Oppose Animal Factories In The UK

Object to the introduction of huge animal factories into the UK

If you don’t want to see massive US scale pig factories entering the UK, then please object to the planning proposals. Many smaller and higher welfare farmers will be unable to compete with pork from such mega farms.

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Known pig factory planning proposals

21,352 pig factory application near Limavady, Derry
Status 17.08.17 – urgent action needed


The planning application (B/2015/0005/F) for a 20,000+ pig factory in Northern Ireland constitutes a major risk to both human and animal well being, as well as a serious threat to the local environment.

Plans include five buildings with up to 7,114 pigs in the largest building and up to 3,557 in the four other buildings. The application also includes two slurry stores, and it is anticipated that slurry will be landspread onto third-party land or fed into anaerobic digesters. Landspreading of slurry poses serious health and environmental risks and it has been found that anaerobic digesters do not destroy all bacterial pathogens, such as salmonella, listeria, E. coli and campylobacter.

15,120 pig factory application near Newtownabbey, County Antrim
Status 23.11.16 – Planning permission granted



Hall’s Pig Farms have been given permission to build a 15,000-pig animal factory in Northern Ireland. Once built, this will be one of the largest animal factories in the UK.

The plans include an anaerobic digester for treating slurry and a lagoon for holding processed waste. Hall’s currently supplies Sainsbury’s and is part of its Pork Development Group.

The Soil Association, Friends of Earth and Farms Not Factories wrote a joint objection. Read it here.

25,000 pig factory application near Foston, Derbyshire
Status 17.02.17: Permit granted, but plans withdrawn due to public pressure

Midland Pig Producers were granted a permit by the Environment Agency after an appeal was made. However, Midland Pig Producers officially withdrew their application for the pig farm in March 2015 and have not reapplied.

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