which also advocates implementing vaccine programs in “schools, universities, or healthcare settings to target adolescents and/or adults.”

The study comes amidst a roll-out of advertisements focusing on myocarditis in children, which studies have repeatedly demonstrated to be a side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine.’

Food, Farming & Ecocide

On Saturday October 15th we’ll be mobilising in London as part of the European-wide Good Food, Good Farming Days of Action. Why are we mobilising?

Our governments aren’t doing enough to implement the kind of transition we urgently need in our food and farming systems. We need change, and we need it now. That’s why we’re bringing consumers, farmers, growers, youth, activists, change-makers and food system workers together to march in London and demand that policymakers take action.

Our demands:

  1. A legally enshrined right to food: so that everyone can access healthy, affordable and culturally-appropriate food
  2. Ambitious agricultural support policies: which support farms of all sizes in their transition to more sustainable farming practices
  3. Better livelihoods for farmers: through better regulated and fairer supply chains and markets
  4. Stand up for standards: international trade agreements that prioritise the welfare of farmers, animals, eaters and the environment in the UK and abroad
  5. Nature-friendly policies: for a major reduction of chemical pesticides and fertiliser use and to promote biodiversity, protect the environment and mitigate global warming
  6. Regulation of GMOs: to protect consumers, producers and the environment
  7. Fair income and decent working conditions: for all farmers, food producers and food system workers
  8. More support for young people entering farming: to rejuvenate the sector and revitalise rural areas
  9. More opportunities to grow and eat good food: through the provision of community spaces and education, especially in urban areas and marginalised communities
  10. Less but better meat and dairy: higher-quality livestock products which prioritise animal welfare, public health and the climate
  11. Boost domestic UK fruit and veg production: to meet everyone’s need for a healthy balanced diet and reduce reliance on imports
  12. Listen to the people: more participation of farmers, consumers and activists in political decision making.

Get involved!

We’re looking for volunteers to help with:

  • 🚩 Stewarding on the day of the march
  • 🚜 Driving their tractors into London
  • 🚌 Organising groups of people to come to the march from each region – and even hiring a minibus
  • 📷 Taking photos and video clips on the day of the march
  • 🖌️ Creating banners and artwork for the march
  • 🔊 Bringing a mobile sound system or musical instruments
  • 🥦 Creating fun costumes

…or anything else you can think of that will help make the day a success!

If you would like to get involved, then please fill out this volunteer form.

If the unipolar world led by the US was bringing prosperity, good health and wellbeing, along with protecting the planet for future generations, perhaps there would be more countries supporting NATOs constant expansion of US hegemony across the world. However…..

Read; Food Barons 2022: Crisis Profiteering, Digitalization and Shifting Power; ETC Group; Sept 2022

‘The year 2020 was a horrific year for food security and health – but a bonanza for Big Food and Big Ag. In the midst of a global pandemic – combined with climate shocks, supply chain gridlock, price spikes, increasing hunger, food and energy shortages, civil strife, racial violence and wars – these Food Barons made the most of the converging crises in order to tighten their grip on every link in the Industrial Food Chain. In doing so, they undermine the rights of peasants, smallholders, fishers and pastoralists to produce food for their own communities and many others. The Food Barons exploit workers, poison soil and water, diminish biodiversity, prevent climate justice and perpetuate a food system structured upon racial and economic injustice.’

When the pig industry is controlled by four giant processors and a handful of giant retailers, farmers have no power to negotiate a fair price and will continue to go bankrupt. Like musical chairs, even the livelihoods for the large pig farms are disappearing. Without the competition from local independent farmers, corporate processors and supermarkets will source from abroad and charge whatever they like for the products of a poor quality, poor welfare, environmentally destructive industrial farming system.

Instead of just whinging about the symptoms of a broken system, journalists should be demanding that the government ensure there is food sovereignty in the UK by negotiating a fair price for farmers to produce and slaughter pigs using farming methods that are not only kind to the animals but provide local jobs, and protect farmers by banning imports that don’t meet these standards. However, neo liberal, Liz Truss has a track record of leaving our food and farmers to the vagaries of the market to make way for us all to eat fake meat! If we don’t obey, at an interview with MIT Technology Review, Bill Gates suggests legislation!

Gates; “I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef. Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can sort of change the (behaviour of) people or use regulation to totally shift the demand.”

Read; Everything is going for slaughter’ – Countryfile highlights escalating pig crisis; Alastair Driver, Pig World.

‘Pig farmers warned that the future of independent pig farming is in peril, with potential shortages of British pork ahead, as BBC’s Countryfile programme (8mins in) focused on the escalating pig crisis.

A number of pig farmers were interviewed during the 10-minute feature, including Suffolk outdoor farmer and Pig World columnist Chris Fogden, who revealed he is quitting production.

“We are winding down and getting out of pig production. Everything is going for slaughter,” he told interviewer Tom Heap.

At current prices and cost levels, he could lose £360,000 a year if he continues. The pigs will be gone by July. “It was either them or me. I had to get out to still have a roof over my head. If I carried on, there was a risk of losing everything,” Chris said.

He has only recently heard of another pig farmer leaving the sector and warned that ‘unless something happens very, very soon, there will be very few independent pig producers left’.

The programme also heard from Kate and Vickie Morgan, Simon Watchorn, Anna Longthorp and Stephen Thompson, who explained how the crisis is affecting them. Kate Morgan revealed that, with grain prices up by about 50%, the cost of feed has increased by about 27p per pig per day, meaning they are losing about £50/pig.’

Without help from our World Economic Forum subservient government, it is essential that we buy the highest quality of UK meat we can afford to not only keep our hapless independent farmers in business but enable them to improve their standards.

Corporations not only use economies of scale to outcompete their smaller competitors but also dodge their taxes:

Read; Revealed: world’s biggest meat firm appears to have avoided millions in UK tax.The Guardian; Mon 26 Sep 2022

‘Global meat companies supplying some of Britain’s most popular meat brands, including KFC, Nando’s chicken and Sainsbury’s organic range, appear to have been using offshore companies that allow them to avoid paying millions of pounds in tax in the UK.

An investigation by the Guardian and Lighthouse Reports has found that two companies – Anglo Beef Processors UK and Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation (owned by Brazilian beef giant JBS) – appear to have reduced their tax bill by structuring their companies and loans in a way that allows them to take advantage of different tax systems, in what one expert has described as “aggressive tax avoidance”.’

Just when we lose our farmers, imports from abroad might become a thing of the past;

Read; The elite are building Megalopolis, where the plebs will eat insects; Lucy Wyatt; September 14, 2022

‘The Dutch government plans to spend 25 billion euros expropriating 11,200 farms – allegedly to cut nitrogen emissions in half by 2030. This will mean the loss of 20 per cent of farms, while another 33 per cent will be forced to scale back and reduce livestock.

The madness of these cuts comes at a time of global food and fertiliser shortages, when Holland is the second-largest food exporter after the US. It now risks following Sri Lanka in becoming a major importer as opposed to an exporter of food.

As well as the timing, what makes Dutch farmers so suspicious is that the curb on nitrogen emissions falls disproportionately on farming, when industry and transport are also major polluters. There is however a logic to this if the specific motive for this appropriation of their land and livelihood is the Tristatecity.

The Tristatecity is a ‘smart city’ project which began to emerge as a concept in 2015. It is the vision of Peter Savelberg, a Dutch consultant, to create a giant megalopolis from Holland through Belgium to the Ruhr in Germany, incorporating 30 million to 45 million people.

