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After Brexit the UK government will be negotiating free trade treaties in secret, away from oversight by the public or politicians. It is vital that journalists are able to report on the government’s negotiating manoeuvres in these trade treaties as well as exposing its war crimes and corruption. Julian Assange’s arbitrary detention for revealing these… continue reading

Survey shows how supermarkets and high street food chains are ignoring animal welfare – not least pigs. Jerome Flynn was so shocked to find that most supermarkets and high street food chains are still sourcing their pork almost entirely from factory farms, that he took to the high street in order to raise awareness. In… continue reading

A Greener World, home of Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, offers meaningful certification and food labels in the UK, hope for market stability Amidst Britain’s uncertain agricultural future, international farm certifier, A Greener World (AGW), is now offering UK farmers high-welfare, sustainable certification through its respected food labels. As Brexit negotiations fail to produce… continue reading

On the third day of #ExtinctionRebellion, protesters have held onto 4 of their locations #ParliamentSquare, #WaterlooBridge, #MarbleArch and #OxfordCircus. With London police cells full from 290 arrested rebels, thousands more willing to be arrested and hundreds joining daily. Government must be feeling the pressure to protect our fragile planet for future generations. The demands are… continue reading