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Farms Not Factories, founded by Tracy Worcester, is a non-governmental organisation that has been campaigning against factory farming for over 15 years. Using films for public screenings and social media, the organisation publicises the damage caused by factory farming to animals, human health and the environment, and urges consumers to only buy local, high welfare and ethically produced meat.

Recent Press Releases

9th July 2020 Farmers’ Union declares Trade and Agriculture Commission to be a smokescreen

Press Mentions

17th Nov 2020 No turning back once floodgates open to cheap imports The Scottish Farmer

13th Nov 2020 Pentland pig farm and restaurant takes part in Farms Not Factory campaign Edinburgh News

3rd Nov 2020 Farmers carve ‘SOS’ into 1,000 pumpkins for UK food standards SW Londoner

8th Sep 2020 Local farmer’s ethical approach features in animal welfare campaign Cornish & Devon Post

6th Sep 2020 Suffolk store’s film aims to change meat buying habits East Anglian Times

4th Sep 2020 Pigs are stars of farm’s video Craven Herald

25th Aug 2020 June’s Farm in Whitwell, Rutland, backs Farms Not Factories campaign to end factory farming Rutland & Stamford Mercury

25th Aug 2020 Cornish ethical pig farm reveals how it is thriving through the coronavirus pandemic Cornwall Live

10th Aug 2020 Ethical pig farm reveals how it is thriving through Covid-19 Telegraph & Argus

10th Aug 2020 Retford family farmers promote ethical pig-rearing in online video Worksop Guardian

7th Aug 2020 Ethical pig farm reveals how it is thriving through Covid-19 Craven Herald

14th Dec 2019 All animals should be treated with respect Farming Life

29th Nov 2019 Campaign Targets Low Welfare Pigmeat/ The Scottish Farmer

15th Jul 2019 Game of Thrones’ Bronn (Jerome Flynn): Animal Agriculture the BIGGEST Contributor to Climate Change! RT

29th Apr 2019 How reassuring are food assurance labels? BBC Radio 4

13th Apr 2019 Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn wants to stop mega-farms being built on GoT filming locations Country Living

1st Apr 2019 Game Of Thrones actor Jerome Flynn makes a scene over rise of ‘pig factories’ The Times

30th Apr 2019 Large pig farms could ruin Game Of Thrones scenery, says Jerome Flynn Express & Star

3rd Dec 2018 Celebrities take pig farm protest to Westminster Daily Mail

3rd Dec 2018 Celebrities take pig farm protest to Westminster Express & Star

4th Dec 2018 Games of Thrones actor leads protest against NI pig farm plan Farming UK

15th Nov 2018 Auditor calls for an investigation into anaerobic digester subsidies BBC News

13th Nov 2018 Green energy plants planning concerns BBC News

13th Nov 2018 Muck for Brass Source Material

11th Nov 2018 Business Incentive Scheme Dubbed “New RHI” Will Be Devastating To NI Say Environmental Campaigners BAM Northern Ireland

29th Oct 2018 Pig farms: Film raises concerns over large-scale production BBC News

18th May 2018 Campaigners voice worries over livestock Belfast Telegraph

14th January 2018 Margo Stilley continues to shock in new role playing a prostitute wooing a scruffy-looking Bill Oddie Daily Mail

21st November 2017 Bill Oddie takes aim at cheap sausages in Farms Not Factories ad campaign The Grocer

31st August 2017 Northern Ireland pig megafarm plan faces opposition over antibiotics The Grocer

25th July 2017 Mega-farms’ devastating effects go far beyond the chicken shed The Guardian (print)

25th July 2017 Mega-farms’ devastating effects go far beyond the chicken shed The Guardian

29th June 2017 The Truth Behind the Pork We Eat The Independent

27th June 2017 Celebrity chefs are happy as pigs in Shoreditch Evening Standard

27th June 2017 This little piggy didn’t go to the supermarket Pebble Magazine

24th June 2017 I sent the first of my four pigs to the abattoir. Now I feel a pang of guilt Irish Times

23nd June 2017 Celebrity campaign to highlight pig welfare Meat Info

23nd June 2017 South Cumbria farmer joins forces with celebrity chef to tackle cruel pig factories North West Evening Mail