How in this carbon-conscious age could such a project have survived the eco piety of the environment zealots? It is hardly obvious how building skyscrapers and covering large areas in concrete can be more sustainable than farmland, but the project boasts that it supports all of the United Nations sustainability goals.‘

Corporate Greed is Endemic

Read; Two Industries That Used Global Crises To Rob Us; Food and Water Watch; Sept 12th 2022

From fossil fuel corporations to grocery conglomerates, the fix is to squeeze more money out of consumers. “Record profits?” More like record greed.

‘It’s not your imagination. If everything seems to cost more lately it’s because it does. Think about the things you usually buy at the grocery store or retail shop. Add up your utilities and gasoline. Since the pandemic started, prices have gotten higher and higher for nearly everything we need to live. Some industries (ahem, oil & gas!) even used the war in Ukraine as a pretense for “scarcity” price gouging.

Unchecked corporate greed affects every person and every family in the country. And voters are sick of it.’

Politicians are either too ignorant and easily brainwashed or believe that the market provides all the answers. They deregulate via free trade treaties that enable corporations to comb the globe for the most corporate friendly rules, often in the form of horrifically low standards of workplaces, the environment and animal welfare. These same corporate stooges usher in frankenstein foods that will exacerbate the allergies and diseases that the present junk food culture has inflicted on trusting consumers.

Read; The Genetic Technology Bill is not fit for purpose; Pat Thomas; Beyond GM; September 26, 2022

“Objections to the Genetic Technology Bill are not merely ideological but arise from the fact that it is full of holes, vague language and half-baked ideas. It takes an issue overflowing with complexity, one that extends well beyond the narrow tramlines of laboratory science into ethics, environment, animal welfare, consumer choice, food culture, food sovereignty, equity and transparency, and abandons all the tricky detail to a future time and possibly a future government.”

How should we change our food habits to protect the planet and our own health? The more obvious answers aren’t necessarily the best ones. Elizabeth Farrelly. Sept 10 2022

‘Sometime in the future, when history makes its call, the industrialisation of food may look less like a life-saving mid-century miracle than a planetary and public health disaster.

As if to satirise the absurdity of factory-built food, the “chicken-free” niblets on my local supermarket shelf proclaim their chickenness by denying it. No fewer than 49 other ingredients make up this pseudo food. There are several “numbers”, including methyl cellulose, glyceryl monostearate, glyceryl distearate, sodium acetate, hydrolysed lecithin and nisin – a polycyclic antibacterial peptide. Also, palm oil – the production of which herds orangutans towards extinction – two forms of soy, possibly genetically modified, and extracts of 25 different fruits and vegetables, from beetroot to coconut.

This is the current food of virtue. But how real is that halo? Are such comestibles actually good, for us or for the planet?’

The one politician who was determined to end animal cruelty and frankenstein GM food, Zac Goldsmith, has been sacked by Liz Truss who is hurtling us ever faster towards a deregulatory free for all, revoking hundreds of green laws that protect our air, rivers, wildlife and food standards.

Zac Goldsmith loses environment job amid fears of animal welfare downgrade; The Guardian; 12 Sept 2022.

Liz Truss strips Conservative peer of environment minister post but he is expected to keep Foreign Office role

The usual mainstream media scare tactic of food price increases has put people off ending animal cruelty – shame on us!

Switzerland Votes Against Ban On Factory Farming; Polly Foreman; 26 Sept 2022

Switzerland voted against a ban on factory farming standards in a referendum held on Sunday 25th September. The country made history by asking the public to decide on whether farms should have tighter restrictions on things like housing, care, and slaughter practices. The notion, however, was rejected by 62.86 percent of voters.

Those who can well afford high welfare food, have been brainwashed to care more about an instant bargain in the shops than the quality of the product we put in our body;

Read; The Future of Organic from Revolution to Evolution; Tim Martin; Farm Wilder Founder; Sept 16, 2022

‘There is much to celebrate about organic, but it’s also a good time to ask why organic hasn’t taken off in the UK as much as in some other countries, what we could do to change that, and to reflect on how it could go even further.’

‘Denmark’s leadership on organic food production and consumption (UK 1.8% of the food and drink we consume is organic, channel France 4.7%, and Denmark tops the league with 13%) is no accident, it’s the result of their government’s long history of green policies, and a determination to produce food with as little pollution and as small a carbon footprint as possible. In the UK, in contrast, the government has generally been content to leave the market and consumer demand to dictate the level of organic farming. Unfortunately, the vast power of the supermarkets, and their fierce competition for shoppers, has led us into a cheap food culture. We are bombarded by adverts shouting about low prices, so little wonder that this is the primary lens through which we see food shopping. This is why price so often trumps quality and sustainability. Low prices are a great help if you’re on a low income, but even those who could afford to pay more for sustainably produced food are often seduced by the allure of the bargain, and end up unwittingly supporting farming methods that do untold damage in the UK and around the world.’

Dr Gabor Mate, holistic expert on addiction, stress and childhood development and Helena Norberg-Hodge, Director, Local Futures; strengthening local economies and place based cultures, talk about the Mental Health in the Global Economy; September 9, 2022

‘Gabor fathoms the profound impacts of economic structures on our most intimate social and emotional experiences. Together the two dispel false ideas about human nature and point to systemic remedies to the most crippling and dehumanizing effects of living in today’s global consumer culture. Helena and Gabor both talk from over seven decades of life experience, and they both possess a rare and far reaching compassion for people from all walks of life.’

Listen; Regeneration, not Regenesis; Farm Gate; 15 Sept 2022

‘Jyoti Fernandes is from the UK Landworkers’ Alliance and well-known as a campaigner working for the rights of small farmers and peasant farmers. Jyoti recently wrote an open letter to the Guardian writer, George Monbiot, whose book, Regenesis, and the articles he’s written to promote it, distort public awareness of regenerative solutions to the ecological crisis.

In this programme, Ffinlo Costain asks Jyoti why she felt ‘duty bound to intervene’, and why she thinks Monbiot is undermining the agroecology movement, which provides the most compelling future narrative she has found in 30 years of campaigning.’

Read; Bill Gates’ ‘Magic Seeds’ Won’t Solve World Hunger But Will ‘Create Ecological Disaster’; Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.; Children’s Health Defense ; 09/22/22

‘Bill Gates is rebranding genetically engineered seeds as “magic seeds” and says they’re the answer to world hunger, but according to Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., a “failed, clumsy crude manipulation of living systems does not create ‘magical seeds.’ It creates an ecological disaster.”’

Why Promoters of Great Reset Are Pushing Ultra-Processed Foods; Dr. Joseph Mercola; 09/13/22

Story at-a-glance:

‘According to promoters of The Great Reset, a traditional whole food diet is not only “unsustainable” but “environmentally destructive” and must be replaced with GMOs and protein alternatives made from insects, plants and synthetic biology. Life on earth cannot be sustained, they say, unless we transition to what amounts to an ultra-processed and highly unnatural diet.

A scientific review throws The Great Reset’s talking points in the proverbial trash, as ultra-processed foods are “fundamentally unsustainable” and nutritionally nonessential. As such, the environmental impacts of ultra-processed foods are indefensible, as they are wholly avoidable.

Ultra-processed foods account for 17% to 39% of total diet-related energy use; 36% to 45% of total diet-related biodiversity loss; up to one-third of total diet-related greenhouse gas emissions, land use and food waste; and up to one-quarter of total diet-related water-use among adults in high-income countries. The EAT Forum, cofounded by the Wellcome Trust and the Stockholm Resilience Centre in 2014, has developed a “Planetary Health Diet,” intended to be applied to the entire global population. It entails cutting meat and dairy intake by up to 90%, and working with biotech and fake meat companies to replace whole foods with lab-created alternatives — all in the name of climate change prevention and “sustainability.”

