Subject: News digest

News digest 03.11.15

Break the Factory Farm System – Stop Antibiotic Misuse MEPs are facing a crucial vote on an amendment to a draft European regulation which proposes to ban the routine, purely preventative use of antibiotics in factory farming. Together, we can encourage key MEPs to vote in favour of strong measures to curb antibiotic use in… continue reading

News digest 14.10.15

The Elephant in the Room: Capitalism and Sustainable Development Each of us living in wealthy nations must massively, and I mean MASSIVELY, reduce our levels of material consumption if we are to achieve a sustainable ecological footprint. And this reality is the elephant that is too often ignored in discussions about sustainable development. Iberico ham,… continue reading

News digest 2.10.15

Wyoming Made It Illegal To Take A Photo Of A Polluted Stream. Now They’re Being Sued For It. A controversial Wyoming law is under legal fire after a broad coalition of environmental, justice, and animal rights groups filed a lawsuit in federal court Tuesday. Compassion hosts the free lunch Yesterday (29th September), Compassion, in coalition… continue reading

News digest 25.9.15

McDonald’s investors are demanding a change to the company’s food McDonald’s investors want the burger chain to remove antibiotics from all of its meat. Danish study links human MRSA to pig farm proximity Scientists in Denmark have produced new evidence that a strain of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) has been spreading first from pigs to… continue reading

News digest 15.9.15

Your Help Is Needed Again. Stop Foston Pig ‘Prison’! Sign the letter to the Planning Inspectorate urging it to reject the appeal against the turned down planning proposal. The deadline is 29 September! Food Fight 2015: Taking Down The Degenerators If governments won’t solve the climate, hunger, health, and democracy crisis, then the people will…… continue reading

News digest 27.8.15

Regeneration: Global Transformation in Catastrophic Times A growing number of climate, food, environment, health and justice advocates are embracing and promoting a world-changing concept: regeneration. What is regeneration? And why are a so many public figures, including Pope Francis, calling for regeneration or revolution, rather than “halfway measures” such as sustainability or mitigation? We need… continue reading

News digest 21.8.15

If you’re not already terrified about the potential human cost of TTIP Take, for example, the farmers who will see their income fall by 0.5 per cent (the EU’s own estimate) if the partnership is implemented. TTIP’s deregulatory approach will lower EU food and environmental safety standards to bring them in line with those of… continue reading

News digest 12.8.15

Neighbours not notified about pig farm plan Fresh consultations into plans for a pig farm outside Limavady will not involve notifying neigbours, writes Sheena Jackson. A Farmer Sees The Light in THE LAST PIG Emmy award winning filmmaker Allison Argo has released the trailer to her highly anticipated documentary. THE LAST PIG, the story of… continue reading

News digest 4.8.15

Judge overturns Idaho’s ‘ag gag’ law in victory for animal rights campaigners A ban on undercover surveillance inside factory farms – introduced after a 2012 secret video exposed cruelty and neglect – has been ruled unconstitutional. Pig farm requires a judicial review IT is interesting to compare the planning row over John Lewis at Sprucefield… continue reading

News digest 29.7.15

Dark Day in D.C. Yesterday, 275 members (see vote tally here) of the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of H.R. 1599, the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act. By voting for the DARK Act, these politicians voted against truth and transparency, against science, against the more than century-old right of states to legislate… continue reading