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Alliance to Save our Antibiotics – “In the UK, huge quantities of antibiotics are used in intensive pig farming – often as an insurance policy against low-welfare, cramped conditions. With human antibiotic resistance now threatening the future of modern medicine, it’s clear that these practices cannot continue. We encourage consumers to join Farms not Factories in calling for an end to farming systems which threaten human and animal health. By buying higher welfare pork, shoppers can show that they support healthy, humane farming methods which reduce the need for antibiotics in the first place.”

Feedback (Feeding the 5000) – “Intensive farming of livestock depends on cheap feed and the wasteful allocation of global resources to unsustainable diets. Reducing food waste and ending factory farming go hand in hand.”

Food Matters – “The Pig Pledge campaign is important because it shows us the brutalising effects of factory farming for animals and factory farm workers and the negative health and environmental consequences.”

Food Mythbusters

Food Trade – “Reducing irresponsible meat production is the single most effective way to improve human health, reduce environmental impact, and lift people out of poverty.”

Grace Communications Foundation

HUBBUB – “The pig pledge gets to the crux of so many meaty issues; antibiotic resistance, animal welfare, environmental degradation and the other worrying repercussions of today’s unequal globalised food system. We’re proud to support their proactive campaign for healthier people, pigs and planet.”

Labelling Matters

Reducetarian – “Be a reducetarian and eat less, more humane meat. Take the pig pledge today to support farms that treat animals with the love they deserve”.

Slow Food International – “Speed and quantity drive the modern meat production cycle, with high costs for the environment, animals, farmers, public health and people’s right to food worldwide. All this can be reversed by achieving higher animal welfare standards. Consumers have great power, they can redirect the market and production through greater awareness of the impact of their choices. The solution is in front of us: eat less meat, eat better meat and pay a fair price”.

Slow Food London – “We proudly support The Pig Pledge as part of an encouragement to eat less but better quality meat, produced in a sustainable way on small farms. It plays a key part in explaining that “cheap” food costs us far more in the long run; in money, health and to our wider environment”.

Sustainable Restaurants Association – “It’s too easy to forget the values we adhere to when shopping when we go out to eat. Almost half of us say we buy free-range when possible, but that principle often falls by the wayside when we dine out. Increasing numbers of restaurants are serving higher welfare pork, but even more would do so if more diners made a point of asking where the pork comes from. For pigs’ sake, just ask where the pork’s from!”

The Flexitarian – “Intensive animal farming is wrong! Appalling living conditions impact animal welfare. Factory farming also places an unsustainable burden on the environment and affect our health with the misuse of antibiotics. Take The Pig Pledge with us. We want farms not factories. Eat Less Meat but Eat Better Meat.”

Animal Welfare Approved

Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals

Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Farm Animals – “The Pig Pledge is a much-needed international campaign that will provide broad public education on industrialized pig production, and help spark a global movement towards the abolition of intensive confinement and other inhumane farming practices.”

Compassion in World Farming – “The Pig Pledge is important because it helps to expose the truth of factory farming; bad for people, bad for the planet, bad for animals.”

Crate Free Illinois – “Crate Free Illinois is a not-for-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to improving conditions for food animals in Illinois. Our approach includes consumer activism and public policy advocacy. We support the Pig Pledge and its efforts to create awareness of the extreme and inhumane confinement of food animals on factory farms and to make factory-free food choices. All animals deserve to be treated humanely and protected by our laws.”

Humane Society of the United States

Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – “The Pig Pledge represents a coordinated, international effort to eliminate intensive confinement and other cruel factory farming practices that are completely unacceptable in the modern day.”

Andy’s Bread – “We are passionate about our ingredients and the food we serve. We believe that by carefully sourcing simple, honest, but top quality ingredients we can create real food that is affordable, ethical and delicious.”

Aubrey Allen – “Aubrey Allen believe if we are going to use animals we never abuse animals and we are committed to well bred happy pigs: it makes good food and conscience sense.”

Barn2Door – “It was easy for us to take the Pig Pledge – it aligns perfectly with Barn2Door’s mission to help people buy non-conventional, non-factory-farmed pork direct from the farmer. We make it convenient to find and buy heritage, sustainable pork – so anyone and everyone can easily ‘put their money where their mouth is.”

Bath Ales – “We at Bath Ales are extremely passionate about supporting British farming and fishing, and in particular, high welfare meat. We care about knowing where our food comes from and how it is produced, to ensure we are serving the best tasting and ethical produce to our customers. We get very excited about our pork because it is so full of potential and it is an absolute delight at its best, easily the most underrated of meats! We use always woodland reared, free range pork, mainly from Cameron and Muriel Naughton at Bishops Cannings in Wiltshire. They have worked with Walter Rose and Son (our butcher) over the years to produce pigs of excellent and consistent quality, to high welfare standards.”