Once corporations have a monopoly on meat, dairy, cereals and oils, they will be the ones profiting from and controlling the food supply. The companies that control the food supply will also end up controlling countries and entire populations.’

Even though I am utterly opposed to factory farming, we can’t replace one toxic system of food production with another toxic system where meat is replaced by lab grown cell meat, highly processed GM seed plant based ‘meat’, insects, or George Monbiot’s preferred option which is a protein powder produced from natural micro-organisms, electricity, fermentation and air. The solution promoted by Farms not Factories is to eat less but high welfare meat and do your research so you don’t swallow the lies from the likes of McDonalds;

Read; UK Factory Farming Is Booming – When Will We Stop Romanticizing Our ‘Animal Welfare’? Our insistence on viewing British meat through rose-tinted glasses is getting more ludicrous by the day; Polly Forman; 15 Sept 2022

‘In October of last year, a fast food chain released an advert offering a nice wholesome glimpse into the world of UK farming.

‘Our meat is from British farms’, it said, while farmers rode around muddy green fields in their tractors, animals were seen out in the sun, wandering among the trees, and even trotting across a countryside bridge. As a chicken strolled about the grass beside a farmer planting a tree, a soothing voice-over told viewers they could invest millions into our nation’s farms by eating at McDonald’s.

Adverts like these (and there are many, many, adverts like these) reinforce a prevailing idea of a supposedly high standard of animal welfare we have in this country, an idea that so many use to justify their meat consumption.

But while Brits are boasting about our “high welfare,” millions of animals are being quietly subjected to pain, torture, and misery.

Around 85 percent of animals in the UK are now raised on factory farms. They are confined to cramped barns and cages too small for them to turn around in, and offered no chance to exhibit natural behaviors.’

Read; UK government faces court challenge over ‘Franken chickens’; The Guardian; 21 Sept 2022

‘Hearing granted for Humane League, which says use of fast-growing chickens breaches welfare rules’

Watch; Oh F*ck, He’s At It Again; Russell Brand; 14 Sept 2022

‘As Bill Gates buys up yet more farmland, are we seeing the systematic transfer of land from farmers to oligarchs happening in real time?’

Paying farmers more to rewild than to grow food will increase imports and food volatility. So, public money for public goods must be for ‘land sharing’ not ‘land sparing’ i.e. farming in symbiosis with nature like organic, regenerative or many traditional pre-war methods of farming. We’re edging ever closer to environmental and societal collapse by continuing the chemical intensive industrial farming and extensive rewilding of the land ‘spared’.

Read; Farming v rewilding: the battle for Borrowdale in the Lake District; The Guardian; 9 Sept 2022

‘There are signs that land-sharing – farming that balances productivity with habitat restoration – is being adopted by some of the Lake District’s farms.’

‘The (National Trust) charity was accused of severing the crucial link between people and place that, in the farmers’ view, had allowed conservation and farming to operate hand in hand for generations. The Cumbria-born broadcaster and author Melvyn Bragg weighed in, accusing the trust of using “mafia-style” tactics and pricing out would-be local buyers.’

Conventional farmers will be particularly hard hit with the skyrocketing costs of fertilisers and their increasing use of petrochemicals, resulting in their soil retaining less water and nutrients. So, it is vital that we help all UK farmers by using the power of our purse to purchase the type of farming many farmers would love to return to.

Read; Drought and high gas prices put pressure on farmers; The Guardian; 12 Sept 2022

“The fruit and veg sector is undoubtedly in crisis,” said Rob Percival, the head of food policy at the Soil Association. “Many growers have suffered a 20% reduction in the production of crops this year and most growers are anticipating further reductions in the year ahead. Without immediate and concerted action from government, we can expect to see growing business going bust and shortages on supermarket shelves.”

Charities have called for more support for growers. Ben Reynolds, the deputy chief executive of Sustain, said: “Growers are facing an impossible situation that is beyond their control. With the recent droughts and impact of the climate crisis making it harder to grow [reliably], worker issues, and energy costs going through the roof, there is a very real likelihood of empty shelves in the coming months.

“Some producers will be out of business, flying in the face of the government’s aims for us to be more self-sufficient, and this will affect the health of the country if citizens can’t access affordable healthy food.

“The government may believe trade deals are the answer, if their plan is to let the British farming industry decline and import more produce, but these problems are global, and leaving this to the free market may in practice mean a very empty market.

The Soil Association, which certifies organic food, is calling for more sustainable farming practices to be adopted by farmers and supported by government to mitigate drought in future.

Percival said: “The government must deliver a comprehensive horticulture strategy that prioritises agroecological growing. This year’s drought led to reduced quality and yield, and such impacts can only be mitigated if the right incentives are in place to support growing techniques that build soil health and organic matter.’

Read; Bring on the parasitic wasps and hoverflies: Riverford embraces regenerative farming; The Guardian; 12 Sep 2022

‘In a field full of polytunnels containing row after row of tomatoes and cucumbers, laminated sheets covered in images that look like police mugshots are prominently displayed. Pictured are a list of “friends and foes”.

The “foes”, according to Riverford Organic Farmers, are aphids, spider mites and thrips. The “friends” are predatory and parasitic wasps, lacewings, ladybirds and hoverflies. There is no mention of herbicides and insecticides, which most farmers would consider friends. Crops have no signs of disease thanks to a system that has taken years to fine-tune, says the company’s founder, Guy Singh-Watson. “Attention to detail,” he says. “It’s good farming, really.”

This is a tiny section of Riverford’s Wash farm, which covers 525 hectares (1,300 acres). A third of the land is suitable for vegetable production, of which 60 hectares are used for growing vegetables in any one year. The land is managed as a mixed organic farm, with rotations between two years of growing vegetables to three years for the soil to rest, when the grass is cut for silage or grazed by a herd of dairy cows. The rest of the farm is taken up by species-rich meadows, woodland, scrub, agroforestry, orchards, streams and ponds.’

Ukraine/China Conflicts

Read; Has the CIA Blown Up the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline to Prevent Russia Coming to Europe’s Rescue this Winter? Dr. Paul Craig Roberts; Global Research, September 28, 2022

‘US Secretary of State Blinken said the pipeline damage presents a “significant opportunity” for Western Europe to abandon Russian natural gas in favor of liquified natural gas from the US.

A Polish member of the European Parliament thanked the US for putting the pipeline out of commission as now Russia will have to negotiate with Poland in order to deliver gas to Europe. See this.

When faced with Russian intervention to prevent Ukraine’s invasion of Donbass, US President Biden said: “There will no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it. I promise you, we will be able to do that.”

Washington’s well trained European puppets will, of course, blame Russia for blowing up her own pipeline. See this and this.’

Paul Craig Roberts is a renowned author and academic, chairman of The Institute for Political Economy where this article was originally published. Dr. Roberts was previously associate editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal. He was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy during the Reagan Administration. He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

Watch; Keep Russia out, America in and Germany down w/Jackson Hinkle; The Duran; 27 Sept 2022

“There was an expeditionary detachment of US navy ships led by the universal amphibious assault ship, USS Kearsarge, days ago in the Baltic Sea about 30 kilometers from the site of the sabotage on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and 50 kilometers from the site in which it took place on the Nord stream 2 pipeline.”

Mark Stein on GB News, also points the finger at America blowing up the Nord Stream Pipe lines. See 15mins 20 in.

