News digest 27.11.15

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Supermarkets: the shops that run our lives
Supermarket culture, with its “retailing tricks”, has had a phenomenal effect on how our lives, towns and cities, farms and food systems are organised.

The Guardian view on antibiotic resistance: a clear and present danger
The spread of intensive farming in the developing world means were are picking a fight with evolution. This is one we are bound to lose.

Plummeting milk price prompts ‘stealth’ rise of 2,000-cow ‘mega-dairies’ in UK
Exclusive: American-style factory dairies where cows feed rom troughs emerge as farmers seek to industrialise production.

Our Most Potent Antibiotics No Longer Work
Last week researchers announced that they’d found strains of bacteria that are resistant to the planet’s most potent antibiotic, colistin. Not only that, but the gene for this resistance is easily shared between different strains. So it’s really just a matter of time before this resistance goes global.

Clearing the Air About Factory Farming and Ag-Gag Laws
Pigs poop—a lot. And when you concentrate huge numbers of pigs inside one building, you get a huge amount of poop. Yet collecting so much of that waste in one place and storing it there doesn’t just create foul odors—it can create fatal odors that, similar to the impact of chemical or biological accidents or weapons, can kill anyone exposed to them.