News digest 01.08.16

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A Love Story
The moment young Ivan saw Evie, it was love, then rivalry, at first sight.

We’d seen factory farming. But we’d never seen this.
She was standing waste deep in a pit of urine and faeces when investigators from Animal Liberation NSW found her. She was alone, with no food, and no water.

We’re Finally Waking Up To The Horrific Ways We Treat The Animals We Eat
When it comes to animal suffering in the United States, farm animals are in a category of their own.

The Kind Flexitarian
The term “flexitarian” has been coined to describe someone who eats a primarily whole food, plant-based diet, but also sneaks in a big of meat every now and again.

It’s Totally Legal To Keep A Mother Pig And Her Babies Like This
Experts agree that pigs are just as smart and emotional as dogs. And that makes it all the sadder that pigs on factory farms endure such hellish treatment. Recently, this photo showing piglets trying to huddle next to their mom through the metal bars of a farrowing crate shocked people.

Why factory farming is no longer sustainable
Factory farming should raise a red flag for any mainstream investor. More than any other group, investors have the influence and motivation to instigate reform

Claire Rater, Carol Spiegel and Jim Goodman: Consumers can stop the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms
Big changes for public health are coming from an unexpected place: fast food chains. Fast food has historically gotten a bad rap, but in recent months, some major restaurants have joined the fight to stop the overuse of antibiotics on industrial farms, a practice that contributes to a major public health crisis.