Farmdrop – The Proper Way To Shop

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Farmdrop – The proper way to shop

We have partnered with Farmdrop to run a Facebook competition where you can win £100 worth of delicious food and drink in time for Christmas.

We chose them for our competition because we buy their weekly box and it is so fresh and delicious that not a leaf is left uneaten.

Many people think that they are too busy to source healthy local food, so end up shopping for convenience in supermarkets where beans have been flown in from Kenya and squash from Peru. The more people who buy a box of veg every week from Farmdrop, the more real UK farms will survive, the shorter the food chain, the higher the quality of our food and health of the nation.

Not least, they provide high-welfare pork, guaranteeing happy pigs and so delicious, healthy meat. These pigs will have spent their whole lives outside, or inside with plenty of space and straw, thus allowing them to express their natural behaviour. You won’t find farrowing crates, routine tail docking or the overuse of antibiotics on any of these farms.




Farmdrop give us all an option to buy high quality, local food from real farmers. The service they provide gives us an opportunity to establish a connection with the food we are eating, even in the heart of London.

At Farms Not Factories, we take full advantage of this, ordering a huge box of fruit and veg every week. Whether it’s the organic rainbow carrots, some festive brussel spouts, or my personal favourite, the organic cavello nero kale, our office lunches are full of freshly picked, local ingredients, resulting in some incredibly tasty and healthy dishes!

Farmdrop use what they call the ‘click-to-harvest’ model, which means that, for example, when you order organic fruit and vegetables from Purton House Organics, your order is sent to the farm and the necessary amount is harvested and delivered.




Because of this ‘click-to-harvest’ model, Farmdrop have a supply chain that is five times as fast as a supermarkets’, ensuring we get the freshest produce possible. This is in stark contrast to the modern supermarket model of contracting farmers to produce large amounts of certain produce even when there isn’t necessarily a demand for it – a system in which the farmer is left to foot the bill for discounts and deals set by the supermarket when a product isn’t selling as fast as it should be.1

‘Click-to-harvest’ means that the farmers are receiving 70-75% of the retail price for their produce, as opposed to the 25-50% most other retailers offer them.2 Happy farmers means good food and happy customers.

Sustainability is at the heart of Farmdrop’s operation. They only use zero-emission electric vans for deliveries, reusable thermal packaging and try to reduce food miles by sourcing as locally as possible. Most of the food you receive will have come from within a 150 mile radius, but occasionally they have to venture further afield to ensure your weekly shop isn’t left wanting!3




Everything they sell on their website is traceable, from where in the country it was grown or made, to how each business or farm began. This is a rarity in the day and age of fake farms on supermarket labels.4

So if you’re looking for a way to buy locally sourced, delicious food from real farmers then look no further than Farmdrop. What better time to start than Christmas? Check out their Christmas range here.

To enter our competition with a chance of winning £100 worth of food and drink, click here.



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