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Campaign materials


This A5 double sided flyer explains the true cost of animal factories and shows how we can bring an end to factory farming with informed buying choices.

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Labelling guide

This handy little labelling guide folds to the size of a regular business card so you can fit it in your wallet. Look for RSPCA Assured, Outdoor Bred, Free Range or best of all Organic when shopping for pork at the supermarket.

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Labelling comparison chart

This comparison chart has detailed information about the welfare conditions for all the major supermarket labels. Print it out and stick it to your fridge..


Supermarket request letter

Download and print this supermarket request letter. Hand it to the store manager when you can’t find the high animal welfare label you’re looking for.



Download and print this infographic or share it on social media.



Designed for us by Quiet Storm, a creative advertising agency and production company, this new logo puts pigs at the forefront of our work.




Campaigning toolkit

This handbook is intended for anyone who has learnt of the proposed construction of a
factory farm, or who is currently experiencing problems living near an existing facility.


Screening toolkit

We’ve put together this guide of how to host a screening including tips about the kind of things you need to consider, where to hold your event, the equipment you will need and how to publicise your event. We hope that you find this toolkit useful and look forward to hearing from you!!


Teaching materials

Film & teaching materials for KS 3&4: Food, farming and globalisation

The aim of this support e-Book is to help you use Pig Business, both as a teaching and a learning resource. All the material can be photocopied for teaching purposes. Every effort has been made to make it as flexible as possible, and to be useful across the widest range of age levels and ability ranges.

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