And Fox News’; Tucker Carlson also points the finger at the US; Read or listen; What really happened to the Nord Stream pipeline? 27 Sept 2022

Watch; Nord Stream “Sabotage” Mystery Deepens As US Seahawks Flew Above Leak Sites Days Before Blasts; CRUX; 29 Sept 2022

“The mystery over the Nord Stream damage has intensified with reports of US choppers circling the area in the run up to the four leaks. US Air Force helicopters reportedly conducted a series of sorties over the area where the Nord Stream gas leak occurred. Earlier in September, US military helicopters reportedly circled for hours over the explosion area near the Bornholm Island. Why did US aircraft stay back post BALTOPS 22 drills? Is America behind Nord Stream pipeline “sabotage”?

0:00 – Introduction 0:30 – US Choppers Spotted Over Nord Stream, Days Before Leaks 0:55 – Us Chopper Movement Coincides With Sites of Leaks 1:53 – Why Were Us Choppers Hovering Over the Baltic Sea? 3:18 – Attempts to Sabotage the Nord Stream Pipeline 4:42 – Fourth Leak Found on Nord Stream Pipeline 6:06 – is America Behind Nord Stream Pipeline “sabotage”

Watch; Putin just CALLED their bluff and SH*T is about to hit the fan | Redacted with Clayton Morris; 30 Sept 2022

‘Russia says that it will annex the Donbass region on Friday afternoon. Meanwhile, NATO countries are meeting to prepare a full military response. Still, no one will say who attacked the Nord Stream pipelines and the loss of that energy will cause everyone pain this winter. Could mobile networks go down? Will ATMs go down? Europe and Africa are being warned of both!’

Watch; Russia annexes four Ukrainian regions; Al Jazeera; 30 Sept 2022

‘There are four new regions of Russia,” President Vladimir Putin says in a lengthy speech declaring the annexation of Ukrainian lands at a Kremlin ceremony. Putin says the residents in the four annexed regions will now be Russia’s “citizens forever”. The Russian president also argued it was the “integral right” of people in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia to join Russia, citing the United Nations charter and its affirmation of the right to self-determination.’

Read; A Fateful Moment of History Is Upon Us; Dr. Paul Craig Roberts; Global Research, Sept 28, 2022

‘The Kremlin has now acted to remove the constraint of international law with the referendums in the four areas whether the inhabitants wish reunification with Russia. It is clear that the vote will be yes, and that the Duma and the Kremlin will proceed rapidly to reincorporate the former Russian territory back into Russia.

At that point Ukraine’s continuation of the war involves direct Ukrainian aggression against Russia herself. This frees the Kremlin’s hands as the war becomes Russia’s response to Ukrainian aggression. At this point it will be clear to all involved that Kiev, the Ukraine government, and the cities and infrastructure of western Ukraine no longer have immunity. In other words it becomes a real war with devastating consequences for Ukraine and possibly as well for all Western suppliers of weapons and intelligence.

Americans are not prepared for this, because all they have heard about the conflict is Russophobic propaganda and false reporting of the reality.

Larry Johnson, an honest and competent commentator, repeats this account and adds that the West lacks the capacity to produce weapons and ammunition on the scale demanded by a full war and that the European economies are facing shutdowns as the consequence of US sanctions against Russia. The message is that the US/NATO have no means of preventing a rapid Russian conquest of Ukraine except by resorting to nuclear war, in which case the Western World will cease to exist.’

Liz Truss is as much a stooge of NATO’s regime change in Russia as Boris, whereas EU opposition to; sanctions against Russia, fueling the war in Ukraine and regime change in Russia, is increasing – in line with much of the rest of the world.

Watch; Oh SH*T, something BIG is happening in Germany, the WEF is scared; Redacted with Clayton Morris; 29 Sept 2022

‘Germany’s future looks bleak due to war-based sanctions and an energy crisis. Germans continue to protest but will it do any good? We ask academic researcher Ralph Schoelhammer what we can expect from Germany and what he calls “incompetent politicians.”’

Clayton Morris;

“We already have President Biden in February saying that we will take out the Nord Stream pipeline. We have Victoria Newland who of course is responsible for installing a puppet regime inside of Ukraine, saying, ‘One way or the other we will put an end to the Nord Stream pipeline if Russia invades’. We see the leaked Rand Report…. the documents that talked about a weakening of Germany, a strengthening US and one way to do that, and one specific piece of that report was around Germany’s dependence on Russian oil. By cutting that off, you weaken Germany, you strengthen the United States. How aware of that are the German people?”

Ralph Schoelhammer

“I think more than we generally recognize. You see it particularly in online forums. I was recently on a debate show in German TV and if you look at the comments below, that sentiment is very widespread. I’m not saying that this sentiment is unfounded, what befuddles me from the side of the United States, and I think this is a very, very geopolitically unwise move by the United States. In the long run, whenever we think about their role as the global hegemony, they cannot go it alone.”

Watch; Cui bono, “to whom is it a benefit?” w/Robert Barnes; The Duran; 29 Sept 2022

Robert Barnes;

“If Merkel is there, the war in Ukraine doesn’t likely happen. The sanctions war doesn’t likely happen, there’s no way the US blows up the pipelines while she’s there, I did not realize the degree to which she was a restraint, given her EU proclivities and other props on this sort of globalist agenda, this deep state, national security state, whatever you wanna call it in Ukraine.”

“the idea of sabotage of Europe for the broader globalist agenda, deep state agenda, is very much within their wheelhouse. But the scariest thing is all the points that people in the chat are mentioning is that none of this seems to have second level thinking. How will Germany react? How will Europe react? How will Russia react? How will the global south react? How will the American populace react if they ever find this out?”

EU protesters seek normalisation of ties with Putin’s Russia and an end to sanctions. Flags of the Czech Communist party and far right factions were spotted during the protest gathering in Prague.

Watch; Why Czech Republic & Germany Are Witnessing Massive Protests Against Sanctions On Putin’s Russia; Crux; 30 Sept 2022

‘On September 28, demonstrators gathered in Prague to demand Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s resignation. The demonstration came in reaction to the energy crisis and soaring living costs- despite a new energy price cap. Earlier this week, thousands joined a rally in several eastern German states to protest Berlin’s energy policy and sanctions against Russia.’

Interestingly it is the so-called ultra right wing in western politics that are objecting to sanctions and winning elections.

Watch; Hungary, Italy, Sweden and More: A Right Wing Wave Rises in Europe; Firstpost; 26 Sept 2022

“Rising costs of living, energy inflation and of course, the all-out energy-cum-economic crisis is propelling the rise of “right wing” politics in Europe. That’s not all. Many Europeans now believe that the sanctions against Russia are, in fact, hurting their own countries. That is why in countries like France, the Czech Republic, Germany and others, support for anti-Russia sanctions is waning. Whether it be Sweden, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Italy – countries across Europe are seeing populist support and street power rising.”

Watch; Serbia Latest Country in Europe to be Threatened by EU; Firstpost; 27 Sept 2022

“The European Union and the United States are angry with Serbia. Together, they are calling out the country’s close ties with Russia. They claim Serbia has been wanting to join the EU, but now they have felt cheated as Serbia is enhancing its cooperation with Russia. Officially a candidate for EU membership, Serbia signed an agreement with Russia, and European Commission spokesman Peter Stano warned on Monday that Serbia’s relations with Russia can’t be “business as usual”. Under populist leader Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia has grown cordial ties with Russia.”

Even US Republicans want to stop fueling the war;

Watch; Republicans WON’T Fund Ukraine War! Dem Senator Threatens; TheJimmyDoreShow; 24 Sept 2022

‘Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut is worried that if the GOP takes over either house of Congress in the midterm elections, that will spell the end for funding the war in Ukraine. Journalistic servants of empire Paul Waldman and Greg Sargent dutifully repeat Murphy’s words in the pages of the Washington Post, raising the alarm and fear mongering about the calamitous lack of war that might ensue if Republicans win an electoral victory.’