23nd June 2017 Buy from Farms Not Factories say top chefs Eat Out

22nd June 2017 Have you seen the little Piggies? Evening Standard Pictures of the Day

22nd June 2017 Rooting for real farms celebrity chefs buy from farms, not factories FMCG Magazine

22nd June 2017 Celebrity Chefs Show Support For Farms Speciality Food Magazine

1st February 2017 Londoner’s Diary: Lord George Porchester swaps Downton Abbey for dining The Standard

21st September 2016 To stop antibiotic resistant superbugs, keep off factory farmed meat! The Ecologist

6th September 2016 Brexit negotiators urged to examine tougher rules on farming antibiotics The Guardian

29th July 2016 Not just cruel to pigs farmers are the other victims of intensive animal farming The Ecologist

24th July 2016 Meet the militant marchioness: Armed with a camera and sheer bravado, this rebel aristocrat flouts the law on a daring mission to save PIGS from the sickening conditions they endure on British farms Daily Mail

17th May 2016 What are Dominic West, Sadie Frost, Sting and other celebrities turning their noses up at now? Evening Standard

16rd May 2016 We Are What We Eat Huffington Post

15th May 2016 Join Celebrities and #TurnYourNoseUp at Factory Pig Farms Care2

13th May 2016 Pigs on a journey The Guardian

13th May 2016 The Tube was filled with pigs at rush hour The Metro

12th May 2016 Pity the poor little piggies! Daily Mail

12th May 2016 Jeremy Irons eyes up a pig as he throws support behind Turn Your Nose Up campaign Evening Standard

12th May 2016 #FarmsNotFactories will challenge how you eat meat The Metro

12th May 2016 First fish now poor pigs: Leftie luvvies force themselves on porkers for animal rights The Express

12th May 2016 Celebrities back campaign to end ‘inhumane’ treatment of pigs in ‘factory farms’ Belfast Telegraph

12th May 2016 Why 65 celebs have joined Lady Worcester’s Turn Your Nose Up campaign against factory pig farming Western Daily Press

12th May 2016 Celebrities back campaign to end ‘inhumane’ treatment of pigs in ‘factory farms’

12th May 2016 Celebrities back campaign to end ‘inhumane’ treatment of pigs in ‘factory farms’ Express & Star

12th May 2016 Loose Women viewers praise Leslie Ash’s glam new look as she walks unaided for the first time in 12 years The Sun

11th May 2016 Overuse of antibiotics in pig factory farming causing antibiotic resistant superbugs in humans, campaigners warn The Independent

11th May 2016 Leslie Ash talks about MRSA struggle Loose Woman

23rd December 2015 Factory farms lie at heart of drugs crisis Yorkshire Post

27th February 2015 Appeal likely as 1,000-a-week pig unit blocked Food Manufacture

27th February 2015 Campaigners cheer rejection of pig farm The Courier

26th February 2015 Big stink! 24,500-pig factory farm defeated The Ecologist

26th February 2015 Rejection for intensive pig farm The Scottish Farmer

24th February 2015 Pig ‘factory’ plan thrown out Farming UK

24th February 2015 Environment Agency Turns Down Pig Farm Permit Application The Pig Site

24th February 2015 Proposal for one of Britain’s first industrial style pig farms rejected Meat Management

8th January 2014 Developers urged to scrap plan for US-style pig farm in Derbyshire The Guardian

2nd December 2013 Pig farm plans opposed by Ministry of Justice Ashbourne News Telegraph

29th November 2013 Ministry of Justice objects to Foston pig unit The Pig Site

17th August 2013 Pigs: a very British obsession The Guardian

26th June 2013 Council upholds objection to mega pig farm scheme in Foston The Guardian

26th June 2013 Foston pig farm changes rejected by Council Derbyshire Telegraph

14th June 2013 This little piggy went to Foston’s mega pig farm The Independent

10th June 2013 Pig farm plans ‘need research’ Ashbourne News Telegraph

7th June 2013 Residents unite against pig farm plan This is Derbyshire

7th June 2013 Residents protest against proposed pig farm Meatinfo

28th May 2013 Pig farm plans ‘have only been tweaked’ Ashbourne News Telegraph

27th May 2013 Mega pig farm plan stirs up opposition in the UK Arc2020

15th May 2013 Pig ‘Super-farm’ plans ‘tweaked’ Derby Telegraph

13th May 2013 Forget badgers. I we really care about animal welfare, it’s time to put a stop to mega-farms The Independent

