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Grass Fed beef and lamb are becoming quite common it would seem.  Having 4 stomachs, one in particular called the rumen, helps makes this possible for those animals.  This rumen is something that pigs chickens, turkeys lack.  Its purpose in a cow is to host a mind boggling abundance of beneficial bacteria, which break down… continue reading

News digest 01.09.16

The First Comprehensive Look at Global Food Waste Is as Bad as You’d Expect The U.S. is one of the top offenders Being vegan isn’t as good for humanity as you think Using biophysical simulation models to compare 10 eating patterns, researchers found that eating fewer animal products will increase the number of people that… continue reading

Thinking Pigs

We’ve all heard a little bit about how intelligent pigs are, or even how social they are or how they’re actually among the cleanest of mammals. But recently The Farm Sanctuary released a comprehensive, fascinating and rich portrait of pigs based on Marino and Colvin’s 2015 peer reviewed article Thinking pigs (1). The report has… continue reading

By Tracy Worcester Last Sunday was a big day for me. The Mail on Sunday ran my article about the dreadful conditions in an intensive UK pig farm I investigated. In turn that drew massive public attention to my film showing the horrific conditions the pigs and piglets had to endure (see video below). As… continue reading

News digest 01.08.16

A Love Story The moment young Ivan saw Evie, it was love, then rivalry, at first sight. We’d seen factory farming. But we’d never seen this. She was standing waste deep in a pit of urine and faeces when investigators from Animal Liberation NSW found her. She was alone, with no food, and no water…. continue reading

UK pig farm undercover exposé (10min version) UK pig farm undercover exposé (2min short) By Tracy Worcester Late one evening last week, uninvited, I entered into a pig farm in the English countryside to film what I knew to be horrendous conditions for the animals there. We waited till the workers had clocked off and… continue reading

Talking Pigs

There are infinite sensory differences between a high-welfare pig farm and a factory pig farm. At a factory farm, smell is the most shocking. The pungent smell of biodegrading faeces is hard to appreciate until it actually invades your nostrils. The sight of a factory farm is a more obvious sensory experience, with the light-deprived… continue reading

News digest 01.07.16

Second American patient found with superbug resistant to antibiotics of last resort A second American patient has been infected with a superbug that is highly resistant to antibiotics of last resort, scientists announced. China’s new dietary guidelines could lead to a 50% drop in meat consumption In recent years, more and more information has been… continue reading