News digest 29.01.16

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A fresh start for farm animals
The UK government will soon publish a 25-year plan for British food and farming. We know already that its focus is on boosting trade and increasing exports. Take action now and stand up for what’s really important: giving animals a life worth living, protecting the planet, and producing good, healthy food.

Northern Ireland farm income figures grim, says Ulster Farming Union
he Ulster Farmers’ union says the farm income figures for 2015 are a stark reminder of how tough times were, and continue to be, for farming families across Northern Ireland.

The Meat Industry is Creating New Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria… and it’s Spreading Rapidly
We depend on antibiotics to fight infections and numerous diseases but, unfortunately, we may not be able to rely on their lifesaving capacities for long. When they were first introduced in 1944, antibiotics were considered a miracle cure, used to treat everything from salmonella and pneumonia to infected wounds. To ensure their enduring effectiveness, they were intended to be used sparingly.

UK farm income fall highest in Northern Ireland
Farm incomes have fallen far further and faster in Northern Ireland than in the rest of the United Kingdom, a new report has claimed.

Sustainable Australian agriculture under corporate attack from mining, banks and agribusinesses
In the past few years, private investors backed by corporate interests such as global banks, financial firms, hedge funds and food giants have bought a huge amount of farmland across the global South.

The Foundation is Crumbling FOUNDATION IS CRUMBLING
For months, we’ve been sharing a warning about the post-antibiotic era: it’s looming, it’s coming, it’s near… it’s here. Despite decades of knowledge that the overuse of antibiotics would lead us into a world where antibiotics no longer work, overuse has persisted. Now, we may be watching a pillar of modern medicine crumble around us.