News digest 09.11.16

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Stop telling me not to eat meat: we should all be flexitarians
There are compelling reasons to forgo meat – but it’s delicious. Campaigns such as Meat Free Monday show a realistic way forward

Where did this little piggy come from?
With the recent detection of the MRSA superbug in samples of supermarket pork, Anna Turns asks why now, more than ever, we should be sure of where our food comes from.

You Won’t Believe Who Owns This Pig Farm
PETA Germany has obtained footage documenting these horrors and more on pig farms owned by three members of the German Parliament, and the story has been published by Der Spiegel (Germany’s equivalent of Time or Newsweek).

The future of our food depends on small farmers and well cared-for livestock
Abusive farming of animals in factory farms is one of the great cruelties of the modern age, writes Philip Lymbery. While some may justify it as necessary to ‘feed the world’, it is no such thing. The answer lies in supporting small scale traditional farmers, and respecting the livestock that are intrinsic to sustainable agriculture across the planet.

The sick truth about our meat revealed: Pork pumped full of antibiotics. Chickens with E.coli and supermarket meat with MRSA
Animals kept in close quarters become vectors for disease and bacteria. Farmers use antibiotics to treat the livestock intended for consumption. But bacteria in our supermarket meat has become resistant to the drugs

As Deadly Superbugs Rise, Big Pharma Presses Farm Antibiotics
The U.S. wants to fight superbugs by targeting one of the world’s biggest markets for antibiotics: farms. Big pharma has other ideas.

Pig farming scheme aims to look at welfare and meat quality in EU
A 2 million euro project to look at health and meat quality of pig farming in the EU has been launched.

Political action needed to halt ‘explosive’ rise in antibiotics
Intervention from senior politicians is needed to address the “ridiculous” increase in antibiotic use in countries like Spain, according to the Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DAFC).

Photos Show Overflowing Factory Farm Waste in NC After Hurricane Matthew
Many Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) were inundated by the recent flooding, potentially polluting the state’s waterways.

Factory Farms Get Bigger, Pollution Grows, but Regulators Don’t Even Know Where They Are
With the EPA struggling to collect data on these huge farms, understanding their pollution levels is almost impossible.

It’s better for animals, it’s better for people, and it may even taste better than the real thing.