Big Barn – “If consumers realised how pigs were reared on intensive pig farms many would not eat pork, especially foreign or low welfare”

Big Fig – “We believe in being conscious carnivores, seeking out free range pork produced by local, small scale farms. There is a world of difference between the lives lived by an animal raised in a factory farm and one that is raised on actual farm- and it is a difference that really matters.”

Blackfoot – “Outdoor-reared meat tastes better and is better for you and the environment. I also feel strongly about animal welfare, particularly for intelligent and sensitive creatures like pigs.”

Blanch and Shock – “We need to make a change to what are considered acceptable conditions in the farming of livestock. For too long, terrible standards of welfare have been accepted as a trade-off for the bounty of cheap meat available in many countries. It is time to stop these practices, and correspondingly to view the consumption of meat as a greater luxury. We as chefs need to focus more on the wonders of plants, and stop making the meat the star of every dish.”

Boston Tea Party – “At BTP we have always used free-range meat and eggs. We get our delicious free range bacon & sausages etc from Devon Rose in Seaton and all the pigs are farmed by their local free range farmer Simon. It is worth every penny and we wouldn’t consider buying anything else. Personally I would never buy meat that wasn’t free range for my home, so it really annoys me that with many restaurants you have to comprise to eat out, I am proud to say Boston is not one of them!”

Café Spice – “If the very fact that at least ten of our very own British Pig Breeds have gone extinct post WW2, to the greed of mass production, it is adequate information for me to realise that breeding large concentrated high growth pigs for a hungry yet uncaring world is wrong.”

Cannon & Cannon – “Cannon & Cannon sources pork that has been not only been raised ethicaly but raised slowly. We are a proud member of Slow Food London. For us, meat is a very special gift and we believe in quality over quantity. We work our socks off to ensure that quality artisan meat has a route to market, which isn’t always easy, but is a challenge that we relish. If we want to eat good food, we have to work together to achieve it. That is producer, distributor, buyer and customer. We are in very real danger of losing our connection to real slow food. Initiatives such as this play an important part in spreading this message and we are in full support.”

Carnivore Club – “Carnivore Club UK & Carnivore Club USA hold the highest regard for the Farms Not Factories and the Pig Pledge. We believe artisan handcrafted foods are part in parcel of knowing where your food comes from and the confidence in knowing that the animals are ethically treated and of high quality living conditions.”

Chadwicks Butchers – “Factories are for cars and machinery, not for animals. They are living things. We have a duty to at least treat them with respect and allow them to live in their own environment and social groupings as they give their lives to keep us alive.”

Cook and Foragers – “Factory farming:- The horrifying animal welfare issues. The burden it places on our environment, majorly contributing to environmental degradation. The implications for our health, increased antibiotic resistance… This unsustainable exploitation can be driven to a stop by consumers, meat as a treat. Eat it right, NOT every night! We are proud to support the Pig Pledge.”

Cornish Black Pigs Farm

De Beauvoir Deli – “The sustainability of our food chain and the welfare of livestock is more important than ever but happy pigs also equal tasty pork, so it’s a win win situation!”

Cubana Bar & Restaurant – “Cubana has been 100% free-range since we opened in 1998 – we believe in treating animals humanely and properly and it’s also an issue of giving our customers the best products available – it’s as simple as that.”

Dingley Dell – “Higher welfare farming is about respect for the animals and respect for the environment in which we produce them, without challenging the sustainability of what we do and what we wish to achieve we fail the next generation.”

Dosa Deli – “The Pig Pledge campaign is important to Dosa Deli because we believe that every pig has the right to a happy healthy life and a good slaughter. We produce vegetarian food not because we are vegetarians; but because we believe that we should eat less meat, and the meat we do eat should be come from happy animals that have had a good standard of welfare. Pigs are intelligent beings, we shouldn’t turn an eye to the life’s of the animals that end up on our plate, we should be better informed and not ignore what is staring us in the face, if the price seems to low on our ham, bacon or sausages then just think why that is, its often because the pigs have been bought up in conditions that don’t meet the ethical standards that we want for an intelligent animals.”

Dot Dot Dash

Devon Rose Gourmet Meats –  “It’s an age where the mega food corporations dominate the horizon and their products bully their way to the prime supermarket shelves. These companies take simple, clean foods and apply industrial techniques to modify them for the purposes of profit. It is vital from a number of perspectives to ensure an alternative exists. That alternative should exclude those frankenstinian processes. The consumer must be able to choose locally grown, sustainable and nutritionally sound products that put public health, animal welfare and environmental well being first. Without supporting real food and farming, these choices will simply disappear.”

East Oxford Farmers’ Market –  “Real food not only tastes better it means we can feel better about how the animals have been reared too.”

