The Pig Pledge


Most pigs raised for meat to be sold in the UK are suffering in factories that harm animals, people and the planet. We want to change that. Avoid pork from animal factories and pledge to buy pork from real farms or go meat-free. Together, we can make a difference.

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pigs freed from animal factories!

Because of people taking the Pig Pledge*

Help us reach 1,000,000!

* Figure based on UK pork consumption, UK average age & life expectancy, average pig yield and number of pledges. Detailed statistics & the calculation can be found on our FAQ page

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Key resources


Guide to pork labelling

Look for high welfare labels in your local shop or supermarket, or go to your local butcher. Better still, shop at your local farmers’ market or source high welfare meat online. Read more »

Eating cheaper & healthier

Eating cheaper & healthier

Cover the extra cost by buying cheaper cuts and reducing your meat intake, which is healthier. Read more »

pork directory

High Welfare Pork Directory

Use our map and directory to help you find pork from farms, shops & restaurants that you can trust. It’s also easy to add new producers, suppliers and retailers. Read more »

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