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Tracy Worcester (Farms Not Factories): Passion for local food is growing! – by Richard Vobes
Jyoti Fernandes (Land Workers Alliance): A Critical Moment for UK Farmers

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Leslie Ash on Pig Business


Is Small Still Beautiful (2004), directed by Tracy Worcester, shows how India’s development pattern is forcing tribal people and small farmers into slums. Whether it is for mines, agri business, forest plantations or dams, tribal peoples’ statuary rights to both their land and adequate compensation are being undermined.
‘The Politics of Happiness in Bhutan’ shows how the Royal Government of Bhutan is tying to curb rural to urban migration.
Many low income countries see their destitute farmers as cheap labour so their industries win the competitive edge in the global economy.

Campaign Videos

Millions of European piglets are painfully castrated, have their tails cut or burned off, and their teeth clipped or ground away. #EndPigPain


A short film that summarises the impacts of the overuse of antibiotics and antimicrobials in factory farming and the potential consequences for human health.
An exceptional turnout of people gathered in Burton on Trent town hall for public debate on the proposed plans to build a giant pig factory in the village of Foston.
‘The Wire’ star Dominic West visits the site of a proposed factory pig farm to support objections from local residents.
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall objects to factory farming
Sir Roger Moore Condemns Factory Pig Farming

Parliamentary Events

Pig Business Screening & Debate on Capitol Hill – 2011
Pig Business Screening & Debate at EU Parliament – 2011
Pig Business Screening & Debate at the House of Commons – 2009

Demonstrations & Events

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