News digest 04.12.15

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Meat needs to be on the climate negotiating table
Meat consumption has long taken a backseat in discussions about climate change, but the time has come for closer scrutiny of our collective eating habits.

If We’re Going To End Factory Farms, We Need To Eat Way Less Meat
Meat consumption is down after decades of growth, but the U.S. still eats more of it than any other country.

Northern Ireland pork exports to China ‘could be worth £10m a year’
Northern Ireland pork has been provisionally approved for export to China, a move the industry has said will be worth £10m a year to the economy.

Firms on verge of export deals with China for pork products
Opening the Chinese market to exported pork products from Northern Ireland could be worth up to £10m a year to the industry here, it’s been claimed.

China to Open Door to Northern Ireland Pork
China has been in the news this week after its certification agency, the CNCA, provisionally approved exports of pork from Northern Ireland.

Racing Extinction, Discovery Channel review: ‘smug and hectoring’
This documentary about man’s impact on the extinction of species was like being cornered at a party by a drunk Greenpeace activist, says Chris Bennion