News digest 06.10.16

Subjects: News digest

Revealed: MRSA variant found in British pork at Asda and Sainsbury’s
Tests find UK-produced pork products infected with the livestock strain of the superbug, with potentially serious implications for human health

How superbug-infected pigs get into Britain unchecked
Pigs infected with the superbug MRSA can be freely imported into the UK due to regulatory loopholes, the Bureau can reveal.

How can we put the taste back into British food?
Fresh local produce has been replaced by cheap, bland, industrial-farmed food as supermarkets slash prices. What will it take to bring change?

Agrichemicals and ever more intensive farming will not feed the world
Our food production system is broken, with steep losses in biodiversity. The answer is not more chemicals from a few increasingly dominant companies

With Factory Farms, there is no Middle Ground
We are slowly winning the war against factory farms, even though we are obviously not winning every battle.

Documentary: Andy Goes In
In this riveting documentary by Josh Polon, a very unconventional activist conducts an undercover mission to expose the shocking culture of abuse at a factory farm.

UN meeting tackles the ‘fundamental threat’ of antibiotic-resistant superbugs
All 193 UN member states have agreed to combat the proliferation of drug-resistant infections, estimated to kill more than 700,000 people each year

To stop antibiotic resistant superbugs, keep off factory farmed meat!
All 193 UN states will sign a declaration today to fight the spread of drug-resistant ‘superbugs’, writes Alastair Kenneil. The problem is often blamed on over­prescription of antibiotics by doctors. But that’s to ignore the massive use of antibiotics on animals in factory farms, both to prevent infection and to assist weight gain – turning farms into superbug breeding centres.

China’s Five-Star Pig Pens Are Latest Weapon in the Superbug War
Chinese pigs consume about 19,600 metric tons of antibiotics annually through their feed, scientists estimated in a 2013 study.