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Red Tractor (Certified Standards) do not go far enough to ensure high animal welfare standards on accredited pig farms. Please sign this open letter instead, asking for improvements to the Red Tractor minimum pig welfare standards.

There is very little difference between the minimum Red Tractor pig welfare standards and the legal minimum UK requirements. The Red Tractor label allows for intensive production and is not a guarantee of good animal welfare. Breeding sows can be confined in metal cages (farrowing crates) for up to 5 weeks during each pregnancy cycle and piglets can be kept permanently indoors, often on bare concrete or slatted floors. Pigs often suffer from inadequate environmental enrichment, antibiotics overuse, routinely docked tails and routinely clipped teeth.

We are calling for the following improvements on Red Tractor accredited pig farms:

  • End the use of farrowing crates, following existing bans in Sweden, Switzerland & Norway.
  • Provide enough space & deep straw for pigs to express their natural instincts.
  • Never allow routine mutilations such as nose ringing, tail docking and teeth clipping.
  • Use local, sustainable sources of pig feed with no links to deforestation or genetically modified products.
  • Significantly increase the number of random inspections and properly enforce the legal welfare requirements.

Please sign our open letter today.

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