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What do Kids Think About Factory Pig Farms?

We’re promoting the message – support real farms and don’t buy pork from animal factories! To do this we want to recruit the help of other like-minded, passionate parents and children to show just how much pigs are loved. If you have or know a child who cares about pigs, we want to help them make their voice heard!

Get involved

Please make a short video of your children telling Mum’s and other adults why they love pigs and why they don’t want to see them in cages anymore! If you keep pigs or have access to them, then please feature them in the films too. We will then use your submitted home videos to compile a short film which will focus on shifting the shopping habits of parents through the caring and understanding nature of children.

When you have sent the video to us we will edit it into a film and send out via our website and social media channels (twitter and facebook).

Here’s what to do

Ask your children if they would like to take part and give them a few ideas to help them compose their personalised message, so they will speak from their hearts when the camera is rolling. Your film doesn’t have to be professional, filming with a smartphone is fine. We’ve put together a list of things to consider when filming, to ensure the video is usable. See our guide to filming. Whether your video is 1 minute, 5 or 10 – it doesn’t matter. We will edit the best clips into the final film!

If your children don’t fancy being a film star then they can always paint a picture or write a handwritten letter instead. Then take a photo of the piece, or your children holding the piece and we’ll make sure their message is heard.

If you’re stuck for questions to ask during the filming, then we have put together a list that you could ask your children for some film-spiration.

#LovePigs Videos


Send us your video

  1. Email us:
  2. Post it to our Facebook or Twitter walls:
    farmsnotfactories | @farmsnotfactory
  3. Upload it to Youtube/Vimeo and send us the link


We want to show how intelligent, happy and playful happy pigs are, so if you keep pigs then please feature them in your films! We would like to show everyone just how much pigs are loved and why they don’t deserve to be factory farmed.

And to help your children compose their personalised messages we’ve put together a few possible starting questions.


  • I love pigs because they run around outside
  • I love pigs because they make tasty bacon and sausages
  • I love pigs because they get muddy
  1. If you were a pig where would you like to live?
  2. If you were a pig what would you like to do?
  3. If you were a pig how would you like to be treated?
  4. If you were a pig who would you like to live with?
  5. If you were a pig what would you like to do all day?
  6. If you were a pig how would you feel being trapped inside all day?


“If I was a pig I would like to live outside with my friends, playing in the fields and in the mud, eating my favourite foods.”

  1. You love your/these pigs so how do you think they should they be kept?
  2. Where do you think pigs like to live?
  3. How would you like pigs to be kept?
  4. Some people keep pigs in cages, is this right/OK?
  5. When you see a pig in a cage, how does it make you feel?
  6. Happy pork is more expensive, so would you eat less of it?
  7. If your mum was doing the shopping would you prefer her to buy less sausages from happy pigs or more sausages from unhappy pigs for the same price?
  8. Do you think its right that pigs are kept in a cage so people can have cheap pork?
  9. Which type of farm should your mum buy her sausages from, a farm with pigs in cages or in fields and why?
  1. Choose your camera… even an Iphone will do but ensure the lense is clean.
  2. Choose a place with good lighting, but do not shoot directly into the sun.
  3. Choose a day when it is not too windy. Too much wind will get picked up by the microphone and make it difficult to hear what is being said.
  4. Try not to stand too far away, the closer the better for sound quality.
  5. Try to keep the camera steady, try resting it on a wall or table for stability.
  6. Simple is always best, using just 1 or 2 camera angles.
  7. Most importantly have fun!

Thanks for taking part!

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