News digest 11.12.15

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Bill Gates thinks the 1% should foot the bill for renewable energy, and he’s offering the first $2B
He also has some insights into social welfare and the problems with the private sector.

Resistance to last-resort antibiotic has now spread across globe
The last drug has fallen. Bacteria carrying a gene that allows them to resist polymyxins, the antibiotics of last resort for some kinds of infection, have been found in Denmark and China, prompting a global search for the gene.

Genus breeds first pigs resistant to major infection
The genetically-enhanced porkers are a “potential game-changer” for the industry.

Prescriptions make us trust doctors more – but the quick fix culture is bad for mental health
Sometimes a pill can’t fix us – we need long term treatment for our physical and mental health needs.

British review calls for urgent cuts to antibiotic use in livestock
Massive use of antibiotics in farming poses a critical threat to global public health and should be reduced dramatically to an internationally-agreed target, according to a British government-commissioned review.

Farmyard drugs ‘make our meat a health risk’: Warning antibiotic resistant superbugs will claim more lives than cancer within 30 years
Dosing livestock with antibiotics is putting human health at risk, scientists will warn today.

‘Superbug risk’ of eating undercooked meat due to antibiotics in animals
Superbugs may be passed on to humans through undercooked meat, a report has warned.

Farmers urged to cut antibiotic use
Farmers need to dramatically cut the amount of antibiotics used in agriculture, because of the threat to human health, a report says.

Rare steaks ‘could put diners at risk of superbugs’
The head of a major Government review warns that consumers could contract superbugs from eating rare and undercooked meats, because of the rise of antibiotic use among animals.

Antibiotic use in food fuels resistance to vital drugs – report
Review on antimicrobial resistance warns that antibiotic use on animals outweighs that on humans in many countries, posing great health risk.

An Investor Presses His Case Against Industrial-Scale Farming
Environmental and animal-rights groups have spent decades arguing against large-scale, intensive livestock facilities, arguing that these so-called factory farms are bad for the environment, farm animals, and human health. A private equity investor is taking a different approach to the same fight.