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15th Dec 2019 – Game Of Thrones Star Jerome Flynn Speaks Out For Animals Vegan News

14th Dec 2019 – All animals should be treated with respect Farming Life

10th Dec 2019 – GoT Star Jerome Flynn Gets In a Cage Just Like Your Bacon Live Kindly

29th Nov 2019 – Campaign Targets Low Welfare Pigmeat/ The Scottish Farmer

28th Aug 2019 – 10 MINUTES with… A PIG WELFARE CAMPAIGNER Country Living

15th Jul 2019 – Game of Thrones’ Bronn (Jerome Flynn): Animal Agriculture the BIGGEST Contributor to Climate Change! RT

13th Jul 2019 – Game of Thrones’ Bronn (Jerome Flynn): Extinction Rebellion The Start of a Young People’s Revolution RT

29th Apr 2019 – How reassuring are food assurance labels? BBC Radio 4

13th Apr 2019 – Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn wants to stop mega-farms being built on GoT filming locations Country Living

2nd Apr 2019 – Large-scale pig farms could ruin Game of Thrones scenery – Flynn RTE

1st Apr 2019 – Game Of Thrones actor Jerome Flynn makes a scene over rise of ‘pig factories’ The Times

1st Apr 2019 – Large pig farms could ruin Game Of Thrones scenery says actor Jerome Flyn The Irish News

31st Mar 2019 – Game Of Thrones cast member warns of threat to beauty spots from large-scale pig farming Belfast Live

31st Mar 2019 – Large pig farms could ruin Game Of Thrones scenery, says Jerome Flynn Shropshire Star

31st Mar 2019 – Large pig farms could ruin Game Of Thrones scenery, says Jerome Flynn Yahoo News

30th Apr 2019 – Large pig farms could ruin Game Of Thrones scenery, says Jerome Flynn Express & Star

3rd Dec 2018 – Celebrities take pig farm protest to Westminster Daily Mail

3rd Dec 2018 – Celebrities take pig farm protest to Westminster Express & Star

3rd Dec 2018 – Celebrities take Northern Ireland pig farm protest to Westminster Belfast Telegraph

3rd Dec 2018 – Celebrities take pig farm protest to Westminster AOL

4th Dec 2018 – Games of Thrones actor leads protest against NI pig farm plan Farming UK

15th Nov 2018 – Auditor calls for an investigation into anaerobic digester subsidies BBC News

15th Nov 2018 – Northern Ireland agri-firms could make billions milking scheme branded ‘RHI on steroids’: claim Belfast Telegraph

13th Nov 2018 – Green energy plants planning concerns BBC News

13th Nov 2018 – Muck for Brass Source Material

11th Nov 2018 – Business Incentive Scheme Dubbed “New RHI” Will Be Devastating To NI Say Environmental Campaigners BAM Northern Ireland

29th Oct 2018 – Pig farms: Film raises concerns over large-scale production BBC News

18th May 2018 – Campaigners voice worries over livestock Belfast Telegraph

14th January 2018 – Margo Stilley continues to shock in new role playing a prostitute wooing a scruffy-looking Bill Oddie Daily Mail

21st November 2017 – Bill Oddie takes aim at cheap sausages in Farms Not Factories ad campaign The Grocer

31st August 2017 – Northern Ireland pig megafarm plan faces opposition over antibiotics The Grocer

25th July 2017 – Mega-farms’ devastating effects go far beyond the chicken shed The Guardian (print)

25th July 2017 – Mega-farms’ devastating effects go far beyond the chicken shed The Guardian

29th June 2017 – The Truth Behind the Pork We Eat The Independent

27th June 2017 – Celebrity chefs are happy as pigs in Shoreditch Evening Standard

27th June 2017 – This little piggy didn’t go to the supermarket Pebble Magazine

24th June 2017 – I sent the first of my four pigs to the abattoir. Now I feel a pang of guilt Irish Times

23nd June 2017 – Celebrity campaign to highlight pig welfare Meat Info

23nd June 2017 – South Cumbria farmer joins forces with celebrity chef to tackle cruel pig factories North West Evening Mail

23nd June 2017 – Buy from Farms Not Factories say top chefs Eat Out

22nd June 2017 – Have you seen the little Piggies? Evening Standard Pictures of the Day