12th May 2013 Editorial: Who needs mega-farms? The Independent

12th May 2013 Campaigner warn against the rise of ‘mega-farms’: Could massive pig, fish and dairy units harm the environment? The Independent

10th May 2013 There is nothing gentle or gradual about building a new 25,000 unit mega pig farm Huffington Post

8th April 2013 A blow to small farmers The Grocer

4th April 2013 Pig farming in trouble again Farming News Daily

11th March 2013 Food is so much more than just another industrial commodity The Guardian

14th February 2013 Horsegate will run and run Huffington Post

11th February 2013 Foston pig farm given extra time on proposals BBC News

9th February 2013 Pig farm bosses told to withdraw their scheme Uttoxeter Advertiser

3rd February 2013 Buy local and you’ll avoid horse burgers Mail on Sunday

5th February 2013 Anger after pig farm is given time extension Burton Mail

30th October 2012 Bond backs campaign against Derbyshire Mega-farm Farming Online

30th October 2012 ‘Bond’ backing campaign to halt pig farm proposal Burton Mail

29th October 2012 Petition fighting plan for huge pig farm hits 25,000 signatures This is Derbyshire

26th October 2012 Roger Moore fighting Derbyshire giant pig farm plans ITV Central

12th October 2012 MPP award dismissed by animal rights group Meat Info

10th October 2012 Foston mega-farm decision could be delayed until 2013 Farming Online

14th February 2012 Pig development could breach human rights The Pig Site

13th February 2012 Controversy continues over ‘mega’ pig farm at Foston BBC News

13th February 2012 Another pig of a problem Human Rights Blog

13th February 2012 Human rights claim against Foston pig farm Meat Info

11th February 2012 Town kicks up a stink over ‘titan’ pig farm The Independent

10th February 2012 Mega pig-farm could breach human rights, council warned The Guardian

4th February 2012 Protest continues against Foston’s pig farm proposals This is Derbyshire

4th November 2011 Government Health Agency Agrees Mega-Farms Are A Health Risk Wired

3rd November 2011 Mega pig-farm plan suffers blow Meat Info

2nd November 2011 Blow for mega pig-farm as plans fail to gain council approval The Guardian

1st November 2011 Concerns raised over Foston proposals: weight of opposition has not eased with EA withdrawal Farming Online UK

1st November 2011 US-style ‘mega’ Foston pig farm could still be halted says Soil Association The Ecologist

29th October 2011 Group fighting pig farm denies setback This is Derbyshire

28th September 2011 Protests Mount Against Vast Industrial pig Farm Huffington Post, Politics UK

27th September 2011 Anti super-pig farm campaign launches new drive Meat Trades Journal

1st August 2011 Top lawyer wades into pig ‘mega-farm’ debate Farmers Weekly

1st August 2011 QC steps in to defend Foston pigs Farming Online

1st August 2011 Bloody Sunday QC weighs in for pigs of Foston mega-farm The Grocer

12th July 2011 Online support for anti mega-pig farm grows Meat Trades Journal

29th June 2011 Residents pack town hall for pig farm meeting Uttoxeter Advertiser

25th June 2011 Potential ‘mega’ pig farm problems shown in film Burton Mail

22nd June 2011 Pig farm protesters hold meeting to rally support Uttoxeter Advertiser

20th June 2011 Giant factory pig farms aren’t just morally wrong. They’re making us ill The Sunday Mail

19th June 2011 Wire star Dominic West fears Britain will take up ’shameful’ US-style factory farming The Telegraph

16th June 2011 Wire star farm protest ITV National News

16th June 2011 The Wire star joins fight against ‘barbaric’ plans for huge pig farm This Is Derbyshire

15th June 2011 Wire actor Dominic West joins Foston pig farm protest BBC News Derby

15th June 2011 The Wire star Dominic West backs Foston pig farm protest BBC News Derby

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