Farmer’s Choice –  “Farmer’s Choice believes in supporting British Free Range Farmers and Sourcing Locally. We have partnered with award winning local British producers to bring our customers a range of high quality meat taken from animals raised in natural and comfortable conditions. We are the proud owners of a Certificate of Conformity from an Independent Verification Audit. It certifies that we (and our farmers) comply with the requirements of our meat claims and origin labeling; we are what we say we are, Free Range, Grass Fed, Naturally Reared, Farm Assured, Traditionally Reared etc. We believe in being environmentally friendly, products have to travel less and not necessarily by air, so use fewer emissions, and where possible, the animals are fed from produce grown on the farm or neighbouring farms. This makes it more economically friendly as it supports local, British industries and businesses.”

Farm Drop –  “We confirm that we’re signing up for the Pig Pledge because pigs belong outside. Confining these highly intelligent, highly social creatures in factories inhibits their natural behaviour, and demonstrates the way in which our highly intensive food and farming systems are becoming more and more divorced from what nature intended. Sign the pig pledge today to help pigs’ lead happier lives and end intensive factory farming for good.”

Fleisch MOB

Fordhall Farm – “We believe at Fordhall Farm, that providing life through rearing livestock is a privilege. We have a duty to provide as good a life as possible for our animals whilst they are in our care from birth to death. We believe that animals should have the right to practice their natural behaviours and that consumers should also understand what it is to be a pig, or a cow or a sheep or a chicken!”

Forest Pig Charcuterie

Forza Win – “Meat welfare is not just important to us, it’s essential – we won’t work with any supplier who does not treat their animals well. We have a policy of only sourcing UK grown/ reared ingredients and so have an awesome relationship with The Ginger Pig. We know them personally, have seen where the animals are reared, how they’re treated and what they’re fed. Mass scale meat farming is not only unnecessary, it’s unsustainable, cruel, and gluttonous. Quite aside from anything else, if an animal has had a good life, been fed well and shown respect, it tastes better when eaten.”

Grappe Belgique

Green Pasture Farms – “We’re backing the Pig Pledge as we’re passionate about our pigs, our pork and our planet! Raising pigs on pasture doesn’t just result in happier hogs – it produces tastier, healthier meat, and reduces environmental impact. Farms beat factories on every count!”

Harley Farms

Hen Corner – “Animal welfare, along with care for the environment, is the very reason we began Hen Corner here in London. Eating meat is a luxury that we can often take for granted so, when not rearing our own, we always try to buy higher welfare meat and savour every scrap of it. Thank you Pig Pledge for helping us make informed decisions.”

Honestly Healthy – “If people knew the process that goes into most pig farming I can assure you that most of them would think twice about buying it. Pork farms are some of the cruelest out there – some on a par with battery chicken farms and worse. It’s all about educated choices. Know where your food comes from and how it got there.”

Intrafocus – “We are passionate about high welfare farming and sustainability. When delivering strategic courses to our clients we will always advocate humane and sustainable options. For us, the Farms Not Factories approach is built into the the DNA of our teaching.”

Laura Victoria Designs

Little Jack Horner’s – “Eating meat is not something that is our right – and we don’t need to eat meat with every meal. It’s the 21st century, and if we see ourselves as enlightened leading custodians of the world that we inhabit, the very least we can offer the animals that we consume is a good healthy happy life, not one of misery. The Pig Pledge is a simple and up-front tool in bringing this discussion to the common table, and encourages people to confront the realities of battery farming the livestock that the majority of us consume. Listen to what they say!”

London on a Plate – “We fully support the work of pig pledge, with it’s important focus on educating us to source ethical produce and consequently eat quality pork. Understanding the sourcing brings a greater appreciation for the food we eat.”

Muddy Boots – “The very best reward we get running this company is when someone asks, “Where does your meat come from?”… That simple question sends a ripple of change through the whole meat industry and another animal is farmed better. Because the demand just increased. For the good of the animals and the standard and enjoyment of the meat, customers need to be able to ask this question and hugely positive initiatives like Pig Pledge are such a help to offer this and endorse all of us trying to offer better meat to those who want it.”

Parsonage Farm Charcuterie – “Our pigs are slowly reared outdoors in small groups. Farms not factories respect livestock and produce the best meat.”

Petersham Nurseries – “The connection between what we put on a plate and how it is produced is something we feel deeply passionate about at Petersham Nurseries. In the restaurant the menu responds and is driven by what is available and in season from small producers who share a respect and love for their produce, which in turn reflects the passion they put into their farming practice.”

Pie Minister – “We only use 100% free range British meat in our pies and believe it should be second nature to choose meat with high animal welfare standards, every time you shop. The Pig Pledge is an important step towards a future where all pigs (and farm animals) live more humane lives.”