22nd June 2017 – Rooting for real farms celebrity chefs buy from farms, not factories FMCG Magazine

22nd June 2017 – Celebrity Chefs Show Support For Farms Speciality Food Magazine

1st February 2017 – Londoner’s Diary: Lord George Porchester swaps Downton Abbey for dining The Standard

21st September 2016 – To stop antibiotic resistant superbugs, keep off factory farmed meat! The Ecologist

6th September 2016 – Brexit negotiators urged to examine tougher rules on farming antibiotics The Guardian

29th July 2016 – Not just cruel to pigs – farmers are the other victims of intensive animal farming The Ecologist

24th July 2016 – Meet the militant marchioness: Armed with a camera and sheer bravado, this rebel aristocrat flouts the law on a daring mission to save PIGS from the sickening conditions they endure on British farms Daily Mail

17th May 2016 – What are Dominic West, Sadie Frost, Sting and other celebrities turning their noses up at now? Evening Standard

16rd May 2016 – We Are What We Eat Huffington Post

15th May 2016 – Join Celebrities and #TurnYourNoseUp at Factory Pig Farms Care2

13th May 2016 – Pigs on a journey The Guardian

13th May 2016 – The Tube was filled with pigs at rush hour The Metro

12th May 2016 – Pity the poor little piggies! Daily Mail

12th May 2016 – Jeremy Irons eyes up a pig as he throws support behind Turn Your Nose Up campaign Evening Standard

12th May 2016 – #FarmsNotFactories will challenge how you eat meat The Metro

12th May 2016 – First fish now poor pigs: Leftie luvvies force themselves on porkers for animal rights The Express

12th May 2016 – Celebrities back campaign to end ‘inhumane’ treatment of pigs in ‘factory farms’ Belfast Telegraph

12th May 2016 – Why 65 celebs have joined Lady Worcester’s Turn Your Nose Up campaign against factory pig farming Western Daily Press

12th May 2016 – Celebrities back campaign to end ‘inhumane’ treatment of pigs in ‘factory farms’

12th May 2016 – Celebrities back campaign to end ‘inhumane’ treatment of pigs in ‘factory farms’ Express & Star

12th May 2016 – Loose Women viewers praise Leslie Ash’s glam new look as she walks unaided for the first time in 12 years The Sun

11th May 2016 – Overuse of antibiotics in pig factory farming causing antibiotic resistant superbugs in humans, campaigners warn The Independent

11th May 2016 – Leslie Ash talks about MRSA struggle Loose Woman

23rd December 2015 – Factory farms lie at heart of drugs crisis Yorkshire Post

27th February 2015 – Appeal likely as 1,000-a-week pig unit blocked Food Manufacture

27th February 2015 – Campaigners cheer rejection of pig farm The Courier

26th February 2015 – Big stink! 24,500-pig factory farm defeated The Ecologist

26th February 2015 – Rejection for intensive pig farm The Scottish Farmer

24th February 2015 – Pig ‘factory’ plan thrown out Farming UK

24th February 2015 – Environment Agency Turns Down Pig Farm Permit Application The Pig Site

24th February 2015 – Proposal for one of Britain’s first industrial style pig farms rejected Meat Management

8th January 2014 – Developers urged to scrap plan for US-style pig farm in Derbyshire The Guardian

2nd December 2013 – Pig farm plans opposed by Ministry of Justice Ashbourne News Telegraph

29th November 2013 – Ministry of Justice objects to Foston pig unit The Pig Site

17th August 2013 – Pigs: a very British obsession The Guardian

26th June 2013 – Council upholds objection to mega pig farm scheme in Foston The Guardian

26th June 2013 – Foston pig farm changes rejected by Council Derbyshire Telegraph

14th June 2013 – This little piggy went to Foston’s mega pig farm The Independent

10th June 2013 – Pig farm plans ‘need research’ Ashbourne News Telegraph

7th June 2013 – Residents unite against pig farm plan This is Derbyshire

7th June 2013 – Residents protest against proposed pig farm Meatinfo

28th May 2013 – Pig farm plans ‘have only been tweaked’ Ashbourne News Telegraph

27th May 2013 – Mega pig farm plan stirs up opposition in the UK Arc2020

15th May 2013 – Pig ‘Super-farm’ plans ‘tweaked’ Derby Telegraph

13th May 2013 – Forget badgers. I we really care about animal welfare, it’s time to put a stop to mega-farms The Independent

