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iamcaradelevingne: #farmsnotfactories #climatemarch #peoplepower #sustainableenergy #savethearctic #ourplanetsworthsaving #fortheloveofeverybody @sophiaaekerrison The Pig Pledge hung out with supermodel Cara Delevingne at Sunday’s Climate March in London! Join her. Take the pledge:

The new Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture is due to be launched tomorrow and, although some praise the intentions of the alliance, many argue that it could just be used to ‘greenwash’ existing agricultural practices and even undermine sustainable farming. The need for action to be taken to control climate change is clear, as is… continue reading

BBC photo We all know our consumption of meat in the West is unsustainable, yet we rarely question why. Conflicting information and often bitter truths have created a culture of denial. The horsemeat scandal forced us to perk up and pay more attention to labelling, yet, most of us don’t know what the labels really… continue reading

We are really excited to have had the opportunity at the Pig Pledge office to write an article for the amazing Jellied Eel magazine! The Jellied Eel is a quarterly magazine dealing with all things sustainable, hip, cool and happening in London’s food and farming scene. @jelliedeelmag

Vivienne Westwood demonstrated her support for The Pig Pledge campaign in suitably glamorous style – designing a t-shirt to express her Moral Outrage against factory pig farming and showcasing it on the models for her new collection. Here she explains what led her to support the campaign: Spring- Summer 2015 Imagine Tracy Worcester, now approaching… continue reading