News digest 19.11.15

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Antibiotic resistant superbugs pose a global threat after breaking through last line of defence, doctors warn
Researchers have found a gene that makes bacteria resistant to the last line of antibacterial defence, and it is now being passed down through bacteria — potentially leading to a huge and unstoppable epidemic.

The Oxford Real Farming Conference will take place on Wednesday 6th January and Thursday 7th January 2016
The full-programme for the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2016 is now live. You can find all the details on the new programme page of the website. Hover over the sessions for full details about the topic and speakers. Get your tickets here.

Organic pork sees Danish growth
Danish pig farmers are keen to switch to organic production in 2015, motivated by higher available prices compared to conventional products, fuelled by growing domestic demand for pig meat, a Danish government body is claiming.

Shoppers don’t want processed, pre-packaged food anymore
A drastic change in the way people shop and eat is having a huge impact on Big Food, which is scrambling to catch up.

Factory Farming and Blackmail In The European Union
Livestock farmer lobbies manipulate ministers before a crucial decision.

Supermarkets advertise more cheap meat
Supermarkets are increasingly using cut price meat in promotional campaigns, despite pressure to phase out the worst types of factory farming, say pro-animal lobby group Wakker Dier.

How green is your cat’s food?
What are the most environmentally responsible wet and dry cat foods I can buy?

Making the world safe from superbugs
Antibiotic overuse in meat and poultry production gives rise to dangerous bacteria. Here’s what we must do to stop it—plus the protections consumers deserve and should demand.