Pigger and Better – “… because Pigger and Better knows that meat’s a treat and you got to respect what you eat!”

Riverford Organic Farmers – “As organic farmers, producing organic food with respect for livestock and with minimal impact on the environment is at the heart of what we do. We only work with small-scale producers who can offer a level of care for their animals that intensive farming systems cannot.”

Ruby & White Butchers – “The integrity of the producer is our main focus when sourcing produce for the shop, as yours should be. Always ask your butcher where the meat you’re buying has come from, as animals reared in sub standard conditions will never taste as good. We all need to support the great work of farmers who are doing things the right way.”

Speck Mobile – “I grew up on a small Farm in Austria and we reared our own pigs so i learned from young that animals that are looked after provide much better quality meat, happy pigs = happy customers.”

Street Kitchen – “We have discovered several amazing and passionate farmers who produce meat in a natural humane way and have sustainability as their core ethos. It is crystal clear to us that creating a seamless link between these farmers and our business will be the vital ingredient in both our environmental and business success. Our mission is to give our customers the opportunity to eat delicious meals whilst also supporting these visionary farmers.”

Speer Law Firm – “It is important for people to be educated about the true costs of factory farming and what alternatives are available.”

Squid and Pear – “There was just no question that we would use high welfare meat at Squid and Pear, I wanted to have a company that I could be proud of. It tastes better, is better for the environment and is more economically sustainable for the farmers who work so hard to produce the food we eat. I love pigs; why shouldn’t they enjoy having a slap up meal as well? We take ~ it should be a symbiotic relationship.”

The Black Farmer – “Animal welfare is of huge importance to us at The Black Farmer and we fully support all initiatives aimed at achieving and maintaining the highest possible standards of animal welfare from farm through to slaughter. We use only British outdoor bred pork from farms approved by Freedom Food to strict RSPCA welfare standards.”

The Acorn Inn – “Here at the Acorn, our philosophy is to create dishes using seasonal produce from local and sustainable sources. We work closely with our suppliers so they can provide us with line caught fish and farmers who adhere to good animal husbandry and free range practices. We were thrilled to be made Sustainability Champions 2014 by the Sustainable Restaurant Association and receive a Taste of the West Gold for Best Dining Pub 2014.”

The Big Carrot – “We champion the Pig Pledge because we have always supported family farms with humane animal husbandry.”

The Butchery – “High welfare pork tastes better, it is the only type of pork we sell at The Butchery Ltd, this also extends to all our bacon, ham, gammons and cured products. Buying directly from small British famers and producers raising native breed animals ensures this. Less, but better meat, is the way forward for anyone that wants a healthy future for themselves and their children. We would like to see a future where meat and therefore animals are a highly respected product.”

The Hill Bakery & Deli – “The Hill Bakery & Deli supports the Pig Pledge because we firmly believe that if we are going to keep and kill animals for our own consumption we have an overriding duty to ensure that the whole process is as humane and compassionate as it can possibly be.”

The Roadery – “In respect to the animal we use whole carcasses from head to tail. It is incredibly important to us that the animals we buy have lived the best possible lives. Factory farming not only has a negative effect on communities and the environment, but the animals live in unacceptable conditions, detrimental to their health and ultimately the health of those who to choose to consume factory farmed meat.”

The French Comté – “The Pig Pledge campaign important to The French Comté because we know that the best quality meat is made by small and passionate artisans who believe that the old fashioned traditions still make the best products.”

The Great Tree – “The Pig Pledge is important to me because where I grew up pigs are raised in the hills and mountains like herds of sheep then herded home for the night into shelters to be released again in the mornings. They were butchered the old way but never treated cruelly. I don’t see the need for factory farming, if we had to go down to the butchers, we would get more excersise. If meat wasn’t so readily available we would cause less suffering to animals, we would eat less, suffer less obesity and make less waste. Meat would taste better, be healthier and we would be supporting local farming.”

The Lido Café and Bar – “The welfare of the animals we use at The Lido Cafe has always been paramount to us, and a driving factor in the food we serve. There are many reasons why we only use animals that have led an entirely natural life on the farm at The Rare Breed meat company in Essex. We believe that as the consumer of the animal we have a responsibility to ensure they are not kept in cruel conditions, fed unnatural growth enhancers and butchered in fear at a crowded abattoir. We as the consumer are the end of a long chain that determines how the animal lives it life, and as the people with buying power we can make a difference and use our voices to send a message.”

The Wild Game Co. – “We love welfare meat for the amazing flavour and texture you get from the meat. I’d rather eat a vegetable than a intensely farmed piece of meat!”

The Pig Idea – “The world drastically needs to curtail the amount of meat it eats. But more importantly individuals need to make sure that the meat they eat has been sustainably reared under the best welfare standards.”