Regime change in Russia is business as usual for the US/UK imperialists. As pointed out by John Pilger, since 1945, the US has tried to overthrow more than 50 governments, many of them democratically elected; has grossly interfered in elections in 30 countries; bombed the civilian populations of 30 countires; used chemical and biological weapons; and facilitated assassinations of numerous foreign leaders.

Listen and Read; Geopolitical reasons for Ukraine conflict and US new cold war on Russia & China; Ben Norton; Multipolarista; 27 Sept 2022

‘An analysis of the geopolitics behind the proxy war in Ukraine; from Russia’s oil and gas exports and the Nord Stream pipelines, to Washington’s strategy to prevent Eurasian integration and keep Germany’s economy dependent on the US.

Ben Norton is joined by historian Aaron Good and Seamus McGuinness of the American Exception podcast.’

Aaron Good;

“For the new Cold War against both China and Russia, you can look at the actual maps and look at geography and then trace that to what leading thinkers have put forward in the US and the UK.”

“Eurasia is an enormously powerful source of raw materials and potential industrial and military power, economic power, and that, for Western imperialists, you’re gonna have to try to control this or contain it.”

“If you look at where all of these military bases are around both Russia and China there’s nothing comparable to the US side. There are no Chinese bases that surround the United States or Russian bases that surround the United States – or Iranian – and so on.

This is the Monroe Doctrine that said: ‘you must stop, and not allow other countries into the western hemisphere’. So the US is able to say this whole hemisphere is its sphere of influence, and you better not make any inroads there. But, Russia is expected to suffer a CIA coup that installs an anti-Russian regime right at its doorstep. It’s ridiculous but of course, it’s never conveyed honestly in the US media. And this is dangerous. This is dangerous.

It’s history that we can actually understand. We can see what the US is doing and it helps us to make sense of all the lies and otherwise the obfuscating things that officials say all the time. This is really just imperialism.”

American is achieving its economic objective;

Watch; Companies Ditch Europe to Shift Manufacturing to the United States; Firstpost; 24 Sept 2022

‘Europe is emerging as a big loser on the economic front. An economy battered by the Covid-19 pandemic regulations for two straight years is now having to suffer an intense energy crunch, as cheap Russian natural gas supplies vanish from European markets. The lack of natural gas is hindering industrial operations, with many factories across the 27-member European Union shuttering. The economic instability and energy insecurity is now forcing industries to rethink their existence in Europe. Many are looking to quit the continent and shift production elsewhere. Where, you’d ask? Well, the United States of America is emerging as a dream destination for European firms looking to get out of the crisis-ridden bloc.’

Though the left wing in the Western Hemisphere has been captured by corporate money and propaganda, outside this sphere, traditional left leaning politicians are against US hegemony and war;

Read or listen; 87% of world doesn’t support West’s new cold war on Russia; Ben Norton; Multipolarista; 21 Sept 2022

‘Two former US diplomats admitted that 87% of the world’s population has refused to enforce the West’s sanctions on Russia, showing neutrality over the proxy war in Ukraine. They said “the outbreak of Cold War II” has led countries “to become increasingly multi-aligned,” especially in the Global South.’

NATO’s plans for regime change in Russia are the punishment for Putin’s crime of lifting Russia out of the poverty left by its shock doctrine transition to capitalism directed by Goldman Sachs under Yeltsin who blindly trusted the US corporate machine. The treachery has continued with NATO surrounding Russia and threatening its right to rescue countries like Venezuela and Syria from US colonialists’ regime change.

Newly elected leader, President Xiomara Castro, used the UN platform to oppose the unipolar world of US hegemony driven by billionaires and their corporations as Honduras is just one of those countries which the US, and it’s scavenging acolytes in the EU, have in the past subordinated and plundered. Any country demanding a multipolar world, as advocated by Honduras, must tread carefully to protect itself from being subjected to a NATO coup as witnessed in Ukraine in 2014 on NATO’s road to regime change in Russia.

Read of Watch; Ben Norton from Multipolarista highlights Honduras; 24 Sept 2022;

‘Honduras’ new left-wing President Xiomara Castro delivered a fiery speech at the United Nations General Assembly denouncing colonialism, “neoliberal injustice,” and the foreign corporations that have exploited her country.

Calling for a multipolar world, the Honduran leader declared, “Never again will we carry the stereotype of a banana republic. We will put an end to monopolies and oligopolies that only impoverish our economy.”

“Honduras will only have a future if it takes firm steps to dismantle the neoliberal economic dictatorship,” she asserted. Castro (of no relation to Cuba’s Fidel Castro) also condemned the violent right-wing military coup that the United States sponsored in Honduras in 2009, which overthrew democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya – Castro’s husband.

“We poor nations of the world will no longer tolerate coups d’etat; we will no longer tolerate the use of lawfare, or color revolutions, which are usually organized to plunder our extensive natural resources,” she proclaimed.

The Honduran leader calls for a multipolar world’

Another brilliant revolutionary speech at the United Nations General Assembly was by Nicaragua’s Sandinista government that called for a global rebellion against the “imperialist and capitalist system” that is “bleeding the world dry.” Condemning illegal sanctions and war, it urged a new multipolar order.

Read or listen; Imperialism and capitalism are ‘bleeding the world dry’: At UN, Nicaragua calls for global rebellion; Ben Norton: Multipolarista; 29 Sept 2022

Watch; US, UK sabotaged peace deal because they ‘don’t care about Ukraine’: former NATO adviser Jacques Baud; TheGrayzone; Pushback with Aaron Maté; 27 Sept 2022;

‘Former Swiss intelligence officer and NATO adviser, Jacques Baud, on the next phase of the Russia-Ukraine war and new allegations that the US and UK undermined a peace deal that could have ended it.

The West’s aim “is not the victory of Ukraine, it’s the defeat of Russia,” Baud says. “The problem is that nobody cares about Ukraine. We have just instrumentalized Ukraine for the purpose of US strategic interests — not even European interests.”

I am republishing this article and talk with Jeffrey Sachs to show another high profile member of the establishment advocating a multipolar world, saying that the bipartisan U.S. approach to foreign policy is “unaccountably dangerous and wrongheaded”. Sachs is an American economist, academic, public policy analyst and former director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, where he holds the title of University Professor. He is known as an expert on sustainable development, economic development, and the fight against poverty.

Listen; Jeffrey Sachs: U.S. Policy & “West’s False Narrative” Stoking Tensions ; Democracy Now; 30 August 2022

Read; The West’s Dangerously Simple-Minded Narrative About Russia and China; The overwrought fear of China and Russia is sold to a Western public through manipulation of the facts; Jeffrey Sachs; August 23, 2022;

The Russian side of the conflict is silenced by the mainstream media and constantly deplatformed elsewhere. You will see that Putin does not say he plans to use Nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Get informed before there is a total lockdown on any alternative to the mainstream narrative. As the saying goes ‘the first casualty of war is truth’.

Read; Text of Putin’s Speech on Ukraine addressing the Russian nation; Consortium News; sept 21 2022

“In Washington, London, Brussels they are directly pushing Kyiv to transfer military operations to our territory. No longer hiding, they say that Russia should be defeated by all means on the battlefield, followed by the deprivation of political, economic, cultural, in general, any sovereignty, with the complete plunder of our country.

Nuclear blackmail was also launched. We are talking not only about the shelling of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, which is encouraged by the West, which threatens a nuclear catastrophe, but also about the statements of some high-ranking representatives of the leading NATO states about the possibility and admissibility of using weapons of mass destruction against Russia – nuclear weapons.

To those who allow themselves to make such statements about Russia, I would like to remind you that our country also has various means of destruction, and for some components more modern than those of the NATO countries. And if the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people. It’s not a bluff.

