News digest 17.04.16

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Ministers abandon plan to scrap farm animal welfare codes
Defra confirms U-turn after outcry over move to repeal legislation and put industry in charge of guidance on chicken farming

Plans to change animal welfare codes abandoned by government
The government has abandoned a controversial plan to repeal animal welfare codes.

Antibiotic resistance genes increasing
Results from the study show that in large swine farms where antibiotics are used continuously in feed for growth promotion and disease prevention, multidrug-resistant bacteria are likely the norm rather than the exception. Read the report by Michigan State University here.

Pig farming lifted as ASDA increases British products
News that ASDA will increase its fresh pork to 80% British by next year has been welcomed by British pig farmers, who face losses of around £150 million in 2016.

The eco guide to grass-fed
Using products from livestock reared on grass as opposed to grain improves the lives of farm animals – and it has health benefits, too.