Farms Not Factories’ new logo

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We’re really excited to present Farms Not Factories’ new logo!


Designed for us by Quiet Storm, a creative advertising agency and production company, this new logo puts pigs at the forefront of our work. Our emphasis on pigs is designed to act as a lens through which to focus on the five heavy costs of pork from animal factories:

  • Threats to public health through antibiotic overuse
  • Undermining of real farmers and rural communities
  • Destruction of local environments, watercourses and precious ecosystems for feed production, and resource overuse
  • Animal abuse through confinement, mutilation, exploitation, neglect and denial of natural behaviours
  • The globalisation of our livestock system and the resulting loss of food sovereignty

We will continue collaborating with Quiet Storm in the future. Currently, we are in the process of developing a short video and ad campaign, showing the expressions of famous faces (so far including the likes of Dominic West, Miranda Richardson and Jon Snow) reacting and commenting on horrendous factory farm footage. Watch this space for updates!

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