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On Tuesday, MEPs voted to allow national bans on Genetically Modified (GM) food crops for environmental and health reasons, even if the European Commission and the European Food and Safety Authority has approved them for cultivation. Without this amendment, member states would only have been granted a limited right to opt out of the two… continue reading

Eat for Victory!

This post was written by Clare from Eat for Victory – she is a Pig Pledge supporter (, nutritional expert and is helping people learn about and immerse themselves in their good, clean food roots. For more information visit Know your producers and support sound practice – sign the pig pledge! As you know,… continue reading

Last week, our film Pig Business in Chile won the Best Author’s Approach Award at the International TV Festival in Bar, Montenegro. The Festival celebrates television and documentaries “as a medium through which to build roads of cooperation and understanding”. Pig Business in Chile documents the struggle of the residents of Freirina, a commune and… continue reading

Going vegan or vegetarian is admirable, and we at Farms Not Factories fully support it, hence the ‘go meat-free’ option on our Pig Pledge form. We recognise however that for many people going meat-free is not an option, so we make it easier for them to choose ethically produced pork through our supermarket labelling guide… continue reading

Farms Not Factories was excited to see our Pig Pledge campaign written up by one of our supporter butchers, The Butchery. Located at two permanent locations as well as popping up at farmers markets, The Butchery offers their thoughtfully sourced, free range meats to individuals and business around London. They are also known for supplying… continue reading

Until the 1950s most food was produced by small and mid-size family farms in ways that were both environmentally and socially sustainable as well as transparent and traceable. Increasingly however, food production has become the domain of large corporations that use intensive, industrial models to produce food, utilising opaque and complex chains of production that… continue reading

Farming has always exerted a strong influence on the rural landscape and it’s people, shaping it physically, providing economic stability for countless families, and constituting a way of life. With the arrival of big agribusiness however, many rural communities suffer as small farms cease to be financially viable and rural life is diminished. HOW DID… continue reading