Well Kneaded – “At Well Kneaded we want the emphasis of our efforts to be on maintaining excellence throughout the whole supply chain, from where our meat comes from and how it is reared right through to how we serve our firebread pizzas. We know that if we want to keep eating meat into the future then we have to look after our animals now.”

What the Dickens! – “We, as a society, have developed food systems that often place too much distance between consumers and where their food comes from and thus there is far too much unthinking consuming of factory-farmed meat. The nature of meat should make us consider it to be precious and premium, and we should put that same value on the life we are taking to produce it. Given our interests at What The Dickens! in producing as much as we can ourselves, from scratch, and producing the highest quality food possible, high welfare pork is of huge importance to us.”

Whole Foods Market – “We believe the humane treatment of animals should be guided by an attitude of care, responsibility and respect. We work closely with our farmers to focus on raising animals for high quality, great-tasting meat.”

Ballymaloe Cookery School

Civil Eats

Earth Open Source – “Factory farms feed pigs on pesticide-laden genetically modified feed, which either is engineered to contain a pesticide or to tolerate being sprayed with large amounts of herbicides, leading to high levels of pesticide residues. This could endanger the health of the animals and the consumers who eat them.”

Eat for Victory – “There is now an urgent need to look critically at what we eat, where it comes from and how it is produced. Looking to the future and mass production for answers is not the solution. We have much to learn from the more ethical and sustainable farming methods that have gone before us. I fully support the pig pledge and other campaigns of its kind.”

Food Day – “Food Day supports The Pig Pledge campaign because one of Food Day’s five priorities is to reform factory farms to protect the environment and farm animals.”

Food Democracy Now!

Food Tank

Love Food festival – “I wholeheartedly support your campaign. I find it very distressing that animals are kept in such inhumane conditions in order to make meat more affordable for human beings. There is no place for factory farms in this world and people should consider eating less meat and be sure of it’s origin and that it lived a healthy, high welfare existence before purchasing it.”

Native Wild Food – “We live in an age where less people have gone through the series of emotions involved with producing and rearing our own food, which has resulted in a lack of knowledge and respect for the efforts involved in its production. As restauranteurs we have a sense of pride supporting the pig pledge, knowing that the pigs have been treated well, and I urge you all to do the same.”

School Food Matters – “At School Food Matters we want every child to enjoy fresh sustainable food at school.  ‘Sustainable’ means increasing the quality and reducing the quantity of the meat served in schools. That’s why we’re proud to take the Pig Pledge and support schools move away from factory-farmed pork.”

Square Food Foundation – “When people know where their food comes from, and how to cook it, they are empowered to make better choices for themselves, for their families and for the wider community (pigs included).”

The Cooking Exchange – “One of the things I studied at culinary school was the importance of sustainability in our food supply. I believe that applies to farmed animals as well. If we are to continue enjoying the fruits of the earth, we have to treat animals with care, otherwise we will find that we have bred all the best the earth has to offer out of them. It may be selfish, but since I’m still planning on consuming these animals, I may as well choose animals that will deliver the most protein and flavor that I can.”

Biofuelwatch – “We know that the devastating impacts of large-scale, often GM, soya monocultures in South America are the result the European industrial livestock industry’s growing demand for soya feed, coupled with the biofuel industry’s demand for soya oil.”

Gaia Foundation – “It’s time for consumers to act. We’ve seen the horrific conditions and the impact that this is having on both people and land. Now we must show big business that we don’t want to be a part of their story.”

Illinois Citizens for Clean Air and Water

Intimate With Nature Society – “we support Farms Not Factories because we believe that meat and dairy production doesn’t need to be cruel. We are against animal factories and meat overproduction. We believe that if people know where their food comes from and how the animals have been raised they will make more humane choice. Happy animals means happy customers, too.”

Waterkeeper Alliance

Women’s Environmental Network

Alderney Free Range Pigs – “Your project, and the video, highlight some of the awful methods that intensive pig fattening units use to provide ever cheaper meat. Pigs are the most intelligent of domestic farm animals, and intensively farmed in some of the worst conditions.”

Campaign For Real Farming

Chagford Community Farm – “Chagfarm wholeheartedly supports the Pig Pledge because we believe that farm animals should live more natural outdoor lives in fields and woods. Our experience tells us that this type of farming system produces tastier, healthier food and minimises the risk of super bugs due to the overuse of antibiotics.”

Community Supported Agriculture UK – “The Pig Pledge is important because it reveals the true cost of cheap meat and helps people to support small, efficient and high welfare producers.”

Dannys Farm – “By highlighting the hidden social, ecological and moral costs involved in the production of industrial food, the pig pledge will hopefully change the way people shop for food. Choosing food grown in an ethical and sustainable way diverts customer dollars towards farms creating a healthier future for the next generation.”