The citizens of Russia can be sure that the territorial integrity of our Motherland, our independence and freedom will be ensured, I emphasize this again, with all the means at our disposal. And those who are trying to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the wind can also turn in their direction.

It is in our historical tradition, in the destiny of our people, to stop those who strive for world domination, who threaten with the dismemberment and enslavement of our Motherland, our Fatherland. We will do it now, and so it will be.”

Watch; Sergey Lavrov, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation addresses the general debate of the 77th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (New York, 20 – 26th September 2022).

‘Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov today (24 Sep) said, the General Assembly’s General Debate is convening “at a dramatic moment” as “crises are growing, and the situation in the area of international security is deteriorating rapidly.”

Lavrov said, “instead of having an honest dialogue and looking for compromises, what we’re dealing with is disinformation, course stagings, and provocations.”

He said, “the future of the world order is being decided today” adding that “the question is whether or not it will be the kind of order with one hegemon at the head of it, making everyone else follow its rules, which notoriously benefit that hegemon only, or are we going to have a democratic, fair world without blackmail and the fear of Neo Nazism and Neo colonialism.”

Lavrov said, “despite common sense, Washington and Brussels compounded the situation when they announced economic war against Russia. As a result, there is a growing price on foodstuffs, fertilizers, oil and gas.”

He welcomed Secretary-General António Guterres’ efforts towards the Black Sea Grain Initiative agreements but stressed that “they need to be implemented.”

So far, he said, “the ships with the Ukrainian grain go somewhere but not into the poorest countries. On the other hand, the impediments by US and EU, the financial and logistical impediments against our grain and fertilizers have not been lifted.”

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs said, “the incapacity of Western countries to negotiate, and the continued war by the Kyiv regime against their own people, left us with no choice but to recognize the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic and to start a special military operation to protect the Russian and other people on Donbass, and so as to remove the threats against our security, which NATO had been consistently creating in Ukraine at our borders.”’

Watch; Russian Federation on Ukraine | Press Conference | United Nations (24 Sept 2022)

‘Sergey Lavrov, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation briefed reporters on the statement made at the General Assembly, the situation in Ukraine and other topics.

Talking to reporters in New York, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov today (24 Sep) said there is an open document outlining Russia’s “doctrine for nuclear security,” and invited journalists “to take another look at what explicitly sets out instances where nuclear weapons use by us would be acceptable.”

Asked about whether Russian-occupied territories in Ukraine that would be annexed to the Russian Federation as a result of a referendum currently being conducted, would fall under that doctrine, he said, “I would not here try to make any gloomy forecasts. The entire territory of the Russian Federation which is enshrined and could be further enshrined in the constitution of the Russian Federation unquestionably is under the full protection of the state. That is absolutely natural. And all of the laws, doctrines, concepts and strategies of the Russian Federation apply to all of its territory.”

Lavrov said, “the United States, and the European Union, and NATO cannot claim to have a neutral status, they cannot assert that they are not participating in the conflict. Moreover, one of those conventions I believe the Ground Rule Convention prohibits directly the establishing of recruitment points on the territory of neutral states. And you all know how the Ukrainian embassy and the consulate generals in Europe and in other countries, openly on their websites, publishing invitations to join in the holy war against Russia.”

The Russian Foreign Minister said, “all states have an obligation to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of any states, whose governments respect the principle of self-determination of peoples and whose governments represent all peoples residing on there.”

Watch; Scott Ritter on Military Impact of Putin’s 300k Reservists; 22 Sep 2022; Redacted. William Scott Ritter Jr. (born July 15, 1961) is a former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer. He served with the United Nations implementing arms control treaties, with General Norman Schwarzkopf in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm, and in Iraq, overseeing the disarmament of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), as a United Nations weapons inspector, from 1991 to 1998.

“We need to get down to first principles here. The United States, NATO and Europe have had a concerted policy direction since the end of the Cold War, that, when it comes to Russia, it calls for the perpetual weakening of Russia up to and including the dissolution of Russia, the Russian Federation as it currently exists.”

“NATO expansion has always been there. And we see James Baker, when he came back from his discussion with Gorbachev, he reported to the Bush National Security Council, ‘I sort of committed that we’re not gonna expand NATO’. He was shouted down and said, ‘nope, we are expanding NATO because our policy is to permanently constrain Russia and we need an expanded NATO to do that.”

“Going back to the original policy to permanently cripple Russia to lead to the political neutering of Russia. Beyond simply removing Putin from power, ensuring that whoever replaced Putin could never be a strong leader because Russia would never be a strong nation. This is the reality. So when NATO started supplying weapons to Ukraine, Russia knew what the game was.”

“NATO right now is posturing itself to threaten the national survival of the Russian Nation.The game has changed and NATO needs to wake up to the fact that anything it does once the referendum had passed, is an act of war against Russia. And Russia will treat it as such and respond accordingly. And it will not be a slow roll out if NATO continues to provide Ukraine with the means to attack mother Russia.”

Watch; Tucker Carlson: This is insane; Fox News; 23 Sept 2022

“Back into April, according to an account in Foreign Policy Magazine, negotiators from the governments of Russia and Ukraine met secretly and appeared to have tentatively agreed on the outlines of a negotiated interim settlement to end the war. The terms of the deal were simple. Russia would withdraw its troops from Ukraine. Ukraine would promise not to join NATO. So each side would get the thing that it wants most – simple and effective – and it might have worked, but the Biden administration adamantly opposed this settlement. Biden’s advisors didn’t just want the Russians to leave Ukraine. That’s what they told us they wanted on television.

But no, Biden’s advisors wanted a total regime change war against Russia, apparently to avenge the election of Donald Trump, which they believed Putin was responsible for, and they were willing to fight for the last Ukrainian to get it. So on April 9th of this year, the White House dispatched its hapless cutout, then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Kiev. According to Ukrainian news media, Johnson communicated two messages to the Zelensky government quote; “The first is that Putin is a war criminal. He should be pressured, not negotiated with.

And the second is that even if Ukraine is ready to sign some agreements on guarantees with Putin, the West is not. In other words, who cares what the Ukrainians want, America and the UK demand total war with Russia. Regime change war with Russia. And of course the Ukrainians caught in the middle, had no choice but to concede.

So days later, the peace negotiations fell apart. This was virtually unreported at the time, but it was the turning point in the war in Ukraine. This was the moment where the goal changed from restoring Ukraine to what it was before the invasion. And that seems reasonable to everyone in the West, to something very different word design to topple Vladimir Putin, just like we toppled Sudam Hussain, and then hoping for the best afterward. That is clearly insane and dangerous, but that’s where we are. And from that point on, everything changed and that is how we got to where we are today, which is the closest we have ever been to nuclear conflict in history.”

Read; NATO prolongs the Ukraine proxy war, and global havoc; Aaron Maté; Sep 19 2022

‘With diplomacy thwarted, the US and its allies plan for “open-ended” military and economic warfare against Russia — despite acknowledging that “the most dangerous moments are yet to come.”‘

Watch; ‘He’s Not Some Mad Man. He’s A Very Logical Actor’ – famous boxer, Andrew Tate, On Putin; 14 Sept 2022

‘Exclusive sit-down between Patrick Bet-David and Andrew Tate in Madrid, Spain. This was the first interview that has happened since Andrew Tate was banned off social media platforms. In this clip, Andrew gives his views on global politicians and why he respects Putin.’

Watch; It’s Russia and China versus the American Dollar; Firstpost; 14 Sept 2022

‘Last week, China and Russia hammered yet another nail into the dollar’s global hegemony. Hydrocarbon giants from both these countries – Gazprom and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) have agreed to switch payments for gas supplies to rubles (RUB) and renminbi (RMB) instead of dollars.

