News digest 12.02.16

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Chinese Pork Imports Continue to Rise in 2015
Exports from EU Member States increased substantially over the year, up by 57 per cent compared to 2014, with 580,000 tonnes of pig meat exported, almost three-quarters of the total. This was largely driven by Germany, which almost doubled its level of exports year on year.

UK pork crisis looms as pig farmers expect income to half in 2016
The English breakfast may be more likely to feature sausages from European farms in future as plunging prices force more and more UK pig farmers to quit.

Farm leaders join forces to fight for British pig industry
The British pig industry is seeking special support from independent butchers, supermarkets and shoppers over the coming months, to help it survive the worst period of low prices for over half a decade.

Poultry farmers ‘using more antibiotics linked to resistant food poisoning bugs’
Fluoroquinolones are becoming less effective in treating human infections, and critics say their excessive use on chickens is to blame

Scots seek retailers’ backing for home-produced pigmeat
Scotland’s pig farming leaders are to meet retailers to discuss the “positioning and publicity of Specially Selected Pork”, backed by a producer-led “shelfwatch initiative” to monitor future product displays.

As People Voluntarily Give Up Meat For Lent, Environmentalists Demand the Government Acts to Reduce Demand
As the traditional fasting period of Lent sees some people voluntarily abstaining from eating meat, environmentalists are demanding government action to permanently reduce consumption.