News digest 03.03.16

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Council admits it can’t give a date to debate pig farm
Plans for a massive pig farm in Newtownabbey remain in limbo – six months after the project was downsized.

Factory farming divestment: what you need to know
After the success of campaigns to get investors to divest from fossil fuel companies, factory farming is the next target.

Farm of the Week: Pulled ham the next big thing for happy trotter Anna
Pulled pork has been one of the food world’s marketing successes in the past 12 months and pig farming entrepreneur Anna Longthorp of Kilpin near Howden has come up with what she hopes will be the next winner: pulled ham, marketed under her Anna’s Happy Trotters brand.

(USA) The Meat You Eat Is More Likely To Be Antibiotic-Free This Year
Major companies like Subway and Perdue are cutting antibiotics from their food.

McDonald’s, Subway and KFC fail to respond to worldwide antibiotic resistance health risk
Consumers International (CI) has today launched a new report highlighting the failure of global fast food chains to confront the challenge posed by antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Most meat is tainted by GM: Cattle are routinely given modified feed, shoppers told – and it’s even in your Big Mac.
Most meat sold in restaurants and supermarkets is from animals raised on GM feed, families were warned yesterday. A farming conference heard shoppers would struggle to avoid produce from livestock fed genetically modified crops. Delegates were told maize and soya beans – key cattle feeds – were now 80 per cent GM.
‘We find it convenient not to make a big noise about it,’ said David Hughes, professor of food marketing at Imperial College London.

Russia plans 1.2m head pig farm to supply Chinese market
Plans are afoot in Russia to create a pig production cluster which is to have a capacity for 1.2m head of pigs, the majority destined for the Chinese market, Global Meat News has reported.

3 in 10 Brits have cut back on meat
Three in ten people in Britain (29%) say they have reduced the amount of meat they eat in the past 12 months, according to new findings from NatCen’s British Social Attitudes survey published today.

More work needed on pig welfare points says UK farm minister
More work needs to be done on two pig-related areas of animal welfare research, UK farm minister, George Eustice, said in Brussels today.

Human-Animal Relations and Liberation talk on farming
On Friday, Feb. 12, Promoting Human-Animal Relations and Liberation (PHARAL) Wes hosted Claudia Lifton of the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, a local non-profit dedicated to educating people about the impact of their food choices. She addressed animal treatment, workers’ rights, and the environmental impacts of farming.