The US dollar is being challenged. For quite a long time, the dollar has had a near-monopolistic hegemony around the world as a reserve currency. While Russia and China’s partnership will definitely have its own set of implications for the dollar’s position as the world’s reserve currency, Beijing’s keenness to actually challenge the dollar is a big deal in itself.’

Read or watch; War on drugs has failed’: At UN, Colombia condemns addiction to money ; Ben Norton; Multipolarista; 26 Sept 2022

‘Colombia’s first ever left-wing President Gustavo Petro delivered a historic speech at the United Nations declaring, “The war on drugs has failed.”

Petro emphasized that drug addiction is a social problem, and cannot be solved with violence and militarization. Rather, he argued, it is a mere symptom of a much deeper problem: the capitalist system itself, with its “addiction to money and oil.”

The Colombian leader warned that the infinite greed of capitalism is destroying the planet, threatening life on Earth.

“The cause of the climate disaster is capital – the logic of dedicating ourselves to consume more and more, to produce more and more, and so that a small few can earn more and more [money],” Petro proclaimed.

The “logic of increasing accumulation of capital” is ravaging the environment, he warned. “The increasing accumulation of capital is the increasing accumulation of death.”

In a jab directed toward the Global North, Petro added, “You all insist that the market will save us from what the market itself has created. Humanity’s Frankenstein is allowing the market and greed to act without any planning, giving up our brains and reason, making human rationality kneel before greed.”’

Listen; Putin Realizes Mistakes mobilising some ineligible men. CNN; 30 Sept 2022

“President Vladimir Putin said that “all mistakes” made in a call-up to reinforce Russia’s military operation in Ukraine should be corrected, his first public acknowledgment that the “partial mobilisation” he announced last week had not gone smoothly. There have been widespread public expressions of discontent from officials and citizens over the way the mobilisation has been handled, including complaints about enlistment officers sending call-up papers to clearly ineligible men.”

Read; Zelensky quietly deletes photo of his bodyguard’s pro-Hitler patch; Alexander Rubinstein; Sept 15, 2022 or listen to this report on the Jimmy Dore Show

‘The Ukrainian President published a photograph on his social media channels showing one of his security escorts bearing a patch referencing the personal bodyguard unit of Adolf Hitler.

When the image drew criticism on social media, the Ukrainian president’s official Telegram and Facebook accounts quietly deleted it.’

Read; Zelensky and NATO plan to transform post-war Ukraine into ‘a big Israel’; The Grayzone; Alexander Rubinstein; Sept 17, 2022

The NATO-backed Atlantic Council has proposed apartheid Israel as a blueprint for a hyper-militarized Ukraine. The paper was authored by Obama’s former ambassador to Tel Aviv, now an Israeli spy-tech consultant.

Just forty days after Russia’s military campaign began inside Ukraine, Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelensky told reporters that in the future, his country would be like “a big Israel.” The following day, one of Israel’s top promoters in the Democratic Party published an op-ed in NATO’s official think tank exploring how that could be executed.

Zelensky made his prediction while speaking to reporters on April 5, rejecting the idea that Kiev would remain neutral in future conflicts between NATO, the European Union, and Russia. According to Zelensky, his country would never be like Switzerland (which coincidentally abandoned its Napoleon-era tradition of nonalignment by sanctioning Russia in response to its February invasion).

“We cannot talk about ‘Switzerland of the future,’” the president informed reporters. “But we will definitely become a ‘big Israel’ with its own face.”

For those wondering what a “big Israel” would actually look like, Zelensky quickly elaborated on his disturbing prophecy.

“We will not be surprised that we will have representatives of the Armed Forces or the National Guard in all institutions, supermarkets, cinemas — there will be people with weapons,” Ukraine’s president said, predicting a bleak existence for his citizens. “I am sure that our security issue will be number one in the next ten years.”

Listen; Roger Waters’ Name Added To Ukrainian “Kill List”; TheJimmyDoreShow;25 Aug 2022

‘For more than a decade an anonymous group in Ukraine has maintained a website listing names and, where they have them, addresses and phone numbers of individuals they term “enemies” of Ukraine. A number of the listed individuals have wound up the target of attacks, some of whom were killed. Now Pink Floyd bass player and noted critic of NATO’s role in Ukraine Roger Waters finds he’s been added to the so-called “kill” list.

Jimmy and American comedian Roger Waters discuss the peril Roger Waters may be facing as a result of his truth-telling about NATO and the Ukraine War.’

A month ago, Roger Waters explained his criticism of NATO on CNN.

VIDEO: 13-year-old on Ukrainian gov’t kill list speaks out; Max Blumenthal; The Grayzone; Sept 13, 2022

‘The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal speaks to Faina Savenkova, a 13-year-old resident of the Lugansk Republic who was placed on the Myrotvorets (Peacemaker) “kill list” of the Ukrainian government after she issued a call to the United Nations for an end to the war she has lived through since 2014.

Meera Terada also joins to provide background on the role of Myrotvorets in the killing of many journalists and doxxing of hundreds of children, and to identify the Ukrainian officials and public figures behind the disturbing website.’

Invaluable updates on Ukraine/Russia/NATO conflict

Watch; How can Truss save UK from collapse? Step 1, talk to Russia and roll back sanctions; The Duran: 25 Sept 2022

Watch; Putin’s speech, nuclear conflict rhetoric ramps up:The Duran; 28 Sept 2022

Watch; Irish Politician Calls Out NATO Warmongering Over Taiwan; TheJimmyDoreShow 25 Sept 2022

‘As a Member of the European Parliament representing Ireland, Clare Daly is often the governing body’s voice of conscience, and most recently she spoke out against the escalating rhetoric and militarism threatening war between NATO and China over Taiwan. The “One China” policy that treats Taiwan and China as a single unit is imperfect, Daly says, but has helped maintain peace for decades and should not be so cavalierly discarded, especially considering how dire the consequences of war could be for the entire planet.’


Health should not be for profit as it leads to corruption from the pharmaceutical companies to the big hospitals to the insurance companies – a triad of corruption because of the profit motive.

Watch; The Big Reset: The Uncensored Documentary About The Truth Of The Pandemic; Rumble; Sunfellow On COVID-19; 18th Sept, 2022

‘There are two laboratories in this story: one, the one in Wuhan, the other the great sociological laboratory where the social engineering of the pandemic would have been designed and programmed.

This documentary includes the testimonies of geneticists, molecular biologists, epidemiologists, biochemists, lawyers, prestigious journalists and Nobel Laureates who are contributing very different versions of the pandemic to which the media have accustomed us.’

Watch; Dr. Aseem Malhotra who promoted COVID-19 vaccine on TV calls for its immediate suspension; AOSIS; 26 Sept 2022

‘Writing in the peer-reviewed Journal of Insulin Resistance, one of the UK’s most eminent Consultant Cardiologists Dr. Aseem Malhotra, who was one of the first to take two doses of the vaccine and promote it on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, says that since the rollout of the vaccine, the evidence of its effectiveness and true rates of adverse events have changed.

Read part 1 of the review article:
Read part 2 of the review article:

Visit the journal at

Read and watch; Health Officials Admit Bill Gates Runs the World; Dr. Joseph Mercola; 29 Sept 2022


‘September 14, 2022, Politico published a special report based on four dozen interviews with U.S. and European officials and global health specialists, who admit Bill Gates is running the global COVID response

Four health organizations — The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations by (CEPI) and the Wellcome Trust — rapidly took a lead on the global pandemic response, and while all four claim to be independent organizations, they’re all actually founded and/or funded by Gates

During the earliest days of the outbreak, the Gates Foundation, GAVI, CEPI and the Wellcome Trust began a coordinated effort to identify vaccine makers, fund tests, drug treatments and mRNA shots, and develop a global distribution plan in collaboration with the World Health Organization. In the end, they failed to meet their own goals on all fronts

Gates is unqualified to make health recommendations, and he’s never been elected to represent the public

Gates has used his wealth, influence and sheer shrewdness to get him into a position where he can dictate global health policy for his own financial benefit.’