12th May 2013 – Editorial: Who needs mega-farms? The Independent

12th May 2013 – Campaigner warn against the rise of ‘mega-farms’: Could massive pig, fish and dairy units harm the environment? The Independent

10th May 2013 – There is nothing gentle or gradual about building a new 25,000 unit mega pig farm Huffington Post

8th April 2013 – A blow to small farmers The Grocer

4th April 2013 – Pig farming in trouble again Farming News Daily

11th March 2013 – Food is so much more than just another industrial commodity The Guardian

14th February 2013 – Horsegate will run and run Huffington Post

11th February 2013 – Foston pig farm given extra time on proposals BBC News

9th February 2013 – Pig farm bosses told to withdraw their scheme Uttoxeter Advertiser

3rd February 2013 – Buy local and you’ll avoid horse burgers Mail on Sunday

5th February 2013 – Anger after pig farm is given time extension Burton Mail

30th October 2012 – Bond backs campaign against Derbyshire Mega-farm Farming Online

30th October 2012 – ‘Bond’ backing campaign to halt pig farm proposal Burton Mail

29th October 2012 – Petition fighting plan for huge pig farm hits 25,000 signatures This is Derbyshire

26th October 2012 – Roger Moore fighting Derbyshire giant pig farm plans ITV Central

12th October 2012 – MPP award dismissed by animal rights group Meat Info

10th October 2012 – Foston mega-farm decision could be delayed until 2013 Farming Online

14th February 2012 – Pig development could breach human rights The Pig Site

13th February 2012 – Controversy continues over ‘mega’ pig farm at Foston BBC News

13th February 2012 – Another pig of a problem Human Rights Blog

13th February 2012 – Human rights claim against Foston pig farm Meat Info

11th February 2012 – Town kicks up a stink over ‘titan’ pig farm The Independent

10th February 2012 – Mega pig-farm could breach human rights, council warned The Guardian

4th February 2012 – Protest continues against Foston’s pig farm proposals This is Derbyshire

4th November 2011 – Government Health Agency Agrees Mega-Farms Are A Health Risk Wired

3rd November 2011 – Mega pig-farm plan suffers blow Meat Info

2nd November 2011 – Blow for mega pig-farm as plans fail to gain council approval The Guardian

1st November 2011 – Concerns raised over Foston proposals: weight of opposition has not eased with EA withdrawal Farming Online UK

1st November 2011 – US-style ‘mega’ Foston pig farm could still be halted says Soil Association The Ecologist

29th October 2011 – Group fighting pig farm denies setback This is Derbyshire

28th September 2011 – Protests Mount Against Vast Industrial pig Farm Huffington Post, Politics UK

27th September 2011 – Anti super-pig farm campaign launches new drive Meat Trades Journal

1st August 2011 – Top lawyer wades into pig ‘mega-farm’ debate Farmers Weekly

1st August 2011 – QC steps in to defend Foston pigs Farming Online

1st August 2011 – Bloody Sunday QC weighs in for pigs of Foston mega-farm The Grocer

12th July 2011 – Online support for anti mega-pig farm grows Meat Trades Journal

29th June 2011 – Residents pack town hall for pig farm meeting Uttoxeter Advertiser

25th June 2011 – Potential ‘mega’ pig farm problems shown in film Burton Mail

22nd June 2011 – Pig farm protesters hold meeting to rally support Uttoxeter Advertiser

20th June 2011 – Giant factory pig farms aren’t just morally wrong. They’re making us ill The Sunday Mail

19th June 2011 – Wire star Dominic West fears Britain will take up ’shameful’ US-style factory farming The Telegraph

16th June 2011 – Wire star farm protest ITV National News

16th June 2011 – The Wire star joins fight against ‘barbaric’ plans for huge pig farm This Is Derbyshire

15th June 2011 – Wire actor Dominic West joins Foston pig farm protest BBC News Derby

15th June 2011 – The Wire star Dominic West backs Foston pig farm protest BBC News Derby

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