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News digest 21.7.15

The Superbugs in Our Food Supply Must Be Stopped Today, my colleagues and I published research in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases suggesting that it is time to add another pathogen to the list of bad bugs in our food. The research shows that the bacterium, Klebsiella pneumoniae, frequently contaminates meat sold in grocery stores…. continue reading

We’re really excited to present Farms Not Factories’ new logo! Designed for us by Quiet Storm, a creative advertising agency and production company, this new logo puts pigs at the forefront of our work. Our emphasis on pigs is designed to act as a lens through which to focus on the five heavy costs of… continue reading

This weekend Farms Not Factories visited the Great British Food Festival in Staffordshire, where visitors signed the Pig Pledge and got clued up on the pig issues surrounding pork from animal factories. With the Shugborough Estate providing a beautiful background, over 100 people signed the Pig Pledge – pledging to eat meat only from real… continue reading

News digest 9.7.15

‘Farmsteaders’ Is A Beautiful, Sad Reminder Of The Struggles Of Our Family Farms According to Mallet, only 1 percent of the population currently claims farming as their occupation, as opposed to 40 percent just over a century ago. An Investment Banker’s Solution to Factory Farming I’ve been vegetarian for four years and I still miss… continue reading

News digest 2.7.15

Soil Association objects to intensive pig farm in Northern Ireland The Soil Association, Friends of the Earth and Farms not Factories have written a joint letter to Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council objecting to a proposed pig farm in County Antrim. MRSA in pork: farming leaders join calls for clampdown on illegal antibiotics use National… continue reading

Today, we’re posting a guest blog written by Hugh Collins, food journalist from our fantastic supporters at GrowEatGather (w​ ​- an independent online publication devoted to celebrating the wealth of locally grown ingredients and honouring the good people who work hard to grow, supply and cook real food across the United Kingdom. Winston Churchill once… continue reading

Farms Not Factories is asking people and organisations to join a global movement against animal factories and sign the Pig Pledge to only buy pork from high welfare, sustainable farms – or to go meat-free. Already over 3,500 people have signed which means, because they will never eat factory pork again, that 26,500 pigs are… continue reading

News digest 18.6.15

The scare over MRSA in pork shows responsible farming isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity The discovery of the superbug due to massive overuse of antibiotics on farms means we have a clear choice – we pay for meat with our cash or our health. Massive pig farm proves the cost of producing cheap… continue reading