Daylesford Organic farm, shops and cafe – “Many people joining the global boycott of meat from animal factories will ensure the survival of our skilled traditional family farmers.”

DeLoach Farms – “At DeLoach Farms, while our pigs are with us, we give them the best life possible. They all have the freedom of pasture and raised as our pets. We want to know what is in our food and have it as natural as possible so we prefer to raise our own. They have a great life and we have great pork!”

Eldorhog – “A healthy, happy free roaming pig working the land is better for the pig, the farm, the earth and the consumer. No argument, ask the happy pigs and the healthy people.”

Family Farmers’ Association

Farm Forward

Gazegill Organics – “Here at Gazegill we believe that all animals should have a natural and happy life, space to behave in a natural way and fed on a GMO free and antibiotic free diet. We fully support the Farms not Factories ethos and challenge all omnivores to take the pledge.”



Growing Communities – “Growing Communities supports the Pig Pledge because we are opposed to the factory farming of animals for both ethical and environmental reasons. All the meat on sale at our farmers’ market comes from small organic farms with high environmental and animal welfare standards.”

Hazeldene Farm – “We support the Pig Pledge to raise awareness for pig welfare.”

Higher Hacknell Organic Farm – “Why is it important to support real food & farming? Because real food produced by real farmers using sustainable organic methods tastes better, is better for your health, kinder to the animals, and better for the environment.It’ll mean a happier and healthier future.”

Inagh Free Range Farm – “At Inagh Free Range Farm it is our mission is to produce high quality pork and to raise happy pigs in an ethical way. This means that our pigs require more time and care to raise. We raise fewer pigs than an intensive farming operation, but we are committed to pork from pigs allowed to freely root and roam. We’re committed because we understand the connection between how food is raised and prepared, and how it tastes. We want to produce food with integrity!”

Linton Pasture Pork – “We at Linton Pasture Pork support the pig pledge because we believe that pigs should be aloud to be pigs. Pigs need sunshine, soil to dig, mud to wallow in, and be aloud to be playful/social with other pigs.”

Mambatangan Organic Meats – “We believe that pigs deserve the greener pastures the Mother Nature provides, and that they live a life only pigs know how. We provide our pigs the natural and happy environment where they can play and forage all-day, everyday, that is clearly evident in the quality of our meats.”

Orchard View Farm – “Happy Pigs radiate positive energy, positive energy makes the World spin to a happier rhythm.”

Our Green Acre – “We are committed to raising our animals outdoors and at a pace nature intended. Our farm provides fresh spring water and grass & woodlands for quality foraging. We feel this is the way to humanely raise all livestock. Though our animals are raised for meat, their lives are full of carefree frolicking and sunshine. Quality of life equals quality of meat.”

Partridge Farm – “We support Pig Pledge because WE need to stop factory farming, meat is the most important food there is, in order to get good quality meat we first need to give the animals the best quality life they can have.”

Peelham Farm – “Eating meat from animals which have suffered in its production is morally wrong.”

Pen Y Lan pork – “We at Pen Y Lan pork are avid supporters of the “Pig Pledge” and believe that everybody should be buying from high welfare farms – where pigs are given the lifestyle and respect they deserve. Not only is this a must for the welfare of the pigs but it makes a huge difference to the taste and flavour of the meat. It gives you peace of mind that pigs have had a life as pigs were meant too.”

Porcus – “We have no right to food for which we do not have a thought for its creation. If you loose touch with the very source that nourishes you there is a strong chance that you will be undersold in your own existence.”

Purton House Organics

Pesticide Action Network UK

Romshed Organic Farm – “If you have ever experienced a pig root, nest, wallow and “talk” ie grunt to its family you would never want to see pigs produced in any other way. Visit us and other farms to see this. Their pork is flavoursome and wholesome and that comes from leading a happy and natural life.”

Rusty Pig – “We’re a small scale pork producer committed to high welfare standards. We keep our pigs in the beautiful Devon countryside where they have plenty of space, the chance to forage and other pigs to interact with, all in the big, open outdoors. This is the way it should be for all farmed animals and we are 100% behind the need for real farms – we believe if we want to eat meat, we should make sure the animals that provide it are raised on real farms, never, ever in animal factories.”

Socially Responsible Agriculture Project

Spitalfields City Farm – “Our resident pigs, Watson & Holmes, are a living demonstration of how pigs can be kept happy & healthy with high welfare standards. Pigs are curious, intelligent, social animals and we respect that by providing outdoor space to forage and root for food & clean housing with lots of bedding to keep warm & dry. Many farmed pigs do not enjoy the same level of care. Those that are intensively reared are forced to live in indoors without the opportunity to express natural behaviours. Only by raising awareness of the issues affecting farmed pigs can consumers begin to make better, educated choices about where their food comes from. Spitalfields Farm supports the Pig Pledge as each individual that makes the choice to eat less meat or only buy from high welfare farms can really make a powerful change to the way the world treats the animals we depend on.”