This 5 minute November 2021 video shows how Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci worked together behind the scenes to gain influence and power over the citizens of the world.

To get the complete story, order Robert F. Kennedy’s new book: The Real Anthony Fauci. Or the audio; or the audio summary

Watch; Bill Gates Stopped Trump From Investigating Vaccines; Jimmy Dores Show; 18 Sept

Bill Gates;

“Yeah. So. I never met Donald Trump before he was elected. So I saw him at Trump Tower, you know, I said, ‘Hey, science and innovation is a great thing. You should be a leader who drives innovation’. And that conversation was about a broad set of things; in energy, in health, in education, you know, pick things you wanna do that are big; HIV vaccines, you could, you know, accelerate that, be associated with innovation.

And, uh, then the second time I saw him was, uh, the March after that, uh, March, 2017 in the White House. In both of those two meetings, he asked me if vaccines weren’t a bad thing because he was considering a commission to look into, uh, ill effects of vaccines. And, and somebody, his name is Robert Kennedy, Jr. was advising him that vaccines were causing bad things. And I said, “No, that’s a dead end. That would be a bad thing. Don’t do that.”

Jimmy Dores;

“So none of this makes sense. That doesn’t make sense. He told Trump “don’t set up a commission on vaccines to study vaccines – that would be a dead end?. That would be a bad thing.” Why? What are you afraid of, what are they gonna find out? They’re gonna find out that vaccines are safe and effective. Right? Wouldn’t that be good? What are they gonna find out?”

Watch; Sen. Rand Paul: This is the biggest coverup in the history of science; Fox Business; 20 Sept 2022

‘Kentucky Senator. Rand Paul discusses his recent clash with Dr. Fauci over the origins of COVID-19 and his promise that Republicans will investigate Fauci over his handling of the pandemic.’

Sen. Rand Paul;

“Well, the thing is, it is the entire pandemic. If it came from a lab, the fact that he approved the research and funded the lab would draw culpability to himself, culpability, to the NIH, culpability, to all of these people who made the unwise decision to send money to China, to do dangerous research. So that’s why they steadfastly resist this. But if you look at the early emails, when they first discovered the sequence, the RNA sequence of this virus, January 31st, 2020, they are quite frightened.

There’s hurried emails going back and forth till 2.30 in the morning and all of the initial scientists are saying to him: “Holy cow, we’ve looked at the sequence and it looks like it’s been manipulated in the lab. In fact, it has a cleavage site. This is the way the virus cleaves, or it gets into the cell that we don’t see in nature typically. And that the Chinese last year asked us for money to do exactly that research.” So all kinds of alarms and bells went off for a day or two. And then we have another couple of emails where Dr. Collins and Dr. Fauci are talking about how they are science and saying that, wow, this would be really damaging to science and to NIH and to all the taxpayer money we get and also to themselves personally. So they began a coverup. And I think it’s the biggest coverup, probably in the history of science. And we will get to the bottom of this, because I promise you there’s going to be a paper trail and there’s not been any interest from Democrats, but should we win in November, I will use every bit of subpoena power to get every bit of data. We will bring Fauci under oath. We will bring all of those scientists under oath and we will get to the bottom of this.’

“There may be nobody on the committee that’s received this money, but if they won’t tell us, it makes us wonder. So on the vaccine committees, there’s several committees that approve vaccines and then push forward these mandates…. is everybody on those committees, receiving royalties from the three companies that make the vaccine. And if they are, they shouldn’t be on the committee.”

“But nobody touches Fauci. We go after him on this and he says, we are not going to tell you. We don’t have to. Then he sites a law from 1980 that we’re investigating the law, and we will change the law if it’s protecting him. But really what kind of bureaucrat, what kind of scientist comes forward and says, “well, we’re just not gonna tell you, because we don’t have to”. He and his wife make $850,000 a year working for the government. And we want to know if these scientists that are raking in that much money are also receiving royalties. And if they’re receiving royalties from companies, for which they’re approving the drugs, that’s a clear convict of interest.”

Read or listen; Corruption: Gov. Documents prove Bill Gates is Primary Funder of UK Medicine Regulator despite owning major shares in Pfizer & BioNTech; THE EXPOSÉ; Sept 15, 2022

‘The Medicine & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) extended the emergency authorisation of the Pfizer / BioNTech mRNA jab in the UK to allow it to be given to children between the ages of 12 – 15 on the 4th June 2021.

At the time, the Chief Executive of the MHRA, Dr June Raine said the MHRA had “carefully reviewed clinical trial data in children aged 12 to 15 years and have concluded that the Pfizer vaccine is safe and effective in this age group and that the benefits outweigh any risk”.

We are left wondering if Dr June Raine and the MHRA have even read the results of the extremely short and small study. If they have then they would have seen that 86% of children in the study suffered an adverse reaction ranging from mild to extremely serious.

Just 1,127 children took part in the trial, however, only 1,097 children completed the trial, with 30 of them not participating after being given the first dose of the Pfizer jab. The results do not state why the 30 children did not go on to complete the trial.

The information is publicly available and contained within an FDA fact sheet which can be viewed here (see page 25, table 5 on-wards).’

Read; Bill Gates, Indian Government Sued After Woman Dies from AstraZeneca Vaccine; Ty and Charlene’s The Truth about Vaccines; Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D. September 14, 2022

‘The lawsuit names the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) for its role in helping to speed up the process of manufacturing and delivering up to 100 million doses of Covishield for distribution in India and various developing countries.

In the lawsuit, Lunawat “blamed the Government and others for misrepresenting the facts about the COVID-19 vaccine by making false claims about its safety and ‘forcing’ medical practitioners to take the vaccine.”

Lunawat said his daughter was convinced to receive the vaccine as a result of an “alleged false narrative.”

The lawsuit characterized interviews given by Indian public health officials in the nation’s media as contributing to this “false narrative,” naming several of these interviews, including one by Dr. VG Somani, drug controller general of India, that was broadcast on Jan. 4, 2021, and during which Somani claimed, “the vaccines are 110 percent safe.”

It was “on the basis of such false narratives and misrepresentation by the senior authorities … and its implementation by the state authorities without any proper verification, [that] health workers like the lawsuiter’s daughter was compelled to get the vaccine,” the lawsuit states.

Aside from the named defendants, the lawsuit also calls for action to be taken against social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, and mainstream media for their role in disseminating the “false narratives” and for allegedly suppressing information about the adverse effects, inefficacy or failure of the vaccines.’

Watch; Oh SH*T, the WEF climate lockdowns are already starting | Redacted; 21 Sept 2022

‘Does the World Economic Forum want you to voluntarily lock down for the environment? Maybe Covid lockdowns were a warm up because left-leaning leaders seem to be signaling that they want to take away the life you know for the health of the planet. And their own enrichment of course.’

Famous Pro-Vaccine Doctor Suspects Pfizer Booster Shot Sent His Cancer Into Overdrive; Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D. Children’s Health Defense; Sept 27 2022

‘After realizing his COVID-19 booster shot may have sent his cancer into overdrive, Michel Goldman, M.D., Ph.D., professor of immunology and pharmacotherapy at the Université libre de Bruxelles in Belgium, said going public with the information was the “right thing to do.”’

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