News digest 07.01.16

Subjects: News digest

Tesco is ‘retreating from British pork’ despite horse-gate pledges, says Pig Association
This news comes at a time when farm-gate prices are falling steadily and pig farmers most need the support of Britain’s biggest retailer.

Last-Ditch Drug Resistance: An Early Warning And Chance to Act
It’s possible that, this time, the realization that agricultural overuse is endangering the last antibiotic might be enough to create change.

Cloning Adds To Factory Farm Horrors
The news of China’s plans to clone cattle to meet its growing demand for meat is yet another signpost on a road heading for a dark future for factory-farmed animals and for our own moral well-being. It’s a road we need not take.

Center for Food Safety CAFO Map
The Center for Food Safety (CFS) has released a digital map of animal factories in Michigan. The map includes the location and size of animal factories in the region as well as information such as environmental violations, type of manure storage, nearby rivers and waterways, nearby schools, federal subsidies, and more.

Hidden in Plain Bite: The Truth About Our Food System
Agribusiness corporations are trying to keep the public from learning the shocking truth about how our food is produced. Learn where our food really comes from, and its impacts on the environment, workers, and communities.

We’re Eating Less Meat—But Using More Antibiotics on Farms Than Ever
The meat industry’s massive appetite for antibiotics just keeps growing.

Factory farming the next big risk for investors – report
Factory farming could pose the next big risk for investors, following on the heels of car emissions test cheating, oil spills and bribery fines, a report by a group of investors suggests.

Undercooked Meat Could Put Diners At Risk Of Antibiotic-Resistant ‘Superbugs’
Antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” could be passed on to humans through undercooked meat, a government report has found.