Stepney City Farm – “Promoting animal welfare is at the heart of everything we do. Supporting the pledge to change the way we think about our food – we only want happy pork on our forks!”

The Sussex Pig Company – “At The Sussex Pig Company we are committed to the idea that our business is a farm not a factory, that is why our pigs live long happy lives in a free-range environment. We look after our staff, farm-land and our pigs equally well as a food production should be a holistic business not one that puts profit over welfare.”

Sussex Saddlebacks – “We care so much about pig welfare that a group of us formed the Sussex Saddlebacks pig group, to breed and rear our own rare breed pigs. We may not have our own land or resources to do this individually but as a group we can share the responsibility and build better communities. An important part for us is involving our children in the care and husbandry of our pigs, so that the next generation understands that meat must come from real farms not animal factories.”

Sustainable Food Trust – “The Pig Pledge reminds us that by our own actions we can change the world. We’re delighted that the Pig Pledge promotes a clear message about how the public can improve animal welfare through their shopping habits and counter the environmental and public health impacts of Factory Farming.”

Swillington Farm – “At Swillington Farm animal welfare is at the heart of everything we do. We farm, butcher and deliver direct to you so you can trust what you’re eating and know it comes from straight from the farm not a factory as small scale agriculture is better for the animals, the environment and you.”

The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm – “The Pig Pledge is spreading a vital message! Pigs don’t ask for much, just fresh ground to root, outdoor space to run around in, and a cosy bed with their mates. Factory farms that put pigs on indoor slatted or concrete floors are just plain cruel. The Pig Pledge is spreading the word that it is vitally important to think about the animal behind the vacuum pack, and to seek out caring farmers who make sure that farm animals’ simple needs are properly met.”

Todenham Manor Farm – “Meat is a very precious resource and it is our philosophy here at Todenham Manor Farm that the animals we rear to eat should be as well looked after as possible. They have generous outdoor spaces to roam and we invest a lot of time an effort in caring for them and ensuring that, when the time comes, they are slaughtered quickly and humanely. There is no doubt that this produces better meat, but it also means that our animals enjoy a far greater quality of life than their unfortunate factory counterparts.”

The Story – “Behind everything we eat there is a story”…and that story needs to be told.”

Union Paysanne – “The Pig Pledge is an essential tool to raise public awareness and to develop an alternative to industrial agriculture.”

West Country Quality Meat – “As a small scale producer of rare breed outdoor reared pork and bacon, we firmly believe that all our animals must have the highest standard of life, be reared in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. Our animals spend their entire life on our farm, and in their life they only ever cover 25 miles from farm gate to abattoir. We are able to provide to our customers the complete provenance of the meat from our fields to their forks, and answer any question they wish to ask about the life any of our animals have had.”

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership – “The Pig Pledge is important because it exposes the high cost of poorly produced meat and empowers consumers to change the situation by buying the best food that they can afford.”

Community Food Growers Network – “Boycotting produce from animal factories is an important tool in our efforts to build community-controlled, sustainable food systems. Factory farms exploit the land, animals and people- so we support the Pig Pledge to add our voice to a growing movement for Food Sovereignty in the UK.”

Cultivate – “Cultivate is all about local food solutions, we are committed to supporting small scale local producers and offering them a fair market place for their products reducing the under-priced competition from factory farming.”

Cwm Harry – “Pig Pledge is important to us at Cwm Harry as we are all about protecting our environment for future generations (looking after where we live). We firmly believe factory farming is not a solution to our meat needs and that better, more sustainable options are out there waiting to be championed!”

Dean Forest Food Hub – “Animals deprived of their natural habits and habitats will never thrive. And in eating that food we take into ourselves this oppression. We are what we eat and we poison our food in every way. Is it any wonder meat consumption is so closely linked to so many diseases?”

Eat Local Grown

Fertile Roots Foundation – “Because if we can’t treat the intelligent pig with respect what hope is there for the cows and chickens.”

Food Boxes – “The factory farming of animals is a true abomination. A cruel, souless vile human invention that should have never of come to be. We support the Pig Pledge for making a stand against this practice and building public awareness. There are plenty of alternatives to factory farming, there is simply no excuse or reason this should exist.”

Get Growing


Gower Power Community Cooperative – “The industrialisation of all forms of agriculture is reaping havoc on our ecosystems. We need to make every attempt eat less meat and to source the meat we do eat from high welfare farms. The Pig Pledge is a great way of raising awareness of an industry that is completely unsustainable and also hideously cruel.”

