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    Most pigs raised for meat to be sold in the UK are suffering in factories that harm animals, people and the planet. We want to change that.

    Let’s avoid pork from animal factories and pledge to buy pork from real farms, or go meat-free. If you buy pork, look for high animal welfare labels like Organic, Free Range, Outdoor Bred and RSPCA Assured.

Guide to supermarket labels
We can all be part of the solution by avoiding pork from animal factories.
  • Organic



  • Free range



  • Outdoor bred



  • RSPCA Assured

    RSPCA assured


  • Red Tractor



  • No welfare label



What’s the difference?

Factory farms cram animals into unhealthy and overcrowded sheds, which means they have to be given antibiotics routinely just to keep them alive. This abuse of antibiotics leads to superbugs – antibiotic resistant diseases that can pass to humans thus hastening the end of antibiotics as a cure for human diseases.

Pigs on high welfare farms, either outdoors or indoors with plenty of space and straw bedding, are healthy and happy and do not need antibiotics. They are free to roam and express their natural instinctive behaviour such as rooting, nesting and playing.

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Look for high welfare labels in your local shop or supermarket, or talk to your local butcher. Better still, shop at your local farmers’ market or source high welfare meat online. Read more »


Use our map and directory to help you find pork from farms, shops & restaurants that you can trust. It’s also easy to add new producers, suppliers and retailers. Read more »


Cover the extra cost by buying cheaper cuts and reducing your meat intake, which is healthier. Read more »

Our campaigns & projects

pork directory

A conduit between shoppers looking for pork from farms, shops & restaurants that they can trust, and those working hard to provide it. Read more »

Join the global movement against animal factories. Take the pledge to only eat meat from real farms, not animal factories – or go meat-free. Read more »


Help us to compile a short film which will focus on shifting the shopping habits of parents through the caring and understanding nature of children. Read more »

This innovative project is our way to get social media users to engage directly with farmers, and vice versa. We want farmers to take over our Instagram account for 7 days in order to inspire people to only buy meat from real farms, not animal factories. Showcasing what is happening literally #OnTheGround on a real farm!

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