News digest 22.01.16

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West MEPs divided over efforts to support struggling farmers
Britain’s membership of the EU is proving to be a mixed bag for struggling Westcountry farmers, as MEPs clash over efforts to put the industry on a more sustainable footing.

Cheap imports force UK pig farmers out of business
The great British breakfast is under threat. Agriculture experts warn that Britain’s pig farmers are braced for a horrendous year, as a glut of pork on the global markets sends prices plunging and prompts an increasing number to quit.

Newtownabbey pig farm plan is scaled down
A County Antrim farmer who had applied to build what was to have been the UK’s biggest pig farm has cut the scale of the project in half.

Hog waste causes environmental, socioeconomic disasters
The odor outside of industrial swine operations is worst at 6 a.m. and p.m. Still, some residents have experienced a stench so potent it kept them up at night. Children whose homes are too close to these Concentrated Animal Feed Operations are mocked in school for smelling like hog waste. These accounts were collected by Steve Wing, an epidemiologist who investigated the major swine production industry in North Carolina in 2013. Since then, major swine operations continue to grow in size and concentration.

Use of antibiotics in animals and people
We welcome the fact that many individual veterinarians are already making genuine efforts in this area and hope that they will go further in efforts to provide science-based advice to livestock keepers on how they can minimise the need for antimicrobials by making changes to management systems.

116 Orgs You Might Not Have Heard About, But Should Know in 2016
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