Local Line – “The pig pledge campaign is a way to commit to sustainable farming practises and commit to doing the right thing. Pledging to this campaign means you’re doing right by pigs, by farmers, and by the planet. Pigs are not a commodity, they are intelligent animals, and should be treated as such.”

Grow Eat Gather – “We’re proud to support The Pig Pledge; a brilliant campaign that not only raises much-needed awareness to the harmful nature of factory pig farming, but subsequently inspires people to only buy meat from local, healthy, high welfare farms. Unfortunately, intensive agriculture has a long and ugly history of horrific animal abuse and environmental destruction, that’s why it’s so important to understand that everyone can make a big difference by supporting and buying your food from small-scale local farmers. Farmers who work hard to create a more sustainable food system, and treat animals humanely by giving them the lifestyle and respect they deserve. So please take The Pig Pledge with us and help eliminate animal factories, improve animal welfare, strengthen our local food systems and improve long-term sustainability.”

Nourish Scotland – “For us to be well in a healthy environment and have a thriving economy, we must express that in our buying decisions. Let’s eat less meat, but of better quality, and never waste it.”

Proper Snap – “Proper Snap helps people source pork from their local British farms, not factories or imports. Many of us have boycotted cruel battery-farmed eggs and chickens and it’s high time the same awareness was raised about factory farmed pigs. We have taken the Pig Pledge and encourage anyone who really wants to know where their food comes from to do the same.”

Real Food for Real Kids – “RFRK’s commitment to prioritizing local sustainable farmed food directly from Ontario producers means shorter travel times, which translates into suppliers with practices we trust and food that’s more nutritious and flavourful.Ethical business isn’t just a sound bite for us – it’s the way we work.”

Simpler Thyme Organic Farm – “Our pigs eat great food; fruit, vegetables, greens.  Our customers and any visitors to our farm can see they are healthy, happy and well treated.  When it comes time for us to eat them, they are humanely killed and we make an effort to eat every part of the animal.”

Sustainable Food Cities – “The Pig Pledge is important because we want to encourage people to eat less, but better, meat – meat which has been produced in ways which are kind to animals and kind to the environment.”

The Food Assembly – “We strongly support the Pig Pledge campaign which tackles intensive farming, an extremely harmful component of our food system. Unethical, unhealthy and inefficient, intensive farming has no place in a food system that works for both people and planet. Take a minute to sign this campaign and help grow the movement for transforming our food system for the better.”

Transition Heathrow – “The Pig Pledge campaign highlights the costs of animal factories on people and the planet. As part of the Food Sovereignty Movement UK, we support its aim to take control of food from markets and corporations and back into the hands of small scale producers and consumers.”

World Family

The Perrenial Plate

Farm to Face – “The pig pledge means preserving the art of small, organic and sustainable local farming. It means caring about your own health, the animals, their welfare and the environment so if you like your bacon then take the pig pledge to make sure it tastes (and nourishes) the same way for your grandchildren as it does for you. #saveyourbacon”

Biodynamic Association – “The Pig Pledge is important because it exposes the indecent and immoral conditions pigs are being reared in for the sake of cheap pork for our plates.”

Helen Browning Organic

Soil Association

Antibiotic Action – “The Pig Pledge campaign offers an important way to reduce the use of antibiotics in food production. Over-use of antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance which reduces the effectiveness of antibiotics used to treat bacterial infections in animals and people. We must do all we can to preserve the effectiveness of the antibiotics we have available to us for as long as possible.”

British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy – “The Pig Pledge campaign offers an important way to reduce the use of antibiotics in food production. Over-use of antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance which reduces the effectiveness of antibiotics used to treat bacterial infections in animals and people. We must do all we can to preserve the effectiveness of the antibiotics we have available to us for as long as possible.”

Center for Food Safety – “The Center for Food Safety is the proud leading U.S. partner of the Pig Pledge campaign. It is likely one of the most important movements currently building due to the broad ramifications of intensive animal agriculture: environmental integrity, human security and of course the welfare of billions of animals annually.”

GM-Free Cymru

GM Watch – “Factory farming is the dumping ground for unwanted and risky genetically modified (GM) crops. An increasing body of research shows GM feed can damage the health of the animals that eat it. That is just one of many animal welfare concerns about factory farming.”

MRSA Action UK

MRSA Survivors Network – “Eradicating factory farming globally will reduce antimicrobial resistance and help to save the environment.”

The UK Sepsis Trust – “The Pig Pledge is important to us because of the excessive use of antibiotics in intensive farming, which can lead to bacterial resistance developing and transferring to human bugs; in time, this may mean that we run out of effective antibiotics to treat human infections sooner.”

Words to Eat By