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Mark Hix’s quest for traditional British farm produce led him to Peter Gott’s stall in Borough Market where he was introduced to pork from Peter’s wild boar who spend their lives rooting and grubbing in mixed woodland above the farmhouse. The taste was a revelation, and Peter has been supplying Mark’s expanding chain of restaurants… continue reading

Harry Boglione, who supplies his parents’ restaurant Petersham Nurseries with organic meat and vegetables from his farm in Dorset, told us that when he decided to become a farmer his dad thought it was ‘a complete and utter disaster’ but after a couple of years he changed his mind and became a bit envious, wishing… continue reading

Farmdrop – The proper way to shop We have partnered with Farmdrop to run a Facebook competition where you can win £100 worth of delicious food and drink in time for Christmas. We chose them for our competition because we buy their weekly box and it is so fresh and delicious that not a leaf… continue reading

News digest 07.12.16

Rare superbug found on pig farm — and no one knows how it got there A “nightmare” superbug has been found on a US pig farm — and researchers haven’t figured out the source of the potentially deadly bacteria. Using food waste as pig feed Farm animals consume over a third of global crops but… continue reading

We each approach life with a vastly different set of ideas, beliefs, concerns and expectations which guide our decisions. Respecting such differences in opinion is important in all walks of life, but I think it is particularly important when it comes to nutrition. What is right for one person may be wholly wrong for another. I… continue reading

News digest 09.11.16

Stop telling me not to eat meat: we should all be flexitarians There are compelling reasons to forgo meat – but it’s delicious. Campaigns such as Meat Free Monday show a realistic way forward Where did this little piggy come from? With the recent detection of the MRSA superbug in samples of supermarket pork, Anna… continue reading

News digest 06.10.16

Revealed: MRSA variant found in British pork at Asda and Sainsbury’s Tests find UK-produced pork products infected with the livestock strain of the superbug, with potentially serious implications for human health How superbug-infected pigs get into Britain unchecked Pigs infected with the superbug MRSA can be freely imported into the UK due to regulatory loopholes,… continue reading

After decades of pumping antibiotics into livestock to compensate for inhumane and disease-inducing conditions, bacteria are now fighting back. A new survey of factory farmed UK pork from supermarkets found that 63% of pork samples were contaminated with antibiotic-resistant E.coli, bacteria that cause life-threatening kidney infections and blood poisoning. Pigs in factory farms are so… continue reading