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Subjects: Ethical pork, Rural economies & communities

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We began two years ago when founders Ben and Ben were independently investigating the supply chain and realised that there were some serious issues within the current system, with farmers receiving as little as 11% on the goods they were selling to the supermarkets. After initial independent investigations, Ben and Ben fortuitously met and realising they had a shared passion and plan for reinventing the food system, FarmDrop was born. The main motivation behind FarmDrop was to fix the supply chain by reinstalling a normal relationship between the producer and the consumer, which has been lost in the endless loopholes that farmers have to go through to sell food in our current system. Through FarmDrop, farmers receive 80% of the revenue generated from the sales rather than the bleak percentages received through the supermarket supply chain.


*photo credit Kit Oates

At FarmDrop, we want farmers to be able to spend their time in the fields and barns producing food and not trying to determine how best to market their products. Much of our focus is on micro and niche producers who have, until now, had a hard time generating the customer base necessary to make farming viable. Farmers markets are great but farmers spend a long time away from their farms, sales vary greatly and waste can be high with some farmers having no other outlets through which to sell the produce they have harvested. With our scheme there is no waste as everything is pre-ordered by the customer.


There is a lot of reeducation involved in the work we are doing. We are shifting people’s shopping habits away from the convenience of popping into the grocery store whenever they need a few bits, towards ordering enough food for the week. Once people have placed an order, their stomachs convert them with the taste of seasonal local food winning out over the convenience of out of season, imported food. People are taking tiny steps in the right direction and that is making all the difference for their families and the farmers they are supporting. We want to fix the food system; it may take a long time but we are committed to doing it!

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